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(FT5) And here are the first GX1 product codes!


Image on top: The NEX-7 could get a strong competition from the Panasonic GX1?

I got one more prof that the rumored Panasonic GX1 camera is real! One of my trusted sources sent me the official product codes of the camera:

DMC-GX1k: That’s a camera with lens (no idea which one)
DMC-GX1x: That’s the camera with the new 14-42mm X lens..

Usually when I get the product codes we can expect the new camera to be announced within the next 3-4 months. I bet the camera will be announced right before the CES which starts in early January in Las Vegas.

I have no specs about the camera yet. The big question is if the camera has a Sony NEX-7 (Click here to see that camera) alike built-in viewfinder. A sort of m43 verison of the Panasonic L1 (See that cam on eBay). If you have some rumor to share feel free to send me a text by using the anonymous contact bar on the right sidebar! Thanks!

P.S.: EosHD got some specs about a camera he calls GFX1. It should have a built-in EVF, 920k LCD, new sensor, Full HD video at 60p and 24p and Same battery as the GH2. One of my trusted sources said that the rumor is wrong.


Links to the new X lenses and kits:
Black 14-42mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here) and Amazon Germany (Click here).
Silver 14-42mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here) and Amazon Germany (Click here).
Black 45-175mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here) and Amazon Germany (Click here).
Silver 45-175mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here).
Black GF3 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).
Red GF3 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).
White GF3 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • Wait, is it the rumored GF7 or something else? Anyway I hope your trusted source is wrong ;)

    • admin

      There are two different product codes GF7 and GX1.

      • One of them must be a consumer camcorder (perhaps the “GX1”). The other one – a high spec stills oriented camera (judging from nomenclature alone, “GF7” seems like a substantially different camera from GF3).

      • frank

        So you think the GF7 will be the pro GF1+viewfinder? I have not much confidence in the X designation seeing what they have brought out under the X brand. The X lenses are nice, but not what I’d call for the serious enthousiast.

        • MikeS

          The upcoming 12-35 and 35-100 large aperture zooms also have the “X” branding, so I wouldn’t write it off completely. That said, I’d be surprised if the GX1 weren’t video-oriented, instead of the rangefinder style most of us would prefer.

  • Would the “k” suffix not normally just mean “Black color” ?? That’s the case for the product codes of many other manufacturers.

    • k means normal kit zoom (if you look today’s Panasonic models)

  • kesztió

    I can just hope that nobody would be such a naive to think that a rangefinder-styled MFT camera with built viewfinder and good ergonomy can be as small as a GF1…

  • Guest

    I want it to ship with the 20mm f1.7 lens! Because if it doesn’t then that means I’m going to have to buy it body-only, and purchase the 20mm f1.7 seperately.

  • Joel

    “EosHD got some specs about a camera he calls GFX1. It should have a built-in EVF, 920k LCD, new sensor, Full HD video at 60p and 24p and Same battery as the GH2. One of my trusted sources said that the rumor is wrong.”

    I kind of hope the EosHD rumour is wrong too as I would have to sell my new E-p3 to buy one… LOL… (obviously a big part of me hope EosHD is spot on).. ;-)

    • JRK

      EOSHD did get th X lenses rumor quite accurately. If this a video centric release, then he could easily have gotten it right again.

  • Brod1er

    This rumour tells us almost nothing other than there will be a new camera coming out- who would have believed it!! Coax (or Turn the thumb screws!) on your sources for something more specific please Admin.

  • Narretz

    Finally, some real rumors. Nobody knows anything for sure. Most of the readers here are obviously in the GF1 successor camp, so I hope this camera gets announced first. But maybe Pana is shooting for another (video) market first, since the NEX-7 is too strong?

  • admin, this is offtopic but did you ever heard any rumors about Ricoh planning a m43 module for their gxr system?

  • James

    The GX1 is just a sensor chip that can be attached directly to X-lenses. It will allow the overall camera dimensions to be kept as small as possible. Photographer heuristics will take the place of viewfinder and photographer telekinesis will take the place of manual controls. Simples.

    • You forgot the neurolink – which would automatically, using photog’s brains, transfer and convert and PP the just made shots to the destination PC/web gallery.

      • bilgy_no1

        But the neurolink only works with flickr, not with facebook which is of course far more interesting. As usual with Panasonic, they get it just off the mark for major success…

        Maybe Vitali will make a hack to fix that problem (I heard he’s into brain surgery now), which still wouldn’t fix poor jpeg colours unfortunately…

        About 3 months after the Pana release, Sony will announce that they have a NanoBotCam solution that is far superior and smaller. After that, m43 will be dead for sure…


        • > NanoBotCam

          The dare not! NanoBotCam will infringe on Olympus trademark “NanoFourThirds”!!

          > After that, m43 will be dead for sure…

          Please. I understand, those will be only rumors and speculations, but Olympus themselves will pull the plug on μ43 in favor PicoFourThirds. After all, the new target audience – the Martians – have much smaller hands and can see only B/W anyway.

          • picoFourThirds is much beter than lousy m43 because indeed it is B/W only, but you have also option of infrared and ultraviolet photography. apart of that, new artistic filters: “look like martian”, “see like a dog” and “all pics look awful to me please fix it”. Not to mention 7D-pictures. Poor Canikon.

  • Bob B.

    Since there are two currently announced x products (the two x lenses) that both have power zooms it makes sense that a GX product my be more video oriented. I believe admin got product codes for the GF7 a while back (not sure how long ago that was) …so does that perhaps mean that the GF7 would be the still camera (we have all been patiently waiting for) and would be announced before the GX product?
    Just trying to digest all the info and stay logical with the few facts we have and the timeframe in which they have become available.

    • Mr. Reeee

      There are no specific “facts” or specs or really ANYthing concrete about any new Panasonic cameras aside from a few product codes. Those sketchy bits of info are then liberally translated into heaps of wild speculation and conjecture by hopeful, potential users.

      These are the first people who will cry foul when “their camera” fails to materialize.

      I spent years following Macintosh and Apple rumors and this is all startlingly similar. Sure, it’s fun to speculate, but until there’s even a glimmer of real, hard fact, why get so cranked up about it?

      • bonzoo


        Nice summary :)

      • Bob B.

        That’s no fun…we LOVE to speculate…um…this is a “RUMORS” site!!!!!!! LOL! :-)

        Personally…until Pany comes up with the body like the NEX-7…I will be buying lenses for my DSLR……MFT (I have a GF1)needs to make a quantum leap before I buy another body.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Sure, speculating and voicing possible new features or improvements is a good thing and can be plenty of fun. The people who wail about selling all their gear or immolating themselves over a “missing” feature are just plain silly.

          I’m doing the same thing as far as lenses go. I have 4 native M4/3 lenses and that’ll be it for a while. I’m mulling over manual telephotos, like a 300mm f4. Then there are and Voigtländer lenses with Leica M mounts. The 75mm f1.8 looks tasty.

          I want the flexibility to be able to use my lenses on any body I choose. Maybe Rainbow Imaging will come out with a M4/3 to Nikon 1 adaptor. ;-)

  • lajika

    the micro4/3 sensor never will equal the quality of the sony sensor.. so sweat dreams!

    • It’s not all about the sensor. A good camera system also offers lenses. More than three huge one. Get my drift? ;)

      • Bob B.

        +1 MFT lens availability, quality and choices …especially in the autofocus realm puts Sony to shame. Pulease.

    • JRK

      Not to mention that early samples of the 24mp sensor aren’t as spectacular as expected.

      • Bob B.

        I am thinking what I saw as samples on the DPreview site must be bad photographer/photography…I can’t see how the Sony NEX7/Zeiss combo can be as bad as it looks in those samples….I know Steve Huff ordered that combo and will undoubtedly do a review from the standpoint of a Leica M9 owner..and he is a very able hopefully he will shed some new light on the subject sometime soon…..

        • JRK

          It isn’t amazing at high iso but it does have really spectavular low ISO. Guess the 16mp sensor will be better at high ISO. The A77 DXO score is competitive with the FF Sonys and not far off from Nikon and Canon.

          • Jim

            I think the NEX 5n delivers my prefured IQ – nice resolution, and good ISO….

            Remember one thing not mensioned about resolution is the more you have the stiller you have to be when taking photos… the old 1/focal length rule (if works with 6Mpix) will be 1/2x focal length with a 24mpix cam!

            So in effect you lose a hand held stop if you want sharpness out of all 24mpix, (which you do or why would you have them)!

            • mclarenf3

              “Remember one thing not mensioned about resolution is the more you have the stiller you have to be when taking photos… the old 1/focal length rule (if works with 6Mpix) will be 1/2x focal length with a 24mpix cam!”

              Ummm, I’ve never heard that in regards to megapixels. Care to explain?

              • Esa Tuunanen

                Very simple:
                The more you cram marketing pixels into same size sensor the smaller those pixels get.
                And the smaller the pixels are the smaller camera/lens movement is enough to make image blurred when light coming from single spot won’t hit the same pixel for the whole duration of exposure.

                Also smaller pixels require better correction of sharpness reducing aberrations of the lens or you again get just blurry pixels instead of details. (stopping lens down helps for those aberrations but you’ll hit diffraction limit faster with smaller pixels)

            • Jim

              Simplify/extrapolate the example –

              If you only had 64×48 pixels on the sensor I reckon you could hand hold for a second at any “normal” focal length! – because the pixel area is so large that the tiny wobbles introduced will not spill any notacable % of light into adjacent pixels (you’ed only get a few % spill – not perceptably changing the colour of each pixel from the “ideal” tripod shot).

              Now wind this up to 1000000000000 Mpix – this sensor would be able to resolve a fly at 1 mile on a 50mm lens… so to stop blur you would need to keep so still that such a small object would not be jolted over the slightest mm as 0.01mm movement on such a beast of a camera will result in the fly image being spread over hundreds (thousands?)of pixels – this silly res camera would be so sensative to movement that a tripod would be too wobbly, and ants farts would judder and blur the image :)

        • jake

          and you may want to also read MR reviews on that camera and A77V.

          he is fairly impressed with its low ISO IQ.

          IMO, while it is not as good as the NEX5n at ISO1600 and up, it is much better than any current APS-C sensor in everyday used ISO range(from 100-800).

          I am an Alpha 900, Pentax K5 user and debating NEX vs MFT personally for myself now.

          I thinkt the A77V is the most reasonable camera choice for an A900 owner but I am getting tired of DSLR-shaped cameras and I dont see NEX lens line will satisfy me in any regard anytime soon, getting more and more interested in MFT system ,especially in EP3 because of its effective inbody IS.

          But if Panny can get out a new sensor that is at least as good as the A77V sensor at ISO100, then I may go Panny.

          that said , I personally shot the A77V with my Zeiss 24f2ZA lens
          for a few hours at Sony Plaza Nagoya , I think it is as good as any current APS-C until ISO1600 but not as good as the Alpha 900 in terms of pure IQ , espeically at base ISO.

          So, if you use a good enough lens, the A77V or NEX7 will be just as good as any current APS-C but not as good as the 5D2 or the A900(cause FF sensor is much more benign to lenses).

          and when you evaluate IQ of any Sony camera, you should use LR3 or DXO6 , Caputre One or any other RAWC does not work well with the A900 , the A55, etc.

  • LGO

    Panasonic need only to introduce a new sensor that matches or exceeds the 16mp sensor in the NEX-5N (not NEX-7) in a GH2 body with an improved EVF, then equip this with a universal shutter then all will be well in Panasonic land.

    • JRK

      That will be hard. The NEX-5N apparently has the best sensor out of Sony’s new crop.

    • Please not the GH2 body! Don’t like the grip att all: To narrow between lens and grip. Also the design is too DSLR-like, too conservative.

      • Mr. Reeee

        And the rest of the M4/3 cameras with their glorified P&S bodies are so stunningly forward-thinking. Certainly they’ll all end up in the MOMA design collection. ;-)

        I based my GH2 purchase on the FEATURE set and really did NOT like the look. After using it for a bit, it’s real pleasure to use and a perfect size and fit for me. But, I can certainly understand some not liking it.

        • Bob B.

          I was tempted…with the GH2…but decided to wait because of the price and the more video oriented spin (which is what put the price up there). I just NEVER shoot video. It is probably the best MFT camera out there right now. I know a lot of people would disagree with that …but it is great.
          (plus…I wanted to spend the money on a Zeiss 21mm for my 5D Mark II! LOL! :-)

          • Mr. Reeee

            I think the “video spin” is simply marketing of a very popular feature. Why buy a dedicated video camera when your stills camera can do video … and do it better than cameras costing far more?

            The GH2 is an excellent stills camera. That’s what I use it for 99% of the time. Video is a bonus, like 4-wheel drive… I may need it sometime and when I DO need it, I want it to be good!

            @Mike +100!

          • Esa Tuunanen

            > It is probably the best MFT camera out there right now.
            Yep, sadly GH2 is that.
            Same as Canon would suddenly claim 600D as their highest end camera stopping making other bodies… which would equal to seppuku in the eyes of all those enthusiasts and pros who’ve made Canon such known brand and almost synonym of the camera for ordinary people.

            But video itself is mostly just about fast enough sensor read out speed (needed also for fast CDAF) and processing so it actually doesn’t cause so much additional hardware requirements over still shooting in mirrorless bodies.

      • Mike

        What does a conservative design have to do with functionality or end result? The GH1/2 body is great and what is most important to me is that it works well and produces good pictures and videos.

    • jake

      I personally prefer 24mp , though I basically agree , Panny needs a new sensor.

  • The Master

    I hope Panasonic doesn’t just move the viewfinder to the left without getting rid of the rather large bulge and rubber eye piece that sticks out of the back of the camera, which is really the main problem with me ever wanting to carry a GH1 or GH2 on a shoulder strap. Seems the Nex 7 has this same problem, which sort of defeats the whole purpose. They need to figure out how to make it close to flush with the back of the camera, like on the M8 and M9.

  • uth

    i think it might come with 12-35mm ;P

    • TheEye

      I thought the bulging eyepiece was for people with huge noses.

      • mclarenf3

        Some of us appreciate it. ;)

  • Roger48

    And “sweat” dreams to you lajika. There is no such thing as never in the world of electronics. My sensor is better than your sensor arguments are plain silly.

  • The Master

    Fuji did a pretty good job of keeping the viewfinder bulge to a minimum, with the X100.

  • ypocaramel

    Last time we saw product codes the kit lens was the 25mm DG… guess there was a change of plans (or that news was wrong). Personally, I don’t have any beef with the G3’s specs aside from the EVF, the sensor is good enough unless shooting black cats in the attic (which I don’t), my main problem with it is with the layout, no faux DSLR bump and more physical controls please. Faux-rangefinder styling and an EVF competitive with the new OLED Sony would be a big plus.

  • safaridon

    Good news that there will be two new models coming in near future from Pany, both the GF7 and the GX1.

    My best guess is the GF7 will be the smaller camera the GF1 and GF2 replacement with addon hotshoe mounted high resolution EVF while the GX1 will be larger with builtin EVF.

    Just consider that Panys competitors are Sony with NEX5N and NEX7 and Oly with EP3 and this makes sense. Why GF7 not just GF5 well probably to indicate significant new capabilities. Alternatively could make room for a GF5 upgrade of the GF2 with only sensor change and other improvements while GF7 will be a new body?

    The GX1 will need a thicker body to house the EVF but still could be not much larger than GF2 if they are willing to reduce the screen height by making it 16:9 instead of 3:2 as Sony did with NEX7 to keep it small or put the larger 3″ screen entirely to the right of the left corner mounted EVF so it could be larger sized.

    I take the lens X designation to mean super small just as much as video capable. Given the size advantage this gives to Pany I would not be surprised to soon find this the std kit lens on all their models. For now there will still be the existing kit lens with cameras to provide a bargain price range until those models run out. I also see the 20/1.7 lens or Xzoom as being the kit lens for the new GF7 while as rumored the 25/1.4 and hopefully the 12-35/f2.5 may come with the GX1? A pancake 45/1.7 is also rumored so expect Pany will keep both models small as all their lenses with possible exception of 35-100 and 100-300 are also compact.

    Seems that the latest rumor almost a step backwards in comparison with previous rumors and timing. Now if only somebody would please please leak us a few pictures. I am surprised that Pany has not leaked some especially with pre orders mounting for the NEX7, now would be the time to do it and no need to wait for whatever if when Canon joins the mirrorless ranks.

    • mpgxsvcd

      I don’t see what is video capable about the x-lenses. Zooming while filming is never a good idea whether it is electronic or manual.

      If these lenses were parfocal that might be something to talk about. Does anyone know if they are?

      Panasonic has done a great job convincing people that certain lenses are the only ones that can be used for video. When in reality the 25mm F1.4 is probably the best video lens available right now. The 45mm F2.8 is probably the best for more telephoto shots. However, its autofocus is not really fast enough.

      • Dan

        Can you explain what you mean? I would think the 25/1.4 is more suited to stills than video since it’s not stabilized and it “breathes” while focusing.

        • mpgxsvcd

          Yes it does breathe while focusing. However, it really isn’t that noticeable. That used to be one of the biggest problems with the 20mm. It happens on the 25mm but it is almost too small to notice.

          It isn’t stabilized either. However, its relatively wide angle makes it work well if you have a steady hand or something to support it with.

          I think it blends shallow depth of field with fast and accurate AFC unlike any other current lens can. The 45mm is good as well. However, its focal length is a little too long to use hand held without IS for critical work.

          • James

            I find the 25/1.4 fantastic for high-quality video work with my GH2. I do almost everything everything manual and on tripod with fluid head. If you want an AF videocamera result, just buy a cheap videocamera instead (with inbuilt ND filtering, small sensor, deep DOF, fast auto-focus, etc)…

            • mpgxsvcd

              If you have the tripod with a fluid head with you then by all means use MF and you will get the best results.

              However, carrying a tripod around is not always possible. For those situations the 25mm is the first m4/3s wide aperture lens that the AFC works almost as well as manually focusing.

      • Jim

        “Zooming while filming is never a good idea whether it is electronic or manual”

        AAARRR Try telling that to the guy i’m editing for currently – Zoooom tastic – just keep the bloody thing still!

        • mpgxsvcd


    • Narretz

      I don’t see how this makes sense. Panasonic already went small with the GF3, and it is only a few months old. They can introduce an external view finder for it without a new body, although I fail to see how this appeals to the target group, which normally not even buys additional lenses.

      Instead of copying Sony’s lineup, they will be better off by introducing a unique take on video / stills (the GX), while fulfilling the needs of the GF1 crowd. The need for this cmera has been there before Sony’s NEX-7, so Pana is probably close to revealing it (maybe they beefed it up in light of Sony’s announcment).

      Regarding the leaks, I think Panasonic has taken a huge step forward with showing the lens prototypes of the fast standard zooms. It’s maybe not enough to keep everyone from buying an NEX-z but it’s a start.

      • safaridon

        The GF7 may be the GF2 upgrade in same body but with G3 sensor, GF3 AF capabilities and better JPEGs colors but with upgraded higher resolution EVF option. The GF2 was announced in Dec 2010 so the timing is right.

    • ypocaramel

      Frankly I no longer see a place for a GF2 type in the lineup. Whilst it had the right idea in reducing the size (GF1 was barely smaller than the G1), there’s already the general purpose G3 and the mini GF3. The way I see it the only place for the GF5/7 to go is up.

  • Catalin

    Panasonic has a nice 16Mp sensor which is now in the G3. Why didn’t they use this in the GF3 and instead they chose the crappy old 12Mp sensor ? This sensor and stereo sound would have been enough to counteract the NEX cameras with the GF3.

    Sorry, but I will pick up a NEX-5n and be done with it.

  • I have a G3 – much better images than from my E-P1 and GF1. But a new high end m4/3 camera needs an even better sensor/processor. Especially DR needs improving. Processor speeds (EPL-3, Nikon CX) are a good thing for street photography – fast AF + lots fps,
    The viewfinder in G3 exists! That is all to say about it, so EVF must be a lot better.
    Compared to the G3 it needs to have more quality feel, less plasticly

  • I personally, would love to see GH2 successor, but with less cramped controls.

    Sadly I had no opportunity yet to go hands on with G3, but many users report that its usability is noticeably better than that of GH2.

    As much as I’m intrigued about the randgefinders, I still can’t imagine myself (1) foregoing all the conveniences of modern bodies (like swivel LCD) and (2) accepting all the compromises which are going into to make such camera relatively compact (see use case of X100).

  • I’m a little surprised that we haven’t heard more about a premium product to mark the 10th anniversary of the Lumix brand. The GX1 could be worthy of being a 10th anniversary camera, but it seems a way off still. Perhaps Sony’s release of the NEX-7 caught Panasonic unaware and they are now adapting the original design? In any case, I certainly hope that the GX1 will ditch the fake DSLR styling but not the tilting/articulated screen. And that’s the problem I’ve always had with the Panasonic G cameras: while I prefer compact bodies like my GF2, I don’t want to be without the EVF and articulated screen of my GH2. I’d prefer a synthesis; something more like the Sony NEX-7.

    • Mr. Reeee


      The articulated LCD and integrated EVF are crucial features, but I’d love to see them both higher resolution at least on par with the NEX-7 specs.

      The DSLR look is okay as long as the feature set and array of external controls remains robust. I really prefer the EVF centered over the lens, it feels more natural and direct to me.
      Besides, I don’t stand around looking at my cameras, or make sure they match my clothes, I use them. ;-)

      • I wonder what I’d have to wear to match my GH2 ;-)
        Maybe it’s the shape of my nose and the fact that I wear glasses, but I’ve never really liked the axial placement of the EVF or OVF. The worst camera for me was the Nikon D300 where the ocular was almost flush with the glossy screen. I spent an awful lot of time wiping the smears off the screen so I could see the review image. The GH2 is better, mainly because the rubber eye piece sticks out so far past the screen and also because the screen can be folded in towards the camera. But I still prefer the viewfinder on the rear upper left corner. That way there’s a minimum of conflict. Of course I’m not left eye dominant, or it would be a different matter.

    • Narretz

      I think there was an update some months ago that it has been delayed. And the camera in question was the GF7 if I am not mistaken. It’s highly probable that Panasonic took its time to change some specs because of the NEX-7. I just hope they deliver something unique, or at least something Sony does not have, like a multi-aspect sensor.

      This is about the delay:

      The 10th anniversary camera was only mentioned once by a Pana rep.

      • Panasonic has been using essentially the same LCD screen (460k dots) and EVF (1.4M dots) since the their very first MFT camera in late 2008. Yes, the screen has become touch sensitive and the EVF on the GH2 is a little wider with a corresponding increase in resolution, but the changes are not that significant from a user perspective. I’ve used a few of them. I suspect the GX1 will be the first generation since the original G1 to sport an new EVF and a new, higher resolution and/or different technology screen. I don’t know why they wouldn’t use a multi-aspect sensor in a camera which, like the GH2, will sit at the top of the range. I think Sony has thrown everything they had at the NEX-7 and Panasonic will try to do the same.

        • Mr. Reeee


  • GX1k = GX1 + 25 mm LEICA !

    Best regards.

  • Kyle

    I would think there would have to be a body-only option, especially since the 25mm will have been released for a couple months at least by the time the body is launched.

  • Nic Walmsley

    I’d like to see an m43 that

    Competes with the NEX 5N sensor
    Competes with the NEX 7 body
    Is weather sealed
    Silent shutter
    A Fast HD pancake

  • Nic Walmsley

    I’d like to see an m43 that

    Competes with the NEX 5N sensor
    Competes with the NEX 7 body
    Is weather sealed
    Silent shutter
    A Fast HD pancake

  • Dear MFT-Tech-Pros!
    I want a black version of the Olympus 12mm/f2.0 and the Olympus 45mm/f1.8.
    Is there anybody who can give me a hint which spray painting will do the job best?

  • Tim

    spray paint a 12mm 2.0……… whehehehe wacko!!
    Although i’m wondering how it turned out if you decide to do it !! :P

  • If Panasonic brings something new, I hope they will be able to deliver in the US by January.

    If they replicate the L1’s body design and add the 25mm as a kit lens I would buy this set even if it’s just a repackaged GH2.

  • its Tiny cameras but has amazing sophisticated, i will waiting for the best camera sophistication in future..

  • what panasonic(GF7/GX1) NEEDS to be on-top:

    1. body of the L1(but smaller)
    2. same interface as the G3
    3. better battery
    4. Bigger/improved sensor
    5. better jpeg outputs
    6. built in viewfinder
    7. comes with X lens

    8. and lastly, cheaper then the nex 7($1350)… soo, a $900-1000?! that works

    ALL= the greatest camera alive

  • popeye

    better sensor ( better DR and ISO ) , classic looks like rangefinders, manual controls – no touchscreen, not tiny body like GF3-2 crap.

    • i actually really like my touch screen. nex 7 has it too. maybe then, add a way to turn it off.

      cuz i can no longer live without pinpoint auto-focus

  • Disraeli

    admin DMC-GX1k:
    the ‘k’ just means black body

  • jojo

    Does anyone know whether Panasonic have ever revealed exactly what the various letter designations in the G range stand for?

    They use G for the complete range, as in “Lumix G Micro System”, and I’ve seen promotional material at exhibitions seeming to link the G to Generation, as in “New Generation System Cameras” and “Lumix Generation System Cameras”, with the G of Generation matching the G logo, but does it actually stand for anything specific?

    The H in GH has been linked with High End models and HD, and could GF categorize Finderless models? X seems to be related to the power zoom lenses.

    Anything specific guys and gals? If we understood the code perhaps we could make more sense of leaks and rumors.

  • wataf…..

    why a EVF on GF series WT… i might be appropriate on the G serie let the G-fashion style ALONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    they have the g line serie to work on it



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