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(FT5) First Full size pictures of the E-M5!!! (via Amazon Japan)


Click on picture to enlarge!

Finally that small image leak madness is over. This is the first full size picture of the upcoming new Olympus E-M5! As you see there is an external battery grip attached. It has an OM-4T like design. And here is the picture of the back (Click on it to enlarge):

This picture have been found at Amazon Japan (Click here). There is even a picture of a person with the new camera (Click here) on a polish forum!

Design opinion: As I told you yesterday the back of the camera looks a bit clunky. At the same time it looks very solid and “DSLR professional” alike. It’s a complete different approach than a Fuji X PRO 1 rangefinder design. The question now is:

Do you like the E-M5 design?

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Reminder: The camera will be announced next Wednesday February 8th. You can follow the event live here on 43rumors! You can join our group on facebook and follow our tweets.


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  • Curt

    Maybe the hot shoe is detachable???

    • G.W. BUSH

      BUTT UGLY…….

      • @G.W. Bush
        less of the personal statements, what about the camera?

      • infinity jr.

        Looks 100,000 times better than your mom’s face!

  • Boooo!

    Admin, you should have resized that Polish photo and linked it in this post…

    People still think this camera is big and has a huge hump. It’s not – it’s basically the same size as the E-P3 and the “horrible” hump is roughly 2 cm tall. It may look big, but it really isn’t. The camera is very, very, very small. It will fit in the palm of a child’s hand.

    • G.W. BUSH

      small = clunky controlls…..

      design = fugly as hell…..

  • andy

    The pentaprism hump seems awfully aggressive. Less pointy, please- especially since there is no need for that form!

    • TheEye

      The overly aggressive design of the OM-D makes you feel uncomfortable? :D

      Please, can we get a finder in the shape of a boob over here?

      A camera is a hunting tool. It better be aggressive looking,even if that violates the sensitivities of the modern, neutered male. ;-)

    • Berneck

      There just has to be a flash under there.

    • MikeS

      It seems to house both the flash and the accessory hotshoe port.

      • Miroslav

        It does: look at the arrow symbol on the hump, near the central wheel, on .

        • Anonymous

          That symbol doesn’t look like an arrow, it looks like a port symbol… I assume indicating that the accessory port is beneath the cover.

          • Miroslav

            Don’t look in the marked area ( it’s not me that made the picture ), look under it and the sign on the sloped side cover of the hump.

      • Shanti

        the bit on the back of the hotshoe pulls back and the flash comes up,hidden under the hotshoe..the other pic showed it pulled out a the hump gets even Bigger!or maybe the new XZ2 is hidden there when you need a pocket cam..

  • nicwalmsley

    Very happy for those who like this style of camera, with humps and bumps and bulges everywhere.

    Oly, if you could put the viewfinder on the left, the hot shoe in the middle, and have the dials coming out of the back and front of the camera, you could give the camera a much lower profile. you might even have room for a pop up flash too.

    Really interested to see where the Pen 4 range will go, after this.

    • flash

      But the dials will be much higher and you will have to have your hands over your eyes to work it. There are good reasons to have the viewfinder where it is, besides nostalgia. I also think eventually it will be needed for an advance focusing system that Olympus is developing. and has patents for.

      • Richard_X

        I guess so.

        One of the key reasons is to allocate the space for their latest patent focusing system, which may be not implemented in EM-5 yet.

    • achiinto

      In a few more years, that might come as a E-SP or E-Trip. So look for it.

      And where is the TLR style of Digital OlympusFlex? Maybe will be called the ElympusFlex? I also want an Elympus Six Chrome, EXA, and perhaps the E-system revived to be called the EE system, which is basically a E-5 with a selenium light meter all around the body, that is called the Electronic Eyes.


  • Bobafett

    Either the person on the picture of the polish forum is big or the camera is pretty small.
    Since the camera is blurred I’m not sure if it’s the real e-m5 or just photoshopped.

    • Dreamsofsoaring

      There really is a picture of a blurred camera on a polish forum! What the?

  • 1984 wants its camera back. That think looks too sharp to hold.

    • Well you can put on a grip like so E-P3 on the old OM-2sp, OM-3 and OM-4.

    • OM-4

      Once you hit 1/8800 you’ll be sent back Marty. “Heavy“.

  • 4Sabine

    Just putting something out there (a remote possibility at best).
    What if the truncated ovoid part at the front of the camera, and just behind the lens, could be a four thirds adapter, with some sort of focus assistance built in.
    Now, if the hump was also removable, OM-D could stand for Olympus Modular Digital.
    Unlikely in a small camera body, I know…

  • Jonko

    Made a size comparison to the G3 based off the height of the viewable screen areas. Obviously a little skewed due to perspective of the E-M5 image, but gives a rough idea.

    • Eugenio

      I don’t think it’s correct…
      Retry using the hot shoe wich MUST be the same.

      • Jonko

        Measured the inside of the metal connector of the hot shoe, 65 pixels for the G3, 61 for the E-M5. Which should be about right considering the E-M5 is at an angle which will make the front width of the connector shorter than when straight on like with the G3. Again, this isn’t anything exact, but a rough idea.

    • Frederic Hew

      Yes, that should be about right.

      The camera is more or less the size of the G3… the body itself could be a few milimeters shorter but the oversized hump makes up for it. It is clearly smaller than the GH2 when used without the grips.

      The G3 is the better looking camera IMO.

  • HSL

    The traditional penta-prism hub for the hotshoe look like a removable module by pressing the triangular button just on top of the right hand corner of the EVF! LOL! Possible for future accessories such as Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS module? LOL!

    • mooboy

      You keep using LOL. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • MGuarini

    I like this camera. I started photography with an OM-1 in 1976 then came an OM-2n and in 1989 came an OM-4T. The E-M5 will be a beautiful

    • Nic

      Same for me. Absolutely agree

  • MGuarini

    I like this camera. I started photography with an OM-1 in 1976 then came an OM-2n and in 1989 came an OM-4T. The E-M5 will be a beautiful continuation. Today I have an E5 and an E-P3 and I’m very happy with them. I bet the E-M5 will be a much better camera than both

  • MGuarini

    I like this camera. I started photography with an OM-1 in 1976 then came an OM-2n and in 1989 came an OM-4T. The E-M5 will be a beautiful continuation. Today I have an E5 and an E-P3 and I’m very happy with them. I bet the E-M5 will be a much better camera than both.

  • MGuarini

    Sorry, I was writing from my iPhone and the publish button is so close to the text that when I make corrections I hit it inadvertently.

    • Bob B.

      I guess you like this camera! LOL!

    • JimD

      Get a BIGGER iphone.

      • achiinto

        They should make an iPhone with EVF on the left and blackberry keys, real keys and dials. I think photographers like this sort of phone instead.

  • Raist

    For those who missed it- there are two grips chained here. The camera is much smaller.

  • ALevin

    That lens totally looks like it’s been photoshopped into the picture.

  • Schnitzel

    Honestly… I am healed now. Yes it is retro but kinda boring and totaly meh.

  • I am really happy with the modular battery/grip… made my day

    • Nem

      Yes! I think Oly made ​​the grips very big, so when you remove they, the camera looks like it was a micro43 camera.

      • Nem

        Yes! The modular concept is fine! In the same conception the EVF could be modular too [call it EVF 5], and we could put it on the grip too.

        • achiinto

          Maybe they should make two humps, that house two EVF. So that it looks like binoculars but if the gap in the middle for the nose to fit it. Perfect!!

          Don’t know why I am starting to be sarcastic. But I am excited for the look for the camera and also that this rumour got more than 600+ responses!!

          • Mauro

            Almost 700 as we write :)
            Do they get the same amount of responses on fora for competing cameras? :)

  • Nem

    Maybe that hump is a tribute to Fuji, mount. Form follows function symbolically.

    • achiinto

      Then the Fuji x pro should have a hump too. Afterall Fuji is named as the mountain.

  • as i say over and over again -the pyramid look terrible! my goodness!

    • Anonymous

      Do you often have the tendency to repeat yourself?

    • achiinto

      I saw some photos from Egypt, I think the pyramids are beautiful and mysterious as well. Lol

  • eMile

    My thoughts on leaked pics.

    1. If there’s popup flash, where’s flash popup button/switch ?

    2. Where’s LCD/EVF switching button ? You can’t rely on only eye sensor.
    If we need to program this function to one of Fn button then it’s very poor design.
    (There’s something on the right side of VF which should be diopter adjust knob)

    3. One Million dollars question, what is in the hump ???
    It’s too big for just VF + popup flash, and EVF don’t need prism or mirror. Oh…wait…

    • Hmm… doesn’t look like there’s anything “in” the hump at all to me. Unless it opens right under the “Olympus” like a third eye. But I’d bet on no built in flash. Unless that was already mentioned in the specs, and then I have no answer. =D

  • digitaltrails

    Compare it to the back of the E-5 – it seems to be a shrunk E-5…

    The Hump is big because the camera is tiny – it may have to pop vertically a bit to raise the flash clear. The accessory port under the accessory mount adds still further height. Think higher VF2 on E-PL3. Although one hopes there might be a surprise under there as well.

    • Nem

      Yes! the camera is very small, just see it in his hand that Polish guy. So, they put the hump, to let it bigger.

      • Riley

        either that or the Polish guy is like really really big

        • flash

          I think he is 10 feet tall.

          • G.W. BUSH

            a tiny camera for a tiny sensor.

            a fuking ugly design for retarded customers.

            i pass on this one olympus….

            • @G.W. Bush

              Why are you here and why do you keep changing your name?

            • grudge

              Bush you’re a tiny brained self loathing twat.

    • I was also looking for the flash switch and couldn’t see one. Maybe that greyish part on the right side just under the hotshoe? Or it could be on the left side of the EVF, since we can’t see that in the rear view.

      The switch for the LCD/EVF looks like it’s on the right hand side of the EVF, facing towards the right. You can see the little white square there… The diopter could be just above it? (very small wheel?).

      I would like it if the giant hump was removable (take off the pop-up flash, hot-shoe and just leave an accessory port?). But there would have to be another ‘Olympus’ label underneath… :)

      All-in-all, I like the OM-D though. Looks like it means business.

      • Miroslav

        “flash switch … it could be on the left side of the EVF, since we can’t see that in the rear view.”

        I suppose it’s there, or it’s raised manually – one more retro touch ;).

    • Miroslav

      “it seems to be a shrunk E-5”

      Yes, but I think this is E-620 successor.

  • Ep3zd50_ninja

    Ok. Can we have a weathersealed e-p4 now? :p

    and Pany bust out the fast zooms!

  • the first image looks FAKE.
    there is no ambient occlusion between the lens and body, just like a collage.

    my 2 cents.

  • Ray

    Won’t be surprised if that hump is actually part of the removable EVF and Olympus will sell it separately at a hefty price.

  • W

    What’s with the 2 locks? It looks like you can take off the B grip and then one extra piece?

    • Kasper

      Yeah, I was wondering about that too

    • Bob B.

      One lock must be for the grip and one lock for the battery compartment. I think you can buy just the grip to use with the camera for stability and ad the battery compartment if you want to operate with extra battery power, too. It’s modular.

  • yukonchris

    It looks cool; certainly reminiscent of the original OM cameras (which is good!), but the real litmus test will be image quality. If the new sensor provides dynamic range and definition as good as, or better than, its competitors then it should be quite successful. I will wait to see what DxO and others have to say in that regard before plunking down any cash.

    • yukonchris

      As for the pentaprism hump, I believe that form should follow function for the most part. If the OM-D has an electronic viewfinder, as has been suggested, then it should have been designed around that requirement. Giving it a hump that looks as if it was made for a pentaprism is backwards and just plain goofy! Efficient design generally looks good because it looks right. Olympus has a history of efficient design which leads me to wonder about the actual configuration of the product.

  • pp

    anyone else suspicious of the picture from the polish website? it just looks much too small, as if it were poorly photoshopped in.

  • L

    600 comments!! We need another blog post to split the load admin!! ;) Now we know its exterior, so what’s actually inside?

  • Vril_Ya

    600 comments! is this a new record for this site? :D

    • Bob B.

      I think you are making admin smile!!!! :-)

  • Maybe it has 2 additional grips: 1 horizontal and another 1 vertical.

    • Nem

      It may be! Maybe the hump is a grip too!

      • Haha! I guess Olympus engineers likes to grip on humps!

        • inorog

          LOL indeed, give us more humps!

  • Tadeo

    Not so long ago Oly raised some polemics when questioned about if the E-5 was the last oly DSLR and the response was not yes but surprisingly not “NO” instead there where some evasive answers like “we´ll always provide our customers with quality bodies so they can use 4/3rds lenses”(or something like so) i guess if this is a real succesor to the E-5(the last DSLR)or the high quality body is just another new line of products.

    • Reason for evasive answers from Olympus by E-7 will be DSLR, is maybe the will have EVF so also Sony A77 have.

      • Anonymous

        E7 is gone forever.

  • pelex

    Pyramid power baby!

  • Ton

    Wow 600+ comments & counting… Seems many of us can’t wait fot the official announcement. While many will be happy for the full official specs, some will still find faults for the camera like saying “oly, is that all you’ve got?” or “oly should have this & that” phrase. Anyway, I think this will be my perfect camera for me. Like the way when I said before buying my ep3. Seems I’m a little too greedy. Exciting times as always :)

  • Somchai_TX

    The hump is so terribly ugly according to its body size. The balance may be a problem in reality. And…how come people pay $1200 to this gigantic hump, bulky body, unknown IQ? Plus, we can pay just $500 more to get X-PRO1, which is more stylish. IQ is also much more exceptional.

  • modsnrockers

    Ok im callin it

    1. EM5 is m4/3 dslr.

    (12-50mm photoshopped to hide mirror. Thats why hump).

    2. Weather sealed 4/3 adapter will have driver to drive AF of 43 lenses.

    3. One Magic system EM5 is thus bring together E (dslr) M (m43 best of EP3 EPL3) OM4 design.

    • Modsnrockers, I like the way you think — very outside the box.
      Thinking along the lines of #2, I wonder if the battery pack would be necessary to drive 43 lenses? I have no idea if 43 glass requires special motors, I thought it was just the PDAF problem, but if you’re right about motors, maybe the battery pack is necessary for 43 glass.

      I hope we get 43 glass without any strings (extra batteries required) attached, but strings attached would be OK if necessary to bridge the two systems (43 & MFT). The 43 glass is well worth a little inconvenience sometimes.

      • modsnrockers

        Yep i think to focus fast 43 lenses are gonna want juice … battery pack.

        • Geoff

          I wonder how many of you people realise the battery in an E-P* is same as the one in E-620, so I see no problem in 4/3rd lens being used as regards power requirement. That battery provides enough power for the 620 and if any one is worried about the requirements, surely, you all carry a spare or two along with you on a shoot (kept warm in a pocket if needed).

      • “1. EM5 is m4/3 dslr.”

        ??!! Get real!
        This is a mirrorless m4/3 EVIL. Get it? Is that so difficult to grasp?
        The m4/3 mount w/ its reduced flange-back distance does not have room for a mirror! I thought everybody had understood that by now. And it’s not an APC-C either, for those dim enough to think so. I’m just so fed up with these obfuscated thoughtless comments in here. Jeez – give me strength… :-/

        The hump is for the EVF (optics and circuits), along w/ an accessory port and probably also a flash. Otherwise, the EVF would have protruded backwards from the body, like on the Pannys.

  • Raist

    I think a lot of people that dislike the hump are missing the fact that the camera as a whole is pretty small. At that point the so called “big hump” may actually look even “cute.”

    And yes, part of the EVF could be there, or maybe even an accessory port.

    The K-01 is getting banged over the size thing too- the K-01 is not “as big as a K-5”- it’s actually palpably smaller. I am sure in person both cameras will feel smaller than what people think.

    • +1 I’m pretty sure too that the hump seems big because the camera is small. A bit like an E-P3 with viewfinder attached, except that this looks much sleaker.

      Love the way the camera looks. I think it’s too expensive, the kit lens a bit too limited, but I might get one anyway. We’ll see in a few days time.

    • infinity jr.

      The Panny EVF protrudes to allow room for big Caucasian noses. Panny said so themselves. That’s a lot of useless bulk for stupid port.

  • Anonymous

    more than 600 comments and counting,.I think this camera will be a big hit,..I wish Panasonic R&D READ ALL about this comment and figure it out ,,.get into the mind of photographer,.and listen to our heart ,catch the passion of photography ,.don’t make the same mistake ,.over and over again

    prepare everything and do not do a half-hearted for the NEXT GH3 or GX2,..forget about GF & G Line – you just made A BLUNDER ..

    • @ Anonymous
      Panasonic have acknowledged recently that Olympus is more for the photographer, I think Panny is more for the general consumer….

    • @ forbes:
      “…the kit lens a bit too limited…”
      The normal kit lenses up till now have been 14-45, 14-54 or mostly 14-42.
      This one is 12-50, sealed, and includes macro capabilities, and that’s suddenly become limited now? (yes I know, it’s half a stop slower at the long end, but still..!)

  • Hmmm… Looks like a slimmed down E-620. I guess their idea of retro is lets build something that looks like something we already build four years ago.

    Nothing new to see folks…. move along… :)

    • napalm

      the retro thing never came from Olympus, it’s part of the hype rumor sites have generated

    • Stu5

      LOL… it does not look like a slimmed down E-620. You can easily tell you design is based on the original OM line. The E-620 shows none of that in it’s design.

  • Ray

    Something seems kind of fishy. The mounted lens looks photoshopped.

    • modsnrockers

      Photoshopped lens is hiding the mirror.

      EM5 is m43 dslr.

      (my speculation)

  • Looking at the rear view, the wording within the logo to the left of the viewfinder appears to be just a single line of text making it a full Four Thirds camera.

    • Aye, it reads “micro” :)

  • hugo

    so …
    no exposure lock button ?
    no exposure compensation button ?
    no af/manual button ?
    no drive button ?
    no iso button ?

    I guess some of these controls are on the back-panel arrow buttons but still … with only 2 custom buttons I am not sure the interface will be very smooth and friendly compared to say the nex7 or even the gh2.

    • modsnrockers

      Release model : ISO, WB, DRIVE, AF on the arrows on joy pad (just as epen).

      Exp comp assignable to one of the top dials.
      Exp lock assignable to either function buttons.

      • I think the joypad buttons lack function lettering because all four buttons are programmable. So you can choose function for each button.

  • Max Headroom

    What makes you think this is Olympus’ idea of retro? And there are so many crazy comments, like a mirror in the camera. EVERYONE knows m4/3 is too small for a mirror in the area behind the lens. And one of the early comments about the viewfinder hump being ‘agressive’ and asking for it to be less pointy… You kidding?!

    And I can’t believe all of the negative comments re the viewfinder ‘hump’ on top of the camera? Where do you think Olympus can put the viewfinder in such a small body? Maybe they could do it ala Nex-7, but all of you Rangefinder wannabe’s should get a life! I find the viewfinder in the middle of the body more balanced than on the end of the body, and yes I have used and loved using rangefinders.

    So many limp wristed un-informed comments on this page! I’m glad most of you aren’t camera designers… If you all want a tiny camera, Olympus already has a GREAT camera called the PEN for you! Check it out! As far as I’m concerned the PEN’s are too small, and fidgety to do any serious control of functions – I love them but they are tiny.

    I wonder how many of you have held an Olympus OM-1, OM-2 or OM-4? They really were at the pinnacle of elegant, professional, usable compact SLR design, refined over many many years! Olympus has alot of experience in industrial design, and creating highly usable cameras. If only this new camera was the same size as the OM models, it would be perfect.

    We don’t know anything about the quality of the images, and the quality, build and feel of the camera, how it sits in your hands, so we should refrain judgement, and some of these un-informed comments are really hysterical.

    This camera is meant to be a more serious photographic tool… we should be more concerned about not having more buttons on the body to directly control ISO, white balance, AF etc, and having a PC sync socket for flash and triggers, etc, but I’m sure Olympus have thought about the user interface and the target market – lets see what it’s like before you all make negative comments.

    • Serge

      well said sir

      • Pete

        Hear Hear……As a very happy owner of an OM-4 (with winder) and E-3, this design is a marriage of two generations. I totally agree, lets wait before the (inevitble) negativity arises

        • Stu5

          Would I be right in thinking sometimes like myself you put the winder on your OM-4 to use as a grip with a long lens but don’t even turn the winder on and just use manual advance? This is what makes the OM-D look very usable, the option to have a small camera, or a camera with a grip or add the battery pack as well. You can tailor the camera size for the job your doing just like you could with the original OM series with the winder and motor drive options. If this camera handles as well as the original OM it will mean you can use slower shutter speeds without having to even use the IS which always effects the quality in a small or large way.

          At the moment we have small DSLRs on the market that don’t handle anywhere as well as as the original OM series and then we have the larger pro DSLRs. I have lost count of the amount of files I have been asked to professionally retouch from say the 5D MKII where a large amount of the shoot display camera shake because the photographer has used 1/30 or 1/60 or even 1/125 but can’t hold the camera still enough because it ways too much. Canon and Nikon seem to be making no attempt to reduce these cameras in size at present probably as it cost lots of development money. Now these cameras might have a low noise at high ISO advantage but if you shooting in quite poor light hand held you end up having to use a shutter speed quite often two stops faster to reduce the risk of camera shake if you have a lens with no IS. At that point your eating into your low noise advantage.

          Based on these current photos it looks like Olympus have thought this design out well but it is going to come down to how good or bad that viewfinder really is.

          What I would really love to see is a real photo with the Olympus OM-D series and say a OM-4 next to each other and back to back so you can compare the two. If the OM-D has more or less the same footprint that would be great as it will mean the handling should be good.

    • AirShaker

      What makes nex 7 so appealing is not so much the rangefinder style but the fact that it packs the same features (did I mention bigger sensor?) in an apparently smaller package. And it is legitimate to wonder what this so talked about hump is hiding (if hiding anything) because as of now it can appear like a not so well thought camera (as opposed to a serious photographic tool olympus wants to make you think it is)

      • Roy_X

        When I saw NEX7 on the first time, I think of a kind of scientific tool when I was in a physics laborary in my colleage.

      • @AirShaker
        The Pen is the right size for it’s target market and will continue to be, the O-MD looks like it will be the right size for it’s target market.
        The NEX and it’s lenses doesn’t sit well in female hands and feels uncomfortable even for guys using the larger lenses.

        • AirShaker

          So a camera with the size of a pen with a built in viewfinder would not make sense?

          • Stu5

            So where are you going to fit this viewfinder into a Pen if you don’t make it any larger?

            • Miroslav

              Shrink the screen. 2.5″ 16:9 is enough IMO.

      • Stu5

        You have no idea at present how big the camera is until you see it along side something else. Also the big fail with the NEX 7 is the size of the lenses as Sony have made no attempt to make them balance well with the camera. They just come across as a complete afterthought. There is more to the handling of a camera than just the body itself and that is what Sony don’t seem to get with the NEX series.

        • AirShaker

          So m43 manufacturers don’t have to provide body ala nex7 because Nex lenses are big?

          • Stu5

            Did I say that… no I didn’t. Why should m43 have to follow NEX 7 design? What Olympus and trying to do is produce a usable system camera with a good range of lenses. So far the NEX 7 fails to do that. They have so far failed to put much money into lenses designed for the size of camera.

    • Well, I suppose one could use that hump to scratch one’s ass with or something. :)

      The little issue with your entire point is that the Fuji X100 is a rangefinder style camera and won camera of the year last year. The new pro version Fuji is another rangefinder camera and it too will go on to win camera of the year.

      The Olympus E620S (s = slim body) will be all but forgotten by fall.

  • 4000 votes yes = 4000 camera revenue so far! :D

    • anonymous

      dream on

      • @anonmous
        Panny and Oly are doing much more right than some other camera companies, you are just so gutted!

  • Jed

    I’m hoping the viewfinder has extra glass to greatly magnify the display to huge proportions.

  • AirShaker

    If the om-d is a new line of product, something like an om-50 or om-500 should follow. An e-m5 version without weather sealing would suits me just fine. If they also remove the accessory port (the vf was the only usefull accessory to me) or even the buil in flash it could help making a lower profile camera

    • CML


  • It’s a “serious” camera which will lose half its useability (to me) if it can’t focus 4/3 glass properly. I like the design with and without the innovative grip. Pretty modular: you can easily change its bulk to accommodate different shooting styles and purposes. A camera that should last for many years.
    Image quality, whatever it is, shouldn’t be an issue for my purposes. In that respect the E-P3 is more than good enough.

    • modsnrockers

      EM5 is a m4/3 dslr.

      Grip battery pack needed to give juice to adapter to drive AF of 43 lenses.

      (my speculation)

  • scalia

    to all the hump haters, you guys can wait for the E-P5, cant you?

  • Austin Schutz

    I cannot wait to see the AF results on the camera, that has been the only thing stopping me from switching to all EVIL cameras.

  • Melvin

    Admin: congratulations! 600+ comments!

    I am concerned about the price of the total package:
    Body E-M5: 1100 euro’s ?
    Grip: 100 euro’s?
    Batterygrip: 250 euro’s?
    Weather proof adapter: 150 to 200 euro’s?

    Package price estimation: 1600-1700 euro’s (at least)
    More expensive than E5.

    Admin: please ask your sources if this cam will focus regular 4/3rds glass. It would justify the high price for the package to drive superb 4/3rds glass. If not, then very, very expensive.

    • admin

      1100 for body only. 1300 with kit lens. Don’t know if the grip is included (don’t think).

    • admin

      I have “something” about 4/3 coming soon. Just a small rumor but better than nothing :)

  • Geoff

    I’m finding a lot of comments are being made regarding ‘A Modular Design’ regarding the function of the ‘Hump’, yes there are many possibilities as regards what is hidden there or if it can be removed and replaced with an alternative type (ie ‘Waist Level Finder’)a very atractive idea.

    Also a lot of comments regarding the retro styling, many seemingly from people who have probably never held an OM but I wonder how many people have seen Maitanis original ideas for a 35mm system, this may open many eyes very wide indeed,

    How about a modular E system now!!!!!

    Come on lets see some constructive comments now.

  • Any facts on actual dimensions of the Cam? What about new rumors regarding IQ or DR

  • 4b12BRO

    Since the e-m5 is weather sealed i hope they added something to protect / hide the sensor when changing lens

    • Stu5

      No real need to. I have used the E series in the rain and changed the lenses no problem on pro shoots. If you start worrying about the sensor you also need to worry about the back glass elements on the lens and contacts. You just need to be careful otherwise to design sensor protection in like that will add a lot to the price.

  • Raist

    Admin, I keep hearing recently that it may not be a GX1 sensor. If you could please double check with your sources about GX1 sensor or not. I realize it’s all rumor. I believe it’s going to be a tweaked GX1 sensor but if they managed somehow to get another one, and if it performs well then great. I just think it would be hard due to no economies of scale, if then the camera will come out at the price you are mentioning.

    I still at this point believe a tweaked GX1 sensor is the deal.

    • admin

      Specs looks like GX1 sensor.

  • It seems to me that the display has a 3:2 ratio :-(. That would be a minor drawback because you loose resolution when shooting in 4:3.

    • Stu5

      No you don’t. Even if it was 4:3 ratio there is not room to make the screen any higher. The space is just not there to do it.

  • Camaman

    700+ comments! Olympus is making Admin very happy! :)
    Can0t wait to see how many will there be at the end! This id D800 rumor capability!

    Wonderful camera, I love the modularity of various grips! :-)

    • Miroslav

      “700+ comments! Olympus is making Admin very happy!”

      No, it should make Olympus very happy. And ashamed at the same time, since they have so many devoted users yet keep letting them down with mediocre or incomplete mirrorless cameras in recent years. Hope E-M5 brakes that trend.

  • I am going to buy this camera for sure! I am eager to see how it looks with a 35-100mm attached. It looks like it would actually be practical and usable with a lens of that size.

    Exciting times for 43rds!

    • Miroslav

      You’re not angry anymore ;) ?

  • leonedolci

    I checked the site 20 times a day to pick up every new rumor for the EM5. The EM5 really looks not bad for an upgrade from GF1.

    BUUUUT… when I step back 1 min, I found that GX1 X kit + LVF2 also costs around $1100~1200.

    For basically the same price of EM5, I got the same sensor, about the same EVF. And, I have one additional wonderfully compact 14-42X lens.

    In my gear setup, M43 is one “assistant” cam and my 1st desire is compactness. In fact, my only complaint to GX1 is the lack of manual video exposure. Other than that, everything is fine for me.

    I sincerely hope EM5 will bring down GX1’s price.

  • Berbu

    Design is OK, not perfect, though. It’s a t least historically correct.

  • To nikonswitcher

    Great camera looking to bux this as small backup camera with 2 primes.

  • Rose

    What a waste designing and building a brand new camera around a sensor type that has reached a dead end. APS-C is the future for the years to come. Micro 4/3 sensors are just too small to give good low light performance, smooth tones and rich detail. Yes, AF may be quick, the view finder from heaven and the lenses superb, but if the heart of the camera doesn’t deliver, it’s a no go for most serious photographers. And it seems that this is the target group for this expensive tool. I don’t think that this camera is serious competition for the Fuji X100 let alone the X-Pro1. Back to the drawing table it is….

    • @Rose
      maybe it s you that has reached the dead end. Four Thirds is the format that continues to evolve.
      The sensor is NOT the heart of the camera.

      “I don’t think that this camera is serious competition for the Fuji X100 let alone the X-Pro1.” we’ll see….

    • * * * * * * * * * *
      The theoretical difference in sensor performance between APS-C and Micro Four Thirds is marginal, only 3/4 of an aperture stop.
      * * * * * * * * * *
      The sensor performance differences will become asymptotically flattened out in near timeframe, so any differences in low light performance using high ISO settings, as well as dynamic range will be practically nothing to worry about.

      Rather, the serious photographer will be more concerned with the lenses providing acceptable wide open performance, good bokeh, compact size, weight and weather sealings.

      With the Micor Four Thirds lens portfolio expanding, from ultrawide zooms, through a set of bright primes (20mm/F1.7, 25mm/F0.95, 25mm/F1.4, 45mm/F1.8, 45mm/F2.8 Macro, 60mm/F2.8 Macro, 75mm/F1.8,…, and in due time support of the classical Four Thirds lenses, a majority of photo scenarios are covered.

      Take the 24.3 megapixels sensor from the current Sony trio (SLT-A65, , SLT-A77, NEX-7), cut out a MFT slice from it’s original APS-C size, and you’ll get a 15 megapixels sensor perfectly fitting the Olympus 4:3 aspect ratio. And if that’s not sufficient, make the sensor oversized with multi aspect ratios (16:9, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1) further narrowing the size difference to the APS-C.

      You’ll get the same low light performance, the same dynamic range ratio as from the sensor in the NEX, but with Olympus image processing, and the MFT lenses added, I just cant see any reasons to blindly stay with an APS-C fixation of yours…

  • Why did Olympus wait until now to release the OM-D?

    – *Is the OM-D the secret weapon they’ve been sitting on for some time, to pull out when in danger and doubt times?*
    – *What triggered the release of the OM-D right now?*
    – *Why haven’t we seen it until now?*
    – *Hasn’t it been perfectioned until now?*
    – *Hasn’t all bits and pieces forming a system been available until now?*
    – *How important is the fact we’ve just seen competitors launching advanced models within this year?*
    – *Is there a launch synchronization made with Panasonic? What are they up to now?*

    – *I sincerely hope it’s not just a show off to the white-collar of an eventually sell out of the Imaging division of Olympus?*
    – *Rather I hope this “OM-D System” is pulling more capital investments into the Olympus Imaging division, seing the OM-D prosper significantly and getting a strong foothold in the market!*

  • What connectivity does the new OM-D provide??

    • Any weather resistant connection ports?
    • Remote control cable via RM-CB1 / RM-UC1?
    • Camera Remote Control (RM-1 & RM-2) using the existing Olympus InfraRed protocol?
    • External microphone input with level control?
    • HDMI micro (expensive) or HDMI mini (more common)?
    • USB 3.0 (eg. for GPS)?
    • WLAN (802.11n) & Bluetooth v4.0?
    • GPS provided in optional/external battery holder?
    • Time lapse/Intervalometer in optional/external battery holder?
    • Webserver interface (IO over Ethernet) with the external battery holder?

    • Last but not least: Extensive iPhone/Android Apps!?

  • dmullete

    i just want to say, yes it CLASIC, and yes its NEVER DIE !

  • Rich r

    This is about 1000 times better than the new Pentacle K01
    I hope Olympus makes it and rodent. Become a small part of sony

  • Jwood

    I was excited about the video aspects….but now i see old technology. The same old compression algorithm used in 2008 with 5d. I was holding out on the GH2.

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