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(FT5) A 16 megapixel m43 sensor for the new digital OM camera!

Image on top: the OM-4t (here on eBay), the first camera with a built-in spot meter.

A couple of years ago Olympus said that 12 Megapixels were enough and there was no need to increase the Megapixel number on the Micro Four Thirds sensor. I tend to agree with them but I would have been happy to see some sort of new “version” of the current über-used 12 MPX sensor. Now according to two trusted sources and a new source (Thanks!) Olympus choose a 16 megapixel sensor for their upcoming new digital OM-D camera. I have been told that the sensor has been “tweaked” by Olympus to get a a super EVF performance. The new electronic viewfinder is really the most advanced new technology of the camera. The sources didn’t tell me if the 16 Megapixel sensor is basically the same as the one used for the G3 and GX1 but I guess the answer is yes.

Message to sources: I always try to double check rumors before to post them. As you can imagine I get many false rumors and I don’t want to make a mess. A particular thanks goes to the new source that send me the name and the specs of the camera. I am double checking it and will post them soon on 43rumors! I have some question to all of you:
1) Will Olympus announce “something else” along the camera? Like lenses and adapters…
2) Can you tell me more about the new EVF?


P.S.: Hope to get some GH3 specs soon too ;)

  • There are some good point above. My main question is: can Oly cameras be used not only as hobby toys, or can they be used as well as tools.

    In some aspects, the Phoblographer discovered that the Pens were good PJ tools, and could even be used for Fashion (in the street).

    You didn’t notice enough I think that since the E-P3 prices have been seriously increasing, and the X Pro 1 confirms it. So what are we going to do with these cameras? Leave them to the more affluent holiday makers or use them to make some money too?

    The question is legit because people make comparison with the 5D II and the Nikon 700 and we are getting near FF results. So is the price justified? One simply would have a lighter system.

    So are we just flirting with the ‘Pro’ tag, or are we really seeing a new gen of tools? There’s some blurriness yet, especially in the Fuji case, but sooner or later the question must be asked, if they want from us such loads of money.

    • BLI

      On FF and DOF: I recently took a picture of a friend (“portrait”; but I’m total amateur) using my 45/1.8 at 1.8. The eyes are in perfect focus. The nose and ears are out of focus, and she does *not* have a big nose. My conclusion: the DOF in m43 allows more than enough control for my use; for portraits one should probably not use the 45mm at full opening. If a more shallow DOF is required, plenty of options exist — what about the fitted Rodenstock f/0.75 lens?

      • Chris

        +1. For portraits that lens should be stopped down a bit.

        I think the balance of DOF is about right with m43. If anything the sensor is a bit too large as I sometimes struggle to get everything in focus on handheld landscape shots.

        I dislike it when FF photographers use extreme DOF on portraits so that only one eye is in focus and the rest is all blurry: it drags the attention away from the photo and towards the marksmanship of the photographer. I know some people like the ‘dreamy’ look but it seems egotistical to me.

        I dislike it when environmental portraits feature a person or a couple with the background blurred to oblivion. It seems pretty solipsistic.

        And it makes me shudder when I hear classic FF sayings like ‘F/8 and be there’, especially when they were limited to relatively low ISOs by modern standards. Being able to get the same look at f/4 seems very much preferable to me.

        Ah well, just my preferences…

  • Alan

    Admin – the OM2sp had a built in spot meter before the OM4. I have both.I really love the spotmeter and would be very pleased if a similar implementation is added to the 4/3 camera line.


    • flash


      The OM 4 came out about a year before the OM2sp.

      • Did he say camera or SLR? What about the Olympus 35 SP rangefinder? That came out in 1969.

  • Zaph

    Maybe Olympus could use the new Canon 1.5″ sensor. :-)

  • Tadeo

    Well, it´s fun to look at the complaints here (really!)
    i have used sony´s NEX 3, 5 and c3 with 18-55mm kitlens and have used Pen E-P1 with 14-42mm kitlens.
    it´s true, sony´s bigger more megapixel sensor looks less noisy but when you look at the detail of the image, spetially on the frame (not so edgy) edges you realize how poor are these cheap optics compared to m43. and the other real photographic functions, the complete manual control is absolutely different. oly lets you work your images regardless of the lens you use or the flash you use. for sony all your true photographic experience is hidden on the menus or automated.
    for me, the camera as a tool is valued for its utility. i like to work mi images and i love great image quality even for the cheap lenses.
    for me the olys are beautiful cameras on the look and on the work. i expect the same for the OM-D.
    i also don´t expect a high end professional unaffordable digital camera (like D4 or 1DX)but a high capability good quality affordable camera for the enthusiasts.

  • If only EVF the change in this new camera and with 16MP. That is close to the end game. Lacking of “innovative” not only cannot draw more customer taste/grow customer to you but in contrast, endanger your future business impact when consumer leaving from you. It seem that Panasonic and Olympus are following the path of Nokia based on the camera released recently of GX1, Ep3 and soon OMD which is far behind from its rivals.
    Gonna to praise Fuji (Fuji Apple fruite? lol..) successfully created segment in mirrorless in classic-tiny-high perform camera again of their XPro1 even thought I do not really like the price $1699. Absolute nce lenses line up. But I know Fuji still will selling well in Xpro1 since Fuji have learnt that in their X100 fixed lens digital camera ~$1200.

    Oh yeah, let’s see how the Sony robot (HTC lol…?) kicking the ball nex lenses. Been heard Sony shift full force in lenses lineup in 2012. By then if this is real, will be lack of one concern to be use by someone attack on nex startup issue  and let’s see how FF nex in encounter rivals move soon.

    • Forbes

      “Gonna to praise Fuji (Fuji Apple fruite? lol..) successfully created segment in mirrorless in classic-tiny-high perform camera again of their XPro1 even thought I do not really like the price $1699. Absolute nce lenses line up.”

      – As you indicate yourself, Fuji could do what they did because of the price. Ask Olympus to do something similar and you are logically looking at a similar price range. Without trying to be derogatory, would you not be complaining if the OM was all you hoped for at $1699?

      • Have to see what OMD to deliver then? Fuji has really proven their sensor par with D700, the price for a reason :)

        • Forbes

          Yes, I think that it is up to both Panasonic and Olympus to step up. Canon’s new G1X might ironically be the standard by which new m4/3 sensor performance is measured. At its price the OM-D will have to measure up.

  • Catalin

    I’m just glad that there is no X in the camera’s name.

  • camerman

    So instead of releasing an ep3 with an EVF they decide to make another m43 camera body shaped like the old om1 with an EVF? And Olympus wonders why not many people take them seriously. Oh, I’m sure they will also be releasing an om lite but without the viewfinder sometime in the future. Does anyone see where this is going? Potentially, there could be 6 Olympus m43 cameras that are essentially the SAME THING, the only difference would be missing features in some cameras. Didn’t Olympus have a om shaped digital camera before? Oh, was called the E450.Too bad they abandoned that line as well.This is how camera makers piss off their own customers. Instead of making a camera that has the features those customers want, just release another camera with more features in another product line…start feeling sorry for ep3

  • nick

    do you know what

    Can someone tell me why Olympus or any other camera maker cant make a camera like the OM4Ti which was an absolute killer of a camera and just make it digital instead of film?

    I personally love slr’s but all these plastic bricks with dials and flip viewfinders just leave me cold in terms of style.

    I kno we are heading that way with the Pen and the fuji x10 I jst wish somone would fill that niche. Perhaps this OMD camera will pave the way

    cheers all

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