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(FT5) UPDATED: Full Panasonic G5 image leaks….and Telegraph UK leaks info!


One of our trusted sources found plenty of pictures of the new Panasonic G5 which is going to be announced tomorrow along the new 45-150mm lenses leaked yesterday (Click here) and a bunch of new compact cameras (like the new LX7). Also three more websites leaked pieces of info, Telegraph UK (Article has been removed!), Photoprice leaked one single picture of the G5 and Nphoto.

The new G5 has a more rounded shape compared to the G1/G2/G3 generation. It will share the same G3 sensor but offer a new imaging processor that in theory should increase the image quality.  Expected price for the body is $599. As I told you before the camera will be announced tomorrow (July 18th) at 5am London time!

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UPDATE: Incredible, even the famous Telegraph UK magazine (Article has been removed!) leaked some info! They write:
The new DMC-G5 features a 3-inch fold out screen and a top of the line 16-megapixel sensor powered by Panasonic’s Venus Engine VII.
Also launched is the DMC-LX7 and DMC-FZ200. The former is a top of the line compact camera with a fast f1.4 Leica lens, 10.1 megapixel Mos sensor and 3-inch screen. The DMC-FZ200, which is due for release in late August or early September, replaces Panasonic’s FZ150 as its new flagship bridge camera. Included is a highly formidable 25-600mm lens, which is incredibly wide yet capable of zooming extreme distances. Even more impressive is that the lens on the FZ200 maintains a constant f2.8 aperture throughout.
Panasonic has led the way in the mirrorless market for a while now and the DMC-G5 is its latest attempt at ensuring things stay that way. The G5 is capable of things like full HD video recording and capturing images up to 12,800 ISO. Also announced alongside the G5 was two new lenses, an f2.8 12-35 Power O.I.S and a 45-150mm f4 lens.
It will be released next month with prices starting at £599 and rising to £879.
The LX7 is designed for those who want to get more out of a compact camera, incorporating things like full manual control as well as decent low light photography thanks to the fast lens, Venus VII picture engine and 12,800 ISO capability. The LX7 can also capture full HD 1080p video. The LX7 will be released in September but Panasonic has yet to confirm the price.

Click on the small image to open the full size version:

Something else: New article by my friend Elena from greekdiaries: “Igia na echoume” Check out her blog ;)

  • Hmm… Looks pretty good to me. Can’t wait to read a full review of this from a trusted site.

    • the G5 looks like another Panny “marketing descision” lacks innovation, desirability and new features, should sell well to it’s targeted market though…

      • The G and GH lines have always looked like FUGLY to me, they feel like plastic toys, and this opinion comes from a GH2 owner. . The GF1 and GX1 are so much more elegant, holding them and feeling the metal casing is a totally different experience. There’s people that sees cameras as just “tools”… I see them as “instruments”. In the same way a guitarist will create a relationship with his guitar of choice, I want to create a relationship with my cameras…with the GH2 I have never quite felt that way…It just lacks “soul” for lack of a better word.

        • Agreed! I don’t think I’m a snob but for sure I need to like the looks of the tools I’m using and Panasonic sucks big time at body design except for the GF-1 and GX-1. I really like their lenses though.

      • Michael

        Has any camera every been posted here without a handful of people saying, “It’s so ugly!!”?



  • Looks more entry level than previous G’s cameras.


    • Actually, it looks more convenient to hold than G3. The quick comparison with G3 indicates that G5 has got: the larger grip with shutter button slanted in front + some interesting button/dial next to it, + the eye-sensor, + AF/AE lock/Fn1, and LVF/LCD is now also Fn3,…

      • rrr_hhh

        Plus one ! They have completely redesigned the buttons and grip. The Fn1 and QMenu buttons are very well placed. Both the thumb rest and the grip show good ergonomics. I have hated the way the G3 was designed. After using it a few weeks I ordered an E-P3 and uses it more inspite of a worse sensor.

        However I’ve now ordered an E-M5 : Panasonic is too late with his G5, this should have been the G3 !

    • I think the grip looks much more substantial and articulated/rubberized. I like it very much, but I have always liked the mini-DSRL look of the G bodies.

      Sadly, the EVF is still sticking out quite a bit from the back, but that’s probably good for people wearing glasses.

      • BornBad

        it’s also good for people with noses.

        on my g3 i even like to tilt the screen away to have more space around the view finder. and my nose isn’t that big.

      • Pavlo

        G5 is my next cam. G3 has already not much worse IQ. If G5 will show an improvement, then I’ll definitely buy G5 for the price of ½ OM-D EM-5.

    • Bob

      Looks less “entry level” than the G3, IMHO. Also looks like the eye-sensor is back (right below the VF).

  • Conrad

    Interesting button next to the shutter release. Maybe for operating the power zoom feature?

  • rune

    Looks like there is an eye sensor on board, also the lvf/lcd button can be used als Fn3.
    The hand hump looks imho better than all previous G cameras. There is also a tiny hump for the thumb, very nice!
    Maybe this might also be the new GH3 body layout.

  • Mundstrøm

    WIN! Swivel screen! YES!!! All those rumors of tilt-screen were false! I might even buy this – I was afraid I was gonna have to wait for some distant future camera to have swivel screen before I upgrade my G2.

    Swivel-haters – just go buy Olympus – the rest of us know why it’s an advantage and we will not be satisfied with tilt-screens when we’re trying to get those tricky angles and vertical tripod shots.

    • Redkite

      + 10. I can’t live without it.

    • Henrik

      Agreed – swivel screens are a must, and swivel touch screens pure bliss. I won’t take Olympus because they only do top-down screens (they did swivel ones with non-micro 43s).

      And i know, many say you need the swivel screen just for self portraits. Think what you want, i’m tired of explaining.

      • (they did swivel ones with non-micro 43s).

        Otherwise known simply as, Four Thirds.

    • liuswie

      I’ve seen a design that allows you to tilt and swivel the LCD screen. Very neat. Hope it gets to the camera maker.

    • Anonymous

      The G3 has a swivel LCD and it’s been out for a year.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god. Finally an m4/3 body with an actual grip. Now make it 50% bigger so more than two fingers fit on that tiny grip and it’ll actually sell in the western market.

    • Napilopez

      See, I actually think this is a very good update, even if it has little to no RAW sensor improvements. Just from looking at the body, one can see many details that will improve the camera’s usability.

      1) We have the return of the AE/AF lock button.

      2) We now have at least 3 programmable buttons.

      3) We once again have an EVF eye sensor in addition to EVF/LCD button switch.

      4) The grip looks a LOT more substantial and comfortable than the G3’s already decent one.

      5) The shutter button seems to be in a more comfortable positions.

      6) The buttons look more solid(metal) and if the GX1’s smiilar buttons are an indication, probably satisfactorily clicky(unlike some of the G3s buttons which provided little tactile response).

      7) The scroll wheel seems to be in a position where it is both easier to scroll and easier to depress(look at the notch under it).

      8) I wonder what that level looking thing on top is. I would guess some form of onboard powerzoom control, but it would be cool if you could use it to change other settings like aperture as well. In anycase, having a powerzoom lever on body seems useful for preventing shake causes by holding the lens while trying to use powerzoom.

      • Jorginho

        I appreciate the enhancements too. But this market now has got more and more competition compared to last year. Nikon 1 is here, Pentax is here, Fuji is (in another segment, I know) Canon is on its way. You cannot afford to standstill on the sensorside. This is the time where it counts and it will probably do so for the coming years, where the best and strngest competitor will survive. panasonic cannot rely on their brand name, because they are not Nikon, Canon, Oly or even Sony. So they need to excel on other things. I think IQ is probably the main department. panasonic 9and Oly) do very well from the lens side. They both do well with their best cams (GH2 and Om-D) but my feeling is that it is the 400-600 dollar marktet (for a kit) where you need to score. here you’ll find the large majority of customers.

        • Tim

          i definatly see a market for this update: if you visit a shop today and listen to the questions the avarage customer has-its about flash, movable screen, the VF and look and feel.
          Only the Internet demands the High Iso image quality, and the “old Sensor” was top notch before the OM-D arrived. But the OM-D is double price so i dont the customer will choose between this two.

          by the way, i was testing the Om-D in a shop latly, when a couple next to me was about to buy a MFT Camera with no price limit: they choose the GH2-just because of the build in flash…

      • Anonymous

        Of course it’s a very good update, because the body shape with that grip mirrors all the usability improvements made in the last couple of decades. The “DSLR shape” didn’t happen because someone tripped on LSD, it happened because of science, testing, ergonomics studies, incremental improvements, and taking into account medicine and basic human physiology.

        Now all Panasonic needs to realize is that while they’re on the right track with the shape, this camera is still waaaaay too small. Hopefully in a couple of years we’ll be past the recent “the camera needs to look like a small pack of smokes” nonsense and get bigger, good camera bodies again, returning to the grip and the hump and the buttons you cannot accidentally press because they’re not crammed together.

        • Miroslav

          Well, you’ve got plenty of big DSLR shaped cameras on the market from Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax. Why would Panasonic need to go into that territory ( again )? It’s nice we the customers have a choice, no reason to criticize Panasonic about that.

          • Anonymous

            Au contraire – I said they’re doing a good thing now. There is no reason why they cannot make a small near-pocket-sized m4/3 camera, and a pro m4/3 camera with more size and weight and a larger grip.

            I don’t care who makes that big camera, Panasonic or Olympus, but once they do, it’s going to sell by the millions and dwindle the sales of entry-level Canikons with eight billion megapixels and tiny, dim viewfinders.

            • You may want to look at the Sony A77. It has everything you are looking for. M4/3 is all about small dimensions.

              • Anonymous

                Not interested in Sony lenses, therefore not interested in the body.

              • Esa Tuunanen

                There’s nice actually pocketable size system for people with small mind as yours: Pentax Q.

                You really are die hard Canikon fan. Or is it Sony who’s paying you?
                That’s what investigation looking beneficiaries/motives would say about your fanatical concern of m4/3’s need to stay P&S.

                Exceeding sales of Canon and Nikon are what m4/3 should be aiming for and that won’t happen just by slapping lens mount to Canon IXUS/Powershot S clone and pretending that’s advanced camera.
                Coming transformation of cameras from still half analog mechanical era designs to fully digital systems is second chance for 4/3 sensor and Olympus and Panasonic should be moving right now when Canon and Nikon are late to mirrorless systems.
                And now you want to limit m4/3 to segment where it can’t become threat for Canikon’s mirrorless future system plans.

        • Spunjji

          “waayyyyy too small”
          For whom? You? Me? Matter of preference, please stop preaching like you are the almighty lord of ergonomics. :)

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Same to you P&S people wanting to limit systems completely to your level.
            There are hardly any people demanding increasing size of your beloved GFs and PENs to DSLR size but you again demand downgrading anything resembling higher end to Canon IXUS class ergonomics.

        • Andy

          “The “DSLR shape” didn’t happen because someone tripped on LSD, it happened because of science, testing, ergonomics studies, incremental improvements, and taking into account medicine and basic human physiology.”

          I believe the DSLR hump is the result of the position of the mirror box. From an optical engineering standpoint, it was the easiest/simplest place to position it and humans basically had to get used to it being there. In the old days, I think the range-finders were probably more “ergonomically correct” for a smaller camera, since the view-finder could be flush with the camera and not have your nose pressing against the back of the camera.

          In these EVF days, the eye-piece can be anywhere, so I am under the opinion that the G or the GH line should move away from the old SLR design and go for something range-finder-esque (basically a GX1 with a corner EVF and improved IQ). No real reason to have two DSLR style cams in the lineup.

        • Anonytrackball

          “The “DSLR shape” didn’t happen because someone tripped on LSD, it happened because of science, testing, ergonomics studies, incremental improvements, and taking into account medicine and basic human physiology”.

          That was marketing talk. It happened because there needed to be a big space for the bloody big batteries and the prism would look kinda funny on the bottom.

          Marketing then told you it was all about “science, testing, ergonomics studies, incremental improvements, and taking into account medicine and basic human physiology.”

          Amazing how dexterous the body is when marketing tells how to shape itself.

    • Spunjji

      Yes, make the micro system bigger!

      Wait, no; don’t. Some of us westerners actually like it that way, because it’s a compromise we’re willing to make for smaller kit.

    • Bob

      Where have you been? Ever seen a GH2, or G2? Or even the G1 and GH1, for that matter. All had “real grips.” That’s one of the reasons I bought a GH2.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        And grips of all worser than in Canon’s entry level DSLRs which I long time considered parodies of ergonomics with their tiny grips.
        But at least those entry-level Canons have small enough displays for body size to have good space for controls in rear rising ergonomics higher.

        Except for obviously better sensor performance/advances in electronics whole m4/3 hasn’t yet produced anything which would be ergonomically even close to best 2/3″ sensor fixed lens prosumers from time before cheap DSLRs.

  • Gabriel

    Hmm I scaled the picture to compare it to the G3 (comparing lens sizes) and it looks like the G5 is a little bit larger. Maybe they’re fitting better hardware into the device?

    Also, they have a proximity sensor under the viewfinder. Looks good!

    • Anonytrackball

      Better hardware is smaller nowadays.

  • Nick

    Looks like a good evolution of the G3’s physical design :) Nice to see the eye-level sensor back too…

  • Jorginho

    So, we have the next generation using the same central core. How is that a next generation? Panasonic is going the Oly route with this one: using the same old sensor again. Of course we’ll have to wait for the reviews, might be much better in other areas. But we are one year later, with the same sensor in this cam, Panasonic is now more than 1 year behind the competition. To me, it makes it very clear (if it wasn’t already) that Oly does not use a Panny sensor. We would have seen that one in this cam.

    I hope this doesn’t mean we can expect something similar with the GH3 (I have the Gh2). Good thing Oly now seems to have another supplier with a clearly enhanced sensor where it mattered to most: DR (and noise too). Let’s hope that supplier will continue to improve on our 4/3 sensors. And hope Panasonic directs its attention to this (even) more than they did before.

    • G3 sensor is still current gen. No need to introduce a new sensor with each update.

  • SLOtographer

    The LX5 has a f1.4 lens!?!?!
    G5 looks good. Grippage necessary to hold the f2.8 x lenses.

    • Spunjji

      Sounds good, no? :D

  • yosemite

    Too bad that it sounds like Panasonic did not increase the sensor size on the LX7 compared to the LX5 :-(

    I guess it’s time to switch to Sony for compact.

    • Jorginho

      You should await the tests but it almost sounds like you are sorry to buy the Sony. I don’t understand. p&S cams are not a system, do not require a switch and I applaud Sony for giving a cam that seems to be very innovative and promises excellent IQ even at higher ISO. The only problem could be the menu which would be getting used for a time. Other than that: no problems AFAIK. I will never become a fan of any brand, there are not my friends, they just want my money. if so: deliver. And if you do, I’ll buy. So if I want a p&S, I guess if the price drops it would be the Sony.

      • yosemite

        Nah, I’m not too negative about switching to Sony. I was however hoping for the LX7 to have a larger sensor and also improve on the one shortcoming of the RX100, the much slower lens at large focal length. On the other hand, perhaps the LX7 will retain the f3.3 or faster of the LX5 at the 90 mm end, which would put it in a more competitive spot compared to the Sony.

        • According to some leak posted yesterday in the comments, the sensor will be smaller (1/2.3 inches) and the lens will have an equivalent of 24-110 mm. range, and an aperture of f/1.4-2.3

          If it’s really small and quite affordable, it might be a nice camera. But if you want the best compact, that’s probably RX100.

          • It also said 14MP. Why don’t we wait and see?

            • Yes, it got right the f1.4 aperture but missed the MP count, so it seems not reliable. Maybe the sensor will still keep the current size (of the LX5). After all, the Samsung EX2 kept the sensor size and also increased the aperture to f1.4.

              As you say, let’s wait and see.

          • bilgy_no1

            Aiaiai: giving the LX7 a SMALLER sensor than the LX5 would be useless. It would negate the advantage of the f/1.4 lens. 1/1.63″ sensor with a brighter lens would be OK, if it would be quite a bit cheaper than the Sony 1″ compact.

  • Miroslav

    G5 looks nice, proper grip there. I want such body with IBIS, from Olympus.

    Pity the old 14-42 lens just won’t go away…

    The two P&S also look promising – fast lenses on both. But with F1.4 lens, I’m afraid LX7 won’t have 1″ sensor.

    • yosemite

      I’m pretty sure it will have the exact same sensor as the LX5. Otherwise they’d have mentioned it in the press release. Too bad.

  • dzv

    Looks very good overall.

    Nice to see what appears to be an eye sensor for auto switching to EVF.

    It looks to have a zoom rocker, which should be handy for the power zoom lenses.

    I would have liked to see them make the EVF stick out less. It’s one of my pet peeves on my GH-1, and this looks to have a similar protrusion (maybe slightly smaller).

    • Bob

      I actually like the protruding EVF. Makes more room for my nose.

  • Sqweezy

    What’s the sensor size on the LX7? Anyone???

  • Tim

    It really looks good. I like the ergonomic grip&EVF sensor, button&dails look pretty good.

    Actually this is the first cam from Panny that tempt me-(the GH2 was too expensiv) cause it looks like it has everything i want from my next camera&is much cheaper than the Om-D i was aiming to buy later…

    Cant wait to have a close look at it, and test the ergonomics.

  • Dannecus

    Looks like a sensible update. It won’t worry the E-M5 much, but it’s half the price so aimed at a different sub-group. Nice to have it in the M43 stable, just not particularly exciting. Solid camera that I’m sure will generate plenty of sales. Seems like a sensible move to launch the cheap 45-150 at the same time to make a good entry level offering in the built in EVF range. As a Pen user with a bunch of un-stabilised lenses, moving on, not much to see here.

    I agree with Miroslav, if Oly (or Pana) made something like this with IBIS, it would suddenly become very interesting.

    • Luke

      $599 for the body is NOT half of $999. This re-hash camera NEEDS to be $499.

  • API75

    ‘FZ200 maintains a constant f2.8 aperture throughout’

    fake spec

    • Mike

      But the image looks like it would be true. Would be the first compact zoom with fixed aperture afaik
      Edit: I mean the image on the sister-website mirrorless rumors

      • JHCCAZ

        Look again at the photos of the FZ camera on mirrorlessrumors. The lens says 1:2.8-5.2. The constant-aperture claim appears to be a mistake by someone in the rumor chain, not a Panasonic claim.

        • Blobb

          No, there are two different (superzoom) cameras on those pictures. One has indeed written on it “1:2.8 / 4.5-108”

          • Blobb

            The other is called “FZ60” not “FZ200”.

        • Nah

          Look again and you will notice that there are two different cameras, the flagship with constant 2.8 aperture and a little brother, 1:2.8-5.2. It’s like panny fz150 and fz48. It seems that now they’ve made a bigger gap between these models.

        • sight
          • Bob

            Mistaken post.

          • Pho3NiX

            On The side it say F28 25-600mm but
            On the front lens it still say 2.8/4.5-10.8 ASPH.

      • scarabaeus

        “Would be the first compact zoom with fixed aperture afaik”
        Apart from the fact that FZ200 won’t have constant aperture, there were models among Panasonic bridges, like FZ10 and FZ20, ekv. 36-432 and constant F2.8, almost a decade ago.

        • safaridon

          I believe this is one of the best moves Pany could have made in the hot superzoom market by increasing the lens speed only I thought they wouldn’t be able to do it without reducing the focal length some. If the IQ is good this will clearly put it at the head of its class and be very potent for wildlife photography with its reach and speed. I only wish they add a higher resolution EVF even if costs more and hope for good continuous AF.

  • Ian

    For the FZ200, 25-600 with constant F2.8? Im not sure if that’s physically possible.

    • JHCCAZ

      See my comment above – not constant f/2.8. In terms of physical limits, it could be possible because the real max f.l. is 108mm, so f/2.8 would require an opening of 39mm or about 1.5″ – not impossible. However it would likely be next to impossible to maintain low aberrations at such an ambitious aperture and high magnification. Hence the reality is f/5.2 at the long end – not bad and supports decent IQ.

    • sight
      • JHCCAZ

        Wow. Thanks sight, I think you are correct. I was looking at the second superzoom image – apparently not the same as the new camera. Well, that’s very impressive if they are able to get good results at f/2.8 at the long end! Even using software correction, they need to hold the manufacturing variations and the mechanical positioning of the elements quite well to achieve that.

    • JHCCAZ

      Thanks – see my reply below. Good job Panasonic.

  • Luke

    LX7 will have a new sensor. LX5 was CCD sensor, note the new one is a MOS sensor.

  • nik

    was hoping 1″ sensor for LX7 & IBIS for G5.

    • Godot

      “was hoping 1″ sensor for LX7 & IBIS for G5.”

      And I was hoping for a unicorn to come clean up my garden.

  • Neil

    In all honesty the G5 looks like the logical follow up to the G2 with a good grip, eye sensor etc. The G3 was a step backwards in many ways IMHO and the G5 looks like 2 steps forward! Look forward to the first reviews…

  • Mert

    it reminds me canon powershot s5 is. i think g3 had a better design.

  • Yawn…. R u guys seriously excited over this ?!? Are Panny serious with this warmed up “upgrade” (that isn’t one, with the same sensor). Come on, where’s the “very high end” camera Panny officials talked about earlier this year ? Please give us folks who don’t want DSLR shape a GX-2 or better yet GX-Pro with built-in VF and E-M5 DR !
    I wouldn’t see any compelling reason not to buy the heavily discounted G3 over this G5….

    • Spunjji

      Yawn… R u seriously posting about your lack of excitement here?!? Are you serious with this “warmed up” post that could have been taken from any other forum, ever, about anything? Please give us folks a grammatically proficient post that actually adds something constructive to the discussion.

      • Matt

        My. Favourite. Post. OF ALL TIME :)

        Well today at least.

  • The G5 seems to concentrate on user experience, which is very satisfying. It will definitely make one of the friendliest “advanced” cameras for superzoom compact users. The body-based power zoom lever is a particularly nice touch. Might have something to do with whatever Canon has been working on.

  • ED

    Did I understand correctly that there is a 25-600mm lens, with a constant f2.8 ???????

    • Godot

      “Did I understand correctly that there is a 25-600mm lens, with a constant f2.8 ???????”

      On a fixed-lens superzoom with a 1/2.3″ sensor, yes. That’s a 5.6x crop factor so the real focal length is much shorter.

  • Tulio

    why make so many cameras? make a single professional G/GH/GX and the economy of scale will bring the price down.
    I hate the fake pentaprism bump though, so 2005.

    • Bob

      Sigh. Because there are different markets for different levels of camera. A semi-pro “GH3” will never be able to sell as cheaply as a more limited G5 design, no matter how many they sell. Aside from that, most buyers will not want a camera with all the complexity of a GH3. It will simply be confusing to them. Nor will they want a camera as large as the GH3 will likely be. (And GH3 buyers won’t want a camera without room for all the manual controls the GH series offers.) People here need to understand that we are not typical. The typical buyer of a G5 doesn’t even know this site exists.

      And the hump isn’t “fake.” The EVF and flash are under there. Where do you expect Panasonic to put those things? On the bottom of the camera?

  • liuswie

    I was hoping for IBIS. Let’s see if the DR and high ISO are up to EM-5 level or not.

    • M4/3 currently has only one body with a built-in viewfinder, IBIS and “E-M5 DR & ISO”. You might have to wait a long time for all those features to appear in a half-price body.

      • Miroslav

        “You might have to wait a long time for all those features to appear in a half-price body.”

        Probably when the E-M5 price falls :).

  • Jemes

    This is better than G3 for look & ergo, more muscular design which Pany needs. Looks like they bring the GH2 grip to G5.

  • DJS

    The quote is pricing of £599 to £879.

    So is the £879 price including the 12-35mm zoom or perhaps a double kit with small X-zoom?

    What do you think?

    • Dream on… They won’t give you a £940 lens bundled with a £599 body for £879. Probably G5+14-42+45-150 is what you get for £879.

  • Looks like positive incremental change. The G3 IQ was great, the G5 will deliver a little better – even closer to EM-5 level.
    The EM-5 is att better camera though at double price. What do they say in the US? “Better bang for the buck”

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Same sensor so improvements can come only in better JPEG processing.
      Sensor’s and RAW’s performance stays same.

      But these physical changes definitely make it better than G3.

  • DJS

    The G3 is generally agreed to be the best cost / performance in M43 at the moment. The GH3 will be the competitor to EM5 and we can expect a new sensor in that model.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the G5 competes when the new Pens are released. I think they’ll have all of the tech of the EM5 in a cheaper / less feature rich body; no EVF, no tilt screen, no weather seal but improved EM5 sensor, probably more ££ than the G5 too…

  • Bronica

    Attention: There are no switsches for the O.I.S. – 14-42 + 45-150 – when using this lenses on a Olympus-Body the IBIS has to be turned off. Grrrr! M43 is more divided now.

  • Jorginho

    Best things so far to me are:

    – 45-150 f 4.0
    – 25-600 f2.8 constant.

    I wonder why they did not make new kind of GH2 as a the new G5.
    Somethign like:
    – GH2 multiaspect sensor
    – faster processing unit.
    – larger battery (could be in that larger body already)
    – 8 fps shooting
    – video like current G3
    – eyesensor (like they did now, so that is good)
    – inbody HDR, sweep panorama and focuspeaking

    Some of those things could be incorporated in the G5, I know. But if you are going to re-use a sensor, make this a step up from the former (G3). If you are not going to invest in another sensor, the GH2 sensor is readily available. I just hope the Gh3 sensor is not just the same with some minor tweaks…

    • ggweci

      “Best things so far to me are:

      – 45-150 f 4.0”

      This one does sound very good, but everyone was saying it’s a cheap consumer lens, so my bet is that the article left out the 5.6 on the long end. So 45-160 f4-5.6 is more likely.

      Admin, can you confirm?

      • Yes, there are many leaked images showing f4-5.6

    • DRP

      wrong spot. sorry.

    • Bob

      No, you have it backwards. When used on an Oly body the OIS defaults to OFF, so you’ll need to use IBIS.

      DJS: The Pen bodies probably won’t have the “5-axis” IBIS, unless the bodies are significantly larger. There’s simply no room in the current Pen bodies for the sensors that the EM-5 has in the fake pentaprism hump.

    • Bob

      Jorginho wrote:

      “I wonder why they did not make new kind of GH2 as a the new G5.
      Somethign like:
      – GH2 multiaspect sensor
      – faster processing unit.
      – larger battery (could be in that larger body already)
      – 8 fps shooting
      – video like current G3
      – eyesensor (like they did now, so that is good)
      – inbody HDR, sweep panorama and focuspeaking”

      Because the G5 is aimed at a lower price point. Adding all of that would bring the price up to GH2 / GH3 levels. If this is the kind of camera you want, the GH3 is probably what you’re looking for.

      Look at EVERY manufacturer’s camera lineup. You’ll see low-end, mid-range, and high-end product lines.

  • -return of the eye sensor
    -GF5 screen (would be stupid not to include it)
    -redesigned grip
    -better looking buttons

    Panasonic has a winner at the price range. Maybe we’ll see a new EVF?

    • Jorginho

      @ Bob:
      I disagree. The rumor is that D600 will use the D3x sensor. It all depends how good the GH3 becomes. If the Gh3 has a new, much better sensor there is no problem. Like there would be no problem if the D600 uses the D3x.
      GH3 will be weathersealed, where G5 is not. GH3, regardless of G5, needs a better sensor with more DR, better high ISO noise, better fps, better movie in order to remain to retain the topposition and grab it from OM-D. Next OM-D2 is may be 9 months away.
      So they need to and this would distance it easily from the G5. Not unlike D3200, to take another example. 24 MPixel etc. Looks better than the D7000 which will be replaced soon. What I can see now is G3 dropping in price to 350 euro or so (it is 450 now). Who is going to spend 250-300 more on a cam that has the same IQ and some small changes?

      You get the three levels:
      – Small, lower res, good IQ no EVF
      – Midrange, very good res and IQ, good allrounder
      – Highend, weathersealed cam, best sensortech, superior movie modus

  • uth

    base on history…

    Panasonic will use a new sensor in GH series first. so, if you want a new sensor you just wait a little more.

    for bigger or smaller issue… In my opinion, i think they try to separate the market from this. if you want a smaller camera just go to but GF5 or GX1. but if you want a little bigger body you can buy this G5.

    you can’t get a smallest body and the best ergonomic with all the buttons in the same body. = =

    • yortuk

      The GH2 sensor isn’t used in any other cameras. It’s optimized more for video, whereas many have said the more recently introduced G3 sensor is better for images. So the GH3 may well have a better sensor, but I don’t think that has any bearing on what sensor is chosen for other cameras.

  • Luke

    I don’t think this bodes well for seeing a new sensor in the GH3.

    • Godot

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

      I think the GH3 is where you can expect to see a preview of the next mass-market Panasonic sensor, only in multi-aspect form.

      As an aside, I really wish Panasonic wouldn’t reserve multi-aspect for the GH range — would be a great feature to offer across the range.

    • yortuk

      The GH2 sensor was introduced before the G3 sensor and it has not been used in any other camera. It’s optimized more for video, whereas many have said the G3 sensor is better for images.

  • scooby70

    I’ll have to wait for the reviews but it looks to me like Panny just can’t compete with the competition. In fact it looks like they’re not even trying to do anything but offer the “bargain” buy. A shame. But at least it’s a little clearer what I wont be spending my money on.

    I hope for better from the GH3, this G5 and possibly LX look like massive disappointments to me considering the competition.

    Maybe Panasonics financial woes mean they just can’t do better. Nothing to see (or buy) here…

    • > In fact it looks like they’re not even trying to do anything but offer the “bargain” buy.

      It’s the whole point of G-series: to be a cheap and feature-full m43 camera. (Well, at least G3 was.)

      > […] Panny just can’t compete with the competition.

      What it can’t compete with?? E-PL3? E-P3? NEX-3F? Don’t be ridiculous.

      • scooby70

        Don’t be ridiculous? Dream on Panny fan boy.

        I wont be buying and current Panny products as IMVHO there are better CSC alternatives.

  • n457

    No in-body stabilization, another useless camera.

  • carpandean

    If the G3 had come with a similar grip, as well as a few of the other smaller features (e.g., eye-sensor), I’d probably still have mine. I’ll stick with my GX1 and maybe pick one of these up in a year when they cost less than $300.

    • Martin

      You criticze the G3 for its small grip and the lacking eye sensor and swapped it for a GX1 because of that? Strange… The GX1 doesn’t feature a more substantial grip and its viewfinder options are no more sophisticated than the G3’s offers: Either you use it with just the display -easy to mimic on the G3- or with the add-on EVF, which lacks the automatic mode switching just like the G3 does.

  • hifinut

    Is the new 12-35mm f2.8 the same lens as the $1299 12-35mm f2.8 without the weatherproof?

    • Godot

      “Is the new 12-35mm f2.8 the same lens as the $1299 12-35mm f2.8 without the weatherproof?”

      I think they are talking about the very same lens. Remember the leak was a magazine recap, not a press release, so it makes sense that they might include some announcements that have already happened.

      • hifinut

        Usually lens that sell for £599 is priced at $699 in US. Unless the $1299 12-35mm 2.8 weatherproof drop in price or it is a new lens.

        • Godot

          “It will be released next month with prices starting at £599 and rising to £879.”

          The line is poorly written (doesn’t make it immediately clear what “it” is), but I’m pretty sure “it” refers to the G5 and the two prices are for different kits, neither of which includes the 12-35.

          My guess: 14-42 kit @ 599, 14-42 + 45-150 kit @ 879.

          I realize that doesn’t make complete sense either; would put the 45-150 much higher than expected. I guess we’ll just have to wait another 24 hours or so to be sure.

  • spanky

    Glad to see Panasonic is adding some differentiation between the G/GH and GF models. The grip is a big deal, and it’s good that they’re bringing it back to prominence in their larger bodies. I’ll stick with the E-M5 for a while, but I’m anxious to see what the GH3 brings.

  • Yun

    G5 ? Thanks , not for me .
    I more on rangefinder style camera & still happy with my GX .
    The one now having my attention is Fuji’s new X cameras , let’s see what Fuji is offering .

  • Pixnat

    A real faux-DSLR :-)
    It’s basically a G3 with a modified grip. Panasonic is playing the same game than Olympus with their multiple PEN iterations.
    At least, the LX7 looks interesting.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      If iterating at least they’re adding things (grip) instead of randomly removing features like only fixed display in highest end PEN.

  • Looks very promising! It improves the biggest problem with the G3: The poor hand grip.

  • Brian X

    Good to see the drive mode and af dials are once again absent.

  • I really liked how Panasonic stopped the miniaturization nonsense – leave that to the GF series – and cared more about ergonomics, this seems to be a nice grip for this camera.

  • safaridon

    I would project that this G5 is also the body we will see with the coming GH3. Pany has never replaced the whole shell of a m4/3 body after only 1 year before and since the G3 was doing reasonably well in most markets this can only mean they are combining both G5 and GH3 into same body but with different sensors and features. Makes a lot of sense as GH models were lower volume compared to G series.

    My only hopes are that they increased the resolution on the swivel screen to match that with the 900,000 dot one used on the GF5 and wish they included a smaller higher resolution EVF with less projection. We shall soon see.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      They can’t use this body for GH3:
      Multiaspect sensor needs little more space and I doubt there’s any empty space to cmaera bodies.
      And how could they justify GH3’s higher price with lot less controls than predecessor?

      Cripling GH that way would be Panasonic admitting that they’re not even trying to compete with any above lowest end DSLRs but only superzoom compacts.
      Would make sense only if they had actual high end body coming out with that crippled GH.

      And wasn’t GH2 selling lot better than Panasonic expected which was one of the reasons for its long hard to find availability especially in North America.

      • safaridon

        Since the rumors for the G5 proved to be quite accurate maybe those projected for the GH3 will be also, so yes that probably will be a new metal body.

        Since the GH3 rumors said weather sealed metal body and a 3.2″ higher resolution tilting LCD (probably wider 16:9 aspect for video) and higher resolution EVF but DSLR style that suggests it may well be based more on the GX1 with raised EVF in the middle looking much like and competition for the EM5. From the specs the G5 will also be formidable with 1080/60/50 progressive video spec combined with higher resolution swivel screen and we still don’t know what improvements have been made to the sensor and processing. Note even EM5 sensor does not enable 1080/P60 video at present.

    • While there are precedents (the GH1 got the same shell as the G1), I don’t share your prediction. The GH3 will probably be given a more heavy duty body made of metal and sealed. Dumping the G3 design has a straightforward explanation: Panasonic is afraid. The G5 can’t really beat its competitors in “image quality”. This is why it gets a brand new processor, a double kit option and a newly designed body. This fear also explains Panasonic’s decision to invest in camera-centered publicity and sponsor the coming Olympic games. BTW, it’s hard not to notice who it is that Pana is most afraid of (hint: look at the sponsors of the recent European football tournament).

      • Martin

        “a more heavy duty body made of metal”: Choosing metal for the body certainly is more for reasons of design than of robustness. High grade plastics take considerably higher forces than metal of comparable weight, which dents permanently when subjected to forces that would make the plastic at most flex a bit. Hence, a metal body surface is a fashion statement, not a tool. Matters are, however, a bit different if you talk about a cage design with a metal frame inside and a high density plastic cover. This is perhaps as solid as you can currently get when not investing into exclusive plastic compounds.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Plastic as surface material is also lot more finger friendly in colder weather.

  • fotomaestro

    i would only hope Panny would divide G series into 2 similar to GFx & GXx… so those who prefer more external control (button/dial) have a choice of upgrading their G body… instead of being force to either accept the more touch control G3/G5 or the more expensive GH2/GH3… 8-))

  • I always like reading the posts here when new cam pics and specs are released. So many different shooting styles and needs, it’s a fine line to release a new model that can have appeal to a lot of people.

    Anyway, the cries for IBIS…I don’t think you’ll see that on a Panasonic body for a long time, if ever. OIS is their philosophy, and it sure hasn’t hurt Nikon or Canon. I shoot mainly from a tripod, so lens stabilization isn’t a main priority. Handheld, i either shoot wide or use a fast lems and bump up the ISO if needed. Stabilization is nice, but photographers were able to do without it for years.

    I’m looking at the G5 for clues to where the GH3 may go. I like the grip redesign and shutter button placement. On the rear I like the switch of the q-menu and play button placement, plus the button offsets at the top.

    It looks like the “menu pad” area is either a bit smaller or has been moved slightly right. My one personal ergonomic problem with the GH2 is that I always overshoot trying to press the Fn2 button, and end up hitting the side of the LCD instead, so this small change on the G5 may relieve a bit of frustration for me.

    I usually don’t bitch about aesthetics, but I don’t like the silver menu pad…hope that area stays black on the GH3.

    As I’ve said before, the GH2 has a great mix and fusion of external controls and the touch screen. You can use one or the other, or both with ease. So, if they keep the top plate dials and levers, plus the newer changes to the grip, shutter button and back panel changes, that would be a winner for me on the GH3 as far as ergonomics.

  • littorio

    Am I the only one who think that the scroll wheel is placed in the worst possible place?

    Oh, I’ve mistaken, they could have put it somewhere so I had to scroll/press it with the middle of my palm. That would be the worst place…

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