(FT4) The ultra compact camera is a new GX### (three digit number)


A fake ultra small MFT camera design. P.S.: it’s going to be GX and not GL .

A top source told me that the super small Panasonic MFT camera will be part of the GX series and it’s going to use a three digit name “GX###”. While the GF and G series will be targeted for amateurs the GX7 and GX### will be targeted to more advanced shooters.

The GX7 will be announced in late August while the ultra small GX will hit the stores in early 2014.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Cde.

    Huh. That’s interesting. High end all-in-one compact with a MFT sensor?

    • Narretz

      This would be a good idea, but why is it named Gxxx ? Either they are diluting the naming and blurring the line between interchangable and compact, or it is simply not a compact, or it is a compact, and the name is for another camera.

      • Anonymous

        It’s pretty clear that this will be an ILC, not a compact camera. It’s supposed to be a Micro Four Thirds camera, and that means it has a MFT lens mount. There is no such thing as a MFT sensor; the sensor size is called Four Thirds, and is shared by cameras with both the FT and MFT lens mount.
        In other words, they wouldn’t be talking about a MFT camera if it were a fixed-lens compact; they would be talking about a compact with a Four Thirds sensor.

  • Yun

    Wow .. This is something new .
    The small mFT camera rank higher than GF & G series .
    I’ll definitely look into it .
    Of course , the GX7 is my premier target should it meet the requirements . Really hope Pana can feature a sensor that is up to standard this time .

    • JV

      I have a gx1 and would like a smaller lighter camera. I do a lot of hiking and want minimal weight. I don’t need a durable metal body, plastic is fine. If it breaks I’ll buy another (never been a problem). If I am traveling light I obviously won’t be using heavy lenses. IBIS and a 9mm prime would be perfect with this for hiking!

  • Ilkieit

    But such small camera needs more pancake-primes.
    14/2.5, 20/17… ok. but else something wider and something longer…

  • GX? Hmmm. So it will have a hot shoe and an accessory port but most of its operation will be restricted to a touch screen. Not very different from Samsung’s GalaxyNX with its caveats, but much smaller.
    Can’t see many enthusiasts who may be interested. Probably the first and last of its kind.

  • Observer

    3 digit number…

    Following the GX7, it have to be GX007, the smallest M43 spy camera??? :D

    • Phred

      Very funny!
      It needs a provision for an ultra compact VF or it is a spy out in the cold for this photographer.

      • Observer

        The VF will be a google glass equivalent that connects to the camera by wifi.

        • Phred

          Hmmmmm…well done “M”!

          • Phred

            Whoops..I think that I should have said “Q”? LOL! :-)

  • Matt

    If it is higher than the GF and also G series, then it should get a new sensor. That however means that G series most likely won’t.

    • PLI

      Mini GX### is ranked higher than G series? Ouch, interesting :) Is the difference “amateurs vs. advanced users” marketingly linked only with a sensor difference? Otherwise I don’t understand it.

  • kiki

    gx007 sound good hihi

  • B2

    I’m thrilled already :)

  • Narretz

    The last bastions of sane camera naming are crumbling … Seems like Oly and Pana are both going to announce cameras with names that disrupt the current naming scheme.

    Anyway, I would have though that the new ultra-small m43 is positioned below the GF series. How can an ultra-small camera be targeted at advanced shooters, when it’ll probably lack most external controls and other bells and whistles? Maybe “advanced” here means “advanced amount of money”.
    Would make more sense as a fixed lens cam with m43 sensor.

    • Matt

      I agree.

      If this is another body that is shorter than the lens mount, I’m going to throw up a little in my mouth.

  • It’s good that Olympus and Panasonic are launching a variety if cameras, Panasonic also need to push back into Pro video with the Mft mount :)
    Idea for Oly and Panny is to produce for marketing purposes a body cap with a picture of the sensor…I think it would be useful when units are sitting on store shelves?

  • tomas

    not good…I would prefer they make fix camera ala RX100(zoom) or X100(fix) with m4/3 senzor … I would say Oly should do m4/3 fix 20mm f/2 camera and Pana m4/3 fix-zoom something like 12-45 f2-2.8 or 3.5 …then they will bring something new to the market

    • Narretz

      Yeah, I wonder why we don’t see that. My guess is that neither of them can make the camera small enough (yet)

    • Jack Le Boul

      Perhaps they make to much money selling lenses.

      If a m4/3 a la RX100 or X100s came out and it was very good, it could perhaps steal sales away from traditional m4/3s cameras. It is a difficult position for Panny and Olympus.
      To much success, eats away from your traditional business, no success, eats up precious R&D resources.

      • rpm40

        System cameras keep you tied to a system. When you are ready for a new m4/3 body, you will probably buy another, since you already have all the lenses. All in one cameras, on the other hand- when you buy a new one in a few years, you have no ties, and can move on to whatever brand suits you. They want to keep you as a customer, not make the choice to switch an easy one.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    In-body stabilization, yet?

  • MJr

    Huh, that makes no sense. Ultra small but for advanced users? Something like the GX1 could maybe be a little smaller but not much … Where would the buttons and dials go !? With a decent amount of room between them, and a decent grip. Doesn’t sound like a GX to me.

  • Ant

    The X stands for Experimental :P

    • Based on the Panasonic lenses, I think that the X stands for “premium”. The X lenses are more expensive, and “better”, in various ways. The Power Zoom lenses are compact, and, well, power zooming. And the f/2.8 lenses are simply amazing.

  • Anonymous

    This may be an action cam like the GOPRO, rugged but with interchangeable lenses and commanding a premium.

  • Le frog

    Looks like someone is finally answering to my prayers. Hopefully the new camera will also be equipped with a top of the line sensor and processor and a 5 axis IBIS, which Panny, seems to be finally introducing to its cameras? And – who knows? – maybe also a new 2.8-4 pancake zoom to go with it?

    • Narretz

      Panasonic supposedly has 2-axis IBIS, like Oly had for years. I don’t get why so many people are aching for 5-axis IBIS when it was virtually unknown two years ago, and 3-axis was more than enough.

  • I hardly think that the G6 is targeted to amateurs. It is part of the G-series, which you say is targeted to amateurs in the article text above.

    • PLI

      I always thought GF is for amateurs/entry camera, G for advanced users and GH for pro, and GX somewhere between GF and G as advanced premium GF. Panasonic has probably a different point of view.

    • You have to look at the alternatives. The G series is equivalent to Canon’s rebels, Nikon’s D5XXX series etc. They are all made for amateurs.

      The distinctions between amateur and “pro” product lines have always concerned durability and of course price. Currently Micro 4/3 does not have a single “pro” camera although GH3 and E-M5 are not far off that standard.

  • AhYap

    Anyone tired of waiting for Panasonic for everything at 2014?

    42.5mm, 150mm and now the GX-XXX…

    • Anonymous

      Not tired exactly but getting rather impatient for more news on the GX7.
      The sensor quality will be the make or break deal; and pray that they will bring out some fast primes optimized for street shooting.

      And Pana or Oly, bring out a higher quality, faster aperture zoom as a kit lens please – the standard kit zooms are boring and don’t do justice to the cameras…

    • MJr

      Yeah, if it’s gonna be that long then just don’t show us anything yet! At least until you have a specific and solid release date. We like you Panasonic, but damn that’s annoying !

  • Anonymous

    Great news. I hope a better sensor than GX1 but I don’t think they will push same sensor than high end model GX7.

  • Yun

    A cutting edge sensor is a must for GX7 / GX2 .
    I don’t mind Pana to hold / postpone this premier model if time is needed for such revolutionary sensor .
    I rather wait for another 6 months instead of getting something that is not much better than the current GX1 .

    • your wish for such wet dream sensor is becoming legendary here i think :-)

    • Kylberg

      Yun, I support your view: Of Pana cameras only GH3 has a sensor that should not be museumed. Go for a 24 mpix with better per pixel performance than current Oly/Pana GH3! The technology for that is just around the corner.

    • Narretz

      You really shouldn’t have such high hopes. For me it’d be a suprise if the sensor was even a little better than the one in E-M5

  • safaridon

    The FT4 rumor that this new camera will be a GX should give us a clue that its innards will be based on what is coming in the GX7 including new sensor and IBIS. I think it will be be small like the RX100 using a tilting rear LCD, no provision for adding EVF, and m4/3 flange to go with small primes. The triple digits would seem to suggest it could be a small zoom lens but with m4/3 sensor a fast zoom lens is not likely and faster primes would target the upper end. I think a new LX with 1″ sensor is more likely to provide a fixed fast small zoom. Seems the new GX will also be competition with EP5 (sans add-on EVF).

  • jf

    The new camera is GX666, same G3 sensor with improved jpeg engine (Venus 666) and the fastest AF in the world ! Except for moving subject…

  • safaridon

    If this new small GX model will be based on the GX7 body and innards then I think in order to include a larger inbody EVF than LF1 and keep height down the GX7 will place that to the left of a center tilting LCD screen somewhat like the flash on the Oly XA series or Leica X1 and place some controls or buttons along the left side.

    • safaridon

      I forgot to add the new GXxxx would be very similar to GX7 only minus the EVF portion to left of the LCD?

  • Alexander

    The size of the Body is not the Problem – it are the lenses!!!!!
    -> Jackett Pocket compatibel

    By the Way: i like Zoom lenses

    • Alexander

      Small Zoom high end Camera = this is the success of Sony rx100

  • Jakob H C

    Admin do you expect that the GX7 can be purchased immediately after the announcement, or will there be to go additional time before it comes in stock

  • DrThrash

    I hope it does not simply mean:

    GX = pricey

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