(FT5) G6 coming along the mysterious new camera in late April.


Small rumor correction. Next Tuesday Panasonic will announce the GF6 but the other MFT camera, the G6 is going to be anno,unced in late April! And that’s also when we will see the other camera that I have been told will be the  “first of anew series of camera“. This really could be the high end compact camera. I have no clue what else we could expect :)

Imay ask my anonymous sources if they can send me exactly:
1) The hour when the GF6 will be announced (so that I can make a nice countdown on 43rumors)
2) Announcement date for the G6 and the “new kind of camera”.


For sources: Sources can send me anonymous info at 43rumors@gmail.com (create a fake gmail account) or via contact form you see on the right sidebar. Thanks!
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Premium compact camera price and specs check that Panasonic has to compete with:
Fuji X100s at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Pentax MX-1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Nikon A at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Sony RX100 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Uberzone

    Rangefinder or bust!

    • M43shooter

      Do you mean an actual rangefinder, or just “rangefinder styled”? I never understand why people get so hung up on their “dream camera” being rangefinder-styled? So form is far more important than function then?

      The size argument doesn’t apply here. If you make a PEN, or a GX in rangefinder style, it will much bigger than the E-P3 or the GX1, getting onto E-M5 size with the height of the hump being the entire top line of the camera shape. Look at the NEX-5s and the 6 and 7, the 6 and 7 are significantly larger than the 5. If you apply that proportion to the M4/3 then you’ll know what I mean.

      The “nose argument” doesn’t work either. If all the right-eyed shooters say a rangefinder-styled (somehow equals to merely placing the VF on the top left at the back) camera will relieve their nose from being pressed to the back of the camera, what about left-eyed shooters? What about SLRs? Are they no good then? They should all make DSLRs with VFs being offset to the top left, like the original Olympus PEN? No one’s done that since the PEN. Why? Hmmm…

      A rangefinder means a rangefinder. It concerns the focus mechanism. There’s no such thing as “rangefinder style”. Maybe I should start calling the E-Px and the GX “contrast detection styled” cameras. Some old film rangefinders have the VF slap bang in the centre. Look at the Olympus XA. Yes!!! It’s a rangefinder!! Oh no!! The VF is in the centre. That’s no good. Burn it!!!

      • Form and function are closely allied and both combine (with other things)in the whole let’s-go-out-and-take-happy-photographs-of-wonderful-things experience.
        I have a DSLR and it is used for certain things but when I am walking the footpaths and following the footsteps of M Cartier-Bresson in my imaginings only a rangefinder(-styled) camera will really do.
        Anyway, I don’t tread on your dreamings so don’t you tread on mine.
        The world is such a big and amazing place that there is room for all of us to smile at each other as we go our different ways.

        • M43shooter

          You’ve just outlined what the problem is with people fantasising about rangefinders and being ignorant about what a “rangefinder” actually is, and it’s more than just “putting the VF on the corner”. It’s about the overlapping focus image. It’s about manual everything. It’s about viewfinder NOT through the lens. It’s about using frame lines to guess your framing using your experience and technique. M4/3 is none of those. I shoot both M4/3 and rangefinder. I know them both very well. M4/3 is fantastic. It doesn’t have to *pretend* to be something it is not. Putting the VF on the corner is not being a rangefinder. It’s just a camera with an offset viewfinder. Why fantasise being Henri Cartier Bresson when you can shoot your own style and be yourself?

      • solar


        There is a place for a pen RF styled body in this category by either manufacturer. Since the first days of the EP1 users have been patiently waiting for an EVF in the corner. To continue to ignore the requests is poor business practices.

        I am not interested in a rangefinder body. I am interested in a pen styled body with an EVF in the corner. Call it what you will, but this is what this customer wants in the M43 format. Fuji and Sony seem to be able to manage this, with little or not size penalty. If specifically Olympus who prides themselves of innovative products cannot produce such a product, it must come down to one of 2 reasons:

        1. They are not prepared to listen to their customer base.
        2. They believe they know better more about the M43 category than the user base.

        Whichever reason it is, failure to release a EVF equipped Pen styled body in the near future will drive many away from the M43 category. Neither manufacturer can afford to lose customers at this time. The concept of an EVF equipped Pen is not rocket science, neither is it impossible to achieve. I would expect that the majority of users requesting this style are happy to accept something a little bigger than a mini or light Pen.

        2013 will be interesting for M43 in general. They now face stiff competition in the mirrorless market, and stiff pricing competition in the DSLR market. Neither can be ignored. Then again, observing both M43 manufacturers, it would appear that they prefer to ignore their user base most of the time.

        Where are the fast zooms from Olympus? How long has the user base been asking for these? All we receive is rehearsed rhetoric about 43’s compatibility coming soon. When and if this does arrive, how much will this cost? There is only so much additional cost one will pay for lighter equipment before cost becomes the deciding factor.

        • M43shooter

          Of course if you’re talking about customer base and customer demands, then we’d both agree on the same thing. But that doesn’t refute my original argument. There’s a different between a rangefinder and a “camera with an offset viewfinder”. The original poster who said “rangefinder or bust” and many many similar people clearly have confused the two. Besides, you mentioned Fuji and Sony have done “putting VF on the side” “with little or no size penalty”. I’m afraid that’s just not true. In my original post I mentioned the NEX 5s compared to the 6 and 7. The 5 can qualify as “pocketable” while the 6 and 7 cannot. Also, where’s the proof for that customer demand you were referring to? What about the possibly even much bigger customer base that Olympus and Panasonic want to cater for even more? The “point-and-shoot upgrades” who would never take off their 14-42 lenses.

  • Alex

    All I want out of the G6 is a 3.5mm jack for a microphone. Get that and I’m sold.

  • All I want is an E-M5 in a NEX-6 body. Money is (almost) ready :).

    • tootenfruit


    • Anonymous

      All i want is an E-M5 with a NEX-5 Sensor :-)

    • Le frog

      … and dedicated dial controls (like the old film cameras) for speed,aperture, iso,exposure compensation, and focus, plus a multifunction one for manual control of white balance/colour scheme/neutral density filter.

      • Bob B.


      • Ant-Eater

        Unfortunately Froggy….I think you will croak before that happens….. :-)

    • All I want is an em-7 in a Hasie body that also takes 4/3 lenses

      • Anonymous

        All I want is all I want

    • true homer

      Only 2 comments to turn a panasonic post into an olympus fanboy rant! A new record!

      • Anonymous


      • I’m sure mighty Panny has the resources to make such a camera. I don’t care about the brand, all I care are the features. Whoever makes a device closest to my needs gets my money.

  • Mr Gluppe

    “MFT” camera means “Manual Focus Toy” camera? In case of that, I´m in!!

    • tootenfruit

      Aren’t you a smart cookie with your clever acronym shift. clap clap.

    • Totally correct! My em5 with the Voitlander 20mm is almost perfect. Zone focus and sharper than almost anything that you non toy boys can find.

    • David

      Why do you even bother?

  • I’m thinking the new kind of camera will have android system with a skinned UI and nfc, wireless and bluetooth

    • Farrukh

      Me too :)

    • Anonymous

      All I want is a good camera, I’ve got a phone………..

      • @anoymous
        I’m guessing you just make and receive phone calls with your phone, you never use the calendar,address book, internet or the in built camera on your phone…

        • tootenfruit

          I think he is pointing out that he doesn’t need a phone OS on his camera. We already carry smart phones with us, at best our camera’s should integrate with our smart phones, not try to be one themselves.

          • @tootenfruit
            Having an android OS doesn’t make a camera a smartphone.Cameras already have an OS what do you think the menus are? Soon you will see android in cars, refrigerators, washing machines etc does that make them smartphones?

            • tootenfruit

              Thanks for the lecture. I’m quite aware of what an operating system is.

              The problem is that Android is not an OS designed for camera’s, utron which is used in most camera’s is designed with cameras in mind. An Android based camera would have to be in sleep mode rather than turned off, unless of course you are happy to wait 60 seconds for your camera to boot up. So if it was, like most phones, kept in a idle state rather than turned off, you would have to recharge every few days regardless of whether you used the device or not.

              And just because some manufacturers are adding android as a gimmick does not make it a good thing.

            • Timccr

              I don’t want an OS in my fridge, washing machine, car or camera. I have quite enough grief with the one in my computer. For example with Mac OS 10.5 I can’t run the new versions of photoshop or lightroom. So at the moment if I want to check out RAW samples of new cameras I have to get my mate to convert them to DNG first. And I am very happy with my stupid phone which cost almost nothing.

              • Will

                You know if you go to apples site you can update the is for $20? Just do that, it’s not that big of a deal. If 10.5 is the highest you can go then ou might want to consider getting a new computer because anything that old would definitely struggle with modern sensors.

                • true homer

                  Or just switch from the overhyped apple crap

      • tootenfruit


    • I have 5 thousand photos of my bloody ear. STOP ringing me.

  • @admin, any chances to find out ASAP whether G6 has the same GH3 sensor or not?

    It’s extremely important to me as I would sold my G3 and pay the „bianco checkue” for the yet unknown other parameters of G6, if the senor really was the one from GH3.

    • David

      The idiom is “blank check” not “white check” FYI :)

    • NFT

      may new megapixel sensor,
      not same as GF6 because GX1 sensor was G3 sensor if G3 sensor is good sensor why they(panny) replaced by
      GH2 sensor in G5,

      i bet others series sensor or GH3 sensor (^_^)

  • Nice to see:
    1. Thom Hogan admit “Join the mirrorless crowd in search of customers. Wait, Nikon is already there with the Nikon 1. Right, but that ain’t getting them any traction. A 1″ sensor isn’t going to win against m4/3 or APS sensors short of being lower cost, and that doesn’t seem to be happening.” and “Oh dear, the J2 was a complete dud, and the J3 and S1 misfired as well. The V2 has just repeated the “too expensive” sin of the V1. Examining sales numbers, I’m not seeing forward movement by Nikon here. The only forward movement they got was from heavy discounting.”

    2. On SonyAlphaRumors that it’s readers also think amazon camera sales figures (they are probably corrupted at a price) are pretty useless guide

    • Sales figures are created by the “camera of the day” mentality. While that exists nothing will change. Go into any camera seller and you will be sold “the camera of the day” More so in large chain stores and “less so” to “not that way” in real camera suppliers. But most buyers do not use real camera retail suppliers.

    • David

      The closest to useful I have seen are the annual sales statistics from Japan:


      GF3, GF5, GX1, and G5 were 4th, 6th, 9th, and 12th amongst the top 20 selling mirrorless cameras there last year. Top 3 were Nikon 1 (!), E-PL5, and NEX-N5N — though if you sum GF3 and GF5 ti would be above any of those.

      Summing all mirrorless sales, overall MFT had over 50% of the market there, followed by Sony NEX a distant second at 18%.

      • yeuj


        The problem with that list is that a very large percentage of mFT sales are purely due to huge discounts on old stock.The CIPA data for ” new ” cameras shipped last year from and within Japan show a drop with all mirrorless sales accounting for only 42% of new cameras . Olympus and Panasonic’s real share of the market has fallen .Look at the BCN data for Japan { the most successful market in the world for mFT } and this becomes very apparent.The star cameras in the ranges E-M5/GH3 don’t even get into the list [ top 80} .


        • wt21

          Looking at the Japan data:

          If you should stay away from unpopular cameras, then clearly Sony alpha is to be avoided at all costs, along with the Fujis.

          m43 has taken up a sub-tier, behind Canikon, and NEX might be doing as good or a tad better. That part isn’t clear.

          Is this surprising?

          • wt21

            btw — what really surprises me in these data is how well the Canon 6D is doing. FINALLY Canon understands there is a FF “starter” market.

    • rewq


      Amazon is the biggest online retailer of electronic devices in the world and their numbers while not showing the whole picture, do give a good cross section of sales patterns of millions of camera sales. When you look at the sales of all digital cameras mFT is a bit player.

      USA no mFT in the top 100 { a list which includes a dozen FF models}


      UK same story
      Lets give mFT a chance and move to Japan BCN 9 out of the top 10 are DSLR’s , the only mFT in the top 10 is the old discounted EPL3 { the cheapest camera on the list} the first current mFT model on the list is in 28th spot the E-M5 doesn’t even make the list { top 80} a list that has the D800 at 16 and even the niche D800e makes it into the top selling list .

      The problem that you have is you are simply too stupid to understand the reality of sales data sources, the fact that both Panasonic and Olympus imaging is doing very badly paints the reality very well , Olympus doubled their losses in their imaging division last year from 9 billion yen to 18 billion yen , allowing Sony to “help them out” that worked out well for Minolta , though ironically enough Sony finances are equally dreadful, they are currently selling off assets all over the world.
      The majority of sales of mFT are low end discounted older models sold at giveaway prices. The initial rush was due to DSLR users looking for a better quality compact replacement for their p&s . With the new larger sensor compacts like the RX100 this demand is now easily satisfied without needing a new system , in fact at least at the wide end the Sony RX100 can compete with any mFT combination. mFT has actually peaked and it will not get any better from now on, Olympus is already stealing from their customers { nothing new there lol} by wildly overcharging for hoods which most companies already include and as for the limited edition “black model” at double the price of the silver , seriously how dumb do you need to be to buy that . This is confirmed by the CIPA number that show a decline in shipments of new models with the bulk of mFT sales being down to previous generation models on discount.

      • Dave

        Knock off the name calling there, hero.

        • Didn’t you tell people they had their heads up their a**es in the other thread?

          Try to see if you’re capable of a few posts without contradicting yourself.

        • nzyhn

          Dave, classic example of two faced hypocrisy , do as you say not as you do lol

      • @dearest recq
        in the UK Amazon isn’t in the UK’s top 10 online camera retailers, you are not able to prove otherwise, and probably not in the top 5 for the USA.
        Also I see a lot of mft and nex out in the wild, when I see DSLRs they tend to have been purchased years ago, so what gives.
        Amazon is not sales data, you have zero proof their top lists are truthful or meaningful.

        To be honest amazon customers are worth less to camera manufacturers over dedicated online camera sellers because they are more likely to return the camera, resell on ebay, less likely to buy lenses and accessories, less likely to be enthusiasts and only buy on “cheap” pricing.

        Judging by the Nikon 1 group on flickr with 6 models and 1400 members and the Olympus E-M5 group (established half as long)with 1 camera and 4500 members what gives?

        ” The initial rush was due to DSLR users looking for a better quality compact replacement for their p&s .” you have proof?

        The likes of the RX100 while do be more helpful to mft, just like the Nikon 1 was.

        Hoods are very rarely used out in the real world even when supplied free.

        “” the limited edition “black model” at double the price of the silver” …joker.

        Mft is replicating the mobile phone manufacturers with having lots of different models at various price points and of varying newness and every sale is important.

        Mft has helped slow down and stall DSLR growth with 2013 being the year in which DSLR sales fall.

        • wt21

          “Also I see a lot of mft and nex out in the wild, when I see DSLRs they tend to have been purchased years ago”

          This is data???

          • nzyhn

            youdidnt couldn’t interpret data if his life depended on it , he has a long laughable history of being a Nikon hater and Olympus defender ( the board did no wrong when the fraudulently cooked the books to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars as an example of his belief system.)

            The cold hard facts are that mFT manufacturers are and have lost billions of yen since mFT came along.Olympus imaging struggles from one crisis to another. And contrary to what the fanboys claim the sales of mFT are decreasing as a share of the overall market as was linked to above check the actual sales figures from both CIPA and BCN to see how they are doing even in Japan. He has made a fool of himself literally hundreds of times both here and at dpreview. No matter the authority of information that contradicts his shall we say reality he sticks with his erroneous views until people just stop trying and have a laugh at him. Now , just in case you think I am being unfair have a look through some of his mad posts.Then think about the value of his “data”


            My faves are
            where he posts out of focus rubbish shots “as examples of his skills ” lol god help his customers I guess Northerners are thick lol

            • @nzyhn
              You not got the brain/balls to hold onto a single identity??
              I’m a Southerner by the way with heritage/connections across the British Isles.
              The rest of your comment isn’t not worth much cop.

              • nzyhn

                I have only one ID it is based on my name and country of origin {NZ any guesses } I am 28yrs old and live in London so I am hardly old nor am I racist. As to “has been” I have a very successful business based on Import / export with Japan , South Korea and Thailand.I speak Japanese fluently and have a far better understanding of Japanese business than you demonstrate in your posts. I have no idea who Sterling is I simply used your ID to search for you and came up with DPreview a site which is overloaded with fools yet you manage to appear even more so. Your myriad posts,filled with a venomous hatred of Nikon along with a rather unique interpretation of financial data is readily available for all to read. The inane drivel with ludicrous assumptions and leaps of logic based on fundamentally incorrect interpretation of data is posted by you .Blaming the people who point out your mistakes is quite amusing, perhaps if you do not wish to be responded to in this manner you should give a moment’s thought to what you post

                I am not a professional photographer nor did i claim to be one, this does not stop me from recognizing mediocre images which you have posted in abundance. I have the OMD and a wide selection of Panasonic and Olympus lenses, my only interest in being here is my hopes {shared by many} for a Pen/Gx style body with built in EVF.

                • @nzyhn

                  YOUR VERY WORDS ” I guess Northerners are thick” ISN’T RACIST???????

                  first of all googling “youdidntdidyou” doesn’t bring up dpreview until 4 pages in.
                  second I’m sure you have posted here under other ID’s and haven’t turned up out of the blue.
                  thirdly the way the Olympus affair actually played out and what I said about it at the time shows that I have a good idea on Japanese thinking (I was born in London and have spent most of my life there and frequently still go to London, also in the past one of my previous businesses had a lot of Japanese clients).

                  I don’t hate or love any company, I may defend or attack products, strategies etc or part of.

                  “my only interest in being here is my hopes for a Pen/Gx style body with built in EVF.” you could be waiting for a very long time.

                  You are obviously a bare faced liar/troll that is happy to lower the tone of this website that @admin has worked so hard on.

                  • nzyhn


                    Actually , DPreview came up in the first couple of hits


                    My comment about Northerners was entirely tongue in cheek hence the lol at the end of it. The value of any forum is severely impacted by the proliferation of erroneous information.Your financial interpretations are laughable at best, all it takes is a cursory read through your postings to establish that you have an unnatural rancor for certain brands mainly Nikon. The fact that their cameras are amongst the very best in their respective categorizes does not seem to sink into your head.Even the Nikon 1 system which you hold in particular contempt { I am not a fan of it } managed with a smaller sensor to match the output of the 12mp mFT models at the time , with according to all reviews excellent AF including tracking a major weakness of our system.The same size sensor in the RX100 is within spitting distance of the E-M5.


                    My problem with your pontifications { a view shared by many respondents to your posts here and at DPreview }is that they are gross misinterpretation of the actual data, which you compound by having no ability to accept when you are wrong , despite numerous sources confirming that you are. I do not know what your previous business was but selling doughnuts to or driving them on a bus does not give you any insight into Japanese people and certainly not into Japanese business practices.

                    If it consoles you to suggest that I am someone else or have multiple IDs just for the purpose of haranguing you ,good for you.The fly in the ointment with that particular ID is that there are so many people with contradictory views to you that it would be a full time job to keep up with it.Frankly you do such an excellent job of making yourself appear ridiculous that no one else really needs to make an effort


                    • youdidntdidyou

                      You are a lying donut of the first order…end of story.

                    • @nzyhn
                      you are obviously a hard up, racist, penniless shill.
                      Since when does “lol” mean tongue in cheek?
                      ” I simply used your ID to search for you” your google link proves you are lying, you had to add the word “forum” to your google search.

                      “Your financial interpretations are laughable at best, all it takes is a cursory read through your postings to establish that you have an unnatural rancor for certain brands mainly Nikon.” First of all prove your financial interpretations are better! I don’t hate Nikon or any brand, I may make comments about products or features such as whether I think a camera or system will fail and yes I did say I thought that the Nikon 1 system would fail, why by most accounts it has for the reasons I stated on 43rumors nearly 2 years ago, remember the Nikon 1 was suppose to sweep Micro Four Thirds aside! That’s NOT hating a brand.

                      The best you can say about the Nikon 1 is “excellent AF including tracking ” wow!

                  • KennyH

                    “my only interest in being here is my hopes for a Pen/Gx style body with built in EVF.” you could be waiting for a very long time.”

                    Not according to admin,looks like it is on its way, this should make for a few happy campers me included


                    “”it’s coming for sure ;) Now I know it. But you have to wait a few months. It’s FT5 :)”””

                    • KennyH

                      Thanks for that admin , you old tease you lol

                    • OM4tiGuy


                      I have also had the misfortune to read your posts at DPREVIEW which would make for outstanding comedy if you were not quite so rampantly defensive of what is in essence a load of tosh. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to read your embarrassingly self harming posts will more than understand why you are responded to in a rude manner.You are the sadly all to common combination of idiot and loudmouth , to stupid to back-down despite the weight of reasoned challenge to your deeply flawed logic.With an abusive loudmouth that makes it difficult to ignore your rants as the actions of a feeble minded but harmless fool.

                      I am not one of those who you seem to think are stalking you just a regular on DPreview who has had the misfortune of seeing your posts.There are dozens of other posters who have pointed out your mistakes and along with some sloppy images you claim as masterpieces.Perhaps those pointing this out to you could have been a little kinder but I am afraid you do not have the self awareness to understand this. I do not remember seeing one sensible post nor even one good image.

                    • @OM4tiGuy / anonymous

                      Post your examples of ” of reasoned challenges to your deeply flawed logic” and since when have I been abusive.
                      ….thank goodness dpreview has a ignore button :)

            • @nzyhn AKA jim sterling
              Old racist has been man who’s never posted his wedding photos…talks the talk.

              • horseface

                Some people shouldn’t show their photographs. Lead by example! :-)

      • wt21

        Canon doesn’t include hoods in many of their lenses either. The world needs to get over the hood thing (and also “flimsy battery doors”). These are stupid, stupid complaints people echo about digital cameras constantly. New drum to bang, please.

        • true homer

          What lenses? And even if there are they dont charge a ridiculous premium for them. They dont charge a ridiculous premium for A color change either. But hey, you people stop banging on the IBIS drum and ill do anything you want.

          • wt21

            No hood with the 50/1.4, 85/1.8, any of the EF-S lenses. You do get hoods with the $1K+ L lenses.

            • true homer

              true. Then you could get the canon ET65III for 20$ and fit it into:
              — EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM
              — EF 100mm f/2 USM
              — EF 135mm f/2.8
              — EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

              how many lenses does the olympus 90$ lh-48 fit?

              • Wt21

                Thanks, but I’ll get the $5 knock off for both lenses (wait! I already did).

  • I think the new kind of camera, can be a LX by FT sensor.

  • WT21

    Am I the only one losing interest?

    very few pictures or rumors that turn true any more, dates change much more now than before, and all this “amazing” talk is always incremental improvement.

    Either the site has become less reliable, or I’ve simply lost my interest. Not sure which, but I’ve reduced my visits a lot over the last few months.

    • Narretz

      If nobody leaks what the hell is admin supposed to do?

      Although I have to admit that admin could be a lot less sloppy in some posts. Just an example, yesterday he said the GF6 is cheaper than the GF5, but he didn’t consider the difference between PZ and normal zoom. Or this talk of a FF Oly / Pana, admin should really know better this is not going to happen.

      • NFT

        yesterday he told us GF7 incoming ,but it was GF6
        what the next wrong data that he will post it.

      • Agree, FF from Oly/Pana is only LOL, but i think IQ/DR on MFT and FF will be very even soon.

      • Wt21

        No passing judgement on admin. but if the leaks dry up, then whats the point to a rumors forum?

        • Who says rumors have to be based on leaks? That’s the beauty of a rumor: anybody can put one in circulation.

    • David

      I think by defn anyone reading posting here is interested. Sorry if you are losing it, but bluntly, I’m not sure why that matters to the rest of us …

    • solar

      WT21, no you are not the only one losing interest. I patiently wait for something innovative, but after 3 years of M43 use, I am quickly approaching the point of jumping ship to another format where the manufacturer appears to listen to it’s customer base.

      • wt21

        Losing interest in a “forums” site, not in m43. No, I use tools that work for me. I have been following 43rumors because it was fun to see what’s coming. Now it’s just hyperbole in text form for very middling releases.

        If you really unpack all the options out there, m43 is a very strong contender, depending on what and how you shoot, of course.

  • The new MAGIC pany camera takes 4/3 lenses and uses pdaf and cdaf.

  • Yun

    “Mysterious camera announced with G6” likely a fixed lens highend compact . What an upset ?
    This is not good particularly to me .
    Is this the very highend camera promised by Pana , a fixed lens camera ???
    Forget it .
    I’m out of this ! Not my standard anymore .

    • David

      Wow, make a wild supposition unsupported by no facts, than make an exterem judgement based purely on it. Err, OK!

  • Anonymous

    wats the new mysterious camera,.? I hope is a REAL CAMERA,.not another TOY AND GIRLY CAMERA like GF line

    Make sure the color is Pink

  • safaridon

    “First of a new series of camera”

    I still hope for the patent rangefinder model with EVF which would be a new name not GX2. The references to GX2 reportedly delayed till fall may be simply the GX1 with new sensor and ability to add on an EVF if desired. Since the GF6 apparently already better specd in some respects than GX1 for sharing, tilt screen, manual video control, Pany may wait to see how well the GF6 fares in the marketplace and whether they need to retain a GX in between that and the new rangefinder with EVF? The fact that the GF6 is larger than GF5 makes me suspicious that Pany does have a new smaller high end compact camera in the works. Who knows?

    The lack of any news of the G5 or new rangefinder is disconcerting but then all manufactures even Oly seem to be keeping secrets of new models from us?

    • Milt

      Safaridon: I always enjoy your posts both here and on DPReview. I also appreciate your continued optimism. You mske good sense, but I fear it is too good sense for Panasonic’s marketing department. Hopefully they will surprise me. IN the meantime, I see a new GX2 coming next year with a G5 sensor, and no internal EV. I see the G6 having the G5 sensor with an “upgraded” Venus engine. I too wait for a new rangefinder, but I fear Panasonic has forsaken this market.

      • NFT

        Prediction ,
        GF1~12mpx,GF2 same as predecessor ,GF3 same as predecessor ,GF5 same as predecessor,GF6 others level sensor,

        G1 ~ 12mpx,G2 same as predecessor ,G3 new 16mpx sensor,G5 others level sensor(GH2) improve DR, G6 => ???

        !!! (^_^) i think G had possible to upgrade .

  • Boris

    Damn it, just gimme an updated GX1 with the new GH3/Sony sensor…
    I don’t want any fancy stuff that’s gonna drive up the price or make it yet another laughable item, as simple as that.
    Wonder if Panasonic’s marketing dept. knows what the f they are doing after the GF1 and GX1.
    Was anticipating the GF6 and when I saw the leaked photo the first word that I said was “cock”… What an ugly interpretation of Olympus EPL5! The tilt screen, the top plate being narrower than the body by over 1/8” and all the nasty looking seams and joints… Gotta be smoking some joints to appreciate this design.
    And where the hell is the thumbwheel? Tin’ tin t’in? There’s naught here or there.

  • mysterious new line of cameras:

    fixed lens compact camera, the new trend nowadays

  • Lucasz

    Panny should have put an EVF in the body way back with the GF1. If they don’t finally do it this time round all my Lumix kit is heading for Ebay and I’m off to Fuji for an XE-1 as the travel camera.

    • Boris

      Well said! I’m planning to follow suit!

  • wls

    I agree with those who think it will be a low end fixed lens. With the movement of the GF6 to be more GX like there is a gap for entry P&S people. I looked at the Nikon Coolpix P330 but the small sensor killed it for me (should have used the CX). If Panny brought out a 4/3 sensor fixed lens it just might fill the niche. So far all the high quality P&S’s use a small sensor. Panasonic would be able to offer something new with a 4/3’s fixed lens design.

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