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(FT5) The E-P3 is not the PRO camera and has no built-in viewfinder.


Will not come on June 30th. The PEN with built-in viewfinder (image made by our reader Leendert)

I am finally getting top info from reliable sources. And let me kill your hopes by pressing those words with my cold fingers: The E-P3 has no built-in viewfinder!!! The E-P3 is not the PRO pen we were waiting for. And to be honest Olympus officially announced that it will come in two years only (but you know, we were hoping they would not let us wait that much). The E-P3 is a “semipro camera” and a nice upgrade of the current Olympus E-P2. Those of you that like me were dreaming a Fuji X100 styled interchangeable mirrorless cameras should hope the more advanced Panasonic GF model will respond our needs. Let’s cross the fingers!

One more thing: I am working on many rumors. All I can say now is that there will be good news too soon! So don’t be to sad!

P.S.: A 43rumors reader pointed out that Olympus smallest rangefinder camera ever made was the Olympus XA (Click here to see it on eBay). That was another great design made by Maitani!

P.P.S.: Links to the Fuji X100 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Clark

    fine, but Admin will it still have a dual processor? truPic V+ maybe

  • Miguel

    Talking about the Olympus XA, how great would it be to have a 4/3 sensor fitted to a XA body with the same manual focus 35mm lens and the same aperture and ISO control.

    For low cost it could still be plastic built with that great lens cover and to be radical why not replace the built-in OVF with an EVF and dispense with the usual LCD on the back.

    This would be a fantastic accessible small street camera with simple direct controls and high IQ as the original XA, which has made it a favorite along these decades with those concerned with the art of photography and not the state of the art in technology.

    Who’s with me?

  • peroni

    Dear God why is everybody so angry with Olympus? They will never be the big company you want it to become.
    You want the latest and greatest in a small package? The electronic giants i.e. panasonic, samsung, sony will be a better choice for you.

    • Thomas

      Yeah, that’s why I bought a Panasonic in the first place.

    • napalm

      yeah that’s the funny part. they want Oly to come up with all their wishes when we all know it’s never gonna happen. even Canon and Nikon cant please all their fans despite their numbers.

  • Fish

    Admin, can you give us a hint about the good news? It might help to soften the sting of the bad news.

    Despite the dissapointment of not getting that show-stopper body that I have been expecting from Olympus for a long time, I can say is that my E-PL2 with it’s shockingly good 14-42mm mkII kit lens, is a superb camera for my style of shooting. I also use the 9-18mm wideangle, panasonic 20mm, and the FT 70-300mm lenses. I am constantly impressed by the IQ that this kit produces.

    I often read hear about how different systems blow m4/3 out of the water but when I search different cameras on flickr, I cannot find anything to make me think that I am really missing out.

    Are there any forum members who also have a D7000 or a K-5, or even a FF camera that can post some comparison shots taken of the same subject by their professional camera and their mft camera?

    I am the sort of person who loves gear for its own sake and I would switch to another system if I felt that I was missing out. But on the other hand, I also love being able to get great looking jpegs without having to do a bunch of post processing. And I like the fact that my E-PL2 is small enough that I don’t look like the paparazzi when I am out with my family.

    I posted some uncropped shots that I took with my E-PL2 on our last vacation, here: (but the pictures were resized for web viewing)
    It is a personal blog but it shows some surfer and bird photos that I took with the 70-300mm lens (which performed much better than I was expecting).

    I know that the bird photos could have been a lot better but I wonder if that’s not due to the budget lens rather than a weakness of the mft sensor ? I love the surfer photos but would they have turned out better with more dynamic range? (it looks like I have lost some highlights). The photo of my son’s sharktooth necklace was taken with the humble kit lens, handheld, as I sat next to him on the airplane. I didn’t make any adjustments to the colour but I think the colour and resolution are much better than any kit lens has a right to be! My sister’s Canon kit lens could not have taken this photo; in fact, I have seen the results of her 50mm 1.4 lens and I still wonder if it would have looked as good.

    If there are comparison photos that demonstrate how mft is clearly inferior I would be very interested to see them. But I hope that the comments that have been posted about Olympus being dead are not true… because I think that their camera system is already excellent, nevermind whatever improvements the E-P3 might bring to the table. JMO


    • Thomas

      Hi, I used my GF1 on a couple of trips this past year and got pretty good results, but I do have to admit that vacation photos from my Canon 20D from several years ago do look better. The advantage of mft is size of the gear.

    • juavel

      Of course a good sensor is not for you Fish, if the final format of your shots will be 860 wide lo-res direct from camera JPG´s on flickr you can live perfectly with 6Mpx superzoom camera without shutter lag.

      We all think that our decisions are the best, if we all think that who is wrong?

      • Fish

        Haha actually the final format of my photos is to sit on a computer hard drive in hopes that one day they will be valuable memories. Very few get posted on the Internet, fewer still get printed, and only a miniscule percent ever get put on a wall. But that begs the question, what is your final format? I assume that professionals who need to print their photos on movie posters or billboards, aren’t delaying jobs until they see what the new Pen pro has to offer. They are already well-covered by the top end Canikon gear and I think it would be unwise for Olympus to expend their already limited resourses to take on that upper tier. But what about the other 99% of people who take pictures?

        I listed the advantages that I have found in owning m43, but those advantages aren’t worth it if it means poor image quality at the end of the day. My request was just for a demonstration of how much I am missing out on. I assume that you own a camera with a good sensor if you are able to judge who needs a good sensor and who doesn’t. Do you happen to have a link to a shot you took with a good sensor and the same shot taken with one like mine? I think it is a fair and openminded question. (A comparison featuring a camera priced similarily or at most double what my E-PL2 cost would be most useful as a $5000 body is out of my price range).

        I am constantly in awe of the skill and eye that some phographers have, and I have been jealous of their exotic locations, or interesting subjects, or sense of timing in general – but I have never been stopped in my tracks by how much better someone’s image quality was…? People commenting on this site talk about Olympus’ crappy sensors like they are the difference between stadard TV and high definition. I want to see the difference, just show me where to look.

  • Klaas

    is there any reason why someone should buy into olympus?

    i mean sony has the bigger sensor… everything.

    why someone who buys new into a system would chose olympus is a miracle to me.

    • OlyFan

      Their JPG engine? Their lenses? I know, the existing ones are useless. But I guess my point will hold its ground when their HG lenses are released.

      • Inge-M.

        JPG-engin ? ;-) well i have not problem by CR to Adobe :-D

  • Jumbo

    no.. im not making jokes.

    that´s why you don´t see pros running around using live view on their cameras.

    a big viewfinder beats an LCD screen anytime!!
    anyone serious with photography will agree to that (or at least 95%).

    • Michael Meissner


      >that’s why you don’t see pros running around using live view on their cameras

      Many pros that shoot things like sports use the optical viewfinder. However, anybody that shoots video pretty much needs to use the LCD (and often if the DSLR is in the rig to shoot video, they will do live view even if they are shooting stills at the moment). And I would imagine a lot of the product pros that shoot on a tripod in the studio use live view because the 10x zoom is very help to achieve exact focus. There are pros that use micro 4/3rds cameras, or Nex, or even point and shoots, and those all use live view all of the time.

      There are many different types of people earning their income from photography. Not everybody is a photojournalist or shoots weddings. Everybody has different ways of shooting, and blanket statements are never true when you get down to specifics.

  • morrg

    Let’s wait, what exactly the specs of that new PEN will be!
    Depending on that, the IQ and the price, I will decide whether it is worth an update from my current epl-1.

    The EVF is not the most important aspect for me, the modular EVF-2 is quite useable for me.

  • This rumored “semi-pro” Pen will have to compete against the G3. Olympus will be able to do that with their IBIS versus Panasonic’s built-in EVF. They would be more competitive if the new Pen also included an articulated screen. Each of the two cameras will have some advantages over the other.

    But the real question will be how Olympus answers the challenge of the ever shrinking Sony NEX and Panasonic GF bodies. They’ll need to get close to those body sizes in order to compete. They already have the advantage of having a collapsible zoom (although who knows, Panasonic might follow their lead soon) and if Olympus can shrink the body substantially while maintaining IBIS, they’ll be very competitive.

    • Inge-M.

      I need pancake lens to my Pen`s, 25mm and 35mm and maybe only F2.8.

  • Lars


    you can´t be serious that a LCD display is as good as an optical or electronic viewfinder for serious photography?

  • Lobo

    i can´t see a shit on my E-P2 LCD display on a sunny day.
    so much about LCD displays.

    • Michael Meissner

      There are various solutions to seeing the LCD display:
      1) Get the electronic viewfinder (it is still live view BTW) and you can put your eye against the EVF and block out the sun (unfortunately, the EVF doesn’t work too well when you are using polarized sunglasses and shooting in landscape mode, but I’ve found the reverse is true for the LCD — I can’t see it in portrait mode with sunglasses);
      2) Get a clearviewer. I just got one of these for my E-P2, when I don’t want to use the EVF, and it works very well in the sun. I suspect I will use the EVF much less frequently now that I have the clearviewer.
      3) Get a hoodman or similar loupe that attaches to the back screen and allows you to see the screen in the sun.
      4) There are various shades that pop-up to block the sun. In a pinch you can often times block the sun with your hand.
      5) Get an E-PL2. I used the E-PL2 at an Olympus sales event last weekend, and the LCD screen was easier to read in the sunlight.

  • napalm

    here we go again. all this hate towards Oly is hilarious :D

    let me clarify that the June 30 body (E-P3) doesnt mean this is all Oly has. Admin has repeated time and again that he has rumors of a Pro PEN in the pipeline. whether that gets announced this Sept, we have to wait and see.

    but if you are really frustrated with Oly, then go buy your Sony and Samsung. i bet most people here wont miss you guys :D

    • Mr. Reeee

      C’mon, it’s not hate, but disappointment poorly stated. ;-)

      I think all M4/3 users want to see the platform/system as strong as possible with dynamic, varied and complimentary equipment being released by ALL the M4/3 participants. Of course, not every product is great, not everyone will like every product, but anything that drives M4/3 forward is a good thing as far as I’m concerned!

      Olympus seems to suffer from an inability to make strong moves after good first products and release incremental and marginal improvements. We’re seeing version 1.0, then 1.01, not 2.0 or even 1.5 releases. Even their loyal users don’t seem to be getting the improvements and new products they want.

      Stuff is in the pipeline, we’re told; More and better lenses? Body with a built-in EVF? Fast focus and focus assist? Pivoting LCD? Interface improvements? Pro PEN? More “art” filters! ;-)

      It wouldn’t kill Olympus to give users a clearer idea of what things may appear and when. Maybe if they sent a survey to currentbM4/3 users. I fear all they’ll do is lose sales and drag M4/3 down.

  • Osang

    Never mind the viewfinder. Just fix the noise, the DR and speedy AF in video.

    • michael

      Agreed – disappointment. I love Olympus. I’d like to stick with Olympus. But I need a new camera by my September vacation, and if they can’t pull it together by then, they lose me as a customer forever. Their involvement in m4/3 is what interests me in that format, so it’ll probably be Fuji for me at that point.

      Edit: I wasn’t replying to the person above. Jesus, does this comment system suck!

  • Frank12

    to the guys who scream for a better sensor.

    GET A LIFE… nobody of you can see a difference between the E-PL1 and G3 images when printed. pathetic….

    you are all GEAR TROLL…. not photographer.

    • It’s all gear trolling until you come back from your vacation all the way accross the world to notice most of your pics with highlights are unfixable because of bad DR, and that some were wrongly focused because of the poor LCD.
      Call it gear trolling, I call it being disappointed with Oly’s recent history of small iterations.

      • Thomas

        Sounds like you had an experience similar to mine.

      • + 202 to Michael

      • Agent00soul

        Unfixable highlights is not because of bad DR but because you OVEREXPOSED the scene. Use the live histogram to prevent this.

        • Jep

          +201 Agent
          1.Try to use the histogram, or change the graduationcurve for the highlights (epl2).
          2.Shoot with vf2 and be happy to have a 100% viewfinder..
          3.Stop gear trolling.

      • Inge-M.

        Michel V
        Use histogram ;-)

  • The only true difference I can see is that with a built in EVF and IBIS some of us might have been more motivated to upgrade.

    Like this I will be happy to go on with my PL1 and VF-2 instead. I might even get a G3, or wait for an X200.

    At the 1000 mark price point, all I know is that I don’t want to waste the money for a camera that I won’t keep for a few years. By now I also have a nice range of legacy lenses, so with cheap Chinese adapters it has become very easy to jump ship without big financial loss.

    Oly however should understand that nobody is going to buy the coming HG lenses, if it doesn’t offer a full monty body. That is why I am not losing hope.

  • Boooo!

    Hey admin, what happened to the comments? I think they used to run at 50 per page, now there seems to be 30, so a lot more paging.

    Also, can you please do something about the comment spacing? People reply to the wrong comments all the time because there isn’t enough whitespace between comments.

    • spam

      And the names aren’t searchable

  • Lobo

    @ michael meisner

    read the psotings and you see why your “solutioans” are none .. at least not for me and many others.

  • Jumbo

    go and ask the pros who HAVE TO use the camera LCD if they would prefer to use a optical viewfinder instead…. if they could!!

    look at the frankebuild constructions for the 5D MK2 to make it a decent video camera. with all the loupes and stuff they attach to the LCD.

    in the studio i shoot thethered to my PC…. the LCD display is even more useless for me for studio shoots. live view is of course not useless there.

    the iphone generation of photographer sure don´t need a viewfinder… but it´s 99% (with 1% exception) social illness they produce and not art.

  • 4324

    ROTFL…. sony wil kick Olympus ASS with the next camera models.

    the NEX system is so much better then this minor-upgrade-lets-cheat-the- customers olympus POS.

  • Jude

    WOW mega fail Olympus. :(

  • Pen Pocket, Pen Plus, Pen Pro.

    And on a further note, I have a seriously ill friend at the moment, and he manages to sound more positive than 90% of the people who come here to bleat about cameras that nobody has even SEEN yet, let alone used.

    Lighten up for God’s sake.

    • Ross

      Yes, there certainly seems to be a lot of bleating. :D

      Rumours are not meant to be something one kills themselves over but there seems to be a lot of blood letting again.:/

  • calxn

    Even after that survey on this forum of features uses want?! Olympus comes out and disappoints? Shocked!

    Face it, this forum reflects a demographics that Olympus is no longer targeting. Even Leica diverts product shipment away from North America towards China. All the camera makers are focused more on China’s new crop of first time camera users. Thank goodness Fuji still cares for more experienced users.

  • cbr09

    On EVF all Oly really have to do is produce a fixed lockable robust EVF with hotshoe on top that turns a Pen into an OM type camera to rival the panasonic G-series. Given the rate of development of other aspects of the system there is something to be said for not buying a new EVF with each camera. Owners of the VF2 would also be pleased that this is not redundant as a tilting EVF.

  • cbr09

    What is the exciting new development Admin will not tell us. My hunch is a focussing sensor – ie sensor can move small amount in the axis of the lens and very fast. This would speed up AF and allow rapid AF on all 4/3 lenses. It would even allow fine focussing on legacy lenses.

    This is something you can’t do on a mirrored system and so a revolution waiting to happen on mirrorless. Oly has the incentive to do this because of all the R & D investment that went into those 4/3 lenses.

  • compositor20

    how could it allow fine focusing in legacy mf lens?

    could you explain the idea

    • cbr09

      It would only work if the picture were approximately in focus. If the sensor can move a small distance back and forth then it could move to obtain optimum focus. So what you’d do is manually focus and when you are close to being in focus the system could lock on. If you are old enough to remember FM hi-fi tuners, they used to have a servo system like this for locking onto the station – it is quite a common engineering solution.

      However it would work best with the 4/3 lenses. For them the main problem is that the motors are not responsive enough to do the necessary dance back and forth to focus fast by contrast. That is why the new m43 lenses have internal focussing with small mass units that can move rapidly. By moving the sensor instead to detect whether you want to focus in or out and to get the final lock you no longer have to have such a rapid response in the lens.

      If they could make the sensor movement as much as 0.5 mm and you don’t need very close focus (closer than ~ 30cm) you could make wide angle lenses fixed (with no focussing mechanism at all) which would make them both smaller and cheaper to make. However I suspect that this might make the sensor unit too big.

      Of course it may be that this is impractical for some reason. I was just interested to speculate what Admin thought was such a good idea, was not sure if it would work – but also thought was much better than a special adapter. Anyone else have any ideas?

  • cL

    A typical day on this forum:

    ADMIN: Olympus will release a PEN camera without EVF.

    Poster #1: Olympus is dead. Bye bye Olympus.

    Poster #2: Olympus never listens to their customers. All we want is a camera with 15-zone DR, ISO 25600 with no noise, 1″ thin pancake with f/0.95 and sell us under $500. I had enough, I am switching. (but never did switch)

    Poster #3: That’s why I want to buy a Panny GH2. (except GH2 is always out of stock)

    Poster #4: Learn how to shoot. 4/3 is good enough

    Poster #5: @Poster #4. Only Olympus fan boi would buy 4/3. 4/3 gears are too expensive.

    Poster #6: Olympus must learn how to differentiate their products.

    Poster #7: @Admin. Don’t let Poster #6 post here. He is a business person, not a photographer.

    Poster #8: Why can’t everyone get along!


    • Inge-M.

      And also over 100 comments :-D

    • Thomas

      Hilarious! ;-)

    • Poster #9: Olympus is much better then panasonic because of its IBIS!

      • Mr. Reeee

        Get off the meds and you won’t need it. ;-)

    • Ha ha ha. Nice. I think I’m Poster #8…

    • Ross

      Oh well, it gives us something to have a chuckle about. ;)


    RIP, olympus

  • EvoltPen

    I still like Olympus cameras, but I have to honest and I don’t know if I can trust them. They gave some hope for current 4/3 users how they would move to use m4/3 with their current 4/3 lenses. There is no good way to do this, just adapter and slow AF.

    Now this really start to look that they just copy same PEN and there is nothing for me. Only E-5 is available and future isn’t promising. What after 2 years, do we still get support?

  • MHHH :>

    Well, well.

    Just yesterday, everybody had a problem with me for praising the bigger sensor systems, because being frustrated with Oly’s approach. And today everybody is crying and swearing to leave m4/3 or Oly at least. :>

    I have to say, that I still DO HOPE Oly can get back on track. Open their eyes and reenstate themselves among the legends and loved photographic products as they did so many times before. (I guess, EP1 was the last time, they made a big hit)

    They are a company, who’s products have soul, and I would really be unhappy, if they would be bought up by Panasonic or someoene else BIG.

    So, please, Oly. Read through the forums. See, what the people really want and produce it. The technology is allready long there. Just do it! And don’t sit on your bum creating a lousy stupid EPL3 or EP3 because the customers WANT SOMETHING GREAT! Not just so-so.

  • Schneider

    Thom Hogan, self-appointed all-knowing marketing guru, God’s great superior American gift to the inferior-minded Japanese.
    Always quick to criticize “Japanese” marketing mistakes. Still haven’t shown how your American Kodak, Polaroid, HP and GE camera corps are doing worth a darn.
    As for alphanumeric names, which cam company doesn’t do it? Ok, there’s digital Rebel (in some countries), not that the buyers are rebelling against anything. Following the biggest herd is more like it. Even it has an alphanumeric name.
    Furthermore, ever heard of Lexus LS460? Audi A7? iPhone 4?
    Pen Dad? Speed doubler?(never heard of it before) – these sound chintzy and cheap. Wouldn’t buy them.
    Contrary to your belief, Olympus would not by just fine and dandy “if only the did things the TH way”.
    If your talents are so great, why not use them to help the great American tax cheat ($14 billion in profits, $0 in taxes!) GE get their laughable mirrorless off the ground?
    Olympus is doing just fine in comparison, with exciting products in the pipeline.

    • Wow, you got some serious BS post there, way wrong attitude

      • Mr. Reeee


        • sderdiarian

          This is usually a respectful and fun forum, time to curb this kind of attack nonsense, admin.

    • > Always quick to criticize “Japanese” marketing mistakes. Still haven’t shown how your American Kodak, Polaroid, HP and GE camera corps are doing worth a darn.

      There are no American camera companies for the most part. Kodak and HP are in the process of getting out of the business, Polaroid and GE are mostly just brand names, not engineering organizations. I suppose RED is an American camera company, but they now appear to be mostly targeting Hollywood, where the Buddy System marketing approach works fine.

      > As for alphanumeric names, which cam company doesn’t do it?

      Ah, the “they all do it” defense. Not really a defense. It’s a justification, at best. Marketing is partly about making your products stand out, so by doing the same thing everyone else does…

      > Furthermore, ever heard of Lexus LS460? Audi A7? iPhone 4?

      Don’t get me started on Lexus. I couldn’t tell you which product is which from it’s name. Is it a faux SUV, a car, a hybrid, low-end, high-end? Don’t know from the name (yes, I know that S is car and X is SUV, but I actually had to go doublecheck their Web site to make sure that this was correct, proving my point about confusion). The other two you mention use something that’s a little more consistent and easier for a customer to understand. Audi uses the number to tell you the class level of the product. Apple uses the number to tell you the generation of the product. Both things are slightly easier for a customer to come to grips with.

      > Contrary to your belief, Olympus would not by just fine and dandy “if only the did things the TH way”.

      I don’t believe I’ve ever said “do it my way and you’ll be fine and dandy.” I’ve simply pointed out the flaws in their existing marketing and the fact that they have all fallen into basically the same marketing traps. Moreover, things that I would have them do were I in charge of their marketing are not “the TH way,” they are the way I learned in MBA school and in working in the high-tech industry for nearly 30 years. They are the ways of others that I’ve learned work. I suspect you’ve worked zero days in marketing.

      > If your talents are so great, why not use them to help the great American tax cheat ($14 billion in profits, $0 in taxes!) GE get their laughable mirrorless off the ground?

      Well, here you prove that you’re not paying any attention at all. Perhaps you missed the “GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company and is used under license to: General Imaging Company.” It’s not actually GE that’s producing a camera. For some bizarre reason they licensed the GE trademark logo to a startup camera company. A startup that licenses hardware designs from yet another company.

      > Olympus is doing just fine in comparison, with exciting products in the pipeline.

      You make two contentions here:

      1. Olympus is doing fine. Overall as a company, perhaps. But in the Imaging Division not by their own admission in their financial reports to shareholders and their interviews with Japanese business press. Imaging is the weak link in Olympus and has been for several years now, to the point where it is becoming a distraction.

      2. Exciting products in the pipeline. Excellent. Care to share that information with the rest of us? Oh, right, you don’t have any such information, you’re guessing based upon reading some rumors here. But let’s give you the benefit of the doubt for a moment and assume that you’re, oh, say an Olympus employee with actual knowledge of upcoming products. If that were the case, you’ve just revealed that you know nothing about a competitor (GE), that you think that following the herd is okay, that the losses your division has been accruing are “fine”, and that your ability to carry on a debate without name calling, with clear arguments, and relevant factual information is nil. Which would make your assertion at the end also fall short.

      The funny thing is that some people seem to think that criticism implies condemnation. It does not. Criticism can and should lead to better products. The E-P2, E-PL1, and E-PL2 were not in sum, better products. What I know about the one of the coming Pen models forces me to guess that it, too, is not a significantly better product. At what point do we just get disheartened and expect nothing better, just repackaged sameness?

  • i just hope there is at least 3 primary dials fpr adjustments,a much smaller body and high resolution lcd hope will have resolution of 960pixels by 540pixel

  • on a side note, i find it interesting with all the talk about 4/3 being a dead system, that they are still selling out of SHG lenses at B&H, and that the SHG are getting re-stocked as well.

    people are still buying the SHG lenses, and they are still being produced. if the system was so dead, why is this happening?

    the E-5 must be popular, and was enough reassurance for people to buy SHG lenses…it was for me.

    • Thomas S

      I think SHG lenses are also very popular with video people (using AF-100, GH-2, etc.). The Fukushima disaster surely didn’t help to improve availability either.

      • Don’t think Fukushima significantly changed things for Olympus’ lens supply, other than perhaps some power disruptions now.

        But your other comment is to the point: the AG-AF100 and GH2 used as a video camera has caused a small run on fast, quality glass. While you can put PL primes on those bodies, that really only covers a widish normal to moderate telephoto range. There’s no real fast wide to telephoto zoom solution nor fast long telephoto solution short of going to other mounts. At least the 4/3 adapter gives you a shot at AF (useful for initial acquisition, then use manual pull focus).

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Compared to E-620 and above 4/3 DSLRs all current m4/3 bodies are unergonomic fashion toys so for those not needing video there’s no reason to downgrade.
      And very few of better 4/3 lenses have anything equal in m4/3.

    • Nathan

      I would absolutely kill for a 35-100 f2 so I can relate.
      I am running an E-30 right now, and I always skip a generation due to budget reasons, so if they build an E-6 I’ll buy that but can’t justify the 1600 bucks for a single generation of improvement to sharpness and one more “art” filter.

      Lenses, on the other hand, I’m buying if they’re selling.

      • Inge-M.

        Way by E-50, maybe come soon in year

  • Low Budget Dave

    The big advantage to MFT is smaller lenses. Everything else is optional. If Oly built in everything I want in a camera, it would be the same size as a Nikon D3100. You have to cut size somewhere, or you will end up with a slightly inferior D3100.

    Instead, Oly built the XZ1 and the EPLs to blow away the Nikon P300 and the Panny GF2, and they do so, depending on how much you want to carry around, and how much you are willing to fiddle with the focus.

    If your marketing philosophy is “best IQ for the size and money”, then building in an EVF would be playing on someone else’s playing field.

  • Bobak

    FYI – Olympus has reps on their Facebook answering questions and taking comments every Thursday from Noon to 1pm (not sure if its Pacific STD or Eastern US). Search “get Olympus”. Might be a great place to voice concerns or ask questions about their “road map”.


  • How did I miss this post? While this is really sad because I had huge hopes for a rangefinder-style Pen, I’m now all in for a G(F)3 (despite lack of IBIS — which is a shame), waiting for a next iteration of the Pen serie… in some years, if it ever happens.

    Or I could just sell some m43 lenses I don’t use much and buy a x100, because I really love its factor and IQ from the pictures taken with it I see there and there.

    As a side note, it’s a bit amazing and sad how a company such Oly isn’t listening to user comments nor watching market trends. Oh well.

  • Daniel PS

    I shot so many great shots with the E-p1 .. i really only did miss a viewfinder. An E-p2 with aditoinal viewfinder was never an alternative unfortunately as you can not put a pocket wizzard on the same time.. nor any other flash.

    I did try to use something called digifinder but the low resolution of the pen display makes it even impossible that way.

    Shame. The pen series was for me something nice. A mix retro with exactly what i need when i shoot some editorials or other projects. A viewfinder would have made it complete.

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