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(FT5) Definitely a new Olympus PEN camera coming in June! E-P2 out of production!


The Olympus E-P2 is now out of production!

I am getting many rumors about the upcoming new Olympus cameras. What I can tell you today is that I am sure there will be a new PEN camera in June. But there is something I didn’t figure out yet. People is sending me different specs and I do believe this may happen because there are two different PEN cameras coming? That’s FT3 only for now, but that could explain the two different sort of rumors I am receiving in those days. I will try to post some FT5 rumor as soon as possible! I ask my sources to clarify which PEN is coming when. Thanks for your help!

UPDATE: The rumors I received are about one PEN entry level camera and about a high quality PEN with built-in EVF (just like the Fuji X100).

A couple of dealers contacted me to say that Olympus told them the Olympus E-P2 is now out of production. I guess this is not a surprise for none of us. The price has fallen a lot and it’s now pretty close to the E-PL2:
E-P2 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
E-PL2 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

If you like me are still dreaming for an Olympus rangefinder styled PEN take a look at those nice rangefinder filmcameras. You never know Olympus will take something from that design like they have done with the E-P1/2 and PEN filmcameras:
– The Olympus RD (Click here to see that camera on eBay ). It has a built in rangefinder system.
– The Olympus 35 RC (Click here to see that camera on eBay ). I think that’s the smallest 35mm film rangefinder camera ever made!
– The Olympus 35 SP (Click here to see that camera on eBay ). I love the manual controls of that camera.

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

P.S.: We bought the new $2000 AMD server which will make this website 3x to 4x time faster. Feel fee to help em to cover those costs by using our affiliate links for your shopping (like Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay) or by donating a small amount of money by clicking that button:


  • Miroslav

    Finally! Great!

  • Jorgen

    So why not share the two different specs…

    • admin

      Two reasons:

      1) Don’t want to post false rumors
      2) I still hope that sources will answer me very quickly.

      • napalm

        it’s a rumor. it can be false :)

        just give it an FT2/FT3. at least give us something hehe

        • That might create a atmosphere of confusion, too many post to fast that aren’t all correct = confusion and angry people

          lots of info coming in right now it seems, in a time like this better to take time and sort it out. Or else he has to post specs, then corrected specs, then more corrected specs. Then respond to angry people. Then correct the specs again

          All while posting other rumors on different topics
          I think its best to sort things out IMHO

          • fsy

            I am grateful for the rumor and the work of the admin, so I can give Olympus a chance before ordering a Panasonic G3 (because Olympus has compacter and better and cheaper glasses). I want such rumors. If I just had bought a camera, I wouldn´t look the rumors.

      • Jorgen

        And I thought that the implication of the name 43rumors was that you’d post rumors not facts! Silly me…

        • Thats true.. But

          “Olympus testing a modular camera that could come as soon as 6 months from now” is a rumor

          A Imminent announcement confirmed to happen less then a month away is not a rumor.

          So when getting conflicting specs from TONs of people on this, posting all of them is not posting rumors, its just posting inaccurate conflicting specs.

          Its best to take the time and sort and confirm the correct specs for the imminent launch and post that.
          Thing have to be narrowed down.

        • Wt21

          I’m with Jorgen. A confirmed rumor is news. It’s not a rumor. This isn’t CNN, it’s a rumors site. Post rumors :)

          • So when a rumor materializes into a fact, it should not be posted since this is a rumor site?

            • admin

              uhhh it’s going to be complicated :)

              • Well, I’ve always argued that you need to have only three tiers:

                1. Rumor. Unverified intangible information. Can be single sourced. Sometimes augmented slightly by “comes from source that has proven reliable in the past.” Intangible because there is no supporting physical evidence, it only exists as an email or voice mail or interview snippet. Reason for having rumors is to open discussion about possibilities and differing futures. Example: Company X working on square sensor?

                2. Leak. Partially verified tangible information. (Usually) multiple sources. Tangible because there was clear leaked physical or supporting information (photos, specs, manuals, internal documents, inside-the-company source, etc.). Reason for providing leak is to evolve rumor discussions towards possible eventual product discussions. Example: Company X produced 32-page internal document about square sensor.

                3. Fact/News. Verified information, with known legitimate source(s). Reason for having news is to establish current state of market, as distinguished from possible state of market (rumors). Example: Company X today announced camera Y with a square sensor.

                • WT21

                  I’d agree with this above.

            • WT21

              Good literalism, but not really adding anything to the discussion. Ur just trying to score points.

              • Not really,

                Just want people to think about it, I follow a few rumor sites, All rumor sites post facts because rumors turn into facts, and when facts are posted it should be correct, because it is fact.
                We know this camera is coming, the specs are not rumors they are facts in the midst of non-basis speculation, I assume reliable sources will confirm the true specs from the speculation and I think that’s best, as oppose to posting speculation.

                I’m not saying it has to be perfect but it would be good to take time to narrow it down. Too many posts not good honestly

                If you look on mirror-less rumors the news of a camera coming from olympus is very very new


                That post was posted Today, and a camera from Olympus in june was still unknown???? (a rumor), and Today (hours later) admin must have got info that one is coming for sure FT5 (basically fact).
                So all previous speculation must now be sorted and considered (is it pro? EVF? EP3? better then EP2, the custom designed sensor?? Two cameras?? 1080??)

                Cant just post all the random rumors, sorting takes time.
                And updates come as things are confirmed

                but I digress

      • False rumor is a redundancy ;-). False news on the other hand….

  • 43fan

    Are you going to be posting any more news on the new GF camera today. Just bought a GF2 and don’t know whether I should be pleased that a new camera will offer the bits the GF2 is missing (ibis etc) or annoyed as it is being superseded so quickly! At the moment it is very much the latter! Please help put me out of my misery

    • admin

      Working on it. I really have no specs about the new GF. Sorry.

  • Now I’m excited.

  • Been there before…
    A year or so ago there were rumors of a few Olympus 4/3 and hybrid cameras floating around. None of them materialized. Olympus is perhaps testing more than one concept, but the E-P3 may end up being “just” an E-P2 with the new Panasonic sensor and some bells and whistles borrowed from the E-5. Not a bad camera but no revolution either.
    OTOH, I’m intrigued about the new lenses. A 12/2, a native 25/1.4 and a fast native portrait prime (50/1.7?) are just what m4/3 needs to approach maturity.

    • Wt21

      Tis is how Oly rolls. Ep3 will be a warmed up ep2. There is no new sensor, so it’ll be better LCD, some firmware changes. MAYBE a built in EVF, but I doubt it. Didn’t anyone watch their E-XXX lines? That’s what they do.

      • Ahem

        Olympus doesn’t release a game changing camera twice a year – what a shocker.

        • WT21

          When was their last game changer from Oly? EP1. Two years ago. It certainly isn’t the E5 or the EPL2.

  • lunic

    So now the old 1st generation PENs completely gone. RIP E-P2.

  • Alfons


  • Mr. Reeee

    Strange about the EP2. Wasn’t that the “upgrade” to the EP1?

    An “entry level” camera? Isn’t that the EPL2 or is that the EPL1?
    It looks like Olympus likes making their product lineup ever more confusing.

    The new Oly supposedly high-quality lens releases are the interesting part of their story.

    • Ross

      And now we will see another ugrade to follow the EP2. I would say the EPL1 is only available while stocks last because EPL2 is the new entry level PEN.

      I don’t think there are too many surprises with another PEN coming because that was pretty much hinted along the way & as far as the lenses go, Oly is just following it’s road map for micro 4/3’s & maybe adding a higher grade lens that might not be on it. What might be of interest is the sensor they choose with a possible new sensor to be tested in the lower models (or PENs) before eventually making it into an E7.

  • John

    Admin, we appreciate your thoroughness very much. It’s very nice to know all the facts that you give us before the rest of tzhe world gets to know it. But I think I speak for all of us in that we’d be very happy to read FT4, FT3, FT2 … rumors, too! ANYthing you can give away to the broader audience, basically! ;) Give it to us! :D
    Just label it correctly and there won’t be any harm done, no!? :)
    Thank you very much, admin! :)

    • tmrgrs

      If admin is working on putting together a FT5 story later today, it wouldn’t make any sense to waste any time and site space with FT2-3-4 stuff right now. We should all just wait and see what’s going to be posted. This place is the go to site for reliable information and it ought to stay like that instead of getting bogged down with unreliable info that might not be accurate at a crucial time like this IMO. Lets all chill out for a little while.

      • Inge-M.

        Absolute the i mean ;-)

  • Fishfishfish

    I feel like I need to start saving money now~!!!! :-)

    • inorog

      Lol, I kinda have the same feeling atm, was thinking about geting some new lens but that will have to wait till we know more about this new pen :)

      • Fishfishfish

        I have GF1. If the new bodies are good, I will consider to upgrade, otherwise I am happy with my GF1. A bright zoom lens will also be a great addition to “my system”. I really need to save some bucks~! LOL.

  • NativeFloridian

    There are some ‘executive decisions’ that only Admin can make… since he is the one seeing all of the direct rumors. I happen to think he did an excellent job with his rumor rollout today. Specifically, I think his headline was exciting new information for all us. Then, he clarified the information with an update which gave us a little more direction… but without any conflicting details. Thanks.

  • Well, I’ll certainly wait till June before upgrading my G1, but there’s no way I’m going to allow myself to believe there is a PEN with built in EVF until I see an official announcement. I’ve gotten my hopes up too many times in the past…

  • Ulli

    I feel this will be the EP-3 !

  • Nick Clark

    God I hope this isn’t a ‘warmed’ EP2… I know that’s how Olympus tends to roll, but the EP2 is wayyyy behind the game at the moment. It needs to be more than warmed to stay relevant.

    • They didn’t used to roll that way. I’m hoping that they get back to their roots as a real innovator.

  • SamshootsAll

    Do you think that most ppl are still stuck in past? RETRO look will never go away, that’s a good thing :) we learn from the past in order to be in the future, right?

    Anyways, hope the new Oly digiPen have a built in VF, yes it,s annoying to mount & dismount the VF2. If such a design exists, Oly will have to put the flash somewhere or none at all?! That,s fine, the Film cameras didnt have flash.

    The screen should be from the xz1 or better 1mp screen 3″.

    Well there was picture of a fake ep2 floating around last year or so, that was an awesome design! “i’d buy that for a dollar!” “keep shooting away!” sam

    • Agent00soul

      >Oly will have to put the flash somewhere or none at all?! That,s fine, the Film cameras didnt have flash.

      Well, we need some way to control the wireless flashes.

    • While I like the X100, and still use many old film cameras, I hope Olympus does a modern interpretation of a Leica M3 instead of making it look just like a Leica M3 like Fuji did with the X100. I would prefer something a bit more modern and clean ala the Leica X1 or Olympus XZ1…but with a built in EVF of course.

    • Agreed, I’d throw buit-in flash any day to get a decent evf instead.

    • Trevor

      The X100 has both a viewfinder and flash. As long as Oly doesn’t make the thing the size of a deck of cards they should be able to fit it.

  • Zonkie

    The new sensor from the G3 is so much better than the previous generation that it’s normal that the cameras with the old sensor will be phased out pretty soon.

    Panasonic will release a GF2 with the new sensor, and Olympus an E-PL2 with the new sensor too.

    The question is about the E-P3/high end Olympus. When will it come? Which sensor will it have? If one designed by Olympus it’s going to be hard to improve the 16MP one from the G3 that will be used in the E-PL3.

  • CRB

    Will it have a new sensor?

  • Fingers crossed for another Olympus innovation! I really hope they blow us all away with it.

    But saying that, I’d still be happy with an E-P3 that combines the features E-PL2 and E-P2 together with a new sensor that matches the GH-2 or G3.

  • furb

    Higher end PEN that compares closely to the GH2 would be nice.

  • Agent00soul

    My wish list:

    Built-in EVF
    Built-in wireless flash commander
    Better AF (smaller AF points)
    New sensor (I’m not buying a new camera with the same sensor that I already have).

  • Don Pope

    Oooh! An Olympus PEN with a built-in EVF could be very bad for my bank account.

    • Bomberesque


      bugger, I looked at the market, decided G2. then FTR posted about the G3 so I waited and Lo, it was betterer so I pre-ordered that. Now the (EP3…?) oly PEn with built in VF would suit me perfectly and tweak Mrs B’s sense of style no end. what AM I to do :-D

      btw if EP2 is out of production then I predict the high end PEN will be first to be announced

  • MikeS

    /deep breath


    Poverty, here I come!

  • Sensor is top priority. I’m not buying a camera that has no real iq benefit. By real i mean IN RAW, not jpg…

    • Ahem

      Indeed – and by real _I_ mean low ISO still performance ;)

  • Arrow

    If they are to make a camera with a built in EVF I hope it is in the E-PL* line-up rather than the E-P* line-up so that I can afford one.

  • AP_web

    This is awesome news, although I just bought a GH1…

  • Duarte Bruno

    I just hope Olympus didn’t miss the joke that their line of Pen launches has been, and spit out the upper model first. I’m so bloody sick of entry level Pens.
    ADMIN: Can you at least tell which is coming out first?

    • admin

      I am right now talking with sources. As soon as I can I will let you know. It’s very good that I waited to release more info.

    • admin

      The lower end model has a good chance to come. The high end hasn’t been confirmed yet.

      • Ulli

        I wonder why yet another low end model is needed, with the recent epl-1/2 still in my mind

        • WT21

          My guess is they no longer see the EPL2 as the low end, and I’d agree to some extent. The build quality is actually nice, it has in-built flash, and takes an accessory port. Also, they upped the shutter speed to 1/4000 second. It’s missing a better sensor, but that’s Oly’s common problem. I’m guessing (and it’s only a guess) that there’s a pocket ala GF2 camera coming for the low end, EPL2 is the mid range, and then there’s a higher end coming.

          • Ulli

            your pov sounds ok to me, just hope that Olympus doesn`t delay the ep-x model too much

  • Traciatim

    Flippy Screen?

    I finally moved from my C5050Z to an E-PL2 and I really really miss my flippy screen. Trying to use the E-PL2 screen anywhere but in front of your face you may as well just not use the LCD at all and hope you’re pointing in the right direction.

    • 43RC

      Yes, Admin, please let us know when you find out if the screen is articulated on thhe high-end model. Thanks!
      Hope it also has built-in flash… is wireless flash control possible without it?

  • kelvin

    is it 12mm f/ 2.0 is the kit lens for the new E-P3?

    • Ulli

      i hope so, in the sense that it is weather sealed, meaning that a weathersealed PEN is coming, meaning that this would hopefully the EP-3

  • From your rumors I always assumed that the E-P3 would come before Summer and the semipro before Christmas. However only you can really rate your contacts, Admin.

    Personally I am not a fan of un-photographic consumerism. As a former tech journalist I try to see what is the core of innovation.

    In this case a camera that had predictive PDAF would be very welcome. The question than becomes if this works too with classic 4/3 lenses. That would be quite sensational, even if Micro users would still prefer native small lenses.

    Do make sure that you have the introduction times all right. Perhaps your contacts are just airing ‘ballon d’essai’ to see how we do react.

    BTW you mentioned 3 coming models, or are they just two, before the end of the year?

  • Martin Step

    The smallest 35mm rangefinder ever made was the Olympus XA.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Smaller than a Rollei 35?

      A climbing buddy had a Rollei 35S (I carried a Konica Autoreflex T) and not only was it tiny, but extremely cool. The photos were very nice!

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yep, the Rollei 35 beat the Olympus XA in the small (and the cool ;-) ) department.

        Rollei 35: 97mm x 60mm x 30mm, weight: 320g (metal)
        Olympus XA: 102mm × 64.5mm × 40mm, weight: 225g (plastic)

        • But it has no rangefinder :)

          I have one. They are cool indeed. Quirky, but cool.

      • DrZero

        I have both several XAs and a Rollei-35. The Rollei is a bit smaller but much harder to use. It is not a rangefinder, it uses distance estimation (the XA has the ability to do this as well as the focusing lever has markings in feet (or meters?) on it. The XA loads film from the back with a typical swing open door. The Rollei loads from the bottom, I think. (It’s been a long time since I played with it).

        The Rollei is a very cool little camera, but it’s not really usable. The XA works like a champ and even has the sliding lens cap feature. Mr. Olympus clearly out-designed Mr. Rollei with that one.

  • Tom hat its EP2 at 399Euro too :-)

    weird thing:
    EP-2 with 14-42 : 399 Euro
    EP2 body only: 589 Euro

    nice one :-D

  • Dolan Halbrook

    What Martin said… pretty sure the XA was the smallest.

    • A digital XA, thats what we want, hehehehe.

  • nathan

    Any idea if this will have a different sensor, So far all four m43 from olympus had the same sensor.

  • Bu

    I hope they make it available the day after they announce what it is. Not so keen on the lag times between the announcement and the delivery…

  • What about an E-50 or similar? Any news about that?

  • Tom

    I’d hope for built in evf, tiltable screen, and weathersealing. I’d put the chance of weather sealing at about 5% and tiltable screen at about 10%. I’d love to see a sensor of about 6 to 8 mp (this is about as pixel dense as I figure a really good sensor can be made) but this certainly won’t be happening.

  • Chris K.

    Ok, so I pre-ordered the G3 on on May 12 in the US. Anyone crazy enough to bet the G3 will be in my hand before one of these upcoming Oly cameras? (I’ll very likely pre-order the Oly as soon as I can.)

    I will give 2:1 odds… :)

  • Russell

    That’s great, the price and lack of EVF have been my problem with the E-P2 until now. At least now I will be able to have a choice of fixing one problem or the other.

  • NEX

    Adding my wishlist as well for EP3…

    1. High quality side mounted (like x100) EVF
    2. Shrink the main LCD down to roughly 1″ x .5″ and mount it on the top of the camera. This will make the camera significantly smaller/cheaper. The top LCD will be used for status only, but you can still chimp through the EVF or attach an external hdmi monitor like the one sony has.
    3. Make the camera small (GF2 size) and out of metal.
    4. Keep a good compliment of physical controls.
    5. G3 sensor, or better.

    • Ulli

      1. whats the advantage of a side mounted evf?
      2. you want to give up to review your shots in the field? cant imagine to review multiple shots with the cam against your eye :-)
      3.i can imagine such cam would be nice.
      4. indeed
      5. hard to tell, i can only form opinion about a sensor after i used it myself, how if t/hey used the E-1 sensor and optimize it with current processor engine?

      • NEX

        1. The camera is much smaller with this type of EVF mount vs Pany G series EVF “hump”.
        2. I learned on manual film slrs and would enjoy a return to that type of shooting. If I need to review, then through the EVF isn’t a big deal for me.

        Maybe I’m the only one that would like this cam, but for my use it would be perfect. That is, a focus on stills in a compact form and the ability to shoot video with an attached larger monitor.

        • NEX

          I just thought of something that would make the loss of the built in monitor much more acceptable… the ability to review on a smartphone or ipod touch.

        • 1. I see, there is more space for an evf at the side then in the middle,point taken.
          2. I never review during a session,only at the beginning for exposure check. But when done, i prefer using the back LCD for reviewing the shots quickly on the spot or during my trip goin back home. Or olympus should include a wireless lcd glasses for this purpose :-)

  • Luke

    With the 3 new lenses…..perhaps one of the new cameras will have an optical viewfinder with brightlines for the 3 fields of view. You could still use the LCD screen on back for other lenses (or for people who don;t go for optical viewfinder).

    Would it even be possible that they’re making a true rangefinder?

  • Hi
    Will this be the end of the “ev-1 ev-2” Excessive pricing of these
    2 viewfinders has been well opver the top????????????
    Previous rangfinder type cameras had a viewfinder automatically
    included,i think Olympus and Panasonic have taken us all for a ride with these 2 items.

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