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(FT5) A “special” Lumix Micro Four Thirds camera to be announced in Q3.


Image on top: The first Panasonic Lumix camera, the LC5.

According to our very reliable sources Panasonic wants to celebrate the 10 years of Lumix by introducing a new “special” Lumix model in Q3. We were told that is certainly NOT a GH camera and the sources didn’t tell me what’s so “special” with that camera. There will be also two new lenses announced along that camera. Announcement is expected in Q3 (August). As you know I am a big fan of the Panasonic L1 and would love to see a m43 version of it. But that’s just my personal wish. What do you expect?

A short note about the 10 years of Lumix:
The first Lumix product has been announced in 2001 and it was the Panasonic LC5 (Click here to see that camera on eBay). It was codeveloped with Leica and had a f/2.0 lens! In 2006 Panasonic unveiled the first Lumix-DSLR with Four Thirds sensor, the Panasonic L1 (Click here to see that camera on eBay). The first Micro Four Thirds camera has been announced in 2008, the Panasonic G1 (Click here).

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • sammo

    u fan of L1? =_= …my L1 batt charger spoiled,cannot use anymore,also left one len only,25mm Zuiko :P …really hope pana/oly release side-view viewfinder dslr,

    • bob

      I picked up an Adorama PT-29 battery charger at, which fits LC1 and L1 batteries (I bought a refurb L1 without charger or battery).

      I use both CGA-603e and CGR-602A batteries. IIRC, the 603e battery is for the Euro market, and the 602A is for Americas. They only differ in capacity, not voltage, so they are interchangeable.

      Problem solved.

  • Raúl

    Oh, could it be a pink G2? :)

  • Seems to be what i’m really expecting for a long time
    ,a big uptate of the DMC LC1 ! With an optical viewfinder( or hybrid!)

    • kesztió





      Guys, you should understand at last: Hybrid viewfinder is extremely difficult to implement for interchangeable lens cameras!

      • Bob B.


        See how obnoxious you are? :-)

        • wat


          • Bob B.


  • Stupig

    GH2 with a red dot

  • Miroslav
  • GH2 with good availability?
    GF1 with Leica badge?
    GF3 (same as GF2 but smaller and without buttons, dials and LCD)?

    And the new lens? It’s easy if they follow the trend: 14-39/3.5-5.6 OIS

  • Steve

    There will Be so many problems along the nuclear disaster in Japan, that we shouldnt expect anything to be released as scheduled.

  • Hacky

    What nearly everyone WHISHES is clear:

    A GF-type camera with built-in EVF and the sensor and video capability from the GH2 with a 12-50mm/2.5-3.3 and a 25/1.4 double lens kit.

    Until then we will have to continue reading rumors about announcement dates saying what we do not have to expect ;-)

    • spam

      Exactly, unfortunately what we’ll get is probably closer to the pink G2 suggestion.

  • I’ve just bought GH2 so please no better camera in 1 year period :D:D:D

    But seriously I’m now waiting for bright HD standard zoom (12-50mm?) – it would be nice product for 10th anniversary. ;-)

  • Two possibilities:
    a) a non-interchangeable lens design (a slightly larger LX5 with m4/3 sensor). This is what the Lumix brand is about, I think.
    b) a robust GF1-like body with integrated EVF and GH2 guts.

    • jammur

      So basically a slightly nicer version of the Oly XZ-1. I’ll pass.
      At this point in the m4/3 development they need to either
      a) revise the sensor to provide better higher ISO capability OR
      b) provide the product that can mitigate that deficiency…brighter zoom lenses

    • Godot

      How is your option a) what the Lumix brand is about?

      The Lumix GF2 is already only slightly larger than the LX5. The only thing I can see to be gained from a fixed-lens design is ability to use a perfectly silent leaf shutter. And everyone seems to think silent shutters/shutterless designs are on the way for interchangeable lens cameras, anyway.

      No doubt the first cameras with such a system will be very costly at first, so that’s one reason to go for a fixed-lens design.

      But here’s a big reason not to: it means a very limited zoom range or most likely a prime lens.

      If you recall, most people adored the LX3, but many criticized its modest 2.5x zoom. Panasonic appears to have gone to great lengths to respond to that criticism with the LX5. For that reason alone, I just don’t see Panasonic releasing a compact with a fixed prime.

      Not to mention that it would be too close to the GF2/14mm kit.

      On the other hand, I think your option b) is very plausible. A “special” Lumix camera to me implies a revival of the LC1/L1 body lines, within the Micro Four Thirds system (i.e. with interchangeable lenses, not just the sensor), with an eye-level finder (EVF in this case), and with a couple of high-end lenses to go with it.

      I do not expect to be able to afford this camera, but I look forward to seeing it.

  • thomas ashley

    M9 with Lumix badge & lens conversion ring? :-)

  • Argghhh… so I shouldn’t get the Fuji x-100 then!

  • Bob B.

    What we are all looking for is a camera just like the Fuji X100 in micro 4/3 format (hybrid finder), with the sensor and focusing speed improvements of the GH2. My hopes are toward an affordable, modernized version of a camera more like the Leica M9 that I can use all of my micro 4/3 lenses on? (Exactly the oposite of the GF2 offering…touch!).
    (BTW…if this camera came out only in a Pink Anniversary Edition…I would buy it! :-)

    • You got it…

      • Don’t forget the antigravity neckstrap lugs. And oh, yes, it should be small enough to fit in the glove box of my flying car.

    • Except that hybrid finder is probably impossible with an interchangeable lens camera system. Wonder why people keep asking for it…

      • Bob B.

        OK…OK….I was being overly hopeful (and a little piggish) about the hybrid viewfinder….I will take the camera I mentioned in my post above, with a high-rez optional viewfinder…but it must be no bigger then the DMC-LVF1 …um we could call it the DMC-LVF2p! (in optional pink) :-)

      • I don’t see why the hybrid view finder would be impossible on a m4/3’s body. It would just have to work in a limited focal length range just like rangefinders do. I imagine they could design it so that the optical view finder could work within the 35-75mm range. The EVF would just have to project different frame lines for each focal length. It would suffer from parallax issues, but it would work. Then it could just automatically switch to EVF mode when a zoom, wide angle, or telephoto is being used.

        I don’t particularly care if they go that route, but since they’d have to use a prism to bend the light 90 degrees from an EVF to squeeze it into an X100-like body then I say go ahead and add the optical option while they’re at it. I’m sure it could come in handy.

        • Godot

          “It would just have to work in a limited focal length range just like rangefinders do.”

          “It would suffer from parallax issues”

          “automatically switch to EVF mode when a zoom, wide angle, or telephoto is being used.”

          While it could be done, these are all pretty good reasons why it should not be done.

          Want a rangefinder? Buy a rangefinder.

          • “Want a rangefinder? Buy a rangefinder.”

            For a mere $7000 any range finder of your choice can be yours so long as you choose the Leica M9.

            Plenty of people would love to have a cheaper alternative. I say if Panasonic or Olympus can make a m4/3’s version of the X100 for under $2k then they should do it. Users attracted to that kind of camera would understand rangefinder limitations and be ok with them. This isn’t a Canon rebel competitor after all. God knows we have enough soccer mom m4/3’s cameras as is. It’s well past time they throw us photographers a bone. Imagine that; a camera designed for photographers. What an idea!

          • Godot

            My guess: as far as Panasonic is concerned, your bone is the GH2. And it’s a pretty nice one, IMHO.

            As for rangefinders, I’m sure you can have an M8 or R-D1 for much less than the price of a spanking new M9. Or get a Bessa and shoot film.

            No matter how much your wish makes sense to you, I just don’t see Panasonic making a hybrid viewfinder that reverts to EVF mode anytime you mount a “zoom, wide angle or telephoto” (which leaves what? Two or three native m43 lenses?) Frankly, the product you describe sounds like an ultra-niche item, not because it’s “designed for photographers” but because it has an expensive feature with niche appeal.

            If they make a hybrid vf, it’ll work with all lenses, meaning it’ll probably involve TTL not rangefinder optics. For that reason, I’ll venture a guess that Panasonic isn’t going to be your friend. Maybe Olympus (a bridge for the remaining Four Thirds customers) or Sony (experts at elaborate kludges)?

          • popeye

            personally i use only ” Two or three native m43 lenses ” and is more than what i need.. so i don’t think that rangefinder kind of new lumix could be such a bad idea.. why do you think that x100 camera it’s so huge hit.. ? i’ll never buy gh2 or else .. and are plenty of them.. hundred consumer cameras.. if i really need a big one i’ll choose mark2 and then all i need will be a big big bag

          • Godot

            Popeye, I don’t deny that Eric’s idea would appeal to some people. Very, very strongly in some cases. But while filling a niche can be a profitable venture, it won’t be if the product is too costly to make for too few customers, and that’s what I believe would kill this idea in the conference room.

            If the fancy new gizmo won’t work with wides, zooms and teles, it just isn’t marketable IMO. Do you guys really think it’s realistic for a company to say “buy our fabulous new high-end camera with this beautiful new hybrid OVF/EVF… and by the way, if you mount a wide, a zoom or a tele, forget about the optical part. And also, there’s a wee bit of parallax in optical mode.”?

            Does that really sound like Panasonic to you? Not to me, not one bit. What I expect Panasonic to do is the obvious thing: keep improving EVFs incrementally to the point that nobody cares about OVFs anymore. The G1 was already very good, with some obvious weaknesses. The GH2 eliminates blackout at 2.5 fps along with other improvements. Give it another generation or two, and EVFs will make us forget all this.

            As for the X100 being such a hit? Large sensor, retro styling and controls and, yes, the hybrid finder. Probably other specific things for various people.

            But I believe there’s also more than a little bit of an irrational frenzy going on. People are paying huge premiums, and almost everybody who’s buying one is doing so without even seeing one in person, let alone holding and trying it. I don’t think it’s sustainable. And let’s not forget that a hit is a relative thing — yes, there’s tons of buzz and they’re selling every unit they make, but are we talking about very large numbers of units? Somehow I doubt it.

          • popeye

            that make sense.. i didn’t know that EVF will banned some zoom or wide lenses. but i can live without EVF if panasonic will release some new camera like GF1 but with better sensor and retro look.

  • Brod1er

    I really hope this will be the first shutterless camera- it would make a great milestone and take the fight back to Nikon & Sony. I am afraid optical/hybrid viewfinders are yesterdays tech and the latter will not work with multiple lenses.

    The first lens must be the fast zoom. The second lens is intriguing- compact 50-100 f2.8?

  • Brod1er

    The second lens could be the compact 250mm f5.6 mirror lens mentioned previously. If panasonic would have to do something new with it though – like include OIS and/or address the donut bokeh.

    • Bob B.

      Mirror lenses ARE yesterdays bad idea, no? Slow, fixed aperture, donut bokeh, etc….

    • popeye


  • Brod1er

    Ps I will volunteer to mop up that radioactive water at Fukashima if Panasonic can deliver on this rumour. Seriously, we owe a debt of gratitude to the workers who are risking their lives to get Japan back on it’s feet and supply our precious cameras. I would even buy a pink camera if it came to it!

  • Brod1er

    Bob – you are right. The new lens would have to address the donuts. The speed is not an issue at long FLs if it had OIS – besides I don’t think there are any lenses faster than f5.6 at 500mm?. The compact size is very appropriate for mft. 300g/ 500mm equivalent has it’s uses.

    • You can’t “address the donuts” of a conventional catadioptric lens because they’re inherent in the design — they’re caused by the ring-shaped main mirror, which has a hole in it to allow the light rays to get out the back and reach the lens. (Back in the ’80s Swarovski introduced a “folded catadioptric” lens that didn’t need a hole in the mirror, instead bouncing the light around in a Z-shaped path and out at an angle, but photographers didn’t like it because you had to point the lens at an angle to the camera axis.)

      Re “shutterless,” by which I presume the OP means switching the sensor on and off to control exposure time rather than using a mechanical shutter: the Nikon D70 had a sensor shutter, allowing it to sync electronic flash at all speeds, but it caused weird image artifacts under some conditions, and a mechanical shutter still was needed for long exposures. This may be why nobody else has tried it recently. Giving a technology a name doesn’t necessarily make it practical.

      • BBernhardt

        if the mirror was translucent???

        • Bob B.

          Very funny, BB…!!!!!!

    • Bob B.

      I thought about that a little…and yeah…a small lens with that much power… (You can’t make a 250mm optical lens anywhere near that small)…would fit into the whole purpose of micro 4/3’s…”keep it small stupid”. You have a point….
      ..but I can wait indefinitely for any of this stuff… while the people of Japan do anything they have to, to stay safe and get their lives back together. (me ….I would be leaving town to parts more certain).

  • Brod1er

    Ye of little faith! ;-)

  • Milt

    From interviews with Panasonic marketing people, the tendency is to go the automatic point and shoot route without viewfinder for m43(perhaps to cut costs, and because youth are supposed to prefer taking pictures at arms length)e.g. the GF2. So maybe we will get a pink GF2. Probably have one already – in that case the special camera will be a pink G3. Have a G1, and want the GF1 upgrade with viewfinder that everyone is talking about, but that there are few hopes for anymore. Do I go Fuji?

    • Sure, go Fuji. After all, who needs those silly ol’ interchangeable lenses? That’s just an overrated gimmick.

  • Brod1er

    Ranger 9 – I believe admin has already posted comments from Panny talking about their development of shutterless cameras. The Gh2 already has limited shutterless operation at 4mpx. This is the next logical step that will allow:
    -very high framerate
    – smaller more reliable cameras
    – cheaper to make cameras
    – fast sync
    – potentially, different exposure times for pixels

    I think the main challenge is processor speed but this may soon be achievable.

  • What I’m hoping :
    – “L1 like” camera
    – silent shutter
    – sensor with better dynamic range and low light capabilities (better than GH2)

  • safaridon

    My first reaction was oh no, how could they butcher the LC1 look with that small 3D frog lens staring back at me, then I read the caption that this was the “first LC5”! Strange for a manufacture to go backwards in model numbers from LC5 to LC1!

    My prediction it will look just like the LC1 only with EVF hump in the middle and interchangeable 12-50/f2.5-3.3 lens on the front with electronic shutter.

    Must be interchangeable lens not fixed or why introduce two new lenses at same time? Also the name Lumix does not mean a LX5 variant as my GF1 is also labeled LUMIX.

    That leaves open the question of what then is the G3 supposed to be? Seems more likely just just a thinner body and smaller grip and new sensor with innards of the G2?

    My hope is one of these models will be a revised GF1 with in body small EVF(or at minimum GF with higher resolution optional EVF and new sensor) and a larger pro magnesium bodied LG1 model as described above.

  • Joachim2

    my guess:
    non-interchangeable lens 1:2/40 mm;
    extra optical zoom (via firm ware) fixed to 70 mm;
    built-in optical viewfinder with frames for 40 and 70 mm;
    phase detection AF;
    only one (central) AF-field;
    no macro;
    sensor APS-C or m4/3

    • Godot

      I have to ask what your guess is based on, because very little of it bears any relation to anything Panasonic has done in the past.

      APS-C, PDAF, fixed lens but no macro, OVF…

      You do realize that Panasonic’s greatest contribution to camera tech is pushing CDAF forward to near PDAF quality? That one of its other major contributions is pushing EVF technology forward, apparently with the intention of being as good as a good OVF? (It’s already better than a low-end OVF) That they make their own sensors, none of which are APS-C format? And lastly that selling lenses is probably a huge profit center for them?

      • Joachim2

        Dear Godot. I thank you for your remarks. The relation of my guess/proposal above to Lumix cameras should be made clear: it is a “Mini-Lumix” for people, who want a good cheap alternative to X1 or X100. Other people wait for a profi Lumix. That is: Panasonic should present NOT ONLY ONE new Lumix.

        • Godot

          The LX5 fills the “serious compact” category, and the GF2 fills the “large-sensor compact” category.

          Why would Panasonic produce a camera that merges the two, with a fixed prime lens?

          I truly think the LX and GF series should tell people all they need to know about what Panasonic thinks of high-end compacts. Either they have a small sensor and a bright zoom lens, or a four-thirds sensor and interchangeable lenses.

          Also, I’m not sure how your wish-list translates into a cheap alternative to the X100. Cheaper than the X1, sure. But cheaper than the X100? Not so sure.

          Of course there will be more than one Lumix. They announce dozens every year. This year may see fewer than usual, but I’m sure there will still be plenty.

  • Snowbird_UT

    Yes, DMC-L1 body style, built-in EVF plus some nice glass to go with it. 14(all set), 17(f1.7), 25(f1.4), 45(got it) plus 12-50 f4 fixed with OIS.

  • Ceryx

    It’s the GP1 model for professional market. It should ocme with 12-50 (2.5-3.3) and 25mm/1.4…basically a m4/3 L1 with update Lens/technology.

    I’m guessing it will be around 2k like L1 did.

    • safaridon

      I agree it will be the GP1 professional model with 12-50 lens. Note 10 years ago Sept 2001 the Lumix LC5 was launched with raised viewfinder in the middle. Another hint from admin as to the potential body style ie a digital OM or FM with L1 handgrip? Makes sense that Pany would reserve the 12-50 lens as a kit lens for this camera because of its likely price range.

      • Godot

        I don’t see the use of the LC5 image as any kind of hint. It’s just a sensible image to use because it was the first Lumix camera.

        Today’s high-quality EVFs are too big to be positioned in the middle without a G2/G10/GF2-style hump. (Sensor size probably also plays into this.)

        If there is going to be an m43 camera that takes its styling cues from the LC5/LC1/L1, I’d bet the EVF will be in the upper left corner, as the EVF on the LC1 and OVF on the L1. Unless there’s some sort of breakthrough in EVF tech, allowing more flexibility of placement.

  • JustinG

    …with all the hype surrounding the FujiFilm x100, I would hope that Panasonic has to be considering a rangefinder type camera, possibly with a M4/3 lens mount. Perfect for the 14mm and 20mm.

  • I believe Panasonic will put all their newest technology into this ONE OFF camera:

    • a new G3 sensor if there’s one (if not it will be GH2’s).
    • A fast Leica branded f1.7 – f2 fixed lens to keep it aesthetically pleasing. (This is a Lumix 10yrs anniversary edition, no f**k around with different looking lenses.)
    • a HiRes EVF, if not a new Hybrid OVF (like X100’s)
    • a L-series looking magnesium body

    The other two lenses probably have nothing to do with the camera, it shld be a fast prime lens + a super zoom, just to please the current Lumix MFT community during the “Special” launch. (no one is left out ^_^)

  • MikeMill

    I hope it is not something like gold version of LX5…

  • unfortunately i think it’s going to be a fixed STEREO (3D) lens rangefinder style with complete retro styling. still people will buy it in the droves, cos, “you know, it’s a limited edition” lol

  • mister le

    Also leica R lens with adapter the been working on.

  • dko3tgk

    Forget the L1. That thing was monstrously huge and heavy. And the photo quality was not as spectacular as the LC1/Digilux2.

    In a perfect world, someone will come out with a digital Contax G2 or equivalent.

    But more realistically, I’ll take a modernized m4/3 version of the LC1. Same photo quality and lens performance. Smaller and with faster autofocus and better EVF. Preferably sized between a GF-1 and LX5. And I’m crossing my fingers that this is the special camera this fall. I might finally sell my beloved Digilux 2 if they do release a remade LC1/Digilux2.

  • Parci

    Why is everyone assuming a completely new camera? Such a release would have nothing to do with a 10-year anniversary special edition imho, you don’t (well, you can, but it is uncommon to say the least..) design a new product because of such an occasion.

    Expect a special 2000 pcs limited edition titanium GF2 or something similar.

    • RW

      +1 That is exactly what a “special” anniversary edition of a camera is. All the speculation about an all new model or a X100 killer is just wishful thinking.

      • Thomas

        Talk about being stuck in a rut.

    • safaridon

      Well I wouldn’t mind it if it comes as a GF1 upgrade with new sensor and optional higher resolution EVF

    • dko3tgk

      that’s not entirely true. The Olympus EP-1 was released as a reintroduction of the Olympus Pen cameras on the 50th anniversary.

      So I think the admin’s guess about it possibly being a redesign and update of the Pana LC line for the 10 year anniversary isn’t completely impossible.

      Could it be a limited edition color variant of the LX5? Sure, but I’m hoping its more than that.

    • JF

      The problem with anniversary editions is they are all about the past, not the future.

  • BBernhardt
    • Thomas

      Link did not work.

    • safaridon

      Thanks for the link to patent for a LC2 looking model. What puzzled me with this patent is the side view of for a completely different camera than the back view? The side view shows a LC1 sensor camera which can use either an OVF with swinging mirror with phase detection AF or sensor contrast AF while the back view with swinging rear LCD shows what I think will be Pany m4/3 with small inbody EVF. It will be same height as the Fuji X100 but not as wide if patent sketch is any indication and may come with interchangeable lens mount for 14/2.5 or probably a new fast small 2z zoom say a 17-34/f2.5? It could be built off the existing GF1 body only with higher top plate and swing LCD would be great for getting rid of glare. The FT5 rumor says m4/3 model so I don’t think it will be a new LX5 model with EVF but still possible it could be a m4/3 with small fixed zoom lens?

  • the other Rob

    Its an urban LX-5 called the LX-FizzleDizzle.

  • Jadakiss

    Maybe it’ll be a Leica/Panasonic upgrade of the X100 (I doubt it, but I want another camera) and that would be nice….

    I recently shot the LX5 at a trade show, and the results, all taken at ISO 80 on Aperture priority at f2.0 – came out amazing…. (Yes if you zoom in you can tell the difference between much bigger sensor cameras, but at 1000 pixels wide on the web, the results are hard to differentiate)

    I’m really liking my new EPL-2, but I think I’ve just got to the point where I need something with better low-light functionality and a viewfinder would be nice- a new Panasonic MFT camera with viewfinder would be great (oh and one without the stupid GF2 setup)

  • Michael Meissner

    I dunno, I’ve always maintained that Panasonic hung around with Leica too much, and is striving to somehow reach the market of people who want Leica but don’t want to pay the price. The problem is, the market for this is very small.

    I would suspect Panasonic’s bottom line might be better, if Panasonic could actually produce enough cameras to satisfy demand before people go elsewhere, rather than make these toys for the ultra wealthy.

    Just for fun, lets see what kinds of special edition M9’s have been produced:
    Leica M9 with silver chrome body and sapphire glass
    Leica M9 Nieman Marcus limited edition (2 different versions)
    Leica M9 Ostrich Leather limited edition
    Leica M9 Titanium limited edition

    • and a boutique Lumix for anniversary edition sounds a lot more sense.
      They wouldn’t be making lots of it

      Or maybe… selling old stock of LC still in their warehouse with lipstick on it as commemoration edition.

  • RW

    I am not inspired by the sources’ use of the word “special”. They are not saying “revolutionary” or “professional” or “ground breaking” or any of the other words that marketing shills pull out to tout a new camera. Its also hard to believe that Panasonic would be committing to an all new camera body just to celebrate an anniversary when they can’t even keep up with demand for their bread-and-butter models.

    I think the pink GF-2 is far more likely.

  • Apostrophe

    I’m guessing it will be nothing more than a GF2 in a special colour. Perhaps with a nice leather strap and some fancy advertising.

    • JB

      A GF2 with a red circle.

  • kww

    Panasonic will find a way to disappoint. Probably a pink or white edition point and shoot marketed to Japanese teens or something like that.

  • Edvaard Wu

    I has to be a compact rangerfinder like style with builtin HD viewfinder(as good as G1) and comes with fill-in flash as attachable external accessory supplied with camera package, or I won’t buy it.

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