(FT4) the next new Panasonic MFT camera is the GM7!



I have been told by a very good sources that the next MFT camera to be announced by Panaosnic will be the new GM7. Announcement in early Spring 2016!

Do you have some special wishlist for the new GM7?

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  • lorenz82

    my wish is a stabilized sensor, like GX8…And, if is possible, 1440p video ;)

  • beerwish

    In order to avoid questions, it should be made clear, that the picture is showing a GM1 and not an early GM7.

    I think I’m going to buy one if it has EVF and 4k.

    Depends a little bit on size and price, but I assume, that GMx is kind of small and in the price range of the G7 (which has EVF and 4k).

  • Rolling Man

    The GM5 is still so new & fresh in my mind…. Why the fast intro of a GM7, reason???

    Maybe this little gem is going to bring forth the era of 20MP sensors into mainstream, for m43 of course.

    • beerwish

      My guess is, that they put 4k into the GM5 because people ask for it.

      It also would make it easy to lower the price of the GM5 without getting to much questions. Marketing don’t like to lower the price in larger steps without reasons and I think the GM5 is not selling as expected because the price is to high.

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        My guess also. 4K. I would prefer IBIS

    • poopchute

      The GM5 has already been around longer than the GM1 was before the GM5 was announced.

  • Kendall

    My only big wish (compared with the GM5) is a faster flash sync speed than 1/50. I sometimes like to add fill flash in daylight, or take macro shots with flash to freeze movement.
    Such a slow shutter speed can ruin images – e.g. ghosting in macro shots where the subject moved and flash didn’t overpower ambient light. In fact, when I go walking I end up carrying a different camera if I think I’m likely to run into macro subjects like butterflies, mainly keeping my GM for street photography. It’d be nice to have one camera that I can use for everything.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Mechanical shutter above 1/500 for better DR and no jello (or global shutter)

    Tilt screen

    Weather sealed

    New sensor (organic seems unlikely, but the new GX8 at least)

    Better EVF

    15mm kit kens

    • Good list. I’d add “allow use of manual lenses without forcing electronic shutter” to the list.

    • bdale

      The 15mm as the kit lens is a great idea. That’s an incredible lens.

      • Jules

        After extensive use, I have very few complaints.

        The lens shade, altho very practical, tends to unscrew too easily in the bag. That’s about it.

  • bdale

    It’s a great camera. But it’s always good to see continued improvements to in-body stabilization, EVF and ergonomics.

  • Kendall

    Forgot to mention: I’d love to have a tilting screen. Using a friend’s Sony RX100III, it was really handy for street photography and getting low/high angles.
    I’d rather not have to lie on the floor, or guess at my composition, because I can’t see the screen when the camera’s in the position I want. Compacts like the RX100 series show that a tilt screen can be added without making the body much larger.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I wish the next Panasonic camera was a Q at $2k

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Or a FF body with a great EVF, Fuji XE form factor, native M mount, 4K and IBIS for under $3k. :) No need to ever make lenses. Just make a great, affordable body.

      • AMVR

        And I want a genie that grants unlimited wishes. Why are you even commenting in this thread if all you have said is entirely off topic ? Go to a forum (a FF one, don’t embarrass yourself even further), open a topic and ask for opinions on your wishlist, when no one responds come back here to talk about the GM series of m4/3 cameras with the rest of us.

        • Narretz

          No need to be upset. This is more of a Panasonic / Olympus Forum than a (m)43 site anyway, so why not speculate about them maing a FF camera? Especially since Panasonic is collaborating with Leica on the Q / SL
          Why does one comment aggravate you so much?

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Exactly. My realistic M43 wish list is below. But this post was called “Panasonic’s Next Camera.” Technically, that might be the Leica SL. :)

  • Troll

    The contents of the GH4 jammed in this form factor – and cheaper than the GM5.

  • DonTom

    Obviously it will have the 20MP sensor of the GX8. What else would it take for me to buy it?
    1) Tilting EVF
    2) built in flash
    and nothing else matters, as long as it stays smaller than the GX7. But IBIS would be a bonus.

    • Yun

      Well Comment .
      Exactly what I thought .

      • Pierre

        I agree too!

        • Pierre

          Well, I must add a tilting screen and better EVF!

    • Tilting screen yes, but tilting EVF ??

      • Jules

        I don’t mind all the features in the world, but one question : how much bigger can it grow before it stops being a “Lumix GM” in essence?

        …there will be some compromises.

      • DonTom

        I have old eyes: I don’t use a rear screen at all. I actually carry my VF2 around to use with my E-M1 occasionally.
        I like the GX7, but it’s really not a great deal more compact than the E-M1. I want a compact body with EVF to use with the Oly 9-18 for travel, and the Panny 20/1.7 for social events. Both these lenses benefit from IBIS for my needs.
        Hopefully the new PEN will deliver if the GM7 won’t. No big deal if not, still get OK images from the E-M1!

  • Dummy00001

    I’d say, GM1 with different (better) controls and handling.

    Some basic rubberized grip.

    Minimalistic controls to offer more space for fingers to hold the camera.

    Make the LCD rims narrower.

    Move more controls to the touch screen. E.g. new live view mode where the preview is in the corner, and the rest of the screen is for shooting information and controls.

    I was very very tempted to buy the GM1, but I have normal-sized hands and the camera is simply hard to hold properly in the hands. The absence of the EVF is forgivable for such unique camera. But it is extremely hard to compose a shot if you can’t even hold the camera comfortably, because there is so little of free surface space to grip on. Considering the body size, I was expecting a greater compromise or different controls – but Pana hasn’t changed it much.

  • Bob B.

    Hmmmm…a redesigned Penn and a new GM releasing this spring….this should be interesting!

  • Kiste

    I’d be happy if it was a GM5 with a higher res EVF and a tilting LCD. New sensor and improved shutter would be nice, too.

    • Same for me, although I will probably buy a GM1 or GM5 “cheap” on ebay before this one gets out.

  • Yun

    Of course the new 20MP sensor top of my list beside faster SS .
    Keep that lovely size and I believe the GM7 will beat that bulky GX8 in sales figures .

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      I love my GX7s and my GX8. I think Panasonic will but in 4K over IBIS. I would do the opposite I suspect they will put in new 20mp sensor to justify higher price. I also hope a Tilt LCD

  • felix

    In body stabilisation would be amazing

    • Bob B.

      I do not think it could maintain its small demeanor if IBIS was added…right?

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        It could be a tad larger I would prefer IBIS over 4K. Which I expect it will have but no IBIS

  • MPJ

    What would finally make the GM series compelling for me would be to release it with a 20mm/1.7iii that has a fast stepping AF motor!

  • All I want is a somewhat larger, clearer EVF, something between the GM5 and GX7. If the camera has to grow 10%, no prob. The rest on the GM5 is fine. If I want more, I’ll take my GX7.

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      iBIS. To be able use some of the light and small Oly lenses

  • Chester Chen

    If it can be charged directly by cable, I’m definitely going back to M43 camera.
    I’m now with A7Rii, no matter how shit the battery is on Sony camera, I can always and easily get it working with my portable power bank.

    If you forgot to charge your M43 or bring the charge on the day you out for shooting, it is end of your story.

    I feel bad that so many M43 users have not realised how useful this it is…

    • Tron

      We feel bad that you can’t remember to charge your camera!

      • Chester Chen

        My EM5ii had gone sleep mode that I thought I was off already, twice.
        I’m not blaming the power save mode at all, totally not.
        I just feel so terrible that when shit things happen, you won’t be able to get it back on work.

        Doesn’t this worth to make the manufacturers to make some changes?

        I was thinking to write a letter to 43rumour suggesting if 43rumour could have some channel to let Pana or Oly know what users desperately want.

        I love my EM5ii, but sorry, I make mistakes, so I chose something that allows me to correct myself.

        If new GM has cable charging function, I’m definitely going back to M43, I give my words here.

    • I can’t speak for Panasonic users, but you can definitely buy USB-powered chargers for Olympus camera batteries (eBay, Amazon). I’ve got one each for BLN (E-M1) and BLS (Pen) battery sizes. Definitely slower than an outlet-powered charger, but a good / small backup option.

      • Chester Chen

        I entirely agree what you said, and this could be an option for me, as an olym user.

        My point is, adding cable charging is not something required advanced tech, that I think you are definitly happy if Pana can put this in their new GM. Especially for users like me, leave M43 because of such stupid reason.

        I really wish I could just leave my new GM in my car and be fully charged by car charger. No worries about the battery life no matter where I go.

        • Or, you could just bring along spare batteries. Plenty of affordable 3rd-party options there, these days.

    • Archer Sully

      Eh, I’ve got 3 spares in my bag. Never been a problem. Now forgetting cards….

  • Le Frog

    pop up evf with higher magnification, resolution, and refresh rate; better controls (like lx100, gx8); new sensor/processor; improved mechanical and electronic shutter and higher flash synchronization speed; ibis; slight size increase would be acceptable, as long as the size stays well below the size of oly pm2 (which, despite its older technology, could fit both a conventional two curtain shutter and ibis).

    • Paul Hannell

      The ibis in the ePm2 was awful – I had to turn it off most of the time.

  • panoasonic made in moldaweiy

    yes.. the price of fine lx100 goes to 399 then 349..and i will buy lx 100

  • I think I don’t need it.

  • Turbofrog

    I wonder why they didn’t call it GM8. GM7 seems behind the curve…

    I’m not quite sure how they’d improve the packaging compared the GM5. It’s a tough one. Having a better EVF likely means having a bigger EVF, so that’s kind of at odds with it.

    A 20MP GM1 with the thumb-dial from the GX1/GM5 and a better use for the top-plate dial (or delete and replace with a flash so that you can keep a small EVF) without growing overall dimensions seems like a good form factor to me.

    • The pop up EVF à la RX100 or RX1ii is a good way to have a good one without eating the lcd screen real estate.

      • Turbofrog

        Fair enough. I wonder if there’s room next to the lens mount / sensor / shutter assembly on the GM1 to fit a pop-up flash.

        Despite its interchangeable lens mount, the GM1 is still substantially smaller than an RX1 II, while having a larger grip area at the same time for ergonomics…


  • Arend.

    There is no need to get ‘pro’ features. If you want better EVF (i have a GM1, don’t miss the evf), need better controls, better flash sync, etc go for a ‘full’ camera. Let the gm* camera’s do what they do best: good quality in a very small package. Having said that, here my wish list:

    Better manual focussing
    Better direct controls
    New sensor
    Better grip (i use the GM1 only with the extra grip)

    But make it no bigger

    • Jonatammm

      RX100 MIII has bigger EVF. If you want them to keep the size the same, the grip should still be optional, as an accessory. I also think the size should be the same, but they can do that and improve some specs, like maximum mechanical shutter speed, evf magnification, exp. compensation dial, flash sync speed of 1/160. 4k or IBIS seems incompatible to the miniature size of this camera.

    • There is no need for a new sensor, given that the GX8’s offers almost no benefit. Since the GM5 with lens doesn’t fit in a pocket anyway, I don’t mind it getting 5mm taller if that means it gets a usable EVF, and by usable I mean halfway between the current size and GX7 size. It’d still be MUCH smaller than even a GX7. As for whether pro features are needed or not, this is one pro feature this pro photographer needs, as I want to use a GM5/7 as a third body in tandem with a pair of GX7s so I can shoot low-light events with three primes without swapping lenses.

  • earl

    hope it has tilt touch screen kitted with a 15mm Leica…improved EVF wouldn’t hurt.

  • Mike Yeung

    I wish GM7 has 4K 25/30p Recording, IBIS and useful flash sync speed

    • Paul Hannell

      This is just what I was thinking & then I see the rumour ! – of your wishlist the only thing I doubt we’ll get is a useful flash sync speed. Maybe we’ll also get 20mp, but the reports of the GX8 so far are soft images (meaning no real resolution bump)

      • Narretz

        What do “soft images” have to do with resolution? The camera has 20MP, that’s it. Maybe the lenses aren’t able to resolve 20MP, which would be a shame. Where are the sources for that anyway?

      • Sebastian

        Haven’t seen any review that notes “soft images”. Which one are you thinking of?

  • cameras like a cat


    • Peter

      +1 (not that it is going to happen)

      Would be lovely to have a small camera with 3 small primes.

      Another wish: a battery that can be charged through USB (next best thing: camera acting as a charger when connected to a USB power source). Great for travel, no additional charger necessary.

  • Eno

    I wish for GM1 or even smaller form factor + 4K video.

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    I would like to see. IBIS for sure. Could be a tad larger then GM5 with 4:3 or 3:2 LCD. I suspect 4K not easy due to heat. I would rather see IBIS than 4K. Higher sync speed. I suspect Panasonic will put in 4K. Over IBIS. I just would prefer IBIS to be able to use some of the lighter Olympus lenses.
    I also would like to see a Tilt LCD

    • JHCCAZ

      Like weather sealing, mechanical IBIS is probably not in the cards for the GM cameras for size reasons. With higher readout speeds, perhaps electronic IS (based on post-processing of multiple short-shutter events to make up a long-shutter event).

  • Mulkaccino

    Weather sealed, full frame sensor, and half the size with better ergonomics! I kid I kid. (But not really…)

  • Mike

    Simple: smaller, sharper, faster focusing 20/1.7 kitted with it.

    I bet the new version will have the 20 mpix BSI sensor in it.

    • Boston C

      so far there is only one 20mp sensor by Sony, it’s not BSI

      • Turbofrog

        Yeah. It’s a weird technological timewarp for a brand new Sony design…

        Panasonic, I think, doesn’t like BSI and have their own technology to try and achieve similar aims. But Sony is all in with BSI and have been for years…

        • TheTree

          You meant FSI? I hope we will see it in a sensor for the GH5/E-M1II.

        • Sebastian

          Other than manufacturing complexity and cost, what’s not to like about BSI?
          I think Sony is starting to play out their strong position in sensors and is delaying the entry of new technologies for sensors that go to competitors. And m43 is a major e-mount competitor.

          • Irritant

            Generally speaking, BSI has more noise due to cross talk etc.

            It’s also less relevant on larger sensors, or rather lower pixel densities. With a sensor the size of an ant’s kneecap, the connecting wires block a lot of light. If the sensor is the size of a barn door, the connections don’t block enough light to worry about.

            I don’t know if 4/3 is large enough to get away without BSI, but as the pixel count increases BSI becomes more compelling.

  • Boston C

    GM5 was priced too high in US, at $900 w kitlens. The pricing in Europe, Asia is much more reasonable, you can get it w the15mm for the same price or less.

  • CN

    New gx8 sensor and repurpose the AF mode dial would be nice, but let’s get real – there is little reason for a ILC to be this small.

    Does anyone else want a LX100 sized ILC? In any case, baring some accident I cant imagine the need to buy another m43 camera body in the next 3 years.

    • Narretz

      The tinyness is the appeal fo the GM line, Panasonic shouldn’t make it much bigger. They made the GX8 bigger and people complained. The GX7 is almost as small as the LX100 by the way – and it’s still a very good camera.

      • CN

        I wonder how many GM owners use more than one lens. It’s just an odd ball to me.

        It’s nice to have choices though. Just appears the m43 size sweet spot is now empty with the GX7 discontinued and it’s replacement being a nice, but much larger tool.

        • Turbofrog

          I think the 12-32, 20/1.7, 15/1.7, 14/2.5, and 45/1.8 are all very popular among GM users and all fit quite well.

          • CN

            I dont know about that. Orange and purple faux leather, a hot shoe, carrying multiple lenses …it just doesn’t add up.

            I think this is a point an shoot for most, a second m43 body for a few others.

            • Turbofrog

              I don’t expect many people own it as their only M4/3 camera, but if you already own those lenses, they would all pair perfectly with a GM1. You don’t even need to carry them with you at the same time, just pick the one that suits the shooting you’re doing that day. That’s how I shoot my M4/3 cams, anyway…I almost never carry multiple lenses with me at a given time.

        • ST

          The E-PL7 & E-M10 still occupy the sweet spot Panasonic abandoned.

        • Sebastian

          I have a friend who’s not particularly into photography and he’s got a gm1, the 12-32, 20, and 45-150.

        • Atle43

          I use the kit, the pana 20mm, sometimes the oly 12mm, and planning on buying the tiny 35-100, and the samyang fisheye

    • “…there is little reason for a ILC to be this small.”

      Au contraire! It makes a great backup camera or second or third body. I plan to hang it on a neck strap with a pancake lens along with a GX7 hanging from each shoulder for doing event work with three primes.

      Could be a little bigger though if that brought a bigger EVF.

  • Dummy00001

    Another vote for weather sealing. And the 12-32 mk2 weather-sealed too. At least splash-proof or something.

    • Narretz

      Not coming, as weather-sealing would increase the camera size too much.

      • Dummy00001

        Less surface – less edges – less seals required. I do not see that impossible. Sealing for collapsible pancake zoom – different story, and mostly wishful thinking.

        • L0n3Gr3yW0lf

          There is such a lens:
          HD PENTAX-DA 18-50mm F4-5.6 DC WR RE

          So we know it’s durable, maybe not as small as the 12-32mm but with shorter flange range and smaller sensor and Panasonic’s ingenuity it could be done.

  • Carl Koslowski

    Better ILC/ tiltable display

  • Carl Koslowski

    and IBIS to be able to use Oly Lenses like the 60 mm 2,8 and weather sealing

  • I’m curious how the GM5 did…
    … actually don’t know anyone that went and got one, or has quite the interest in it…
    I guess it’s just a little above the GF7 soccer mom selfie camera.

    Anyways. I don’t expect an awful lot from it. I had my hopes up for the GX8, but that didn’t really did it for me either. I guess next to really up the game will be the GH5. And then features will slowly trickle down the lines…

    • Kiste

      I was interested in the GM5 but I really wanted a tiltable display in addition to the EVF.

    • c_henry

      I got the GM1, then the GM5. The GM5 paired with the Panny 14mm is a great little combination.

      I have the GM5, 12-32mm, 35-100mm, 14mm and Oly 45mm in a pouch for when travelling really light.

    • Turbofrog

      The GM5 was too high-end for its own good. Not a huge amount of features but packed into a very expensive, high quality little shell.

      Sony does the opposite with good success, packing a lot of features into a cheap shell with the A6000 and A5100. And, one could even argue, the A7, I guess…

    • haelmoni

      I had the GM1, and yesterday I actually bought the GM5.

  • Erik

    My GM7 wishlist starts with: No size increase! This is the most important thing.

    Then I am down for any improvements they can make in mechanical shutter speed (and thus flash sync), EVF performance, and control schemes. I would love to have two control dials.

    I guess there is no chance of it getting the new 20 MP sensor… but I can hope?

    My GM1 is great for now. I will probably think about upgrading to a GM7 if they don’t increase the size over the GM5. Otherwise, I might pick up a GM5 when the price drops (for the EVF). A body-only option in the US would be nice, for those of us who already have the 12-32.

    • Kiste

      It seems much easier to sell your old camera with the kit lens than just the body, tho. Might more than make up the price difference between body only and kit.

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      most will want a larger EVF – most want 4K – and many IBIS – and many want more controls – given the current size I think just not feasible – the Sony RX100m4 can max record 5min and then you wait and wait for it to cool down – in warmer climate you might not get 5min – what is the point in that ? I’d rather have a tad larger body like the GX1 with IBIS – 4K – and the controls of the GX1 – it would also allow for a bigger EVF and Tilt LCD – many also want a grip – just given the GM1 size it is just not reasonable to me to expect a fantastic grip for large hands –

      • Erik

        If you want 4k and IBIS, maybe Panasonic’s tiniest body is not for you? Frankly, there are plenty of options for slightly larger, more capable bodies in Micro 4/3. Why ruin the GM focus on small size? Besides, I seriously doubt they could fit IBIS and 4k and only make it “a tad larger”.

        • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

          True – that is why I only expect it to have 4k – I would rather have IBIS over 4K in this type of a camera – I do own the GX1 and GX7 and GX8 – I love the size of the GX1 but of course it has no EVF and is outdated as far as sensor and LCD res etc – but I would not mind that size – if I got a decent EVF and Tilt LCD and IBIS and 4K – I do have the RX100 and Canon G7X – folks like them and the size – but for an interchangeable I think one needs a bit larger with a bit more of a grip and body to hold on to –

    • Atle43

      Agree, I have the GM1, and i love it, size is the numer one priority.

  • BLT

    I think they will include the new 20mp sensor. And I would like a slightly bigger EVF with the Same 4:3 ratio.

    But honestly, who knows. Panasonic have been altering their lines like crazy in the last few years. Bigger one year, smaller the next. I think it is quite a good trait, as with the in camera tech not moving that quickly year to year, simple updates to cameras leave little to desire generation to generation. panasonic are keeping things interesting by offering lots if different camera shapes and sizes.

  • preston

    This rates so low on items I’d want Oly or Pana to even address it’s not even funny. Just get in the habit of CHECKING your battery power the night before a day of shooting. And have 2 or 3 fully charged spares with you at all times. Problem solved.

  • DomDdom

    I would assume we’ll see all new Pana cams use the newer 20mp sensor from here forward along with 4K. It would be weird to see a step backward now that the cat’s out of the bag.

    I’d like to see a higher flash sync, IBIS and some level of weather/environmental sealing. I think the GM series could become a benchmark for outdoor, travel and ‘adventure’ photographers with the right marketing and feature set. With a 14/2.5 or the 12-32 pancake zoom, these cameras are literally pocketable, weigh little more than a large phone, and could become to adventure photography what gopro is to adventure videography.

    • Sebastian

      Too fragile.

  • Mk.82

    – 20Mpix sensor
    – 4K video with 24/25/30fps even if limited to 10min
    – display removed and EVF added. Everything configured through the EVF.
    – rotational dial from GM1 but make it bigger and more center of the body (there is room as no display)
    – two dials for front/rear so aperture and shutter can be controlled well.
    – No bigger than GM5, preferred is GM1
    – grip in the kit
    – support for a tiny flash that comes with E-M5 II
    – WiFi
    – E-shutter with timelapse feature
    – Microphone In (hotshoe + mic-in gives possibility use it as great video camera)


    Please Panasonic:

    -GX1 size or smaller, but looks like LX100.
    -All manual controls. No need for a mode dial with all the touch features already. Think Fuji X100 series.
    -improved evf. Tiltable like GX8 would be a plus.
    -Tiltable rear screen.
    -Kit with an improved 20mm pancake. 1.4 would be nice. If it has to be shaped like the 15mm, I won’t be mad at that. I just want a faster 20mm, no matter what the size.
    -Lastly, GX8 sensor, NO filter! Make this a Stills-Primary camera! GM series should be for stills!

    Please Panasonic, make it real.

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      Yep, something like the LX100 with m43 mount would be awesome.
      There is even space for a mode dial because it would not need an zoom lever like the LX100.
      Latest Sensor, tiltable rear screen and make it touch!
      I would buy it in an instant.

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      not reasonable to fit many dials in a GM1 GM5 size body – the GX1 is larger – I would be OK with that size if it had IBIS and similar dials as the GX1 – plus a Tilt LCD –
      my feeling is that the GM7 will be basically a GM5 with 4K ( no IBIS ) – it might have the new 20MP sensor and it most likely will have a Tilt LCD – Faster sync speed – higher res EVF –

      • Narretz

        Well, they already wasted one dial in the GM1/5 that has only the focus mode. The GM5 already has another dial on the back, so they could have two dials easily. Maybe even put one on the front, but that might be difficult to operate.

        • Ian

          The focus mode dial on the GM5 is not wasted. It is perfect.

      • If you want a GX1 with built-in EVF, IBIS and tilt LCD, you’re basically asking for a GX7.

  • c_henry

    Better EVF, keep the size the same, 4K, and IBIS. Would be great!

  • Jeff Smith

    Better view finder, IBIS, in camera capability for off camera flash. I shoot stills and very little video so i dont need 4K. Keep it close to the same size.

    I orginally bought a GM1 then upgraded to the GM5 when it came out. I have other cameras but use the GM5 for mist everything now. I would upgrade again if the new camera offers the above.

  • Dave Lively

    If Panasonic was making this camera just for me it would be positioned between the GM5 and the GX7 with the latest sensor. Better EVF than the GM5, a tilt screen, a couple more programmable function buttons but still smaller than my GX7. A more capable mechanical shutter and IBIS would be nice too but something has to go to make the camera smaller and lighter.

    • I generally agree about the positioning. However, the GX8 sensor doesn’t seem substantially better, so I’ll gladly forgo that to keep price down. And, since I also have a GX7, I can do without the tilt screen to keep the size small. Better EVF is my one big ask.

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    to accommodate 4k I suspect it will be a bit larger – which makes sense as a larger EVF is what most will want –
    The Sony RX100m4 has max 5 min 4k video – and then you wait – and in warm climate you are lucky to get 3 min in 4k – Sony had to make the A/7r/2 m2 versions all got a bit thicker to handle 4k heat and IBIS – which I really think the GM7 news so we can use small and light Olympus lenses as well –

  • Augustus

    1 : Medium format or larger sensor
    2 : Interchangeable lenses, lenses must be f/1.4 or faster and the size of current M4/3 f/2.8 pancake primes.
    3 : 4k EVF with 120FPS refresh rate, significantly larger than E-M1 and XT-1.
    4 : Lightfield post focus system.
    5 : 60 FPS silent burst mode.
    6 : 100 megapixels
    7 : similar size to LX100
    8 : must cost under $600 at launch.

    hue hue hue.

  • listen2me


  • Jin Wan

    Keep to a similar small size to GM1, GM5. Add a dash of 5+ axis IBIS, and I’m happy as can be!

  • Ian

    I just want a tilt screen (up and down or just up, not articulated) and the GX8’s sensor. It could be a little thicker for the tilt screen, but no larger otherwise. I would love to see the EVF gone, but a high quality hot-shoe EVF made available. The GM5 is a great little camera. I don’t want to see it bloat.

    • Groucho

      The GM5 without EVF already exists, dude.

      • Ian

        The GM5’s controls are a lot nicer than the GM1’s. Dude.

        • I agree that the addition of a function button and a proper thumb wheel make the GM5 a whole lot more compelling.

    • Looking closely at the test images at DPR, Mirrorlessons and CameraLabs, it doesn’t look like there’s much improvement at all from the new sensor. A tiny bit more rez and a tiny bit more noise.

      As for the hotshoe EVF, I had an LVF2 for my GX1 and LX7. It made the cameras bulkier, snagged on the way into and out of bags, and seemed a bit vulnerable, and since I used it ALL THE TIME, I wound up much happier having it built-in on my GX7.

  • audrich

    GM7 wishlist no size increase size much coz its the most important thing, IBIS and articulating screen also useful flash sync it would be fair enough

  • Dariano Bisotnik

    Any wishes will not and can not be answered. This camera was designed and finalized way long ago, if it is going to hit the shelves next year. They are busy making them (or about to) as we write, but it is fun guessing what will/won’t have.
    On the other hand your replies might give Panasonic some ideas of desired features for the GM9?

  • haelmoni

    Why does everyone want IBIS?
    Who the fk knows how long those plastic tapes with thin wires coming off these floating sensors will last until they crack dry?
    And what if you drop the camera and the sensor loses alignment?
    I like my sensors soldered on thanks.
    We may live in a throw away society but I still like to buy things that last…
    If you want IBIS go get an Olympus…

    • Interesting theory. Have you heard of any actual cases of sensors failing due to IBIS? I haven’t, and my GX7 is going strong after two years of heavy use.

      • haelmoni

        I have no IBIS cameras and don’t read forums much, so I don’t know. My comments are from my engineering background.
        I have a few cameras/lenses I will never sell: GH3, GH4, my Sigma DP compacts, and my Voigtlander manuals. So I am glad those cams don’t have IBIS…
        For cameras that I may sell one day, like my G6 or the X-M1 I just sold, then I don’t care that much if they had IBIS or not, but I’m happy they didn’t anyway.
        I may buy a cheap E-M5 for the weather sealing, to take to the beach, etc, but then again, it’s not a cam I plan to keep long anyway…

        • Jan Bergström

          I keep my Zorki-1 long. No electronic sh1ts to go wrong.

        • Jan Bergström

          I keep my Zorki-1 long. No electronic sh1ts to go wrong.

      • jojo

        There are tested examples of lenses losing sharpness because of IS lens elements being out of alignment, but I’ve not seen any testing looking at similar possibilities with IBIS sensor designs.

    • Eno

      Totally agree with you. Is man so desperately wants IBIS, should go and buy Olympus stuff. The GM series supposed to be very small, adding an unnecessary IBIS mechanism will only make the camera unnecessary big.

  • Dr. Zeuss

    (daydreaming) How about something really different? Like a truly pocket size GM7, slimmer to actually fit in pants pockets, maybe requiring a dedicated to GX7 part in-body collapsible lens (so then probably needing a special adapter for the regular m43 lenses..).
    Miniaturize the heck of it, and they’d own the (expensive) compact market.
    I think the main problem of Sony’s RX100’s is that they’re still not pocketable enough, both in weight and thickness.

    This would need some serious re-designing, and could produce some worthwhile spin-off tech.

    • I’m holding onto hope for a Panasonic LF2. The LF1 was a nice try, but the lens hobbles it. It’s got an EVF and the excellent (for it’s size) sensor from the LX7, and it fits in a shirt pocket. The problem is they tried to squeeze in a 24-200mm EFL zoom, and the IQ suffered. If they’d use a sharper 24-70mm EFL retractable lens and kept the whole thing at LF1 size, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. My LX7 IQ was good enough for 16″x24″ prints, but the thing was too bulky to fit in a pocket, so I’d always end up taking my GX7 instead.

  • I have a very special wishlist here:

    – GM5 is too small, I prefer exactly the size of GX8.
    – GX8 design is beautiful, so please make GM7 look eactly like GX8.
    – GX8 feature set would be much more than excellent for a camera of GX7 class so please pack all the features from GX8 and nothing more.
    – For this rich feature set the MRSP of the GX8 is more than decent so no problem if also the price is identical to the one of GX8.

    I bet the development cost would be as low as it’s possible and GM7 could became easily one of the best mirrorless cameras to date.

    • Eno

      Your requests are absurd man. Just buy the GX8 and live on with it. The GM series is supposed to be very small.

    • Duarte Bruno

      It’s still too big. I’d say, make it smaller. The GX7 size is perfect.
      Make it cheaper too, like 600€.
      I don’t need weather sealing, so that would help in reducing size and cost. I don’t need 4K either so it’s OK if it’s out of the feature list.
      Keep the IBIS and the swivel VF, those are nice to have.
      The development cost would be even smaller than what you suggested. ;)

    • Jules

      I haven’t even held the GX8 yet, I rather uphold my judgment. But it sure looks comfortable to handle.

    • You just need to buy a GX8.

    • Mk.82

      GM series idea is to be tiny as possible, to be the ultimate m4/3 pocket camera!


  • Jan Bergström

    Small LCD compromised for a better EVF.

    • Non necessary the case with a pop up EVF (à la sony rx100 3/4)

  • RodneyKilo

    They’ll probably sell this at over $1000 with kit lens.
    GM5s are already going for $447 grey market with kit lens.
    Would have to be a heck of an increase in something to other to justify the price difference in today’s market.

  • bricklane

    GF7, GM5, LX100… all fine cameras, but all verging towards the same thing.

    Would be great to give the GM5 a tiltable screen while keeping the EVF somehow.

    A shutterspeed dial would be better than the focus mode dial…. focus mode can easily be a small switch.

  • Milt

    Don’t yet have one, but the issues with the GM5 seem to be relatively slight. The EVF is small but works. The size is good. Personally I might prefer a camera with the size of the GF7 or even the LX100, but the GM5 is very handy.

    • Milt

      On consideration, a bit electronic shutter would be nice – or even 14 bit.

  • Anyone else hoping for something between a GM5 and GX7?

    There’s now a big gap in the lineup between the tiny GM5 and full-size GX8. The EVF-less GM1 could remain the tiny camera, and a slightly larger GM7 with usable EVF and a fn button or two could fill the gap as a fuller-featured small camera for every-day carry, travel & hiking, and second-camera duties alongside a larger MFT model.

    I’ve got a GX7 and would like something smaller for these uses, but the GM5’s EVF is simply too small, and the camera still won’t fit in a pocket. If I’m going to carry in a pouch, it makes no difference to me whether it’s GM5 size or GX1 size.

    Things I’m willing to give up for compactness:
    • tilt screen
    • pop-up flash

    Things I’m not willing to give up for compactness:
    • fully mechanical shutter with 1/160 or faster sync
    • EVF at least halfway between GM5’s and GX7’s in size & rez

    Having just looked at GM5, GX1 & GX7 on CameraSize.com, it looks like if you stripped the GX1’s pop-up flash and replaced the rear screen with the one from the GM5, you’d have room for the GX7’s EVF. That would do very nicely.

    As long as they finally move the Disp button below the 4-way as on the GM5.

  • Albert

    3MP 1.0x EVF – 3 or 5 axis Sensor Stabilizer

    • Albert

      P.S. Tiltable screen

  • Andrey Pyatnitskiy

    Would be nice to keep same color as GM1. I liked them more then GM5. I also hope size would not grow.

  • Alexander Tselykovskiy

    I want GM1 with in-body IS like GX8 has. No viewfinder, please!

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