(FT5) And now full leak in Russia (with press release and LX7 pics!)


The Russian website 3Dnews (Translation here) leaked the full Panasonic press event.

1) And for the first time we also can see the new LX7. Full LX7 image samples download here: http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2012/07/13/632251/panas.rar. There is no info about the sensor size but it looks like the LX7 is using a damn smalls sensor. This is NOT going to be the Sony RX100 competitor I hoped to see. So unlike their previous statements where they said that a LX camera with 1 inch sensor is “possible” they dind’t do it for real. Or maybe that camera is coming in one Month with the late August announcement?

2) And also first image samples taken with the G5!!! Full download of the samples here: http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2012/07/13/632251/Primer.rar.

3) Panasonic says that by 2015, according to some projections, Mirrorless will overtake digital SLR cameras.

4) There is also a white G5. Click on the picture below to enlarge the image:

5) G5 spec comparison. Click on image:



  • nobody

    That LX7 sensor is even a bit smaller than the LX5 sensor. Sony RX100, here I come…

    • axelpix

      Indeed. Just noticed the shorter focal length.

  • your rumor system should be

    4/3 chance that it might be true

  • axelpix

    …looks like a manual (focus?) ring…?

  • Gee…wonder why they didn’t put the E-M5 as one of its competitors. :) The G5 does look like a nice machine, though.

    • endika

      maybe they couldn’t highlight so many specs in the G5 side then…

  • Blobb

    The sensor seems to be smaller than the one used in the LX5… They both start at “24mm”… the LX5 needed 5.1mm to reach that, the LX7 starts at 4.7mm. Not a big difference, but looks like the old sensor was a tad larger.

    • Yes, the sensor has a crop factor of 5.1, while the LX5 had a crop factor of 4.7. A typical 1/2.3 inches one has a crop factor of 5.6, so the LX7 is something in between (about 1/2 inches).

    • It’s 15% less in sensor area in LX7 vs LX5, if I calculated it right..
      Not impressed with samples at all.
      My LX3 was capable of the same at ISO 400.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      One stop faster optics more than compensates slightly smaller sensor.

    • Booe

      LX7 sensor is probably BSI, unlike LX5

  • avds

    I read the Russian report and didn’t find much new except for some 45-150 specs.

    It weighs 200 grams and is 73mm long. It’s a 12/9 optical formula with 2 aspherics. It was not available for testing.

    The DMC-SZ5 has wi-fi and can be remotely operated from a smartphone including zooming and shutter.

  • I’m impressed, I like how Panasonic is really pushing the aperture game!

    LX7 with f/1.4-2.3
    FZ200 with constant F2.8, even at telephoto which is 100+mm actual length.

    These are actually pretty exciting!

    • Klunsford

      They really didn’t push all that much. The sensor is smaller, and thus the reduced the focal length to remain 24-90EFL is what causes most of the f-ratio change. The elements are virtually the same size. For the lx9, they’ll reduce the sensor size further and make it a f1.0 lens!

  • Bob B.

    I personally like white cameras. I owed a white GF1 and a white G3. Wonder if the top plate on that white G5 is black? Maybe it is silver like on the White G3. Can’t tell from the photo really. The camera could be pretty sweet looking. (if you are into white cameras that is! LOL!).

    • Olympius

      I’m with you Bob….if I could get a white camera, with all white lenses (except for the front of course…) I’d be in heaven! Maybe Canon will come out with a white 7D someday, lol.

      – Olympius

      • Bob B.

        Yeah…the white camera With the silver looks jammin with the silver lenses…..I am soooooooooo tired of black cameras…It’s kind of refreshing.

        • Milt

          Wow! White and silver! I think I’ll stick to black, or blue, or red…or black.

  • smileblog


    Even though they can make a sensor by themselves, they’d chosen to make the lens improved instead of a sensor size.

  • ryan

    Im not impressed with the LX7 at all…I thought it would atleast have the flash of the GX1.

  • Godot

    Oh boy…. LX7 has a smaller sensor than LX5, nowhere near 1″?

    Somebody should probably call a whole fleet of waahmbulances, just to be on the safe side.

  • David

    Small sensor basically means DOA with the RX100 in the market place unless Panasonic sells the camera for $350 or less. Past LX cameras went for 500, but who would pay that now? It will be even funnier to see the $800 Leica version.

    • Bob B.

      $900 :-)

      • REP96st

        Make that $1000

  • Bing Wang

    The idea of a fast lens is nice in theory, but because the sensor still looks to produce the same results as cameras from 3 years ago, in practice it is a big bag of fail.

    Also what is with that ugly data port on the back of the camera.

    Admin, once the official press release drops, you should do a poll to see how many people are pissed off at this small sensor LX7.

    • admin

      Yep will do that. But I think a larger sensor compact is coming too (next month).

      • Bing Wang

        Great thank you! And I sure hope your rumors are right…looks like I will continue to wait, as I prefer Panasonic as a company to Sony.

      • Frank.B

        From Oly or Pana?

      • Milt

        This is interesting. If so, it looks like Panasonic will be creating a new range of cameras. Up until now, the LX cameras and the m4/3rds cameras have been the enthusiast ranges. The one inch sensor camera will not fit into any of those categories. I wonder what else will distinguish it besides the sensor. Assuming it exists of course.

    • Godot

      The ugly data port is for the EVF, presumably the current-generation one.

      LX5, GX1 and most GF models have a similar port (one of the two types introduced by Panasonic to date).

      There is a little widget that fits in the hot shoe and plugs/protects the port and hot shoe contacts. Easy to lose, but as long as you have it protects your eyes from the ugly port.

  • JP

    If they are going to make a compact, then they should make it compact. Make it so it slips in the pocket, add wireless file uploads and I will buy it. The S95 dimensions are nice, but I will not buy Canon. The LX5 images are decent, but its form factor is not ideal for a compact.

  • Mistral75

    Look at focal lengths:

    – LX7: 4.7-17.7mm actual focal lengths, 24-90mm 24×36 equivalent focal lengths
    – LX5: 5.1-19.2mm actual focal lengths, 24-90mm 24×36 equivalent focal lengths (same as LX7)

    The shorter actual focal lengths of the LX7’s zoom lens means LX7’s sensor is smaller than LX5’s sensor.

    LX5’s sensor is 1/1.63 inch. LX7’s sensor should be 1/1.77 inch.

    • What are the depth of field differences with the “brighter” lens?

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Amount of DOF is related to real physical aperture size which you’ll get by dividing actual focal length by aperture ratio.

        Wide: 5.1mm/2 ~ 2.5mm
        Tele: 19.2mm/3.3 ~ 5.8mm

        Wide: 4.7mm/1.4 ~ 3.4mm
        Tele: 17.7mm/2.3 ~ 7.7mm

        • Superdupont

          Not sure to understand what you mean in your explanation… In your calculation, the longer the focal length, with equal f value, the larger the DOF. (ie DOF(100mm/f2.0) > DOF(50mm/f2.0) This is opposite to reality. And the higher the f value, at equal focal lenght, the larger the DOF. This is also opposite to reality…

          • bartjeej

            i think he means the shallowness of DOF, or the amount of DOF control, increases with larger physical aperture size

          • he calculated the diameter of the aperture.

            • Superdupont

              Ah ok. Thanks for the explanation. I thought it was a DOF calculation, my mistake.

          • Yes, it’s easier to understand with the equivalent values for full frame sensor (Warning: those who hate equivalence please don’t continue reading. Thanks).

            LX5: 24-90mm f/9.4-15.5
            LX7: 24-90mm f/7.1-11.7

            That gives close to 1 f-stop advantage over the LX5 regarding DoF control and low light capabilities.

            If it sells for a moderate price it’s still a pretty interesting camera.

          • avds

            He said “related” which doesn’t exclude being *inversely* related, does it? :)

  • marc

    honestly disappointed…g5 samples really sucks

  • Incessant Troll

    i like panasonic but gh3 better be competitively priced after the insult that is the lx7 sensor

    sony and olympus have panasonic cornered

  • BLI

    I wouldn’t worry too much of poor test images: the first test images using the Nikon 1 series were disastrous; still some think that is a decent camera, and it doesn’t lag much behind the E-P3 in image quality. Of course, test images I’ve seen from the RX100 places that camera between the Nikon 1 series and the E-M5.

    Still, when I compared the XZ-1 with the E-M5 recently, I was *shocked* by the difference. Thus, the LX5 and the XZ-1 need to improve considerably in the transition to LX7 and XZ-2 to stand a chance. Still, there are some omissions in the RX100, but also some strong points.

    The port in the back of the LX7 — EVF?

  • Panasonicfan

    As true frequent lx5 user, since the early beginging and it was my second camera in my life i have to say this:
    I am realy disappointed with panasonic about the lx7, i never though i would change to another camera brand even worse is at any moment i never though i would make the biggest concession and that going backwards from 24 mm to 28 mm. it is d day for panasonic lx7. panasonic can only get me if the panasonic lx7 support android, wifi and nfc so not, here i come sony. if the panasonic have better natural(not to dark)colors in dark and low noise i might reconsider this.

    • Godot

      Is there some reason you need to replace your LX5?

    • Doug

      The S100 works great for me… give it a try!

      • Panasonicfan

        Here is why i will choose a camera for a bigger sensor!
        the niko j1/v1 both the same camera have 1 inch cmos sensor like the sony rx100 but it is smaller then the lx5 and maybe smaller than the lx7

        this 2 videos realy impressed my by 1 inch sensor low light performance and natural colors! remember the sony rx100 have the same sensor like the nikon j1/v1

        cannot wait for for a comparision in low light performance and natural colors! between lx7 and rx100

  • dgreene196

    Is this a case of Panasonic not wanting to compete with itself?

    By keeping the sensor substantially smaller than µ4/3 sensors, they won’t cannibalize sales that might otherwise go to GF/GX/GH/G-series cameras. One of the reasons Nikon was rumored to select the Nikon 1-size sensors was to limit competition with their DSLRs.

    Meanwhile, Sony will sell anything to anyone regardless of cannibalizing other product lines. In that sense, the RX100 is a useful camera, because it’s unable to share accessories with any of Sony’s other products (vs. the LX7, which will likely share flashes and possibly EVF with some of their other models).

    For me, the LX7 and Samsung’s EX2F are more interesting than the RX100. True, they don’t have the (relatively) big sensor, but they offer a wider angle at the short end, along with a brighter telephoto end. The hotshoe allows a little more capability with add-ons. And the EX2F offers a flippable/rotatable screen. Somewhat less pocketable, but more integrated in their respective companies’ ecosystems.

    • Steve

      Sony seems to be the only one so far that is willing to cannibalize it’s other lines with a compact. Trying to protect other lines will only fail in the end.

    • avds

      I’m not sure anyone except Canikons can really think in terms of “cannibalizing” anything because they don’t have such significant brand following capital. It’s not important who makes the RX100 or LX7 – Sony, Panasonic, Fuji or Casio, because if it’s not there, someone will probably make something similar anyway, and it will “cannibalize” everything it can irrespective of brand. But no one can make a “Canon mirrorless” except Canon – feel the difference :)

  • bonzoo

    That “comparison” made my day :D

  • Napilopez

    The G5 does 50p/60p!

    • In both AVCHD and MP4 also. nice. What i’d like to see included in the GH3

      • io

        Maybe also 720p @ 120fps? :D

        I know… just dreaming…

        • Haha. It’d be possible for the camera to do.. easily..But this wouldn’t happen.
          Atleast they should be giving us 2.5x overcranking for slow motion :)

  • First impression: LX7 disappoints. But let’s wait for proper tests.

  • askb

    Big disappointment. As a owner of both LX3 and LX5, now sold, I was ready to go back to Panasonic P&S. Been waiting for the LX5 replacement and now this?! I mainly used it at its wider end and don’t zoom in much. Guess I’d rather stick with my J1 with the 10mm for å while, unless reviews convince me that it is good.

  • Incessant Troll

    keeping x10. lx7 = classic case of a solution that has no problem. frankly i dont see what makes it special, or why someone would choose it over the myriad other offerings with similar sensor size. major fail panasonic.

  • Yah Yah

    I find it funny …
    With the RX100 release, so many were jumping on the praise the lordy bandwagon, gushing up a pile of wet bedsheets, and then, when reality set in as more and more began actually USING the camera, people started to realized that while it is QUITE nice, indeed, it is still just a pocket digicam, in other words, “a mortal” and not a rival for an mlc or dslr system camera … not yet! Maybe in a few more years time (the eternal wait)

    Now, with this Panasonic, all the debbie downers come out to whine, who don’t seem to care that it clearly has THREE control interface dials /toggles, based on the offical leaked image of the lens barrel, and CAN use what looks like the new Evf based on the port in the picture of the rear of the cam, and is FAST as all get-out … (what ever happened to the good old days, when all we really yearned for was some gorgeous fast arse glass? I miss those simpler times :P)
    And, what it will boil down to ultimately I believe is, of course, the user experience rather than titillating spec sheets … I like to shoot jpegs with compact cameras like these, and the Sony seems to dissapoint somewhat so far in that regard. If Panasonic can come through with the jpegs, I will be buying. Also, it is about handing, and time will soon tell how the feel, the menus, ergnomics and responsiveness stack up to each other. I care more about that alone, handling speed, than a bigger sensor anyday. Besides, being a nature shooter first and foremost, I prefer more depth of field to less the vast majority of the time, so there’s that. I can’t see someone relying on an RX100 as their primary portrait cam anyway, when it comes to the touted shallow depth of field, nice as it is with circular bokeh, it just seems a bit silly to me when there are better options for portaiture for that kind of price. Anyhow, just could not help but notice the perplexing fixtion suddenly on a singular apsect of these compacts now, that of “size” … let’s see how the images stack up, first and foremost! Maybe the Panasonic will indeed ‘suck’ as so many are already claiming it to, but I hope not!

    • +1

      • Anonymous

        For others info. The above Ross is not me in Sydney.

      • Ross

        Just for others info. The above Ross is not me in Sydney (that makes comments here from time to time).

        You’ve got a good name there mate!

    • Olympius


      I shoot thousands of photos a week with the tiny, little 4/3 sensor 10mp sensor in my E-3’s, and NO ONE complains about the IQ. No one.

      It’s not just the sensor, the glass plays a huge role, which is why I’ll never own a Sony product, lol.

      – Olympius

  • nobody

    Admin, do you have any indication whether the Olympus XZ2 will use a sensor as small as the LX7 or as large as the Sony RX100?

  • Nelson

    That means GH3 and hopefully GX2 will go for AVCHD 2.0 too, now if the new Pen can do 50/60p it will be more awesome

  • Brendan

    So I’m guessing the LX7 takes the LVF2?

  • robertodiez30

    Panasonic is playing a follish defense when they need to score. A big score. As a LX5 user waiting for a worthy replacement i´m really disappointed. Again a very small sensor, a fixed lcd, no front dial, no filter thread, and where is the excellent grip of the LX5?! The company is in a downward spiral in such way that seems Samsung and Sony are doing it better. I´m sorry for they and i´m going to look for other brand.


    If this retails for $599 (or above)… FAIL! Only because buyers will double-back & grab the Sony RX100 (bigger sensor, brighter pictures… due to larger sensor at f/1.8) for only $50 more. Not to mention creative/useful features like the flawless panorama sweep (which only Sony can achieve) on-the-fly!

    If LX7 retails for $499, then Panasonic has a fighting chance. But that also means buying a point-n-shoot for half-a-grand, with a dinky sensor.

  • John Peter

    I share the disappointment with those of you who found the LX7 a non event. As for me I cannot see why I would want to upgrade from my LX5, which serves me well. A smaller sensor than the LX5? Sounds like a joke to me. I was looking for a same size camera and 24-90mm equivalent lens in front of a 16Mp sensor with same (or better) ISO performance as the LX5. 16Mp is ideal. Have that in my Sony A580 and NEX-5N. My LX5 is portable enough for me as I carry it in a case on my belt. So maybe a LX9 in a years time with that specification when Panasonic have found that the LX7 remains on the shelf for lack of buyers.

  • urgs

    LX7 = crap

    this is not the time of tiny sensors.. even the m43 stuff is for poor guys who can´t afford a real sensor.

    • so you are one of them.

    • avds

      Welcome! You are lucky to meet us because being poor, we don’t have many vain reasons to brag about useless outcomes of gear acquisition syndrome!

      Well, almost :))))

    • robertodiez30

      Dear Lame troll, don´t waste your time here, please. We are big boys and we know what we are doing.

  • Ganec

    Maybe stupid question: can compact zoom lenses be sharp at F1.4?
    (DSLR lenses which I know are not…)

    • f1.4 lenses for m4/3 are quite sharper wide open than those for full frame cameras. I guess the reason is simply that if you want to make a sharp f1.4 lens for full frame it should be huge (so they make them smaller and they perform well at f2.8).

      So to make sharp lenses for compact cameras should be possible (which doesn’t mean that the lens of the LX7 will be sharp at f1.4, we’ll have to wait to see how it performs to really know).

    • Cedric Leveille

      Buy yourself the pana-leica 25mm f1.4
      Except for the shading, no complain at all.

  • henrik

    …every photographer can enjoy high quality video recording with minimum ease

    I wonder if that’s really in the official blurb?

    • Doug

      Minimum ease? So, with difficulty then? Bad ingrish

      • ED

        I was thinking the same thing!

  • .

    Just wait for the Olympus MJU II Digital Edition – Full frame sensor, fixed length 35mm f2.2 lens, weatherproof body.
    NOTE: This is a joke, it is highly unlikely they will release such a product…

  • Timbo Tas

    G5 does 50p!!! Finally!

  • Neonart

    You know, It’s probably a good pocket camera. But you know what really bugs me: features painted, etched, and stuck on the side of a product.

    NANO SURFACE COATING. Really!? You had to print that information on the body? Ridiculous. Just like so many laptops and TVs have a dozen stickers and badges that make no sense.

    Looks plain cheesy!

    • Svein-Frode

      Couldn’t agree more. Panasonic should learn a thing or two about style from Leica. I’ve painted over all the text on my Lumix cameras and painted the gray area of the lenses black to avoid being caught using such ugly design.

    • robertodiez30

      +1 for the cheesy thing.

  • Svein-Frode

    Extremely disappointing news. Just ordered a Sony RX100. No more Lumix for me.

  • Does it shoot RAW?

  • yosemite

    Relax guys, it seems that in terms of DOF control and light gathering capabilities the LX7 is ahead of the Sony, even with the smaller sensor, because of its brighter lens.

    • Booe

      only on tele end. On WA RX100 has much greater absolute aperture than LX7 does

  • dau

    Wow, surprised at the number of comments about the lx7 vs g5. On a 4/3 page i wouldve thought more interest would lie with the g5. Personally i dont really care about the lx7 or its competitors…

    • babbit

      That’s because the G5 is pretty much exactly what we’ve expected. It physically matches the leaked photos from months ago, so exterior-wise, there’s nothing new. The internal hardware and functions are pretty much exactly what most people expected…maybe 50p was the only “surprise” even though many people expected that as well. When a product matches expectations, what is there really to discuss?

      The LX7 on the other hand totally threw people for a loop. Half of the people expected something like the LX5 except with drastic improvements and maybe even a 2/3″ sensor. The other half expected an RX100 competitor. No-one expected a camera with a smaller sensor than the LX5 despite the faster max aperture. The end product did not meet either of those speculations. That’s a lot interesting stuff to discuss.

  • Cedric Leveille

    I realy love my G3 and all the issues I’ve found looks fixed with that new version.
    The EVF proxy switch, EVF + touch focus, a massive grip, extented iso (maybe better at 3200?), an Fn3 button, better engine for faster opperation and maybe extended DR…

    This is a great update and at a cheap price, a great choice.

    The only thing that still need to be fix… is to reech the color redemption of Olympus…

  • Nah

    is that an aperture ring on the lens barrel?

  • george

    This should better come at less than 400 eur (RX100 is over 600). Poor Panasonic, this was something to be expected. Among the global economic crisis Panasonic’s loss seemed too much to overcome and they couldn’t/didn’t want to/didn’t have the time to produce something better. Guess what, cutting expenses and making compromises on new products does not always work. People buying 100eur cameras won’t care, people looking for much more will get the Sony. Maybe they should just cancel the press release until they had something much better than the LX5…or call it LX4 ;-)

    Bad timing for me, having my LX3 stolen a few weeks ago I thought I could wait for the LX7 for a compact camera…

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