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(FT4) Olympus working on in camera HDR features?


J.W. has taken a deep look on new Olympus patents at J.W. found at leats 10 Olympus patents having to do with HDR processing. Some of them are software based HDR solutions and some of them sensor based HDR patents (which sounds really interesting). Panasonic developed a similar sensor based solution (read more here: .

J.W. writes “The sensor based solutions have everything from an ISO HDR form, to two seperated timed redouts from the sensor, to two and I belive 3 types/size/sensivity pixel arangements. Obviously they are working very diligently on increaseing the DR of the imaging sensors.” What sounds really interesting is J.W.’s next statement “They are not apparently just relying on “kodak” promises of future sensors anymore.“. I asked him…What? Olympus had/have the idea to implement Kodak sensor on future cameras? His answer: “As for the Kodak comment, that was based on the rumored promises by Kodak to Olympus on the future sensor developments. Promises that the sensor tech would be advance fast enough that ccd 4/3 sensors would be just as good as the larger format cmos in a couple years. Also afaik from previos Olympus statments they are not tied to Pani for sensors, they tested several brand sensors for the E-3 body.” Remember that’s just rumors nothing else! We really don’t know if Olympus will implement such features in future cameras but we really like the idea the rumor could one day become true!


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