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(FT4) Panasonic is working on a lens with powerzoom!


The image on top shows a Micro Four Thirds camera prototype from Panasonic (Source: Egami). But what is also interesting is that zoom lens mockup. One of my very good sources told me that Panasonic is indeed working on a Micro Four Thirds zoom with motorized zoom. I am not sure how that will work but there will be  probbly a button on the lens to move the zoom. Maybe that new feature is the reaosn for the 12-50mm f/2.5 lens delay? We still hear that the lens will be announced in late 2011 early 2012. If true this would become the perfect lens for video shooters and will put Panasonic on the top of the HDSRL war against Sony and Canon! Imagine that the [shoplink 16254]GH2[/shoplink] or [shoplink 16841 ebay]AG-AF100[/shoplink] with the 12-50mm f/2.5 lens! Amazing or not?

The currently only optimized video lens is the [shoplink 14802 ebay]Panasonic 14-140mm[/shoplink] (but it has no powerzoom!). Check the lens price at [shopcountry 14802].

Check the links of the two best Panasonic videocameras:
– The GH2 at [shopcountry 16254].
– The AG-AF100 (101) at [shopcountry 16841].

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