(FT4) These are the corrected Olympus camera and lens prices!


UPDATE: These are the price info for Europe I got from a trusted source. Lepidi yesterday wrote that the Black 12mm lens would cost 899 Euro while the trusted source says it is 999.  There may be a difference between France and the rest of Europe:

E-PM2 14-42 Kit €599,-
E-PL5 14-42 Kit €699,-
XZ-2 €549.-
15mm f/8.0 €79
12mm f/2.0 Black Edition €999,-
60mm f/2.8 €599,-

Speaking about Europe…Olympusmarket added new refurbished Oly stuff that includes for example:
Black Olympus XZ-1 Black Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Silver Olympus E-PL2 with kit lens White Olympus E-PL1 body Black Olympus E-P2 with kit lens and EVF

  • Hojk


    Little difference between PL5 and PM2…

  • SuperDupond

    1000 € for the 12mm !!!!, come on Olympus, we are not Milk cows.

    • tomm

      ..obviously Oly needs money.. perhaps for their late corruotpion problems..


      perhaps i will swap to the nex 6 with 10-18 and compact standard lens…

      bye bye olympus e-m5 : it was a short and emotional affair.. but not more!!

      • Mike

        Why don’t we wait until the the products are officially announced before making rash decisions. Also If all the rumors are all correct, the black 12mm includes the hood and a case, right? If so it’s not costing any more.

        • Anonymous

          Other companies always include lens cap and bag (Nikon, Panasonic) or least with their expensive lensen (Canon L).

  • Cufios

    Now we know what was the actual use of the word limited on the lens. Hike up the prices! Seriously Oly, do you think the buyers are fools?

    • admin

      Yes, price is too high :(

  • st3v4nt

    The 12mm black edition price is really a joke :-D

  • Tom

    Suddenly the E-PM2 doesn’t sound like a great deal anymore :(

    • I was really excited on the price of the EPM2 from the previous post. After this announcement I think I will just go with the EPL5.

  • bluebox10

    glad I bought a hardly used panny 45mm macro for 400 when I had the chance…

  • Well the pricing is reasonable – also the one of the black 12 mm, at least from the Olympus’ point of view.
    First, they know that a black 12 (also 45, 75 and so on) will sell. Period. They know that there are people who want a black 12 mm and they will buy it, even for a premium price.
    Second, the listed price is only the start price; if the street price settles down somewhere at 80% from the list price (as usually) then the diference to the silver one would be something like 150.- or so and one would get the hood included.
    And besides I somehow hope that “limited” means more than just being black, but even if it is so if I buy a 12 mm, I would rather look for the black one because with a camera like the E-M5 the look is also important for me.
    If however limited would also mean a sealed version, than imagine how many people would buy it – regardless the fact if they need the sealing or not ;)

    And my personal forecast: if the 12 mm limited sells more or less well, I am sure that we will also see black 45 and 75 in the future.
    I had Canon gear for some time, and I know how many guys hate the white color of the longer L’s – I see a big “rip-off” potential here :D

    • anonymous

      > And my personal forecast: if the 12 mm limited sells more or less well, I am sure that we will also see black 45 and 75 in the future.

      yes, and that will have set a precedent for selling same lenses twice, only the second time more expensive just for a different color.

      I thought it was supposed to be less costly to produce lenses for m43 – so somehow I expected that to result in less expensive lenses.
      If I wasn’t happy with the results my m43 stuff gave me, I’d opt out at this time – but I’ll be very selective in what lenses I buy.
      Oly 12-60 2.8-4 or nothing.

      • SteveO

        “I thought it was supposed to be less costly to produce lenses for m43 – so somehow I expected that to result in less expensive lenses.
        If I wasn’t happy with the results my m43 stuff gave me, I’d opt out at this time – but I’ll be very selective in what lenses I buy.
        Oly 12-60 2.8-4 or nothing.”

        +1, totally. mFT lens prices have to be the biggest con going. The superb FT 50mm f2 sells for under $500, yet the only new mFT at a reasonable price (i.e., under $800, and without hoods or bags included!) is the Olympus 45mm. Olympus has given us a choice, pay premiums for their mFT wares or stay with the dying FT format. Well, there other other choices, Olympus.

  • XZ-2 at 550 EUR is even a bigger joke.

    • Henrik

      Hehe yeap I fully agree. RX100 will be the winner of all the compacts…

      • Sunny

        549,- is ridiculous. If the price is really true, there should be a really innovative feature we don´t know yet. Otherwise it´s going to be the most expensive mini sensor compact.

        • SteveO

          Make that the least sold. Not even 24mm on the wide end? I’ll be curious how they’ve stepped up their video game along with allowing for control of NR. And not so sure 12MP will improve things, have to see.

          But, yes, based on price and features the RX100 certainly looks to kick this puppy’s ass.

    • Mr. Reeee

      No kidding. At that price, why not buy an EPM2? Or for that matter an EPL5? They’re nearly the same size.

  • Mathias

    The black 12mm pricing is insane. Maybe I’ll get a Sony RX1, after all (yeah, it’s extremely expensive, too, but at least I’m getting extra image quality for the extra money, and not just black paint). Or the Sigma DP1/2 Merrill looks interesting, too.

  • Martin-K

    I say these prices are still wrong. 999 € for the black 12mm and 599 € for the better 60mm macro don’t make much sense at all. let’s wait and see..

  • Matt

    I was holding out for a black 12mm f2, but at that price (almost double) the silver, I can see Olympus really is treating it’s customers like fools… (more fool them). SLRmagic 12mm 1.6 here I come!

  • Mft_fan

    Hopefully these are just MSRP? If retail turns out to be prices posted here, then adios Olympus.

    Owner of E-M5.

  • Fish

    I’m not switching to Sony or anything but if this new price is correct, I wont be buying an Olympus body this year. It’s a shame because at the Lepidi prices I was planning on upgrading from my e-pm1 to the e-pm2.

  • Prize is crazy, but they’re not holding a knife to your throat to buy are they? One can always choose not to. If that’s expensive what about the nikors 24 1.4? canon’s 24 f1.4 or sony’s zeiss 24 f2?

  • Anonymous

    Sony and Panasonic will be very happy with this price….LOL

  • Prices for new cameras will come down within 6 months as for 12mm buy silver new for half price or even cheaper buy used….

    • nicwalmsley

      I got the 12mm 2.0 unboxed with warranty in Australia for $570, so they are coming down

  • Miroslav

    Bad news, especially the camera prices. PM2 should be a basic, introductory model, 400 EUR was very fair price.

    OTOH, PL3 is around 370 EUR with kit lens at the moment, so I’ll wait for similar PL5 price drop…

    • You’ll also get it for sure for less than 400.- – approx. 1 year later or so. What was the MSRP of the PL3 e.g. the price at market start – something like 650.- EUR. And the P3 was even more expensive.
      Now the PL5 will be, so the rumor, a sort of a merge between the lines, and the price ist rather the one of the lower one – I would say this is quite fair.

  • Henrik

    Sometimes I wish that admin has an FT<insertnumberforrumourjoketofoolsusall). Would be a perfect time to pull off at this moment. FT8 ;D.

  • It’s OK. no problem.
    but how about additionally original Yen price at the same time?
    You don’t have to convert Yen to Euro, I think. It’s easy thing (search network, then the current currency rates can be got easily). Leave it for the readers.

  • Jerome LaPlume

    Oh, c’mon Olympus!
    Finally they get a huge popularity boost with E-m5, why ruining it with this crazy prices?
    60 Macro is fine, 79 for 15 can be almost acceptable, but 1000 euros for…black paint and a hood?
    And where is the cheap E-something?
    I have paid 831 euro for my E-m5 body only, it’s simply a nonsense buy a E-pl5 for only 130 euro less(including 14-42).

    • Henrik

      Isnt the price for the E-PL5 higher than the price for the NEX 6 which includes a flash and an EVF?

      So, yeah the Oly pricing is silly…

      • Henrik

        Or maybe not. Maybe the NEX6 is more expensive but my point it still valid. I think it offers alot more for the money!

    • Bart

      And who knows what the street prices for those new cameras will be 6 months from now. Comparing current street prices for a camera that has been around for a little while now with rumored introduction prices of some new model is nonsense.

  • Mar

    I’m pretty sure 12mm will cost the same as silver with fancy hood and cap added to the price, maybe tad more.
    What’s wrong with that? Nobody is forcing you to buy it. There is an equally good silver lens for less money for those who don’t wish to pay more for “limited”.

    Prices on everything are jacked up – just look at that crap-o zoom by Panasonic which costs 1300$

  • I was right when I said there would be a price adjustment after people were commenting on the reasonable prices. Whatever the market will bear, they’ll charge it.

    The G5 looks increasingly more interesting than any Pen. Yes, I know, it’s not a Pen competitor, but for a more than comparable price it offers an EVF, looks like it has decent ergonomics, and it has an electronic shutter, which will eliminate shutter shock.

  • Adriaantie

    Lol these are apsc prices. You must be really stu…. If you are going to buy this tiny sensor stuff while you can get good apsc size products for the same price. But this is just the case with all m43.

    • pake

      Who would be stupid enough to buy dinosaur-sized APS-C stuff when you can get smaller stuff for the same price? That’s just stupid to pay more for something that’s ugly and heavy and yet produces similar IQ. =)

      • Adriaantie

        À you are one of the St……id. M43 is not smaller anny more. Take à look at the new stuff from Sony and fuji with superior image quality and handeling.

  • nicwalmsley

    X-Z2 seems steep. They have heard about the RX100?

  • I’m rather surprised about the anxiety for buying new gear. May I ask all of you how many camera’s/bodies you are buying every year? I’m financially forced to use one camera at least for 5 years.

  • Sqweezy

    So much for the $399 E-PM2 kit… Oh wait a minute, this is Olympus we’re talking about… Yup, I guess it makes sense for them to hike it up 150% of what’s reasonable!

  • AtlDave

    Too bad. I was hoping to buy a $400 EM-2 for when my $1500 Nikon D600 was too big to carry around.

    I wonder why rumors/leaks are pretty accurate when it comes to specs but not prices.

    • SteveO

      This almost rivals the pre-E5 rumor fiasco. We need to step back and realize reading rumors sites is simply entertainment with little basis in reality, kind of like reading the cartoon section of the paper.

      If these “new” E-PM2/E-PL5 prices are correct, the misleading lower prices which preceded them have effectively killed their launch, this despite the E-PL5 in particular having a major upgrade in features. But then, there’s that little “460 dpi screen” business that was slipped in…what’s with that “improvement”?

      • Fish

        I am worried that we might be left with a similar feeling after this launch as we had after the E-5, I remember it well. But I disagree that the disappointment was because of the rumors that proceeded it. That body simply offered too little for too high a price.

        And I disagree with the suggestion that the latest PEN prices only seem high because of the comparison to the earlier rumor. These products are not being sold in a vacuum and come purchasing time their prices will not be compared to previous predictions, they will be compared to other products on the market. I think the E-PM2 is too expensive, not because of what someone reported two days ago, but because it is the most basic m4/3 model and the one that should be trying to entice new upgraders to the format. And because it is almost 50% more than what Olympus charged me for my E-PM1 when it was brand new.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if Olympus prices these cameras so high at least I won’t be tempted to buy one. My wallet thanks Olympus management!

    I think this bodes ill for the future of the system, though. With the E-PM2 priced so high, I don’t think Olympus is going to attract any point-and-shoot upgraders into the system. My guess is that they’ll go for NEX in heartbeat over these cameras at these prices. And without attracting new users into micro-four thirds, the system won’t maintain enough profit and momentum to fight with the Canon and Sony money juggernauts.

  • Jorginho

    Virtually all these prices are too high to be interesting. XZ-2 is laughable. In stead of showing us a price in the shop they better make it a sign with an arrow pointing towards the RX100. The endresult is the same: people will buy that one.

    12 mm f2.0 black….I’ll buy a black 12-35 mm which weathersealed for the same price over here.

    THe new EPM/EPL. I don’t think the prices are too high, 399 was great but they need to make some money. I hope Olympus thinks of its customers and allows us to buy the cam without that kitlens for 100 euro less. It will be okey than. With a 100 euro price difference I probably take the EPL5. EPM2 needs to be 499 to be really interesting and 399 without kitlens.

  • dg

    Epm2- total ripoff

  • MikeH

    Maybe Olympus could sell a non ‘limited’ black 12mm for the same price as the silver one or possibly some official black paint for $100-200. Charging more for a color that should be available to match their body color is rediculous.

  • nobody

    An MSRP of € 999 for the black 12mm will mean a street price around € 800.

    Sorry, Oly, but that sealed it for me: I just ordered a 14mm Panasonic lens (new, taken from a kit) from a Taiwanese ebay seller. And I payed € 133 including shipping. (Maybe I will have to pay some extra Euros for tax and customs.)

    If someone is interested, there are 3 lenses left:


  • Fish

    The thing that I don’t get is the people who are trying to suggest that if you factor in the cost of the hood and lens cap, the black edition of the 12mm isn’t a rip off.

    What? That reasoning is absurd. The cost of the hood is the REASON it’s a rip off. With silver you can buy a reasonably-priced hood from a third party seller, but if you want a black lens you have no choice but pay Oly’s obscene markup for something that they should have included in the first place.

    By that reasoning: If Oly started charging $100 more because this lens comes packaged in a cardboard box, would people view that as a fair price – as long as Oly also charged $100 for the packaging bought separately?

    • SteveO

      Frankly, all of today’s “news” is too laughable to be taken seriously. If true, Olympus has managed to take all the good will the E-M5 generated and flushed it down the toilet.

      But take heart, this is a rumors site, so today’s “news” may vanish into thin air come Monday. I can wait.

      • Fish

        Agreed StevO, time will tell. And who knows maybe this latest rumor is all part of Oly’s marketing psychology. Maybe the prices on announcement day will all be $50 less and everyone will say ‘Ok. Thats not as bad as I expected, maybe I’ll buy it after all” :)

  • Maxp

    europeans sucks, U can´t produce any cameras even at this kind of money.

    • nobody

      Why are you visiting the site run by a sucking European? I suggest you go away and never come back!

  • sickasaids

    blah blah blah everything is too expensive blah blah blah. Photography isn’t a cheap hobby.

    If the black 12 mm is too expensive just get the silver. Olympus is doing its customers a favor by making a black version, what other manufacturers make a second color for a high end lens? If you want to look “pretty” with your camera, at least be willing to spend some money.

    • Fish

      Olympus is not doing anything as “a favor”. They are selling the lens in black because they think they will be able to sell more of them. The reason for the $100 increase in price is also not motivated by charity.

      And what do you mean photography isn’t a cheap hobby? Where did the idea come from that it is some sort of elite activity for the wealthy? You might have been right if we were still developing film negatives, but not today. Considering all of the time you can spend in this hobby, taking tens of thousands of photos – the total cost, as far as hobbies go, is very affordable. What’s at question in this thread is how successful Olympus is going to be at convincing hobbyists to choose its cameras over the competition.

  • _Katira_

    if Oly wants to increase their market share, they need to lower the price of the EPM2 , Epl1 ist still selling well, not because people like plastik body or the not very beautiful design, but because they are happy to have good image quality for 220-250 Euros, for 600 you can get the Canon 550d or for 700 the Pentax k5, so I see no point to spend that much money for a camera with few control dials and no weather proofing, which k5 has !

  • Peter

    Both are the new E-P5 and E-PL5 or 4. The design continuity is obvious for me. No mini here.

  • Do

    Only street prices are interesting – to stay competitive, E-PM2 should priced similiar as NEX-F3, E-PL5 as NEX-5R, OM-D E-M5 as NEX7 and there should be a E-P5 with integrated viewinder soon to compete with Nex6 – since Sony is the most aggressive player on the ILC market.

  • JF

    “12mm f/2.0 Black Edition €999”
    This is totally insane…

  • Thurin

    While I can imagine paying more for black, I truly wonder who will buy the joke 15mm. I guess Olympus should track the buyers as it means they would buy anything with ‘Olympus’ on it.

  • Neil

    Truly overpricing product is a dangerous game. It invites serious competition and can damage customer loyalty. Unless a given lens is out- of-this-world good and/or contains trade secrets or tight patents serious third party manufacturers will attack and could greatly undercut pricing and even offer better features. Early adaptors are the ones who will be on the hook. Nothing new there.

  • SteveO

    My question, given these fresh announcements of under-featured (460- dpi screens in 2012??) and over priced cameras and lenses is this: has the old guard managed to slip back in thru the back door?

  • avds

    Boy these prices are ridiculous! Looks like all the educated people who can spell SONY are on leave at Olympus.

  • JeremyT

    Hey Admin, any (even general) idea on when the new cameras will actually be “for sale?” I have an upcoming trip and was really hoping for the PL5, but if they’re going to be several months away I will have to get the EM5 instead.

    Also, good call on the crazy lens cap thing, I’m sorry I doubted you! :)

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