(FT5) First image of the new Panasonic GX7!


UPDATE: The image of the GX7 can be seen at Postimg and Tinypic.


This is the first image of the brand new Panasonic GX7 that will be announced in August! As you see Panasonic goal was to revive the glorious Four Thirds L1 camera (here on eBay). And some of you also saw a touch of Fuji X-M1 (very similar back!) on the new GX7. And this could not be casual because Fuji and Panasonic are working together on the new organic sensor tech. That said here are the specs:

– The leaked document says it’s 16Megapixel but I heard it’s 18MP. This makes me think the sensor may be multiaspect. Which means 18 megapixel sensor with 16 megapixels effective resolution (like it was on the GH2!).
– It has a Magnesium body and comes in full black or black-silver.
– It has an on sensor stabilization (first ever for Pana).
– Same video quality as the GH3
– Shutter speed up to 1/8000
– 5fps (4fps with continuous A)
– it can focus also in very dark conditions
– Tiltable 2,76 Million Dot EVF
– Tiltable 3 inch LCD (1,04 Million dots)
– Integrated WiFi and NFC
– Focus peaking
– Stereo Mic
– Shipment in September
– Body only price 1.000 Euro
– There will be two kit version. One with 14-42 and one with 20mm lens.

So, do you like the new Panasonic? Me…yes!

Thanks Harry and Ulrich!!!

  • Karen G.

    Tiltable EVF and
 tiltable LCD. Why?! They just duplicates function.

    • Macintosh Sauce

      At least they give you the option when using either the EVF or the LCD screen. :)

    • Duarte Bruno

      Cheers Karen.
      It’s not a function duplication because the EVF and LCD don’t play exactly the same function.
      Ex: it’s extremely unlikely that you would take a shot close to the ground with the tiltable EVF.
      And I’m sure some photographers would rather use a tilted EVF on tripod mounted cameras if there is too much sun light outside.
      I understand your point, in 80-90% of my shooting situations the EVF does duplicate the LCD’s functions, but there are situations where each has it’s own advantages. Having said that if I had to opt I would clearly go with a tiltable LCD instead of EVF.

    • Mark

      I like using a viewfinder, and honestly it’ll be nice to have a GX7 on a tripod and not have to get in a awkward position to use the viewfinder.
      We’ll have a choice!
      Also 2.7 million dot sounds amazing!

  • Macintosh Sauce

    I’m buying my first digital camera with interchangeable lenses soon – either the GH3 or the rumored GH5. Personally, I have zero desire to lug around a 35mm FF or APS-C camera body and all of the lenses I’d get. The Micro Four Thirds format really appeals to me, since I have a back injury from an accident in the Canadian military that left me permanently disabled. So, camera body and lens weights are important to me.

    After trying out the new G5 with the 14-42mm and 45-100mm lenses bundle that we got for my wife’s niece, I am convinced that m4/3 is the way to go. The G5 felt so nice in my hands. :D I want the GH3 (or GH5) with a battery grip though.

    The GX7 would be great for my wife as a Christmas present. :)

  • matt jones

    High quality stabilised video sounds very good to me, I hope it’s as good as the OMD 5-axis, or at least close.

  • Arfur

    how are you going to be able to use the tiltable EVF with a flash fitted?

    • Macintosh Sauce

      Well, I guess you would use it in the horizontal position like people normally do, or you have the choice of using the tilt-able LCD screen. :)

    • Ragnarok

      Not tilting it? Sigh…

      • Macintosh Sauce

        At least with the Lumix GX7 you have an EVF built-in, and you can use a hotshoe flash if necessary. On the PEN E-P5? Not so much. You can’t use the external FT-4 EVF with a hotshoe flash. The Lumix GX7 is a nice design, since it allows the use of both.

      • arfur

        so whats the point in having the evf tiltable if it’s functionality is crippled when using either on or off cam flash or any other device one might wish to stick on the flash shoe. lots of additional engineering (and inflated price because of the “feature”) for something with only limited use. personally I don’t see the need for tiltable EVF if you have the tiltable screen.

  • Duarte Bruno

    I have to say I’m TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED with the GX7.

    This absolutely failed placement of the EVF leaves me with no way to activate the Touch shutter with my nose WITHOUT tilt/shifting the LCD, which is what everyone has been asking since the day the GF1 came out…

    Shame on you Panasonic. I bet you won’t sell 10 cameras. :P

    • Duarte Bruno

      BTW, why the hell doesn’t the battery compartment/card slot tilt and shifts??? Absolutely needed when mounted on tripod!

      We should really make a big fire and burn the GX7 designers… :O

      • Duarte Bruno

        … and their mothers!

  • Carl

    Looks like a strong addition to the m43 family.

    – looks like the built-in flash will have two modes (tilt and normal).
    – a switch under the mode dial – perhaps for drive mode?
    – a reasonable side front grip – it’s width suggests the GX7 might pack a larger battery than previous models (I hope so!)
    – second dial around shutter button – looks serrated on top to ease turning.
    – a good thumb rest given the small body
    – at least 4 custom buttons

    OM-D, E-P5 and this GX-7. excellent to have the choice.

    • My bet is that the switch under the mode dial is simply on/off, and the second dial around shutter has a function similar to the well-known lever from G5/G6.

    • Mark

      Dial around the shutter seems great, presumably we’ll be able to assign aperture or shutter to one dial and the other to the rear dial like the GH3.
      Or when is A or S, use the shutter dial as EV comp.

      Also loving wi-fi on my GH3, use the tethering to my phone feature quite regularly so very glad they kept it on the GX7.

  • Z

    Can’t say I like how much the EVF sticks out…isn’t going to be as pocket-friendly as my old GF1 that this would be replacing. Still, better than no EVF for my uses.

  • john robison

    The specs always seem to tell you how many million dot the EFV is but don’t tell you the refresh rate.

  • Paul

    Not sure why there’s so much negativity here. The GX7 (if it lives up to its rumours) looks a really nice camera and probably a real competitor to both the E-M5 and E -PL5 as well as the Nex 6 and Fuji XE1. Given the need/opportunity, I could see me buying one.

    On the u43 vs other formats debate, it seems to me that the one area where u43 wins is the size of the lenses. You only need compare the Panasonic 12-35/2.8 with equivalent zooms in APS-C or FF formats to realise the advantages – less than half the size and a third of the weight.

    And, you can get u43 cameras in sizes to suit taste ranging from the ‘DSLR’-sized GH3 down to things like the E-PM2 and the GX1. Personally, I think the u43 format has a lot going for it. I can’t see FF going to die, but ru43 offers such a size and weight advantage over APS-C DSLRs without losing anything to them on IQ.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the grip will be good (better than OMD) and that IBIS will be good with primes. I don’t need it to be as good as em5, but at least that it can be leaved to “on” most of the time without loosing sharpness.

    If so, this camera will be mine even at full price.

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