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(FT5) Confirmed: New Olympus super high end camera will be launched in very early 2019!


Finally I can give you good news: Highly trusted sources confirmed Olympus new super high end camera is a real thing and it will be on market by early 2019. They confirmed the new camera will outperform the E-M1II. They also said Olympus is unlikely to tease this camera at Photokina.

We have no specs yet but there are three possibilities:

1) This is the new E-M5III. But I wonder if Olympus would relley make this camera outperform the E-m1II (it would kill the camera sales)

2) This is a new kind of Micro Four Thirds camera. Maybe more video oriented.

3) This is a camera with new sensor format

I hope sources can tell me soon which of the three options it is…

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