(FT5) First Full size pictures of the E-M5!!! (via Amazon Japan)


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Finally that small image leak madness is over. This is the first full size picture of the upcoming new Olympus E-M5! As you see there is an external battery grip attached. It has an OM-4T like design. And here is the picture of the back (Click on it to enlarge):

This picture have been found at Amazon Japan (Click here). There is even a picture of a person with the new camera (Click here) on a polish forum!

Design opinion: As I told you yesterday the back of the camera looks a bit clunky. At the same time it looks very solid and “DSLR professional” alike. It’s a complete different approach than a Fuji X PRO 1 rangefinder design. The question now is:

Do you like the E-M5 design?

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Reminder: The camera will be announced next Wednesday February 8th. You can follow the event live here on 43rumors! You can join our group on facebook and follow our tweets.


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  • Carlos

    The camera itself could be the size of an E-P3 with a slight EVF hump, which would make it similar to a Panasonic G3. These renderings with the battery and grip add-on make it look massive. I’m still not completely convinced that these are actual pictures, I believe they are high quality 3D renderings of what it’s supposed to look like, and the front image is an obvious Photoshop.

    This makes me think that Olympus is attempting to switch their line of pro DSLR from the 4/3 standard to the Micro 4/3 standard. This website will have to be renamed ‘Micro43rumors.com’ very soon.

    • MJr

      The lens is added on in ‘photoshop’ yes, but this is (very) common in product photography, and the same in the official E-P3 images if you look closely.

      • Carlos

        Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of photoshop-ing the image of the lens to the image of the camera could have done a better job.

        Is it so difficult to take a picture of the prototype with a lens mounted? Don’t think so…
        If it is a 3D rendering, is it so difficult to model a fake lens? Not at all.

        If the graphic artist only had access to a standalone image of the body and a standalone image of the lens, at least paint a better fake shadow cast.

        Sigh… I’m too much of a damn perfectionist. :-P

        • flash

          It is not very good, now that you bring it up. The lens is not even centered on the lens mount. In fact, it is strangely poor. I wonder if it was a generated picture on Amazon in which you select what you want an Amazons puts the image together.

          Off to take real product shots.

        • Riley

          “Is it so difficult to take a picture of the prototype with a lens mounted? Don’t think so…”

          its a matter of access

    • if this is the true camera … three things come to mind

      the EVF makes a big hump , bigger than an OVF would
      if the camera is black , olympus better makes the 12mm and the 45mm available in black


      • BLI

        That was only two things…??

        • Alan

          the third one was his name.

          • Mauro


        • Ooops thank you for pointing out that out to me
          my third point was . we will have to see how quickly how olympus can develop weather sealed lenses for this body for those of us who do not care about the 12-50mm


          • Michael Meissner

            Well lets see, assuming a weather sealed adapter to classic 4/3rds lenses is part of the announcement, we already have:
            Olympus 14-54mm mark 1
            Olympus 14-54mm mark 2 (faster focusing on Pens?)
            Olympus 11-22mm
            Olympus 50-200mm mark 1
            Olympus 50-200mm SWD (mark 2)
            Olympus 12-60mm
            Olympus 7-14mm
            Olympus 14-35mm
            Olympus 35-100mm
            Olympus 50mm macro
            Olympus 150mm
            Olympus 90-250mm
            Olympus 300mm
            Olympus 8mm fisheye

            • david

              Presumably he means lenses that focus fast. In an ideal world, Olympus would have some trick in the camera or in the adapter that would give fast AF for the old 4/3 lenses.

              • Michael Meissner

                Well not everybody shoots sports. When I bought the E-P2, I knew it wasn’t a fast focusing camera, and usually it forces me to slow down and compose the shot. Also, the 14-54mm mark 2 is optimized for CD-AF focusing, so it should focus reasonably fast. Yeah, it would be nice if the SWD lenses focus as fast as on the E-5, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

                • marilyn

                  the problem with the MMF-2 adapter is not weatherseal im sure they are releasing a weatherseal edition only im sure it will be the same… the hump on the head is like a thing that will unleash of our 43 lense … yahoo 12-60… 50-200 swd

    • Jason

      It is quite amateur of Olympus to release the image of the EM-5 in its most massive form. I wish they would have released full images of the body sans grips. The grips are cool, and definitely something not available OEM from Panasonic, or any mirrorless camera maker for that matter, but wouldn’t common sense tell Olympus to release images that make the camera look small? I consider it one of the many gaffes that Olympus is guilty of. And yes we don’t know if the images are real, but presumably, Olympus has released everyone of these images.

      OLYMPUS you make such distinctive high quality products, why can’t you just learn how to communicate them properly.

      • TheEye

        I’m glad I have gotten a “preview” of the grip(s), because the camera without a grip is a no-go for me.

      • Michael Meissner

        No, I don’t think you understand the mindset of the people Olympus is trying to appeal to. Many DSLR users feel the battery grip and portrait grips are important (particularly those shooting with higher end bodies). While I only use my HLD-4 when I’m shooting with my E-5 inside of its steampunk bellows setup, most of the people shooting with E-5’s, E-3’s, etc. use the portrait grip. Fortunately unlike the high end Nikon and Canon bodies, you can remove the battery grip for a smaller profile camera.

  • c.d.embrey

    The makes NO sense. Why would someone want to take a small/light m4/3 camera and add a bulky/heavy grip :( Why Retro instead of a Modern & Functional Design (like a Sony NEX 7) :(

    If I buy an EM-5, it will be despite it’s Old Fashion design. Meh.

    • you clearly lack imagination

      • iluvhatemail


    • iluvhatemail

      because holding a nex 7 feels like shit compared to holding a OM2 from the 80s

      • IHUR

        have you actually hold the nex-7? or you are just one of those sony haters

        • flash

          The Sony Nex is 70s gone bad styling, this is 70s gone good. Kind of like the 5n.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      NEX7 is another semi retro design with controls based heavily to on screen menus for consumer dummies. (also based to having two right thumbs instead of controls being distributed more evenly to available fingers)

      Eight years old KonicaMinolta A2 is more like what basic design of modern legacy free mirrorless high end body should be. Along with other style of menu free controls instead of high end DSLR standard of separate buttons for activating settings to be changed.

      • caver3d

        I have the K-M A2 and I can tell you that I also have the optional battery grip for it. That camera does not look as well put together as the E-M5, and it’s battery grip is larger and not as nice as the E-M5.

        The better camera in terms of form and functionality is the E-M5. I will definitely order it. I also have a couple of OM-1 cameras. Oly nailed it.

      • Maybe you should inform yourself better concerning the NEX-7 UI. Your statement is valid for Nex-3-5.

        • zumba middle fat guy

          UI = un-interesting

      • rokkor

        Minolta just rocked, is such af f* pity this company doesnt exist anymore..

    • end user

      >Why would someone want to take a small/light m4/3 camera and add a bulky/heavy grip

      Because with out the grip the ergonomics of the Olympus m43 line were designed for midgets. Some of us like to also have control and balance of our gear and not play finger yoga. Besides who is forcing you to buy the grip? If you don’t like it don’t buy it but it gives those who find m43 too small a change for some relief.

      • John.R

        Then what is the point of m43? You might as well buy a DSLR if m43 is too small.

        • JimD

          It allows the camera to be a ‘one size fits all’ what ever kind of photographer you are this camera seems to be pointed at you. If 10% of the users agree with that idea that is a lot of sales.

        • Again no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy the grip. m43 is way too small for me and its awkward to use. I still prefer my E-1 my there will never be an E-1 (design) with updated internals. Since I prefer to own Olympus gear m43 is the next step.

    • bilgy_no1

      Bigger 4/3 lenses, that’s why

    • JimD

      It makes a lot of sense. Some want the camera as small as possible to fit a big pocket, some want a camera with ‘feel’ that will be balanced with 43 lenses attached. This seems to be able to fit both jobs by using or not using the grip.

    • TheEye

      Some of us have normal-sized or large hands. I tend to shoot 50% vertically. A vertical grip is what I need. A larger horizontal grip is welcome!

    • Ross

      I don’t think you have used a camera with a battery grip & portrait controls. Once you have it & use the two positions frequently, it makes life more comfortable & in this camera, it won’t be all that large.

      • Michael Meissner

        I have a grip for my E-3 and E-5, and previously had a grip for my E-1 (and sold it). I personally find I prefer shooting hand held without the grip, but many E-3/E-30/E-5 shooter prefer the grip. If I shot with the 35-100mm or 90-250mm, I might prefer having the grip, but with ‘only’ the 50-200mm, I find the camera feels fine.

    • Roy_X

      In fact, nobody asked Olympus to offer a grip for EM-5. A grip for EM-5 is just an option for using EM-5 in various photography situation. Some people may need it. Some may not. If you don’ like a grip, then just don’t buy it. What’s the problem?

      I like having several options. I may or may not buy a grip, and will consider it later once I have a chance to hold EM-5 in my own hands.

  • nanoloop

    I can’t help it, the lens is photoshopped.
    Doesn’t have to mean a thing, but a little irritating at least.
    The real cam will look different.

    • “I can’t help it, the lens is photoshopped.”

      Well, at least the front part of it is. For anyone who ever has worked in a marketing department, it’s easy to guess why. They made a photo of the camera with the lens mounted, but then some marketing person said, “We can’t use this; the front element of the lens doesn’t have pretty highlights and reflections on it.” (These are difficult to achieve; the lens usually has to be lighted separately.)

      There was no time to re-do the photo, so some unfortunate graphics person was assigned to take an existing photo of another camera, and graft the front part of the lens (complete with pretty highlights and reflections) onto their new photo of the camera body and rear lens section. Unfortunately, the two photos had not been taken from exactly the same angle, so the perspectives didn’t match perfectly. The Photoshop artist probably was given only a short time to do it — “I need it before lunch so I can show my boss in our meeting this afternoon” — and in any case it’s very difficult to apply perspective distortion to circles without having them look unnatural.

      So that’s how we wound up with a photo in which the lens looks as if it was kinked in the middle, where the two photos were blended together.

  • I just still dream about digital backs for old Minolta or OM or Nikon… (like Leica and Hassy attempts) and still wonder why they make “DSLR camera like” with a mirrorless system and aleady outdated EVF? I will buy a Nikon D3S when the price will drop a little instead of that for sure.

    • JimD

      You lift weights in your spare time?

  • Amateur

    I like the camera. It looks nice and probably it has the most used features I like. But… the price is very important and I find that comparing with DSRL, the cameras that EVIL try to pull out, it is expensive.
    In Europe you can find a Nikon D7000 for 925 euros and a Canon 600D for 600 euros; E-M5 will cost 1.100 euros.
    In terms of image quality Canon and Nikon are much better, so… this mean that if I buy the Oly camera I will be paying much more… for less quality¡¡¡. For me the only advantage over the competition is the size -and to be weather sealed-, so I find the price too expensive. So here comes the question: How much do you think should be a reasonable price?
    Regarding to the sensor, the camera could cost about 500 euros and if you want to add a plus for the size this could be… 150 euros. After you can add for weather sealed 200 euros. So I think that a right price should be 850 euros.
    1.100 euros is too expensive for this camera.

    • IHUR

      The concept is excellent! Too bad its still just a micro43 sensor, and yet you paid for the amount for pro dslr price. It doesnt really have ‘ground breaking’ technology that came out of intensive research, but rather a recycling and tweaking stuff that already exist. Yet, they priced it like how FUJI priced their XPro1 camera with its cutting-edge aps-c sensor.

      • True pro DSLR’s are $5k and up (D3s, 1DsIV). Semi-pro (D300s, 7D) are $1.3-2.0k. At $1.1k, this is a bit lower, but I expect the build quality and size to make it the new standard for “adventure” cams, for people like me who like to abuse their bodies in the name of getting the shot.

        Honestly, if the metering is good (and I expect it will be), then the IQ will be nearly indistinguishable from a NEX 7 in most (not all!) circumstances. If AF is as good as Olympus is claiming (pending), it seems like the price is about right. As I said before, I’m getting one by hook or by crook. Preferably hook.

        • IHUR

          How do you know it’s $1.1k ? Or perhaps you mean Euro..and yes it will definitely be more expensive than Nex7, still you’re hoping that the IQ will be’nearly indistinguishable’ than the cheaper nex7

          • Petter J.

            I wouldn’t expect this to touch the Nex 7 IQ. The difference between the top performing m43 sensors and this 24mpx Sony sensor is just too large. Unless Oympus has a brand new, much better performing sensor, it’s image quality will not be indistinguishable to the Nex 7.


            However, I’m sure it will be good, but the Nex 7 has one of the best APS-C sensors in the industry (there are better sensors for high ISO shooting though, but it’s still a decent performer).

            • IHUR

              That would be such a dream crusher for m43 lovers. To pay something similar or maybe even more expensive just to get cool body but lower IQ and DR.

              Agree bout that NEX7 , and Nex-5N for high ISO, Pentax K-5 for overall aps-c beast!!

              • To everything who thinks that DxOMark is the be-all/end-all of camera evaluation, please read this:


                Its an interesting read, and got me to stop obsessing about things like DxOMark.

                • JimD

                  “To everything who thinks that DxOMark is the be-all/end-all of camera evaluation, please read this:

                  Very interesting, 4 years old, and if his speed of movement is true (I believe it is) then the gap is closer.
                  Another interesting statement is made here regarding prints. Who here on this forum prints larger than 13 x 19″ often enough to justify the cost of a medium format (digital)? With the improvements made by all major camera makers it would be almost impossible to pick one print from another at 13 x 19″. Some pixel peeping may show differences but only nuts look at merging dots, there is no art or wow in pixels.

            • deniz

              for the thousandth time; image quality = sensor + optics

              • I care less about IQ (image quality) than I do about PQ (picture quality.) PQ depends not only on IQ, but also on handling, portability, responsiveness, and all the other subjective factors that make a camera either help or hinder you at getting good pictures.

                A scanning back on a 4×5 camera would give vastly better IQ than anything we talk about on this forum, but for most uses would have no PQ at all because nobody wants to drag one around! A phone camera may not have very good IQ, but may produce very good PQ just because it’s easy to carry and unobtrusive to use. We all choose where we want to be between these two extremes.

              • ronnbot

                “To pay something similar or maybe even more expensive just to get cool body but lower IQ and DR.”

                You can say that for other cameras too, like D300s vs D7000 vs D5100. Then there’s the NEX-C3, which has (essentially) same sensor as the 5N, D7000 and K5 but cheaper; it will beat a bunch of cameras costing more based on IQ alone. But…

                IQ is not the ultimate criterion in cameras!

                I don’t know why some of you just don’t get it.

          • $1.1k body only was reported on this blog. The NEX7 is $1.2k, body only at B&H, although with no delivery date, which the E-M5 also lacks ;-).

            Now, of course, I can’t get the lenses I want on Sony: the only wide angle is the decidedly non-stellar 16/2.8. For moderate wide there’s the stellar 24/1.8, which is even more expensive than the Olympus 12/2, while only offering a 1/3 stop more light.

            In the end, as nice as the Sony sensor is, there’s no system there.

      • dumbo

        We all know Olympus´s financial problems at the moment, they need to make a quick few bucks and overcharging could a way to do it…

        • Russ

          Overcharging doesn’t generate extra revenue if the market is too elastic.

        • JimD

          “We all know Olympus´s financial problems at the moment, they need to make a quick few bucks and overcharging could a way to do it…”

          Funny thing is, if its over priced, it will not sell. I think marketing people know this. They have a way round it, called, re-education through advertising. This is proof that it was over priced in the first place but marketing is unwilling to admit they got it wrong. If there is big advertising beyond the normal introduction phase, then yes you were right.

    • Richard_X

      Yeah I’m thinking about that too. The price is a bit too high for me.

    • sorry but the difference in quality isn’t that big, because its only vivable if you watch the files 1:1 on your monitor because you sit so close on it. shrink any file from various various dslr formats to screenformat and you wont see any difference, except maybe for a subtle variation in DR. This is the same as printing the large files in wall format. you take a proper distance for view those wall prints and you or any expert can’t see which is better. This has actually been tested in practise and has been published a few years ago.

      • Alan

        I haven’t used this camera (obviously) but I own E3, E5, EPL-2 and used an EP1 and EP2. The dynamic range is poor and it is obvious in images. Not a problem if you live somewhere where it is cloudy all the time, but a HUGE problem if you live somewhere where there is a clear, harsh sun beating down all the time.
        Furthermore, the noise in the ISO200 images of the E5 and EPL2 is visible when printed large (the E3 at ISO100 has essentially none). These are technical issues that limit the use of photos taken by these cameras and it is very reasonable that people expect Olympus to do something about them. Olympus’ original justification of the 4/3 sensor size included the claim that sensor technology would rapidly improve, until the limiting factor would be optics (which they used to try to optimize). They were right, but they chose not to use the best of the improved sensors.

        • IHUR

          Please..dont break most of the m4/3 hearts with this statement. We still believe that m4/3 is more than enough to produce even a printable photographs instead just..ofcourse, posting them on facebook or flickr.

          The different isn’t that big..at least if you see it in facebook. With the price of $1500, it isnt that much compare to Sony Nex5n or 7 or. If sony nex5n is comparabale to Canon 5dmk2 (especially in low light condition), Imagine what this camera with its tweaked pana g1x sensor can be comparable to. As you know panasonic g1x beats other aps-c compact cameras with its IQ and DR

        • bilgy_no1

          @ Alan

          “…and it is very reasonable that people expect Olympus to do something about them.”

          That’s exactly what Olympus are doing. This camera gets a new sensor.

        • JimD

          Alan, I live in Sydney. Except for the past week of rain, it is sunshine most of the time. I have an E30 and ep2 I don’t seem to have any problems taking photos and have great prints with no noise (I have even used 2 x A3 joined and seems fine)
          Look at http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/kidding.shtml as suggested by Archer Sully in his comment above.

  • Jason

    I’ll be buying it without the grip, I wonder what the rumored FL-600R flash will look like, hopefully small and with good bounce options.

  • IHUR

    wrong reply

    • OM-4

      If retro look is consistent the fl600 will look like the t32 OM-flash.

      • flash

        I wish my collection of t-32s would work, or would they?

  • Would-be EM-5 Buyer

    The relative hight of the hump and hot shoe REALLY bothers me. Its like looking at a person with a MASSIVE nose. No matter how good looking they are generally and no matter how good they are at their job, you just cant get round that MASSIVE thing sticking out at you.

    I want something that is sleek and subtle. If people see you shooting with this they are going to point and say what the hell is that massive thing sticking up!

    Please for god sakes Olympus, make a last minute change to the design. I think I just couldn’t buy The EM-5 with that deformity. It needs to be reduced in hight by about 1/3rd, or at least 1/4th to look in proportion.

    • dumbo

      lol, sounds like a phallic phobia is going on with you.

      • Would-be EM-5 Buyer

        Come to think of it, you’re right. This thing has a constant hard-on. It’s almost 1/3rd the height of the camera without grips.

        • flash

          Seriously, you need to hold the camera and see if your hands get to the buttons. A Hump will help that, as opposed to having a overall higher camera.

    • RW


      It’s not surprising that it bothers you even if you haven’t articulated why that is. Good design is largely about proportions and even subtle changes in proportion make designs degrade quickly.

      An example: the Mini Clubman is much uglier than the regular Mini even when the design is much the same – the proportions have changed though, and there you are…

    • Fish

      As someone with a massive nose, I would like to log my objection to would-be’s comment : )

  • RW

    Hmm. Doesn’t look as disproportional as I feared, but still…not sure why I wouldn’t go for a small DSLR at this point. Even without battery grip, pocketability doesn’t seem to be on the table anymore – especially given the hump in the middle with its clothing-catching hotshoe.

    m43 is about the compromise between size and IQ. Not sure where on the compromise scale that this model lies. IQ average and larger than picket-sized. I think the X=Pro1 looks more attractive at this point.

    • 43shot

      Agreed. Without the hump I could have tolerated the size but this negates the reason I went to m43

    • Mark

      To me m4/3 is about the sizes of the lenses. Look at the link to the polish website, the body really is teeny, at some point it’s too small to be ergonomic. I’d prefer a DSLR sized body, e.g. E-1, but with the smaller lenses afforded by m43, it makes it much more portable.

      • The small size of the body is likely why Olympus changed the physical interface to reduce the total number of buttons. I’m curious to see how they are going to accommodate the needs of the serious shooter with the minimal number of buttons they have.

        • It’s the same number of buttons as the E-P1. One more if you count the button on the side of the hump.

      • RW

        I dunno, Mark. There is a clear cutoff point in my mind size-wise. As soon as your camera body and attached lens don’t fit nicely in a pocket (and I’m not talking about bulging out of a large jacket pocket here), you are into camera bag territory.

        A small camera bag is better than a large one, but when we get to the realm of talking relative camera bag sizes, the tradeoff against IQ (read larger sensor) becomes less clear cut to me.

        To my non-expert eye, the EM-5 is starting to look quite like an EP3 with a VF-2 permanently nailed to the top of it. I am one of those guys that have been asking for an internal viewfinder from Day 1 – but I kind of had something in mind that was more “internal”.

        A miniature Nikon D4 was not what I had in mind. Your mileage may vary.

  • Nomaan

    I just came.

    • GreyOwl

      To much information.

  • Charlie


    Thanks for sharing that. :(

  • JF

    Everything is very good is this configuration except unfortunately too things:
    1) the sensor that has nothing exceptional (hoping for a good surprise but thinking there won’t be…)
    2) the lens that is too slow (but there is the panas that are coming so it’s not a big problem…)

    • stimmer

      There will be a surprise there. Admin is wrong with his rumor.

      • BBernhardt

        Do you know something or speculating?

    • I don’t think that f/2 and f/1.8 are too slow. The kit zoom is another matter, but there are lots of circumstances where that sort of speed is fine. Its just a trade-off is all.

      • JimD

        Archer Sully, I agree totally with you.
        In the old days f2.8 was the line between fast and normal that went to about f5.6 and higher was slow. Most normal and 3rd party lenses were f2.0 to f4 many being around f3.5 There was a reason, faster than f2.0 was expensive, faster that $1.8 was prohibitive. While today’s spending power exceeds that of past times, the fact remains, lenses must be sold, if they cost to much they will not sell.
        We see on this forum that there is no consensus over what should be offered as a lens, some want longer, some shorter, some faster, some smaller, some manual, some auto and on it goes. So the maker supplies a ‘normal’ kit lens. (Most users never go any further) and then makes a range of lenses to fit different markets and budgets. Oly make 3 grades of lens available for 4/3. The super high grade is very expensive and no matter how much some others want them as a standard kit lens it will simply not happen.
        As you said “Its just a trade-off is all”.

  • Mark

    Several interesting things.

    – it looks really big until you look at the link to the polish website and see how teeny it really is. Glad they have the grip, otherwise it looks hard to hold for anyone with big hands.

    – There seem to be two release buttons on dials on the top front of the camera, the front one must be part of the grip since that part of the camera isn’t in the previous AD photo.

    – Clearly there is something a bit fake, look at the multiple lock dials on the back, where the grip attaches. Unless the grip is in multiple pieces, if you look at the polish photo, the camera doesn’t extend that far below the base of the lens, so there is something going on with the grip.

    – The prism hump seems odd since the VF is fairly low. Is the pop up flash in there?

    • Narretz

      The grip is two grips! First is the hand grip (with its own shutter button) and second is the battery grip (with two fn buttons and shutter release). Seems like you have to put hand grip if you want battery grip.

      • TheEye

        That design makes perfectly sense. People with larger than a camera joshi’s hands and those with long fingers want the added grip for horizontal holding. Those who shoot often vertically, and those who need more juice, will want to add also the battery grip. I’m fine with all that.

      • ginsbu

        Bingo! Two grips. I was waiting for someone to point that out. I hope they’re not twice the price of one ordinary one though.

    • imho..that polish guy needs really a bigger camera for his hands lol

      • BLI

        The width of the E-M5 seems to be comparable to his moustache. Anyway, in a future movie, I can imagine a dialog like “Is that your E-M5, or are you just happy to see me”.

  • Richard_X

    These two pictures are the non-grip versions. One is black. The other is silver. What do you think?



    • flash

      Silver looks so 1970s, that would be the one for me. I guess they succeeded in the retro look. Now it is whats under the hood. I think they will sell a lot of these. So much for the idea that Olympus can only make little bricks, and all Olympus m43 are just one camera.

      • pete

        cheers Richard thought the one on 4/3 looked AWFUL these look much nicer. is it me but black lens on silver body would look much nicer….

    • Angel
    • Silver for me.

    • acahaya

      silver … yummy :D

    • The silver looks better to me, but that may be because it is very similar to the OM-1 I used to own. The camera design is very nice – just wonders why the famous hump is that high.

      • Flash and mic. only, and also EVF.

    • Mauro

      Silver for me thanks.

    • safaridon

      I think the chrome version looks a lot better simply because the contrast with black body parts help to break up the height of the hump to make it less objectionable. Based on pictures previously released of the above I believe the hotshoe and box under it are removeable in order to use the pop up flash hidden under the bonnet. I think I like this version if the IBIS has been improved to work well at all speeds and if the E-D5 is able to track fast moving objects much faster.

    • safaridon

      I think the E-D5 would look better with a small prime attached like the 20/1.7 or even the small Xlens rather than the longer bigger kit lens. The Pany current X lenses would be a nice fit even if not waterproofed as would either of the coming faster Pany X lenses which reportedly will also be weatherproofed.

    • JimD

      Nice pix. What a bugger! All my filters are 56 and 72mm, tell them I want the filter size changed on the 17mm

    • Miroslav

      Good job. Now, make a black one with black 12mm lens ;).

  • Isaac ali

    Wow that camera looks great! Can’t believe they added the grip, it’s perfect for portrait photographers. I am definitely buying this camera.

    For the comment about pocket ability…do you really think a “pro” camera would fit in anyone’s pocket? If you need that buy an e-pm1 or even better a compact like an xz-1. People need to get real! This is the camera that everyone has been complaining for since m4/3 began and no there are still people complaining. The size/weight advantage still exist. Show me a canon t3i with grip and any lens…still a lot bigger and heavier. I fit my e-p1 with 14mm, 20mm, 45mm, 100-300mm and fl300r flash in the Olympus MINI backpack. How’s that for size advantage!

    • Russ

      Yeah, people who are complaining about size really don’t get it. The target audience for a camera like this is for photographers who will be using high quality glass. Those lenses also kill the ability to tuck it away in a pocket.

      All that I care about beyond the features that seem to be part of the EM-5 is how fast it will focus SWD glass. Weatherproofing and PDAF are what will seal the deal for me.

      • I think this camera may be more of a bridge camera than an E-5 replacement. It may be the first camera that is as small as an MFT camera but as performant as the E-5. As such, it could do well in a coat pocket (MFT glass) and in pro sessions (43 glass). It may truly bridge the gap.

        But I think we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves until we find out for sure that it fully supports PDAF for 43 glass. (Fingers crossed.)

        • Maybe we can say the E-M5 is so modular camera to Olympus will be.

        • TheEye

          What’s this about people carrying their cameras, other than compacts, in coat pockets? What else is in those pockets? Maybe a dead rat and a string to swing it with, Huck? ;)

          • iPad 2, keyboard (folding, for iPhone/iPad), lens cloth, pen, reading book, et al.. Do NOT make fun of my coat pockets.

            Great travel et al. clothing: http://www.scottevest.com/ :-)

          • Dead cat, not rat. As in “you can’t swing a dead cat in this forum without hitting a Sony troll.”

    • IHUR

      But isnt t3i has the aps-c sensor with miror instead of mirrorless micro4/3 ? The reason why m4/3 sensor exist is to enable some reduction for the size of the camera to be more compact and perfect for walkaround and travelling cameras and hoping that the IQ wont be too much degraded from the biger sensor cameras.

      • JimD

        Go walk about, take the e-PM1 for pocket fit, take the E-M5 for hand held and neck, take the E-M5 +grip for larger lenses and heavy duty. All the E-M5 lenses will fit the E-PM1 so it is just part of a system. Funny I heard the word ‘system’ used somewhere else , now where was it…..?

  • Pei


    Size, without the fake grip and battery grip isn’t very big but the style looks like a shrunk Nikon F3. A bit toyish I have to say.

    • flash

      We will have to hold it, to see that. It should feel well build with the cast magnesium frame. Then there is the sound of the shutter, that should be more subdued then other m43s. The feel and sound will make it not toy like, but jewel like.

    • mister_roboto

      A Nikon F3 is a toy camera?

      • Ragnarok

        In fact the F3 may well be one of the manliest cameras ever.

        • TheEye

          I believe my F2 with the Photomic AS finder, or even the sports finder, and MD-2 motor drive is the manliest camera I own. You can pound nails into hardwood with that beast. :-P

          • JimD

            Nails? No, they all look like that.

    • Berneck

      I don’t mind toyish. That’s why I like my red GF2. Nobody takes it seriously, and it takes fantastic photos. I just need something faster. I can’t wait for the E-M5 reviews. I’m really hoping this is the camera I have been waiting for. Well, I’ll take 90% of what I’m looking for…None of these comapnies make exactly what you want…LOL

  • It has the same buttons as the E-P1, except that the AEL/AFL button is missing. But this can probably be programmed to the Fn2-button that replaces the useless +/- button. And then it adds the video trigger button, which might be programmable too.

    • Yes so we can use button by red point in still photo.

  • Angel

    This is a render because the silver one, blurred in the leak, is at the same angle and of course the lens is photoshoped. Try to put the silver e-m5 image on top this new (same sizes) and you will see that both fits… but there is a little difference. In the silver e-m5 image the black part above the viewfinder is misplaced or moved or rotated. Don’t know but maybe this image has the flash.

  • Dius

    Your server was kneeling there for a moment, admin. No wonder.

  • dumbo

    By the way, what do the external grips do apart from make it grippier?

    • TheEye

      Isn’t that enough?

      Does “grippier” include improved ergonomics in your assessment, or do you mean literally only “grippier”? What about added space for extra juice?

    • Michael Meissner

      Grips make it easier to hold cameras with heavier lens and flashes mounted. Some people find a camera with a deeper grip easier to hold, some prefer a thinner camera (think E-P3 vs. E-PM1).

      If you mean the bottom battery compartment, as opposed to the side grip, it offers three advantages. The first is that it typically takes 2 batteries, so you can shoot twice as long before changing batteries. The second is it changes the position of the battery door from underneath the camera, to the back, so that you can change batteries when the camera is mounted on a tripod/monopod/etc. without taking the camera off its mount. The third option is the second shutter buttons, control wheel, and other buttons on the bottom of the camera, which is convenient when you are shooting in portrait orientation a lot.

      While I dislike grips for handheld shooting, I did buy the HLD-4 for my steampunk setup, so I could get a longer runtime, and be able to change the batteries without tipping the gear over. After using it, I discovered that the bottom shutter release was also handy, after I broke some of the RM-CB1 cables (my icon picture shows an earlier version of the camera).

  • Leo

    Ok, EP-3 is more beautiful.

    • flash

      Yes it is more beautiful, but this is more handsome.

  • David

    Is it just me or does the screen look like it will tilt?

    On a side note, I really hope the IQ of this camera impresses because in every other way it reminds me of my beloved C-8080.

  • David

    Also, please please PLEASE Olympus stop it with the silver lenses (or produce black versions as well). I know it is only a cosmetic issue and doesn’t change the quality of the lens, but I will freely admit that the cosmetics are part of the package for me and silver lenses on black bodies look pretty awful.

    • JF

      +1000 waiting for a black 45 mm 1.8

    • +1

      I want the silver body, but I bet they ship the silver 12-50mm with it. Ack, black lenses only please.

    • ginsbu

      Also prefer black lenses here, especially if the silver version is just plastic anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Wow fantastic! This camera will be a joy to use! I like the fact that they include a grip : my 12-60 and 7-14 will be easier to use with it, cool!

    Now, fingers crossed : a new sensor (not the GX1) and fast AF with 4/3 lenses… hope, hope, hope,…

    • Russ

      Nothing wrong with the GX1 sensor if Olympus implements it well.

      • Raist

        It’s not wrong but it’s “just ok.” At that point it depends on the asking price. Price it too high and it becomes not ok.


    Why did they keep the hot shoe accessory port? Looks like it adds lots of unnecessary height/bulkiness.

    • Russ

      So photographers can use accessories that require a hot shoe?


        Which Olympus accessories do you use? The camera already has an EVF and flashes don’t require an accessory port.

        • Russ

          It’s not necessarily about what accessories exist today. It could be there for future accessories.

          • SPOTMATIK

            I don’t make purchases based on what might be available in the future. If I did, I’d have an NEX.

            • Russ

              Designers have to build cameras with an eye to the future rather than be locked into the past. And I do make purchases based on what might be available. I want to invest in a system that is forward looking, and I really don’t care about the cosmetics. Many here seem more concerned with how a camera looks than with how the pictures that the camera takes look. I want to take pictures. If this is the best camera for me, I’m going to buy it and never lose a minutes sleep about the pseudo-penta prism.

              • SPOTMATIK

                Good point. I’m going to preorder the NEX-7. Those pancakes will be available eventually!

        • TheEye

          Someone thought there should be an accessory port, and someone signed off on the idea. If those extra few mm in height bother you, you must be looking for something to dislike.

        • Carlos

          Someone may want to add a more powerful flash.

          • JimD

            Carlos the hot shoe will take care of any flash (except a pen dedicated one), an accessory port (if it is one) would be for other things but what could be used there without blocking the viewfinder? maybe a live view PC output adapter?

            • Carlos

              Perhaps an external microphone.
              Connection for remote shutter release.
              Some sort of shoot-by-wire system. :-P

  • Tadeo

    So this is how the E-5 is the last Oly DSLR

    • flash

      Do not think so. There will be another.

      This e-m5 is to replace the e-xx series. Some of still like through the lens optic viewfinders that are bright. Sorry evf are not there yet, cheaper DSLRs with the lack of prism etc. are not there, and even the much talked about x100 is not there.

      • spam

        I’d like a E-M5 here even if the EVF isn’t there yet.

    • Narretz

      Could be that there is one last E-7 with Pana G3 sensor, and after that the Pen Pro (a step up from the EM-5) with a possibility to focus 43 lenses wuickly and correctly – probably on sensor pdaf. But I guess all depends on Oly’s success, so they can invest more money in R&D

  • R!

    Nice stuff but to expensive if Olympus is expecting a come back I might just wait the price of the after 2012 christmas rebate,very good product anyway,and a lot smarter than telemetric lookalike camera for snob people : good job Olympus!

  • Isaac ali

    If you look closely you can see there are TWO grips on the camera. One is a large horizontal grip and one is a portrait grip. That is why there are two lock buttons on the back. You can see the body of the camera itself ends and the very edge of the screen. You’ll also notice there is a flash housing in the hump. It’s noticeable from the front and rear. It swings open like on an e-620.

  • Anonymous

    The lens in this image is entirely fake, certainly not an actual mounted 12-50mm. As others mentioned the linked silver and black renders posted are fake as well. I can’t wait for a real image of the final cam, no extra grip w/ 45 1.8 mounted

  • MJr

    I find the fact that the screen is 3:2 quite interesting. Maybe it is a multi aspect ratio sensor like the GH2 after all …

    • Reto

      A multi ascpect ratio sensor would be really cool! Most pros shoot 3:2, I do as well. On a 4:3 sensor set to 3:2, the 9-18mm is probably just not wide angle enough for me. Love my GH1 apart from the fact that it likes to blow out highlights.

      • Russ

        Most pros shoot 4:3 when in medium format and 5:4 when in large format. 3:2 is actually too wide. Anyone who ever spent time in a dark room knows what I’m talking about.

        • Reto

          Ever talked to a fashion / people photographer???

  • Anonymous

    The silver version looks much nicer.This tilting screen ,like the epl3, will be much easier to use than the swing out version on my G3.They are really only ever used to shoot high or low anyway.
    A tweaked GX1/G3 sensor will be a big improvement over Olys old one.The size of this body is the same as an EP-3, plus the hump.Very small.Not pocketable? Why would I want to try and shove it into a pocket?The price,at $1200, is $500 cheaper than the new Fuji.We all have lenses,both native and legacy, that will snap onto this body.The Fuji requires a whole new investment in lenses at $600 a piece.
    For me, the question is,what will I get here that I don’t already have with my Panasonic G3,other than a more attractive body.

  • Bad beat

    That’s disappointing.

    It’s not a continuation of the function over form OM series, its at best a caricature.
    Menu, preview and delete thumb accessible while shooting. Thumb wheel far from thumb rest. Sounds like it was made for photographers, by photographers.

    Unneeded hump(Or is all that height necessary just for the accessory port?).

    I was excited by this camera, not any more. Hope Olympus hires a few more engineers and photographers, and fire some marketing people.

    • MJr

      ‘not a continuation of the function over form’ SERIOUSLY !!???

      • Bad beat


        • spam

          At least it’s not form over function

          • Bad beat

            Really? This looks very form over function to me. Or do you suppose the hump(on this) was a result of a technical solution.
            Only reason I can think of to not put the delete button over on the left side, and replace it with a another fn(or ISO, or DOF or…) on the right, would be looks(form).
            Original OMs: all function.

            • spam

              I think the hump is neccessary for the Olympus accessory port. You could argue that it’s not really needed when the camera has the built in EVF, but Olympus has quite a few other accessories that use the port.

              Btw, I don’t agree that the original OMs were all function. Olympus made the OMs really small, but clearly sacrificed some fuctionality to achieve that goal. The OMs were pretty good, but not at the same level as the best Canons and Nikons at the time.

              • Alan

                Lol – my guess is you weren’t alive then!

                • spam

                  Alive and using SLRs, chose Canon over OM. Turned out to be a pretty good decision.

            • MJr

              Man you really don’t have a clue do you.

  • bert

    I think this will be my next cam. Even if the price is a little high, I hope most of my wishes come true:

    bigger battery : seems to be possible without a bigger grip
    better handling with bigger grip: possible
    the overall design seems to be very nobel
    the lcd is tiltable
    perhaps the EVF is tiltable, and I hope for a little better EVF than the VF2…
    and: I hope and think it will be a cam with a “soul”, an item which you like to take in your hand to shoot photos ( that´s perhaps the most difficult thing to design .. ), and then I don´t care if the body costs 300-500.- € more than an other body with perhaps better specs but without this “soul”..
    The sensor: I´m happy with the sensor in my GH2, all photos I want to shoot can be done with this one;
    if the sensor is as good as in the GH2, it`s perfect for me….

  • Calxn

    I’m at a loss for words. I find this neither retro nor attractive. Too many of you are caught up in the marketing hype to think clearly. The Gh2 looks much more attractive than this clunky, boxy camera. $1200 for a m43 without the lens? So hypocritical! The indignant comments about the X100 costing $1200 (with lens) or the Nex-7 for the same price. Now, you all are fawning over another DSLR form factor m43 when the GH2 already exist, all for $1200. Gullible. Marketers love you guys.

    • Vivek

      The prices will cool down. No one has put a cent towards the camera.

      The handgrip is worth about 150 (add your currency). It is quite small despite the SLR looks.

      Now let us see what “OMG” means. May be it is really cool, packed with features.

    • Quang Pham

      Dear sir,

      Beauty is a subjective matter…

    • “Now, you all are fawning over another DSLR form factor m43 when the GH2 already exist, all for $1200. Gullible.”

      I don’t think I’m being gullible. I own a GH2. It’s great. I use it a lot and I’m very satisfied with its handling, performance, and the quality of the pictures (and video) I get with it.

      But there have been many times I wished that it had in-body stabilization and wireless TTL flash. I don’t think Panasonic ever will offer either of those features — they’re committed to in-lens stabilization, and I suspect they can’t get the rights to use the patents covering wireless TTL. Previous Olympus models have offered those features, but they didn’t have an EVF, which is a must-have for me.

      So, the EM-5 is a camera with an EVF and with overall layout and controls similar to the GH2, plus the flash and stabilization features of other Olympus models. And (unlike the NEXies or the new “it camera” from Fuji) it will work with the lenses I already own.

      Basically that’s exactly what I had wanted, so I suppose I really ought to buy one!… although I would also keep the GH2, of course…

      • JF

        note that EM-5 sensor will probably be worse than GH2 one as G3/GX1 sensor is worse…

        • stimmer


          • BBernhardt

            Quite confident… stimmt das?

          • Fish

            stimmer, your comments have got my curiosity up. Are you saying that this isn’t a tweaked GX1 sensor?

          • Raist

            I would say he’s probably right :-)

    • Jonko

      I think the E-M5 looks very attractive, much more than the mini/fake-DSLR styling of the GH2. Besides this isn’t exactly a DSLR form factor, it’s just SLR styled.

      I love all the zealous GH2 owners who are trying to vehemently defend their camera as still being the best m4/3 camera out there. Sorry, but you should have realized that a new/better camera would eventually be released. Also, don’t worry, the GH2 will still be a great camera after the E-M5 is released.

    • JimD

      The GH2 does not have ibis, nor Oly lenses. Nor Oly name.

  • Bad beat

    Weird, looks almost as though the evf is fused with the tilt screen.
    Don’t really see how you can tilt out the screen without the evf coming along. Could it be supposed to?

  • Cat Goes Splat

    Looks designed by committee, so boring.

    It’s funny that the Pentax KO1 will have way better picture quality than this over priced junk, and that’s aimed at kids.

    • JimD

      Cat goes splat.
      The KO1 looks like something a cow left in a field, yes cow pat that’s the name, watch where you tread or you will go splat.

  • blastingmills

    I am pretty excited about this camera. Olympus build quality and weather proofing is top notch.

    As much as I want PDAF for the HG & SHG Zuiko 4/3 lenses, I am trying to not get my hopes up.

  • SteB

    With film SLRs, especially the OM’s I preferred the silver ones. They didn’t mark up so much, or at least it wasn’t so clear. The coating of modern black cameras seems a bit tougher though, so it isn’t so much of a problem.

  • Olaf

    This camera looks great to me! Yes, the bump is a bump, but if there is some good functional reason for it (good EVF, flash, hotshoe, maybe some other connector) then I don’t mind. Weather-sealed, built-in-body advanced stabilisation, tilting screen, up-to-date sensor, fast AF, image quality etc are the main points for me – so unless some really disturbing problem about this camera should come up, this is a 100% item on my buying list!

  • zumba middle fat guy

    fuck you fucking fuckers and haters, this camera rox the crap out of your consumer toy gadget collection, landmark oly, landing-stripe-mark

    • Fish

      haha, I pictured you frothing at the mouth as you typed this, restrained in a special chair that keeps you from hurting yourself or others. Was I close at all?

  • the fool

    Admin – any word on UW housing for this?

  • zumba middle fat guy

    donate for admin, you bunch of lumix and sony lumps and whimps

  • I’ve just put a post on my blog with a picture as to how I think it might be possible to have the camera in 3 different configurations.

    Basic Camera
    Camera + Grip
    Camera + Grip + Battery Compartment

    nice if it turns out that way.

    • JimD

      David, I think the bottom plate shown on the with grip is the top of the bottom grip, I may be wrong but that is what it looks like to me as it breaks up the design lines on the front.

  • camerageek

    kneel down unwashed uncultivated garbage,
    the king is around the corner, fuji was
    quiet for 5 years and has undressed its underpants, showing
    his ass towards competition


    • flash

      I wonder if it auto focuses. I wonder if it sucks in rain water, like the x100. I wonder if its viewfinder is like the x100, while interesting, not practical in a lot of situations or usable for some eyeglass users (no dipole adjustment). I wonder if the it make lovely white orbs like the x100. I wonder if they will make more then three prime lens or any zoom lens for it. I wonder if they will drop it in two or three years.

      Mostly, I wonder if Camerageek will get a life, or at least new material,

      • mooboy

        The Fuji might be interesting if had either decent auto focus, or decent manual focus.

        Camerageek might be interesting if… oh gee, I can’t even think what’s required for that alternate reality.

  • The remaining info that now needs to be leaked is about IQ in general and dynamic range specificly: Which tweak technology leading to improvement of x with y%.
    In almost all other aspects this camera is a clear step forward for Oly and also for m43.

    • Russ

      Get back to us when Fuji has a weather sealed body, as well as a complete weather sealed lens lineup.

      This was meant for camerageek

    • Plus what’s in the hump / what’s special with the EVF.

  • Is this a real picture or someones vivid, distorted imagination?

    The faux pentaprism just makes the camera look massive!

    • MJr

      Those are photoshopped form these images, that’s not what the grip looks like, and the silver/chrome version will not be this reflective.

  • Kenneth

    Well, what to say. This camera is butt ugly. The small previews looked nice, but not this… It better be a good cam for me too buy it.

  • YeahYeah

    The camera seems fine but I don’t understand why such a huge view finder? It looks awful to me…
    I’ve became addicted to the Pen series, if only the external viewfinder could be a bit smaller and with a new sensor of course.

    • Okay, after seeing the dpreview leak pix, I think I’ve figured out the “hump” thing. We know the new EVF has the same basic specs as the VF-2, which is housed in a rectangular “breadbox.” The leaked pix show a basic body that looks to be not much larger than a Pen.

      So it’s easy to follow the designers’ thought process: “Okay, we need to make the body just a bit bigger than the Pen to fit in the weather seals, the 5-axis stabilizer, etc. Now, all we need to do is graft the VF-2 onto the top… oh, wait, that’s kind of ugly. How about if we slope the sides in just a bit so it doesn’t look so bulky…?”

  • omfg

    wonderful, wonderful, look at it, wonderful…

    fantastic black beauty
    no logo hyperbole all over the body
    screams pro
    stellar build
    godly interface

    where can I preorder it?

  • Aly

    I’m surprise so many people seem to have an issue with the camera’s size or the ability to add a grip. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. I like having lots of options in the m4/3 format. I use both a GH1 and a GF1 and like being able to use the same lenses with both. Can’t do the same with the NEX or Nikon 1 system.

    I’ve never had much interest in Oly products, but I’m certainly going to take a look at this.

    • Couldn’t agree more, the options (if they are happening) are great. Lots of different ways to set it up for different situations.

      Maybe I’ll buy two!!

    • +1! My sentiments exactly. Choice is good, and so is not having to buy a whole new collection of lenses.

    • Zumba fat guy

      Merry me!

    • Vivek

      You can surely do that with the other systems as well as they also sell half blind (ie., no integrated EVF, optional EVF, integrated EVF) cameras.

      Plenty of choices! ;)

    • JimD

      I am interested but I must be able to use my 12-60 and 9-18 4/3 lenses fully If they work the same as they do on my ep2 then I will stay with the ep2 and e30..

  • Without grip and battery it looks great!

  • WOW – Olympus E-M5 – state of the art!
    This will be a bestseller!

    I will certainly preorder
    – The OM-D E-M5 camera body (black)
    – The 12-50mm m.Zuiko powerzoom (black)
    – The OM-D HLD-6 external battery grip

    Perhaps, the new Olympus flash FL 600-R

    This camera will take the pole position in the Micro Four Thirds Camp.

    PS.: It will be only the second lightweight and compact camera for Nikon and Canon Enthusiasts.
    A camera that Canikons will firstly use outside the photo studio, on holidays, for street photography, on a walk, at the sea … – summarized for only 98 % of their stills and videos – but not for their really serious 2 % professional stuff.

    • JimD

      “PS.: It will be only the second lightweight and compact camera for Nikon and Canon Enthusiasts.
      A camera that Canikons will firstly use outside the photo studio, on holidays, for street photography, on a walk, at the sea … – summarized for only 98 % of their stills and videos – but not for their really serious 2 % professional stuff.”

      Olympus would be exceedingly happy with that as a result of this camera. Just read the blogs many Pros have done so, if that extended then “Happy Oly”

  • MikeH

    I hope the performance and features of this camera kicks ass and I don’t have any beef with a larger m43 form factor camera (I owned a GH1 and own a GH2), but why is the hump in the middle so tall? It isn’t the viewfinder causing that massive height and it isn’t the hotshoe. What is there that is taking up that extra height?

    • +1 There must be a hidden mystery – probably you can remove the hot shoe if you do not use a flash – my 32 years old OM-1 has this feature too!
      Second possibility: there is an additional earphone output and an external microphone input for HD-video behind the “black sesam”
      Third possibility: Hides an accessory-port for all additional modules – for example GPS-module, communication tools, MAL-1 Makro Arm Light, SEMA-1, PENPAL PP-1 and so on.

    • Carlos

      Maybe that hump houses a tiny fairy that will make all your wishes come true. ;-P

  • No 5

    This thread will hit 1000


  • Reminds me of one of those awful boxy Japanese cars from the 70’s

  • Fants

    It’s a really nice looking camera except for the unnecessarily tall hump (as hundreds of others have said). Still, even with the hump, it’s much more attractive than the stupid Panasonic mini-dSLRS.

    • JimD

      You all asked for a hump. Now you have one.

  • Jump

    What s all that hump fixation? The hump is there for a reason. You ll see in a few days, dont forget to take your heartpills before

    • Narretz


      Don’t pretend you know more tahn everybody else!

  • Raist

    I am surprised people are complaining about the “hump.” the EVF has to go somewhere. I am not sure people realize how small this camera really is.

    • MikeH

      Because you can see exactly how much height the EVF is taking and hot much extra height is NOT being taken up by the EVF.

      • TheEye

        You just don’t know what’s inside the hump. The smaller the camera, the larger the hump looks. Would you prefer if the body had been made an inch taller (See Fuji X-Pro 1)?

        • MikeH

          I didn’t say I knew what is in the hump but I can see exactly where the top of the EVF ends and the hump extends a large distance above that.

      • Mark

        time will tell, hump could be the pop up flash, could be that the EVF display is bigger than the viewfinder port. I’ll take a large EVF + nice flash (and prefer it’s bounce-able), all that’s more important than any hump issues. If you look at the link to the polish image, the body thing really is teeny.

      • Raist

        Eh, the EVF could actually take more than the opening you put your eye on. It could very well have an accessory port.

  • BLI

    I’m not thrilled about the massive hump; to me a brick shape (with necessary grip) is more usable in the sense of (1) less problems with getting hooked in other gear/clothes/etc., and (2) looks more anonymous for street photography, etc. The idea of having a hump just for nostalgic reasons is pure insanity, in my view. I do expect Olympus designers to be sane people, and thus do expect a good reason for the size of the hump (as opposed to the NEX-7), and I do expect the hump to be solid and able to endure some bumps, etc.

    So — I look forward to see the released camera and study the specs/read the reviews.

  • jocky

    At last we have a decent sized camera. If they had built the grip in it would have sold better.

    • JimD

      No, the grip must be an option, many want the smaller style. With the grips, the camera can physically grow to suit the usage and lenses used.

  • Melvin

    The useage of the grip and battery grip would make no sense at all with small micro 4/3 lenses.

    So this could mean one thing only: E-M5 will focus zuiko 4/3rds glass.

    Design looks great. Spec’s are great. If performance is on par this cam rocks and I’ll get one asap.

    • Raist

      Not necessarily (on 4/3rds glass). The grip makes sense if this camera is to be used in a professional capacity – namely battery life, and better “hold” ergonomics.

      • Mark

        Melvin, you must have tiny hands. I much prefer the E-1 to the E420. from a usability point of view. m4/3 is about small lenses. I think the 2 grip design is brilliant. Those who want a small camera can have it, those of us who want something more to hold onto, can have it. Since the regular grip adds another trigger and dial, hope you can program to use the two for different purposes.

        • JimD

          Mark I think you misunderstood Melvin, he is saying that to offer a grip there must be the need to better balance some lenses, and has ( like me) assumed that means for 4/3 lens use hence his second paragraph.
          I agree with you about the 2 grip design, I have made the same comments on this site to that regard.

  • Raist

    I can’t believe I see some complaints about the grip! The grip is optional folks! It’s for a full day of wedding photography where you need the battery and having portrait orientation is good *as an option*.

    • Reto

      +1 it’s a plus for people and fashion photographers as well.

  • Steve

    I hope this means that the price of the EP3 will drop :-)

  • It just gets better. Back in the days when I was using Olympus OM1N and OM4Ti it was nice to have the option of fitting a winder for the ergonomics or leaving it off to pocket the camera. Same with Nikons – my FM2n with or without its MD12 filled different rolls, much more versatile (size wise) than the F5. Choices are good!

  • Charlie

    Hopefully this OMD-EM5-TBCE has the same screen touch-to-focus-and snap feature that the E-P3 has…

    I’ll be able to snap pics with my pointy nose when looking through the contrived HUMP. :D

  • avds

    And suddenly the GH2 starts to grow on me. With its function over style and the snug, humble, no-nonsense curves, it now looks so RETRO!

    Even more importantly, I’m sure that old chap will still trump this awkward Oly on most accounts except for the obvious extensibility feats.

    I can’t wait to learn what’s inside that huge hump.

    • JimD

      “no-nonsense curves…..I can’t wait to learn what’s inside that huge hump.” should we be censoring this?

  • Oliver

    It’s looks really stunning. But seeing the size of it, it’s too tiny for me. I still like OM-1, OM-40,E-420, or E-620 size so I think I’ll be sticking with my OM-1 and E-620. FourThirds still has better lenses, IMHO.

    But who cares about what I think. As long as it’s a success I’m happy.

    • Mark

      Oliver, I’m with you. We need quality equivalent to the 12-60 + 50-200. Perhaps in the new Panny X, but the ranges aren’t as useful. I know some people like primes, but all these primes for m43 are just overkill without the basics covered.

      • Oliver

        Thanks, Mark! Even though there’s a Micro FourThirds version of the 25mm Summilux, the FourThirds version is still better. M43 lenses just have more compromises in order to project light on the sensor with a shorter flange distance. So I guess if they come up with a FourThirds version of the Zuiko 12mm f/2, it would be sharper than the Micro FourThirds version.

        Sadly, I don’t think the Lumix X lenses will be able to win against their 43 Zuiko counterparts.

  • Alan

    It’s a G3 one year too late.

    • Miroslav

      “It’s a G3 one year too late.”

      No, it’s G2 two years too late.

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