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(FT5) First picture of the new 12-40mm f/2.8 Olympus MFT lens! And new pics of the E-M1.



And here it is the new 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO MFT lens from Olympus! And it looks great on the new E-M1 don’t you think? The images have been leaked (and now removed) in Japan (at “2ch“). Camera and Lens will be announced around September 10-11. What I still don’t know is the price of the new lens but I have been assured that the IQ is better than the one of the Panasonic 12-35mm X lens. And the new Olympus lens really doesn’t look that big after all!

Thanks Lin and Masato for finding these pics!


  • MarioZ

    I am speechless, without that old 43 lens this camera is very sharp and beautiful and hopefully it’s performance will be phenomenal.

    In another world Michael would have wrote the song ‘Speechless’ for the OMD E-M1.

  • Daav

    NEW RUMOR: Per Daily Cameras News

    If true, this is pretty good news. Incredible news if the 12-40mm F2.8 is actually sharper then the 12-35 Panny. They also list with the cheaper 12-50.

    Olympus E-M1 Camera Body Only (with BCL-1580) – JPY ¥145,000 – USD $1,450
    Olympus E-M1 Camera Body with 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 Lens – JPY ¥170,000 – USD $1,700
    Olympus E-M1 Camera Body with 12-40mm F2.8 Lens – JPY ¥220,000 – USD $2,200
    HLD-7 Battery Grip – JPY ¥20,000 – USD $200
    PT-EP11 underwater housing – JPY ¥100,000 – USD $1,000
    Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO lens – JPY ¥90,000 – USD $900

    • V. good news indeed, at least for the Americans. They will pay peanuts considering the difference for us Europeans :)

      At any rate I have a Deja-Vu feeling. It is as if Oly had foreseen our concern about overpricing its latest toy.

      It’s clear to me that they really want to sell it as much as they can, and not make it a collector’s item.

      Consider also the savings for those who already have 4/3 lenses, and get the latest technology on top.

      The real missing data at this point is how well the Pdaf-on Sensor is working.

      • The Real Stig

        Two missing pieces:

        #2 How good the video codecs and associated stuff are.


      • Oilymouse

        Oly going in for the kill
        FF fanboys feeling ill
        Their bodies shaking without stabilization
        Maniacally mumbling about photons and price inflation

    • mav1li

      it is tooo expensive

      • Anonymous

        It is a pro camera. It is not for you!

        • mav1li

          What a stupid comment.

          Also E-M5 is a pro camera. Check price for E-M5 when it was out.

          • Anonymous

            According to Olympus the E-M5 is not a pro camera, first of all it is marketed as an ‘advanced amateur’ model and second, almost a year ago they explictly said that no, this was not intended as a pro option.

            Oh, and at introduction many people were saying the same, about the e-m5 its too expensive!

            • lee

              I have 2 EM5s I have used them for over a year, they have more weather sealing than a lot of other, more expensive cameras, I am a pro, so why are they not pro exactly? I used to use OMs and Mamiyas and sometimes Canons, were the OMs ‘not pro’ as well?

              • Anonymous

                If you use them for making money, they are ‘pro’ in that sense, but, the same is true for a disposable. I have a similar setup, 2 E-M5s, bunch of prime lenses as well as the 12-35, which I use both for fun and for commercial work. They can do the job quite fine.

                But why are they not marketed as ‘pro’? Well, you’d have to ask Olympus for their answer as it is them whom I’m quoting when saying it is an ‘advanced amateur’ aimed model, but I suppose it has to do with things like rating of the shutter (how many clicks will it last on average), overall build quality (which is good but nowhere near that of cameras like the E-3/5 and comparable options in other systems) and such things.

        • mav1li

          What a stuuuupid comment.

          Also E-M5 is a pro camera. Check price for E-M5 when it was out.

      • Enzojz

        Same price for E-5 when it was out.
        Eventually it’s cheaper.

        But still want to say: tooo expensive.

        I bought E-5 and sold one.

    • “Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO lens – JPY ¥90,000 – USD $900”

      That is the best piece of rumor about the lens posted here.

      If that translates into 900€ for EU, it’s still cheaper than the Panny 12-35 which has street price of 930-950€ right now.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

  • Spektaakkeli

    HDR-button on the left side.

  • Dwaine Dibbly

    Wow! That is a beautiful lens hood! I wonder how much extra it will cost.

  • RayF

    Still no word about the video quality ! Anybody ?
    The E-M1 looks great but IMO it needs the next generation video
    quality and codec to justify the premium price and really make it stand out
    from the competition.
    IMO, like it or not combined stills and video is going to be the future.

    A 2K Raw option with a compressed codec and better frame rates would make this a
    Blackmagic Pocket Camera rival.

    With 20 or so 4K cameras due for release before NAB 2014 the first company to
    combine a quality 2K-4K Raw and Compressed recording option in a camera is bound to
    be a hit.
    I believe Blackmagic will release a 4K version of their pocket camera before NAB 2014.
    If this is based on the Aptina sensor it will have 14MP Stills and 4K Raw video and could be
    the first 2- 3K priced handheld Raw video and stills camera on the market.

    Just my 2 Cents.

    • Matt


    • Anonymous

      Really hope 4K video for E-M1…

      • true homer

        Hahahahahahahahahahahaha….oly hasnt cracked 28mbits video yet! 4k? Raw? Not in this lifetime

        • Do

          Resolution Format and Video Quality are two different things. Sonys next flagship smartphone will shoot video in 4k, and 4k will come to all consumer cameras as well – but it will be like having a 36MP still image sensor and compress the output to a 256KB sized JPG. Whereas the Cinema Pocket Camera, aimed at professionals, will stick to 2k, but uncompressed.

    • Anonymous

      too early to talk about 4K video, 4K TV is not affordable for most ppl

      • Cyril

        After PS4 launching ,there will be 4K everywhere…in 2014 all pro camera use 4K video.

  • hullyjr

    If the US price of $900 is true, that lens is a steal. Just need to release a 40-200/2.8-4 to go with it for a similar price.

  • M

    I was looking closely at these high quality images of the EM1- i noticed that the hump on top has some markings on it, and that it is not one piece with the rest of the camera body.

    Admin, would you happen to have any info on that- is the hump removable?


    • Very highly likely, what you have noticed – at the back of the hump? – is the removable cover for the accessory port.

    • Anonymous

      A built-in flash???

      • MAFAv8r

        Nope same as EM-5

  • Andy

    Any idea on whether this has dual slots? Very important for me. I earn money from photography in both commercial, wedding and wildlife – a proper dual slot implementation (like Canon or Nikon have on the 1D and D4) would make my life a lot less risky. I speak as one who has had 2 bad CF cards in the last month! My E-5 and E-M5 have been super reliable over the years (together with the cameras from Olympus they replaced). I am very much looking forward to using the E-M1 with the ZD 300/2.8 and 50-200 SWD!

    • OM-4ever

      Consensus is, it does have 2 slots.

    • Daav

      @Andy: Right now nobody knows, but it does look like the card door is wider then usual and could support dual slots. It would be nice for sure.

  • Daav

    6 PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER WHO SHOOT WITH OMD-EM5 (most exclusively so). Think they might be buyers for the OMD-EM1 especially with the new lens if it as sharp as rumored? Think that out in this great big world there may be more just like them? Maybe a lot more?

    Well, we have all been properly lectured on how Pros don’t shoot with m4/3 or mirrorless cameras. The Best Mirrorless Camera Reviews posted a list of 13 professionals who shoot with mirrorless cameras. 6 out of the 13 shoot with OMD-EM5. Links below are to their work.

    Paula Thomas –

    Anurag Sharma –

    Simon (Platform 4) –

    Tom Nguyen –

    Tammy Lee Bradley –

    Christopher Frost –

      • Daav

        Nice link. :-)

    • AMVR

      If you’re referring to my precious comments, I still stand by them.

      Pro’s DO shoot with m4/3, that’s a reality (if confined), BUT, you would be naive to think that m4/3 is a Pro-oriented system. Also, the actual AMOUNT of Pros using this system is statistically irrelevant, not even enthusiasts on the West amount to much of its total market demographic. Sure, m4/3 IS without a doubt able to offer Pro quality results and it’s great to have Pro quality equipment for the sake of diversity and choice, but the general perception of the market is not close to reflecting a Pro reputation like Canon or Nikon, or else it wouldn’t be as easy to go out on the street with a m4/3 camera and point it to people without them avoiding it like they do with big DSLRs.

      What you see on the internet is nothing but a bubble, the amount of people present around m4/3 related sites is quite small compared to the actual marketplace (just how many people around here post on DPR?), also those people actively seek out information about the system, general consumers do not. In the real world most people haven’t heard of m4/3, much less perceive it as a Pro system. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against m4/3 going Pro, quite the contrary, as long as the system keeps growing for everyone then it’s great IMO, what I’m trying to delve into is the manner in which this is carried out.

      • Anonymous

        Basic problem with your argument is that aiming a camera at ‘pros’ is important for the awareness and acceptance of a system. You made one of the arguments yourself, people getting into the system dreaming of someday having the high-end model. That dream isn’t going to be there if that camera doesn’t exist.

  • I would personally like to have some built in Time Lapse, and even Slow Motion Video. But one wonders at some point if not to get some inexpensive HD camera.

    Certainly it would be nice to have some shutterless option like the GX7. Video is certainly needed in a PJ CV, but technically it is a different kind of Art.

  • Clark

    I hope they bundle it with the omd-em5 too. At least limited for a little

    • Lacunapratum

      I am glad this camera is ready to accept 4/3 lenses. How about the 150mm/2 together with the new lens? The thing about 4/3 was that Olympus offered a body that could accept all your old manual focus SLR gear from the past. Then there were those high grade lenses. I started with a 50mm/2 macro. Then the 7-14mm. Then I got addicted to these lenses because of the exceptional image quality of that glass. The 150mm/2 became my everyday lens. They were expensive, but it also took me several years to acquire the system. It hurts me to think what love and enthusiasm Olympus designers and technicians must have put into this system and then to realize that the public didn’t get it. Yes, the professional camera bodies were too large, but they were robust, image stabilized, equipped with sensor cleaning, and so functional. The greatest coup was the relative compactness in the telephoto range. What a jewel of a system! I am glad Olympus is stepping up to continue its legacy of outstanding products.

      • Anonymous

        My thoughts exactly.The great thing is that your previous methods can/will still be relevant with the new m4/3 camera body, just the same as with 4/3. Using the OM Adapter MF-2 will enable you to continue to use the legacy OM Zuiko lens also (I use the 135mm f2.8 and the 100mm f2.8, giving telephoto lens of 270mm and 200 mm respectively @ f2.8 WITH image stabilisation(!)) in manual mode for crisp excellent images off a m4/3 body. This new M1 body will also excel in this, as well as being able to use the quality 4/3 lens range as well, which I also have built up over the years. From what I can tell, the new 12-40 lens looks almost the same size lengthwise as the 4/3 12-60. This could be a good combination lens and body comparison.

        If the new M1 body has the ruggedness of the E5 I will be happy.

  • matt jones

    I’m surprised they were brave enough to put the faux film winder on the camera, they are still going for the retro look, I think it will work for them.

    • Daav

      Naw, Olympus being the nice guys they are, just wanted to give the naysayers something to complain about. They like to see everyone happy.

    • lee

      The fake film winder is very ergonomic and comfortable and improves grip.

  • Raist

    That lens is going to be quality glass. I wonder how well it would compare vs 4/3rds SHG. But Olympus was wise to not attempt F2.0 or a bigger range and *keep the darn lens small*- that’s the way to go.

    So *clap clap clap* applause to them.

    I expected the lens to cost $900-$1300, so at $900 that probably means an EM-1 + this lens kit may be possible at the $2000 USD mark. Maybe.

    • Stimmer

      Raist, did you see the leaked price? 2200 for the body and lens, 1450 for body. We will see thoug soon.

      That lens looks nice.

  • EricLeeSmith

    Somehow I have found myself buy Panasonic lens for my Om-D, but this lens could change that trend. If the price is aggressive – $400 to $800 – it will be a lens I will save up to buy. That of course assumes that it is a good lens, but I really no longer worry about that based upon the quality of the lens released by both Olympus and Panasonic over the past two years.

  • Leo

    Anyone notice MIC on the side of the camera??? Hello external microphone!

  • AMVR

    Well, what can I say, I’m VERY relieved that Oly did not comply with some of the stupid comments asking for the lens to be $1700. A $900 price tag for the 12-40mm is more than reasonable, in fact it’s quite competitive in today’s market and that’s what matters for the system: competitiveness

    I’m also happy that it was not as big as the patent made it seem to be, if IQ is on par or superior the the Pany 12-35mm then I’m in, this IS the lens I’ve been waiting for. Right now I couldn’t be more exited to be a m4/3 user, practically all the stuff I’ve been waiting for since the E-PL1 are now a reality:

    Dreamed camera: GX7 [checked]
    Dreamed zoom: 12-40mm [checked]
    Dreamed primes: A whole lot of them [checked]

    If I can get both the Gx7 and this lens within a few months or a year from now I’ll definitively won’t need anything else for long long time, not that I ever had G.A.S. in the first place (I’ve held to my humble E-Pl1 and couple of primes setup for more than 3 years now, but who’s counting?).

    I hope the E-M1 makes some people happy, I’m sure I’ll be happy and have a better more comfortable time shooting with the GX7 and this lens, It’s good that the system is expanding it’s diversity, hopefully Pany and Oly sort out their deficient marketing strategy and come to expand the user base as well.

  • physica


  • lee

    I have been slagging this camera off to a certain degree because the prior images looked kind of fake and it looked ‘clunky’.

    I think it looks better here, but still would like the grip to be optional in some way, this will in the end just mean, if I ever bought it, one EM5 would go and the other would be kept for my personal/travel stuff. What would be good would be to make the system as interchangeable as possible (maybe the battery pack at least) also please, please do not introduce a new overpriced battery unless IT IS HONESTLY NEEDED!

    I am not too excited by the supposed specs, why no 100 iso, and can we have a better flash sync speed? Do we get articulated screen (I miss that). Anyway I maybe pleasantly surprised but I am not as of yet salivating over this.

    Oh PS all you Fool Frame trolls go away you are boring and your idiotic justifications for spending fortunes on your antiquated ‘mirrored machines’ are worn out; most pros crave more DOF most of the time not less and trust me portraits shoot with the 45mm or the 75mm are not easy re DOF!

  • lee

    62 mm filter thread, hmmm 35-70 and 75mm are both 58 which was handy for CPLs etc.

  • BadPics

    The person that took these pics should go back to basics. Exaggerated aperture = insufficient DOF = one half of the subject is out of focus. Perhaps he/she is one the these “shallow DOF” matra singers.

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