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(FT4) Panasonic LX5, GH2, GF2, AG-AF100 and one more surprise?


Few days ago we told you what could come next from Olympus. In the meanwhile some of our sources confirmed our Olympus camera roadmap. Now the question is: What’s coming from Panasonic?

Let’s start with the most reliable rumors:
1) The Panasonic GH2 will be unveiled at Photokina. New sensor design, more megapixel (14?), 1080/50-60p, AVCHD 24Mbit/s.
2) We are also almost certain that the Panasonic LX3 successor (the LX5?) will be announced at Photokina. It will not use the interchangeable MicroFourThirds mount.
3) The Panasonic AG-AF100 m4/3 camcorder will be ready for the market by end of the year (certainly not at Photokina!)

And here the rumors we recieved from good sources but that still have to be confirmed by other sources:
1) The Panasonic GF2 will not come at Photokina! According to our source it will be announced by end 2010/early 2011. I was told that this is the current roadmap form Panasonic but may the competition will force Panasonic to release the camera earlier than expected. The GF2 will have a built-in Viewfinder (read our detailled GF2 rumor)!
2) Panasonic is also working on a ultr-slim m4/3 camera. But we do not have any concrete idea when it will be announced :(

In summary:
– no new camera until Photokina
– GH2 and LX5 almost sure to come at Photokina
– Panasonic is working on two GF cameras. Both could be announced after Photokina (or announced at Photokina but available later)
– new lenses like the 14mm f/2.5 will be announced in June-July (also before Photokina)

Contact me at to confirm/complete the roadmap!

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