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(FT5) First Panasonic GH2 picture


Finally we have the first image of the Panasonic GH2! The deisgn is closer to the current Panasonic G2 than the older Panasonic GH1.

The GH2 has following specs:
– 18 Megapixels multiscale sensor (16 effective Megapixels)
– 100-12.800 ISO (But I dont know how it takes the 12.800 ISO pictures)
– 1080i60 24Mbit/s AVCHD video recording
– The GH2 has one LSI with three cores (instead of current two cores of the GH1)
– Improved AF speed (0.099 second with the 14-140mm kit-lens)
– High-speed burst shooting of 5 fps with 16 MP
– Super high-speed burst shooting of 40 fps (lower resolution)
– Touch screen LCD
– announced 21 September at photokina
(FT3)Two new sources just told us the camera has real 1080p60 output “masked” as 1080i60. This because AVCHD specification does not include 1080p60. You have to set it to 60p (manually) in Final Cut (or other editing software). This rumor has to be confirmed by our sources so take it with a grain of salt!

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Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

If specs are correct (1080p60 included) and real image quality ok will you buy the GH2?

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  • Sounds good

  • Eric

    Well I guess that puts the 12-75mm rumor to rest :(

    I’m sure the 14-140mm is a fine lens, but f/5.6 superzooms aren’t my thing. Wonder if there’s any chances of offering a kit with the 20mm.

    • admin

      Some of our sources said that Panaosnic is working on a new zoom lens. But don’t believe it will be announced at Photokina. I have some more infos from new sources btu I will nto post them now. People would kill me if it would turn out to be uncorrect :(

  • spanky

    If there’s no new lens to go with it, then they better find a way to sell it body-only across the world, not just in Japan. What GH1 owners will want to buy a GH2 with the same kit lens?

    • admin

      I do agree with you Spanky! But I don’t knwo now if the GH2 will be solt body only. Habe no clue :(

  • mpgxsvcd

    Ok now we are talking. Those specs sound great except for no new lens is terrible if they don’t offer a body only option. I still don’t believe that it can do 1080p @ 60 FPS progressive in a true 1080/60i container like the original rumor said. That just simply doesn’t work.

    However, they probably can set a flag on the file that will make TVs and other displays treat it as 1080i. You can extract 1080/60i losslessly from 1080p @ 60 FPS. You cannot extract 1080p @ 60 FPS losslessly from 1080/60i.

    I will get the GH2 over the D7000 if they offer it as a body only and if it has true 1080p @ 60 FPS. I need the extra legacy 4/3s glass support and I love the idea of 40 FPS even if it is a reduced resolution.

    • admin

      Before to post the rumor I talked with some experts. They confirmed that it is possible to use the 60i AVCHD container to save orgiginal 60p clips!

      • mpgxsvcd

        Could you ask them to elaborate on that? 1080i only contains 30 frames per second. Unless they use 1080/120i they are not going to be able to store 60 progressive frames. However, that would not be 1080/60i then.

        They are probably just recording 1080p @ 60 FPS and flagging it as interlaced. Then it will look like 1080i to most display devices that only accept 1080i. However, it will be 1080p @ 60 FPS when you play it on a computer.

        If it is true 1080p @ 60 FPS then I am in.

        • you’ll have to cancel your Nikon D7000 order lol

          • TLS

            It’s called Progressive Segmented Frame or PsF
            It’s what most camcorders do for whatever stupid reason, although I don’t think it’s common for 60p, only 30/25/24p

          • Dummy00001

            @TLS. Interlacing is used to keep sensor cooler. Otherwise it overheats and one has to make a pause before camcoder can be used again.

          • mpgxsvcd

            Canceling an order with Amazon is as simple as one click and done. I actually pre-ordered two Nikon D7000’s. One body only and one with the kit. I was planning on keeping whichever one ships first. I will probably get the GH2 though. If all of the newest specs pan out then this camera will be exactly what I need.

        • Duarte Bruno

          Hummm… The third LSI might or mightn’t have something to do with it…
          The GH13 proves that it was possible for the GH1 with just two cores to take care of whatever bitrate you could throw at it, so I’d guess that the third LSI might be used for that Intelligent Resolution trick that is on the LX5. All in all I hope this new 1 stop ISO improvement has more to do with a break in floor/readout noise htan with a JPEG trickery… ;)

  • The picture box in the post shows only a question mark, and I found that was because my employer’s proxy server blocks the host site ( because it is “blacklisted” for hosting pornographic content!

    Any way to show the picture from another host?

    • admin

      Ok I will change host!

  • Henrik

    Thanks for inf, interest lost.

  • Sounds good!
    its hard to imagine panasonic would allow gh2 to have 1080p60 and 24mbit/s, wouldnt it eat too much into af101 sales?

  • YeahYeah

    Wow! This is incredible!
    If only it could be weather sealed and featuring a quieter shutter…
    But this is a good news, especially regarding the sensor, here it can finally compete against D7000!

    • steve

      A quieter shutter (doesn’t need to be silent) and confirmation of improved IQ is what I am waiting for.

  • SkyZ

    Wow! Is it long await E-5? LOL
    Just kidding, except the new sensor, GH2 isn’t really a huge improvement over GH1 and consider the price tag and hack firmware, I’d go for GH1 if I need one as it’s really cheap now in the place where I live (there’s body only option available through parallel import from Japan).

    • Dummy00001

      How fast the AF is on GH1 (with the 14-140)?

      Relatively slow CDAF is my biggest concern with the whole u43.

  • spanky

    On a practical note, if I can sell my hackable GH1 for some nice cash, and if the GH2 is available body-only for about $1000, and if the IQ is there, I’ll probably jump on it since the price difference wouldn’t be that great – I got the GH1 at a GREAT price a year ago, and whatever money I lose in the exchange I’ll consider the cost of leasing it for a year. More than worth it.

  • The new Panasonic AF100 has a feature which enables recording 1080p30 at 60fps when in its variable frame rate mode. If you play this video back at 200% speed in an editing app, the result is true 1080p60 video with the “live” look of 1080p60. In this mode the AF100 does not record audio, but of course audio can be recorded on an external recorder if needed. See:

    Perhaps the “GH2” may have a similar capability, or one with further limitations (such as maximum clip duration?) compared to the AF100. Just a guess (and hope) on my part.

  • Duarte Bruno

    The GH2 getting better by the day… :)
    5fps? That’s Olympus E-X speed!
    40fps? I’ll take that even if it’s @2MP.

  • Serge

    This FT5 rumor is full of hot air.
    1) The picture is obviously a Photoshop job (*full* HD, please!)
    2) 12800 ISO is a 2 stop improvement over GH1, not 1.
    3) LSI Chips don’t have cores, these are not your run-of-the-mill desktop CPUs. And no, GH2 will not run Windows 7 Premium either. Sorry.
    4) 1080/60i -> 1080/60p voodoo doesn’t work for reasons outlined by mpgxsvcd. 1080p60 is indeed a non standard mode, which didn’t stop Panasonic from offering it in TM700.

    • admin

      1) Like the leked E-5 picture we posted the last week and everyone was saying it is a PS job :)
      2) I was talking about REAL ISO improvement compared to the GH1. Maybe the 12.800 ISO option records low resolution images only!
      3) The GH1 has two cores. Read the Panasonic spec.
      4) Maybe the 1080p60 works like on the AG-AF100.

  • NativeFloridian

    Those are the specs of a flagship camera (unlike the E-5)! Hats off to Panasonic who are truly innovating with this generation of camera: 1)innovative multi-aspect ratio sensor 2)super high burst shooting mode 3)1080p video output 4)touchscreen lcd.

    If they paired this camera with a weather resistant body and weather resistant quality faster zoom lens I believe it could rightfully be called the first “professional” micro four thirds camera.

    IMO Olympus seems to be falling behind.

  • divide

    1080i60 -> 1080p60 ? No way !
    You either get 1080p30 or 540p60 with such a container, it is impossible you get 1080p60.
    Something’s wrong here.

  • I


    What happened with the very beatiful panasonic with a rangefinder like optical viewfinder borrowed from Leica? We have not be hearing anything about it for some time.

    • admin


      That camera and the Gf2 have been delayed until January-February 2011. I will talk more about both cameras after Photokina. Bye!

      • I


  • WOW

    All i need now is a vertical grip and I will be totally satisfied

    I like the rubber, im sure it gives is a nice solid feel

  • yosemite

    What happened to the global shutter rumors?

    What was the recording time limit on the GH1, and how long did it take for that to be hacked? What is the reason for this limit anyway? Overheating?

    • Mike

      The reason is some European VAT tax limit on recording time. Panny didn’t want to impose that limit.

  • TempTag

    OK, If these specs are true I take back my comment on a previous thread about the GH2 not being worth it if it is released at the GH1 price. All in all, this seems a very considered upgrade that offers value for the money. Any word on HDMI out during record?

  • Antonio

    What about the EVF?. Any improvement?

    • your right, i’d rather see EVF upgrade then video upgrade (when hacked gh1)
      as mainly i shot stills, the current evf’s “gain” adds too much noise, also i would very much like to see the exact exposure as the image would look like in the EVF instead of approximation like today

      • admin

        The GH2 has a higher resolution EVF! I only don’t know the exact resolution. That’s why I didn’t post it!

        • YeahYeah

          Ahhhhhh! You should have told us!
          Well, I will definitively consider selling my G1!

          combine that with the ability to see the exact exposure of the scene inside EVF(and without using the “Shutter speed preview” trick)
          2.eliminate the crazy “evf night gain”
          3.improved DR
          would address everything that i wasn’t happy about on the GH1!

  • Ken B

    This looks like the camera body to compliment my Oly EPL1, lets hope ISO, DR and IQ are good.

    I only want the body, wonder how much in the UK.

    The video is real bonus for me as I am not yet into video, but that could change with the GH2.

    I dont need the 14-140mm kit lens either.

    Cheers ken

  • cheperico

    If it is posible a hacked GH2, a GH23, I’ll buy it!

  • kylo277

    The problem is (and someone correct me if I’m wrong) that the GH2, while compatible through adapter to Zuiko standard 4/3 lenses cannot auto focus them, right? and if so, it certainly can’t do it as fast as an E30,E3, or E5. So the GH2 doesn’t represent an ideal alternative to Zuiko Lens owner. I sure the E5 is going to be a solid camera, but oh what it would have been like if it could have included these features as well.

    • stonebat

      yes some zuiko lenses like 14-54 mark ii supports CDAF and GH1 can do fast autofocus.

    • GOOD NEWS!

      I learned this yesterday thanks to @doug
      It depends on the camera: see links below

      G2 & G10

      G1 GH1 GF1

      More then likely this GH2 will fall in the class of the G2 & G10, and will support just about all zuiko glass even SHG

      It cant do it fast as fast as the E-series yes, but it can do it and it will only get better with time

      once oly comes out with there mirror-less cameras that are made to replace the E-series and take full advantage of the current standard FT glass, im sure they will update the lens firmwares to make them work even better with mirror-less cameras a cdaf then they do now

  • jcddvm

    Interesting news. I’m going to switch to either this or a D7000 I’m pretty sure (I use a D200 now as a hobbyist). I’d love the smaller, lighter package but I’m still concerned about high ISO image quality and the lens selection, especially for telephoto.

    • Go with the D7000 if you value photographs,extra fine quality,&high ISO,
      otherwise go with GH2 if you value video and having a camera which more likely you will carry (due to smaller size)

      I’m saying that after i went from canon 40D to GH1 a year ago, and for my purposes its night and day while lower quality stills is a small price to pay for all the package

      • YeahYeah

        Lower quality? I went from D90 to G1. I work only in RAW and the quality of the G1 is on par – maybe better – with the D90 because of the lightest compression in RAW mode. Only high isos (1600+ are affected). But I like grain :P
        And it is night and day in terms of portability!
        The best camera is the one you always carry with you!

        • You forgot the DR, which is considerably better on the D90, and if it werent enough (which it is) the D7000 has even better sensor where GH1 cant compete in high ISO’s, i’m hoping that GH2 can,

          After saying that i believe that the stills+video abilities and portability of the GH1 makes it the best camera for me, you’d have to tear it from my dead cold hand’s

          • YeahYeah

            Well, i think the only rule about DR is not burning any part of the picture. Then, if you shoot in RAW, you can easily re-adjust every thing in Lightroom. And I have very good results, on par with the D90. Even better with a GH1.
            Yet a Panasonic RAW weights 15Mb while a D90 is only 10Mb. Same amount of pixels, I really can’t explain this (maybe Nikon compresses RAW much more?).

        • jcddvm

          “The best camera is the one you always carry with you!”

          Right you are. Also, both the GH2 and D7000 are likely to be at least one or two steps above my D200 in IQ and high ISO capability, but I’ll be interested in seeing the difference anyway.

          I see over at Nikon Rumors some spy photos of something called Q (maybe) that may be their mirrorless model. That would be ideal, since I wouldn’t have to abruptly start over w/new lenses (assuming some level of cross-compatibility).

          • Neville

            “Well, i think the only rule about DR is not burning any part of the picture. Then, if you shoot in RAW, you can easily re-adjust every thing in Lightroom.”

            Although you can adjust in LR, and get very good results, you cannot get what is not there! If the DR is lacking and you try to pull it up (or down) with LR then the noise (or and other defects) gets unacceptable. I tend to do this alot with dark trees when photographing snowy mountains so you still need the sensor DR, not just LR. I really need an improvement on LR to remove the noise on my darker areas. I tend not to bring my shadows up as that reduces the contrast, but I do add fill light or brush the dark areas

          • Neville

            My last LR should have read DR. Sorry

          • Joel

            Have you ever shot a GH1? When I did and compared it to my D80, I was rather disappointed in the dynamic range and high ISO. Perhaps the GH2 will improve that, but it has a long ways to go before it will equal the D80, much less be a stop better.

    • Neville

      I don’t follow you AOO,
      I looked at those sites and the 12-60 and 50-200 both will not autofocus at still, only at movie

  • RichT

    The burst mode interests me, I wonder if they’re getting it from video or if they’re doing a full sensor scan by cropping the middle portion. At any rate it’ll be an interesting camera. They’ll almost have to offer a body-only option because there are going to be a lot of people upgrading from the GH1; forcing them to buy the camera with the kit lens will flood the market with used 14-140s

  • If that focus speed is correct it’s fantastic. Who needs phase detect?

  • Serge

    Nice job with censoring comments … Ugh.

    • admin


  • I believe the 9-18 is also “optimized” for CDAF.

    While we’re on the subject I wonder how quickly the E-5 will AF most Zuikos (other than the 14-54 MK II & 9-18) while shooting video. My understanding of the problem is that the Zuikos just weren’t meant for CDAF. Wonder if they found a solution, or if focusing speed will be on par with the Pens via 43 to m43 adapter?

  • Oh yeah, and the GH2 is looking very interesting! I’ll just wait and see how well it plays with my Zuikos. May have to go with the multi camera solution. Olys for stills, GH2 for video.

    Can’t wait for serious rugged weatherproof m43 cameras and lenses, though I’m not holding my breath…

    Is the shutter noise on the GH1 especially loud or annoying? Louder than the E-620?

    • YeahYeah

      I’m using a G1, my father has got a GH1 and I had an Oly 510.
      G1 and GH1 are really close in terms of sound and way quieter than the 510.
      Yet it is not absolutely silent and the sound is quite horrible. For instance, a Leica will be noiser but with a “better” sound. Not sure i’m clear here :P

    • I plan on a multi camera solution also, but…

      Oly will soon come out with something like or better then the GH2 that will tame the current FT lenses better then the pens and probably the GH2 as well…
      (I still might get the GH2 though)

      Look at what canon is making (rummor)
      there mirrorless cam will have 22MP and is the same size as the (m)43 sensor….

      The mirrorless future is looking great, Oly and Panny had a great head start and they better get on the ball (which i think they are) if they want to stay ahead and dominate this new market…
      And They very well can

      2011 is going to a wild paradigm shifting year
      photokina 2010 will just be the beginning

      like the oly man said, “our concept of a camera is going to change in the coming years”

      Im glad oly decided to make all future cameras mirror-less, cant wait for there mirror-less pror :P

      • the other Rob

        yeah, as long as they put some effort into it. I am interested to see what is next for Oly in the m43/43 world.

  • Tommy

    I wish my G2 had some rubber on its grip…. That plastic gets so greasy.

    • Thankfully it looks like the GH2 has a new grip!

      • spanky

        It does look like it has that more serious-looking covering that other pro-level cameras have, doesn’t it? Hmmm… Can’t wait to see sample images taken with it.

  • BBernhardt

    Thanks Admin, but Im happy with my GF1 and would really like some news on a new roadmap…. please =)

    • admin

      Lens roadmap? Panasonic will probably show the new lens roadmap at Photokina.

      • Antonio

        Any chance for a future zoom lens starting at 12 mm?

  • richard

    I had own GH1 then later sold it cause wasn’t to happy with the low light peformance, 20mm pancake is good but somehow the outdoor image isn’t good as 14-140mm. and losing continuous focus frustrating me in video. Wish Gh2 has a build in auto focus instead of depend on the lens. The increase fps does help, but panasonic should sell with cheaper kit lens and body only also lower price of the lens.

  • Somebody mentioned something about a rubberized grip. Is this true and is this the same or different than the GH1 and/or G10/G2?

    Somebody said it right earlier. If these specs are correct, but with a more pro body (metal and rubber). It would be at the top of my list. Maybe we will have to wait for Olympus for the pro build quality.

    • It looks to be different from any of the previous G cams. This image clearly shows a grip on the handle, the former G cameras are all plastic.

  • Andrew

    Any word on the AGC?

  • Th

    Just one word regarding the new specs, WOW!!! This is at the top of my list.

    Thanks Admin!

  • If there’s good image quality at higher ISOs, I’m in. That’s really the only spec I care about improving; until now there hasn’t really been anything worth the step up from the original G1.

    With Lightroom 3’s improved raw processing, I’m okay with the G1’s image quality up to about ISO 1250. If the GH2 could give the same quality level at ISO 3200, it’ll be worth buying. If it could give the same quality at ISO 6400, it’ll just about be a must-buy.

    Obviously video is just a bonus capability for me… although if I had it, I’d find ways to use it. 1080p60/1080i60 is a fake controversy for me because there’s no way for me to distribute 1080p60 finals.

    • HIGH iso is currently the m43 weakness compared to competitors, i suggest you to take a look at sony’s a55t instead

      • So you’ve tested the successor of the GH1, the Nikon D7000 and the Sony A55?

        It’s really best to wait until every camera is really compared before conclusions like that are made.

        • No i haven’t tested them,
          and there is no need to wait for reviews to realize that m43 sensors size is at disadvantage compared to apc-c or full frame sensors

          • spanky

            That’s only true given the same technology and the same implementation of that technology. Neither of those is true over time, and from manufacturer to manufacturer. It’s only a theoretical advantage. Today’s world of sensor manufacture and application goes well beyond the simplistic model of perfect light hitting a pixel of a certain size, and without taking into account specific sensor manufacturing technologies, the effects of filters and microlenses, and the specific methodologies involved in processing the sensor output you’re simply making stuff up.

          • spanky everything you said is true(except for making stuff up), but the reality is that we both know that the gh2 wont have better high ISO performance then the D7000

          • besides, i realize that I’m making stuff up, that is if claiming “full frame sensors has better HIGH iso performance then m43” is considered making stuff up for you.

            Also you and paulu are arguing in the sake of the argument, if you would actually bother to read my post you’d talk differently

  • 1080p 60 would allow you to make some awesome slow motion videos that match the resolution of standard 1080 30p/24p sequences.

  • I’d love to hear more about the burst mode…. I wonder how many frames it can buffer?

    I have a Casio EX-F1 that bursts at 1fps to 60fps (6mpx)… unfortunately, it only bursts for 60 frames… but for certain work, I produces stunning 1080p/2k video… absolutely amazing.

    If the GH2 could burst for, say, 240 frames at 6mpx…. it could be very interesting for certain video shots (especially is we can set the burst mode to 24fps)

  • OmnyMisa

    I would prefer a bit less megapixel rise and more dynamic range. Some time back now Panasonic was presenting a new not yet applied technology that notably enhance dynamic range I still wait they bring something to the market capable of make the promise true.

  • markos

    Quite unfortunate that it won’t ship with the 12-75mm lens. Also, I agree about the megapixels. Better improve the image quality/noise etc. then raise the MP count.

  • @Yeah Yeah

    Thanks for the info! I totally got you on the volume vs. quality of the shutter noise. I’m looking forward to finding more about the GH2!

  • Drazick

    You say they’ll announce it on the 21/9/2010.
    When will be able to buy on BH?

  • yosemite

    +1 on Drazick’s question. Perhaps the Admin can provide some input on this, either based on past announcement data or based on insider information?

  • Th

    Could someone explain why it is better to have 40fps with 2MP stills than capture frame by frame from 60fps fullHD video?

    • spanky

      You don’t need a video editor for the 2MP stills. You need a video editor to extract stills from the video. That’s the biggest difference I see in the two modes.

      • Th

        Thanks spanky! That makes sense. A 40fps burst would be a great show-off :)

  • yosemite

    It seems like this blog needs a forum quite badly. Of course there’s, but that’s not integrated. +1 on Th’s question. But I’m not sure anybody’s still reading these comments…

    • Th

      I agree with that. They have a forum at Canonrumors. I’m not sure how tight 43rumors and are..

  • paco

    a tope

  • Voldenuit

    Don’t like the resolution jump.

    It’s now 7 MP/cm^2 vs 5 MP/cm^2 of the old GH1, higher than any other DSLR out there. By comparison, the Nikon D3x, a camera that was criticised in some circles for doubling its resolution at the expense of high ISO performance, is still only 2.8 MP/cm^2. And Panasonic historically has worse high ISO performance on its sensors than competing solutions even with equal dot pitch (cf 7D, 50D, 550D), so I don’t hold great expectations from the GH2 in low light.

    1080i60 is perfectly fine, though, because it can be inverse telecined to 24p, which is what enthusiasts *really* want. So 60p would be icing on the cake, allowing things like slow mo, but is not *essential* to many videographers IMO.


  • emm

    i have panasonic gh1. so far i happy with the picture quality (at iso100) it is ok if it is not over iso400, i wish that gh2 will improve the iso quality. i am not so sure by increase pixel, it can improve higher iso quality or not.

    on the video quality need to be improve on motion. gh1 still not do it well. (my tm700 is far better)

  • sahara_knight

    if they fixed the noise issue at low light and make it the least noisier + having hdmi output while recording to keep the RAW quality then you already gained a new professional customer and had my money and respect :)

    ps: remember that canon and nikon are a very tough competitors when it comes to low light !!

    • emm

      that will be great. i do not expect iso noise to complete with canon and nikon. but good enough at iso 1200 will be perfect
      thank you

  • Heckuva good job. I sure aprpiectae it.

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