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(FT5) Birger to make EOS lens to M43 adpater with aperture control!


The US company Birger will soon release a new Canon EOS to Micro Four Thrids adpater that allows aperture control! According to Barry Green (Dvxuser) we should get more news in a couple of weeks and the price should be something like $700. There is no information yet if it will also allow to use the autofocus. If the answer is yes than dear Canon-friends, you can join to Micro Four Thirds using all your lens gear! You will be able to use IS lenses like the 24-105mm f/4 and ultrafast primes like the Canon 50mm f/1.2 on Micro Four Thirds cameras.
Currently you can use manual EOS to M43 adpaters only. There are plenty of them on eBay and they cost between $15 and $70 (Click here to see current auctions).

P.S:: Birger already made a EOS to PL-mount adapter which has built-in wireless control and full AF and aperture control!

  • $700? Really? Suddenly the MMF-2 seems so cheap…

  • joking

    lol yeah canon EOS user will sure “switch ” to a inferior product.

    • If the Canon EOS was such a “superior” product why all of people from this forum would still prefer the not really cheaper FT/MFT system?!

  • peter

    let me think….. 43 or FF.

    mhm…. i think i stick with my 5D MK2.

    • I did. I sold all of my Canon FF stuff for m43.

      • Astrostream

        I did too. And I love it more than Canon. At least for my needs!!

  • D3wD

    I wonder if the $700 price tag comes with a similar wireless focus pull that the PL mount adapter one has.

  • way too pricey for me

  • Janosch

    700$ for a product that let me use bulky Lenses on a camera most people buy because they want something small?

    I bought my E-PL1 because sometimes i don´t want to carry my bulky DSLR.

    I would never use my DSLR lenses on 43 because then i can use my fullframe DSLR and have better image quality too.

    I don´t do video with still cameras so i don´t care how good the GH2 is for Video.

    • +1 It might be a little different if autofocus would be supported. 700 bucks just for aperture control? NEVER!

  • bilgy_no1

    This is mostly interesting for videographers who have Canon lenses and want to use them on the AG-AF100. This is not for people who want to use big and heavy lenses on their E-PL1…

    • juavel

      I´m with you, for me using M43 cameras with FF lenses it´s not the best thought setup, first the adapter makes the camera width to be the same as a regular SLR, and then one adds a FF prime lens that cannot be very heavy and bulky (like pancakes and some OM mount lenses) but most of the time they are, so with 95% of the bright lenses the setup becomes very unbalanced. The fact of ultra wide angle$ becoming normals doesn´t help also.

      What fits the M43 stile are the small and short registered rangefinder lenses, but then you must be ready for paying for a very premium lens to just use half of the image circle.

      For M43 what is needed are native M43 pancakes, for my taste three:

      12 f2-2.8
      25 f1.2-f2
      50-57-58 f1.2-f2

      And without focus by wire to have proper manual focus at night.

  • Miroslav

    For 700 USD it has to have autofocus. Who it would be for? For those seeking a small system, every lens with adapter would be big. It would be mostly for people shooting tele and normal focal lenghts. For example, there are couple of not-that-big fast Canon 50mm lenses. For all those wanting portrait lens for m4/3 these would be perfect if they could auto focus.

    • Miroslav

      But if it can control aperture electronically, I don’t see why it could not control focus.

    • And the tele would benefit from the IS lenses if it really works.

      But unless having good enough size of EOS collection at reach, doesn’t seem attractive price. They make it in small volume only ?

    • The “Video” Canonites who are honest and face reality know m43 is the best “vDSLR” out. If they have a lot of canon glass the choice is:

      GH2 and the $700 adapter
      5D mk2 body

      and if they are honest, they know the GH2 has the BEST video out right now and even with the extra $700 it is cheaper then the 5Dmk body only

      AF would be great, but many dont use AF for video, and the majority of people coming from canon to m43 come for the video, apeture control is more important than AF for them, Im sure they would love AF on it though.

  • at

    For a price of $700, everything should be controllable electronically, especially aperture and optical-IS. There will be a market for those who can’t wait for the unknown release date of fast lenses from Panasonic (and Olympus).

  • This is good news


    Sounds a bit steep but haveing canon lenses on a Panasoinc product?, well bring it on! more flexible lenses to use.

  • snowflake

    Light Power

    If they preserved the original full frame lens focal length, it would also be possible to increase the light gathering capacity 4 times. Normally such an increase in light gathering capacity would more than double the price of a lens. For example,
    canon 300mm f4 $1,230
    canon 300mm f 2.8 $4,300

    And that is only a gain of one f stop. If we doubled it again the price value of such a lens would probably exceed $10,000

    If the lens adaptor allowed the gathering of the “wasted light” , a $700 adaptor is a bargain.

    Also the adaptor would then encourage owners of expensive top quality canon lenses to buy a “cheap” 4/3 camera for low light photography and low light video. Look out owls.

    • MikeS

      The focal length (nor, importantly, the aperture) does not change despite the effective angle of view doubling that occurs with m4/3 or the increased flange distance that is required to adapt lenses, which means that the light gathering ability of the lens doesn’t change. The “wasted light” is simply light that would have been focused on an image plane that exceeds the size of the 4/3-size sensor, which would have only increased the size of the image, not the camera’s sensitivity.

      • snowflake

        Hi Mike

        Presently when a full frame lens is attached to m4/3 we get a cropped image, giving us the “illusion” of a doubling of the focal length. The image surrounding what we see is “lost” in the periphery of the sensor.

        If the light from the full frame lens were “compressed” to allow us to see the lost or cropped image, the result would be more light on the sensor per area. A full frame lens “compressed” to fit micro four thirds would result in the same amount of light that once was hitting the entire sensor to now be concentrated on an area 1/4 as big, a 2 f stop improvement.

        This reduction of the focal lengh and the corresponding improvement in f stop is used in telescopes all the time. So long as there is enough image space available, the relationship works.

        Thanks for your input, I hope my explanation is clear.

  • Scott

    You can buy an E5 and a gh2 for the price of the 5d

  • Medved

    “You can buy an E5 and a gh2 for the price of the 5d”

    In my country…

    E-5 price tag £1499
    GH2 £800
    5D MKII £1633

    No you can’t.

    • Scott

      My country

      Canon 5Dmll is 2499

      E3 is 1500
      GH2 is 900

      so yes you can

  • Scott

    men E5 not E3

  • Brandon

    bloom’s brief take is neither his full opinion, regardless of the headline grafted, nor the last word. The GH2 does not best the video quality of the 5DM2, which itself bows behind the quality of the 1DM4.

  • mochapaulo

    I think this adapter is standing between the weakest part of both EOS and M4/3 system. Let me tell you why.

    1) EOS has the poorest AF in the movie system. It is almost useless since it can’t help searching for the right spot when recording. The only pro for EOS lenses are the IS function is still working when recording. You should find out the existing production using 5D MKII should use a focus follower manually.

    2) M4/3 has the best AF so far as a video recording camera. However, her lens system is still too weak that the aperture can’t be made larger than F1.4(someone used to explain it in a 4/3 forum. But I lost the source). Also, not many lenses are suitable for video recording as the focusing sound is just too loud that is too hard to get rid of. So GH2 is a good camera with video quality but too limit lenses to use which only th 14-140mm has a smooth and silence focus feature.

    However, if and adapter that able to control focus and aperture, it can broaden the choices of lenses for M4/3. And at the same time, the operator needs not to always sticking to the camera because the wireless controller(I think the M4/3 version should also have one,too) can control the lenses from a distance, whatever the video signal is output to the monitor or not. I am quite appreciated with this technology.

    I always wonder would somebody hack the control of EOS lenses now seems it is really hacked perfectly. In fact, I also appreciate if birger can make Nikon G lens,too. Some relatively cheap solution is already made as the aperture is controllable by an external ring. And the MF is not a problem at all. Of course, we always want some auto control on aperture and AF. They are all welcome. I believe this technology really inspirit the movie camera developer to break the boundary of AF in movie system.

    But the way, there used to be a focus following system controlled by iPhone.
    I will post it latter on. I use external sonic device to detect the distance. the demonstration is working great.

  • Hey lets hear it for a Nikon Adapter with Ap & Focus control…!

  • Medved

    Scott, if I may, where are you from ?(just curious)
    Because, in UK, or in France, I can hardly find the price difference you mention between E-5 and 5D MKII…

    • Scott

      Im in the USA. has the best prices I have found.

  • Medved

    As well what currency is it ?

    Because 5D MKII “2499” is a bit imprecise.

    • TenSpeed

      I don’t know where Scott lives, but I’m in Canada, where Henry’s sells them for:

      GH2 $999
      E5 $1699
      5DII $2599 (all Can$, before taxes)

      So in North America it’s roughly a draw, and the E5 lenses should be a decent match (optically, anyway) for the GH2. If only 4/3 lenses focused better on m43 bodies…

      • Medved

        Wow… I did not expect prices difference to be that high…
        I thought a 5D MKII would be Cheaper in North America than in Europe.

        But you’re given a better offer on the E-5 price, if we compare currency rates. Envy you somehow =)

  • Medved

    (For the record, no 4/3s bashing, I own a E-30 and a E-420 with a couple of lenses and flash. Just wanted to point out realistic values… price-wise)

  • kai

    700 dollars for an adapter? how about i just put that money towards a 7d and get the advantage of having a 2nd camera too.

  • compositor20

    could you comment the possibility of a 2 stop gain in light with a conversor of focal lenght llike hte user above said?

    a 50mm f1-4 would be a 50mm f0.7 or in m43 100mm f1.4 or a 25mm in m43 with f1.4?

    • Chris

      Putting a 50mm lens on a m43 camera will have the same field of view as a 100mm lens on a full-frame DSLR.

      If you use optics to widen the field of view so it matches the 50mm field of view on a full-frame DSLR, you are effectively cutting the focal length in half from 50mm to 25mm. Since the focal length is shorter, the ratio of the diaphragm opening and the focal length will be smaller.

      The f-stop of a lens is essentially its focal length divided by its diaphragm opening.

      For example: a 50mm f/2 lens has a maximum diaphragm opening of 25mm, giving us an f-stop of 50mm/20mm = f/2.

      Using a 0.5x converter reduces the focal length of the lens by 50mm x 0.5 = 25mm. The resulting f-stop would be the new focal length, 25mm, divided by its maximum diaphragm opening: 25mm/25mm = f/1.

      • hiepphotog

        LOL, you must be a magician to come up with such math. Then we should all migrate to P&S to get an insane f-stop.

        • Chris

          Huh? It’s physics, nothing I said was false.

          Migrating to a P&S or a smaller sensor has nothing to do with increasing f/stops. The only thing that affects f-number is the ratio of diaphragm opening to focal length:

        • Voldenuit

          Chris is correct. That’s why teleconverters “decrease” the relative aperture of a lens when used. They are lengthening the FL, but the absolute aperture stays the same.

          Since aperture is the ratio of focal length to entrance pupil diameter, you get a bigger relative aperture if you reduce the focal length (eg, with a wide converter).

  • Peepoz

    Exposure remains the same. Only DOF changes.

    • snowflake

      HI Compositor and Chris,

      Thanks for clarifying my explanation for the potential 4 fold increase in light gathering capacity, I thought my physical explanation was ok, but a more formal math based proof works better for some.

      There is another very small benefit of reducing the focal length of full frame lenses for m4/3 cameras.

      The “spill over light” that falls outside the sensor is dramatically reduced. This extra light tended to induce a “light fog” since it is impossible to stop all the reflection of light within the camera body to not end up on the sensor.

      The financial cost /benefit of such a focal length reducer is very convincing.

      If some one is willing to pay at least $10,000 more for a long lens that provides a two f stop improvement, then a camera that costs $500, and an adaptor that cost $700 when added to their lens that does the same trick, becomes a bargain.

      P.S. Chris, in your math you divided by 20 instead of 25. “For example: a 50mm f/2 lens has a maximum diaphragm opening of 25mm, giving us an f-stop of 50mm/20mm = f/2.” You clearly understand what is going on, you just apparently typed the wrong number.

      Again, Thanks,


  • CamMan James

    Birger makes EOS to RED not PL. Big difference.

  • Robbie

    Come on, most professionals use manual focus.

    • Robbie

      in video I mean…so stop talking about whether it AF or not, it’s not the question. So what if it cost 700 plus or to have big lenses used on small m43 bodies? It’s meant for a specific group of people.

  • thomas

    What’s it made of – 24 carat gold with diamond encrusted controls?

  • Ghost Tree

    So does a dumb adaptor like on ebay slow down the lens? Do you lose a 1/2 stop? (not a physics major here)
    And how do you set exposure on a dumb adaptor?

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