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(FT5) First image of the silver E-M10 and the cool 14-42mm lens cap


Digicameinfo posted that image of the Silver E-M10 including the new 14-42mm pancake zoom with attachable lens cap. I think I am really going to like that lens cap :)

The Silver E-M10 looks also quite good!


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FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • kl

    looking really nice

    • Bob B.

      I think that there might be some magic involve…but I am not sure….

  • Cutters

    Will it have the accessory port like the others?

    • Bob B.

      I am glad to see the flash shoe…as in the initial image release you could not see that because of the angle…It does not look like there is an accessory port tho…look at the space in the back between the flash shoe and the top of the eye cup…they look VERY close with no room for a port. Can’t tell for sure….but it looks that way.

      • Ross

        It’s quite possible they left out the accessories port as they did for the Stylus 1, because there isn’t that much of a need for it now. With a Built-In EVF & WiFi that only leaves the MAL-1 Macro Arm Light, PP-1 PenPal Bluetooth Unit & SEMA-1 Stereo Microphone Adapter Set that could be used if there was a port (other EVF’s do work on ports of E-M5 & 1 if really wanted). The Macro Arm Light is replaceable with one from JJC at a 1/4 of the price using its own batteries, the PenPal has less need now WiFi is included & the Stereo Mic Adapter is not as likely to be used as there are better video cameras that can take that adapter or have a direct mic input, if video was a priority.

        Also, the shoulders of the E-M10 are lower than the E-M5 which would indicate the 16:9 ratio screen (lower height) that’s used on the E-PL5 is used here too.

  • Nottroll

    Next: E-M10 with E-M5 body textures, and E-M1 with E-M10 body textures

  • ohhh… that is a nifty lens cap!

    • rpm40

      The cap is indeed very cool- it almost looks like the built in covers on point and shoots. I wonder how it works…

      If that’s the case, I hope they sell them separately for a decent price- I’d buy a couple!

      • rrr_hhh

        I don’t see where an integrated flash could popup. I think it will just be included like on the E-M5 or some Pens.

        • Bobo

          I was just going to write the same thing when I saw this earlier post. The photos don’t show any obvious implementation for an onboard flash.

          Note: I don’t really care, so it’s not an issue; I rather like the flash situation with my EM-5s, and one has been attached to the camera since the day I bought it.

        • Mr.Chainsaw

          The olympus hump goes up a bit and the flash is below. It is the same with the stylus 1.

          • eliot

            i had never seen it, so i had to google it
            heres imaging resources review of the stylus 1, it shows the flash in the picture thatll load nearbottom of yer window

          • Ross

            That photo (or image) certainly doesn’t show the separation lines or shape for a Built-In Flash as it is on my Stylus 1. It seems that was just a wish or assumption because it was on the Stylus 1, but I do like the convenience of it being there, even if it is low in power & this OM-D looks like it will be just like the other OM-D’s with no flash built in. The other limiting factor would be how far the ‘prism-like’ hump extends out the front to house the flash. The E-M5 measures 47mm from the back of the EVF (without VF cup) to the front of the hump while the Stylus 1 is 53mm from front to back. The E-M5 has a 4mm overhang (at the front) & the Stylus 1 8mm since it doesn’t need to clear unknown interchangeable lenses & isn’t noticeable with the fixed lens (12mm long from body flange without lens cap).

            • tokugawa

              It does show separation lines. It doesnt have to be like the Stylus 1, it looks like it’s similarly hinged like on Nikon or Canon DSLRs (where the longer hinge means it can rise up higher, which is beneficial for flash shooting).

        • Berneck

          I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely see lines that would suggest a built-in flash. I know to many enthusiasts the lack of a built-in flash is no big deal, but it will be a huge mistake if this camera doesn’t have one. In fact the E-M5 should have one, also. I get it if the E-M1 doesn’t, but people would use it if it was there. I leave that stupid accessory at home, because it looks stupid on the camera, and does get caught on things, in turn activating it when I don’t want flash. There are times when I could use some fill flash, but it’s not enough to always carry that thing around. If I know I’ll need flash I’ll bring a more powerful one anyway.

  • guido

    Nice idea. But I still can’t see any kind of integrated flash in the camera body…

    • tokugawa

      I do. See the gap below the OLYMPUS logo that goes sideways almost until the EVF eyepiece? The upper part of this will pop up, similar to Nikon/Canon DSLRs.

    • Do

      Maybe this picture of the Stylus 1’s flash gives you a hint:

    • Ross

      There is no flash built in unfortunately, so your eyes aren’t deceiving you. See my comment above & also, there is no button for the flash release.

      • Berneck

        There are no images of the rear of the camera yet. We won’t know for sure until we see that. Again, it would be a big mistake if there is no flash. I hope Olympus is smarter than that. Then again, they have left it out on their glorified point and shoot Pen cameras in the past.

        • Ross

          Mistake or not, if that image is as it is then it will be like the E-M5 & E-M1 without a built in flash. Both the E-M1 & 5 have sold pretty well despite there being no pop-up flash, but I do like it in my Stylus 1 though.

  • Hm

    Oly, you are doping a great job, beautiful!

  • alexander

    Lens Cap. very well idea !!! :-)

    hope there is a flash…

    • No filter threads. Probably doesn’t matter to many people, but I wouldn’t buy it.

      • Or maybe there are filter threads?

  • Froggy

    I usualy prefer black lenses on sliver body but it doesn’t look that bad as it is shown here :)

    I just hope they won’t charge some extra $$ for the lens cap ;)

  • peevee

    Love it. If it is weather-sealed and properly priced (up to $900 for the kit) it is going to be epic.

    • Andrew Rizal

      I hope it will be weathershield .

      • rpm40

        I doubt it- wouldn’t it be too similar to the E-M5?

      • Ash

        It will not be weather sealed.

  • Camaman

    I dont get the concept of this lenscap?
    Ok its automatic i get that.
    But why is it detachable?
    And because it is detachable its got those “ears” that make it look weird.

    • Yo

      Maybe it’s detachable, because you could also attach a lens hood instead of the cap?

    • You have to remove it if you want to use a filter.

    • Those “ears” are also a design legacy from the OM era, where the shutter speed ring surrounding the mount of the OM SLRs also looked like that :)

    • rrr_hhh

      I don’t think it is a separated cap. I think that it is integrated in the lens and you open/close it by turning those wings.

  • Yun

    Yes , another nice camera on it’s way .
    But I still can’t find a good reason to buy it since it still under the same generation of sensor & I love my GX7 so much .
    The X200 or X Pro 2 or Leica new mirrorless camera likely what I want to have for this year .

    • yaa

      So you have a camera for maybe 3 months now, like it a lot (or so you say) but want a new camera this year?

      • goofy

        Yes… Battery empty….

  • Photo101

    I expect Olympus marketing to again come up with an up charge for the special edition texture just like their foolish pricing on black lenses.

  • Yo

    Maybe it’s detachable, because you could also attach a lens hood instead of the cap?

  • Arpan

    I wish someone would give make a camera with a flash that can bounce the light off the room, similar to the old Panasonic 43rds camera. I never use direct flash if I can avoid it, because I hate how the photos look.

    All they need to do is let this flash rotate go up 90 degrees or more instead of the standard 45-60 degrees!

    • Todd

      The GM1 has a tiltable flash, unfortunately it has a low sync speed and guide number as part of that deal… but still works decent for fill when shooting impromptu portraits.

      • Arpan

        Cool. I didn’t realize that. I just looked it up on Dpreview and you have to hold it with your finger for the bounce to work, but I think I can manage that. Even if the flash is tiny, it should be enough to give an extra stop of light in very low light, which should make the difference in making a picture usable.

      • Arpan

        It’s small size is also something that is very attractive to me, and will probably be the camera I buy when I decide to upgrade my GF1

    • OldAlaskan

      The E-PL1 flash is can be tilted straight up with a finger. It’s a useful feature.

    • Jacquesass
  • Tim F

    The lens caps looks cool, if it works the way i think and is screwed into the filterthread, it could work on the old 17/2.8 as well. that would be quite usefull for some usefull super compact solutions

  • They should hire engineers and get rid of “designers”. Or just sell mockups that do not even take any images (for the same price).

    When will Olympus put emphasis on imaging??

    • mike

      What are you talking about? Olympus with its engineers has pioneered all kinds of technology that benefits imaging and photographers. Recently, 5 axis IBS for example. You think designers came up with that?

      Nothing wrong with having designer input to make technology look decent. Apple has proven that.

      If you want a simple brick, carve a piece of wood and make a pinhole camera. Those facilitate a completely different and very organic way of working. And it’s up to you if you want to style it or or keep the brick.

    • Anonymous

      Because most people who spend a lot of money on a camera want it to look and feel good as well as take nice pictures.

  • matthias

    There will be a also a silver version! If the buttons on the back (e.g. preview) are not so tiny as the ones in the E-M5 I’ll instantly buy this!

  • rrr_hhh

    Nice, but i would like to see the back of the camera and its top too : how many buttons are there ?

  • Jankoff

    Instead of permanently lowering the ISO performance of their m43 cameras – cf. DXoMark’s results for all the m43 cameras with the new Sony sensor, Olympus ought to have made a DSLR with the new sensor and stabilization. This product is totally absurd and irrelevant. Technically it offers absolutely nothing in comparison to the previous models and is aimed at buyers who have no understanding of what is happening or are simply buying on the basis of looks and at random. At a high price …

    • rrr_hhh

      It is an entry level model and will come at a lower price. If you don’t like it, or if you already own a higher end model, just pass this one. There is no matter for a rant. Or would you prefer that the entry level model comes with the old Panasonic 12 Meg sensor ?

      • These people are absurd, they never consider that a new camera is even more for new buyers than old ones.

        Their greed pushes them to discard a perfectly good camera after 6 months, and if the new camera doesn’t correspond to their mad dreams, they start to diss and bitch.

        I do hope that Oly managers and engineers never read this forum, it should be v. depressing after they constant effort to improve every new model.

        People had more respect in the past, before criminality spread in the richest country.

        • C. C.

          am – stop with the anti-American crap – because that is what it is – pure crap. In your country, gypsies and others run wild pickpocketing everyone on the streets. Foreigners become easy prey. Clean up your own house before criticizing others. And get back on your medication.

          • I didn’t name a country, you did. And where are from 99% of the trolls in this forum? You should know better, instead of complaining all the time -another feature of midbrow gone to the dogs.

            • yaa

              Actually you did in your last line. Too bad, except for that silly bit of text, your post makes a lot of sense.

            • Fish

              Then what country are you talking about? If you are going to make bigoted stereotypes about an entire nation of people, you could at least be man enough to admit it. And since you seem to think that everyone who disagrees with you is American, I’ll save you the racist remarks – I’m Canadian.

              People were more respectful in the past indeed…

              • Where are the trolls here? Where is your photography? Who always complains against m4/3? LOL

    • yaa

      I’m still waiting for you to read and understand

    • Anonymous

      So any time a manufacturer releases a new entry level camera it is a waste of time and money because their flagship camera is better ?
      Strange logic there.

    • Berneck

      Jeex, the tangents people go on in these forums is funny. Anyway, this camera is not absurd. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. Entry level. I’m going to bet that the image quality will even be a little better than the E-M5. And, I will bet it will have a few things the E-M5 does not, like better buttons, wifi, flash, maybe better viewfinder, etc. That being said, it won’t have the build quality. That’s how this works. The good things trickle down, and in some cases are even improved on the lower end models, and then the next iteration of higher end models will surpass them, and then it all trickles down all over again.

  • Jankoff

    I got the E-PM2 from the US for $350 (~€270) which, with the 25mm Leica (€470), makes a killer combination for low light and high IQ, and almost everything else. In ISO performance the E-PM2 beats the E-M5 and blows the E-M1 out of the water (see DXoMark). It is stupid to spend the rumoured €750 or $750 for this thing if it offers nothing new. If it does, …. Well, I might like it and buy it. But I highly doubt such a probability.

    • C. C.

      You’re hallucinating again. Put that 25mm lens (which I have) on either the E-M5 or E-M1 (which I have), and you have a powerhouse combination which blows the E-PM2 out of the water.

      • Viezevure

        Pffff mwahaha powerhouse with tiny sensor. Lol.

    • yaa

      Instead of repeating this silly rant and making yourself look like a fool, how about trying to read and understand

      • Anonymous

        The truth is he couldn’t afford the higher level cameras and keeps on repeating this to make himself feel better.

        • Jankoff

          I CAN afford a E-M1. But I must be a 100% crazy fool to spend more for a tiny m43 sensor instead of less for FF (A7).

  • Cupid Stunt

    With this new lens cap, can you still attach a hood with it in place? Is it still possible to reverse the hood for storage? Maybe they need a new series of overpriced hoods to go with the new lens cap. I would consider combining the hood with the new cap as a better strategy.

    So Olympus how about designing an automatic rear lens cap so we can change lenses quicker and avoid the inevitable fumbling around with the caps?

  • I still ask myself how they couldn’t make PDAF at the sensor. Would be something for people who had an E-620 before and have some 43 lenses they want to use, and don’t need/want/ or can’t buy an expensive camera like the E-M1.

    • C. C.

      Because it is an entry-level OM-D. Put all the extras that you want on the E-M10 and you have an E-M1. Each addition (including on-sensor PDAF) adds to the cost. Verstehen Sie?

  • Viezevure

    Mmmm bad Fuji ripoff.

    • Sören

      Just wondering. How can a clone of the E-M5, which started the retro-hype, be a Fuji Ripoff? How I hate all these “manufacturer X copied design from manufacturer Y”, especially when it is complete nonsense like your post.

    • Fish

      Shenkie arent you due for another name change?

  • AMVR

    What is it with this site and trolls ? they’re eating away any joy that this site used to deliver…Admin, again, can’t you just download a plugin or implement a better comment system ? we really need to filter these trolls out of here.


    Back on topic. Don’t you people understand the basic notion of product stratification ?

    EM10- ENTRY LEVEL = EPM range

    EM5 – Mid tier = EPL range

    EM1 – Pro level = EP range

    *Of course, the Pen range itself sita below the OMD range (still, they should put an EVF into the next EP model IMO)but the logic is the same.

    Asking for PDAF in the EM10 is like asking for 5 axis in the E-PM2, it’s just nonsense. Don’t you people think things through ? If every olympus m43 camera had the exact same features and design, what would be the point of having different bodies ? what would differentiate one from another ? how would you begin to price them ?

    There’s such a thing as consumer groups, not everyone is looking for an EM1.

    • yaa

      Actually… everyone is looking for a free E-M1 with a magic body that changes size and shape depending on the needs du jour and with built-in infinite range variable ND filter and speed-booster, oh, and less then 10g weight please!

      • AMVR

        Naah, they would still complain:

        – Why is it free ? if it’s that cheap ir must be crap, right? I want/need to pay leica dolars for my gear in order to be taken seriously.

        – Why is it Olympus ? why can’t it be Pany

        – Why does it have to change size ? can’t they make up their minds ? I think it would be cheaper without that feature

        – I don’t like built-in filters, why not ISO 10 ?

        – Why does it have to be a speed booster, why not a lens turbo ?

        – 10g sounds to light for me, I need the heft and bulk of a D4, if it’s not 4Kg it’s not a serous camera

        And on, and on, and on…You get the idea. People here don’t take photos, they just wank at spec sheets.

    • jackknill

      Wouldn’t expect PDAF on EM-10, but it would be nice to see on the em-5 replacement!

  • someone

    But will it shoot 24p?

    No 24p = no buy.

    • Oluv

      What’s wrong with 25p?
      I doubt you will be able to distinguish footage taken at 25p from footage taken with 24p

      • yaa

        24p is useful for recording projected movies :-)

  • The grip is indeed small :(. What a pity…

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