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(FT4) Panasonic G3 and new lens release in late April


According to last minute rumors we got from our trusted sources the new Panasonic G3 will be announced in late April. Earlier rumors “speculated” with a release in late March/early April. For some reasons (earthquake?) the announcement has been delayed for a few weeks. We have been told the G3 will be in Stock in May. Take that rumor with a grain of salt even if it is coming from our very good sources. The recent earthquake disaster could change everything again and of course this doesn’t matter right now. It’s by far more important that Panasonic and Olympus employees can have the time to overcome the shock. And It’s so good to know that no Panasonic/Olympus employee has been hurt!

P.S.: The 25mm f/1.4 should be announced along the G3 but unlike the Four Thirds version the lens will not be Leica branded and cost a little bit less ($700 instead of $850).

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • I’m afraid the real impact to Oly/Pana would be not a direct earthquake hurt but just expected strong power shortage for whole Japan

    • Miroslav

      Since most camera manufacturers are Japan-based, I presume there will be a mild slowdown in camera announcements in the next couple of months. Not because of R&D halt, but because the production has been / will be stopped in many factories.

      P.S. Thanks for the edit function, admin!

  • I thought all pen series are made in China, some panasonic models too?

    • safaridon

      I read somewhere that GF2 amoung others is being manufactured in China while the G3 is going to be produced solely in Japapan as is the GH2 I believe? I think there is more of a problem in expanding production to meet demand from the Japanese plants while many new factories are being created in China in contrast.

      I would have thought due to the earthquake and sunami there would be a delay in the production not announcement of new model but then most in Japan have much more urgent matters on their hands right now.

      • spam

        It says “Made in China” on the bottom of GH2, and “Made in Japan” on the 14-140 lens.

      • Miroslav

        I suppose some parts are made in Japan. Like sensor, battery etc. And if any of those cannot reach factories where the cameras are assembled, the production will suffer. One of those closed Panasonic plants produces batteries.

  • Anentropic

    Can someone clue me in: what is the role of the G3 in the Panasonic range? GF2 is compact, GH2 not compact but specialises in video(?)… G3 is what – high-end? low-end? not compact?

    • spam

      G2 was a dumbed down GH1, I’d expect G3 to be a dumbed down GH2. I assume Panasonic do this for marketing reasons. Just lowering the price slightly on GH2 and sell a lot more would make sense to me, but I guess they like to think they have a competetive model in the prosumer class (and they have on video, but not really on stills). And then they av to have an entry level model too.

      Rumors say G3 will be less like GH2 than G2 is GH1 and altough that might be true I expect G3 to be a lower specced version of GH2 inside. Maybe only mono mic (like G2), no multiformat sensor and possibly lower bit rate video (but still Full HD). They might also go for the cheap viewfinder from G10 and maybe a fixed LCD to save some $.

      • Miroslav

        In other words, G3 should be stills-orientated, while GH2 is video-orientated camera in Lumix G series. GF2 is entry-level model.

        • spam

          I wouldn’t expect G3 to be more stills orientated than GH2. I think it’s more likely that it has less of everything. Hope I’m wrong though.

        • pdc

          So being stills-oriented the new sensor is not likely to be oversize
          to support multiple aspect ratios? Hopefully standard 4/3 size and maximum 14mp with better lightwell performance than the GH2 sensor.

      • Anentropic

        ok, yeah I looked at the G2 specs online and it looked like a GF1 in a GH1-sized body. which might be the worst of both worlds? unless you really like the fold-out screen and don’t care about video or something.

        this is not very exciting then…

  • GreyOwl

    Panasonic G1 was made in China and the 14-45mm lens was made in Japan.

  • vixen

    My GF2 and its 14mm F2.5 label said ” made in Japan”. I am so surprise they can still release new products now.

    At this point, I just hope all people in Japan are safe, and I really very much so don’t mind to wait for more time. God bless them and may the victims rest in peace.

  • Michael Devitt

    Wise words, Admin. This post shows you have good sense of observing to see what is really important here: people. Good eye of a photographer.

  • The real disaster is yet to come. If they don’t get their nuclear power plants under control, Japan may have problems they will not be able to solve ever.

  • kato

    With a a new sensor, I’m hoping the G3 will have better high ISO performance and a more “serious” form factor. If they keep the video performance capped, it shouldn’t steal too many customers from the GH2.

  • Dear admin,
    Thank you for the donation-link to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS and the REDCROSS on and your wise words!
    I am very happy that you have spontaneously developed our forum from an interesting rumor-web-page to an instant care platform in these hard days!
    Hats off!

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