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(FT4) Panasonic announcement on April 9th!


According to multiple sources there will be a Panasonic announcement on April the 9th! Both, the new GF and new G camera could be announced on the same day. Both, the new GF and the G will be slightly bigger than the GF5 and G5 predecessors. I still have no final specs but I have been told the build quality and ergonomic feeling is of a more “higher level“.

If it is true that both camera will be announced the same day than we can expect a third new (MFT?) camera on late April when we will have the next Panasonic announcement! Let’s hope this is finally the GX successor. Or would you prefer something else? :)

And keep in mind that also Olympus will announce the new PEN and likely a new fast zoom by end of April!

I hope other sources can soon confirm the April 9th date. Meantime mark the date on your calender and follow 43rumors on facebook (Click here to subscribe) and twitter (Click here to follow us) to not miss any of the upcoming rumors!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • ‘Both, the new GF and the G will be slightly bigger than the GF5 and G5 predecessors. I still have no final specs but I have been told the build quality and ergonomic feeling is of a more “higher level“.’


    • Hi kesztió, you’ve got the G3, right? What are your reasons to upgrade your current gear to upcoming G7? Just curious, thanks for reply :-)

      • First of all, ergonomical things, like small grip, just 2 programmable buttons, small push-and-turn dial, no virtual touchpad, no eye sensor and so on.
        Second: an increase of focus speed (and decrease of shutter lag) would be welcomed, even if I don’t expect breakthrough changes.
        Third: battery life.
        Fourth: increase of image quality would be also welcomed, though I can live with the already good image quality.

        (Bonus: already have a good friend who likes a lot my G3 – moreover for the symbolic price of ~250 EUR [incl. kit lens] offered by me :D )

        • Let me just add that the G5 is a fantastic camera, and offer great value at current prices. The ergonomics are the best of any m43 camera and the IQ is excellent, 11.7 EV DR which is pretty much all you need, high ISO not as good as OMD and GH3 but still very good, improved over the GH2.

          • I totally agree you but if I want to upgrade anyway I’ll do it obvioulsy to the newest model (for the expense of just few hundreds EUR).

            • Christian G

              Yeah, Kesztio, if the G6/G7/whatever it is has the GH3 sensor it will be quite a camera. I would probabaly get one of those myself if it wasnt for the fact that I will almost certainly get the GH3 12-35 kit as to supplement my AF100..

              BTW, Just got a Canon s100 in the mail today and have been shooting it in all auto mode on my way to London. Amazed at the skin tones and responsiveness. Will keep it on me all times when the m43 gear is too big :)

        • Pavlo

          Well, I never used neither customisable button nor touch-screen. With only manual lenses everything I need is controled by 4-way control pad and thumb-wheel. And I wish my G3 could be a bit smaller ;)

          • rrr_hhh

            Just get an E-Pm2 then !

            • Pavlo

              Why? I’m satisfied with G3. And do not see any reason to raise your voice (I meen that “!”)

    • I believe that statement on build quality was made in regards to the GF7.

      • spam

        You mean the GF6? Anyway, seems likely – the G5 is big enough.

        • Christian G

          Accually it has generally been reffered to as the Gf7, but who knows what Panasonic decide on in the end..

  • Announce those two new lenses would be great!

  • Yun

    I would like to see the micro color splitter sensor to be featured in this announcement . Hopefully this is what Pana means “higher level” .
    GX2 by end of April is welcome but I afraid it will not the one everybody is expect , the L style camera .
    Let’s wait & see how things turn out .

    • Forget the micro colour splitter at this time. Though I would be the happiest person if it was released.

  • Anonymous

    If they are great , the hardest thing will be to wait two more months til they are in store :(

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you mean five months, we after all talking Panasonic.

      • eret

        You get Panasonic gear a lot quicker here in the UK and EU downside you get shafted on the prices lol

    • true homer

      There have never been availability issues with g and gf…

  • I hope there will really be available a better Oly zoom soon. If not, bye bye Olympus, hello Fuji or Nikon D5200.

  • “the new G will be slightly bigger than the G5 predecessor”

    That’s a mistake. G5 ergonomics are quite good and there is another bigger m4/3 Panasonic camera. I don’t understand why G6 or G7 needs to be bigger.

    • Juan

      +1. Fatter cameras weighing down the system and providing much sought ammunition to C and N. Bad move. Big camera lovers need not apply for m4/3. Learn to deal with smaller cameras for mirrorless or go back and join the elephants and gorillas and dinosaurs.

      • ben

        You have a closed and small mind

        • Juan

          Big camera lovers will cause m4/3 to end up again like 4/3. As I said, learn to deal with smaller cameras ergonomics or else bodies will keep getting bigger and bigger to answer user feedback from the loudest minority wanting DSLR replicas again for a modern mirrorless system. Olympus has the right idea with OM-D: small when needed or with single or dual grip when needed. But less greedy with pricing would be welcomed. This is a better solution than making cameras bigger and bigger every model. Yet there is a faint echo sounding from the far reaches of the jungle for such cameras and it seems like Panasonic is answering that call to return to the jungle. m4/3 got Olympus and Panasonic out of the jungle and into safe territory, away from dangerous predators (C & N) to forge a new empire in a modern techno-metropolitan setting where mobility and adaptability is the keys to success.

          • Personal preference for me is an E-M5 like setup where I can make the camera bigger or smaller as desired. Luckily such a camera exists, I hope we get to see more of those. This satisfies my personal needs very well, better then a GH3 does.

            But, I don’t see how addressing the desire of a subset of the potential m4/3 customers who want a bigger camera with lots of controls poses any thread for this.

            Also, a GH3 with the 35-100/2.8 is still going to be quite a bit smaller then any full-frame camera with an equivalent 70-200 (which doesn’t really exist, as there are no f/5.6 constant aperture 70-200s, and the f4-5.6 or similar ones that do exist don’t get the optical quality or build quality).

            It would go the direction of 4/3 if there was no choice and all more advanced cameras would be big. What is happening in m4/3 is the exact opposite, you actually get choice. How would that be a bad thing?

            Put differently, what is up with this idea that everyone has to make the same choice as you do?

            • Juan

              Good points, bart. I realise some people want the bigger cameras for ergonomics and for handling the bigger lenses. But there has to be a limit to what size is maximum for m4/3. Is it GH3 size or bigger still? Users demand more controls all the time plus bigger grips and better displays. All these extra electronics cost money and drives up the camera price. Prices for successive models will encroach those of APS-C and FF semi-pro/enthusiast cameras. But if there is a strong enough market in m4/3 for these bigger, higher featured cameras, then I see that as good business: capitalising on a market. As long as these users are happy to pay for the more expensive camera bodies and we at the “consumer” side (under $1000) are not also forced to fund the higher end cameras business too with more expensive prices for the lower models.

              • Agree, this attempt to satisfy the needs of a small (but potentially well paying) subset of the users should not go at the expense of choice for all those for whom size is a very important argument. Rather, it should add choice, and hopefully add visibility to the brands in the m4/3 system.

                The good thing in my opinion is that we seem to have reached a point where having an m4/3 mount is considered an advantage for a camera, especially for video. We may end up seeing quite big serious video cams using an m4/3 mount, not for a possible size advantage, but simply because of the available lenses and ease of adapting almost every lens ever made.

                With regards to the original subject, the G5 successor, in my opinion, it would be served by a few mm more ‘real estate’. This camera isn’t pocketable even with somewhat big coat pockets, so the few mm more shouldn’t make much of a practical difference for having the camera with you, but would make all the neat ‘dedicated’ dials a little bit less fiddly. It shouldn’t go anywhere near GH3 size however.

                For those needing something smaller, there are the GF and GX models…

                The one thing that is still lacking from m4/3 with regards to bodies and choice is a compact, range-finder styled camera with built-in viewfinder. I’d rather like to see that appear next to a slightly bigger G5 successor, instead of an even smaller G5 successor.

                Removing the SLR style grip, and mounting a pancake can make an m4/3 camera ‘coat pocket sized’ (GF/GX/G3/PENS/E-M5). Given a SLR style grip, things can be a little bit bigger because it won’t ever be ‘coat pocket sized’.

          • rrr_hhh

            I agree with Juan; I don’t understand this need of Panasonic to make bigger cameras, especially when it comes to the G5 ! May be that they feel the need to differentiate themselves from Olympus ? Especially now that the newer Oly models are finally coming with a better sensor.

  • Yun

    No Micro Color Splitter , No deal .
    I prefer to retain with my GX1 .
    I don’t see what other motivations than this one worth to upgrade . The GH3 sensor might be good but it should in year 2012 tech , not 2013 .
    While X Pro2 definitely will come out with it’s respective new sensor to battle Sony’s full frame sensor , I strongly believe Pana will not let go such opportunity to join the race .

    • You’ll get almost certainly a color splitter sensor camera, but it’s unlikely to happen it this year.

  • mftguru

    The cameras are bigger, so are the batteries, so you have to shell out new money for spare batteries. Panasonic is the record holder in creating new batteries every time new cameras are designed.

    • LOL! I guess that’s because they have a dedicated battery division to keep in business….

    • Anonymous

      GF2, GF3, GX1 and maybe even both the GF1 and G3 use the same batteries. What are you a guru of again?

      • Who are you?

        • true homer

          He’s a slightly right guy. The g3, gf2 and gx1 use the same battery. The gf3 and gf5 use another

          • Slightly right of what?

            I count 7 batteries from Panasonic for all the bodies produced so far. The G1, G2, G3 & G5 all have different batteries. GH1, GH2, GH3 all have different batteries. But wait! Oh joy, the GF3 & GF5 share a battery. GF1 and GF2 don’t though….

            Shucks, I guess Olympus do the same thing?
            BLS1 & BLS5 both work in all the PEN models so far. The OMD E-M5 has a BLN-1. So, 3 batteries, and two of those are inter-changeable.

            One company has a battery division, one doesn’t. One produces at least one new battery every year, one doesn’t. Good thing Anonymous is anonymous, saves him looking like an ignorant troll…….

            • true homer

              The G10, G1, G2, GF1, GH1 use the same battery
              the g3 gf3 and gx1 use the same battery
              The g5 and the GH2 use the same battery
              the gf5 and gf3 use the same battery

              Soooo i count four and a heck of a lot more models, where are the other 3 you found?

              • true homer

                oh yes, and the one in the GH3, the 540 shot one per charge. So 5.

                • Seeing as we are splitting hairs:

                  Panasonic: 10 cameras, 6 batteries
                  BLB13: G1, G10, GH1, GF1
                  BLB13PP: G2
                  BLD12E: G5
                  BLC12: GH2
                  BLF19: GH3
                  BLE9: GF3, GF5

                  Olympus: 9 cameras, 3 batteries (BUT, all PENS can use either BLS-1 or BLS-5)
                  BLS-1: EP1, EP2, EPL1
                  BLS-5: EPM1, EPM2, EPL3, EPL5, EP3
                  BLN-1: EM5

                  Given that the G1 came out in 2008, and the GH3 was announced in 2012, Panasonic has managed 1.5 different batteries a year. Olympus has managed .75 per year. It’s a while since I studied maths, but wouldn’t that make Panasonic twice as bad as Olympus?
                  Now, can we move onto the next discussion?

              • Anonymous

                The G1 and G2 batteries might be the same.. but any 3rd party battery of G1 vintage will be refused by the G2.

                Now one can argue that panasonic doesn’t support those 3rd party batteries anyway, but that didn’t help real-world people wanting to buy a spare battery for their G2 (or G10 for that matter).

  • pizza4D

    Wasn’t the G5 announced several months after the GF5 last year? Unlike the GF5, the G5 is still marked as “NEW!” on Panasonic websites. Why would they announce a G6 or G7 so early?

  • Narretz

    You heard it here first, announcement at the end of April will not be GXx, but the new super small GA1!

  • Luigi

    G5 is available since July. I can´t believe that Panasonic will announce a G6/G7 in 2 weeks. But a GX2 is more than overdue.

    • Narretz

      Panasonic did this before, check G3 -> G5, and GF2 -> GF3.

  • “No Micro Color Splitter , No deal .”

    That’s gotta be the funniest thing I’ve read on this board in a while.

    It used to be
    “No EVF, no deal”

    Now it’s “No Micro Color Splitter , No deal .”


    • Pattimahn

      Lol! Funnier still if we start coining yet another acronym…

      “No MCS, no deal.”


    • NFT

      No Micro Color Splitter , No deal !!!

      Maybe any patent of the old patent.
      please look back.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget that “Holier than thou” quote: No IBIS, no Buy!

      A 43 rumors classic

      • true homer

        Ive seen it go so far as “I will NEVER buy a camera without ibis again”

        • Christian G

          How are these for acronyms:






  • Guy McLoughlin

    I strongly suspect that these new cameras will have the same sensor as the GH3 and be higher priced. ( much like Olympus did when they put the OM-D EM5 sensor in the E-PL5 and E-PM2 compacts )

    This has me interested, though I mainly shoot video, and I don’t expect much from the video these compacts will shoot.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to see a step up in video capability – like manual control. They should be able to do this without encroaching on GH3 territory. I have a GH3 and GX1. I’ll grab the GX1 when I need to go small, but don’t like the limited video capability. Improve video in the G(F) and I might trade in the GX1.

  • DJS

    Really looking forward to G6/7 to upgrade from G3.
    I haven’t gone for either OMD – poor interface, fiddly size without grip & high price with grip, no flip screen. Or GH3, high price, too big and not perfect EVF.

    If it has the GH3 sensor + all the normal features of G3/G5 I’d be very happy. Hopefully the differentiation between the G & GH series will be video which I use but it’s not my primary need.

    Surely this will be a big winner? As far as I’ve read the main gripe people have with the GH3 size and EVF; the features, controls, flip screen, IQ etc. seem to be very good.

    • tanngrisnir3

      ^^^ This.

      If the new G series has the GH3 sensor and is substantially cheaper due to less vid capability, I’m all over it.

  • zuzullo

    Enough of Cameras !
    MISSING on m43: 7mm f2.8 “corrected perspective”

  • alon

    How it will be compared to the NEX cameras?

  • Anonymous

    I’d really like to see a more affordable alternative to the oly 12 f2 lens. This and the pany 12-35 f2.8 are the only fast, wide options for m43. I think consumers would eat up a 12mm f2.8 if priced a good bit less – maybe around USD400.

    • Mr. Reeee

      If you’re looking for a very good, fast, native M4/3 12mm, check out the SLRM Magic Hyperprime 12mm T1.6 (f1.4). It’s small, light fast and has excellent image quality. It’s manual focus, has a stepless aperture ring and is lots of fun to use. It’s kind of cool looking, too. $549.

      • Milt

        Thanks. Am spoiled by AF, but never to late to learn.

        • Anonymous

          MF is easy, but shooting at that wide of an angle, it’s very easy. It’s a good skill to develop.

    • true homer

      Should be even less. A full frame 24mm f2.8 is 300$ new, and even the 24mm f1.4 is 1300$. The 12mm f2 should have been much cheaper

  • I agree, No Micro Color Splitter , No deal! You have to give me some innovation Panasonic and a big improvement in image quality in the form of dynamic range and colour range! You have become such a boring camera-company since the GF2 was released.

  • Future MFT user

    I want more lenses and less cameras. A 12mm f1.4, for example…

  • Beautems

    No ‘GS’ no deal!!!
    (GS = global shutter)

  • qurban

    the new GF and the G will be slightly bigger than the GF5 and G5 predecessors

    If so, no deal. I don’t understand the point of increasing the size, you have done that with GH3 and that should cover people who are after bigger camera.

    I thought the whole point of m43 was size???

    • digifan

      If Pana goes for bigger than the’ve lost from Sony NEX and Fuji. They will loose a lot of customers.
      I still think they need very small camera with smart interface, that could be easy pocketable with pancake lenses.

    • Juan

      The big hand bigger camera crowd has a loud voice and it has been heard. Understandable. Because m4/3 needs to grow its market against DSLR makers, especially in US and Europe, the DSLR homelands, where DSLR is the “undying standard” and everything must be compared to DSLR. Hopefully, there will still be smaller cameras made without going the opposite way of miniature size. GF1, GX1, EP-3 are good sized cameras for m4/3 for those not wanting DSLR replicas.

      Smaller size, lower weight, more compactness and discreteness are the physical strengths of m4/3. Which makes it an ideal system for street/travel/documentary/candid type photography. Other applications need to be met now that m4/3 is a more mature system, so there are cameras like GH3, and maybe the upcoming OM-D Pro(?), which may be similar sized with the possibility of modular grips like E-M5. There are many external pressures from competitors and also the Japanese economy, so it’s understandable that camera makers have to cover more bases to protect their company’s future. But in going after the more lucrative markets, m4/3 must not forget its main purpose and No.1 stated objective:

      “To extend the Four Thirds Specification by reducing the size and weight further, while maintaining the high picture quality of the 4/3-type image sensor device.”


      • digifan

        +1 You said it better than me.
        Yes, GH3 and upcomming OM-D Pro are allowed to be a little bit bigger, but should still be smaller than DSLR’s.
        All the other classes (GF/E-PM/Gx/E-P) should be as small and lightweight as possible.
        If Sony can make a small quality APS-C and Canon miniaturizes the DSLR (100D) then Panasonic and Olympus should strive to make the “step-up from P&S” class as small as possible with a smart interface that can also satisfy enthousiasts and even professionals. Make more clever use of LCD on GF/E-PM class and put EVF in Gx/E-P class with some physical dials (command dials and mode dial). Maybe easy said but I really think it’s the direction they should concentrate on. Furthermore we need fast Prime/Zoom telelenses en some more fast wide angle primes/Zooms. Cleverer collapsible (kit)lenses should also have their attention.
        Keep up with sensor tech is the last point.

  • true homer

    No medium format sensor with a 7 million dot side mounted EVF, no deal!!!!

  • NFT
    • pizza4D

      It was posted here before. It’s supposed to be a late April announcement, hence why admin wrote “after the NAB show” while the supposed April 9 announcement(s) is at the same time as NAB. Though I don’t get how new GF and G models would be very much relevant to the kind of people that attend NAB.

  • Rasmus

    A decent supertelephoto NOW, please.The 35-100 beats the cr*p out of 100-300 IQ-wise!

  • john

    One thing that I don’t get:
    Why do people expect the new G/GF to be 7? I get that japanese skip 4 because it’s homophone to ‘death’. But what’s wrong with 6? Sony didn’t seem to have a problem with it when they started the 6 series.

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