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(FT5) Confirmed by trusted sources: Large sensor LX8 coming in July.


The current LX7 with Gariz case.

My best sources confirmed that Panasonic will launch a large sensor LX8 in July. Panasonic goal is indeed to make a high quality compact camera as the Sony RX100M3 (just announced two weeks ago). Therefore it has a built-in EVF but it will keep the LX7 look.

Announcement date is set for July 16!

One more thing: It’s still not confirmed via trusted sources but rumor has it that Olympus will also launch a high-end compact inspired by the Olympus Trip 35 film cameras (on auction here on eBay).

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  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    Many really liked the LX7 but due to smaller sensor it just was no match to the Sony RX100 and the Fuji X20. So if Panasonic can squeeze in a 1inch sensor and 28-100 lens with F2.0-2.8 and priced less then it really could be a contender The F1.4 lens did help but not enough The other thing is lens must be self closing. No one wants to bother about a lens cap on this type of a camera It would also need a tilt LCD. But what Panasonic has over the others is very nice Touch LCD and Touch To Shoot or Focus. Although a bit larger it still remains somewhat pocketable due to shape. I’m holding off on upgrading my RX100 to see what the Fuji X30 will offer and now what the new LX8 will offer Panasonic have already showed the can make a super small body with a large sensor so hopefully they can put a nice lens to one that is fast and longer than 24-70. But somehow I suspect both Fuji and Panasonic will just match Sony with a 24-70 or a longer lens but a slower lens :(

    • Surab

      For me the 24mm would be more important than the long end, but this is a matter of preference.
      I also think that lens should be self closing, but I guess if they make it a 24-100 and fast lens, we could only get self closing if it was similar to Stylus 1. But then I would prefer a wider range and faster lens.
      Things it should have as well to be a RX100 III contender is 120FPS in 720p and 24p-60p for all countries! And maybe 4K?

      • nick

        Or why stop at 24mm and go even wider… a pocket camera with a 14mm lens would surely be a huge selling point

        • Surab

          I guess the problem would be the quality of the lens when it should have at least 50mm, size could also be a problem.

    • George

      The LX7 was selling for $ 200. 5 year old design.

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        LX7 is selling for $378 now at B&H – yes an old sensor – but it has a nice lens – but it is time for an update :) I suspect it will be around $550 for LX8

        • George

          In dollars LX8 is gonna have to be $ 750-995 in order to take on the RX100III. If it fails to best it yes a mediocre price might ameliorate the embarrasment but these large sensor EVF cameras need their performance. The LX8 has no business with an EVF with the current (excellent but large) monster lens design.

          • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

            I think the Fuji X30 and LX8 have to be priced below the RX100m3 – if Panasonic can keep that nice lens and still have a 1 inch sensor that would be awesome 24-90 F1.4 – 2.3 – On the EVF, I think most users use the LCD and hopefully it will be a tilt-able one but Panasonic can use the EVF from the LF1 – small but useful for those sunny days and I think they could fit it – I would prefer a smaller EVF but faster and longer lens – the body of the LX7 is larger than the RX100/m2/m3 so they should be able to keep the lens or a similar lens – at least a F2.0-F2.8 and 24-90 or 100mm – Sony have a bit head start with the RX100m2/3 so the only way Panasonic can really compete is very similar specs but a tad better at a lower price – they already make the GM1 with a larger then 1 inch sensor and Touch To Shoot and Focus so just a matter of a tilt-lcd and the lens –
            F1.4 would be nice

    • steve37

      Lens cap doesn’t matter. I bought am add-on self closing lens cap for 15 EUR.
      I would never consider the cap problem as a decision factor.

  • Dave Lively

    Does large sensor mean 1 inch, m43 or something else?

    A 1 inch sensor would probably be the best choice. Panasonic already has the GM1 for people that want the smallest possible m43 body without a viewfinder and the GX7 for those that want a larger body with viewfinder and more manual controls. As much as I would like for my GX7 to be smaller doing so would require eliminating too many controls and ergonomics. A 1 inch sensor would let Panasonic use a thinner lens so the camera could be noticeably smaller. If it costs nearly as much as the GX7 or GM1it would have to offer something special to make up for the fixed lens.

    • nick

      Usually 1″ is what people mean when they say large sensor but 1″ is maturing well thanks to sony!

    • Peter

      For a compact camera “large sensor” used to mean 1/1.7″. Personally I would be (pleasantly) surprised if this Panasonic has a sensor larger than 2/3″.

      Fuji is also rumoured to release a new “large sensor compact” soon (the X30), and I would be disappointed if it turns up with a sensor smaller than 1″.

      Then there’s the rumoured Nikon P8000 with 1″ sensor

      Choice is good. Rumours are good :)

  • skomer

    What is extremely necessary is a good GPS like on the TZ60.

    • No GPS, PLEASE

      I don’t want GPS in an LX7 alike. I have the LX7. It has a very small battery and GPS is a power sucking pig.

      • skomer

        I do want GPS because then it would be the perfect backup camera to have all time with me and be able to scout locations in a fast way.

      • skomer

        At the same time you can swiitch it off if you don’t need it

        • Ross

          Like when you’re taking photos at home that might get posted. ;)

  • Tomas Tran

    waw ..this is nice rumour …2wks to go

    • Surab

      6 weeks…. :(

      • Tomas Tran

        ah damn…I read June …

  • darrask


  • Vivek

    Larger than Pentax Q’s sensor? :)

  • steve37

    7 weeks yet.

  • steve37

    Must have 4K + 5 axis stabilizer.

    • Jules

      IS that works -no matter how they call it- should do.
      4K is fine, but it won’t have processing horsepower to make it a killer video camera.

      Here’s my “Must have”
      1- quick, responsive and non fiddly AF
      2- lens quality that matches the price tag, which brings to 3
      3- great image quality, across a broad ISO range
      4- …I still remember my LX2’s buffer speed. I can’t speak of the later LX, if at all, I don’t care that its a compact, it shouldn’t be an issue
      5- EVF. No matter how partial I am to built-in, given the diminutive size of a LX, I’d actually prefer an INCLUDED attachable EVF.

      • steve37

        “processing horsepower” ???
        Even the tiny HX-A500 has 3840×2160@25p

        • Jules

          I’m not saying it can’t have 4k. I’m saying it won’t be created equal to that of GH4 and not even close.

          (edit) I can’t speak for LX7, I never even touched one. I only remember with my LX2 how it took like forever to write a RAW file. I mean, fine, who am I to knock down 4K. I just expect that it would come with compromises…

          • LX7 shoots 11 RAW frames per second and clears the buffer pretty quick. One benefit of having 10 sharp megapixels rather than 20 blurry ones.

          • steve37

            I have 2 of them (EU,USA) but used mostly for video. I took also a couple of serial photos with diff settings but had no problem at all. I always use Sandisk cards: 64G SDXC 45/45 Mbps.

  • mfiftysomething

    A good 1″ sensor, Lens 24-90mm f1.8+ zoom with built in lens cap, optical stablisation is fine, 1/8000 shutter, ND built in, 1080p at 60FPS AVCHD -4k would be nice but unlikely. A decent viewfinder & tilt screen , big battery, wifi+NFC no bigger than LX7 and cost less than the GM1. 1/250 flash synch, Mic socket= specs to beat RX100 MkIII. Nikon V3 beat itself already so no worries!

    • Ross

      “1/8000 shutter” !!!
      Dream on! ;)

    • rpm40

      The G1Xii was very attractive to me from a features standpoint, but the sensor was a letdown. I think the latest 1″ sensors can be better- if they kept the lens about the same size as the Canon, using a smaller sensor would allow the lens to be faster, or at least have better corner performance. I think the result would be really appealing to me.

  • Interesting news! Let’s see what the two Companies will offer. I’d prefer a fixed focal lenght lens, btw.

    • Tron

      It would be cool if they offered a zoom version along with two fixed lens iterations of this camera, say a 35mm F2 and 50mm F1.4 (equivalent).

      • Mmm I doubt it. I see it happening only if they sell a lot of the first version, which I doubt.. But a 50mm f1.4 would be nice. Add an in camera stabilisation (as in GX7) and I’ll buy it.

    • George

      The mini Fuji X100S ha ha ha APS-C with 2.0

      • X100s is a nice camera but I don’t like its slower AF. In dim light it can be frustrating (I had a “challenge” at street photography with a friend, and in low light he gave up: I was using Em1 + PanaLeica25mm and he was using its x100s). I’m sure Fuji will boost x200 AF performance.
        I don’t know if these new cameras will have a m43 size sensor, perhaps a 1″ sensor to counter Sony rx100III and upcoming Fuji x30.

    • Gabby Joe

      It’s interesting though, that FujiFilm is offering screw-in wide-angle and telephoto conversion lenses, (more stuff to carry in pockets), making the total price of the camera with desired lenses very expensive. All of which leads us back to high quality built-in zoom lenses.

      • Also Panny and Oly have converters in their catalogue. But their quality is far behind (as their prices) to that of Fuji converters.
        I think it’s a smart move (from Fuji): they are keeping alive and wealthy a good camera not only with firmware updates but also with these options.
        Sometimes the fixed focal lenght can be perceived (and sometimes it is) as a limitation, and changing the focal lenght, be it with a converter or a different lens in case of an ILCamera, give us one more reason to go out and take some photos :)
        Back to the topic, a fixed lens, paired with the sensor, should, at least on paper, give a better performance than the “same” interchangeable lens.
        That’s why I’m curious to see the IQ of such a product compared to a similar m43 combination (assuming this fixed lens camera has a m43 sized sensor).
        And a leaf shutter would make it stealthy for those who love candid photos on the streets.

  • Camaman

    If its going to be just 1″, then it will be one more opportunity missed for panasonic. And an indication that Panasonic is not really committed to m43 standard, which is bad news for all.
    43 sensor fixed lens compact with ibis, preferably a zoom would be a cool 24-85mm eq zoom! :-)

    • Tom

      Totally agree. 1″ and DOF simply bite each other. The only ‘high end’ thing would be … the price.

  • Still looking for a high-IQ shirt pocket compact. The LX7 and GM1 are great, but their lenses make them too fat for small pockets. I’d get an LF1 if the IQ were as good as the LX7, but it isn’t.

    • Duffy

      Cell-Phones and “Smart”Phones already fit into a shirt pocket, they also contain GPS and a host of other features.

      Not to be disputatious but I have owned and used a RX100, GM1 and the LX7, none of them fit into any shirt pocket that I have. Yet, ALL are excellent cameras.

      • Phonecams are handy, but they’re slow, lack manual controls, RAW and non-lossy zooms, and fall well below my IQ threshold. As a pro, I’m looking for LX7 or better IQ in a shirt pocket. I ditched my beloved LX7 because it just wasn’t that much smaller than my GX1. And, I ditched my shirt-pocket cam because the IQ was no better than my phonecam.
        A bigger sensor will just make an LX8 compete with the GM1. Panasonic needs to go smaller with the LX, not bigger. The LF1 was close but hobbled by a so-so lens.

        • Surab

          What about Fuji XQ1 or Nokia Lumia 1020. All have manual control, RAW, lossless zoom and maybe decent IQ.

          • uniquename72

            Still only worth using in good light.

        • Duffy

          Hitting that sweet spot between camera size/controllability/Image Quality & price will be the ultimate challenge in competing against smart-phones in the future.

          One major advantage to small “pocket cameras” is lack of communications and GPS. Our privacy is already compromised enough without privacy invading camera-internet connectivity. Cell phone cameras already offer that technology if it is desired.

    • Bhima

      I’d rather Panny go after the Fuji x100s with their new LX camera. We are hearing “bigger” sensor but I’m guessing that means the size of the Sony, which is still a bit too small to have decent control over DoF.

  • Pro Photographer Girl

    lol, of course m43 guys would think 1 inch is “large”…… lol everything about you guys is small…. ;)

    • Are you this obnoxious in person?

      • Buster

        Probably not. If so he would have swallowed his teeth long ago.

        • rpm40

          Maybe big sensor fetishists are just compensating, like the middle aged guy buying the new Hummer. ;)

      • Zeikon

        Probably not because there’s not a keyboard to hide behind.

        I’ll bet anything she walks like a woman but talks like a man.

        • AMVR

          You know these things huh?

          • AMVR

            You’re using my alias now ? how amusing, you really must be 12 years old

          • Zeikon

            SD! And you up voted yourself!

            You’re using other people’s names now? A new low, even for you.

            Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for SD.

    • Tom

      I am not trying to feed a troll. For everyone’s benefit here are some dimensions:
      – Sony RX100: 13.2 x 8.8mm (according to – often called a 1″ sensor.
      – 43 and m43: 17.3 * 13mm
      Conclusion: the surface of a m43 image sensor is approx. twice as big as the surface of the sensor used in the RX100.

      Side note on trolls: the more important a particular system becomes the more trolls will decry it.

      • LOL

        Except M43, which is not important but always to be found in jokes.

        • Freudian self-reference.

        • Zeikon

          Self up vote! SD agrees with his own statement.

    • Your_daddy

      Clearly you’ve got size issues, Cindy.

    • dau

      Watch curb your enthusiasm. Its often not the small penis thats the problem. Its the big vagina!

  • Tron

    I would be all over this if they could integrate a 12-35mm F2.8-4.0 together with the m43 sensor. Get 4K at 24P in there as well and they could steal back a lot of market share from Sony. Time to be bold, Panny!

    • CN

      Check out the Canon G1X2.

      • Tron

        It’s probably a very nice camera, the sensor and lens look great… however it lacks an EVF and I prefer the Lumix size, styling and video implementation.

        • From reviews, the G1X2 has a sluggish AF and horrible video implementation. I had hopes for it when it was announced, Canon improved the ugly looking, got rid of the useless OVF, which was small and basically a gimmick and they put a nice zoom lens but, they couldn’t completely deliver it because, again, they are too worried about their other cameras to innovate. Way to go Canon.

          • Surab

            I had big hopes as well. I think that they should have used their 70D sensor tech for the G1X II and used a better video codec and 60p for the camera. I would have been head over heels for that camera!

  • CN

    It must be perfect for me or I will trash it as inferior on all photo forums.

  • 4234234

    another 800 euro camera onyl idiots will buy.

    • Because everybody who’s not you is an idiot. Arrogant much?

  • George

    No built in bounce flash I’ll go eith RX and GM1. LX is old design from 5 years ago. Hansome, large, worthless.

    • Gabby Joe

      Opinions abound and there is no shortage of hyperbole when describing cameras, but “large and worthless” are ridiculous to describe the LX7. I have better cameras but use the LX7 everyday. So it is hardly “worthless”. The reason I use it everyday is because I carry it, (the LX7 being my smallest camera).

      I guess terms like large are relative, but the description of “worthless” is silly talk.

    • Unless you’re routinely printing larger than 12″x18″, shooting above ISO 800, or need focal lengths longer than 90mm equivalent, the LX7 is an amazingly good camera, thanks in part to the superb lens. Perfect for family snaps and vacation pics, and leagues ahead of most P&S cams out there. Much under appreciated by pixel peepers and far from worthless. If I hadn’t traded in my FF gear for m43 I’d still be shooting up a storm with mine.

  • I have to say that the RX100MKIII is a tough camera to beat, I mean, Sony finally pulled it off.

    They solved the main issue I had with the RX100, the “fake” f/1.8 aperture. It’s indeed f/1.8 @28mm, but @35mm it already lost more than 1-stop. The new model still drops from f/1.8 pretty quickly, but at least it’s to f/2.8 intead of f/4.9.

    Plus, the RX100MKIII has 3-stops built in ND, 720p@120fps slowmo, XAVC-S 50mbps codec – Panasonic could start using the IPB 50mbps GH3’s codec on newer cameras, like the LX8 and next GX7 -, and the built in EVF in the RX100 is the same as the A6000. These are great accomplishments, I don’t like tons of things Sony has been doing with their choices and lack of real focus but this one they nailed it.

    I’m not sure Panasonic or anyone was expecting this move from Sony. And soon enough there will be the Fuji X30 with supposedly a 1″ sensor as well.

    The premium compact is becoming very exciting and it sure can be a 2nd camera for anyone that already has a ILC.

    • Surab

      And don’t forget that Sony RX100III is also a world camera with 24/25/30/50/60p in 1080!

  • Just thinking

    Mmm, with all these nice enthusiasts camera’s coming out I might do away with my m43 gear in favor of portability. I wonder how much image quality I would loose and if I would really notice it….

    • Duffy

      I see where you are coming from with this query, nonetheless it is a valid question.
      It is a valid question because time and technological advances will force these decisions upon all of us.

      Depends upon several factors:
      1. Does one make printed enlargements?
      2. Would a more portable camera inspire the owner to carry it more?
      3. Do the compromises inherent in small designs confront your photo/video style?
      4. Would it be more realistic to define a particular set of uses for such a camera rather than taking the “all or none” approach?

      Great question and food for thought.

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t worry much about IQ, contrary to what FF trolls would say, for the usage they’re given there’s simply no bad cameras in the market right now, most of them are more than enough for 99% of users, if you really want to see a significant difference then you would need to jump straight to medium format, not FF. What you would be loosing by opting for one of these high end compacts is versatility, you’d be stuck with just one lens and one type of body whereas with m4/3 you can mix any kind of camera with any type of lens for any type of scenario, besides, in the end the gain in portability against a GM1 would be marginal.

    • Bhima

      You would notice having almost no control over DoF with a 1″ sensor or smaller vs. an m43 camera that can give you some good DoF control. Obviously not as much as an FF camera, but more than enough to take attractive portraits with creamy backgrounds.

      • Olf

        The 1″ sensor loose less than 1 stop of DOF control over FT. Actually, the difference between 1″ and FT is comparable to the one between FT and APSC. There is no way you could say 1″ does not let you manage DOF, but in the same time FT is good enough.
        If you care about portability, 1″ is a great spot.

        • Bhima

          An m4/3 sensor is roughly double the size of a 1″ sensor. I’d like to see a shot comparison of a 1″ sensor at a specific focal length at f2.8 vs. an m4/3 sensor at the same focal length and f-stop. I’d bet it is more than one stop. If not, then a 1″ sensor with a f1.8 lens could make some decent blur at longer focal lengths at least.

  • steve37

    Hopefully LX8 will have somewhat more intelligent AF than the LX7. LX7 focuses very often to the microphone not to the singer. :(

    • Are you using Face Detect AF, or just 23-point AF?

      • steve37

        Face detect. If a mic covers partially the face the AF very often doesn’t recognize it as a face. I haven’t noticed this problem with the camcorders X909, X929.
        Of course the DOF of the LX7 is shallower.

        • Huh. I hadn’t noticed that, as I’ve relied on my m43 cameras for such shots. I can tell you that my G6 & GX7 do an excellent job of ignoring microphones in front of faces, so I’m surprised to hear that the LX7 might not be as good in this regard. The LX7 is older, so maybe an LX8 will do better.

  • Ironymous

    If the Trip D turns out to be a 19mm fixed lens with m43 sensor, I’m all in. If it’s just going to be another “large sensor compact”, with a zoom, like the “Stylus”, then no sale, Olympus.

  • MrLee

    I think this camera will be BETTER than the RX100III…
    Bigger Sensor, Better Image Quality than the rx100, same lens as Lx 7, and 16MP will do it for sure. Don’t let us down Panasonic.

  • PhotoJoe55

    Why do these people keep saying the same things over & over? We already knew it was the Sony Sensor, same as in the one in the FZ1000, the agreements took place at the same time. The sensor was obvious, yet they’ve stopped talking about the Viewfinder. It’s been quite a while since anyone has mentioned that at all. Why, because they have no idea at all, just like us. Well you can guess at everything, but the only report that matters is the one by Panasonic, when they announce the release of the camera, in like 3 weeks, or when they’re ready to So why send out all these come-ons, like you know something? You know the same as yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. I doubt that many of us would rush out to spend yet another $1000.00 without waiting to see them prove some of these claims, that people make upthe Sony hasn’t even done that yet, but it’s not like there’s a shortage on these cameras. The Pre-order option is one I think we’ll all pass on, unless some reader have too much money, and they like to be surprised. Write us when you know something, please. We’ve got at least 4 other sources that have been told the same thing, all a few hours before yours.
    I think your report hat comes right after Panasonic’s will be the most accurate, by that time, the market will have more than enough 1 inch sensor Compact cameras for all of us!

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