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(FT5) An Olympus 15mm f/8.0 super small lens is coming…really f/8.0!


[shoplink 32796 ebay][/shoplink] Image on top: The [shoplink 32796 ebay]Leica Perara Triplet[/shoplink]. One of the smallest lens ever made.

What a surprise!

We just heard from our top sources that Olympus super cheap m43 lens will be a 15mm f/8.0 fixed aperture prime! It has a length of 9mm only!!! At first glance I thought this may would be a pinhole lens ([shoplink 32795 ebay]there is one from SLRmagic here[/shoplink]) but I have been told this lens….has lenses :) It will have about the dimension of the [shoplink 32796 ebay]Leica Perara Triplet[/shoplink] (the image you see on top).

Very likely the goal from Olympus is to set a new mark in the miniaturization war. Makes me wonder what they will do with the upcoming E-PM5…make it small as a [shoplink 32797 ebay]Minox[/shoplink]???

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