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(FT5) G5, new m43 lens, new compact cameras and new LX7 coming next week…


We are getting closer to the Panasonic event and I am getting daily updated about the new stuff that is coming. We will certainly get a new Panasonic G5 cameras and with a bit of surprise I can also announce that there will be a new Micro Four Thirds lens! I have been told it’s not the 35-100mm X lens but a new lens. I hope to get the specs soon. There will be also new compact cameras and very likely the new LX7.

P.S:: I got a bit confused about the LX7 release because a source told me it would arrive in September. Maybe he was referring to the in Stock status and not the announcement?

Anyway, this is a major announcement and I am particularly intrigued by the LX7. I hope it is better than the Sony RX100 which in my opinion is a great camera (although I miss a wider lens). The current LX5 sells for $329 at Amazon (Click here) and it may a good deal because I expect the LX7 to be at least $200-$250 more expensive..but it will also be a major upgrade with a larger sensor?


  • OnlyMe

    Admin, do you know who will make the new lens?

    I doubt many people will agree with me but I would like to see a cheap super-zoom lens (14-150mm ish) with image stabilisation. I would definitely use one and I think it would help attract new users to m4/3rds.

    • Keith

      There are already plenty of crap superzooms…

      • spam

        But not cheap ones for mFT. I see the point, but I believe to cheap two lens kits is it for now.

    • twoomy

      You mean something that’s not the already decent 14-140mm? What would you want them to do differently? Between that and the 100-300mm, you have complete super-zoom range in only two lenses.

      I think we need more high-quality bright zooms in the mix. We have only one (and it hasn’t even become readily available yet).

      • OnlyMe

        Lol, what predictable replies from then the gear snobs :D
        The Panasonic 14-140mm is too expensive to entice newbies. There is no native m43 super-zoom lens that has IS that is also cheap.

        • Stupig

          Noobs buy cameras based on TV ads and recommendations by sales people – superzoom probably won’t help much.

        • Peter


          With IBIS every lens is stabilised :)

          • Beefcake

            I was waiting for that response… When will Panny learn?

            • MichaelKJ

              About the same time as Canon and Nikon :)

          • Mr. Reeee

            With skill, IBIS is superfluous… :-P

            • MJr


            • Ross

              Ha ha! I get better results just from the 5 axis IS in my E-M5 than the E30 with the ZD70-300 lens. The next step is a tripod (which isn’t always practical).

        • twoomy

          Geer snobs? Get real. You want a Pany super-zoom that already exists for $650 (and much cheaper if you would buy it bundled with a camera like the GH2), but you want Pany to only charge $200.

          Tell me, smarty pants, how are they going to make the same exact lens cost $400 less? Get rid of IS? Make the corners really shitty? Have a starting aperture of f/8.0? LOL. I’m on a budget as well, so lens prices matter to me. But I’m also not stupid enough to expect camera manufacturers to offer every great lens for $99. Now you should start bitching about how the new 12-35 is really worth only $400.

          • twoomy

            BTW… For comparison, why not do a price check on some similar Nikon lenses like the 18-200DX or the brand-new 18-300DX. F*cking Nikon should be charging only $99 for their super-zooms as well! Ha ha. Keep dreaming.

            • Henrik


              • MJr


                The Nikkor 18-105 is cheap tho, a similar plastic fantastic 14-70 for MFT wouldn’t be so crazy.

            • OnlyMe

              Oh dear! Someone’s tetchy. I was only joking about the “gear snobs” comment, hence the :D or should it have been a ;) either way I didn’t mean to upset anyone.
              I asked Admin if the lens maker was known because I was hoping he’d say Tamron or Sigma. Have you checked the prices of Tamron and Sigma super-zooms? If Tamron or Sigma were to make a super-zoom lens they would probably undercut Panasonic and Olympus on price.
              I can’t believe you’re telling me to “Get real” after suggesting that I buy a GH2 to save money LOL.

              I should have said that I doubt that anyone will agree with me instead of I doubt that many people will agree with me. Oh well, I’m off to practice swapping lenses :D ;) (I’m joking).

              • twoomy

                Ah… I’m sorry, OnlyMe. My post was cranky and a bit over the top. I didn’t read your smileys correctly, and perhaps I’ve had too much coffee. And yes, if it’s a 3rd party lens, it WILL be cheaper. Sorry! Cheers!

                • onlyme

                  I’m sorry too, Twoomy. No hard feelings.

                  • Ben

                    Aww… this has been real special, guys.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Get one of the many 14-42mm kit zooms and a 45-200mm for $200. Yes, you have to change lenses, but why buy an interchangeable lens camera and want only one lens?

        • babbit

          The Panasonic 14-140mm is not a high grade lens by many measure, which is why it already costs so little. This is already the “cheap” zoom lens. They need to bring out better quality more expensive zoom lens. I don’t see any way that Panasonic can cut the 14-140mm cost down any more even if they remove OIS. If you check similar lens by Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc…they are all more expensive than the Panasonic.

          If you want that reach for less, that’s what the 45-200mm and Oly 40-140mmm are for. If you need the lens to reach into the wide angle, it’s impossible to make the lens cheap and still make a profit.

      • nobody


        There’s a whole lot of cheap zooms in m43 land already available, super zooms among them.

        There also is the new Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 on the other end, very good and fast, but with a very limited focal length range.

        What’s missing is the equivalent to the 14-54 and 12-60 classic 43 zooms, a high quality standard zoom with a higher zoom ratio.

        IMO, a 12-50mm f2.8-4 could be a good compromise, reasonaby fast, but still compact.

        • Anonymous

          I was reading a review of the 4/3 Panny/Leica 14-150 today, and I found myself wishing for a QUALITY m43 super zoom. That lens was speedy, but i’d love to have a better super zoom for travel. I hope it sold well for panny at the time…

    • Martin

      There is a cheap super zoom lens solution, it’s called 14-45 + 40-150. You save a few hundred US$, but you have to change the lens…

  • Zo

    Any news about the ZX-2 being announced in July?

  • Anders

    Please let it be a 300mm f/4.0prime with fast AF!

    • hannes

      +1. with decent closeup performance.

    • bli


  • Panam

    Hi Admin, any news re differences in the sensor between G3 and G5?

    • admin

      I think the differences are small.

  • Miroslav

    I guess the new lens will be long rumored 7-14mm OIS.

    I hope LX7 will have at least 1″ sensor with sub F2 aperture at the wide end. Sony has shown it’s possible to pack that in a relatively small body with 2012 technology.

    • 7-14mm OIS makes a lot of sense. Though the previously rumored inexpensive 40mm pancake portrait lens would also be good. 40mm f1.6 anyone?

      • Narretz

        If it’s pancake it won’t haver better aperture than 2.0 I bet

  • Watch for that lens. Whatever it is it will most probably preempt a similar offering from Sigma or Tamron announced later this year.

  • Alberta

    Hopefully, it’s the fast zoom lens (very unlikely). i think m43 has already enough prime lenses (except fast 17mm)

    Anyway, my guess: they’re the rumoured Olympus 25mm 1.8 and 12-60mm.

    • Manish Bansal

      Wow! Someone is complaining that a system has too many primes and not enough zooms! What this world is coming to :-)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Agreed. There are too many CRAPPY M4/3 zooms. ;-)

        This what happens when the user base gets watered down with camera-phone and P&S users. They’ll settle for junk, but worse, think it’s great.

    • Admin made it sound like a Panasonic lens so it probably won’t be one of those.

      • J Wolkenstein

        I wish it would be a 35mm f1.8 that allows fairly close focusing, if not actual macro ability….

  • uth

    how about leica DG lens??? i hope it will be 45/1.4 or 75/1.4 *-*

    • Why would we need yet another 45 or 75 lens??? :|

  • Sqweezy

    If both the LX7 and the XZ-2 come with one-inch sensors, it, along with Sony’s RX100 will usher in the next revolution of high-quality compacts. Innovations like these are the only things that will keep the point-and-shoot market relevant in the age of cameraphones.

    • Tim

      This is all assuming that sony didn’t catch the others flatfooted. The LX7 might be just another small sensor cam. Probably a good one but still….

  • HoiHoi

    90mm macro or 300mmF4 please ;-)

    • bli

      Hoi, hoi, hoi!

    • Mr. Reeee

      From KEH I got a Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro and Nikon 300mm f4.5 EDIF (both AI-S)… no waiting, wishing, praying or Xmas lists necessary. ;-)

  • Bob

    Since it’s being announced with the G5, my guess is a new kit lens. Probably something a bit longer, or maybe a bit wider (or both) to compete with the Oly 12-50.

  • Brod1er

    Reworked 20mmf1.7 maybe?!?! Seems an obvious move.

    • If they could weatherproof it, give it a metal barrel, new silent AF, direct-feel MF with DOF scale. In black. OMG. Sex it up a little bit visually even. KEEP THE OPTICS UNCHANGED.

    • HoiHoi

      New 20mm 1.7:
      – Same AF mechanism as the 14mm f2.5

      New 14mm f2.5:
      – IQ like the 20mm f.7 (for example sharpness in corners).
      (A litte bigger is no problem.)

      Both with nano coating

      • I would love to see a new 20mm with faster focusing.

  • Steve

    I think we will finally see the 45-300mm X lens.

    • inis16


      Let’s dream for fast HQ lens…

  • MikeH

    How about a faster focusing 20mm?

  • HoiHoi
    • quiquelbola


    • emde


      • MikeH


        17.5 1.4 Summilux would be a spectacular choice.

    • Please no!!! There goes my savings for GH3 …

      • Bronica

        – 1000. NO! :-(. For my new OMD i had to buy a new computer – the old was to slow. No savings anymore – how can I afford? – a 1,4/17 would be lovely!

        • Ross

          Damn, that’s a shame, ;) but any excuse is better than none to upgrade the computer too. That’s unfortunately the way it goes with increasing image sizes. It’s just as well it’s not a 36MP sensor. :D

    • Narretz

      Somehow logical, as Pana did it already with the 25mm. But I am not sure they will continue to work with Leica, now that they make X lenses.

    • Z


  • Yun

    What ? New summilux coming ? Great .
    Surely going to get it .
    Better start to save from now .

  • 12-240 f/1.4 Leica DG Vario-Summilux pancake macro, weather-sealed of course, ultra-fast AF, power or manual zoom, all-metal construction, weight 8.2 oz, price $299.99, and finally with fast delivery because Panasonic will ship them direct to you on the backs of flying pigs!

    • Ben

      These “kitchen sink for pennies” jokes are getting old. :-)

  • Martin

    I wonder if the LX7 will have a larger sensor?

  • I am really curious about the LX7. If it actually has a big sensor and fast auto-focus through MFT technology applied to the LX7, I will consider this as a smaller walk-around camera. Leica will probably feature the same camera later at a 200€ premium, Lightroom included – which is not such a bad deal.

    This might be the first “Leica” labeled camera I might buy.

    • Geoff

      200 premium, more like 350-400….

  • Fenton

    Since I expect that m43 will meet my needs for a carry-around camera with high IQ. I want a point-and-shoot camera that serves a different purpose. Panny already makes the best small-sensor rugged/waterproof cameras. There would be a huge market for a waterproof camera with a 1″ sensor, manual control, and decent optics (biased to wide-angle, with an optional teleconverter)

    • YH

      I had love to have a waterproof TG2 with M43 sensor, 720/60fps and wifi functions!

  • Mr. Reeee

    I know it’s pure fantasy… ;-) … but what I’d like to see is an Oly Tough-Style all-weather/shock-dustproof/underwater camera with a large sensor. I know Oly just released the TG1, which appears to be a step in the right direction, lens-wise AND which I’ll most likely buy to replace an aging Oly 1030SW.

    I don’t care who makes it, either, but a bigger sensor would be fantastic and probably dissuade me from buying a GF5 or EPL3.

  • sterno

    It would still be a Leica lens, larger sensor, include an optical viewfinder(like fuji x10 & x100), 12-240 f/1.8 Leica DG Vario-Summilux, ultra-fast AF, power or manual zoom, all-metal construction. They know we can buy a LX5 now for $379. They have to make it more than just a sensor upgrade

  • Geoff

    Am I the only person who thinks this but there are times when I’m not sure whether some contributions refer to actual focal length or equivalent FL, it just seems that some come up with odd figures which make sense when considering the 35mm equivalents.

    • sterno

      Not sure if it all really matters when it is coming from us/consumers and its speculations on each individual wants & needs and ignoring true market realities and competitive insights……

      It would still be a Leica lens, larger sensor, include an optical viewfinder(like fuji x10 & x100), 12-240 f/1.8 Leica DG Vario-Summilux, ultra-fast AF, power or manual zoom, all-metal construction. They know we can buy a LX5 now for $379. They have to make it more than just a sensor upgrade

      • Geoff

        I like the tongue in cheek comment, most humurous indeed. But why stop at 12-240, why not make it 10-250 and I’ll settle for f2.0, if it’s constant……..

    • sterno

      Not sure if it all really matters when it is coming from us/consumers and its speculations on each individual wants & needs and ignoring true market realities and competitive insights……

  • Max

    Is there a chance to get a super wide X-zoom, which fits better into the x-line, perhaps 6-12mm or 7-12mm?

    The 17.5mm/1.4 sounds good to me, but comparing it to the very good 20mm pancake (!) prime, the differences are (at least regarding the specs) too little. Well, perhaps with a faster AF it could work anyway..

  • Crossing fingers for a good LX7. LX5 was good already, so I have hopes

    G5 is a different matter. It would be an indication of where Panny is taking it: whatever features can be packed on a cheap vs. cripple it somehow to make … the competition look good. To be perfectly honest, I do not trust that Panny would make a right decision. Large companies generally do not (unless they are totally on the brink of collapse).

  • luke

    I don’t really wish for a sensor size upgrade.
    RX100 spec looks great. but reality kick in…Is the f/1.8 for RX100 really usable? It seems destined for weak corners, softness. RX100 seems have to stop down to f/4 – f/8 range to have great sharpness.

    LX5 and XZ-1 has great lens system enable corner to corner performance wide-open. The CCD sensor is not a joke, it really delivers in the color saturation, DR and sharpness. Particularly XZ-1’s sharpness is astonishing.

    If LX5 receive an over-sized sensor, that would means either weaker lens or bigger lens. Either kills it. A sensible thing for Panasonic is improve the performance of the sensor rather than just increase size.

    • sterno

      Agreed- with an EVW….

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