(FT4) Small image piece of the OM camera (very unclear).


This is very likely the first REAL very small piece of image of the camera logo. I ask the anonymous source if he can send me another image where we can see just a bit more of the camera. Not the whole camera just a tiny bit more :) Oh and one more question: Is the dynamic range increase a result of the Olympus own designed sensor? Thanks!

Rumor correction: max ISO is 25.600 and not 25.800. Plus I have been told there are plenty of nice knobs/wheels on top of the camera, more than on the E-P3 and more or less like on the older OM cameras.

One more thing: The Japanese website Sankei (Click here) confirms the launch of the Olympus OM camera and writes that the camera+kit lens will cost a above $1000. What I don’t understood is if they got the news from their sources or via 43rumors? :)

  • Kaloksi

    More and more eager to get a hold on this camera. This will be the one that will make me change from Canon EOS system to 4/3.

  • OM-D is good, but a m43 Olympus Flex D would have been better ;-)
    But perhaps we get all the old camera systems of Olympus in digital version at some time..

  • Pedro del Río

    ” Plus I have been told there are plenty of nice knobs/wheels on top of the camera, more than on the E-P3 and more or less like on the older OM cameras.”

    I even heard that they kept the film advance and rewind knobs.

    • admin

      not film advance and rewind knobs of course :)

      • admin

        Look at the Fuji X PRo 1 kind of controls.

        • Forbes

          That’s what I would like to see. Controls like the Fuji and the advantages of the m4/3 system. Will have to evaluate my finances I think.

        • Bob B.

          Controls like a Leica M9 perhaps…hey…if Olympus wants to go retro… they should go retro!

          • MJr

            You can call it retro, but i call it maximum control.

            • Bob B.

              oh…I think it is a good thing..less menus is always better.

              • MJr

                Just making sure ;)

  • napalm

    that’s the OM-D logo above the grip, I suppose?

    • admin

      Looks like so. But I really have to find a better pic :)

      • P

        What is it in the top right corner? Looks like the picture was cropped from somewhere. Perhaps from a pdf maybe? Thats why the pixelated image.

        Are you sure this is a real picture? Someone might have taken the logo registered in Germany and photoshopped it on an old camera. Just another guess.

        • admin

          I have the “feeling” it’s true :)

        • I think the is IR light for AF, so on E-P3.

      • Pieter Molenaar

        OM-D is not the name of the new Olympus-camera. The picture is fake.

  • juanko

    The design camera is very ugly ;-p

  • Frank.B

    Wow. Looks superb. Most beautiful camera i have seen. :-)

    • admin

      Yeah! The nice from the picture is that you can imagine the rest of the camera like you want :)

      • admin

        Seriously, I posted this because it was the only way for me to contact that source!

        • Frank.B

          i know what you mean. Thanks for your efforts.

  • P

    I dont think a lens will be included at 1000 $ or even slightly more considering that the new lens itself cost 400$. That would make the price of body less than the E-P3. I would predict the cost with lens about 1300€-1400€ (1400$-1500$)

    • bilgy_no1

      Well, the standard 14-42mm kit lens is listed seperately for €229 or something like that. So, the new kit lens might add €200 to the body-only price. Maybe only even €100.

    • Rich

      Yes, but bear in mind that you can currently buy an Oly 14-42 IIR for £330 (RRP) on it’s own or £550 (RRP) with an E-PL3. That doesn’t mean that the body only price of an E-PL3 would be £220…

      • bilgy_no1

        That’s not what I said. The Eur 399 list price of the 12-50mm doesn’t mean that the new combo costs the price of the camera + 399.

  • Is there any posibility it migth be a FUJI sensor like the one in Fuji X-1 Pro ?

    • admin


      • Quelo

        …altra telefonata.

  • Oliver

    They wirte: “Prices are expected to more than $ 1,000 with lens.”

    I can´t read anything about “a little bit more than $ 1,000”

  • How much I love these two letters together (OM). Yesterday I grabbed my old OM-1 in anticipation to the new camera.

  • TheEye

    Stunning design. I’m pre-ordering. Wait a second… only 25.600 ISO? That’s a deal breaker.

  • There seems to be leatherette at the bottom of the picture.
    In the lower right corner a tiny part of the lens mount is visible.
    Above the leatherette, a black moulding that curves outwards, towards the grip. Probably the leatherette follows this curve too.

  • Jón

    Well done, Olympus marketing…

    /yes, I’m a cynic. :)

  • Shanti

    the One clue ..know wrong post but maybe it means Optical ‘n EVF ???

    • Keith

      Means a staggering ONE stop bracketing (like the Pen series)…

  • Interested to know if this will use existing 4/3 lenses and whether the AF will function properly…?

  • Not to sound ungrateful, but this post is of no real value… I mean, Fuji X-Pro1, at least their marketing department “leaked” some prototype camera and some convincing mock-ups, not a lousy close up of a close up.

    Please don’t post pixelated OM-D logos again, doesn’t really help at all!

  • Bob B.

    As far as the photo goes…I have nothing to say as there is nothing to look at. What is this nonsense? Its just silliness.

    • Mike

      You should not post, if you have nothing to say ;-)

      • Bob B.

        Hey Mike…you should not tell me what I should be doing. ;-)

    • Rich

      As admin said “Seriously, I posted this because it was the only way for me to contact that source!”

      • Fair enough, disregard my previous post…

      • Droboe

        I will take anything, I love to watch speculation…

    • MJr

      Nothing to look at ? It shows the curve of the grip, and it shows that there will be an all black body indeed. Just a nice image to go along with a few corrections, starting a new topic, keeping the mill going, and proof that we are really close now. Almost as if it’s going exactly like Oly wants. ;)

  • Sören

    Every day one puzzle piece more.
    Thats the craziest rumor period so far :D

    • admin

      I would love to have the full pic now….not just small puzzles :)

  • Camaman

    This type of marketing is directed at only us “special selves” Us 20.000 that roam around looking for rumors! :-)

    Lool! Its nice to know they care. And we ask for so little attention and give buck such wonderful hype! :-)

  • Droboe

    I hope it has the OM1 power on off switch , that would be cool.

  • flash

    Looks like a picture above the grip of a OM-40; when I first looked at it.

    That would be OM-PC for the Yanks. http://www.flickr.com/photos/timmythesuk/207815457/in/photostream/

    In my mind the OM-PC was the last manual focus OM; It also had a much better build then any of the other 2 digit OMs. Thought the 3 digits were weird and the 2000 was a generic camera which happen to have a OM mount.

    But what is up with the upper right corner? and the lower one for that matter.

    • Lower Right could be a part of the lens-mount. One cannot be sure.
      The Upper Right part, however, is DEFINITELY NOT part of the camera.
      Upon closer inspection it looks like (if we believe it’s authentic) cropped from a pdf or manual or whatever… and this is part of a description bubble or something similar. It just cannot be a part of the camera.

  • Keith

    I’d say fake on this one, as the jpeg compression artifacts are muich wider around the logo to the line of the grip. Ok, there is greater contrast and probably greater sharpening artifacts, but I’d say it don’t match up…

  • Will

    Not too eager to find out. Just show us the actual camera when it’s done. Keep these nonsense, just the logo, means nothing, kind of pictures to yourself (Olympus).

    No offense to admin, you’ve done a great job to break out these stuff to us as always.

  • Admin,

    Some news about the primes they are developing for M4/3 ?

  • safaridon

    Possible clues from the small image piece? First from the front it may look from the front like the GX1 with its grip but add an EVF in the middle? If matching with photo of GX1 and curvature of the lens one can conclude a similar type grip with side height of camera body a little higher judging from the size and location of the OM-D logo and IR light?

    I would rather have some small pieces of clues than nothing at all.

  • Dannecus

    This is great fun, I am coming to the 43 Rumors site several times each day for little updates like this. I agree it’s pointless, but then speculation on forums like this is largely pointless and great fun!

    Admin, thanks for posting this, really enjoying the site and all the carefully managed hype about the up coming OM-D

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