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(FT5) E-PL6 specs!


I got some info about the soon to come E-PL6 that will be sold on in japan only! This is a google translation from the original Japanese text:

Key Features

  1. And “FAST AF” new single-lens shooting style through the fusion of the touch panel “touch AF shutter”
  2. High-quality first-class machine of our mirrorless interchangeable lens camera of “OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5” concession
  3. Art filter of all 12 types of more prosperous photographic expression
  4. Rotate monitor 170 degree self-portrait can enjoy easily
  5. New full function that evolved from the “OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL5”

As I told you before, the E-Pl6 will be sold in Japan only like it happened with the E-PL1s!

These are the fulls pecs via Digicaminfo (also google translated):
– Sensor is 16.05 million pixel Live MOS effective the same as the E-M5
– Image processing engine Truepic VI
– FAST AF, Touch AF shutter
– Art filter 12 different
– Effects feature six different
– 460,000 dot monitor 3 movable type possible upward 170 degrees, take your can move downward 65 degrees
– Fast release time lag mode of 0.0044 seconds time lag
– Low sensitivity ISO expansion ISO range, (ISO100 equivalent), 200 -25 600
– -1/4000 Seconds 60 seconds, shutter speed sync 1/250 sec
– Interval shooting of 24-hour 1-99 sheet number, from 1 second
– Time-lapse video
– Electronic Level 2-axis horizontal and vertical
– Sensor shift image stabilization
– Can work with smart phone using the FlashAir the “OLYMPUS Image Share”
– Small AF target with a narrow focus area size per point
– Image stabilization mechanism sensor shift type body in hand
– Movie teleconference
– In-camera RAW editing function
– Continuous shooting up to 8 frames / sec, up to 3.5 frame / s AF during follow-up
– 3D tracking AF
– Full HD (1920×1080, 30p), MOV format video (MPEG-4AVC/H.264)
– Linear PCM audio
– Live bulb shooting, live time shooting
– Metering area EV0-20
– SD / SDHC / SDXC, UHS-I support, Eye-Fi card support, media support FlashAirTM
– 110.5mm size (width) x 63.7mm x 38.2mm (height) (depth)
– (Including battery, memory card) 325g Weight
– May 10, announced late June release
– Body color of E-PL6 White Silver Black Red
– Added new color White Silver Red body cap lens BCL-1580
– Underwater Case PT-EP10 pressure water depth of 45m
– “VF-4” ¥ 32,000 electronic view finder (without tax)

  • physica

    So….. except of 170 flip screen , is there any excited news? It’s seems to be a E-M5 with-out weather seal put into a E-PL5 body…..

    • soda

      I think so.

    • true homer

      iso 100

      • MJr

        Same sensor. Only simulated ISO100.

    • Rafa

      “VF-4″ ¥ 32,000 electronic view finder (without tax)

  • Anonymous

    Since I own an OMD..I can see that I will be buzzing past all of the incidental offerings until the successor arrives……feels good to own a compact digital camera with some longevity!

    • Cheetos

      Pretty sure when the new OMD comes out, your current OMD EM5 still takes great photos, the same as when it was first released.

      • Anonymous

        I agree!…The new one may not tempt me either!…but ya just never know. :-)

    • napilopez

      That’s what I like about the OM-D! It’s the first Micro Four Thirds Camera to not have devalued ridiculously within a year. At over a year since it first went on sale, retail prices are only about $100 bucks less than the original pricing. Compare that to something like the GX1, which sells at about half it’s original MSRP in just slightly more time.

      I’ve said before that if mirrorless camera manufacturers want to be taken seriously as replacements for DSLRs, they can’t be releasing a new “flagship” model every year. The OM-D’s successor isn’t due to be announced till the fall, so hopefully this is a sign of a slowing release cycle. 80% of user’s complaints abou the OM-D can be alleviated with firmware updates (indeed, Olympus already addressed some of these), so it would be nice to see them focus on that for a while.

      • Moolon

        Incorrect, both the GH1 and GH2 kept their value very well for well over a year each.

        • Very true. I bought my GH2+ 14-42 for $799 on sale and sold it 1 year 3 months later for $550. Not too bad, considering how much I shot with it. And the GH3+Grip is keeping me very happy now =)

  • JBL

    @admin ,please new RF M4/3 information & rumors ,
    a few month best MFT

    • Anonymous

      Yeah sure – he’ll just pull a new rumour from out of his backside.

  • Sounds like a well rounded update, should help their sales in Japan, is that audio quality updated with linear PCM?
    Nice to see a resurgent and confident Olympus :)
    Surprised we are not seeing more use of art filters outside of Japan….

  • MdB

    So basically they are adding the useless timelapse feature, compatibility with the VF4, maybe the ISO 100 mode. That and new colours for the body cap lens. Surely all of these things could be implemented in a firmware update of the E-PL5?

    • Do

      I doubt you can implement new body colors and cap lenses via firmware update ;-) Although the specs are not clear here, I’m sure it has WiFi and/or NFC connectivity and that this is the main reason for the release of the new model, because they have to answer Sony and Panasonics efforts.

    • khunpapa

      “Useless” timelapse ?? Why show your noobness openly like this?

      If you are unable to use something wisely, it does NOT mean that the real wise can’t too.

      • MdB

        MY Noobness?! Bahahaha! So this BRILLIANT timelapse function that you can so WISELY use… with it’s maximum of 99 frames… OR 4 whole seconds of video- that is pretty good is it? Yeah I will just buy a timer remote doofus and have real timelapse capability thanks. Prefer that than clog up the menus with useless, poorly implemented features.

        99 frames! Bah!

    • peevee

      Looks like Oly TG-2 vs TG1 – basically just new colors.

  • Nothing spectacular… iso 100 is nice indeed!

    • MJr

      There is no ISO100, it’s simulated. Just like anything above ISO6400.

  • axelpix

    hope they bring focus peaking and ISO100 to the E-M5 by firmware update soon…

  • Observer

    So much for product differentiation between models — the more they change the more they become the same.

    Now they have to resort to colour options as differentiation :D

    So if black is no longer the colour of choice for “limited edition”, shall we be looking forward to pink as the next “limited edition” exclusive for metrosexual hipness???

  • Narretz

    No WiFi? Hard to believe.

    • MJr

      Indeed, a enty/mid level model like this should have that or they gonna lose some clueless consumers to NEX. It’s certainly not a ‘pro’ feature that only the E-P5 should have …

      • peevee

        This feature costs money both to design (body should be designed in a certain way for antenna to work well) and to produce (wifi control chip IP costs money).
        Those who need it can use EyeFi or FlashAir, E-PL5 even comes with FlashAir in some kits (although 99%+ customers don’t need it).

        • MJr

          ‘Need it’ ? Since when is that even relevant. :D

          It’s about easy implementation, not some work-around because you can’t do without. If consumers were going to start thinking for themselves the world would tip over.

          WiFi is not exactly hi-tech these days.

          • Please point out some modern wifi devices that are actually power efficient as in achieving good range with as low as possible rf output. Those that exist tend to have an external antenna, or one that is integrated in a plastic part of the device in such a way that it doesn’t get covered by hands/face. You are 70% water (approx) and water happens to be very efficient shielding for 2.4ghz RF signals.

            Also, show me a camera with integrated wifi where data transfers do not cause any interference during picture taking (note that the analog part of a sensor is highly sensitive to RF fields).

            Its not exactly as simple as you seem to think to do it right.

  • khunpapa

    ISO 100 is nothing but ONE STOP overexposing the ISO-200. Then, while transforming raw data into picture, just carefully take care of the hightlight area to prevent burn out the jpeg finale.

    You can do this with all ISO_200-based sensor (Oly, Nikon, sony, etc).

    That’s why it’s called “EXTENDED” ISO, “EQUIVALENT” ISO.

    • MJr

      Yep, indeed.

    • Hey, you aren’t supposed to post sane comments here that look like you actually understand what you are talking about. You should just be comparing spec sheets, and put a mark on the ISO 100 checkbox!

  • peevee

    Only firmware features? Are they going to update firmware on E-M5 to add ISO100 (pulled) etc?

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