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(FT5) UPDATED3 -> Four Thirds is dead! Long live Four Thirds!


FT5 rumors are rare but when we publish one you can trust  that we know what we are doing!

I know people started saying that after the MicroFourThirds success classic Four Thirds development is going to die. Forget it! Expect big Four Thirds news between late August and October. Cameras and lenses are coming! The E-3 successor is ready to be announced. It should arrive together with the new prime lenses. I hope to get some concrete specs these cameras and lenses soon!

(FT4) The E-3 successor is rumored to use the 12 Megapixel, E-30 sensor with a weaker AA filter, and little upgrades in the AutoFocus system . It will have Art Filters.

UPDATE: The E-3 successor will be an upgraded E-3. But the same source who gave me the specs told me Olympus will release a completely new high-end camera next year (probably at Photokina 2010)

UPDATE2: This is what of a source told us: “The E3 Evolution (or mark 2) is essentially a repackaged E3 with E30 features. If you add in what the E30 has, like art filters, digital leveler, AF adjustments, you’ll be pretty accurate. The E4 will only be released next year.

UPDATE3: The most improbable rumored name for the E-3 successor is “OM-N1“. The sources told me that the name will not be E-4 or E-5!

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