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(FT5) E-P5 can do 9fps (AF locked).


I have been told that while the E-P5 shoots 5fps in normal mode it can go up to 9fp with locked AF. For now these are the rumored E-P5 specs:

– 16 Megapixel sensor (same as E-M5)
– TruePic VI image processing engine
– improved AF (compared to E-M5)
– improved 5 axis stabilization
– 5fps (9fps with AL locekd)
– focus peaking
– Shutter 1/8000 sec
– built-in WiFi
– 1.04 million dot tilting touchscreen LCD (no more OLED!).
– QR sharing

Mark that day and that hour: Olympus announcement i scheduled for May 10 at 6am London time. That is:
– 10pm on May 9 in Los Angeles
– 1am on May 10 in New York City
– 7am on May 10 in Berlin
– 2pm on May 10 in Tokyo

As usual be sure to be online at 43rumors on that time as I will follow live the vent and continually update you with new links to reviews, first image and video samples, test and so on. To not miss any rumors and join out community like us on facebook and follow our tweets.

  • anonymous

    will it support PDAF?

    • bloke

      pdaf…pffft. This is not a pro camera, if they do release pdaf on an mft camera, it will be when a pro iteration is released

      • MJr

        Why, plenty cheap and affordable mirrorless have pdaf these days.
        What stone are you under ?

  • CineAlta

    Why no more OLED?

    • Twister

      From previous comments, I think the issue with OLED was that colors didn’t match well what you see with your eyes (LCD does a better job).

      • MdB

        And the move to major benefactor, Sony, as a supplier. The 3″ White Magic is way better anyway so don’t be too worried.

      • bloke

        OLED colours are more saturated but then again who is looking for a color perfect rendition on the 3″ screen on the back of a camera? I guess there may be some people like that…

        LCD consumes more power than OLED which is a bit of a concern :(

      • mahler

        If you look at an angle at the E-M5 display, it gets a greenish tint. That could be a reason Olympus returns to LCD technology.

    • beautemps

      LCD gives more accuracy for Photo-Use. In sense of color balance and white balance is LCD better and more stable over the time of use.
      And OLED has not always less powerconsumption. Presentation of white areas costs more energy. Read it in wiki

    • Tim F

      I recently read an article that olcd screens having an aging problem, with an average lifespan of 5 years. If this is true I really appreciate the new screen.

  • Mitch

    Is the SD card still loaded in the battery compartment?

  • Clark

    Anyone hear anything new on the fast zoom?

    • No, but without a fast 11-ish to 50-ish fast zoom, there’s just no decent standard m4/3 zoom. I wouldn’t mind hanging my 12-60 from an E-P5, but the AF is just going to be insufferable.

      The available primes are okay, but then I’d have to carry two bodies, because I wouldn’t want to constantly swap lenses. Oh, maybe that’s Oly’s plan: everyone buy one body for each lens.

      • Nick

        Lumix 12-35/f2.8 isn’t ‘decent’?

        • Hubertus Bigend

          In terms of focal length range, the 12-35 is quite limited. And for what it delivers it is quite expensive. There simply is no Micro FT substitute yet for the FT HQ standard zooms, the 14-54 and the 12-60. Which is why I’d rather stick with a combination of wide-angle zoom, standard prime and telephoto zoom lenses. Oh wait, there is not a single decent telephoto lens either, at least not beyond 150mm… Which is one of the reasons why Micro FT is no option for me yet. But then again, there is no Micro FT camera either, which could replace my E-30. And as nice as the E-P5 seems to be, I’ll never buy a camera without a finder – or with an accessory finder that blocks the flash shoe when attached.

          • Sqweezy

            No one seems to complain that the 24-70mm range for full frame zooms are too “limited”.

            • BLI

              I was very happy with the range of my Nikkor 24-70/2.8 — it covered most situations. Of course, 12-54 or whatever would be better than 12-35, but size/weight/quality also matters.

            • Actually, I found the 28-70 lacking 20 years ago. I used the fast one (f/2.8), because I needed it sometimes. Not really wide enough and too short at the long end for my purpose. I eventually replaced it with a 28-105 3.5-4.5 Nikkor, which I still use on my 35 mm bodies today.

            • complaining is one our best talents here.

              • Hubertus Bigend

                So what? Complaining, per se, is good. Without complaints there would be much less incentive for anyone to improve their stuff…

            • Hubertus Bigend

              What makes you think so? Did you actually scan through all the full-frame forums? For me, a full-frame 24-70 would of course be just as limited as a (Micro) FT 12-35, and for full-frame I’d just as well rather go with a 50/1.4 wide-angle zoom plus tele zoom.

        • The 12-35 relies heavily on software correction. I am not a JPG shooter, so please don’t point out that JPGs come out nicely corrected. Its focal range is too short at the long end (for me). I need at least 50 mm at the tele end. That doesn’t mean it’s not a desirable lens for you or anyone else.

          • Parci

            Raw files are nicely corrected as well, not to mention the live view image, which is also corrected. There are some raw converters that do not do this, but the default thing is (ACR, for example) is that you never see the uncorrected version. Software correction is factored into the lens design as well, it is actually a very clever solution as you need less elements, less complex optical correction and can produce a sharper design more easily to start out with.

            • But not correction of CA used the 12-35 with Oly bodies… Sure you can say, you can do it with one click in Lightroom, but I don’t want and I don’t have time to make a RAW convertion with every pic. And 12-35 is really to limited for me. I wait for the next Fuji generation, if it has a faster AF and if there will not be a better Oly zoom until then, then I will say bye, bye Olympus… Or I will buy a Nikon 5200..

              It’s a shame, that Olympus can’t make a lens like the 12-54 or the 12-60 for m43 after all these years…

            • I use deliberately a RAW converter that does not apply default corrections. I very much prefer to not have the software do any auto-anything. I have several reasons for doing this. You may find software correction acceptable or even great, I don’t. I don’t criticise you for your preference, so please return the favor.

  • dfg

    The fact we still haven’t heard any specs concerning video leads me to believe there won’t be any significant improvement. :(

    • mahler

      Who cares?

      • Sqweezy

        Some people do.

  • One thing that could set the E-P5 apart in the current Oly lineup is a faster flash sync speed. If it could do at least 1/500, I think many people would be interested! Any word on that, Admin?

  • MdB

    9fps makes more sense, considering the $400 E-PM2 can shoot 8fps…

  • Daemonius

    Quite “pro” specs. Only things missing are built-in EVF, full AF with 4/3 lens and maybe weather sealing.

    • Illuminated buttons on the back would be nice. It’s one of my favorite features on the E-620.

      • @TheEye
        I’m pretty sure they are reserving illuminated buttons for the O-MD Pro along with full tilt and swivel LCD…

        • The E-620, a middle-class model, got relly lucky, eh?

        • stickytape

          Pros don’t need backlighting. A pro knows the back of his camera like he knows the back of his hand ;-)

          • Some here know the palm of their hand even better.

            • Anonymous

              Oh…so that is why the tape is sticky….

      • mert

        Seriously can’t wait for backlit buttons! I use my OM-D for astro photography where this would be immensely helpful.

    • true homer

      pro specs? lol

      • Anonymous

        **** Lumix fanboy here*****

        • true homer

          Yeah that must be it, its not that theres olympus blindness here. I like the pro evf btw

    • BLI

      Battery capacity is not pro spec, I guess. My old D300 gives 700-1000 pictures per charge, compared to some 300 for the OM-D.

  • Will

    It’s crazy that with an inbuilt EVF I would probably be going nuts over this camera, without an in built EVF i’m not even considering it.

  • Pei

    No weather sealing and no EVF so I assume it will be $700 or less? E-M5 is only $950 and this is missing quite a bit.

    • ming

      They’ll probably charge a lot for the in-built WiFi though :(

      • true homer

        its gonna be 999$ body only

  • hamed

    Does the E-P5 using the same E-M5 battery?? i hope !

    • omran

      Me too, there is nothing more silly than creating incompatible accessories and batteries. Some fools think it will help make money but all it does is cause resentment and brand damage.

    • O


      • Will the flash be able to be tilted upwards, like on E-PL1/2 ?
        Will there be ISO 100 ?

        • MJr

          Same sensor as the E-M5 right. So surely it can’t suddenly have ‘real’ ISO100, that would be impossible.
          News like a new sensor would be the first thing to leak otherwise, wouldn’t it.
          Still the best M43 sensor around though. :)

  • hamed

    Does the E-P5 using the same E-M5 battery?? i hope !

    • Tim F

      Funny, with the same reason and intention, I’m hoping for the old pen batterie.
      did you notice that the om-d is the only Olympus camera that uses that new batterie ;-)

  • Cheetos

    Got $700 saved up already. Can’t wait til the 10th to decide if this or the OMD will be my next camera. Anyone in the same situation as me care to share your opinion on which is the better choice? I love the OMD design over the EP5 but I don’t care for the EVF or weather sealing, leading to the squishy button feel, which I really don’t like. The EP5 is cheaper and with better new tech seems to be what I am leaning toward at the moment.

    • Xeno

      Assuming the rumors are true I’ve decided to get the E-P5. I want the 5-axis stabiliser but not the fixed EVF. I’d love to get the great stabilizer and a tiltable and removable EVF and use my old Canon FD lenses. The focus peaking is great news too, assuming it’s true and funktional.

      • Anonymous

        @Cheetos, you kind of answered your own question! If you aren’t interested in weather-sealing or a built in EVF, the E-P5 is a much better choice.
        Personally, I am practically having to loctite my wallet shut to avoid going down the road to Fuji! I believe passionately in the m43 format, as having struck the correct balance between IQ and lens size. I’ve put up with an external EVF on an E-PL1 for 3 years. I’m “over the hill” now, so I need a VF with diopter correction due to older eyes. I’ve had SLR positioned VF’s for ever, and I know that, for me, the RF position is better. But man, Olympus is trying my patience!
        If I didn’t have several m43 primes and legacy lenses with adaptors, I’d be buying an X-E1 today with the nice kit zoom, and I probably wouldn’t need anything else for 3 years or so. Instead, I’ll probably buy a new lens (Olly 9-18) to satisfy my gear lust, and put up with “Ol Steampunk” for another 6 months……

        • Sqweezy

          Your desires will be fulfilled with the GX2. In fact, it’s almost certain to out-spec the E-P5 in every area, except for the IBIS, which is substantial. However, for all of the enthusiasts who absolutely “need” an integrated EVF, just wait til the GX2 comes out later this year.

          • OMega

            Where do you get the idea that the GX-2 will include an EVF, that iat present is no more than part of someones wish list, no more than a rumour and a weak one at that.

            • Sqweezy

              If you look at the GF6, it is pretty much in the cards. Tell me, what features could warrant someone to differentiate the newly improved GF line from the current GX line?

          • Is that a FT5 ;) ?

            • OMega

              I think the idea that GX-2 will have built in EVF came from this rumour and mock-up, unfortunately these mock-ups do nothing except get some people excited about what someone has cooked up in photoshop, something to do but no more than that individuals dreams.


        • AMVR

          Wow, we most be twins separated at birth (except im not that old yet XD)! That’s precisely my own situation today, I favor Oly cameras (I also own a PL1) because of the IBIS and some other minor features but I’m really tired of being disappointed by them time and again, at this point I’m betting all my chips on Pany and the GX2 to stay with m4/3 as my main system, otherwise it’s hello Fuji. I’m right there with you, at this point it’s only the lenses and accessories I’ve invested in which keep me in this system, it’s hard to let go of years worth of investments.

    • Brock

      I have been using the OMD professionally for over a year now and all I can say is wow! Like you I was worried about the squishy buttons but it has been my primary workhorse since I bought it. It can handle absolutely every condition and element that I have thrown at it and it is still working as well as the day I bought it. Buttons are squishy but have been a non issue.

      • Brock

        Also, if you will be shooting quite a bit with it or enjoy the outdoors, the weather sealing is immensely important. You will run into situations where you want to use your camera in the elements. The EVF is also incredibly helpful in bright lighting.

    • sneye

      The E-P5 will cost more than the current E-M5 price.
      As I see it, the truly useful advantages of the E-P5 will be basically restricted to WiFi technology. Other new specs are nice to have, but not fundamental capabilities. The button feel of the E-M5 is something you get used to quite quickly.

  • sneye

    The picture is clearing up. The E-P5 is a state-of-the-art camera with a strong design and the most advanced technology from Olympus. In some aspects it’s “pro” level, in others (sealing, ergonomics, VF options, probably video) it’s merely a typical PEN. If the rumored price ($1000 for body only) turns out to be correct it’s a bit too expensive to become a mass seller. The advantages of the E-P5 over the E-M5 are minor while the disadvantages are fundamental, so most enthusiasts would go for the latter. The E-P5 is a luxury item targeted at the more affluent segments of the market and designed to become a classic from the very beginning.
    The new EVF seems to be the highlight of the coming announcement: a large, bright, fast visor which may make manual focusing a truly useful technique once again.

    • I’d go for E-P5 just because of focus peaking. And smaller size + integrated flash. Anyway, there’s no need to start E-M5 vs E-P5 war, it’s nice that we have choice.

      • sneye

        I totally agree about the choice bit.

  • alexander

    why no PANORAMA Stiching?? :-(

    • Because it’s best done with a panoramic mount and dedicated stitching software?

      • OMega

        Less effective but none the less worth considering would be a shift adapter also used with dedicated software, not so wide a view but none the less effective.

    • Where does it say it won’t have panorama stitching?

      It will probably have it, because all other competitors and all new Oly P&S have it. Just don’t hold your breath for quality, because it took the others several iterations to perfect it.

  • Incessant Troll


    • Marketing told engineering to stick a flash up their EVF when they were out on the sake, and the engineers took them seriously…..

    • OMega

      They created a species of little people who live inside a special compartment, when you press the button they push the little flash unit up so you can use it, this is also in keeping as to why it does not have weather sealing as they live on the tiny specs of dust that creep in from the flash guns opening.

      Any one care to elaborate on this matter???

  • Ross

    I would think the 9fps would be the same as the E-M5 (focus on the first frame only or MF) & the 5fps would be for AF for each frame which would be faster than the E-M5 (which is 3fps).

    • Ross

      Correction for the E-M5 slow fps (AF each frame). It is 3.5fps.

  • matt jones

    9fps at full resolution with AF locked. I’d be interested in seeing them put a crop mode in with a burst rate around 24fps. Surely the time is coming when we can get 2K or 4K jpgs or RAW at movie frame rates, even if for a short period of time ;)

    • beautemps

      9 FPS is poore. Even a cheap compact camera can do 30 FPS in full 16MP resolution. Or 60 FPS in 10 MP resolution. They should use a silent electronic shutter, like Panasonic does.

  • I assume the E-P5 has an improved lcd frame?

    • No more screws. Just snapped together. :-P

  • That’s all very nice but what about startup time and wake-up time from sleep mode? I love my E-M5 but it’s too slow to wake up and if you leave it on all the time its battery will be empty within a couple of hours. For this reason for street snapping I’m back to my good old GF1 with 15mm f/8 or 14m 2.5 set for zone focusing.

  • The Real Stig

    I bet Leica don’t like the E-P5, one little bit.

    • true homer

      I bet leica doesn’t care 2 shits about what olympus does

  • Bloater

    Has nobody noticed (or do you not care) that this is rumoured to have a 1/8000 max shutter – this is bigger than a lot of the other features that you’ve all been arguing about – potentially no more overexposure when trying to use a prime wide open at f1.7/f1.8 in bright sunlight. That for me is huge.

    • It’s good, but so is a ND filter….so not a big enough deal for me to buy it.

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