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(FT5) UPDATED: Camera name is “E-M5”! Same GX1 sensor.


We already know the new camera series name is “OM-D”. And the first camera name will be “Olympus E-M5“!

About the sensor:
Olympus marketing guys cleary say that the 16.1 Megapixel sensor has an “Expanded Dynamic Range“. But from what I have been told it looks like the E-M5 uses the same GX1 sensor. I am not 100% sure yet but it looks like all the video quality and image quality improvement are coming via TruPic VI engine, a weak AA filter and probably a better circuitry around the sensor (faster readout for example).

UPDATE: Next week you will hear BIG words form Olympus marketing about the image quality improvement, but I don’t know yet if those words are on par with the expectetions you and I have. Sources are telling em that there is a visible JPEG quality improvement. But I don’t know if the “expanded dynamic range” marketing statement from Olympus is justified.

UPDATE: Probably my biggest “not so good news” is that the viewfinder has the same specs as the VF-2. It’s not a bad viewfinder but Olympus Manager Mr. Ogawa. told Impressjapan (Click here to download the pdf of the magazine) that Olympus new camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology. So I was hoping to see this on the E-M5.






  • peter

    strange name… sensor stuff not really surprising. but still promising.

    • DonTom

      Got the name right, yesterday. Lucky guess. Still wonder if it will have 43 compatibility, but my bet is “not”.
      GX1 sensor? Oh well, more reason to keep my E-PL1 for one more year: was planning too anyway. Will spend the
      money on the Panny 35-100 if it’s WP…..

    • mpgxsvcd

      Epic Fail!

    • mpgxsvcd

      This is an Epic Fail.

  • Ralentizeur

    LOLOLOLOL, i knew it, same SOS, SOS, SOS, SOS, SOS (same old sensor)

    the can load the camera with hundresds of thousands of features more which nobody need, probably a s**load more artfilters or whatever, but old sensor, no buy

    SOS, SOS, SOS, you can see it in your dreams

    • io


      We knew it. All of us.

      Now, we know that we knew it :D

      • Riley

        really this seemed likely for some time..
        the principle clue was the ISO200 base

      • Andy C

        Nothing wrong with the newer 16mp G3 / GX1 sensor, it’s not quite as good as the best APS sensors but it’s a big improvement over the old 12mp sensor.

      • jim

        We Knew the GH2 would still be leader of the pack!

        • admin

          No. The E-M5 will lead the pack.

    • Fan

      It’s not old. Barely 7 months or so.

    • Digifan

      What same old sensor?
      The E-P3 had 12MP Pana. This one is 16MP introduced 7 mnths ago, not exactly the same.

      • … well, the G3’s sensor is nearly as good as the Canon G1X’s, according to DXO. And many people wanted the Canon G1X sensor in the OM-D. So, here you go. :-)

    • CRB


    • Is there something inherently wrong with that sensor? I think it’s quite good based on sample images from the GX1. I couldn’t care less what DXO has to say, when I look at actual photos I see great results. Seeing as how Olympus tends to get more out of Pany’s sensors then Panasonic does, I don’t expect image quality to be an issue at all.

      I am a tad disappointed about the same old EVF, but I pretty much expected that. Seems like it will be a while before the rest of the camera world catches up to Sony on that one.

  • Ralentizeur


    • Digifan

      Yeah, They did a great job tweaking the E-5 sensor. My pictures sell as hot cakes.
      The E-P3 sensor is still no slough.
      Now we have a new sensor from Pana, I trust Olympus get’s the best out of it.
      I don’t judge a camera by DXO figures but on it’s output.

    • Ross

      I’m sorry, but all you wingers would have to be losers. The E-5 was hyped up beyond belief, but when sensible use & evaluation was done, it turned out to be a very nice camera despite it not having the high MP count that was wished for & now the sensor from the GX1 will be used to it’s best advantage by Olympus in this E-M5. I think this camera is going to be a very nice one without all the overhyped expectations that some of you are dreaming up. I wouldn’t get the E-PL3 or the E-P3 because it din’t have the EVF built in & lots of people were stating the same, so Olympus has now granted that in this weather sealed body (or so it is rumoured) with a newer sensor, as every one was asking for.

      GET A LIFE & stop all the wingeing, all of you.

  • NineFace


  • I don’t know

    Would this be its new EVF/OVF ?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      That looks like PDAF related patent.
      Use of mechanical shutter wouldn’t let PDAF to function continuously unlike Sony’s pellicle mirror system but if that works without weakening sensor’s light gathering ability from usual then it’s definitely good considering crappy Panasonic sensors.

      • Riley

        true, and although I do not know otherwise, unless they have an electronic [global] shutter

  • KlausB

    Yeah, I told you that it is just another crappy Panasonic sensor.
    Epic fail! :(

    • ange7

      “Yeah, I told you” says Klaus, Thanks Klaus. I get the feeling we’re going to get hit by a sh*t storm of “I told you so”s. Sorry for dreaming Klaus.

      • Andy Taylor


      • jim

        Yeh, a real shitnarmi blowing this way…

      • Steve

        Ange7 – no-one here believes Oly’s marketing hype anymore so most ppl here can say told you so. Some might be wise enough to wait until the camera gets tested though. But just as Oly catch up with Panasonic by using their sensor, Panasonic will release the GH3.

        • ange7

          Oly’s marketing hype didn’t mention a new sensor…the was our hopes and dreams. Is your advice that it’s better not to hope, that way you will never be disappointed? …zzz

    • OlyFan

      What did you expect? The newest Sony sensor on EM5?? Let’s get real. If Oly changes their sensor provider, I dont think we will hear about it first on this site.

  • Balthier Bunansa

    delusion means wrong perception, so if the biggest delusion is that it uses gx1 sensor, then the sensor in this camera is NOT gx1 sensor

  • herbsn

    Bye Olympus :-(

    • Pixnat

      Bye herbsn :-)

      • Thomas

        Yeah, good riddance.

  • Thomas S

    We better like the sensor, since it will probably be used in all the Oly cameras until 2016. ;-)

  • Colour me disappointed on the sensor, but not surprised.

    And am I the only one still holding out for a(n eventual) reversal on the abandonment of the full 4/3’s mid-range ?

    Not all non-professional photographers have tiny hands!

    Back in the day I had an OM-10, and I couldn’t even comfortably use that without a PowerGrip – a new range based on OM’s may evoke fond memories and provide an excuse for some retro styling indulgence but is just as much a non-option for me as the PEN range. :(

    (Oh, and for “delusion” I think you perhaps meant “disillusionment” or “disappointment”. Maybe?)

    • Rich

      Wow, you must have very large hands, as mine are slightly larger than average and I found the OM range a dream to use.

      • TomR

        + 1 OM range a dream to use. HAs anyone dome a comparison of leaked sizes? Is this the same size as OM cameras? I had the OM-2.
        Also, I would be interested to know. How much was the OM-1 when it came out? Given inflation are cameras more or less expensive?

  • Rich

    At least they aren’t sticking with the old 12mp sensor!

    I find ergonomics far more important than having the newest, flashiest sensor anyway, so I’d happily buy it (if only I had the money). IMHO enjoying taking the pictures (because of excellent ergonomics) brings a far greater improvement in quality than a slightly newer sensor with slightly less noise…

  • I may be the odd one out here, but I don’t care who makes the sensor as long as it’s at least as good as the one in the E-P3. Perfection is for wimps ;). If you ever tried the E-5 you would realize that the game is squeezing the sensor’s juice, not its gross potential.
    I’m more concerned with functionality:
    * How will it work with 4/3 lenses?
    * How large is the viewfinder?
    * Any new manual focus aids?
    * Remote flash operation?

    • konikonaku


      i already decide to buy E-P3 anyway before find out about OM-D…see U on 8th, Oly


      • Anonymous

        +1000000 i dont really know if the sensor is that one from the gx1 but i dont care i choose my ep3 to carry ,over my canon 5D MII, for size , focus speed , and features , if this OM CAMERA is good , i’ll got it 4 sure^^

    • Raist3d

      I am sorry, but if you want to continue paying $ for not so hot sensor performance, that’s certainly your call!

      But to be honest, I don’t think the GX1 is as bad as other options that could have happened. At least they moved forward from the now very old EP3 sensor design. I just wish they used something more competitive, but it all depends on price now.

      At $1,100 I still think it’s a good proposition. At $1,500 USD forget it.

      • “At $1,100 I still think it’s a good proposition. At $1,500 USD forget it.”


      • Balthier Bunansa

        read exactly what it says in the rumor : “The biggest delusion(?) is that it uses de facto the same GX1 sensor”. delusion being the key word

        • Raist3d

          I think we know what admin really meant, semantics aside.

  • Ralentizeur

    “amazing 2 stops of better noise behaviour ( in jpg !!!) THANKS OLYMPUS,” very generous!!!


    nobody wants it anyway

    I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I probably will keep my GH-1 to play with legacy glass, for the adapters i own

    • Andy Taylor

      “nobody wants it anyway”

      Feel free to speak for yourself there. :)

    • Digifan

      Yeah we know by now you are not a photographer, but a gadget owner.
      You only judge by DXO’s ratings.
      I only judge a book by it’s contents. Up to now the E-5 and E-P1 still sufficed.
      Only if you need high ISO a lot and more fps (in combination with CAF) it will not suffice alone.
      I grew up a long time ago, when I ditched my Canon system, and decided that less PP and consistent material would suit the business better. That’s why I rent stuff for gig’s falling in the 5% that (m)43 can’t do.

  • JesperMP

    They had us all fooled about the name then, even 4/3 Rumors (OM-D was FT5 !).
    I betted on E-OM1.
    Why start with “5” ? The other camera series started with “1”. E-P1, E-PL1, E-PM1. Oh never mind.

    So it must be a tweaked GX1 sensor, to have the on-sensor PDAF, yes ?
    The GX1 sensor is not bad at all. Not entirely on the level of Sonys 16.2MP sensor, but way better than the old sensors in E-P3, E-PL3, etc.

    • ha

      > So it must be a tweaked GX1 sensor, to have the on-sensor PDAF, yes ?

      No PDAF. Oly will apply the same tricks for fast CDAF they used on 12MPix sensor for E-P3 family.

      • JesperMP

        I thought that the tricks were actually on-sensor PDAF.
        My bad then.

    • Miroslav

      “Why start with “5″ ?”

      Because the last film OM was OM-4. Stupid reasoning IMO…

      • DonTom

        Another reason is that this will replace the E-P3, and “4” is the unlucky number…..that was my reasoning yesterday, anyway.

        • BLI

          Is “4” an unlucky number in Japanese? In Chinese, yes! (When pronouncing “4” in Chinese (Mandarin?), it sounds like the word for “death”.) But is it the same in Japanese? (Or are they looking at the Chinese marked?)

          • Steve

            It’s not the same in Japanese. Maybe Omg-5 for the number of crooked board members who killed this company ?

          • Yes it is the same. It’s (depending on how and where it is used) shi or yon.
            With yon being the chinese number that is still used in some cases (If I am mistaken here, someone correct me)

          • Lily

            I was under the impression that there are two different words for “4” in Japanese, and that one of them does sound like the word for “death”.

          • Yes. In Japanese 4 can be read as ‘shi’ which is also the word for death. However, skipping the 4th line in a camera series because of that would be very surprising. Usually you only hear of skipped numbers in places like hotels and hospitals.

            • Panasonic skipped from LX3 to LX5

        • Miroslav

          I agree that this should replace E-P3.

    • Yep, GH1 is still the best micro 4/3 camera.

  • Leonard

    it’s probably called the E-M5 as a continuation to the OM line of cameras, which stopped at OM4.

  • Ralentizeur



    • DonTom

      LOL, given Olympus’ recent trend it will be like the VF3!
      But I’m looking for reasons not to upgrade anyway…..

    • Andy Taylor

      Caps Lock makes the words you say truthful…? No, it’s still a crock.

      I wasn’t aware that anyone with half a brain was still expecting an optical viewfinder in this thing. Seeing as the sensor is going to be a lot better than the E-P1 I’m not sure how any of your statement makes any sense at all.

    • camerageek

      Yes Shame on Olympus for besmirching the great history of the OM with this half assed camera with a weak EVF and some warmed over reject of a Panasonic Sensor! First they shit on the great Legacy of the Pen’s name and now on that of the OM!

      Bwahahahahaha!!!! What is even funnier is folks like Mr. Reek, a great fauxtographer taking is great fauxtographs will claim the OM-D to be the second coming! Ahh the peasants shall deludedly rejoice while we amongst the elite laugh at them taking real photographs with our Fuji X Pro 1’s

  • LiquidSilver

    It’s no surprise, at all.

    What’s wrong with the GX1 sensor, anyway?

    • admin

      It’s not wrong. But we hoped for a bigger step forward.

      • Rchard

        So the base ISO @200 is also wrong, since GX1 base ISO is 160!

        • In fact, there isn’t a thing as a “base ISO” for sensors. Olympus just chose to start at ISO 200. Olympus could also choose to start at ISO 100 and sacrifice some highlights. Or to start at ISO 400 and make shadows even noisier.

    • Dweeb

      Dude – unlock your caps lock and stop shouting at us with your amazing insights!

  • Why so negative?? The new Panasonic sensor have been praised and is a big step up from the old 12mpx. For a forum promoting M43 you sertainly have a negative attitude towards the main innovating company.

    • oluv

      why so negative? the GX1 sensor might be a “big” step up from the old G1 sensor, but it is still far behind sony sensors let alone the new canon G1X sensor, which even seems to smoke the sony sensor while not being much larger than mFT.
      panasonic simply lags behind in sensor-design. the sensor is already too noisy at base-iso. even the GH1 sensor was better in this regard.
      most important is perfect image quality at base iso, everthing else is side-effect.

      • fepate

        “it is still far behind sony sensors let alone the new canon G1X sensor”

        Really? The DXOmark tests don’t support your statement.

        • You’re right. The only point where the much-hyped Canon sensor is a bit better is DR – half a stop or so over the ISO range. Even DXOmark states that such a small difference is barely recognisable.

      • Miroslav

        Smoke is on the other side: . Be content with m4/3 sensor or go NEX way if the sensor alone means that much to you…

      • Raist3d


        That said, if they can really get 2 stops better at high iso, it won’t be that bad.

        • jim

          It is not 2 stops better if its the G3 sensor… Like the EP3 was roumored to be a stop better than the EP2… no It was probably 0.1 stops better….

          This thing will at best be 1 stop better than the EP3 – I’ll eay my hat if its 2 stops better!

          • Raist3d

            Well I am going by measured DXo Mark on the G3 sensor. And it’s only once the ISO goes high (ISO 3200 and up) – around 1.5 stops.

  • Kasteel

    Olympus hype is now in the….. trash. Beauty body… the same errors. Sensor is what you take photos, it’s the soul…. and new Olympus has a old one.
    It’s time to think about to buy a Fuji….. :(

    • Rich

      The soul of a camera is about a lot more than the sensor – in the days of film cameras had souls, and you took out the sensor after 36 shots and replaced it!

      Being at one with a camera (it being an extension of yourself) is what helps make great photos – and this is where controls come in.

    • bilgy_no1

      The 16MP sensor is NOT old! Used for the first time only 6 months ago, and widely praised in just about every review of the G3 or GX1.

      • Thomas

        Even nikon and canon dont come out with a new sensor every 3 months. People here are so silly.

        • traubenheinrich

          step from D2x to D700 to D3s was everytime mesmerizing, breaking new ground every time, step from D200 to D300 too, everybody steps up the game

          puzzling why olympus is unable to act on the sensor front, the body and build will be beautiful, they had 4 years to source a new sensor, but all we will be left will be waiting for another 2-3 years until they get it… until the last wild-brand-fanboy jumped ship

  • Ralentizeur

    where does the apparent more DR come from? tweaking?

    • Boooo!

      No, marketing.

      • lol Good one!!!

      • jim

        yep – no way is this gonna bust the G3 DR…. if so only by 0.05%…

        Oh yeh and any hopes of a usable 25k ISo are just flying out the window… but now we can also throw out 12k and 6.4k… nice one Oly – we love big numbers, why not boost it to 100k – what the hell its gonna be just as usless as 25k?

      • Franky S

        @Boooo! “No, Marketing”

        Very funny, lol.

  • bluebox10

    well, now you see how it works: Olympus contract with Panasonic says they can use the Pana sensors, but only a year or so after the release. So the G3 sensor now comes to Olympus.

    They have to bring a lot of extras to compete with the cheap G3. I am going to order the G3 this afternoon, I waited to see if this Oly can bring something extra in IQ (which it won’t for me as a RAW shooter), so here it goes!

    And for the people screaming that they have been fooled: it’s a rumor site. Grow up. Olympus has given no info yet, and all the rumors are fed by enthousiasts and Oly fans. No wonder people get carried away.

    And admin: thanks for the info, you are still way ahead of the announcement with the facts. Good job.

    • oluv

      pushing. it is the same effect olympus did before. claim iso200 to be baseiso, while in reality it was iso100. then at iso200 they just underexpose one stop and then pull back the lights.

    • TomR

      Dude, you said it. It’s a rumor site. Don’t get the G3 yet, waite and see the camera when it comes.

    • Raist3d

      “And for the people screaming that they have been fooled: it’s a rumor site. Grow up. Olympus has given no info yet, and all the rumors are fed by enthousiasts and Oly fans. No wonder people get carried away.”

      +100. And this goes both ways- both when they believed it was surely a new sensor and now.

      • admin

        I always said that I don’t know what sensor it is. And that soruces told me that there are visible improvements. That’s why the question was if there is a new sensor to archieve that image quality boost or not. But probably it’s my mistake because I had to fugure out that people’s thinking is more “emotional” than “rational”.

        • Raist3d

          I actually didn’t mean that last sentence directed at you. I meant that the critique that he made on people goes both ways- both for people screaming now for “being fooled” by rumors and also (my point that it goes both ways) for people believing it and going into a hyped frenzy as if it was a done deal it was using a different sensor with a bigger jump technology wise.

          However, do look at some of the stuff said – like best video quality than the GH2 or such (!). We don’t know that yet, do we? :-)

  • atze

    man, way to kill your momentum.

    if their hadn’t been rumors about that great new sensor most people would have been fine with the gx1 sensor.

  • Among the mirrorlesses the m43 seems to be the ones with slowest development of sensors – the heart of the system. Even the smaller Nikon 1 sensor is quite close to m43. Fuji, not one of the biggest, has done substantial sensor development (or pays someone to do it).
    Really a pity as I think m43 lenses are doing very well.
    Still – wait and see what is actually delivered – from Oly and the rest!

  • bilgy_no1

    What a bunch of whiners here. SOS? Of course not. The 16mp sensor is only 6 months in use.

    Is it better, in RAW, than the current 12mp sensor? Yes, and you can add clean Olympus processing.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Panasonic’s “new” sensors are others’ old tech.
      In the most important deficiency, dynamic range, this GsuX1 sensor is barely any better even compact sensor of Canon Powershot G12 can give better dynamic range than it!

      Higher noise at higher ISO’s is easy to compensate in landscape shooting by using slower shutter speed (remember IBIS works with every lens) at lower ISO but if base ISO lacks good dynamic range getting around it isn’t easy.

      • bilgy_no1

        Not so sure that old mantra (Panasonic sensors lag behind the others) is so true. You can compare the Canon G1 X sensor to the Panasonic GX1 on DXO Mark. The Canon sensor being a little bit bigger than the m4/3 sensor, it scores a little bit higher (overall rating): 60 vs. 55. But actually in low light ISO performance, the GX1 beats the Canon: 703 vs. 644.

        Apparently, there is a sensor size element to performance. And Panasonic sensors seem to be as efficient as the Canon ones. Note that the E-P3 sensor (old 12MP) is beaten by both the others. Also note that the GH2 sensor gets the same overall score as the Canon sensor (higher DR, but high ISO score a bit under the G3…).

        I’m not a huge fan of DXO Mark ratings, but I’ll use them to make this point…

  • Sheesh – what a bunch of whiners you are!
    Yes, there are some better sensors out there, but the Panasonic 16MB sensor is not a bad one. Photography is not all about ISO 25600! Get real. Did you crave new film emulsions every year as well, back in the days? If you cannot make pictures w/ this sensor, then I dare say the culprit is not the camera, but the photographer. Sorry for being harsh, but somebody had to say it :-/

    • :-D

      • Alec

        I know, right? “Booo, old sensor”. THE HORROR!
        Good lord, are all these people taking pictures purely for inspecting them for noise and whatnot? I’m perfectly happy with my GF1, it mostly takes great pictures that I enjoy looking at. Who cares if there’s some noise every now and then.

        What a bunch of whiny nerds here.

    • Raist3d

      I think the point you miss is that some people don’t want to pay big cash for what is sub competitive technology. I will agree it’s not horrible- worse would have been the same EP3 sensor *yet again*.

      But the truth is all the people that hyped themselves up thinking it was something much better when it wasn’t. They just need to keep things real. Yes, it’s their problem :-)

      • Digifan

        True, but we still have to see what sensor it is. Olympus’ camera isn’t out YET, so all is rumors, even this “same as GX1” statement.
        We will see next week.
        It would have been nice the new sensor tech I mean, but as I wrote in older threads in the Netherlands we say: If it looks/sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

      • bilgy_no1

        But is it really sub-competitive? The Canon G1X sensor (1.5″ or very close to 4/3) performs about the same as the GX1 sensor.

        Next, you should look at the system: m4/3 has quite a few affordable bright primes available compared to the APS-C systems. Especially the very useful 20mm f/1.7 means that you can easily use a PEN in the same low light situations as the NEX with its kit lens. There is a Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 now, but it’s much more expensive than the 20mm and not as compact.

        So, it comes down to choices and options, and we shouldn’t focus only on the sensor. As an overall system, I think m4/3 is highly competitive. Perhaps reviews should focus more on that aspect.

    • Rich


  • believer

    That means the brand new E-M5 (Price > €1000) has the same sensor as the one year old Pana G3 (€535 incl. kit). And I idiot sold my GH2:-(((((

    • Digifan

      You must be very old allready since your year is shorter than for the rest of mankind.

  • It can’t possibly be two stops better than the E-P3 then. The Panasonic G3 is maybe half a stop better than the E-P3 and I can’t believe Olympus jpeg processing is as much as 1 1/2 stops better than Panasonic’s.

    • Raist3d

      Well according to DXO, the G3 is indeed about 1.5 stops better in high ISO. DR is about 1/2 a stop better.

      • We’re talking real image output here, not dxomark. The source said it is two stops better then the E-P3 by looking att the jpeg output. By comparing the E-P3 and the G3 the same way (with Imaging Resource samples), there is roughly half a stop difference. So the Olumpus jpeg processing must be 1 1/2 stops better than Panasonic’s for this to hold true. I find this hard to beleive.

        • Raist3d

          “We’re talking real image output here, not dxomark.”

          Except that to me DxoMark is a pretty good indicator of real world performance, as I have been able to corroborate myself on my e-420, E-3, e-620, K-5, LX5, LX3, Pentax Q.

          And in your comparison with Imaging Resource are you examining the RAW files for yourself or are you looking at images produced with the respective JPEG engines? I am not even talking about jpeg!

          • I’m talking about jpeg images because that’s what the source was talking about, when he said “2 stops better”.

            • admin

              Yes source said JPEG. Not RAW.

              • Raist3d

                But: still a rumor

                Then we get it’s the same GX1 sensor
                Then we get the EVF is nothing special….

                What can we all learn from this?

                • That some people fail to value a rumor for what it is… A rumor.

            • bilgy_no1

              But the rumour was about a quick glance difference (no measurements), so take it with a grain of salt anyway. Still, I think the RAW output of the GX1/G3 is about 1 stop better across the board (looking at DPR shots). This gives Olympus already one stop more to work with compared to the E-P3. Add to that the better Olympus processing, another 0.5 stops, and the enthousiasm of the source, and you come to two stops better performance.

              I’m still curious to find out what Olympus can do with that sensor, and disagree that Panasonic tech is really lagging so much. Look at the Canon G1X results for example: very close the the Panasonic GX1, with a slightly bigger sensor.

            • Raist3d

              Yes, but if you are going to talk about real world images and we are talking about sensor improvement, we need to talk about RAW.

              And of course, I am answering also your “DXoMark doesn’t mean much”

            • The improvement in raw at ISO 3200 is at least a full stop better than on the old 12 MP sensor. Maybe a bit more than 1 stop. Still, the processing from Olympus is the same (maybe now it will have stronger NR, I hope not!), so comparing to E-P3 it will give the same (rather poor) results at low ISO and 1-1.5 stops better at high ISO. Not bad, but not what many expected.

  • Esa Tuunanen

    Retro camera, retro performance sensor.
    Like I said, no sale here.

  • Alvaro

    I will definetly go for the fuji…

  • Do

    The good thing is, we will see exactly the same performance in the next E-P and E-PL models (since the 4 is an unpoular number in Eastern Asia, they will probably named E-P5 and E-PL5, maybe that explains the E-M5 name).
    By the way, to all DxOMark junkies, Canons G1X sensor performs very similar to Pannasonics 16 MP sensor. On the other hand, if you compare Canons and Sonys APS-C sensors , their low-light performance aren’t that much different – so, in fact,if you count in the smaller sensor size, Panasonic isn’t that much behind Sony in their sensor tchnology as it may seem. But some people just can’t accept that an MFT camera isn’t a 35mm frame camera.

    • Thomas S

      Exactly. If a m43 sensor is 1 stop behind an APS-C in S/N ratio, it is actually on par, technology/efficiency-wise, since 1 stop accounts for the difference in size (m43 sensor has approx. half the area of an APS-C sensor).

      • Do

        You are right. To be more precise, it’ 60 % of the Sony sensors, so it’s about 2/3 of a stop that accounts for the size difference. DxOMarks low light Iso mark is 703 GX1 vs. 1079 for Nex5n on DXO Mark, so in this field it lags just 1/2 stop behind. Differences are bigger at base iso though, but they are mainly relevant for extensive post production.

    • Raist3d

      Well they sure seem behind Sony (that means Canon also is- I find your argument rather weak). That said, the Canon sensor of the G1X does have notably more color sensitivity so that should make shots look richer/better tonality.

      • Andy Taylor

        They all already produce a broader colour range than you can display on a monitor, and certainly in print. Image editing can reduce that but seriously, what more do you need?!

        • Raist3d

          I don’t think you understand what color bit depth does. You get richer color, and you can get better tonality.

          • Do

            According to Wikipedia, “Color depth is only one aspect of color representation, expressing how finely levels of color can be expressed”. I think Andy is right. You just can play more around in post-production.

            • Raist3d

              Do- well and what do you think that means?! Do you think that’s related to tonal range?

              Also don’t forget that Dxo is talking about color sensitivity- meaning how the sensor responds to light/color.

              Finally being able to play in post production more can be a huge asset depending on what you are shooting/ the photography domain.

              • Do

                I think that even here in the best case one out of 50 persons is able to make a real-world-advantage out of Canons increased color depth ond only one out of 500 will do so in real life ;-)

      • bilgy_no1

        And did you also notice that the Panasonic sensor BEATS the Canon sensor for high ISO performance? It’s all blabla nonsense. All these cameras are capable of giving EXCELLENT results, and there is just too much focus tiny (meaningless) differences.

  • OllieS

    Well, maybe I’ll hang on for the next OM. Why go with panasonic again! Aaargh! Whilst sensor will be better than 12MP surely there were other options, too expensive I suppose. Message for olympus – SOURCE A BETTER SENSOR SUPPLIER! panasonic is killing your system.
    This sensor has already been surpassed by the competition, do Oly not learn. New trupic may improve things for jpeg shooters but I can’t see it being by much.
    Disappointed, hope the view finder makes up for it, and it really needs to live up to the hype to keep my interest now.

  • Raist3d

    Well admin, you sure brought it upon yourself- sorry. I think you sometimes over hype things too much even though I appreciate your hard work. But that said:

    The GX1 sensor should bring 1.5-2 stops of better ISO for real- in RAW. It’s what Panasonic was talking about in this sensor development when the G3 came out (look at the lumix web pages from Panasonic). So as far as claiming “it’s improved over the E-P3” it sure is :-)

    The DR is what doesn’t seem to change all that much. DXo mark corroborates about 1.5-1.7 stops better ISO once the ISO kicks high (ISO 3200 and up I think it was). DR remains about same as the E-5 (if the EP-3 really has 10.1 stops as measured in Dxo, then having 10.6 stops is indeed 1/2 a stop higher DR).

  • Miroslav

    Well, these are not bad news per se. In fact, I find the name choice worse than sensor choice. If you take a look at , you’ll see that GX1 scores are similar to G1X scores – which should explain the naming similarities ;). So, even Canon could not dethrone Sony. There will be a jump compared to old 12 MPx sensor, and that’s the main thing. If Oly manages to make a 1 stop improvement, if they manage to make ISO 1600 on par with E-P1/2/3 / E-PL1/2/3 / E-PM1 ISO 800, I’ll be satisfied. As for PDAF, that’s a real pity. There’s a slim chance that new adapter will help, but I doubt it.

    But the name is worse part of the news ( rumor, that is ). E-M line will be confused with E-PM line as if there wasn’t enough confusion between E-P and E-PL. I’m waiting for E-ML and E-MM now :). And why start with E-M5? Probably because of OM-4, but way simpler was to name new camera OM-5.

    Whatever… Built-in EVF, movable touch LCD and better sensor will be good enough reasons for me to upgrade, but focus peaking and HDR would be nice things to include as well, since they are software based. Let’s hear those good news…

  • Rob

    I think the only real surprise would have been if Oly had not used a Panasonic sensor. I am now sure Panny will release the GH3 with a better sensor. This may all be doom and gloom, but the GX-1 produces good pics, I am sure the Oly will produce good pics….. I think Oly may well change sensors for the next camera, depending on who helps Oly with their problems….. But I am sure the Oly will be a nice camera, but probably not for me this time.

  • Stageshadow

    We did already know that, didn’t we?
    So image quality will be slightly better than GX1 (by sensor tweaking), but AF-Speed will also be quicker (GX1 sensor have faster AF than the old Pani 12 MP sensor) so with a little tweaking… You get the idea!

  • Salty

    I like having some form of image stabilisation. So being able to use all the nice reasonably priced primes like the 20mm 1.7 and 45mm 1.8 and get some IS makes it a lot better than the panasonics for me.

    • Miroslav


      But we’ll have to pay the price of two G3s for IBIS, better jpeg, weather sealing and a wheel or two more…

      • It isn’t all that different from buying a GX1 with viewfinder. Plus, there isn’t much known about how the sensor will actually perform with the new engine, etc..

  • napalm

    Not surprised, but not disappointed also. I’m curious how Oly will maximize the GX1 sensor as they we’re able to maximize the most from the G1 sensor.

    I think the “Expanded DR” will be from Auto Gradiation though… if they will be able to lessen the shadow noise, that would be possible.

    • TheEye

      “I think the “Expanded DR” will be from Auto Gradiation though”

      So then Olympus doesn’t know the difference between DR and gradation, or they exploit that their customer base doesn’t know the difference or just doesn’t care. That’s pathetic.

      • As a matter of fact Olympus has not said anything yet, except “Oh My Goodness”.

        • Digifan

          Olympus even haven’t said “Oh My Goodness” that was a media paper.

      • napalm

        well other camera brands also sell a “high DR” feature which is exactly same as Oly’s “Gradiation”

        • Raist3d

          There are different things here:

          – true HDR – 3 image captures, blended (example, K-5, Pentax Q)
          – high tone priority (Canon, Pentax, Sony do this)- allow you to shift the tonal range so you get better highlight DR at the expense of shadow DR.
          – auto gradation – similar to NIkon’s “Dlighting”. Similar to Pentax’s “shadow lift” option.

          True expanded DR doesn’t come from the last one. The high tone priority mode doesn’t expand the DR either, but helps make a choice to accommodate- at the RAW capture level- which tones you need to represent the most/the best.

    • Raist3d

      Auto gradation is a post process, jpeg operation. And it’s not free as you lose shadow range. There’s no real expansion of DR here.

    • But already the E-P1 and E-P3 had auto gradation. So if they compare it to them, they can’t just add auto gradation to the measurement.

  • BornBad

    Theres nothing wrong with the sensor. One step behind in S/N ratio. Just get a bright lens and you’re okay. I have the Panasonic 20mm .If you shoot at F1.7 instead of 2.0 on ASPC you get similar DOF and similar noise.

  • juanko

    have right some rumour here published by the OM-D?

    In cp+ i waiting good news only for new lens panasonic.

  • The only good thing on that news may be that now, as Panasonic gives its 16 MP sensor to others, they propably may have a new sensor close to production so that at least a GH3 may go a step forward regarding dynamic range and noise. It is urgently necessary to catch up with Sony.

    • bilgy_no1

      The 16MP sensor is the ‘staple’ m4/3 sensor, just as the 12MP sensor before that. The GH1 and GH2 use different sensors that are oversized to allow for multi-aspect ration shooting without too much loss of resolution (GH1 is actually 14MP sensor, and GH2 is really 18MP). So, I don’t think this is related, but you still may be right about an upcoming GH3 . The GH2 is already nearing 18 months of sales, so it’s pretty close to replacement I guess. Whether it will come with a new sensor remains to be seen

  • Jorginho

    Well…like many have said already: I knew this. Marketing hype bigtime when it comes to the sensor. However: it is quite a good sensor. Many people wanted a GX1 with an EVF and IBIs and there you have it, only a few months later. Now if the EVF is fantastic and the AF is like Nikons in good light and like Panasonics in low light, the cam is in fact excellent! Butttt…..I don’t think this will happen either…Typical Olympus it seems. May be they can team up with Samsung, a company that has the same traits.

  • 4b12BRO

    Oh well… In the end it looks like ill stick to my E-30…

    • “Marketing hype bigtime when it comes to the sensor. ”
      What marketing?
      The marketing (or the lack thereof) says nothing about any sensor vendor here. All it states is 16MB, which is probably right! So no hype at all. It’s just rumors and people’s personal speculations that have asserted otherwise.

  • jocky

    It is a Gx1 with a viewfinder.

    • +1 Love it!

    • BornBad

      GX1 with a viewfinder is G3

    • “It is a Gx1 with a viewfinder”…

      and IBIS, and weather sealing, and better JPEGs, and who knows what else.

      • jocky

        Dodgy IBIS, one junk sealed lens !!

  • Fan

    Couldn’t they increase DR by reading the sensor out several times during exposure?

    • Raist3d

      Olympus has a patent to do exactly that. If this patent showed up in this camera that would be remarkable (it has its limitations too but if Olympus really implemented their patent, for many situations it would work too).

      It’s more involved than just reading the sensor- they have to do 3 quick exposures.

      • Jorginho

        Hoew about processing power: how are you going to process that amount of data fast enough. For burstmodes, this would be unusable with current technology, or am I wrong? I have always thought of this kind of options, exactly like you described and I think the current filesize+processing power prevents this from happening.

        • Raist3d

          Well this camera could very well have more processing power than before- but I am skeptical this patent would show up now implemented. I only mentioned it as a data/trivia point more than “I think they are going to do it now.”

          You could have a special camera mode that would do this and maybe say take the three shots fast, then blank out a few seconds processing the intricate merge. Certainly not at 9fps, but I don’t think it would exclude a special mode.

          But again, I don’t think this patent is showing up now.

    • Miroslav

      Yes, but someone has to sit down and write a bit of code. Also for focus peaking, HDR, verious stitching modes… There are many small ways to improve your products.

  • Sounds about right. Take a GX1 with added EVF and the price is not that much lower than the E-M5. So with an even better body, built in EVF, IBIS, better processing, it all works out quite nicely.

    • safaridon

      Well if you take the normal kit zoom lens the GX1 with EVF would cost $1050 while the E-D5 without inbody flash would be $1450, so no not the same. Even with compact X lens the GX1 would be at least $250 cheaper. Not sure the E-D5 flash doesn’t cost extra as separate model number quoted?

      If you compare with the definitely smaller G3 (with similar specs as has same sensor and EVF specs) with builtin flash the E-D5 is twice as expensive. And yes the G3 does have a lightweight metal body.

  • leonedolci

    no surprise. Olympus dont know how to build sensors.

    With this sensor and the face-lift, Olympus will learn a hard lesson if EM5 is priced anywhere near Nex7.

    I guess this one won’t even out-sell EP3. Keep doing this, Olympus will disappear in the near future.

  • SF

    I knew it from the start. And now the “revolutionary” VF turns out to be a an inbuild VF-2 without improvements. The rumored price already indicated that there was not much R&D costs involved in this cam.

    It will be still a nice camera, but not the game changer we hoped for.

    • admin

      I am surprised about the viewfinder. Olympus officially said they were preparing something special for the viewfinder technology. They said that is the key technology. And now it turns out that they did nothing for the E-M5. In that case it’s not 43rumros that made a hype, it’s Olympus that made the mistake to say that they will do something special around the EVF.

      • TheEye

        Maybe that EVF comes with a purple unicorn start-up screen that is certain to delight the screeching camera joshi.

      • ijack

        Admin, I still think you are somewhat responsible.

        “Sayings” of a new viewfinder technology, and improved dynamic range is hardly anything concrete, but you kind of made a big deal of it…we can fully expect that the rages here would stretch their imagination base on the mini-hype.

        • admin

          You will hear from Olympus own mouth that they will say “improved dynamic range”. So it’s not me being responsible! And I updated the post with the official Olympus interview where they talk about the new viewfinder technology. My fault was to not question the Olympus marketing blabla :)

          • Raist3d

            “You will hear from Olympus own mouth that they will say “improved dynamic range”. So it’s not me being responsible!”

            I agree with the EVF since Olympus said it in the interview but not for example in the improved dynamic range. You did make some hype on it, and I did mention that this could be academic-meaningless if say it’s improved by something like 1/3rd of a stop.

            Check out the headlines and posts made when you mentioned several features including the high dynamic range, and honestly admin, with all due respect, tell me it wasn’t over hyped at least a bit :-)

            • admin

              Let’s see the real camera next week. When Olympus says “new sensor with hygh dynamic range”. I only reported that phrase. Shoudl I have not written it? The problem is that people doens’t rationalize rumors. I mean, I said sensor has “high dynamic range”, and I said Olympus is marketing it so. But people than thinks it’s me putting hype when in reality I am only the man in between passing the info to you. What I now deifnitely learned is that I shoudl write with big capitalized letters that 1) I report what I hear from others. It’s not me putting an extra hype on it 2) That one thing are marketing statements, another thing is reality.

              • Rchard

                You should probably slap your sources over the head with something!

                • admin

                  Soruces are giving me correct info. But probably Olympus is giving them to much hyped info!!!

                  • admin

                    Just wait for next week Olympus marketing text. They will push the sensor performance on a high level…with words :)

                • Hehehe use not a Pen ;-)

              • Admin,
                No hard feelings. The hype is not your fault. That said, I would try to keep exclamation marks to the minimum and keep the tone understated. You know your audience.

              • Raist3d

                Admin I believe there are times that the way you said things, go into over hype mode. For example, the current meme: better video quality than the GH2. Do we really know that?

                • admin

                  Yep, that one is corect. Video quality is betetr than on the GH2.

          • Rchard

            “Olympus marketing guys cleary say that the 16.1 Megapixel sensor has an “Expanded Dynamic Range“.”

            So Olympus marketing guys are your sourse?

            • admin

              Of course no.

            • And GH2 sensor have 16 megapixel and G3 sensor have 15,8 megapixel remarkable.

        • Jesper

          Come on! This is a rumor site ffs, no one is responsible for nothing. You are however if you chose to belive everything that came up on this site.

      • ijack

        But on the other hand, this is the best way to get the discussion going, emotional swings and drama does helps this site, lol

      • BLI

        No, admin is not responsible for all the hype.

        BUT — the viewfinder is the same?? Is this a new rumor, or a new fact? It is not mentioned in the headline of this rumor.

        • admin

          Specs are the same, but features are different I am checking this right now.

  • JRK

    I don’t suppose Olympus could have found a different sensor supplier with the financial troubles they had. No one seems to make 4/3 size sensors apart from Panasonic, so starting a whole new line would be quite costly. You can’t just “cut down” an APS-C sensor, you have to shrink all the electronics that goes in the circuitry. What Panasonic needs to do is start moving the electronics process to something smaller probably 32nm so that their base noise will go farther down.

    I myself am very satisfied with this news if it’s true. GX1 images on the Internet are quite satisfying to my eyes in terms of DR and noise. Knowing Olympus’s JPEG skills, we should see some awesome pics. Stop being so negative people! For DR issues, just underexpose slightly and pull the shadows up in your RAW converter.

    • Raist3d

      ” and pull the shadows up in your RAW converter.”

      And get a lot of noise show up? :-) You can’t make DR that doesn’t exist.

  • Gabi

    Nothing wrong with the GX1 sensor for me. The camera is still very tempting for me. Nonetheless, I will wait for the Panny GH3 and study the reviews before I part with more than 1000 EUR… In addition, I will wait for the announced fast Panasonic zoom lenses.

    I hope that Olympus worked on the menu system. Personally, I don’t like the Olympus menu on my E-P2 and prefer the Panasonic menu.

    • mng

      Even somehow oly makes a new sensor by themself, it’s not necessarily better than gx1 sensor. I’m expecting new processor more than sensor, and buttons design.

  • BornBad

    DxO-Mark Test of Canon G1X is out. Chip isnt any better than Panasonic G3/GX1 and probably the new Olympus. Okay DR is a little better, but we are used to that, aren’t we?|0/%28brand%29/Canon/%28appareil2%29/754|0/%28brand2%29/Panasonic

  • Julien

    “Fuji x pro, A serious OM-D contender?”


  • Simon

    I am hardly surprised but still it’s a major disappointment. When does Olympus realize that a top of the line product needs not only the latest body design, but also the latest advancements in technology?

    I didn’t by an E-P3 because the E-PL3 and E-PM1 give mit smilar image quality. Why should I buy an OM-D with ridiculous name when I can get comparable image quality from a cheapo Panasonic G3? Even the viewfinder is rumored to be similar to the old VF-1/2?

    I always loved Olympus, I always try to love Olympus and I do. But there comes a time when love is dead.

    • BornBad

      They don’t build own chips so what should they do? the new camera has the best sensor available. it seems even the canon g1x isnt any better.

      • P

        The best sensor even from the old ones would have been GH2 sensor.

  • Boooo!

    Hey Olympus, your 2007 cameras had the same dynamic range.


    Same dynamic range.

    Compact cameras have a two-stop DR advantage in 2012.

    Find a new sensor supplier.

  • Sven

    So it’s the “old” 16mp sensor Pana uses. Although I am little disappointed ( you can always wish for more…) it is going to be a big step forward from the ep-3 sensor. Iso looks usable up to 3200 on the gx1 compared to the 1600 on ep-3..
    And who knows , maybe Oly got that one more stop out of it…???
    I usually never go over iso 1600 anyways… hope they worked on the DR, there is more room for improvement….

  • Anonymous

    When the rumors started the one thing that was enough for making me interested was the weathersealing feature. I dont really care about 16 mp, more DR, better high iso performance. Now its just waiting for which weathersealed lenses will be announced or how the fabulous sealed FT lenses will work on this OM body. And i wish there is some company who can convert MF lenses(& adapters) into weathersealed ones :-)

  • BornBad


  • HB

    It’s like E-P3 (705 EUR) + VF2 (190 EUR) with GX1 sensor, new engine and weathersealing.

    First conclusion: 1000 EUR could be the estimated price.
    2nd: Panasonic G3 is probably way too cheap?

  • Dumdum

    I’m happy that everyone else seems to not be buying it. That means I won’t have competition in buying one.

    Keep the hate coming guys! :)

    • Pedro del Río

      Until yesterday, everybody was going to buy one! :-)

  • A consequence of the GX1 sensor is probably no PDAF-on-sensor. Can other PDAF devices be found?

    Of this is just a Pen with built in VF it doesn’t make it a bad camera, but it’s not a step towards ‘one beautiful system’.

    And yet I must believe, according to Mr. Tagawa that the VF is something special. How?

    Should we think that the X Pro 1 and NEX 7 are more advanced cameras, except for AF?

    Or will there be a mirrored adapter?

    I fail to see how this camera, so far, can herald a new category of cameras, in respect to Pens.

    • Raist3d

      “Should we think that the X Pro 1 and NEX 7 are more advanced cameras, except for AF?”

      Umm duh?

      And no hybrid view finder apparently…

      • BLI

        A hybrid viewfinder has only been a dream in the mind of the few — no rumour from admin has given support to this dream.

        • admin

          Yep. never said there was a hybrid viewfinder with the OM-D. But Olympus statements lead us to hope that there would be a surprise :(

          • Raist3d

            I never said admin said it was a hybrid view finder :-) I was replying specifically to Almaric, who has, all over dpreview :-)

    • anonymous

      “And yet I must believe, according to Mr. Tagawa that the VF is something special. How?”

      They have moved the VF technology from an external accessory into the body itself, a first for Oly m4/3 – so revolutionary that they can’t call it a PEN anymore! Oly marketing will make a big deal out of nothing.
      And while a “recycled” g3 sensor combined with Oly ibis and truepic sounds like its going to be a step forward from all Pen cameras – it is trailing behind the competition.

    • Leu

      Almaric you are


      wrong about this camera in every way.

  • spong

    Ok, so DXOmark said that the Panasonic GX1’s only real problem is its ‘significant loss of image quality at high ISO’, but it’s still a good sensor and maybe the processing will improve low light performance. As has been mentioned above,there comes a point when the camera user becomes more important than the camera when it comes to producing good images. If we can’t produce good photos with this camera, it will probably say more about us than it does about the sensor. Yes, we all want the perfect sensor to go in the perfect camera, but in that case we will always be waiting for the next sensor. You have to look at the camera as a whole, it’s made to fill a niche – perhaps not your niche, but that doesn’t make Olympus or their camera bad. Anyway, let’s wait to see the full details first. I like the sound of it so far. I like the weather sealing, the tilting LCD, and rumoured 5 axis stabilisation. I would want it for video, so I need to know what frame rates and bit rates it offers. If it doesn’t offer what I need I’m not going to go into I hate Olympus mode. Let’s keep things in perspective folks.

    • Raist3d

      I think what you say it’s sensible, though to me it would be more credible if you spoke up when the “hype-up” was going on :-)

      But yeah, would be good to wait. I think price makes or breaks this camera.

    • +1 My sentiments exactly!

  • JG

    How is possible rumour of E-P3 ISO3200 = ISO12800 new OM-D
    I think not possible:

  • jocky

    My old E! with kit lens still beats any of these micros. Flat, dark photos with smearing are not my thing.

    What happened to you olympus? It used to be small with high quality lenses. Why are these cameras so bad compared to 4 thirds.

  • Pixnat

    As expected! That’s a good sensor after all!
    Olympus is always doing a good job in sensor tweaking.

    The proof : despite it’s inferior sensor, the E-5 produces much better jpegs than the GH2. For RAW fans, it’s another story…

    So, let’s see what will happen…

    • Raist3d

      Producing better JPEGS is hardly the sensor performance- or even the so called tweaking. The tweaking was for fast AF (new pens).

      Olympus just does really good jpegs.

    • jocky

      The E5 is riddled with artifacts. Sharpness and noise are not the main indicator of image quality. I prefer good tonality and dynamic range.

  • MacGyver

    I pray thee let this other rumors are about GH3!

  • P

    Now I know why (and how) they managed to price it at a 1000 Euros.

  • Narretz


  • cosinaphile

    the x 100s iq blows away any other apsc on the market with a not exactly new 12 mp sensor ….it does not try to do stupid camera tricks like iso 25000 but it can do great things at iso 3200 6400 and even 12800 that the nikon d 7000 and canon cannot …..iso wise

    at low iso fuji pixie dust and that great lens puts the micro detail of others to shame ….and fuji did it in processing and by wisely throwing the aa filter in the bin

    maybe olympus has some of that pixie dust up their sleeve….just hoping

  • Ding ding

    Olympus u just cannot stop disappoint people after release of e-3 and 12-60. Look at where my old beloved 4/3 system now and should have not taken ur words at all. Hope new ownership clears things up…

  • Juako

    please admin show more panasonic rumours,
    i think new Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 is the best product of CP+,
    Olympus does not deserve them more hype.

    • admin

      Yep, coming soon!

  • Dez

    A built in EVF2 and GX1 sensor. What a disappointment, what a cheap strategy! Where is the epoch making VF??????? Oh, and who the hell needs better JPEGs?
    I will buy a GF1.

    • leendert

      The G3 and GX1 sensor is visible better then GF1!

      • Dez

        Yeah, but not with that much what would count.

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