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(FT5) Black Lens shipping info and YEN price.


I now got the prices in YEN of the new Olympus Black Lenses:

The 17mm f/1.8 will ship in September for 62,475 yen
The 45mm f/1.8 will ship in June for 36,750 yen
The 75mm f/18 will also ship in June for 124,950 yen

I checked the YEN prices of the Silver Lenses at Amazon Japan. The Black Lenses will have the same official price of the Silver counterpart. Of course you can now find the Silver lenses for a cheaper price here and there. But that’s because they are no on market for a longer time. Examples:
Cheapest 75mm price in Europe for 786 Euro in France (WebDistribution eBay). In USA some demo lenses for $799 at CameraLand (Click here).
Cheapest 45mm price in Europe for 269 Euro in Italy (g-comm-shop eBay). In USA for $349 at Amazon (Click here).
Cheapest 17mm price in Europe for 472 Euro in UK (SrsMicroSystem eBay). In USA for $449 at Amazon (Click here).

  • Anonymous

    (Admin…that is $449 US on the 17mm)
    That would be an improvement if the black lenses launch at the same price as the silver…now about those hoods, Olympus…..

    • admin


    • Astronauticus

      too late for me. Still got all lenses I need from Panasonic.

      • veteran of light

        yes really? Like the stellar 75mm F1.8? Or my walk-around and tiny and light and portable and lovable 45mm F1.8? (even Wong favorite)

        Or finally black 17mm F1.8 to get rid of horrible 20mm that I used (and overused) and raped for so long? We had a laugh, joy and great experience but sadly most often than not I cried and cursed from the results…so I can finally sell it.

        problem with 20mm is not slow focus (or that it won’t focus at all), at least on my OM-D. I call that bullshit. I also get ZERO banding! Zero. In that way, lens is alright for me. The problem is in Lightroom. Once I fire it – all the focus points are WRONG! It drives me mad – such an inaccurate focus even though OM-D said ‘fire sir!’.
        I swear I thought I missed focus once I was taking my shots – that were the first days… little did I know. Now tell me – why do I need a sharp lens when my objects in questions are bokehlicious? ;-)

        Panasonic didn’t bring anything new & worthy to table for a long time, 25mm is vignetting king (and soft and purple wide open), 12-35 is mediocre quality with lots of issues (just google it) and 35-100, although a bit better and my favorite zoom focal lenght – is £500 pounds quality (that’s how much I paid for my Canon lens of same quality). So I rather prefer MUCH better 14-54mm mkII even though a different lens.

        Olympus fanboy here? No…just a sip of reality check (what Panasonic needs – GH3 as big as a DSLRs with the same price? Give me a break!)

        • Do

          He talked about all lenses that HE needs, not about all lenses that are usefull for someone or that fit YOUR needs. Although the OP’s whole statement reminds me a bit of a defiant child, especially because he’s miffed about Olympus’ color choice and not about quality issues or price, you have to admit that you can’t know which lenses he needs.

          • veteran of light

            yes, but it is ‘too late’ for him.

            That means he would consider 17mm, 45mm, 75mm in black be they released sooner. Thus logic is – he has Panasonic replacement by now.

            My argument – there is zero replacement for those focal ranges. If he does not need those – why is he even posting here that they are finally in black (I assumed he hesitated with silver, like me in 17mm case which I don’t own yet).

        • zf

          Dude…chill….. No matter what, it has saved your soul from touching the pathetic old 17mm. You should be grateful!

        • Ben

          The 12-35 is “mediocre with lots of problems”? I think the most you can say with any confidence is that its manufacturing process suffers higher than normal variation–most complaints are explained by decentering–but overall, it’s an awesome lens. My copy is, anyway; it lives on my E-M5.

        • Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, either your lens or camera is broken, or you might be doing something wrong? The kind of consistent mis-focus you are talking about is extremely unlikely with a properly working contrast detect AF system to say the least.

          Or maybe you are in fact just full of #^$&*#@^*@ regarding Panasonic, as your other comments about their lenses (or the GH3 for that matter, is it really so impossible for you to consider that maybe just maybe not everyone shares the same preferences as you have) are ‘a bit’ off the mark.

          You are however right about there being very little overlap in the prime lens line-up between Olympus and Panasonic, so indeed no Panasonic alternatives for Olympus primes and the other way around, for now. Exception might be the 20/1.7 which is really a bit wider then 20mm and very close to 17mm, and in the future the 42.5/1.2

          • veteran of light

            never considered – as I thought ‘I am lucky not having banding’ so my camera should cooperate better with my OM-D than other ones out there.
            My 2nd theory about 20mm is, that I’m so happy to finally get focus – that till the time I realize it’s locked and I should fire – I moved my camera/body position (not mentioning subject moved) and this little hesitation than plays role in not having sharp focus. Anyway, why there isn’t 20mm mkII when you can earn zillions of dollars is beyond me.

            preference? GH3 is big…no…is GINORMOUS. The idea of m43 system (read ‘micro’) is to be as small as possible (usable of course). So my oppinion is Panasonic is really loosing it last couple of months. Carrying something big and bulky (although lighter than SLRs) with 4times smaller sensor is contradictory. Full stop. £1003 pounds? Nikon D7100 for you sir, but pay £300 more (which you save on lenses easily later on) and have D600 if size doesn’t matter for you!

            I somehow stopped liking Panasonic (that’s true) since GX1 and their new pricing policy (what started as affordable became very expensive with no improvement to quality). Where GF1 was stellar, GX1 was mistake (producing suicidal colors in images with broken white balance on the worst LCD I’ve seen to date) which was gladly refunded by John Lewis. Sorry I touched your Panasonic lenses, I wished more than you that they will be excellent, worthy £1000 price. They are not.

            42.5/1.2 seems quite big (due to built in OIS I suppose) so not exactly pocketable (as Oly version is) but I would pick it due to being more than one stop faster if the bokeh will be leica like.

            • “I moved my camera/body position (not mentioning subject moved) and this little hesitation than plays role in not having sharp focus. ”

              That may very well explain what is happening. A simple tripod mounted test on a static subject should confirm/eliminate this possibility.

              Also, I agree that a mk2 version with internal focus would be rather desirable. Yet, Panasonic doesn’t seem to have much trouble selling the current version, so I suppose this won’t happen anytime sooon.

              And no, the point of micro fourthirds was not to make every camera as small as possible, but to remove the mirror, which among other things also removes an obstacle for making cameras smaller. This means more variation in size is possible, offering more choices catering to a wider public (that is the theory at least). What you suggest goes directly against that, as it limits choices.

              No, I wouldn’t buy a GH3, rather, I did buy an E-M5 (2 of them actually), but, it really doesn’t take much looking beyond my own use to see there exist people who’d rather have something GH3 sized.

              Just keep in mind that an actually comparable camera for a larger format is quite a bit larger also. With comparable I explicitly include things like a large number of programmable buttons, multiple control dials/wheels, and still enough space to hold it properly without pressing buttons by accident. As a nice but extreme example, a D4 is much much much much larger then needed for its sensor, and that isn’t because Nikon couldn’t make it smaller. No, a digital rebel does not compare at all, it totally lacks the buttons and dials desired by many photographers. Same for a D3200 or such. Only a 7D, D7x00 and similar come anywhere near being comparable functionally.

              • Vlad

                Not to be a stickler here, but being disappointed myself with the size of the GH3, the m43 standard “focuses on reducing overall system thickness and size by aiming for a highly portable compact system”. Not really a “variation of size”. GH3 certainly doesn’t fit anywhere. And here is another comparable camera – K-5.

                • It doesn’t fit me either, but theres a g5, what 6 by now, an e-m5, and a whole variety of viewfinder-less smaller cameras, so don’t buy a gh3, buy something else. I just don’t see the issue really.

                  Also, removing the mirror makes especially wide-angle lenses smaller because they don’t need to be as strongly retrofocal, and a smaller sensor will also keep lenses smaller, even at the same absolute aperture. So even with a gh3 sized body the resulting ‘kit’ will often still be smaller.

  • nice nice nice.

    So will there be a newer 45mm in Silver -> same silver as the 12 / 17 / 75mm Lenses or will the silver 45mm stay the same “silver” ?


    • admin

      there is no new silver for the silver lenses :)

      • duque

        Mmmkay, to bad.

        all black lenses it is then for me

  • Vlad

    Wow, Amazon Japan is overpriced.

  • What about the 12mm.

    • Poor old black 12 mm lenses. They are “limited” only in name! Their owners can still proudly point out the “Limited Black” label.

      • espen

        There was supposedly only made 3000 limited black 12 mm lenses, but my serial nr is 3084. Anybody got a high er number?

    • +1

      When will we see a regular black 12mm?

  • admin, 45mm at for 232 euros:

    • admin

      thanks a lot!

    • DingieM

      I got that lens exactly at

      Amazing lens, especially for that price. Razor sharp and fast!

      A no-brainer for your collection.

  • Hard to see how Oly can offer a non Limited black lens without existing buyer backlash.

    • …..for the 12mm that is.

    • dghf

      Make it a different color black. “It’s like, how much more black could this be.” (Spinal Tap)

    • The regular black lenses will have a decorative silver ring on the otherwise black barrel to differentiate them from the all-black “Limited Black” editions. :-P

  • Mathias

    So are these “limited edition”? Or will they stay on the market together with the silver versions “forever” (as long as the silver lenses)?

    • Anonymous

      They are not limited edition

  • Bobafett

    Ok, now that we got all the primes in black and everybody’s happy, could we please get some info about oly’s upcoming fast zooms please?!?

    Any info is appreciated :)

  • cuius

    “Cheapest 75mm price in Europe for 786 Euro in France (WebDistribution eBay).”

    No – cheaper at

    and they’ll to deliver to most of Europe, unlike the quoted reference which is France only.

    • NtT

      Unfortunately £649 is not cheaper than 786 euros… :-(

      • cuius

        at today’s rate (1.181) GBP645 = €761.77

  • Narretz

    Olympus finally coming to their senses … next is hopefully Panasonic with the 20mm MKII (coming in a kit with the new GL1, how cool would that be)

  • Ranger 9

    Bargain alert! Watch for auction sites to be filled with great deals on lightly-used silver lenses as silly photo-fashionistas dump them for black ones.

    • haha

      …an artist* appreciates the aesthetic of their tools – what an outrage!

      *or as a self-righteous imbecile might put it, a ‘fashionaista’

      • Adamant

        If only Olympus offered their cameras in silver too…

  • CC
  • Søren
  • Anonymous

    black edition,definitely look more stealth

  • Uberzone

    I’ve been clamoring for months that Olympus wouldn’t get my money until they released the 75mm in black. I guess it is time to put my money where my mouth is. I honestly thought Panasonic would get my money first with the 42mm 1.2.

  • I owned the 75mm in silver with my GH3 and ended up taking it back. Not because the color but because I was choosing between that and the Panny 35-100mm. Now in black, I’m gonna have to get it. Let’s just hope that it’s coming with the hood! The optics on this lens are second to none.

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