(FT5) G3 with LX5 grip and very small EVF.


A source sent me a rendering he made to explain me how the G3 will look (It’s not the real G3!). It has the same Panasonic LX5 grip and a smaller EVF than the Panasonic G2. I didn’t found the LX5 grip that comfortable but I have been told the G3 grip is a bit bigger so maybe it’s working better than on the LX5. As you see the left dial is gone. The source also told me the real G3 is a bit more “rounded” than the rendering he made and the EVF is even smaller. Actually it’s a very nice looking camera (he said).

The camera is coming in black, white, brown and silver. UPDATE: It has an articulating LCD screen!

Help me to find the real G3 picture. I am currently checking all kind of websites to find a leak. If you can find something feel free to share it using the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar. Thanks!

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Miroslav

    What about articulating LCD?

  • WT21


  • I was actually hoping for the LX5 grip, I think the DSLR-like grip on the G1 is overkill for a small camera. So that is good news.

    However, what do you mean by smaller EVF? Do you mean lower resolution or just a smaller EVF hump? The latter would be good news, but the former would be a disaster.

    • Inge-M

      +1 and ???

      • admin

        It has the same resolution as the G2 (1.44 milion dots)

        • Godot

          If they’ve figured out how to squeeze the same resolution EVF, with the same magnification, into a significantly smaller form factor, I think that’s great news for everyone who’s waiting for either a “rangefinder-like” m43 body with built-in EVF, or a higher-res successor to the LVF-1.

        • Admin, is magnification same or smaller/much smaller?

    • Steve

      Looks like Panasonic didn’t learn from the G10 failure. If this has the EVF from the G10, then the G3 has failed big time.

      • If the rumors about G3 are true, then I can only conclude that they are going to make GH3 more affordable and better available. Otherwise, the Panasonic’s camera line up makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Ulli

      a big grip is actually a must if you use heavier lenses, but it should be there as an option (as offered by 3rd parties)

  • Larger grip on G/GH is pretty much entirely filled with battery. Smaller grip = smaller battery = fewer shots per charge?

    • grzybu

      If it has refresh rate better than G2 and more like GH2 it may be very interesting camera.
      Of course if they don’t removed all buttons from the back ;)

      • tutejszy

        Indeed very important!
        Admin, do you know anything about buttons on the back? How did they changed them? How many left? :)

        • Steve

          Think GF2.

        • admin

          I am working on that.

  • lunic

    Great. If the res of G2’s evf conserved and only the size of eyepiece in G3, It will be same or even smaller than samsung’s NX11.

    • Cornflake

      Very promising. With great Panny 20/1,7 it could be a small miracle box :-) After all the blackest horse is upcoming Samsung NX20. Look at what they’ve done with NX10. Let’s hope successor will bring only improvements (IQ, IS, more options…). I wish it’s Thursday!

  • Parci

    If this is all correct, it seems like they are going after the Samsung NX10-form. Interesting.

  • leo

    Do you know the actual size of EVF?
    so, wt is the point of putting “VERY SMALL” at title?

    • admin

      Because I know it :)

      • Leo

        R.I.P panasonic….

  • Mendy

    I am so glad it still has an articulating screen. As long as they haven’t taken away most of the external controls, I am getting this camera! I loved the G2’s evf and touchscreen, but really felt it was just a tad too bulky. I do not mind if they move *some* of the controls to the touchscreen. I enjoyed using it far more than I thought I would. But I still rely on the EVF in sunlight, and do not want to be forced to use the touch screen to adjust basic things like ISO.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      That’s a fake picture, rendered from the Samsung NX11.

  • Kevin

    hm…getting closer to the PEN/GF sized camera with a built in EVF! I hope PEN makes something similar!

    • looking good.. if this leaked photo is real

  • Jonas

    Samsung tried a clone with smaller viewfinder (NX5) and found it sold poorly so discontinued it quickly. I assumed Panasonic had come to the same conclusion when the G10 was axed. I was wrong, they obviously want a feeble sister in the range…..However nice the camera looks that tiny viewfinder will be a quick turn-off to enthusiasts when compared to the G2, so perhaps that is also for the chop. Perhaps the idea is to push enthusiasts to the GH2, P & S upgraders to the GF2, and upgraders wanting SLR styling to the G3.

    • No, that livedoor image is not real – it’s simply two halves of a camera spliced together. The grip is a direct copy of the Samsung NX11.

  • Per

    Not very encouraging – seems also Panasonic are not interested in the type of customers thar are cobcened about the results of their photography. (“lower high ISO sensitivity”) On the positive side may be the design is similar to Samsung NX which I like!
    Neither do we see much of HQ lenses
    After two years trying to adopt to using just LCD for image composition I am convinced that viewfinder is a must.
    Maybe by a Nikon 5100 or Canon 600D + a few used HQ lenses? The Nikon weighs 150 g more than GH2 but costs a lot less. And I am running out of patience with m4/3.

    • spam

      G3 is the low end model, GH2 is for more advanced users.

      • The problem with the “GH2 is for advanced users” train of thought is firstly, the GH2 isn’t built up to the standards advanced users are accustom to. As far as build quality goes it’s not the the same league as something like a Pentax K5. The other issue is just because we’re advanced users doesn’t mean we want a “mini-dslr” body. Seems like most of us want a rangefinder-like body ala the Contax G2 built to the standards of something like a Nikon D300. So while the GH2 may have advanced features, the fact that those features are stuffed into a Canon Rebel body is a total failure.

        • spam

          I’ve used a GH2 and build quality is OK. I wrote “for more advanced users” meaning compared to G2/G3. IMO G2 (and probably G3) compete with Canon 1100D, Nikon D3100 and similar models. GH2 compete in the 600D/D5100 class for features, build quality, frames per second etc.

          There is no MFT-model in the D7000/D300s/60D/7D/K5 class and why should it be? Panasonic and Olympus don’t have the lenses or the technology for e.g focus tracking that is “required” in the semipro class. Of course, being an advanced user don’t necessarily mean doing sport, BIF etc and then GH2 might work well, but it’s clearly not designed to compete in this class.

          To me it’s not at all clear that “most of you” want a rangefinder-like camera with tank-like build quality. I’m sure many do, but many like the SLR-like GH2 design too and build quality of the GH2 is adequate for this range.

        • Mike

          If by “most of us” you mean you, Eric, then you are correct. Otherwise, you are just tossing an opinion out there in the wind as if it were fact.

          • Eric

            I didn’t say it was a fact, but there is no doubt there is a huge demand for a rangefinder-like camera. Do you recall the disappointed across the internet when the G1 was first unveiled with forums everywhere collectively saying “what, that’s it? Why not just buy a Canon Rebel?”. Even DP Review mentioned the underwhelming design in their review. Do you recall the buzz the the E-P1 got even though it was technically an inferior camera to the G1? How about all the attention the X100 is getting now? No, I say there is more to it then my opinion. There are many many people out there that want a poor mans Leica M9, and either Olympus or Panasonic could do it right now if they chose to. Autofocus speed and burst rates aren’t all that important for that market. The speed of the GH2 is more than enough.

        • Luke

          +1 – If I liked that body style…..there are Canons and Nikons that do it better and are really not that much bigger.

      • LC2

        True, but GH3 will probably be G3 + multi-aspect sensor and high-end video, same smaller body.
        I’m glad it’s smaller. Don’t care for EVF, don’t need big heavy body just to “balance” a larger lens.
        If they didn’t remove all the buttons and switches, I’ll take mine in brown!

    • Kevin

      let’s wait until it comes out before speculating how bad panasonic fails shall we? ;)

      do agree about the lens options though. I think pan/oly are having a hard time making decent lenses i.e. fast zooms with the smaller form factor of m4/3

      I think GH2’s a great camera but I really don’t see the hype of it other than being a hybrid camera. It looses the form factor of a PEN/GF and yet is much more expensive than a D7100 or 600D – sort of an expensive jack of all trades camera to me.

      The hype/hotselling of GH2 is just probably because it’s so unavailable.

      • Godot

        “let’s wait until it comes out before speculating how bad panasonic fails shall we?”

        Let me be the first to welcome you to the Internet! ;)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Unfortunately, “FAST” zoom means BIG zoom.

        P&O have managed to do a pretty good job with zooms thus far, covering 7mm to 300mm! There are some oddities like THREE mediocre 14-42mm kit lenses. Who actually WANTS one? Or Oly’s odd choice of 14-150mm and 45-150mm zooms.

        Fast primes are the key strength for the M4/3 platform. The 20mm, PL45mm and Voightländer 25mm are the best examples. (I almost said prime there ;-) )

        Have you used a GH2 for any length of time? At all?

        The GH2 is the real deal. It’s not perfect, but considering the breadth of features the designers managed to include, it’s impressive. Damn impressive. It’s a great little machine!

        • PLS

          But every once in a while you want that big, fast zoom. One of the things holding me back from m43 is knowing that I can rent a Canon 70-200 f2.8 for my son’s indoor swim-meet in two weeks, but there’s nothing like that available for the m43 world. For the rest of the time a f4.0-5.6 telezoom does the job, but having the flexibility to rent a big lens for a special occasion is great.

          • sam

            If you’d only be renting a 70-200 f2.8 you may as well rent a 5D II to take pictures with it.

    • Godot

      >> (“lower high ISO sensitivity”)

      I have no idea what this means.

      Probably it will go to 6400.

      Most likely it will be usable at about one stop higher ISO than the first and second generation G and GF models.

      I’m not sure it’s realistic to expect anything different. Though I suppose you could make a case that after almost three years with the same sensor, a two-stop improvement should be in the cards. I just don’t have my hopes up for that…

  • I also see no any sign of left control dial which is responsiible for focusing modes on G2.
    Pity if it would really be omitted on G3

    • Per

      Yes, I may buy an G3 as sort of compromise

    • LC2

      As long as it’s as good as GH2 up to ISO 1600, that’s good enough for me.

  • DonTom

    Nice. A very sensible step between the GF2 and the GH2. The line is starting to make sense, and leaves Olly to step up to the plate with the “Rangefinder” styled “pro” model.

  • NEX

    Will it be metal or plastic? I will not buy an expensive system camera that is made of plastic.

    • LC2

      No Canon 60D or Nikon D5100 for you, then! :)

  • Another boring camera from the m43 consortium… :P

    Pen Pro oh yes Pen Pro one day… one day…

  • Ron

    I’m with Eric. I’d love a Contax G2-styled body.

  • Brod1er

    Build quality of the G and GHs is fantastic. Yes it’s plastic, but my GH1 is rock solid after 18 months of travelling and hiking. Nikon D700 build is alluring but is overkill when cameras become obsolete in 2/3 years. Metal & rubber “camera porn” just adds unnecessary cost and weight. I am skipping the GH2 but will definitely get a GH3 in about a year. I fully expect the GH1 to be going strong then.

    • Just don’t get that GH1 wet or take it anywhere too humid. I took ground level shots with my Pentax K7 in the snow where I had to literally place the camera down into the snow to get the angle I wanted. I wouldn’t dare try that with any of the m4/3’s cameras. I also used to put in on a tripod a few inches above a fast moving streams without worry. I wouldn’t try that with a GH1 either. Also, it seems like due to small size m4/3’s would make for the perfect adventure or photo journalism format, but there are currently no weather sealed lenses that can stand up to use in the desert (think middle east). I wouldn’t want to try and photograph Burning Man with a non-weather sealed camera/lens for example.

      Hopefully Olympus will step up the build quality with their pro-Pen since they have a reputation for world class weather sealing. In the past digital cameras may have had 2-3 year life spans due to rapid image sensor improvements. However, image sensors IQ will soon plateau (if it hasn’t already). Can anyone here honestly say they need more IQ then Canon 5D Mk II or Nikon D7000 can produce? I imagine if Olympus makes a nice compact weather sealed body with clean ISO1600 I will keep it for 5 years and just invest in new glass instead of upgrading my camera body every 2 years like I’ve done for the last decade.

  • TR

    I think this gives Panasonic three clear lines in M43. I think it makes sense. I also think these changes will make quite a good camera. I have liked my G1, but when using it with the 20mm, I have thought that I would like a smaller grip (even if that means sacrificing battery life) and smaller EVF.
    It is a shame that I just ordered an E-PL2, because what I really like about the Panasonic cameras is the ability to turn the LCD away and use the EVF which only flicks on when you put it to your eye.

  • http://blog.livedoor.jp/e_p1/archives/cat_50040774.html

    However, im not sure if it is true image or not.

  • Twister

    Here is a link to an artist’s impression of what could be the G3.

    • TR

      Dream on!

  • Netos

    Will the it comes with the signature “Dreaded Panasonic Color”?

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