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(FT5) An Olympus 15mm f/8.0 super small lens is coming…really f/8.0!


Image on top: The Leica Perara Triplet. One of the smallest lens ever made.

What a surprise!

We just heard from our top sources that Olympus super cheap m43 lens will be a 15mm f/8.0 fixed aperture prime! It has a length of 9mm only!!! At first glance I thought this may would be a pinhole lens (there is one from SLRmagic here) but I have been told this lens….has lenses :) It will have about the dimension of the Leica Perara Triplet (the image you see on top).

Very likely the goal from Olympus is to set a new mark in the miniaturization war. Makes me wonder what they will do with the upcoming E-PM5…make it small as a Minox???

  • Please you noobs read my Lips: BOKEH IS OUT.

    At best it is a pictorialist device for portraits. Although Leonardo Da Vinci had very sharp landscapes behind his models.

    So buy LESS lenses and save for photography courses, so that you’ll be more discriminating next time.

    Oly KNOWS. They’ve been making lenses for a century, when you were still in the mind of god, so to speak.

    Oly can have fun with lenses and make money too. They are SMART and they are covering all bases, while you are still scratching your furry armpits, like Bonobos :)

    • doug nash

      “Bokeh is out”? I didn’t realize there had been some kind of world consensus about basic photographic techniques. So, riddle me this. Are low-light photos that are in focus “out” too now?

      I think if Olympus were (actually) considered a model for photographic excellence, then they would be doing a whole hell of a lot better than they actually are. Further, they wouldn’t have reduced their product offerings down to just tiny cropped-sensor cameras.

    • By any chance, are you also trend setter in street photography?

      • Oh no, I just like to see Bokeh slaves and other measturbators suffer with interrogative eyes, for a lens like this that negates everything they believed in.

        It is high time that Oly reminded them some of the priorities…

        • Well.. happy to see Olympus is invested into a mission to educate the planet and the forum dwellers ;)

    • “Please you noobs read my Lips: BOKEH IS OUT.”

      Do you believe that lenses with large apertures don’t have bokeh? Quick, Watson, the needle! :-P

    • MJr

      Hey man, too much truth and the market will collapse.

      • What I miss is the demographics of these forums. The worry with bokeh is such that I wonder if the only time most are exposed to p/hy is when they marry. So they learn by default the marriage hacks’ aesthetics.

        But there are other genres of course. Oly for instance mentioned street shooting as the best use for the 12/2. The 15/8 might beanother of these cases. Also the Tokina 300/6 in not about bokeh. As the offer is differentiating, you can’t always use the same variables to judge a lens.

        • That you keep rambling about bokeh within the context of a slow lens tells me you don’t know what bokeh is. Two lenses of the same focal length, focused at the same distance, and set to the same F-stop have the same DOF, but may have totally different bokeh.

          Tell me, self-appointed educator of the photo proles, how can you even make any believable prophecies regarding this hypothetical 15 mm f/8 lens’s bokeh?

  • Yeah depending on the quality of images it could produce, I MIGHT be interested in this lens at $20 USD…. MIGHT…
    When I’ve already got the 12mm F2 and 20mm f1.7, there’s very little incentive to buy this other than size, novelty, and a $20 price tag.

    • You see, you can only think in terms of bokeh… The basics of photography reach you only through the most outdated concepts. Nice hazy marriage photos. Did they do it in the 1970?

      Today a self respecting photog. should at least attempt some Environmental Portraits?
      Does the 12/2 even have nice bokeh?

      You are so passe’ theEye, that I plonked long ago at DPR. Now you try to stalk me, and put words in my mouth . Mind the bokeh of your sister instead, lamer.

      • You replied to John, but appear to talk to me. Do you need a forum manual? :D

        “You see, you can only think in terms of bokeh”

        You are the one who doesn’t know what it is!

        “Mind the bokeh of your sister instead, lamer.”

        Go stalk people in the street, weirdo! :-P

  • henrik

    I’ve madly waited for such a lens. Olympus has read my thoughts.

  • mapleflot

    Interesting. How `cheap’ will `cheap’ be?
    Might create a new (pocketable) use for my E-P1 (now that I have the OM-D.

    • It better be “über-cheap,” or Nurse AM will be disappointed. ;-)

  • So was it really Lomography who took over Olympus?
    I can’t wait to see the E-M5 in red or yellow.

  • avds

    Olympus has been bought out by Lensbaby? Now that’s one unexpected “strategic partnership” move! :)

  • 15mm/f8 would mean an diameter of 2mm for the aperture… just a joke man, just a joke!

  • drhook

    Please Olympus, let this be a typo and you can have all my money for a 15mm f1.8 prime!!!

  • Norman

    Admin, is 15mm the actual focal length or 35mm equivalent focal length?

  • ljmac

    The fixed aperture would make it very cheap, and unique amongst modern lenses. The novelty factor will certainly give Oly some publicity (both good and bad).

  • samshootsall

    Seems like very time new lenses come out: you guys already put it down as a joke! What if this lens turns out to be sharper than most lens? You’re gonna scramble around trying to buy the lens!

  • cosinaphile

    its a 1.8 not an 8

    ill believe it when i see it

    • f/1.8 makes a lot of sense:

      f/2.0 12 mm
      f/1.8 15 mm
      f/1.8 45 mm
      f/1.8 75 mm

      Missing is a fast(ish) 9 or 10 mm.

      • MJr

        Out of those 4, the 15mm would interest me most actually. Tho with a super-wide into the mix a 7.5mm F3.5 with a 17.5mm F1.8 would be most awesome together !

  • fiatlux

    By the way, the image is from a Perar 28mm f.4 for Leica M, not a Leica Perara lens (!?!)

    A slow f/8 lens would make more sens if it was 6 ou 7mm focal length (i.e. a tripod-only landscape/architecture lens), unless of course we’re talking about a toy lens sold for 20$…

  • awaler

    Get a used PM1 and this fixed aperture, fixed focus near-nothing lens for a total of 300 bucks as a light P&S combo, a perfect present for your grandpa.
    It will even make indoor shots. Noise? who cares.

    This has not much to do with photography, but there may still be a market for it.

  • bidou

    Holy crap, what’s wrong with Oly? I’ve been shooting with a 15 mm voigtlander on my GF1, to finally forget it due to the slow aperture …
    (still waiting for an high IQ fast 35mm equiv though…)

  • onequartersensor

    This is the right product for M43. It is consequent. Don’t tell me you wanted to play with DOF on these puny sensors anyway.

  • Harry

    It’s Perar, not Perara. It’s by MS Optical in Japan: made for M-mount, but they are not made by Leica. There are two Perar Super-Triplets, a f3.5/35mm and an f4/28mm: both are very compact.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahahahaha ! so funny ! but not so funny for people who were waiting for a cheap 25 mm f1.8 or f2…
    I will never buy this lens…

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