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(FT5) GF7 announcement in December/January only. 45-175mm coming soon.


A phantasy GF7 camera designed by Blog-Livedoor (based on the [shoplink 23692 ebay]L1 design[/shoplink])

According to our sources the GF7 announcement has been delayed at least until December (and could be also delayed to very early 2012). Sounds like Panasonic wants to present the camera at the PMA show in Las Vegas (January 8). We are not sure about the reason for the delay. The same sources do confirm that Panasonic will announce the new 45-175mm Micro Four Thirds lens by end of August/early September.

Reminder: The GF7 will be an advanced GF model with plenty of manual controls. The 45-175mm will be an ultra compact and cheap lens.

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