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(FT5) First images of the new Olympus E-M5 and 14-150mm F4-5.6II lens!



Those are the very first images of the soon to be announced new Olympus E-M5II! Specs:

Same E-M5 16MP sensor
Update processor (improves slightly the IQ)
New sensor shift shooting that allows to combine 8 pictures in one to create a 40 Megapixel image
Improved 5 axis stabilization
It does have clean hdmi-out
all common frame rates and video optimized af-algorithm.
50Mb/s all 1080p (no 4K recording)

Reminder: The new Olympus camera coming during the first week of February will be called Olympus E-M5II (or E-M5 Mark II). And the big new feature of the camera is “sensor shift” shooting. The camera has a 16 Megapixel sensor that can shoot up to 40 Megapixel by shifting the sensor (in up to 8 frames of single shots).

The sources didn’t explain me in very detail how it works but my guess is that it works in a similar way of the Hasselblad H5D-200c. Hasselblad (Pdf file here) describes the tech in that way:

High precision piezo-electrical actuators control movements of the sensor in ½ and in one pixel increments. By combining six shots, offset by a combination of both ½ pixel increments and one pixel increments, the colors, Red, Green and Blue of each point are obtained with a double resolution in both the X and Y directions. The result is an astonishing 200Mpixel full color image with no artifacts, such as moiré.
The Bayer Mosaic filter pattern covers the pixels of the sensor. Moving the sensor in one pixel increments between shots, allows for the exact R, G, B values to be captured in every pixel. The multiple captures are then assembled to deliver the correct colors and ultimate definition of detail. Adding captures, each offset by a ½ pixel sensor movement, creates space for extending the sensor resolution from 50Mpix to 200Mpix. The outstanding definition of color and detail is maintained



And here is the image of the new 14-150mm F4-5.6II lens:


There is a good chance Olympus will also announce the pricing of the new Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO Lens (here at BHphoto).

Image courtesy via Digicameinfo. Specs by 43rumors.

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  • Brett M

    It looks… nearly identical to the EM-5. Which is why it’s a mark ii I guess, and not really a criticism, the EM-5 is a great camera.

    A same-sensor refresh is going to be a tough sell to current EM-5 owners who have anything less than the most severe case of G.A.S. though.

    • Dennis Raines

      I was thinking more because the sensor is the same.

      That top deck and controls in general look to be way better situated.

  • jefrs

    The E-M5ii looks to be a very interesting new camera but its 14-150 has to be compared to the faster Panny 14-140 walkabout.

  • TheTree

    Do we get faster C-AF and tracking capability? Faster flash sync, shutter speed at 1/8000th, longer battery life?

  • I hope 24p or 25p video, and 1/8000 shutter … I love the design !!

  • OM-G!

    There are two gaps on the edge of the screen where the swivel is. I cant see that on any other swivel screen, could it be that that the screen also tilts upwards?

  • Vlad K.

    Not digging where the ON/OFF switch is..

    • The Real Stig

      Olympus can’t win on this one. Many people complained about this switch’s location on the E-M5, now a different batch are complaining now they have shifted it.

      • David

        well, they could win by putting it up by the shutter release like most every other manufacturer. All we want is simple one ergonomics.

        • Mk.82

          That place would be terrible. You don’t even anymore focus to power switch as you just raise camera, take the shot and lower camera and your hand automatically switches camera on/off.

          • David

            I don’t understand your comment, I’m sorry, but in terms of that place being terrible, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, and Panasonic all disagree, and having used cameras from all of those brands, and Olympus as well, no one else seems to think it’s a terrible position.

        • cipo

          I bet you don’t own the e-m1 with a similarly placed switch, it feels very easy and natural. No sense having it by the shutter release, that area should be reserved for controls that are used while shooting with the camera at the eye. Maybe makes a little sense having it there in a camera with ovf, since it can be used to some degree with the power off.

          • David

            I don’t own the e-M1, which I won’t purchase for other reasons. The power switch just isn’t important enough to me to be a deciding factor, but I fail to see how it could be easier than having it by the shutter release. One hand, grab camera, power on, shoot. One fluid motion.

    • Mk.82

      It is great place. After one week taking E-M1 in use, I don’t even knowledge the power switch as I flip it naturally without thinking on and off when I raise the camera. Sometimes I need to check camera as I don’t remember turning it off.

    • Gabriel

      It’s like the old film Olumpys OM serie, same position. And the mode dial is where the rewind crank where. But yes, there is a risk to turn off the camera when switching mode.

  • kiki

    This second version look nice but i don’t like:

    -All Fn buttons. it must be weird to use them while shooting.
    -The On/Off position. Not easy to turn on it after take out from the bag.
    -The swivel screen. I am somewhat divided over the choice about this.

    Now i can’t wait for the firsts samples with the 40mp method. I hope it does improve the dynamic range.

    • Anonymous

      The 40 MP method isn’t an HDR technique and isn’t meant to improve DR. It’s used to increase linear resolution (larger images) and/or to record full color information for each pixel, thereby avoiding the need for Bayer interpolation and resulting in less color artifacts.

  • tripper

    Seeing how the grip is remodelled, I wonder if the E-M5 grip accessory is gonna be compatible with this one.

    Otherwise, a lot of improvements to ergonomics (at least it looks like improvements). The d-pad at the back looks weird, though.

  • CN

    Eh. Looks like an E-M5 with a better LCD.

    If the 40 mpx mode dramatically improves landscape shots I may think about it. But at first look, I’ll pass.

    Edit – No on board flash.

    • Turbofrog

      Yes, it’s not that exciting unless the 40MP mode is superb. Which is might be. That could be a gamechanger for M4/3. Most people taking high-speed C-AF action shots aren’t the same people printing 4-foot wall prints, so the criticisms for mirrorless and 4/3 sensors can be addressed separately in that case…

  • Turbofrog

    Doing an overlay based on the size of the hotshoe, the E-M5 II actually looks like a pretty substantial redo.

    It’s noticeably wider, and blockier towards the left side, so it’s overall volume will definitely be greater.

    On the plus side, ergonomics look substantially improved with the position of the rear dial being in a better place for thumb access.

    On the downside, for those with accessory grips, it looks like there is almost no chance that it will fit.

    E-M5 is green, E-M5 II is red.

  • bobthewrecker

    OK so ergonomics wise it’s an E-M5 with E-M1 controls (FNs, d-pad, dial mode switch, power switch) and possibly no two-part grip. Functionality wise it’s an improved E-M5. Kind of an E-M1 with no PDAF but better video. Articulating screen is interesting, but may be less sturdy than the E-M5/1 flip-out. Also note no Accessory Port: either they’re dumping it completely and a new mini flash is coming, or – I don’t know what :)

    I think I’ll wait for the next E-M1 – but I do hope that the next E-M1 (next year?) will be more than just the current E-M1 with better video. Hopefully a sensor bump is on its way!

  • David

    Too many function buttons

    • junkyardwillie

      – Said no one ever

      • David

        Said me frequently. I understand that I am probably in a small minority here, but I wish they had only put two function buttons on top. When I have that many buttons I find it too cluttered, and I’m not constantly changing that many functions on the fly (and I doubt many people are).

  • not interested so far
    • David

      If this (what you linked to) is also coming and it’s paired with the 8 shot sensor/40mpix, Olympus will be selling shiploads of these bodies. Flocks will abandon their current systems for m43, and I am not joking! This “solves” the assumed problem of low shutter speeds over eight exposures. I am surprised your comment hasn’t garnered more discussion.

    • Ross

      Somehow, I think it may not happen in this tier model but maybe (if it is doable) in a future E-M1 Mk II model.

  • David

    Doesn’t the EVF look bigger? Really hope we’ll get a better resolution and magnification.

    • Turbofrog

      The actual eyecup is smaller than the previous model, not that that is necessarily indicative one way or the other.

  • jchan

    body looks wider right from the mount = prettier :-)

  • Maybe

    Looks like uglyfied EM5. Maybe black version will look better. But, frankly, I never liked Oly retro style in general. Articulating screen is good, however.

  • rrr_hhh

    Looks good !
    I’m happy with the position of the wheels and happy that it didn’t become as big as the EM1 and hopefully won’t have PDAF on sensor (the DXO results of the EM1 are slightly worse than those of the EM5). Hopefully the EVF will be the same as the VF4 or EM1. Not sure about 40MP : may be a little too much.. Remain to be seen how that will be translated in IQ.
    Seems that I have now a useless flash and a useless two parts grip. But ergonomic looks good. So I may update..

    • Gabriel

      Olympus also claims a better color rendering by capturing exact RGB for every pixels. Something like a simulated foveon sensor.

      • Duke

        Interesting if true, I hadn’t heard this. Good color science is one of the main reasons I use Olympus. Now I’m looking forward to getting my hands on raw files from this camera.

  • Mk.82

    No thank you.

    Why? Because the articulated screen. Makea very bad to shoot below or over when screen is a side, it makes camera movements difficulty and absurd.

    Olympus should have followed Sony A77 style screen if wanted to improve it.

    Now I expect E-M2 to stay as E-M1 is as it’s perfect.

    • earl

      I agree, I have an articulated G5 and although it’s great for some macro work, I’d much prefer simple tilt up/down directly in front of me for most shooting. Looking at E-M1 or maybe GX8.

    • Turbofrog

      That seems bulky, complicated, and less robust for an exceedingly minor advantage. But different people have different priorities.

  • colonel_001

    Really like the look of it, and may buy it, but there is one place the ON-OFF switch makes sense, around the shutter release… you can be turning the camera on while pulling it out of a bag, and be taking a photo much quicker than needing two hands and having to look at what you are doing..

  • Ustlav

    Great. The lack of a swivel screen is the sole reason that’s kept me away from Olympus. However I do understand the tilt screen fans’ arguments. Since the type of screen seems to make such a difference to many of us, wouldn’t it be smart to make it interchangeable so you could order your camera with whichever kind you like?

    • AP

      Yeah such option would be great if strong on the implementation side.

  • alexander

    i need the jump-FLASH-> Remote & light up

  • junkyardwillie

    That definitely looks like a flippable screen on the back. Thats a game changer feature. If Panasonic doesnt release a GX8 with the same thing then Olympus is going to be running things. Olympus already has the better image stabilization, they appear to be pulling ahead of Panasonic now.

    • CN

      Is this sarcasm? A flipping screen in a game changer? This is pretty sad for a 3 year refresh. And most of the processing capabilities (time lapse etc) have been available on the gx7 since 2013.

      • OM-G!

        It will flip AND have a side swivel, dont think anybody has done that before, the A77 has the swivel at the bottom.

        • David

          Olympus E-3 and E-5 had this same design, about 7 years ago. Frame for the LCD on the E-3 was infamously flimsy as the screws stripped in the mount. One warranty repair followed a year later by one self repair. Hope the new one here is stronger.

      • mahler

        Well, the terrific new control layout is pretty sad for a refresh? I would say the E-M5 II is a completely different camera than the Original camera. Much more than the step between GH3 and GH4 for example (unless one belongs to the few, who shoot 4K video).

        In a new model, a manufacturer can change two major things: handling/ergonomics and image quality. Both things have been done. Much improved ergonomics and the ability to shoot 40 mpx images, the first time from such a small sensor. Even if this is with some caveats (like the first an current electronic shutters) it is still a very interesting feature. especilally because it is an option an not the default, for those whose don’t need always that amount of resolution.

        • CN

          “Completely different camera” – now we’re just being silly.

          This is a good improvement over the old one. But “game changer” and all the hyperbolic accolades coming from G.A.S afflicted fanboys today is embarrassing.

          ps 40 mpx is a gimick unless your shooting stationary subjects in a studio

          • narutogrey

            How is 40 Mp a gimmick? If it is anything like the hasselblad, it works even with subjects in motion. Of course if you set your shutter speed so low that the photo would have been blurry even using single 16Mp shots, then of course the 40Mp version won’t be any better.

            • Mike Ronesia

              So you’re saying you can use the same shutter speed at 40mp that it takes to stop motion at 16mp?

              • pdelux

                Of course since they take seperate exposures @ 16mp (not 40mp), shutterspeed must stay the same across the multiple shots to be merged to maintain equivalent exposure.

                However I am guessing you may need to take 8 shots at 1/4000 rather than 1 shot at 1/500 if you want to minimise subject movement differences, since the total shutter speed will be equal to the shutter speed multiplied by the number of exposures.

          • mahler

            I never said, that it is a game changer. However, with regards to the body layout, almost nothing is the same and really everything is improved. To call this “sad for a three year refresh” isn’t appropriate. What else could Olympus have done? It is a major overhaul of the E-M5 and how it looks a pretty good one.

            • CN

              Sony makes these topical improvements every 8-12 months for their RX and A7 lines. And they always come with a better sensor.

              It took Oly 3 years to rearrange the controls, update the LCD to 2013 standards. Embarrassing.

              What could they have done – make it take better pictures. New sensor.

              • mahler

                To me the Sonys are still the compact camera alike bricks, no real changes there. If I compare that to the huge improvement over already not so bad E-M5 I (at least compared to the Sonys).

                To me, to change an already very good sensor, isn’t that big a priority. Image quality is and was excellent.

          • Jules

            Like shooting paintings. A huge chunk of my use.

  • Art P

    Not bad looking (I’d take it in black tho) Seems like they listened to the folks who complained the hump was too high. I see a 1/2 button function selector switch. (+) not sure about the new button layout. My main reason for upgrade would be to get time lapse and PD-AF, so guess I will wait on this one, at least until my MkI dies :)

  • Vivek

    Finally an useful Olympus m43rd camera! That swivel LCD took them only a few years since the G1! :-)

    I am sold!

    • Luke

      My Olympus E-3 already had a swivel screen. So, it’s not the G1 they had to copy ;-)

      • Vivek

        Why bring a DEAD system into the discussion?

        • C. C.

          Because that so-called “DEAD” system (which you were too cheap to purchase when it was first launched) still takes great photos. But you wouldn’t know that because you never owned one, Moron.

          • Vivek

            Niceguy, What makes you so sure that I never used the 43rds? It died because of the thieves who were managing Olympus. Do not forget! :)

          • David

            Actually had an E-3 and E-5. E-3 takes good jpegs. Raw? Forget shadow or highlight recovery on the E-3. And I hope you liked your narrow DR and blown highlights.

        • C. C.

          And if you bothered to look back through all the digital Olympus SLR cameras, you would see that Olympus had already provided such innovation in many ways.

  • CN

    Pretty apparent Sony and Panasonic aren’t giving olympus much in way of sensor tech. I’d expect the GX8 to be the the first MFT camera with an actual sensor upgrade.

    • mahler

      Not sure, why there is so much fuzz about the sensor tech. The OM-D sensors are still very competitive. The image quality is the least thing I worry about. It is very very good.

      • CN

        I have a gx7. iQ is very good, but could be better. Especially >3200 ISO.

        I think there’s some fuss because once all is said and done this camera will not take measurably better pictures than the model they designed over three years ago. That’s a problem IMO.

  • Oly does not value PRO-users

    The biggest let down is the bitrate for 1080p video.
    50Mb/s all 1080p (no 4K recording) – that’s quite consumer like bitrate. IT should be at least 100.. IS it so that Olympus does not view it self as a company that caters for professionals?

    • pro

      Olympus has never valued pro users. They only use “pro” as a marketing thing. They are simply third rate, but their prices match Canon and Nikon FF.

      • Really?

        Really?? Ha ha ha…

      • Overtake

        Match? They overtake them. It’s a shame, really.

      • mahler

        Yawn …

    • Really?

      so you were waiting for a pro video (capable) camera? really?

    • TheTree

      You will not see much diff. between 50 mbps and 100 mbps with h.264/older codec(s). H.265 would be a different story…

      • Oly does not value pro users

        my understanding is that for the ALL-I to work one needs to have bit more bitrate for same quality as non ALL-I. So in essence you gotta have higher base bitrate.
        There is nothing wrong for asking pro quality in 500 price range.

        • Name

          that’s a smart guy… or just a clown?… lol

        • Archer Sully

          Exactly. With no frames computed from the differences between frames (B-frames and P-frames), the bit-rate has to go up. Its essentially motion JPEG, which is great for editing, not so great for storage or transmission.

    • Jimbo

      You do know that the $5500 Canon C100 Mark 2 only films 28Mb/s don’t you? And the Canon doesn’t take photos either.

  • Gabriel

    50mpx and swivel creen = the ultimate selfie cam :)

  • Thanks but no thanks

    Thanks, I can already take selfies with my phone, and the photos come out just the same.

    • Troll Patrol

      If that is the case you would definitely benefit from a photography class because you are not doing something right.

    • David

      Selfies….the disease of your generation. Please, by all means, keep using your cellular telephone to take photos of yourself to share with other people taking cellular telephone photos of themselves. And make sure you put your phone really close to your reproductive organs. I don’t think you need any camera, if this is your need.

  • Yoda

    The swivel is strong with this one.

  • Buying advice

    Just a heads up, you can buy a new Nikon D3200 with kit lens for 350 EUR.

    • Wake up

      Not a good advice at all. Were are here talking about future, about 20mm flange distance, not 40. Lenses with 40mm FD are in imminent obsolescence. Ok, they will stay working, but it’s your choice: old vs new. If you want new, you’ll have to pay more.

      • Terrible value

        It’s about buying what works, and what has bang for the buck. The value gap between a 3200D and this thing here is wide, so this should be cheaper; instead, it costs a multiple. I don’t like being tampered with, so I will stay out.

        • Wake up

          “If you want new, you’ll have to pay more”. But keep checking 43rumors… just in case… hehe

        • Bhima

          Sorry, mirrorless offers features that make photography more fun. I said goodbye to my D7000 for my em-10 and don’t regret it one bit.

          • Kiko

            Same here. :) Mirror now just to comb my hair…

      • CN

        Nothing says the future like a 3 year old sensor.

        • Duke

          @CN – Sony is invested in Olympus, so expect a new sensor by this fall.

          Unless… Olympus is introducing minimal changes this year because most of their resources are busy preparing a whole new system based around a 5:4 sensor, slightly taller than FF but less wide, that Sony has been secretly working on for the past two years…

          Nah… not a chance.

      • FCameron

        You’ve been crowing about that future and imminent obsolescence for 7 years. That’s some imminence.

    • Archer Sully

      D3200 has most of the disadvantages that go with a DSLR (AF calibration issues, no WYSWIG, bulky lenses) with few of the advantages (large OVF, high frame rate C-AF). These aren’t comparable photography tools at all.

      While there’s a real question about high-end EVIL vs mid-high-end DSLR, there’s no question that OMD’s are better tools than low end DSLR’s.

      • FCameron

        D3200 has most of the advantages that go with a DSLR (fast AF, dark room AF, an infinite resolution finder with infinite dynamic range seeing the action in real time, not rendered via a tv screen, for actual non-lag non-tearing, true-life colors, realtiime viewing of a subject, not the non-WYSIWYG viewing of an EVF that shows only a small subset of the actual raw capture; lenses that are optically corrected not software corrected, long lasting batteries) with few of the disadvantages (it is smaller than some Nikon at least).

        Given the Nikon is 1/3 the price but has a larger format resulting in better quality output, agreed that these are not comparable at all.

        • 1 x EM5II

          Buy yours and be happy. I’ll get an E-M5II for sure… :-D

        • Archer Sully

          The D3200 VF is a tiny, dark tunnel, more than compensating for the advantages of an optical view. Yeah, with an E-Mx you are looking at a screen, but its a damn good one, and gives you a lot more information than any OVF.

          Oh, and Nikon’s silence on good lenses for DX is deafening.

          Now, a D800 OVF, that kicks the OMD EVF’s hiney up one side and down the other. I’ll give up the advantages of a good EVF (not consumer digicam style) for one of those. But I’d hate carrying the darned thing, so I’ll stick with a good EVF.

        • mahler

          To my experiences, the view finders of the entry level DSLRs are rather mediocre. Dark, difficult to manual focus, not seldom tunnel vision. Certainly not “color true”. And given the lens quality, the DSLR lenses would fare much better, if they would have at least some software correction.

        • David

          lol. You must be a comedian. You are obviously very ignorant about viewfinders. Perhaps you have never used a real one? The viewfinder you so spew on about is a dark tunnel with very poor magnification. I keep shaking my head as I write this. I really hope you are a troll and not this stupid. Having come from outstanding and large bright optical viewfinders, I enjoy the EM-5 and VF-4. EVFs are very very good, and ones like the VF-4 and EM-1 are as magnified and bright as very expensive full frame optical beasts, without the mirror and limitations of a prism. I love having instant playback in my viewfinder, live guides and highlight/shadows, live histogram, magnified manual focus, focus peaking and the list continues. Try that with your crappy viewfinder and take your BS elsewhere troll.

          • Keith

            I am hesitant to say this but I one of my children uses a D3200 and I think a kit lens and fairly consistently gets better quality than I get from my M4/3 cameras. Often we stand next to one another taking the same exact photo. Later when we swap copies of photos it’s uncanny yet undeniable. The Nikon D3200 is no slouch. Bang for the buck, I am embarrassed.

            • David

              We were talking about the viewfinder.

    • DoctorBob

      Just a heads up, you can buy a lot of beer for 350 EUR.

  • Casey Bryant

    Interesting to note that there is no accessory port at the hot shoe, much like the E-M10.

    • Goffen

      So perhaps built in flash finally ?

      • Goffen

        Hmm does not seem to be any popup flash. Perhaps that black round thingie next to the af illuminator is for ir control of the r-flashes ?

  • dunne

    Will it be compatible with HLD-6 grip?

    • Eosphoros

      If you look at the shape, probably not.

      • dunne

        Too bad. Looked it little bit like it would be. But manufacturers would’nt do that, would they? But anyway, this camera does not bear too many reasons to upgrade from E-M5. Same sensor as three years ago? Come on…

        • Eosphoros

          Hey, at least there’s a huge probability it will still use the same batteries.

        • Renato Valenzuela

          Nikon shares grips. so who knows?

        • Mike Ronesia

          GH3 and GH4 share the same grip.

    • SteB1

      I think it may only need to be the grip bit that needs to change.

    • Ross

      No, but it will give them the opportunity to improve on the HLD-6 though.

  • Thinkinginpictures

    How much?

  • Can’ton

    Look at all those fn buttons and the ep5 switch. Customisation galore!

  • narutogrey

    Any word on if the AF will be improved even though it didn’t add PDAF?

  • Bhima

    ooooh… fully articulated screen ftw.

    • jeffp3456

      I don’t like them they are too obvious for street. Tilt is more discrete

  • Charlie R

    Wasted opportunity.

    • again?

      we always hear that too…

  • BLT

    Another 3:2 screen on a 4:3 sensor camera. . . . . I’d love another 4:3 screen like my E-p1 had. (I’m not bashing, just saying)

  • DoofClenas

    Has the EM1ii been announced yet?

    • Turbofrog

      Of course not. The E-M5 II hasn’t even been announced yet…

      • DoofClenas

        You obviously missed my sarcasm. People are already trying to make improvements to something that hasn’t even been released.

  • Bart Uijterlinde

    I am curious how sensor shift wil function shooting moving objects….

    • Richard

      not well.

      • Turbofrog

        That would entirely depend on the amount of light, no? If you are shooting a moving object in daylight at f1.8, instead of requiring 1/8000s, you could take 8 such exposures and still have a shot that is functionally 1/1000s, no?

        • a-traveler

          No! The E-M5 has a top shutter speed of 1/4000, Not 1/8000, and I’ve seen nothing in the rumors about increasing shutter speed. Add the time needed to shift the sensor Eight (8) time times during the shot. I doubt that 1/250th will be possible.

          But you may be right, we’ll see in about 30 days.

          • OM-G!

            “An anonymous source told us Olympus next MFT camera will have a mechanical shutter that will do 1/16000. And there is also an Electronic shutter for 1/32000. Sounds like this could find his way in the new E-M5!”

            It was FT3, so it must be true…


            • BdV

              Quite nice, but at 1/16000 you won’t take in a lot of light…

              • OM-G!

                Sunny 16 rule says f16 and 1/250s with ISO200 = with my 25mm at f1.4, I need 1/32000s on a sunny day.

                • BdV

                  Yes, but to be able to use the 8 frame sensor shift 40mp only at wide apertures…. that would be a bit limiting.

              • Turbofrog

                If you’re able to share some luminance data between pixels, you won’t necessarily need each “shift” to be fully exposed.

                But I have no idea how the processing works in the background. We’ll find out soon enough.

          • Warwick Gresswell

            The E-M5II will have a shutter speed over 1/8000th. Heck, my E-P5 has it, so why wouldn’t Oly’s latest (non-pricepoint) camera not have it?

        • Archer Sully

          The real issue is getting the data from the individual exposures off of the sensor quickly enough. A really clever CCD could do it (as long as its really clever), but CMOS sensors don’t have a place to store the charge.

          • Turbofrog

            That’s a very good point. I guess it’s effectively trying to do a 8-shot burst as quickly as possible, albeit without necessarily needing to use the focal plane shutter (though I guess using an electronic shutter would result in rolling shutter issues with fast movement, anyway).

            Not an easy problem!

    • a-traveler

      It doesn’t! At least not in Medium Format Digital. Maybe Olympus has figured out how to shoot 8 frames in 1/500th of a second total, but I doubt it.

      When Hasselblad announced the H5D200, it was accompanied with a photo of a watch (maybe a necklace) sitting in the sand. You could blow the photo up and see every grain of sand — amazing!! I’m hoping that the E-M5-2 will capture detail as well as a Nikon D810.

      This is an example the kind of product shots I do.

      • Paul Monaghan

        If your wanting super detailed images why not grab a dp3m for your products?

        Fixed lens 50mm f2.8 macro with a leaf shutter that captures crazy detail.

        here’s a 100% crop wide open without any post sharping.

        • Abraham Latchin

          That sigma has a lot of issues with colour shift in the shadows. Not ideal for product work..
          I bought one and tried it out.

          • Paul Monaghan

            True it can get colour blotching mostly Green/purple in the shadow but I find over exposing and bringing the image down in raw deals with most of that as the camera really holds a lot of details in the highlights.

            The newer Quattro seems to deal with shadows and color better but has more noise at 100% although it dose resolve more detail. (The dp2q I tried anyway).

            • Abraham Latchin

              Hey Paul. You know I tried it on a cosmetic bottle and there was that blotching visible even in the silver area. I didnt shoot ettr and that may have solved it, bit to be honest the other issue was the sigma software.

              • Paul Monaghan

                Ettl helps a lot with the Merrill, it has almost 2 stops of information in the highlights.

                The software is a pain in that it’s another step but if you have your setup/work flow down you can now save a preset (I generate a flat looking tiff for editing in lr/ps much like a cinematographer would) and batch process to tiffs and use the tiffs as a raw.

                The software has had quite a few updates and it seems to be something Sigma are working on and tbh it’s not as bad as some other manufactures dedicated raw software but it is still another step.

                • Turbofrog

                  You mean ETTR, yes?

                  • Paul Monaghan

                    Yes :)

          • Paul Monaghan
        • Nicholas Johnson

          Because the workflow is garbage. I’m a DP1m owner who never shoots it because SPP crashes constantly and other solutions result in poor conversions.

          • Paul Monaghan

            The work flow is slower than my pentax that’s for sure but spp seems fine on both my systems through various versions with the dp1m, dp3m, dp2q and sd1.

            While spp is still basic you can batch edit /convert to tiff to import into lightroom.

            I used a dp3m the other day to document old books and took over 1700 images and I use my merrils more than my dslrs because of the iq and leaf shutter for strobe work.

        • Archer Sully

          I think I’d rather get a 645Z.

          • Paul Monaghan

            Well yes I would love a 645z too but at around £9000 with the 90 mm macro vs £330 for the dp3m there’s more than a little difference in price.

            While the dp3m has some limitations it also has advantages like it’s small size and the leaf shutter giving upto 1/2000 flash sync with any flash which isn’t just good for controlling ambient light but cutting the tail from long flash durations when shooting moving stuff in a studio.

          • strangeshape

            That’s some crazy apples to oranges comparison – price-wise.

            • Archer Sully

              Just pushing the absurdity envelope. That’s what I got my degree in.

        • a-traveler

          The problem with the Sigma is that No Professional Retouchers have the software to deal with the Foveon files.

          I’m a photographer, not a retoucher, The above water pump photo was Shopped (minor dodge&burn and clipping path) by a retoucher I use, not me.

          • Paul Monaghan

            Nice, I would love a ts lens.

            As for retouching, I do my own image editing as I feel its part of the process of creating my images but you could easily export a flat 16bit double size tiff (double size because some ps tools struggle with the detail density of the Merrill files at times) to be retouched and graded.

            You do end up with much larger files though and it would be an extra set instead of just sending off a raw.

      • Mk.82

        And if you believe a such pump needs more than 500*500 resolution, you are at wrong business.
        Product photography in most cases doesn’t require high resolutions or even good lighting. Jewelries, cars, watches and other luxus items does. You have a 100000-300000€ budget for a day and with such clients you get to buy ANYTHING you need to deliver wanted photo.

  • a-traveler

    Please, please, please have body ONLY as an option in the first shipments. I Do Not need a Kit ZoomZ.

  • Thinkinginpictures

    HOW MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I gotta have this!

  • Truong

    People keep referring to the 40 MP technique as HDR or ‘digital trickery’ and so on. But if it works anything like it does in the Hasselblad, then it actually involves less digital trickery than regular shooting, since the image doesn’t require any Bayer interpolation to ‘guess’ the RGB values for each pixel. The camera records full color information for each pixel, which results in less color artifacts and a cleaner image.
    The technique is also used to make larger images, of course, but that’s not quite as interesting to me. 16 MP is enough for me.
    Anyway, it has nothing to do with HDR or multi-shot noise reduction, both of which have a different purpose altogether. And those techniques don’t require the sensor to be shifted.

    • monotonal

      I suspect most people can’t grasp this concept, until they see the result of it in action, as in sample photos, etc. Just as most of us don’t really understand how IS works, but we do know what it looks like when it’s working. The theory of sensor-shift resolution tech, sounds at this point like a gimmick, I get the feeling it may be a very big game changer over marketing hype. Especially as it evolves, this after all is the introduction …

    • Mike

      The Hasselblad takes a few minutes and produces ~200 megapixel images. That is an unprecedented resolution.

      The EM-5 II will apply a similarly slow procedure to produce ~40 megapixel images, something that you can achieve with a single shot with a D800 or A7R. Therefore it is a gimmick at best (just like HDR). Why would you sit around waiting for your camera to produce 8 bracketed shots, when you can get the same or more resolution with a single shot on other cameras?

      • The Real Stig

        I will bet it’s not slow. You will be able to do it hand-held I suspect.

      • Tim

        Because those other cameras are more expensive, perhaps? And if you’ve already settled for the m4/3 system and invested in lenses and other accessories, then those other cameras aren’t really an option. Most people don’t switch systems like they change their underwear.

        • Truong

          I agree. Strangely enough, people in camera forums (the equivalence crowd, in particular) often compare bodies and lenses across completely different systems, as if every choice is a choice between systems. Most buying choices are in fact choices *within* systems.

  • jeffp3456

    I wonder if the existing hand group will work with this or if there will be a new version?

  • Warwick Gresswell

    Now I’m fantasising of a $999 body only price…….c’mon Oly! :)

    • Thinkinginpictures

      1K for the same camera that just shifts the sensor. Helll NO!!!

      • BdV

        $1300? $1400?

      • Mike

        Most Olympus bodies shift the sensor, that’s how IBIS works. The only difference is that this camera has some software to do super-resolution on some consecutive shots. It’s like adding HDR.

    • CN

      My first reaction is yikes! No chance, but I bet $999 is the price.

  • Jerochay

    This might be my first Olympus.

    • The Real Stig

      You will always remember your first.

  • Abraham Latchin

    I just emailed my camera store and asked them to preorder.

    • ThanksForThat

      We weren’t sure whether you would, thanks for letting us know.

  • Ren Lok

    anyone else noticed the articulating screen?
    in general not too impress with the E-M5II, I’m happy enough to shoot multiple shots and photoshop it together. with the em10 and em1, oly better get the pricing right else it’ll be a major flop.
    I hope the 14-150 turns out good as it would make a really awesome all in 1 travel lens.

    • Ren Kockwell

      If the 14-150 turns out to be as bad as the original one you can always opt for the nice little Panasonic 14-140 MKII. Aperture starts at F3.5 on that one and it’s much more compact too.

      • O

        Splash proof.

        • Turbofrog

          The 14-150 has never been splash proof.

          • The Real Stig

            O is kindly giving us a further detail that the new one will be weather sealed.

    • The Real Stig

      No, no one noticed the articulating screen. Well spotted. I expect there will be lots of comments about that now.

  • KC

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my EM5, but if this new EM5II has focus peaking on the same sensor I’m going to be pissed. They gave us the excuse that agreements with Sony prevented them from allowing FP on the EM5. If the new EM5II has FP and on the same sensor, is it safe to assume the original EM5 will get a firmware update soon? If not, an old wound continues to fester.

    • Ren Kockwell

      No need to be pissed. Focus peaking is rubbish even on the EM-1. It’s so bad it’s a waste of your time as you’ll struggle trying to see the peaking most of the time. So far, only Sony and Panasonic does decent focus peaking. You’re not missing anything.

      • Turbofrog

        Agreed. I was excited about the E-M10 for a cheap camera with IBIS and focus peaking with manual lenses. Couldn’t stand it.

        Got a GX7 at the end of December on close-out, haven’t looked back…

    • Sendjunkmail

      So us poor E-M1 folks need to upgrade to the E-M5II :0( Hoping E-M1 will get a firmware bump to improve video and other functions, let alone my EM5. Seems like old wounds will continue.

      • Robert Davidson

        Yes if there is no improved video for E-M1…….aarrrrrrghhh.

    • mahler

      The E-M5 II has a different, more powerful processor. That should be the reason the E-M5 I doesn’t FP, while the new camera probably will include it. It has nothing to do with the sensor.

      • KC

        I have always heard that it was an agreement with Sony not to use Focus Peaking on this Sony sensor in the EM5. I could also understand if it’s simply a sensor limitation, but the processor should have no trouble with it. There is a hack of sorts with one of the art modes that proves the camera should do just fine, I just wish it was a bit more contrasted to see areas of focus even better. From the sounds of it, full blown Oly focus peaking isn’t all that much better anyway. The camera still rocks… not sure I’m ready to give up the EM5 just yet.

    • Mike

      Olympus focus peaking is garbage anyway. Too slow. Buy a Panasonic instead if you need peaking.

      • Mk.82

        E-M1 focus speaking is lag free without frame dropping.
        The problem is that peaking has black and white colors and they are used with a dark or light layer above real image. So in low light or ultra bright conditions the effect can be hard to see.

        Sony A6000 has well made focus peaking in RED that you really see it.

  • pdelux

    I guess people who use their Canon and Nikon Top of the line Pro models with fixed screens are not “grown ups”. If anything, inferring that people who dont prefer articulating screens are immature like children, is counter-intuitive to the point you are trying to make.

  • Joonas

    sensor shift has interesting implications compared to larger native sensor resolution: not limited by optic resolution, better dynamic range

    For non-moving subjects this might be actually a better thing than having high native resolution.

    • Mike

      Bunk. Considering that you are only moving the sensor and not the lens, your statement is utterly and completely false. You cannot create resolution that isn’t there: as the lens is static, the lens is a limiting factor. The image projected by the lens does not change by moving only the sensor.

      And the dynamic range vs. resolution myth has already been debunked by DxO.

      • The Real Stig

        So you think Olympus are introducing a feature that has no discernible benefits whatsoever – like 5-axis IBIS, Live-Bulb, Ultrasonic wave dust removal, weather sealing that works, etc?

        • Mike

          No, don’t put words in other people’s mouthes. It is a ridiculous form of discussion.

          I am just debunking the myth that shifting the sensor would override the resolving limitations of the lens.

          • The Real Stig

            I didn’t put any words in your mouth, I asked a question. Nice that we both agree that this will have noticeable benefits when using high resolving lenses.

      • Mk.82

        You are wrong. The optics cant resolve more if it can’t direct lights to small pixels. But keeping big pixels and moving them a littlebit allows to override the optics sharpness limitation for sensors that has high pixel pitch.

        That’s why Olympus didn’t add a new higher MPix sensor because the functionality would be dramatically less effecrive as smaller pixel pitch would not give benefits.

        And DXO has debunked by themself already. How any logical person can even read their stuff anymore?

  • Marc Ramirez

    EM5s side-by-side.

  • A buyer

    Interestingly enough, only a few camera makers can develop this MP expansion, those with in camera sensor shift.

    This has to be the most compelling feature for me. I do a lot of product work and as long as we can set the interval (to allow for flash recycling) this will be super. Some other things that will help with product work is the wifi remote. Getting to see the effect as you move lights from your position and not having to return to the camera is incredibly useful, and quite time saving.

    Other items such as the flash sync port is a good bonus as I dont have to remember my little hot shoe pc ports when going to a shoot.

    It looks as if it has a new grip, so my old one wont work,… pretty peeved about that!! I probably wont buy the grip for this one… how many do i need??

    The swivel screen will be relatively useful, but a smuch as you gain you lose as operating the touch screen shutter while shooting my kids from the waist is far easier than a swivel on the side… BUT shooting portrait shots of my kids from my hip is less of a guessing game, plus when working off a tripod I can see the screen while standing. I also hope it has tethering.

    Looks like there is a lot of customization available, which is good.

    Losing the accessory port is a shame, but I only had the mic in port, so I hope they have both a mic in and a headphone out (fingers crossed).

    I mean this thing is really targeting a lot of shooters. 16mp for general shooting, events etc. and 40mp for studio work for products, landscape, architecture, art etc. Will you need a tripod? Most likely. This is more like a Live Composite… if the camera can do 10fps and it needs 8 images we are still talking about most of one second to hand hold the image… But we will see.

    I held off on the EM1 as I didnt feel it was enough of a change… but the 40mp option on this is a superb feature for many many high res applications. Would it work for portraits? Most likely not, nor your kids sports… But will it work when you are in morocco shooting the saharan atlas mountains? probably. :)

    • OM-G!

      Looking at the edge of the screen where the swivel is, I think it will tilt like you are used to.

      • OM-G!

        And the deeper and curved grip look ten times as good as the old one.

      • Ross

        I think if you try & look for things that aren’t there then you will be disappointed. I believe it will be a standard articulating (swivel, if you like) screen.

        • OM-G!

          I looked for a tilt screen and already became extremely disappointed. Now I have hope! Why would they split the screen frame when no other standard articulating camera needs to?

      • Joseph Ferrari

        If Olympus was able to do this, it’s an amazing feat!

  • I primarily do landscapes, this looks great, my beloved E-M5 is being sold as I type this, making room for the Mkii.

  • SoyElTroll

    retro illuminated button

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