(FT5) First images of the new GM1 with 12-32mm lens


Digicameinfo got his hands on the first Panasonic GM1 camera and 12-32mm lens images. Both will be announced on Thursday at around 5-6am London time. Price of the camera+lens kit is 699 Euro! The lens has an f/3.5-5.6 aperture. It reminds me the Fuji XF1 and I have to say it’s a damn good-looking camera!

This is a high quality camera, the GM1 has the GX7 sensor, a magnesium alloy and the lens is all metal! Yep, let’s get rid of all that plastic stuff :)

So here is the question:

Do you like the new GM1?

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  • AMVR

    Why are these threads always full of trolls, haters and all around ignorant retards ? By this I mean the fact that most of the complaints thrown around are based on the desire for something totally different or irrelevant i.e. Why is the GM1 not a DSLR ?

    You people complain about the very nature of this camera: Absolute compactness
    The GM1 is the living incarnation of m4/3’s original raison d’être. This is the closest any M4/3 manufacturer has come to delivering what was initially promised when M4/3 was announced and every other formula for a m4/3 camera body has been explored and is readily available for you, this is the ultimate expression of compactness and to achieve such a thing you’ll have compromises, if you can’t understand that reality then you’re walking waste of bones a meat.

    – The GM1 is not supposed to have a large grip, that’s why there are GF & GX cameras and even GH cameras

    – It’s not supposed to have an EVF (probably because of built-in flash), there’s the GX7 for that

    – It’s not supposed to have hotshoe (it artificially deepens the camera to the hotshoe’s lenght and there’s a built in flash for flash control)

    – It’s not supposed to compete against the Sony A7/7r, EM1, GX7, EM5, Leica M, etc

    – It’s not a replacement for premium enthusiast camera so stop asking for premium features.

    – The price could be lower, sure, but this is a far more versatile alternative than the hordes of fixed lens cameras out there (remember the coolpix A’s price ?), this camera tackles 3 markets in one swift and elegant move:

    – P&S upgraders (no new entry DSLR is priced lower or is smaller than the GM1)
    – M4/3 users in search for a truly compact go-everywhere 2nd body
    – Large sensor Fixed Lens camera users who wish for more versatility

    If you don’t belong to any of those groups this is not the camera for you, so get out of this thread and actually buy the camera you are describing in your rants, I’m sure it’s out there.

    • alexander

      +1, well spoken !!!

      to that what people want we say in german: eierlegendewollmilchsau

      (this is an animal who give milk, eggs, meat & pullovermaterial) :-)

      • Good points all around, and I almost completely agree.

        Of course it doesn’t do everything, nor should it. I’m not going to make any judgements until I’ve seen the actual specs after release, but overall it looks to be a very nice ultracompact mirrorless camera for people who want exactly that.

    • BLI

      Although I agree on many of your points, I do not agree that wishing for an EVF, a hotshoe, etc is trolling.

      To me, the camera looks very nice (although I’m not sure whether I like the yellow (?) version :-) ).

      Some additional thoughts:
      – to me, a “pocket camera” should fit in the shirt pocket. Ideally. But still, this looks nice.
      – the sensor is certainly better than that of the RX100. But the 12-32 lens is considerably sliwer than that of the RX100… Which has a wider range and is 1.8-4.9(?). The big question is whether the considerably faster lens of the RX100 cancels out the better sensor of the GM1.
      – yes, the GM1 allows for changing lenses. I’m not sure whether this is a big advantage, because that will make the camera/lens combo large, sort of — and why not instead use the GX7/E-M1 then?

      Still, the camera looks nice. And may be interesting.

      • dav

        Yes it is. If you wish a hotshoe and viewfinder you have plenty of choices already from both Panasonic and Olympus.

        If you want them in a rangefinder form factor you have (only) the GX7. If you want something smaller than the GX7, while not reducing the flange and sensor size, you are at best wishful thinking, but probably trolling.

      • Anonymous

        BLI wrote:

        “- yes, the GM1 allows for changing lenses. I’m not sure whether this is a big advantage, because that will make the camera/lens combo large, sort of — and why not instead use the GX7/E-M1 then.?”

        And he raises a really interesting point.

        Why would anyone buy the tiniest M4/3 camera, and then want to put larger lenses on it? Clearly, this is intended as a second camera for a serious enthusiast. So being small is the most important feature.

        With all the different M4/3 models that already exist, the one style missing is a fixed lens compact. Why not build a “better RX100” based on a 4/3 sensor, which is twice as large? Of course, the lens would need a smaller zoom range and a slower aperture to keep the size small, but it certainly could be done.

        This is the product missing from the lineup. An M4/3 version of a Sigma DP2 or Ricoh GR.

        • Or you can just buy the Sigma DPx or the Ricoh GR.

        • John

          “Why would anyone buy the tiniest M4/3 camera, and then want to put larger lenses on it?”

          Well my main m43 camera is a GH3, a GM1 with the 35-100 would be an odd thing, but a lot smaller/lighter. (Having a RX100 I’m not likely to get one though, the f1.8 at the wide end is very handy.)

    • Denis

      You forgot one

      “It’s not supposed to sell”
      Because sadly that’s how it stacks up right now.
      I can buy the lack of EVF and hot shoe only if the price reflects that, it doesn’t so it’s a dead donkey before it’s even hit the shelves

    • Picterwow

      Hotshoes are old, ulgy and too big. They should find a new standard.

      • Anonymous

        Minolta tried that. It didn’t work out to well for them. JPEGs are obsolete, too, but try to find a camera that offers a better compressed format.

    • tbunny

      It’s not trolls. That’s an insult to trolls. It’s just plain morons. People quibbling about whether the smallest ever m43 camera is “pocketable”? Morons. I don’t care about the dimensions of your pockets. The whole discussion is pure idiocy.

    • Bollox

      “It’s not supposed to…” What do you know? Are you a product manager for Panasonic? Myself, I wouldn’t touch a camera with no viewfinder.
      Instead, it was a good idea to add dials, I can’t stand those menu-based toys.

    • Anonymous

      The camera itself is just Panny’s version of the Olympus EPM2, better in some ways and worse in others. Nothing revolutionary.
      The really clever (and important) thing is the tiny lens which really does help all the smaller m43 cameras to be more discreet and pocketable

  • Godot

    I like what I see and will consider it for my next body, BUT… if the price at launch really is $600 or even $700 + tax it will need at least one pleasant surprise (tilting LCD, hidden shoe/accessory port, IBIS…) to get me seriously interested. Without those things, and my assumption is none of them are there, I’ll wait until it drifts down under $500.

    • Anonymous

      Agree, I’ll wait till Christmas when it can probably be had for $439-499.

  • alexander

    i like the lense!

  • redeye37

    I would like to see a size comparison to the Olympus pm-# series.

    • Anonymous

      When official specs are released you’ll be able to see it here:


      In the mean time, you can compare it to the LF1, which is apparently about the same size:


      It’s a bit smaller in all dimensions.

      And here’s the LF1 compared to the GF6.


      • Bacek

        Don’t understand this hype. For me it looks pretty similar size to gf6. They could name it gf7. Panasonic has too many similar models.

  • Renato S.

    Wow, for the first time Panasonic is doing a good use of a smaller body for a smaller micro4/3 sensor! This lens, the high quality, the design, this camera really looks great. And it’s priced below the RX100, seems like a really interesting match up. I still think that Panasonic could make a fixed zoom 12-25mm f/2 or something with Micro4/3 sensor, but this is a pretty interesting camera, for sure.

  • Viezevure

    Looks good real good.

  • C. C.

    No hot shoe. The LX7 has a hot shoe. The Sony RX100 II has a hot shoe. Will not buy another m43 without one. Got rid of my GF3 because I really needed the hot shoe ( it was a mistake buying it). I need it even in a compact type of camera. Will wait for the GM2.

    • dav

      The other cameras you mentioned have a much smaller sensor size and not interchangeable lenses.

      Go buy the E-PM2 (small and with hotshoe) and take pictures with it instead of wasting your time on the internet.

      • C. C.

        Stop wasting my time with worthless crap, and stop wasting your time on the Internet. Your logic is wrong. They can sure as hell put a hotshoe on the GM1 and it has nothing to do with the sensor size.

        • John

          Firstly it’s too thin for a hot-shoe so they would have to make it thicker adding significantly to the volume.
          Secondly off-camera flash will give better results, so just set the flashgun of your choice to slave mode, hold it in your other hand and use the on-camera flash to (i) trigger it and (ii) add some fill. You’ll get a much better result. Check out any serious flash site or pro photographer for why off-camera flash is better (hint, makes the subject look 3D rather than flat).

    • JC

      If you really need hotshoe, might be better off with gx7 or g6. Once you put a speedlite on this thing, the size will be too big anyway to carry in small pocket.

      • dau

        why on earth would you need a hotshoe for a camera designed to be as small as possible? putting a big ass flash/mic on top defeats the whole purpose for this cameras existance!!!!!!!!!!

        • What about wanting to put a small-ass flash on it? ;-)

          Anyway, for short range lighting, an LED light like the Nikon LD-1000 can be attached via the tripod thread.

        • Anonymous

          Or adding an LVF-2.

  • Anonymous

    The best looking Panasonic camera I’ve seen. The cream and silver is beautiful.

  • AMVR

    Now that my rant about rants is over I’d like to highlight some of the things I like/dislike about GM1 so far.


    -Design: Very leica-ish, this is as close to a pocketable digital CL as we’re gonna get, far better alternative than Leica’s own fixed zoom alternatives IMO

    -Controls, We can already see that there’s another dial besides the PASM dial, Exp. comp. maybe ? also, it seems the shutter button also has a dial like the GX7. If pany is able to put a rear dial somewhere in there then this is one sweet little camera.

    -Features: From what I can see there’s a built-in flash to the top left of the camera (there’s a clear line on the top plate), that, or there’s a flash-shoe cover, but I doubt it.

    Kit: I think the star of this announcement is the pancake kit zoom. This is what the PZ should’ve been in the first place, I have actually commented on the idea of a compact pancake zoom with a 12mm wide end so this is a dream come true. I’ll still get the 12-40 2.8 for serious work but this new tiny zoom will be my everyday zoom for sure.

    All in all this announcement is a excellent move by Panny, they really needed to start capitalizing on the Micro aspect of M4/3, too many faux DSLRs and too few P&S upgraders jumping ship to m4/3. This new offering really strengthens the system against competition. There are more powerful, tecnically better systems out there but m4/3 is now literally the most varied and versatile camera system out there, mirrorless or not. There’s simply no other digital mount out there with as many types of lenses and bodies, m4/3 has almost every base covered now…Almost…I’m still waiting for some kind of T/S solution for m4/3, there were once some Tilt+Shift adapters for FD a few years back but they’re impossible to find now. M4/3 would be a perfect partner to MF for architectural photography, both extremes of the DOF scale, I whish the was at least a Rhino cam alternative for m4/3.

    • dav

      In general, agree with your assessments, even if my needs are very different from yours.

      The 12mm wide is really what was sorely needed (just as comparison, many Nikon zooms are 24-something) and makes the utterly necessity of a m43 small/cheap 12mm prime less urgent (it is still needed, but less so).

      Many details remains to be seen (e.g. quality of the glass, of the sensor, of the controls, etc) but Panasonic usually has delivered them at least right, sometimes great.

      I can’t afford the rumored price right now, but I might for Christmas, especially if it goes on sale for $499. This does not mean is “too expensive”, just that I can’t afford it right now at that price. If it’s expensive of cheap depends on the details mentioned above. It might even be “very cheap” if it’s great glass, great sensors and great controls.

      The things I don’t like are:

      * the lack of (minuscule) grip, which is easily solvable with a Flipbac FBG2 Camera Grip (so no big deal, but hate to see the same mistake of the E-PM1 repeated)

      * the fact that the combo GM1 + Olympus 45mm does not have Image Stabilization

      The latter is not necessarily a flaw of GM1, it could well be a flaw of the lens! I truly believe that this IBIS vs OIS should have been negotiated better by the 4/3 and m4/3 partners and agreed on something truly compatible before they started the system. Unfortunately the did not, as they did not with software CA correction. It makes me angry, but as I said that’s an agreement issues among partners, not a flaw of this rumored camera.

  • Anonymous

    What about the video? Mic jack? 60p?

    • Anonymous

      Jeez, can’t you keep your pants on for two more days?

  • fvanzela

    good reason to think about changing my EPL5 for a lumix again. Sensor good enough for me, and size smaller than any other CSC ever.

  • CaverDave

    No hotshoe and no evf so it is not going to be a camera I will even consider. I will stick with my E-M5 and E-M1 and just maybe add an GX7 in the future.

    • Doug

      I like your collection of cameras but wanted to ask what the GX7 would add to a collection of OMDs? Aren’t they comparable? And the GX7 isn’t really smaller. Beautiful, however.

      • CaverDave

        I just love the looks of the GX7. A rangefinder style body with both an EVF and flash. Still it doesn’t add anything for me so I will not be getting one any time soon. Maybe in a year or so when the price drops and the E-M5 needs replacing.

        • Doug

          Yup. The GX7 is Fuji caliber retro stunning. I want one too.

  • Anonymous

    AMVR, I mostly agree with you but the added depth of a hot shoe is trivial. They wouldn’t even need to raise the height of the body. Many cameras used to have hot shoes that were raised above the top of the body. A few cameras have even had removable hot shoes, so if you didn’t want to use it there would be no size impact at all. Just a socket on top of the camera that could be filled with a flush-mounted plastic screw.

    While I agree that some of the wishes are a bit over the top, a hot shoe really would have been a trivial addition, and would have allowed the use of an EVF.

    I also don’t think someone saying “I’m not going to buy it because it doesn’t have ‘x'” is saying the camera should be a DLSR. It’s saying it’s not for “me.”

    • I think part of his point is that many people express ‘it’s not for me’ as ‘it’s not for anyone and should never have been made, what a piece of crap’.

    • dav

      The hotshoe (or socket) needs space inside, both mechanically and electronically, which is not trivial, especially if you are pushing the envelope about making something the “smallest camera with a m43 mount”.

      If you want a “smallish” but not “smallest”, then maybe it’s trivial, but that is just “yet another” E-PM2 or GX1 or GX7. I personally own a E-PM1 and it’s too large for me (despite not having an internal flash). I don’t give a shit for the hotshoe or the accessory port and therefore I welcome Panasonic’s move.

      If the hotshoe (or socket) is essential for you, buy a camera from the GX or PM series not from the GF or GM series, it’s that simple!

  • simon

    nice I really like it. actually I really want a sony A7 with the 35, but this one will fit much better in my budget (and pocket) even if I add the 17/1.8, and it is quite a bit smaller (like mft should be, otherwise what is the point?) and I’ll probably actually use it because it is cheap.
    I hope they will sell it also without the kit lens.

  • peevee

    The lens looks much bigger than on the XF1 and RX100, stop false information.

    • Milt

      Explain please

  • Gnorak

    I like the design, and it really looks to be the smallest M43 camera to date. Now I’m hoping it has a tiltable screen and video-quality comparable to G6 or GX7. I’ll have to take it in my hands to decide, but it might just replace my RX100.

  • Andy

    This camera is tiny, and think the lens makes it look larger than it actually is, since the lens is also tiny!! We know it’s got a 37mm filter thread, so you can scale the image from that. I found it to be about 99 x 55 mm or 109 x 58 mm including the dials and lugs. That actually makes it smaller than the lf1, and it looks pretty thin too.

    My only hope is that it does have some kind of accessory port hidden at the back, I would seriously miss the viewfinder on my G3.

  • nik

    that’s 2 stops slower than rx100, and the size (with any lens attached) isn’t pocketable. and you will get the troublesome of lens cap. no thanks.

  • Pixnat

    Love it, well done Panasonic !

  • Garypen

    The one thing I’m interested to see in the announcement is which sensor it will be using. As much as I like Panasonic’s implementation of M43 overall, their all-too-often re-use of old sensors in new and otherwise cutting edge models has been annoying.

    • Garypen

      Oops. I didn’t see that it had the GX7 sensor. In that case, well done Panasonic!

  • Anonymous

    All these weeniewhinners. I’ll make you a bet, that this outsells all the Ep series combined. Granted, I would have liked a tiny built in VF and a hot shoe, but never the less, this is a one of a kind combo right now and many people will buy it. I never bought any of the GF series, because they always had the old sensors and for a back up to my GH’s, I wanted something with at least as good a sensor – now I will have.

  • Olf

    rx100m2 competitor ?
    – more expensive : check
    – bigger : check
    – slower “equivalent” aperture at all focal lengths (despite bigger sensor) : check (DOF and noise)
    – much shorter zoom range : check
    – no stabilization : check
    – no tilt screen : check
    – silent ?

    • Jørgen

      Can be the size of the Sony RX100. Can be used with much better and faster lenses. Has a better sensor. Has most likely better AF. has most likely much better video. At the same price. To each ther own. RX100II is very good at what it does but other than size it is just a P&S vs an interchangable lens cam.

      • Olf

        it is not P&S vs interchangeable lenses camera.
        it is P&S vs interchangeable lenses camera + lens combo. And it is interesting only if you choose combo people will likely use…
        This camera is for size, and will be a pain to use with medium to large lenses.

        • Milt

          Interchangeable lens cameras are always better buys that fixed lens cameras. Camera bodies are obsolete when bought, and replaced in six months to a year. This applies to both fixed lens and interchangeable lens camera bodies. But with an interchangeable lens camera, the kit lens is often (but not always) the real value, and can be used with different bodies down the line – eg the 20mm, the 14-45mm. Manufacturers love to sell us fixed lens camera that we feel we need to upgrade, but without the added value of interchangeable lenses. Here Panasonic is offering an interesting body-lens combination that may make the lens a relative bargain both now and down the road.

  • Jørgen

    Boohboohbooh!!!! More diversity in m43 land, GX7…E-M1 and GM1 are all very different. So let’s be supercritical and write them off! Haha.

    Thx Oly and Panny for those recent, excellent products!

    • Garypen

      Well said.

  • Dave

    No EVF capability = no sale for me and many many others.

  • Ash

    Its not about the camera, its about the LENS.

    Cameras are disposable and forgettable.

  • teguhsarif (indo)

    it is not as super as i imagine before…

  • Turin

    Oh no! Nikon will sue!

  • markopolo

    If u guys really really really want a pocketable sized camera, go grab the Rollei 35! VF! HOTSHOE! Not to mention full frame.. Teehee

    • Anonymous

      I already have one. Ergonomics are terrible though. :-)

  • Anonymous

    f5.6 at 32mm???
    I’ll pass.

  • Now that’s a cool little camera.

    If the lens is good I might want one for my E-M5 as a vacation walkaround, but if the video quality is any good when the price on the body drops eventually I’d seriously consider one as a backup/vacation/pocket camera over the Olympus minis.

  • Rawfa

    I agreed with AMVR. People just don’t get this camera. This is intended to be a POCKET camera to go against the likes of the RX100 II and I really think it’s going to make a kill (it has the GX7 sensor, people!) Don’t like it? Check out Panasonic’s GX series, the GF series and the GH series. Unlike most people here I was actually hopping for it to be even smaller :) It’s hard to imagine that zoom lens fitting into a pocket.
    I’m a Sony NEX guy, but I’ve owned an EP1, GF1, GF3, GH1 and GH2 and I always missed the dynamic range and high iso capabilities of a larger sensor, but micro 4/3 is evolving a lot and you just gotta love this system’s small lenses. If I were to come back to micro 4/3 I would definitely get this camera and a more pro body like GH3 or the EM1.

  • AW

    Cute little camera, very small dimensions. And I expect it will still have better video than the EM-1.

    • mooboy

      Going on past Panny cameras, it should have better video than the EM-1. If so, I can see it replacing my GH2 as backup camera and general nice mini camera.

      Can it replace the Sony RX100 (for me?)- Not so sure. Once that lens goes on (or a 14mm or 20mm pancake), it’s more like a LX-5 size, and isn’t something that can be as easily slipped into a pocket. Of course, could use the Oly lens cap on it.. but then stuck at f/8

      Still, a very interesting camera, looking forwad to its announcement and more specs. But like others, I’m looking at this to be a nice second camera to the E-M1 (especvially if they don’t cripple the video)

      • mooboy

        Oh yeah, although I may be in the minority here, one thing I loved about the RX100 is you don’t need to carry a charger, can just charge the battery via camera usb port (like a mobile phone).

        For this to be a case of shut up and take my money, my dream list would be:
        – Can charge battery through USB port
        – GX7 equiv. video (24p, not too small compression rate)
        – In a kit with the 20mm f/1.7 II

  • sorry if it’s already been said.. too many posts to read all.. but looks like ring twists to first extend lens, then turned further to zoom. Perhaps the is a focus ring too that gets revealed when extending the lens?!

  • Anonymous

    As one said before, the camera looks to be exactly as high as the lens mount, which would be around 52 mm (dials excluded, but then is just another 2 mmm), GX1 in comparison is 68 mm. RX100 is 58mm…

  • Berni


    I have been waiting for something like this. It looks great. I just hope that it has wifi/nfc and decent video as per the LX7. VF would have been nice, but being able to control from a smartphone makes up for a lot.


  • Anonymous

    Why Mega OIS and not Power OIS? Power OIS is much better.

  • Looks very nice, very stylish. They should make a kit with 14mm and 20mm pancake primes and a new 40mm F2.8 pancake, just for this one :).

    And I really don’t know why they’ve given up on 14-42mm pancake zoom. New pancake zoom is not noticeably smaller.

  • Catalin

    Finally an answer from Panasonic to the Sony RX100. And what an answer ! Good job, Panasonic. 2 years late, but the achievement must be praised.

    I will probably buy one, because nothing quite matched the feel of my first enthusiast camera, the LX3. And I owned the RX100 too.

    This is what m43 was all about from the beginning. Small cameras and small lenses. Olympus E-M1 is now officially dead with the arrival of the Sony A7 and A7r.

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