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(FT5) Full VF-4 specs.


Here are the full VF-4 external viewfinder specs. Interesting that the Eye Sensor will work for the E-P5 and the “Japanese” A-PL6 only:
Finder Type    approx. 2.36M-dot    approx. 1.44M-dot    approx. 920k-dot
Viewfinder magnification / Field of view    Approx. 1.48x (-1m-1, 50mm lens, Infinity) / Approx. 100%     Approx. 1.15x (-1m-1, 50mm lens, Infinity) / Approx. 100%     Approx. 1.0x (-1m-1, 50mm lens, Infinity) / Approx. 100%
Eye point     Approx. 21mm (-1m-1, Distance from rear lens surface)     Approx. 18mm (-1m-1, Distance from rear lens surface)     Approx. 17.4mm (-1m-1, Distance from rear lens surface)
Diopter adjustment range    -4 ~ +2m-1    -3 ~ +1m-1    -3 ~ +1m-1
Eye Sensor    Available*  *E-P5, E-PL6    –    –
Lock mechanism    Available
Weight    41.8g    32g    28g
Dimension    30.4mm(W)× 48.2mm(H)×       29.4mm(W)× 48.5mm(H)×       25.4mm(W)× 44.1mm(H)×
Optional Eyecup    –    EP-9 is available.    –
Compatible Body    “E-P5 / E-PL6* (Compatible with eye sensor ) *When using E-PL6 and VF-4, eye sensor function is same as E-M5
E-PL5, E-PM2, E-M5, E-PL3, E-PM1, E-P3 Firmware update required, Not compatible with eye sensor)
E-PL2, E-PL1, E-PL1s, E-P2, XZ-2 (Firmware update required, Not compatible with eye sensor, Image degradation on view finder.)”

Reminder: The Olympus E-P5 and the three black primes will be announced on May 10 at 6am London time. 43rumors will follow the event with live updated!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Pierre

    Why does it have 3 different weights and sizes???

    • Literally everything is listed three times. I think it is a poorly formatted comparison table VF4 v. VF2 v. VF1.

    • peevee

      Look like it was copy-pasted from a table: first column is VF-4, second is VF-2 and third is VF-3.

  • Anonymous

    Did you see the size of the head on that kid? Woah!

  • blah

    Magnification is 1.48 as compared to 1.15 for the VF-2 – so you get a bigger image, which is nice. Accounts for some of the, ahem, rather large size.

    • Martin

      Well taken into consideration the increase of eye point distance we have
      – better insight for wearer of glasses: fine
      – calcs to 16% higher visual resolution
      – calcs to 10% higher size

      (just litle math)

      Well thought specs!

    • peevee

      Looks like about the same size as VF-2, but so much better in every metric. Except a little, 10g, heavier.
      Frame rates?

    • J Shin

      > Magnification is 1.48 as compared to 1.15 for the VF-2

      Just for that, I might upgrade. I will have paid more for the EVF than I did for the body! :-)

  • Nottroll

    Three sizes are likely for VF-4 VF-2 VF-3 respectively

  • blah

    Actually it’s bigger than the GH-3 too, which is 1.34.

    • Martin

      But only marginally bigger than on Panasonic’s G series, which had 1.4x magnification ever since the G1.

  • Nottroll

    About same size as 0.74x OVF on Sony A900. Weee!

    • true homer

      thats because it is the same one

      • commsbloke

        Eh? The A900 is OVF

        • Anonymous

          He means the A99. The A99 EVF is the same 2.36Mdot.

  • Will

    Chunky, just what everyone wants.

  • tomas

    never work with evf…and have legacy manual lenses

    is it better to manually focus legacy lens with evf ?
    better…than with the live view & magnification ? …there you have 5-10 magnification…but you have to compose, then switch on and then back to not lost composition…etc.

    • true homer

      way better

    • Mr. Reeee

      Absolutely better.
      Easier, faster, more accurate focus. Framing is more direct and intuitive.
      The tilt feature on the external EVFs is pretty nice, too.

    • tomas

      thnaks for sharing experionce…lets see now how much will oly charge for it

  • Do

    That leads again to the still mysterious E-PL6 which is mentioned in the spec sheet.

    • And the E-P9!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, cos we all get excited about replacement eyecups!

  • 21mm eyepoint relief, bit better then the previous VF units then.

  • sneye

    X1.48 is great. Will make unaided MF a piece of cake. Just for reference, the view is slightly larger than on Nikon D4 and slightly smaller than on Canon 1Dx.

    • sneye

      “Pixel density” of the VF-4 remains practically the same as that of VF-2, so no deterioration when the view is enlarged by the same ratio.

  • George

    what is the refresh rate on this thing? Will it support 120Hz without image degradation? The current EVF on the E-M5 degrades IQ when set on high refresh rate.

  • Peter F

    How does that compare with what I have built in on the E-M5? If the VF4 is bigger than the one on the E-M5… that would be great move forward of EVF fans like me!

    Peter F.

    • peevee

      The one in OM-D is similar to VF-2, the second column of this table.

  • shatteredsky

    Now to put that on the XZ-2 ;-)


  • Sqweezy

    By the looks of this thing, and the tech inside, it would seem impossible to integrate a VF-4 into the body. How much lesser of a product are you willing to trade for a built-in, corner EVF? For myself, just the convenience of always having it with you is invaluable. Same deal with the pop-up flash–having it always around is better for me than sometimes carrying one with you… Odd that Olympus is basically making you choose either the E-P5 or E-M5 as to which feature is more valuable to be worth integrating.

    • What if Olympus made an homage to the 35RC..

      > Rangefinder form factor
      > 42mm (35mm eq) f/1.2 fixed lens with nice big front element
      > snapshot clicking aperture/fn ring and dedicated focus ring.
      > 100% 2x viewfinder
      > NO rear screen
      > 5-axis IBIS
      > Multi-aspect-ratio sensor
      > Weather sealed
      > US$1200

      • pearldiver

        I wonder if the VF-2 is compatible with the EP-5 That’s what count for me.

        • EEmu

          Yep. From the E-P5 specs:
          Accessory Port 2 Dedicated multi-connector [for VF-2/VF-3/VF-4, SEMA-1, MAL-1 and PP-1.]

          So you should be good, and as it showed AP2 in the photos, that’s not terribly surprising :).

      • You mean an Olympus Trip 35 in digital?

        • No, the trip was more a people’s camera, like the VW beatle was for cars.

          The RC was had a lot of spec in the smallest form factor and is a joy to use.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        I’d save money and buy it.

  • WT21

    Oly does a lot of things wrong perhaps, but they do accessories right! Batteries that last multiple models, and now a VF that’s backwards compatible with older cameras.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it …one of the m43v systems biggest strenths is the size and weight …than you put a huge VF on it like this …no reason. Get the EM-5 or something else if you need a viewfinder and aren’t worried about gadgets and accesories more than the actual photo.

    • Anonymous

      What is so difficult? You can remove it and use only when needed. Personally i don’t really like EVF and use only when need better stabilization of camera or too bright for back display. And you can make it really compact when you want, with a pancake lens and detached VF. You pay extra for flexibility :p

      But since it’s olympus, doubt it will be within my price range, especially if buy external VF. I do want to upgrade body in late summer/fall, but most likely it will be either g6 or if can find cheap used em-5.

    • peevee

      “one of the m43v systems biggest strenths is the size and weight …than you put a huge VF on it like this …no reason. ”

      Say, you are on a Caribbean cruise. You tour Jamaica during a bright sunny day. Put this VF-4 and 12-50 or even 14-150 on, and shoot away with the camera on a strap around your neck. Still much smaller and lighter and better in every way than, say, a Rebel with a 18-200.
      Now in the evening, you go to a dinner, or a show. Take off the VF-4 and the 14-150, put on 17/1.8, and you can slip the camera into your blazer’s pocket, and when needed, get the pictures or video as good as you want.

      • Anonymous

        OMG did someone just make a sensible comment!?

  • Errrrm wait a second.

    Could sombody explain this to me please.
    We have the P3 -> P5 (skipping the 4 cos of bad luck ?)
    and then we have the VF-3 -> VF-4 so is that VF doomed ?

    • jan

      Right – doesn´t look the VF like the devil´s horn?

      Won´t buy it, I´m scared!

    • Rinaldo

      haha… good point!

    • “VF-4 so is that VF doomed”

      VF-4: VF to die for :)

    • Don’t take the VF-4 to a cemetery. You’ll see things…

  • Anonymous

    + 2 points for larger magnification
    – 1 point for still 800×600 resolution

    Wasn’t the new Epson module supposed to be 1024×768?
    They are really slow at adopting new technology.
    Oh well i guess in 2015, then…

  • camaman

    + 2 points for larger magnification
    – 1 point for still 800×600 resolution

    Wasn’t the new Epson module supposed to be 1024×768?
    They are really slow at adopting new technology.
    Oh well i guess in 2015, then…

    • peevee

      Your calculations are wrong, it is 1024×768.
      1024x768x3=2359296, or 2.36Mpix.

    • EEmu

      The specs seem to be a table listing VF4, VF2, VF3 in that order. The second column (VF2) lists 1.44Mdot while the first column (VF4) lists 2.36Mdot.
      The VF4 is 1024×768.

      • Camaman

        My bad.
        I read 1.44mil dot and had a flip out! :-P

  • Tulio

    Time for a built-in EVF a la NEX-7 Olly.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yep, we’ve been beating that dead horse around here for how long?
      It’s L O N G overdue!!!

    • Call it the E-R5!

  • Nelson

    2.36MP = 1024X768
    1.44MP = 800X600
    920K = 640X480

    • Martin

      We are not talking megapixels here, but megadots. And there the subtlety comes in: With the older, color-sequential displays (e.g., Panasonic G1 to G5, GH1 and GH2), every dot provides each color (albeit sequentially so), while most OLED displays need three neighboring dots to make up a full color pixel. Hence, a sequential 1.44Mdot display resolutions-wise is more than on par with a 2.36Mdot OLED display. If there just weren’t the visible artifacts caused by the color multiplexing in sequential displays, like rainbow effects on fast-moving subjects…

      • peevee

        But the peddlers of the sequential EVFs do not allow such “injustice” to happen, so they use “effective” pixels in the specs, tripling the real ones. :)

  • Opps!

    Nice viewfinder , anyone knows it would be compatible with the new Leica M?

  • Looking at the image of that over-sized EVF on the E-P5, it seems to me that Olympus should have tried to integrate it in the body. While features and specifications of the NEX-6 are different, Sony has managed to integrate an EVF without an unsightly bulge – and that in a camera of the same size as well as more than a 100g lighter.

    I realize that each camera and system has its own strengths and weaknesses, I’m just trying to point out that it should have been possible for Olympus to integrate an EVF in an E-P5 sized body.

    • Anonymous

      That´s not true. Nex don´t have a Ibis and i think mostly a 16:9 screen.
      I would everytime prefer a Pen with Ibis, 2:3 or 3:4 screen and faster, bigger and tilteble VF4 even if the camera is bigger with VF4. The weight and size of nex lenses are more important to me, than the weight and size of a VF4.

      • No, NEX doesn’t have IBIS, instead they have the larger sensor. While it’s true that NEX has a 16:9 screen to display 3:2 images, there is a similar mismatch between the E-P5’s 3:2 screen and the sensor’s 4:3 aspect ratio. So I still don’t see why Olympus couldn’t integrate the EVF in a body of similar size to the NEX-6. The lenses are a separate issue to the body size and whether Olympus could or should have integrated the EVF.

        • Anonymous

          Right but a 16:9 would even be worser for mft than 2:3 is or?
          And i cant tell you, how much space the new ibis needs. Do you?
          So Oly could make a Pen with viewfinder, but than with smaller screen and perhaps a littlebit bigger case because for the ibis which non nex has in body.

    • I hear either a familiar echo or a parrot.

  • JBL

    WOW, continue VF for olympus but i think Pana discontinued to external EVF such as GF has no connector,
    and LF1 integrate to body,that i hope new GX will include superb EVF.

  • Macx

    So, despite appearances in that shot, it’s really not a lot bigger than the VF-2: 1 mm wider, 0.3 mm higher, 1.5 mm deeper.

    • peevee

      Wait, it is
      30.4mm(W)× 48.2mm(H)× vs
      29.4mm(W)× 48.5mm(H)×
      i.e. 0.3 mm LOWER.

  • Milt

    Cost? Selling some external EVs more profitable than an including an internal one in every body?

  • peevee

    Cool, it is fully compatible (at full res) all the way back to E-P3 (meaning, every camera with TruePic VI is going to use all 2.36Mpix).

  • safaridon

    The VF4 looks huge when mounted on the EP5 yet when you look at the dimensions given in the specs is only 1mm more in width and marginally less height than the VF2? Is the technology used the same in all three of the EVFs or the bodies changed in any way?

  • Another Thought

    This is probably going to be the best EVF yet in terms of performance…what you actually see when you look into it. That’s what counts for me. If it’s a little bigger than so be it.

    I think there is an over reaction regarding the size of this item. The key will be the performance. And I expect it to be quite excellent.

  • Surab

    EVF lovers, please don’t be so selfish. You are already served with the OM-D, at least actually. If you don’t like the design then this is a pity for you (if like Olympus) and and Olympus since they will sell less cameras. But: I am sure there are some people not caring about an EVF who want twin dials but also a camera which costs less than the OM-D. This is it. You might say: “Go for the Lite model”, but that one fails on in-body flash and control/ergonomics and if I want a EVF later I always have some options (cheap, good and maybe excellent?).

    The result it that Olympus has 4 price points to attack the competition.

  • hlbt

    Pretty amazing to think that the VF-4 would be compatible with products as old as E-PL1. I really wonder if the new firmware would include (undocumented) improvements/corrections to older bodies…

    • sneye

      I don’t think so. However, it may include focus peaking*. Just a wild guess.

      * when using in conjunction with VF-4

  • The E-P5 with the VF-4 will actually weigh about 40 grams more than the E-M5. That’s probably the biggest surprise from my point of view about this new product offering. Given the history of E-Px cameras, I was expecting the weight to remain roughly the same as the E-P3.

    Looks like a really great viewfinder though, and personally I would enjoy the flexibility of being able to only use it when needed and conserve space when I don’t. Today I struggle to fit my E-M5 in my briefcase when going to the office because it’s a thin model, making the camera bulge out unnecessarily. The E-P5 with a detachable viewfinder would fit a lot better.

    • More power to you. So let’s say that E-P5 is for upwardly mobile professionals (UMP), while the E-M5 is for photogs.

      The question is rather: how many E-P5 will Oly sell? My impression is that Oly sold very little E-P3, while OMP flocked to the X100 Fuji. Guess why?

      Except for the E-M5 Oly has been strangely deaf to the requests for a photog’s camera. They can add as many features they like but for a photog. a built in EVF is a need, not just an option. There are plenty of ‘decisive moments’ that you miss, or frames askew, because you precious EVF is in your pocket when reality happens.

      • sneye

        The E-P5 is an E-M5 with removable viewfinder. It’s as simple as that. My problem is the (rumored, but believable) price, not to mention the price of the new viewfinder. Few will buy it over the E-M5.

        • I am not even sure that you read what I write. To make another example, the first Barnack cameras, Leicas had add on OVF, but it didn’t last long. Bessa did that too, but for ultrawides.

          The only place where an add on VF is practical is in the studio, or with static subjects.The time you mount it and your game is gone.

          I am pretty sure that Oly will be left alone among makers with the top of the line not having a built-in one. Top of the Line is not a P&S on steroids after all.

          To me the only exception of an add on VF would be is a device like google glass was connected to it. The an E-P would make sense. They have a patent BTW, so it might still happen.

          • Surab

            Thank you for telling me that what I want is nonsense… I guess there are just a few type of photographers who always need the quickest access to the EVF right?

            But I am confused since I believe that such a pro also would want weather sealing since it might happen that he is walking outside while it is raining like hell and then there is something he/she wants to take a picture of. But jeez, he first has to find a roofed place and then take his Tele lens and then he might have lost the moment or the view.

            I don’t want to troll you, I am just saying don’t formulate everything as if you are God and what you say is the only truth and possibility how someone might use his/her camera.

            I would want it for stabilization of Tele lenses, bright sunshine and manual focus. But I don’t do this all the time. Not to include the EVF in the camera save me money and gives me the option to upgrade like E-P3 users can use VF4.

            I mean there is the OM-D E-M5 and the LUMIX GH3 for those who need better MFT cameras with EVF. Leave this model to their “appropriate” owners. ;)

            • I don’t need your approval to criticise a 1000 $ camera without an EVF.

              Of course you can burn your money as you like, but that hardly makes an argument. Perhaps you could spend 1 dollar on a second hand book about photography :)

              • Hi amalric,

                I’m a happy owner of an E-M5, but I was also a happy user of the original E-P1 and later the E-PM1. They all have their own unique set of compromises. To me, the viewfinder is a great thing to have in some situations, and some other times it’s in the way. To others, a viewfinder will be something else – maybe an absolute necessity, or something they would never really need.

                I don’t find the need to imply that other people’s preferences and choices are irrational or wrong just because I have my own set of values and priorities. I don’t think I’m less of a “real” photographer just because I’m comfortable with the thought of buying a camera without a viewfinder built in. While I’m happy to hear you’re confident in your choices, I don’t need you to tell them that they’re wrong. Of course I’m wrong — we all are.

                Hardly any purchase is ever based on 100% rationality. Things like what your gear makes you feel when you see and hold it in your hands will influence you. After making a purchase decision, people have all sorts of ways to justify their decision to eliminate the cognitive dissonance of the compromises they had to make. And compromises are inevitable with camera gear purchases. The cognitive dissonance is part of human nature, and I’m sure it’s the same with you and everyone else. We just have different values, priorities and emotions that make up our choices, but we all end up justifying them to ourselves at least. There shouldn’t be a need to justify it to others, though.

                I’ve come to the point where I’ve realized my purchases will never be completely rational — and I’m fine with that. Based on what appears to be a desire of yours to tell other people that they’re wrong about their choices, I suspect you may still be fighting with your cognitive dissonance, so I wanted to offer you my perspective as food for thought.


                • Meant that to read “I don’t need you to tell me that I’m wrong.”

                  And for the record, I will almost certainly not buy the E-P5 despite identifying some benefits over my current E-M5 camera. It’s simply not enough of an improvement to warrant another purchase, even if it would certainly make for a better fit in my briefcase while keeping the things I care about (5-axis IBIS, excellent sensor, good tiltable screen, beautiful, sturdy build). I am replacing my briefcase though – another one of those irrational purchases that gives me lots of pleasure, I might add. ;)

                  • I am not sure what figment of your imagination you are talking to. I had an E-P2 the other day, and I’ll probably get an E-PMx soon.

                    The objection I make is the same of all those who jumped ship to Fuji and Sony, seeing that Oly wouldn’t budge to their requests.

                    • Was just trying to say that your comments to people whose opinions differ from yours often have an undertone of “I’m right, you’re wrong”. E.g. “you can burn your money as you like”, comparing “UMP” with real “photogs”, “The only place where an add on VF is practical is in the studio”, “You are going to buy… THAT?”, etc.

                      Maybe you’re unaware of how your comments are perceived, so I thought I’d point it out for you. But maybe it’s just your style, if so, fine. :)

      • E-PL3 was the volume body,it sold more than any other m43rds at 8.6% of all mirrorless. E-P3 made 1.8%

  • someone already thinking about buying the VF4 for his OMD??

    • sneye

      Yes. It may help focusing some of my manual lenses and I miss the tilting capability of the VF-2 (now sold). I suppose it won’t be available before late summer (first batches will be sold as kit with the E-P5).

  • Andy Smith


    Will the flash open with the VF attached?

    The pix makes it look as if it might block it.


  • safaridon

    Interesting to note the contrast that Pany is taking with the small inbody EVF Pany LF1 which has only a 0.2″ sensor with 202K? There seems to be a lot of confusion in how to compare these various EVFs as dots equivalent is not necessarily the same as sensor pixels? Also if you have a much larger viewing screen you have to have a higher resolution for your picture to appear as sharp as is the case with your TV or rear LCD? Surprisingly to me the previewers of the LF1 reported that its EVF looked good and acceptable maybe because of small size and fast refresh and intended casual use in bright lighting conditions? I would expect Pany will use the small 1.44mp EVF from the FZ200 in any GX2 model with EVF built in? So with Oly we had choice of larger EVFs either add on with PENs or built into EM5 while Pany will offer smaller EVFs in body, or add on mid size EVF, or larger EVF built into G serios?

  • Fafhrd

    Decided to go ahead and buy the E-PL5 and VF-2. That should hold my needs for a while. I bought the GH1 when the GH2 became available and have concentrated on the smaller Panasonic primes. Cant wait to see how they fare on a stabilized body.

    I don’t buy bleeding edge bodies.

  • Taran Morgan

    I actually love the look of this VF and I am sure the look will be great given the pedigree. My only problem is position. I hate to say it, but does anyone think it’d be better if they changed positions of the VF-4 and the flash?

  • mambastik

    I wonder if the VF3 will work with the E-P5? If it does, I wonder if the focus peaking will show through the viewfinder as well.

  • AMVR

    I always read this same comment about saving money by not integrating the EVF into the body, well this confirms such argument it’s complete BS. If rumors are right the E-P5 is priced in the same tier (or even higher) as the EM5 so it seems the EVF doesn’t count into the equation for Oly. Excluding the EVF from the body is inexcusable:

    – It’s NOT more expensive to include the EVF into body (E-P5 vs EM5 price)

    – E-P5+VF-4 will probably be more expensive than OMD

    – Flahship cameras shouldn’t need add-ons (just like EM5 shouldn’t need an add-on flash to control larger flashes)

    – It’s technologically feasible (Fuji & Sony and even Pany have done it)

    – It’s within Oly’s capabilities (they had all the resources, parts and most importantly the time to do it)

    – It makes economic sense because there’s a huge demand for it (again, Fuji and Sony have dedicated 4 lines between them just for this segement, which Oly is ignoring)

    – It’s been proven time and again that there’s enough space to accommodate for an EVF in the E-P5. IBIS is no excuse (doesnt need hump, makes up for sensor diference in Nex6), screen is no excuse(can be made smaller or different aspect), sensor is no excuse (again, smaller than Nex), hump is certainly no excuse either.

    – And finally, the biggie…There wouldn’t be a conflict with OMD because

    A) The EM5 is already an older model, newer models sales should be prioritized (more profit).
    B) The EM5 is most likely going to be replaced with a higher spec Pro OMD anyway so whatever similarity the E-P5 with built in EVF and the EM5 could have had is rendered irrelevant
    C) Having an ergonomic alternative to the OMD line for PEN users that also happens to tackle a growing market segment dominated by the competition just makes sense, period.
    D)Specs-wise, they could’ve very well used the VF-3 or VF-2 internals without any improvement over the add-on version to differentiate from OMD and people would still flock to buy it

    Just stop making excuses for Oly and admit that they just went full retard (again) on the E-P5. This is indeed a great camera, it certainly destroys my aging E-PL1 but it’s still a fundamentally crippled camera.

    • Indeed you know whatof you speak.
      It looks like I’ll finally upgrade my faithful E-PL1 to an E-PL5 and transfer the VF-2 to it. I would have liked the latest sensor plus an integrated viewfinder but for now I’ll be content with one out of two.
      And stay your fingers – I don’t want an SLR-looking camera. I have a DSLR for certain projects but I want to walk the streets with a rangefinder-type.
      After all, it’s the photographs that count and I’m sure I’ll be as happy with the E-PL5 as I have been with the E-PL1.

      • AMVR

        Izumi I’m in the same spot as you are, a faithful E-PL1 user waiting for a camera worth upgrading to, the EM5 slr ergonomics don’t do it for me at all. For me the E-P5 falls short in the most important feature (EVF) but considering I already have the VF-2 I could just upgrade and make do, but that just ruins my upgrading schedule, I don’t upgrade cameras every year, I do so only when there’re important upgrades (sensor,EVF,etc), upgrading to E-P5 now means that whenever Oly finally decides to include an EVF into a PEN I’ll be stuck the the EVF-less E-P5. The E-PL5 is nice and all but I’m not ready to compromise on yet another feature i.e. lack of flash. I’m waiting to see what the PL-6 has to offer just in case but as of now my hopes are with the GX2 just so i can stay within this system(but then I’ll miss IBIS and other Oly exclusives).

        • Fully agree with you both. Have lumped around the E-PL1 and VF-2 for 3 years, and don’t see the point in upgrading to another body that needs the VF-2. I’m not in a frantic rush to upgrade, but would have thought that Olly would have got something sorted for me by now!
          Had a play with a NEX-6 the other day, have several times visited the X-E1 shrine in town….they both have everything we are asking for, (corner EVF, flashso there is no engineering issue stopping Olly.
          I really never thought I could be tempted by a NEX, but I want something to carry a longer lens that is capable of handling kids sports (well lit). And the NEX-6 has dual AF…….

  • Since the VF-4 will be presumably included in the OM-D Pro, there seems to be a pattern. The latest EVF is offered as an add on to the Pen line, and then built in the OM-Ds.

    There is some retro concept at work, reflecting film days. The Pen and the OM line. Since you cannot differentiate by format you differentiate by built in, or not, EVF, weathersealing, etc. Sensor and electronics are shared by both in a development spiral, which also results in price increases.

    Sony has a more modernistic approach, Fuji even more retro, both both have built in EVF. Panny is the wildcard here. If the GX2 has a built in EVF, then m4/3 will offer a RF-like alternative, which will compete with the others. I concur with AMVR that the latter will still have IBIS as a missing feature.

    Despite that it might be a resounding success. If so we’ll also have better arguments than academic ones to discuss if Oly made the right choices or not.

  • Fantastic Olympus..

    One of the things that does need to be bigger. Will make focusing easier for me.

    Cant wait to get one of your pro micro four cameras in my hand. Lets hope it is here before the end of year.

    Bottom line is my next spend will be the 75mm

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