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(FT5) Don’t expect anything big from tomorrow. Big Oly announcement is coming mid September…


Is that weird Panasonic m43 camcorder coming too?

I now got confirmation from trusted sources that tomorrows (August 22th) announcement is pretty much insignificant (60mm macro release only). The real big thing is coming exactly mid September just a few days before the big Photokina start. The sources also confirmed that two PEN cameras are arriving. None of them yet mentioned an E-7 camera. And he High End OMD is something we have to expect in early 2013.

Panasonic will have announcement in mid September too (Gh3 and new lenses). I am also curious to see if the Panasonic camcorder we found on a patent will also come for real…More pictures here (Click on thumbnails to enlarge):

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