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(FT5) An Olympus XZ-1 hands-on report (Price $450?)


A source had the chance to touch the new Olympus XZ-1. He confirms that it is a little bit smaller than the [shoplink 17288]Panasonic LX5[/shoplink]. There are plenty of manual controls. You can control the speed or the aperture (in A-mode) directly on the lens. The menu system is different than on other Olympus compacts (it makes more sense now). The OLED screen is awesome, you can see images even in bright sunlight. AF feels quick. Image quality is very good and the lens has no noticeable distortions or vignetting (I guess there is some kind of in camera correction). All in all a very good package and worthy Panasonic LX5 or Canon S95 competitor. Real price should be around $450 (The LX5 costs $400)

The real strength of that camera is that it will be able to use all current (like the external Flashes the SEMA-1 Mic the VF-2 viewfinder) and upcoming PEN accessories. Well done Olympus!!!

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