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(FT5) First image of the new Panasonic GX7!


UPDATE: The image of the GX7 can be seen at Postimg and Tinypic.


This is the first image of the brand new Panasonic GX7 that will be announced in August! As you see Panasonic goal was to revive the glorious Four Thirds L1 camera (here on eBay). And some of you also saw a touch of Fuji X-M1 (very similar back!) on the new GX7. And this could not be casual because Fuji and Panasonic are working together on the new organic sensor tech. That said here are the specs:

– The leaked document says it’s 16Megapixel but I heard it’s 18MP. This makes me think the sensor may be multiaspect. Which means 18 megapixel sensor with 16 megapixels effective resolution (like it was on the GH2!).
– It has a Magnesium body and comes in full black or black-silver.
– It has an on sensor stabilization (first ever for Pana).
– Same video quality as the GH3
– Shutter speed up to 1/8000
– 5fps (4fps with continuous A)
– it can focus also in very dark conditions
– Tiltable 2,76 Million Dot EVF
– Tiltable 3 inch LCD (1,04 Million dots)
– Integrated WiFi and NFC
– Focus peaking
– Stereo Mic
– Shipment in September
– Body only price 1.000 Euro
– There will be two kit version. One with 14-42 and one with 20mm lens.

So, do you like the new Panasonic? Me…yes!

Thanks Harry and Ulrich!!!

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