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(FT5) First images of the Olympus Stylus 1 (the mini OMD)


Digicameinfo found the images of the soon the be announced Olympus Stylus 1. It’s going to be announced on October 29 and the price is 70,000 YEN (around 500 Euro or $700). Not that Yen prices are usually higher so $ and Euro price could be less. It has a 1:1,7 inch sensor and a 24-300mm zoom lens. Here is one more image:

GM1 update preorder list reminder:
In US you can preorder the GM1 with lens at GM1 with kit lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto.
In Europe at Wex Germany, Amazon UK, Fotohanskeuzekamp, Cyberphoto Sweden and Wex UK.

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  • MdB

    Awesome. Any idea on lens aperture? 5-axis IS?

    • Rev

      More likely to be OIS, considering that this is a fixed lens.

      • Steve

        Not going to OIS because Olympus does not make anything with it. Whether it will be the 5-Axis or the standard 2-Axis that is in their XZ line is the question.

  • Narretz

    Looks like Oly is going premium superzoom / bridge camera. Lens doesn’t look to big, so don’t expect constant aperture. anyway, not a camera I’m interested in …

    • peevee

      Given the size of the sensor and limited range, the lens COULD BE fixed f/2.8. Look at the lens of FZ200 going all the way to 600mm with only slightly smaller sensor – not so big. Something like f/1.4-f/4 could be even better in practice, providing low ISOs and good quality in the dark at least on the wide end. But I am afraid Oly screwd up.

      • Narretz

        Ah, yeah, might be. I forgot how small the sensor is.

        • that is non sense. Please give us the reference of ANY camera that has a fixed aperture with a 24-300 mm FOV. I suspect that the max aperture would be at least 5.6 on the tele end

          • rpm40

            The Panasonic has a constant f2.8 lens from 24mm all the way to 600mm. In fact, Panny has been offering such cameras for years. I had an FZ20 way back in 2005, which had a Leica branded constant f2.8 lens all the way out to 432mm. A beautiful lens on that one.

          • SteveO

            PeeVee just did, and it sells for $500.

          • at

            Panasonic FZ50

            • at

              Sorry, I make a mistake. FZ50 is not constant aperture, but with 1/1.8″ sensor.

        • Narr

          “Narr” in German means “gormless”. Are you German? Or are you a non-German imbecile?

  • Achiinto

    Nice. So that when I use my E-M1 on the street, people would think it is a stylus…

    • Gabriel

      Things that matter to serious photographers: What other people think of their cameras.

      Wait what

      • rpm40

        I would PREFER people to think I am using a cheapo compact- that’s one of the added benefits of shooting with a small m4/3 body and lens. No unwanted attention.

  • bill

    So this is basically a GM-1 with a built-in EVF right? Damn. I guess I’ll just hold on for a couple of weeks to wait for all this anoucements/leaks to stop, my brain is about to explode.

    • bill

      Scratch that, I should read descriptions sometime. High-end advanced P&S? Not for me.

      • BLI

        The GM1 has a m43 sensor (crop factor 2 wrt “full format”, and a kit lens with aperture 3.5-5.6.

        The RX100 has sensor with crop factor 2.7, and a lens with f/1.8-4.9 (ca 100 mm equivalent compared to 64mm equiv).

        It is not obvious which of the GM1 and the RX100 that will give the best/lowest noise pictures!

        Yes, it is possible to change lenses on the GM1, but if they are “large” (compared to the body), then the charm of the GM1 is gone. In my view.

        • rpm40

          If you only keep the kit lens on the GM1, the rx100 will be better. BUT- if you need more than the rx100 kit lens can provide, then it falls short and the GM1 can shine.

          Many lenses would be silly on the tiny GM1, but a fair number should match quite well- the new kit lens obviously, but also the 9-18, 14-42x, 14, 17, 20, 45, the 7.5 fisheye, Oly body cap lens…and of course there are lots of small interesting manual lenses to play with.

          • peevee

            Also 12mm/2 and the new 15/1.7 and 35-100 too (not the constant f/2.8, but the new one, probably f/4-f/5.6). Honestly, Oly 40-150/4-5.6 is not that big or heavy either, as well as Pana 45-150.

    • Sho-Bud

      No, this one has just a small sensor, like the XZ-2.

    • rubo

      No, it’s a superzoom with fixed lens and small sensor.

  • peevee

    Big thing with 1/1.7″ sensor? What chance does it have vs RX100 and RX10?

    • Andrew

      Well, it has a built in viewfinder and longer zoom than the RX100, and a longer zoom and lower price than the RX10.
      It’s more a competitor with the Nikon P7800, Canon G16, and Panasonic LF1. If they keep the pixel count reasonable then it should make nice quality images.

      Sony is doing their own thing with a 1″ sensor which is pretty outstanding, but really in a class of its own (or with the Canon G1X).

      What would be nice is if this signals a move away from the 1/2.3″ sensor in compacts. Which would be smart, now that cellphones are starting to use a sensor that size.

      • Rev

        What is there to signal? Olympus and every other camera company has been making high end cameras with 1/1.7″ sensors for years. Not that big of performance improvement over 1/2.3″ either.

        • rpm40

          The difference is that now, I don’t think camera makers are worried about comparing to 1/2.3 sensor compacts, but to camera phones. The additional edge gives you a more noticeable improvement in image quality without much increase in bulk.

  • tharwan

    I guess this will be sealed? Maybe it will have AF on the same level as the OMD? Might be interesting.

    • I doubt it if they intend to keep the OM-D, their AF is one of their competing strengths in the middle range where the OM-D sits

  • t

    How is this camera relevant, apart from looking like an OM-D?

    Hmm. Maybe in the superzoom segment (i.e. customers close to geriatric assistance) this is a meaningful model / featureset? Just to be sure I am understood: the sensor is the weak link. This ain’t competitive these days.

    • MdB

      Competitive against what?

  • markopolo

    Got the looks but not the sensor.. Olympus should make the pen series with build in vf.

    • bill

      Yeah, or Panasonic should release their Contax G2 like thing asap

  • Boogeyman

    Someone should put a comparison page between this and the Panasonic GM1, including the price. :)

    • SteveO

      Totally different markets, nonsensical query.

  • Leif

    This doesn’t make sense to me. They have a fantastic lineup from very affordable to premium – why are they doing this camera?

    • Peter Del

      Because to the layman this looks like a ‘real’ camera.

  • Alex K

    This could be a very good alternative to FZ200. Less zoom but larger sensor. Perfect for travelling videographers and photographers who only have room in their bag for one small camera.

    • Uberzone

      No serious videographer will use an Olympus camera, let alone this one. I do have hope for them yet though. They really should leverage that 5-axis stabilization.

      • InDetroit

        “No serious videographer will use an Olympus camera, let alone this one.”
        True, they would use these…

  • jim

    Wats the betting it does 1080 25p + 60p video!

    • peevee

      Their SH50 does. Why they did not incorporate the codec even into E-M1 is totally puzzling.

  • i will buy this one for my lil son who always tries to imitate me.

  • Cyril

    It is build in EVF4 ? Nice but not my target

    Now i really want an Olympus M4/3 build in bright lense as small as GM1 but more thin for my pocket

    or a smaller E-PM3 with 25/1.8 pancake…

  • sepo

    Could very well make sense. Bought a XZ-1 as a small companion for my EM-5. Used it a lot at my last vacation because although mft is small it hardly fits into your pockets. XZ-1 does at least in my shorts. So an new stylus with a build in viewfinder sound nice, if its still small. The one thing I don´t like is the wide focal range which basiclay means less optical quality.

  • anymouse

    This could be my next travel zoom camera, a companion to my ILC gear. And even though it is a small 1/1.7″ sensor, my current camera sports a smaller 1/2.3″ sensor. And this would add the EVF I don’t currently have.

  • Funny camera. OTOH, DSLR manufacturers are making DSLR lookalikes.

  • Paul

    I think this is in more direct competition with the Nikon p7800. Remember not everyone is clamouring for large sensors, it entirely depends on the work you do. It’s just not needed if you’re a hobbyist focusing on landscapes / urban architecture.

    That said, this will need a trick up its sleeve. Nothing slower than F1.8 at the wide end and around 3.5 at the long end. It will also need to be small, xz-2-size minus the VF hump. Plenty people bought a viewfinder for use with the xz-1/2 (although clearly you can’t take this one off!).

  • docR

    I guess. Pany and sony already killed this camera before it will hit the market. Poor puny sensor…

  • Doug

    A new, expensive compact with a compact sensor at this time, what with Sony, and now Fuji offering much bigger ones and the GM1 doing pocketable M43? It must have some big tricks up its sleeve! 5 axis stabilization? Leaf shutter? Amazing EVF? Better do em all and then some. We’re a tough crowd lately

  • Buahaha

    Belly hurts. And why not 200 USD?

  • exacta

    This is getting ridiculous. Prism hump and OM body are not meant for compact cameras. Why don’t they just make a XA or 35 RC/RD/SP type of camera with a 4/3 sensor?

    • Rev

      Given your obsession with category transgression, I can’t help but wonder if your day job is priest or rabbi. :-P

      • exacta

        Not a rabbi, but I am an imam, and I also teach in madrassahs. And when I am not working I visit aghanistan with m43 cameras

  • Wander

    Another waste of resources. Bigtime fail!

  • Jerome LaPlume

    Complains, complains…blah-blah-blah.
    Forgot how beautiful was the C-8080?
    This looks as the successor, with a smaller sensor yes, but the X-z2 is an awesome camera.
    A good sensor, if paired with a good lens, maybe with a silent shutter, a good EVF and maybe a little weather sealing…it can be a killer little camera.

    • we have the questionable honour to be known as

      • t


        So true. I don’t recall one release since the very beginning of m43 without its bag of complainers here. Look at the GM1. Fabulous camera, but comments here were “lacks EVF, no hot shoe, no weatherproof, too expensive” etc.

    • mring1

      This site is for m4/3s enthusiasts, so this camera, by definition, has a “small” sensor. So does my C5050, which I still use to this day. But it had, in its time, an excellent Sony sensor (back to the future, anyone?) and an excellent fast lens and superb body. This new camera plays to the people who want a camera that “looks” like a dSLR. That means it will sell better in the US. That’s why they made it look that way.

      We’ll have to see if it sports a Zuiko lens like the XZ cameras. But lets face it, if Olympus and Pany are selling cameras then we all benefit. If you don’t like the camera, then don’t buy it. But calling it an “epic fail” is just silly.

  • Peter C

    I would pre fare the look of the Stylus to the normal compact camera. The old OM4 look of the OM-Ds is a great idea from Olympus and I think a lot of older photographers like myself who bought into the original OM system when it was introduced have been waiting for these cameras. It may be nostalgia but who cares as long as they are of good quality. I look forward to reading more about the Stylus. Someone commented, people may think my OM-D is a Stylus, I would worry more about people mistaking a Stylus for a OM-D.

  • safaridon

    Interesting and attractive concept. Now we likely have 3 choices for the fastest and best superzoom as an alternative to a very expensive, heavy, bulky fast DSLR tele lenses.

    FZ200 24-600/2.8 fixed zoom with 1/2.3″ sensor
    Stylus 1 24-300/2.8 fixed zoom with 1/1.7″ sensor
    RX10 with 28-200/2.8 fixed zoom with 1″ sensor

    In case you haven’t noticed superzooms have become very popular and best sellers and the current emphasis on lens speed rather than just extending the zoom range beyond reason is good as improves their low light capabilities. Many are opting for a compact + superzoom as their alternative to compact + DSLR while m4/3 is in the middle.

    I still prefer the very compact pocketable travel cams of 10-16X or 24-400mm range plus a m4/3 or small DSLR combo for travel and most occasions. Iphones may be very useful for candid wide angle shots but not for any zooming to tele range.

    However I think that the mini LT1 and GM1 show where the future may be. The LT1 goes from 28mm at F2 to 200mm at F5.9 (just as fast as RX100 at F4.9 at 100mm) with small EVF. For the general public with both P&S and DSLR the 200mm range is far more useful than just 100mm used primarily for portraits. As for the supercams I think that the range and lens speed of the FZ200 is the best combo for the long tele range. If you want less DOF all you have to do is go longer. I hope the LT2 comes with a higher resolution EVF and I would like to see a 1/2.3 sensor version with a faster lens? I hope that Pany is also coming with a GM2 with hot shoe and EVF as shown in their recent patent model? Just my wishes and you have yours.

    • SteveO

      The FZ200 is impressive, but visit DPR’s Canon poershot forum and view images from the SX50. Slower lens but 24-1200mm reach with very sharp photos fully zoomed out thanks to exceptional IS and optics. Sells for $369 on ASmazon. Good luck, Olympus!

      Would rather they had spent the money on an everyman’s OMD for $700. Once Panny puts the GX7 sensor in a G7 for $700 they will simply crush Olympus if they still have no offerings in this primary market niche.

    • HGTD

      These type of calculations only work if you conveniently ignore the consequences to the final image by the different sensor sizes. DOF, DR,noise, detail and so on.

      Though the R10 looks impressive if its sensor is at least as good as that in the RX100mk2 it will have much the same colour depth and DR as the E-M5 {the cheapest weather sealed mFT with built in EVF along with a better sensor} while losing out just .75 of a stop at high ISO|0/%28brand%29/Sony/%28appareil2%29/793|0/%28brand2%29/Olympus/%28appareil3%29/631|0/%28brand3%29/Olympus

      You need the 12-35 +35-100mm to match the equivalent focal lengths and at least equal the effective aperture { F3.7 on Mft = f2.8 on I inch sensor] brings the bill up to around $3400 vs the $1300 of the RX10 bargain lol

      • peevee

        RX100 II loses full stop at high ISO at the same f-number.

        • Anc

          “RX100 II loses full stop at high ISO at the same f-number.”

          Nope , it loses less than a stop did you look at the link

          rx100m2 483 e-m5 826 to make it a full stop the E-M5 would need to be at 966

          483 + .7 stop = 845

      • Anonymous

        Except I can put the little Oly 9-18mm on the OM-D. Or a small Panny 14-45mm. Or a 75-300mm lens on.
        And what if you use the standard zoom range 90% of the time ?
        With the Sony you are restricted to a relatively heavy camera all the time.
        So you trade the flexibility of the OM-D for the cheaper price of the Sony.
        The Sony looks an excellent camera but like most things in life there are tradeoffs.

  • soso

    OMG! Its f1.4-f2.5

    • SteveO

      You’re kidding, right? If not, where did you read that? Just curious.

  • Viezevure

    Thats good…..Cheap M43. Its the only way to survive for M43.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not m43

    • There you are Full Frame!

  • someone

    Place your bets folks! Will this one finally have 24p?

    • rpm40

      Why are so many people attached to 24p?

      • i think its because lots of cinema productions use it as standard, and i hear many people claiming that using this rate will result in cinema-like motion. But i think that might be a bit taken out of contex?; I believe the desire for 24 framerate began during the the heydays of laserdisc and dvd playback where the better displays had this pulldown feature to make the playback of such media which were able to output framespeed at cinema standard, a rather confusing and complex digital processing, to eliminate the stuttering camera panning movements, caused by difference in framerates on both player and display device. I believe the longing now for the 24 is still based on this old story , for at least a bit imho.

    • I have a c note that says “not a chance”.

  • It has NO FLASH…. :-(

  • Where is the internal FLASH?

  • jowws

    Where is the digital XA?

  • Steve Biro

    Keep that zoom lens faster than average and give the whole camera weather resistance and I might be interested. I’ve gotten tons of great images with a 1/1.7″ sensor. This new Oly would make a great piece of travel kit if you are still at f/2.8 at, say, 85mm (equivalent).

  • Surab

    If it comes really with a F1.4 to F2.5 lens and smaller than the RX10, then it might still do well because of the much lower price.

    But for me the RX10 seems to be the better deal, because if I have to compromise sensor size that much, then I want it to be pocketable (maybe it is much smaller than we expect?). But if it is not pocketable, I would rather go for the 1″ RX10 which will probably have much better video.

    • peevee

      f/2.5 at 300mm equivalent would be huge – no chance. f/4 maybe at best if the wide end is fast, or f/2.8 constant.

  • Zinjanthropus


    I’m not thrilled about it. I wish Oly would make good on their thoughts to move away from P&S. What irks me about this guy is that people will think that this is an E-M5 camera. Just my two cents.

    • Does it really matter what people think about your camera? What I want them to do is think about my photos.

  • I thought the OM-D WAS the “mini” camera? Olympus should think about a potential FF version of the OM-D (not sure I’d buy it, though. Depends on the lens size). P&S is dying and being replaced by cell phones and tablets, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, and they could design and build 30 new lenses and introduce them at the same time. Because that’s what most FF users will expect if they are going to invest in a FF ***system****

      • I would have agreed a couple of months ago, but since the A7 has come out, I think it is now a possibility they start thinking that way. They don’t need 30 lens, just start with 3-4 and build 2/yr. if they gave a true roadmap of what they were going to do, it might be enough for people to invest in. When you look at what they have managed to milk out of the current sensor size.

  • Alex

    I bet in fast zoom just like XZ2 1.8/2.5

    I seems a nice move from Olympus, a very good compact camera for tourists and people who want a viewfinder and think 700 euros is a already a lot money !
    Fast Super-zoom blows away any phone camera, and if the viewfinder is better than Fuji X20, It’s a real winner!

    I’m just waiting now for the last Olympus OMD style camera : a micro 4/3 fixed lens 25 mm, at least f1.4, to compete and differentiate against Fuji x100 and Sony RX1

  • Raist

    This looks like a bad idea. And now with that rx10
    Around. Looks like Sony does not seem to care at all what olympus is doing.

  • Not sure if this should be FT5, no info on the lens, could be just anybody’s mock-up

  • DLM

    I really don’t understand why people feel the need to tear every camera released to shreds if it doesn’t fit your needs. Not right for you? Then don’t buy it.

    I own one of the Olympus TG-1hs tough cameras, and I’ve gotten some amazingly good results from it, and it’s smaller sensor. The f2.0 lens is great, and the weather sealing means I can actually use it anytime, anywhere. The things that will make me want this, if it hits them:

    Weather sealing.
    Good IQ
    Good user interface
    Good build quality
    Reasonably fast lens for shooting without flash

    I’m looking for a reasonably tough, compact, weather resistant travel camera for street photography, and depending on how it fits these needs, this might be a great camera for me. I’m interested, but reserve judgement til I see how it shakes out.

    • I agree. When I started walking the streets with a camera I used a Pentax Optio W80 with probably the same small-sized sensor. I was happy with the results, the major drawback being the lack of a viewfinder.
      Then I had an exhibition and printed some of the Pentax images up to A3.
      They help up remarkably well.
      There’s a proverb in here about not what you handle but how you handle it, or something.
      As long as the result leaves you happy there can be no argument.


      Because for a given form-factor/sensor quality there is not always (almost never) an alternative from other models/manufacturers.

  • At least it has a lens wider than a 28 mm equivalent. Not sure how to hold such a tiny camera. With two fingers?

    • One finger and chewing gum.


    Love this amateur camera has 1) tilt screen, 2) hot shoe – somewhat Panasonic failed to provide on much more “serious” GM1…


      Yeah, but which camera is going to sell more units?
      The Panasonic GM1 is an actual M43 body, while the Stylus is a OMD look-alike, with a small sensor. Olympus is just Milking the OMD look, and its starting to look like a fad.

      And if you want to talk about missing features, at least the GM1 has a built in flash. Where’s the flash for the Stylus? Is it a clip-on?

  • Camaman

    Wow to all the haters and confused people comenting this poor camera…

    Its a great move for Olympus. They are capitalising on ghe popular OMD looknas well as profiting from all the hype over Sony a7r looks.

    What did you think that they would keep making superzooms with incoherent and aged design that is god knows how old?
    Its time for a refresh and going retro is the new old look people want now.

  • Ivo

    I have an xz2 as a compact next to my e3 and if this pup is weathersealed i am interested for sure, that is what the xz2 lacks, quality is really surprising for such a smal thing. No flash is a bit uhh, but I have external flashes if needed.

    • Marvin8

      I would be very surprised if there’s no flash built into that bump on top.

  • at

    It is a great news about the final arrival of the alternative of Panasonic FZ50 (which has 1/1.8″ sensor) I owned many years ago. Even though M4/3 is a great concept with higher picture quality, I am not happy about the lack of super-zoom capability with decent quality with a single lens at reasonably low price.

  • Ivo

    Well it would have been interesting if oly Made a very compact weather proof 12-150 for THE omd i know it Will bw biggen THE lens Will not be super but there is a market for these compromise travel camera’s which do everything reasonable to good. And a smaleler size makes it easier to transport. Weatherproofing just more reliable go everywhere.

  • Paul

    I have been waiting for a camera like this for several years. I don’t care what it looks like. I want three things – small enough to fit in my pocket or hang on my climbing harness, sharp ultra-zoom lens, and built-in viewfinder. I’m a climber and I need something small that will go in a jacket pocket or on a harness. I’m on snow a lot and only a viewfinder works when you are in sun on bright snow. In addition I can’t see the external screens without reading glasses and I don’t want to carry those. Virtually all compact cameras now no longer have viewfinders. I’ve on my 6th Olympus C-770, which I now buy used on eBay. I think I paid almost $600 for my first C-770 one almost ten years ago. $700 is a lot for this camera, but I will wait until after Xmas and find it somewhere for $600. I know I could buy a used OM-D E-M5 for just a bit more money, but they are just too big, especially after adding a tele lens.

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