(FT5) E-M5 price and poll (versus Nikon D800 and Fuji X PRO 1)


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Soon, at 2 am London time Olympus will officially announce the E-M5. The price will be the following:
Olympus OM-D E-M5 body only: $1000 or 1.100 Euro
Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 14-42mm lens: $1100 (don’t know the price in Euro yet)
Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 12-50mm lens: $1300 or 1300 Euro

Now in order to kill some of the waiting time I ask you: Within one month we had three new “WOW” cameras. The Fuji X PRO 1 (Click here to check price and specs), the Nikon D800 (Click here to check price and specs) and now the Olympus E-M5 (Click here to read the specs). So…..

What's the most amazing camera from the three?

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Don’t be fanboys ;)

P.S.: I will not sleep the hole night. Will drink tons of coffee and chat with you all the time!


  • acahaya

    Assuming that amazing is not neccessarily positive: where is the new Pentax in the vote?
    Imo it has the most amazingly ugly design, especially in black and yellow ;-)

    The D800 has a huge sensor … which amazingly shows us the limit of most Nikon glass

    The Fuji is a piece of art with a new sensor… and an amazingly limited choice of lenses

    The M5 is a typical Oly product with probably amazing innovations (new IBIS?) not properly announced and explained, which is why nobody cares about them. As a consequence we are only discussing unamazing features like video codecs, dr and noise … and wtf are the weatherproof lenses to go with the new body???

  • QuantM

    Best “breakthrough” sensor design of the three (approaching Foveon in elegance): Fuji X PRO 1.

    Best ergonomics and system-ness: Olympus OM-D
    (though I do not like the size increase due to the pentaprism mimic).

    • QuantM

      PS Best in the lack of innovation – D800.

    • FT1 – probably fake rumor

      Best future-proofed system OM-D.
      Olympus E-M7 with Fuji Foveon sensor.

    • Tom

      Fuji’s X-Trans CFA approaching Foveon? I applaud their innovation, ditching the AA is THE best move regards increasing resolving power but… I don’t see them coming out the other side minus aliasing – way too much interpolation required and on a greater scale than bayer!
      Perhaps the old school approach of reducing moire and aliasing in software would’ve made more sense? Hello D800E.
      Then again, I love Foveon sensors. Hoping that a 10MP, 12mm equiv. DP3 will be announced this year (long shot I know)! Do wish Sigma had the funds to bring Foveon into the video world – a “full aperture 4K” sensor with an intra-codec could do more than carve a niche!

  • andrezao


    First vídeo review OM-D E-M5



    • QuantM

      1. “Fuji’s X-Trans CFA approaching Foveon? I applaud their innovation, ditching the AA is THE best move regards increasing resolving power but…”

      The Fuji trick is not removing the AA filter – it will increase moire, the trick is the RANDOM pixels alignment.

      2. “Then again, I love Foveon sensors. Hoping that a 10MP, 12mm equiv. DP3 will be announced this year (long shot I know)!”

      Despite obvious advantage (correct color reproduction), Foveon’s vertical pixels alignment (vs. the planar one of Bayer, Fuji) has a clear disadvantage: higher ISO noise due to the mutual current induction of the layers plus related chromatic noise.
      If one was able to conceptually remove moire from the planarly alligned pixel sensors it would be a conceptual compensation for better color reproduction of Foveon. And Fuji have done it.

      3. “Do wish Sigma had the funds to bring Foveon into the video world – a “full aperture 4K” sensor with an intra-codec could do more than carve a niche!”

      Forget about 4K video on Foveon: Sigma does not have image processing tech even for good 1080p. Sigma killed Foveon.

  • God, the camera looks so gorgeous!

    • Love the “industrial” look of the body with the roundness of the lenses and accessories. I’m one of those people who doesn’t care about how many cameras a system sells, how popular a camera is or how long a system is produced as long as I’m happy with it BUT I see Olympus selling a SHIT load of these.

    • TheEye

      I missed it. :-(

      EDIT: That was supposed to go under P’s post with the youtube link.

    • Berbu

      Good design.

  • P

    @Admin Where are you? You said, you will chat with us all the time! :)

  • His coffee machine is broken :-)

  • P
    • cool!

    • Bring the picture comparison, this might be my new camera in a couple of years.

    • Wow, looks amazing, much better then on the pics :-) And what about this big … so many people complained about? ;-)

    • Anonymous

      That’s cool!!

    • Duchemin

      Just now!

      Cool! It is a small as it appeared in the hands of the polish guy!

      I need to have it.

    • Oh wow, that video really shows the size of the camera! Its petite! Love the size and the black metal look of it.

    • Pulled as of 35 min after original post. Anyone know of a cached version?

      • P

        Sorry I just have it open in my browser.

    • Video removed… But I’m glad that I could see it before removing :-)

    • Fish

      Dang it, missed the video!! My own fault by not checking here often enough : )

  • he is searching for any more leaks i guess

    • …or taking one, if he has been drinking coffee all night…

  • cosinaphile

    imagine , naming a new camera without an x somewhere in the name…..
    olympus ….brave brave ….olympus.

    been sitting on the fence between a g3 and ep3

    getting off the fence…..

    • Camaman

      This is the bravest thing they did apart from the design…
      That official should have said Epoch naming, not Epoch VF… VF turned out to be a mere 0.58x magnification at best. Thats a long way off from OM 0,92x :-( :-(
      1.33x extender DIY project here I come…

      • Jón

        …or D.

  • simon

    No built in flash ? the D800 pro camera even has a built in flash for some daylight fill in.

    • Yah Olympus gives us the option to keep it on our packet. Lets see if I can still pop up the flash on my E-1.

  • > Don’t be fanboys

    You said it, so I have picked the D800/D800E.

    It seems that medium format cameras would have raise the ante, because the 36MP isn’t off by that much from Hasselblad and Pentax. And the Nikon is cheaper by a factor.

    E-M5 isn’t really that exciting – without lenses to put on it. Enthusiast or not, the system isn’t there yet. I’d wait for the GH3 and the rumored 12-35 and 35-100 before calling anything a “m43 of the year.”

    Fuji… those guys live in another universe for sure. No way I would ever pay more than two grands for a street camera. Especially when we have plenty of “good enough” options at much lower price, the price at which I’m much more comfortable taking the camera with me on the streets.

    • pdc

      How many lenses do you want?
      Can’t believe that comment.

    • Russ

      You can’t take advantage of the Nikon’s 36MP because of the available glass.

  • Camaman

    Wow that video is great! Thanks!
    So I guess there is no magic in the hump. :-(

    On a more brighter note the hump doesn’t look that pointy as it did on the pictures so far. Looks cool.

    Now show us the silver version!!

    • Yeah looks smaller in that pic. All in all, this is shaping up to be a nice cam. For $1000, you get quite an upgrade over most m43 cams in terms of features.

  • Fan

    Silver or black? That would be a good poll here. Silver is more original OM isn’t it?

    • cameras and women lingerie should be (mostly) black :)

      • hahaha..starting to know you better by the minute Nico

        • :) we become like geeky friends here on 43rumors lol

          • achiinto

            I like it red for non camera.

  • avds

    Pentax! :) /Sorry, couldn’t help some sarcasm…/

    Seriously though, Fuji is a clear big step forward, and not just for Fuji it seems, even though we have yet to go through the sacred pixel peeping ritual to worship the Gods of IQ and present them with gifts from Mount Fuji :)

    The other two are pretty evolutionary. For m43, the usual suspects (G3, GX1, GH2 and E-P3) are not going to lose any slice of appeal once the Oh-My-Humpy is officially announced :)

  • safaridon

    Admin – remember this is supposed to be a m4/3 forum and not an all camera forum. Comparing with Nex7 or FujiXpro1 is fair enough as both MILS but comparing with FF D800 makes no sense at all. Net result a furry of posts about the D800 being better etc rather than about the topic of this rumor the price of the new E-D5.

  • I’m so OM-D ready (screw the PEN!). :)

    Grip, flash, bracket, E-M5 body… I’m looking forward to this! I can use my E-P3 as a backup body. :)

  • Fan

    Admin, there’s a new leak:

    • P

      Already sent it too him. I think he is busy.

    • YouTube says the video has been removed by the user. Maybe the hump contains tiny ninjas who emerge to punish those who violate the NDA? But it seems odd that Olympus would care so soon before the official release.

  • CRB

    Vs D800? only a joke right?

    • JimD

      In the 60s in England they had auto racing on TV and one category included the Ford Galaxy (the 60s style that could land 2 jumbo jets at once 1 on the bonnet and 1 on the boot) and it also included the mini coopers, the original ones not the pseudo German ones. The Minis always won on wide tracks and the Fords on the narrow tracks (if a ford got pole) because the minis had no room to pass.
      The mini drivers used to say they had more fun driving.
      The m43 v D800 is a bit like that.

    • Berthie Bernunsa


      d800 is a game changer

      Omd is just another m43 with good design and built

  • Gabriel

    Oly looks like my good old OM10, but it’s not a FF, only a µ4/3. Not a bad sensor after all, but there is always the same problem with smaller sensor, it’s more difficult to control bokeh, and the slow 12-50zoom make it bad. Why on earth there is not entry level FF ??? I don’t want zillion pixels in an armored body with more button than on a teenager faces, but simply something like a real digital OM. Canon and Nikon race for the more mpx camera with tons of button, knobs and lever. Pentax make a tiny Q and and a K01 which is the son birth from the union of a K5, a Kr and a brick ;) Fuji drop DSLR and try to mimics Leica. Sony try to manage two system, one with small boby and big lenses and other for ex Minolta fan boys with some high tech innovative features for techies. µ4/3 Oly and Pana make more or less the same camera and lenses, silver lenses for Oly and black for Pana :)

    • It’s simple as to why there is no entry level FF camera. A FF sensor costs about 4x more than a 4/3 sensor. APS-C sensors probably cost as much as 4/3 due to economy of scale. And a better body will obviously add to the cost. Don’t expect any FF cameras soon below 2k. Maybe in a few more years?

    • JimD

      Look at the images taken with the 12-50 and the Voitlander 25mm, the bokeh and control is available. If you want to print on a wall FF is fine but if you want to print A2 some times and A3 occasionally and A4 often then why bother with the weight and cost of FF.

  • Sim

    My goodness. Great video! Didn’t expect it to be so compact. The close-up pictures are quite misleading. I’ll definitely be getting one.

  • By the way, are these pics really worth to pay so much for that cam? http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d800/sample02.htm I don’t know…

    • maybe not for us, but others yes certainly. Is there something you dont like in this sample 1? I had the impression that this shot looked very sharp in fitted view but 1:1 its lesser. the Geisha portrait however is impressive regarding the resolving in detail

      • I think I’ve seen better pics with older cams from Nikon and other companies. For me sharpness and details are not the way that I would say “wow…”. But maybe it’s about the photographer that made these pics and we have to wait for more pics. I don’t want to say that the pics are bad, but I expected more.

      • JimD

        Ulli, Yes. It shows up the dust specks on the kimono very well.

    • T-L

      Only shows how shitty is performance of Nikon FX lenses in corners.. ;)

    • RW

      You can’t read too much into a few early sample photos. M43 can’t compete with full frame in any real contest of IQ, and photos from the D800 will walk all over the EM-5 IQ wise. To assume any other outcome is not realistic.

      I don’t think that is really what the EM-5 is about, however. The m43 target market justifies the compromise in IQ (read sensor size)in exchange for significantly smaller camera bodies/lenses. However, if compactness is not a priority to a particular photographer, then he/she can easily make the point that the EM-5 is not “worth” what it will cost. Different strokes and all, yes?

    • If you’re making money, 3k is a decent investment. This isn’t a cam for the casual photographer.

      • @Jim Ramsey Khoury
        I wold rather spend the difference on my kids or a holiday or even better a holiday with my kids and let my photos do the talking…

        • Well I meant if you’re using this as a studio cam. If you’re going on a vacation, the D5100 or D7000 should be more than enough. Who the hell would need such a large number of pixels on holiday?

  • Jason

    I hope they made the shutter a bit quieter…

  • BLI

    Check out interview with Terada-san (Olympus chief developer) in ClubSnap Singapore — on Peak focus, new lens talk, etc. And improvement in DR (“1/3 improvement over current sensors” — whatever that means…).

    • BLI

      Or whatever his position is… :-)

    • direct link? can’t find it

    • 1/3 stop improvement! Whatever they were talking about doesnt sound too impressive, does it?

      • BLI

        The source “ClubSnap” doesn’t say 1/3 *stop* improvement, but 1/3 improvement. We’ll see what it means.

        • TheEye

          I wonder why the interviewer didn’t ask, “1/3 better based on and compared to what?”

        • The quote:

          “boasts Dynamic Range that is a 1/3 improvement over current sensors”

          That sounds to me like 1/3 stop more of DR?

          • TheEye

            I wouldn’t interpret it as 1/3 stop. DR is a range (9, 10, 11, 12 etc EV). Is the whole range improved by 1/3? For example 12 EV versus 9 EV? Or is he talking about highlight DR being improved by 1/3? Let’s say highlight DR was 3 EV, now it’s 4 EV.

            The 1/3 claim is meaningless without knowing what’s being compared and measured.

          • Jonko

            To me, it sounds like 1/3 = 33% more. I think he would have said stops if he meant stops. But, 33% seems too large, so who knows.

          • Technical people traditionally measure DR in logarithmic density units, of which 0.3 = 1 stop/EV. Wonder if that’s what he meant…?

      • achiinto

        Or 33% improvement?

    • flash

      Nice interview. When asked about a 10mm He said, “Yes, we can consider the possibility of faster and wider prime lenses.” He also mention about a long telephoto.

      • TheEye

        “consider” means “not wasting even a thought on it.” I interpret his reply as, “Hump off.”

        • No, it just means that he can’t talk about it. Its just a form of “we cannot comment on future products.”

      • Like this very much: “It can withstand heavy rains and is built to the standards of our E-series of cameras and lenses.”

        Few manufacturers dare to say that! They just say “weather resistant”, “moisture resistant”, etc. But “Withstand heavy rain” definitely sounds confident.

        • it an underestimated feature of the E-series. I remember an article about an expidition to antartica where they took a dozen cameras with them ..mostly highend nikon and canon, plus a few olympus e-1 r e-3…the olympus bodies where the only ones without malfuntion during that time

  • Rob

    I’ve got to hand it to the admin… Nothing stirs up the Internet “experts” like starting a debate about cameras that hardly anyone has even seen in person! battle of the spec sheets!!

  • E-M5 doesn’t have focus peaking yeah!:D unfortunately Olympus are considering it for future models :-(

    • BLI

      His argument is that peak focus doesn’t work well in practice compared to magnification. Here, we should also notice that the design probably was fixed about a year ago, and that peak focus may come in a next generation — if it is found useful.

      • flash

        I hope they do it with a software upgrade, it is good for video. People want it. I have not found it that good in use, but like I stated people want it.

      • RW

        Its a poor argument. magnification takes you completely out of your composition – focus peaking doesn’t.

        • @RW
          huh! I’ve been using magnified manual focus for 4 years on my Panasonic L10 cameras even for moving and low light subjects, I never bothered using focus peaking on my Sony video cameras and have never seen anyone use it either in the real world.

          If you actually spoke to Nex or Ricoh owners you will notice they stop using focus peaking after 6-8 weeks once the novelty has worn off and they realise how impractical it is for fine focus and other situations…

          • Charlie

            Focus peaking is great. I use it regularly.

          • RW

            You use magnification for “moving targets”?? Well different strokes for different folks.

            I also have been using magnified focus assist on my GF-1 for years – so I am not just shooting from the lip here… It takes me completely out of my composition whenever I use it, and so doesn’t suit my photo style at all. Having said that, I haven’t actually used peak focusing, so it may also be a “workaround” technology.

            In the old days, I had split screen focusing on my OM-1. Now that was a manual focus technique that actually worked well. Of course, that assumed a real viewfinder and not just point-and-shoot LCD composing. Meh – I don’t want to argue about it.

          • Mat

            Lack of support for manual focus system is so sad. I have no choice and have to stay with NEX until Oly or Pana improves the manual focus system.

            One of the strengthes of M4/3 is that M4/3 has short lens registration, thus allowing you to mount a wide range of mount type (i.e. Leica M mount, Nikon F-mount, C-mount). Many of these manual focus are superior to today auto-focus lens in terms of optical quality and attractive color-rendering. For example, those great lens are Leica M lens, Carl Zeiss (Leica M mount) lens, Carl Zeiss (Contax G-mount) lens, Voigtlander (Leica M-mount) lens, Nikkor f1.2 & f1.4 AIS (F-mount), Tamron f1.2 (C-mount). Using these great manual-focus lens on M4/3 is absolutely a joy

            Today, Sony, Nikon, Canon offer the efficient manual focus system in their camera bodies. For instance, Nikon’s manual focus system is able to precisely and accurately confirm once a subject is in focus at a selected focus point. If not, it even tells you how to turn the lens (i.e. clockwise, counterclockwise).

            Sony understands their weakness of creating smaller lens for NEX, therefore implementing a feature called “focus peaking” which greatly supports the use of manual lens on NEX bodies. It is true that Sony’s focus peaking is not 100% accurate but at least it’s much better than having nothing.

            I have pana GF2 and I know that how manual focus on both Oly and Pana work and are different from each other. Zooming at 100% and then checking the sharpness of the focus area is generally a good idea. However, the manual focus solution from Sony, Nikon, and Canon are much better.

            Oly & Pana should improve the manual focus system if they want to attract users from NEX. I really love the design of EM-5, but my concern about the manual focus sytem is an issue.

      • jim

        yeh magnifacation he finds better – lol – no they just don’t have it and he can’t say yeh we missed that, in our rush to market!

        Just like 1/4000 shutter, and the 10mm F2.8 they will conseiider- they won’t/can’t say no to anything because it might alienate some possible customers… chances of a 10mm F2.8 being seriously considdered are slim – they have the 12… too many other lenses to do first… and by his reaction to pancakes I guess these are more likely on the cards!

        Wonder what the chances of an SDK for this camera are?!… 0 I should imagine… pitty!

        Remember 12 Mpix is all you need! – when they only have a 12 Mpix sensor avalible to them….

  • safaridon

    Looking at the straight angular shape of the EVF prism hump in this picture looks quite different from the more rounded dome tent shown in previous pictures? One or the other must be fake and I hope this more straight angular lined hump is the real thing and not the rounded dome?
    Or is this simply because of the distorted view from a wide angle lens on prior pictures? It almost looks that these are two separate models one a more pro one with a different spec EVF?

    • TheEye

      The dome (hump non-grata) is curved. Notice the shading. The lower edge looks straight simply due to the angle from which the picture was taken.

      • safaridon

        If anything this picture in this rumor shows the profile better than head on would hence should be a better reflection of the real thing. I think that in reality it is designed so they can remove the whole top prism and replace with a different configuration and EVF in a future model without having to build an all new model. That is my guess.
        Also possible Oly could produce a model without any EVF using this camera body ie the EP5 with lower hotshoe

        • TheEye

          A removable finder, uh we better all it hump now, in a $1,000 body weather-sealed would be quite a feat. I don’t expect this to come true.

          I’m pretty sure you are on target with your last suggestion, which should be the E-P4.

  • TheEye

    I’m going to get some snacks and more drinks now. Anybody need diapers?

    • The Real Stig

      Haven’t worn one in several decades, so I’ll pass, but thanks all the same.

      • TheEye

        My offer was meant for weak-bladdered camera joshi. :-)

    • lol..no diapers but thanks

  • Neonart

    Admin, are you 100% about the US price?

  • I’m still trying to figure out what is so “Wow” about any of these cameras.

    Except maybe the price of the Fuji. And not in a good way.

  • st3v4nt

    While I try so hard not to be fanboys….as a 4/3 and m4/3 user on 4/3 rumors site it’s a tough choice….I vote for EM-5….

    D800 have very amazing sensor with high count of 36 MP and almost no “AA filter” in D800E…but it’s not that amazing in term of new camera breakthrough….it’s quite easy for someone as big as Nikon to create new big count sensor…..and I bet it’s very little we can gather in term of IQ from that new sensor….

    Although in the past I used to be Fuji analog user….X Pro 1 is a little bit let down….not in the term of breakthrough technology it have plenty of it but in term of price point and that they insist introduce yet another new system. Just because your a strong contender in niche market with X100 it doesn’t warrant you enough fan base to create yet another new system. If there’s a lesson that we can learn from domination and dividing of SLR and DSLR user is the stubbornness of two major player that insist they should hold on with their propiertary legacy system. Mirrorless should not follow the same problem by introducing system war (unless your name is Sony …:-))…….

    So which system offer quite healthy environment and discrete look camera that I can carry around without worrying too much….? Well my vote goes to m4/3 system….even when I’m not always have the best bang for the bucks…..

  • I have been enjoying Oly’s wheather sealed body and lenses since E-3 and E-5, and I think it is one advantage that many people forget. I got many great photos that it would be difficult for me to take if I didnt use a wheathersealed camera. One of the cheapest and smallest wheathersealed interchangable lens camera.

    That advantage is one of my need.

    Image quality? I didn’t have any complain with my old E-300 and I was even happier since E-3.
    Lets have a comparison. Take 100 shots with E-3 and Nikon D800 in everyday condition. Print those photos 40×60 cm. I dont’t think many people can guess more than 60-70% right, which photo is using which camera.

  • For anyone who wanted proof that it’s weather sealed:


  • awaler

    I’d rather carry less than a 900g body of a Nikon D800.
    That said, I must admit the sample images are gorgeous.
    Look at sample 3.
    Simply amazing for a camera in the sub 5000$ price range..

  • Pocho Azul

    I don’t think any of them are amazing…yet. Need to see what kinds of pictures come out of them when they all become available.

  • Narretz

    Hmm … stay up or go to bed? Decisions, decisions.
    Is 2 AM London time the time when the event starts, or will it be instant – announcment?

  • 43shot

    I hear the admin fell asleep.

    • TheEye

      Exhaustion, I bet. Someone poke him with a stick, please.

    • P


  • lucky i’m in this part of the world, its 7.30 am here :-)

    • Charlie


      The thumbrest is just a little plastic piece. Thought it was metal/integrated.

      • TheEye

        Looks like synthetic rubber to me.

  • Olympus crushes

    @Charlie – It is magnesium alloy dipshit.

    • lol

    • MichaelKJ

      It’s funny how so many people automatically assume magnesium alloy is superior to plastic. Low quality mag alloy will dent easily while high quality plastic is virtually indestructible.

  • OMG this baby is beautiful and price is ok, let’s hope the final results are just as good as the design.I’m debating if i should get that with 12-50mm lens for $1300 or GX1 with X lens kit for $850,is it worth paying that extra $450 for EM-5 , can some pleas convince me to buy it or not????

    • Fish

      Do you need/want a VF? If so, factor that in to the cost. How much is IS worth (supposedly improved IS)? 3 inch tilting OLED. You already know about the magnesium body and weather sealing… Im not sure what that adds to the value. Even consider the differences in lenses. The oly lens would be wider and longer, is weather sealed, internal zooming, and a modest macro ability. Is that worth an upgrade cost? Only you can answer that but I think that this new cam represents good value.

  • P

    Here you go guys:


    First sample images

    • Anonymous

      sweet. looks like the macro is 1:1

    • Anonymous

      nice. looks like the macro is 1:1. I wonder how it will compare to the 50mm f2 IQ?

    • Fish

      Sweet. Looks like the macro is 1:1! I wonder how the IQ will compare to the 50mm f2?

  • 2 hours to go! Admin, how’s the coffee holding out?

    • admin

      Fuck. I fell asleep for one hour. Couldn’t resist :(

      • Tststs, don’t use such bad words ;-)

      • TheEye

        Get yourself together, man! :-P

      • fl00d

        LOL first time I have seen admin cuss.


  • The press release has been leaked with sample photos!


    • Thanks, now I go sleeping an looking forward for more pics :)

  • Jim

    To paraphrase what a Texas boot maker told me years ago, “it’s the hand” or the feel of the instrument (camera) that affects us individually and personally. I still think Nikon D series bodies have the edge. While I truly hate the feel of the new G lenses. I just sold a ton of new Nikons literally yesterday. Sticking with Canon and Hasselblad going forward.
    The toy NEX-7 and the coming Fuji X PRO 1 are a walkabout hoot but just not good enough or appropriate for daily work. But fun.
    The 36 MP Sony/Nikon sensor holds no real fascination or interest compared to MF which has topped out at 80MP for a year or more. And video is now professionally owned by Canon. Totally. Nikon video RIP.
    And, remember, no client cares whatsoever for megapixel counts. Zero.

  • TheEye
  • mlbizzle
  • andrezao
  • mlbizzle

    I am buying this. No question!

  • Ikse
  • Placed my pre order for the silver one!

  • Mat

    I just pre-ordered my EM-5, but I voted for D800. When this sensor works with Nano lens, the result is amazing. I’m not biased and have to admit it. Here is the Cliff Mautner blog. (http://cliffmautner.typepad.com/) He is some samples of D800 pics. Look at the second image which was 100% cropped from the first one.

  • Larry

    Ok so this new camera is pretty snazzy. What about the E dslr line? When will they release the next dslr and how will they incorporate some of this new technology into it? I’m not sure whether to get the OM5 or wait for the next E camera…..

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