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(FT4) Olympus will go “PRO” within the first half of 2011!


I received quite a few emails from trusted and new anonymous sources. Finally something is happening around Olympus ;)
According to my trusted sources Olympus will release a few new “PRO” Micro Four Thirds product within the first half of 2011. They confirmed that between January and March Olympus will announce the three new pancakes you can see on the roadmap on top. One Fisheye lens, a 12mm(?) and the 50mm pancake. I hope to get some detail about those lenses (and maybe other lenses) as soon as possible. After that Olympus will release the first Micro Four Thirds “PRO” camera with TruepicV+ engine, new Panasonic sensor, Built-in Viewfinder and weatherproof body. I don’t know yet if the camera has a Rangefinder design (à-la Fuji X100 and Panasonic DMC-LC1) or DSLR design (à-la Panasonic GH2). The camera should be in store by Quarter 2 (between April and June). I am are currently “collecting” info about the camera so if you want to help me feel free to contact me at or use the contact form on the right sidebar. I really need every little help you can give me to avoid mistakes and confirm the other rumors I received. Thanks!

There is one more unconfirmed rumor: (FT3) According to two new sources the PRO camera should be announced by late January-early February and be in Stock bye end of Quarter 2. The camera itself could be named “E-PS1” (The “S” stay for super where with the E-PL1 the “L” stays for lite).

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

What design do you like for thr PRO MFT camera from Olympus?

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  • deniz

    why on earth are they not making a 25mm pancake? is it too much to ask for a ‘normal’ lens?

    • Eric

      At least Panasonic is making one; so that should work just fine…of course there’s always the Voigtlander too. However if possible an Olympus 25mm f/1.4 Pancake would rarely ever leave my camera.

      The wide angle pancake is great news. 10 or 12mm maybe? However I do find it odd that they are working on a fish eye prime before a portrait prime. You know, most people tend to like to take photos of other people with their cameras, and there still isn’t a single m4/3’s portrait lens; very odd.

      Great news on the pro-grade Olympus body though. I’d prefer rangefinder design, but if it looks like the old Olympus OM-4 I’d also be fine with that.

    • 25mm is not a “normal” lens in MFT – 20mm is. And there already is an excellent 20mm lens, so no reason at all to try to compete with that.

  • Jack

    What’s the point for weatherproof body if the lenses are not? And PRO body if there are no PRO lenses either?

    • admin

      The pro lenses are coming and I guess they will also be watherproof…

      • Jonathan

        Hi Admin,

        Do you know if the lenses scheduled spring 2011 will be designated as pro grade?

        The 4/3 50mm and 8mm are HG lenses, having environmental seals, better build and optical quality.

        • Robbie

          I hope they can have weatherproof adapter so that I can use my S/HG glasses on the m43 PRO body

  • Jack

    Can’t see any PRO lenses at the roadmap.

    • jeff

      that 50mm will be a pro lense i bet

  • Niva

    The L stands for Lite, this is now they sell the EPL1 in other markets: PEN Lite

    • admin

      ops. Corrected.

      • Boss

        @admin, thank you for this post, very good work!!!

        Any word on whether this is the camera that will easily attached to FT lenses? The modular concept? Or will it still require the adapter?

  • Boris

    “new Panasonic sensor” ???

    NOT newer than the one in the GH2 (at the very, very best), and NO better IQ than that in E-5 (at the very, very best), I


    Am I wrong?

  • jeff

    Olympus is heading in the right direction if they can keep the prices of these lenses below 500 , if they do that they have a chance at winning back marketshare , they have no chance if they price these wrong and continue to make slow ass 600-700 dollar zooms that nobody wants.

  • YeahYeah

    There was rumor talking about a new 14mpx Pana sensor. Would it be this one?

    • It would be great if it is, maybe panny will release the “real” gf1 successor around the same time oly brings out this m43-pro, both using this new 14mp sensor.

      That would be great to see the two sister/cousin companies work together like that, maybe to good to be true…

      • MikeS

        The two of them working together would be a nice change of pace. If their pancake lens lineup is fast and affordable, I think we’ll have a lot to be excited about in the near future.

      • Jonathan

        I hope that for the pro model they will prioritize functionality higher than style. The perfect design would be not unlike the e1: A compact asymmetrical design with a good grip, with the modern addition of a fully articulated hi res LCD.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Functionality should always go over fashion and style which are for those who can’t think for themselves.
          Without relics of analog era body can be made lot smaller from areas outside grip.
          Minolta A1/A2 had extremely good design for EVF camera, Oly C-8080 of same time didn’t do grip design even nearly as well while Oly’s E-10 and E-20 were good looking for grip size and overall design.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Forgot that as camera is based around EVF which works also well for viewing taken shots rear LCD should be kept compact enough for not bloating size of body and eating away space from controls and ergonomy like in Panasonic.
          At least LCD size of E-30/620 is already at limit.

  • CRB

    ADmin, same GH2 sensor?

  • Zonkie

    Does it mean they will finally discard the Kodak sensor?

    I hope that the new Panasonic sensor does deliver some real improvement. We don’t need something MUCH better, just a little bit better. That would be good enough for most people.

    • spam

      They haven’t used a Kodak sensor since the E-500, because Kodak don’t have any competitive senors.

      • Zonkie

        But rumors have been saying for a long time that Olympus was testing Kodak sensors again (new ones). About a month ago this site posted that the next Oly m43 camera could have a 16 mp Kodak sensor (with prototypes already under test), that’s why I was asking about it.

  • No fast zooms planned???

    • jeff

      not yet , besides they will be in the thousands of dollars based on the rediculous prices of the slower zooms

      I would rather have primes with the form factor of m43

      • Kevin

        I thought I was the only one who looked at this roadmap and shouted “NO FAST ZOOMS PLANNED?!”
        yes I agree that primes are probably more suited for m4/3 size-wise, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t include a fast zoom! using the 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 MKII on epl1 was a real pleasure….until my neck/arm got tired. keeping the cost/size down should be doable – just take a bit off the long end (down to 14-42 or even 14-35 is fine with me)

      • I know that professionals/enthusiasts are drooling over primes, but as an hobbyist I’m not interested in a camera system without fast zooms.

        I want to see the promised replacement for the discontinued E-4xx/6xx + 14-54/12-60 and the roadmap shows that there is none. And that sucks.

  • Michael

    Olympus finally. I hope this time (unlike current FT lens line-up) Olympus bring more fast primes options, in high image quality and well made package as we know from HG and SHG.
    If they will make fast primes with high optical performance even wide open then high ISOs are not so much needed (considering no mirror shake, and built-in IS for static objects). High performance (f1.4) and *compact (no pancakes this time – they are fine for size/weight but that is what they are) prime lenses (optimized for IQ) are essential thing to keep the m4/3 a winner among other APS-C competition.

    *compared to Digital SLR lenses designed for longer flange back with retrofocus construction (Olympus claims huge difference here, for the m4/3).

  • I’m afraid this may justnturn outmto be more lens me-tooism: We’ve already got a wide pancake (Pana 14/2.5) and a longish macro (PanaLeica 45/2.8.) What NEW is Olympus bringing to the party?

    • jeff

      just because panasonic made a m43 macro lense doesnt mean olympus should skip it , they are two different companies

      besides olympus makes the best macro equipment in the world , a 50mm like the 43 50mm would be amazing and alot of people would use it

    • AlexA

      The 45/2.8 is ridiculously expensive.

    • Medved

      True on the one hand…

      Yet, a 10 or 12mm, would be considerably wider than a 14mm, FL already available with the kit.
      For the macro, if it is a replica of the 50mm f/2.0 I don’t mind. The 4/3 one is a very good macro lens and very nice portrait lens as well.
      I would even say a solid 50mm lens is needed for portrait shooter, and Olympus cannot allow such a “hole” in the lineup.

      • Macro and portrait must be to different lenses, I’m afraid:

        • Stig

          Sorry, I have to disagree. The classic OM Zuiko 90mm f2 macro is fantastic for both macro and portraits.

          • 90mm for portraits on the (micro) four thirds? What kind of portrait do you do??

            Portrait focal lengths range from 80mm to 135mm in 35mm, thus 40mm to 72mm in (micro) four thirds. And the 72/135mm is already too long for most portraits.

            But besides the fl, a serious portrait lens must be soft, better if it has a residual spherical aberration. A serious macro must be as sharp as possible. How do you marry these opposite requirements??

            And I don’t want to enter into the size (portraits must be not-too-big for being managed handheld; macros, it doesn’t matter) aperture (portrait must have very fast f/stops; macros, it doesn’t matter) and other requirements.

            So yes, for the casual photographer, it could be. Maybe even your kit zoom is good enough. Or even your LX5 – why bother with micro four thirds at all?

          • Medved

            Sorry, cannot hit the reply to “Davide”.

            For the 90 f/2 i think he was talking about classic 35mm film photography…

            Here you’re going overboard, I think…
            Yes a macro lens has to be razor-sharp. And yes, a portrait lens is preferably soft.

            Anyway, in 4/3, the 50mm f/2.0 macro was very sharp and at the same time had a very smooth bokeh. If you’re familiar just a little bit with raw conversion in ARC I think the level of overall and per pixel sharpness is very easily adjusted to match the desired output.

            So no, nobody talked about portrait photography and macro photography with 2 cent kit lens, but yes I believe the 50mm can do both.

          • Medved

            Plus if you’re that much of a perfectionist, why using MFT or FT?

            I mean, given the advantages provided by FF in speed and DOF control for portrait shooting, plus the availability in 35mm mount of a wider variety of lenses, fit for purpose…

  • leicafan

    The fuji x100 has not a rangefinder.The fuji x100 has a hybrid-optical viewfinder.And the panasonic lc1 has not a rangefinder to.

    • hd72

      “Rangefinder design” is clearly used to describe the body style in the same way “DSLR design” is used to describe the body style of the GH2. The GH2 obviously doesn’t have a mirror box.

      That’s why they stuck the word “design” at the end.

  • yosemite

    I’m confused about the new sensor statement. Panasonic explicitly ruled out that they would give the GH2 sensor to Olympus. At the same time it seems unlikely that they’re going to give an improved version to Oly.

  • “..March Olympus will announce the three new pancakes you can see on the roadmap on top.”

    Those new primes are supposed to be pancakes? A 50mm Macro pancake?! Really? I don’t believe that.

    • Medved

      The 50mm is not referred as pancake, just as macro…

  • Zorg

    Did it ever occurred to Oly and Panasonic that there’s little point into copying each other’s lens line-up when there’re still huge gaps in the system? Oly already made multiple versions of the same entry-level kit zoom, and now here, they announce a wide-angle à-la Panasonic, a 8 mm Fisheye à-la Panasonic and a 50 (45 ?) mm Macro à-la Panasonic … truly disappointing. Yes, it brings money to Olympus when the original lens is successful, but this is eating each other instead of increasing the system possibilities as a whole. In other words, it doesn’t bring new customers/increase market share.

    If Olympus lacks imagination, get inspiration from outside competitors instead of Panasonic! For example, copy Pentax’s Limited Edition line-up into smaller size thanks to the advantages of the mFT mount. That would give: 8/4 (non-Fisheye), 10.5/3.2 pancake, 35/2.4 pancake, 16/1.8 and 39/1.8 …

    I see no pancake in the three lenses announced. There’re three prime lenses. Especially the 50macro will certainly not be a pancake.

    • Medved


      I see more and more “alla”, “ala” or “à-la”. Correct spelling, I think is closer to the last and should be just: “à la”.

      It comes from French (my native language). In this language, it is not a really correct expression, though people use it orally.
      However it is hardly found in written language as it is a shortening of: “à la manière de”

      That was for the short story. Is it of frequent use in English?

      (English is my third language, so please accept my apologies for the occasional misuses and other mistakes)

  • jeff

    Am i the only one who wants to see olympus make an affordable tilt shift lense?

    that or a bellows system that allows tilt and shift ?

    • Medved

      +1 for the tilt shift lens.

      Though… To be honest, I think affordable… is unlikely.

      • jeff

        i think they could make it affordable , they would have to just use cheaper materials

        And like i said if they make it like the novoflex bellows that could work too , just make it cheaper

    • Zorg

      About 5% of the readers of this site are with us (see — and vote for — the two tilt-shifts in the lens poll, )
      So few … probably because many people don’t know what tilt-shift is (proof: most people mix up the two)…
      Anyway, if Oly really wants to go PRO with mFT, 1–2 top-of-the-art options are THE way to be taken seriously.

  • Sometimes I think an optional tilt EVF like VF-2 is more useful and versatile than a built-in one. Maybe oly should only upgrade the E-P2 with new sensor and processor but keep the design.

  • NativeFloridian

    Admin, you wrote “50mm pancake”. Do you know that the upcoming 50mm lens is a pancake? I thought the rumors were pointing to a fast (which wouldn’t be a pancake) portrait/macro lens similar to the 43 version. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • gekopaca

    Let’s pray that new camera will not GH2 like (I’m fear for it, because since few months Oly seems to have few imagination) but as a LC1 (or Fuji X-100).
    I would like RF-like, black paint, silent shutter, tiltable screen : the perfect street-photo killer!

    • tmrgrs

      The poll included with this rumor announcement shows that 70% vs 21% favor a rangefinder style body. Olympus would be awfully dumb to ignore numbers like that.

      • Yes. And the last lens poll here showed that most wanted lenses here are primes:

        Now go out onto to the streets and check what dSLR users have one their necks: nine out of ten would have zooms. (If not all ten: I was a day at a popular tourist destination (Heidelberg, Germany), seen lots of dSLRs, ~90% of them were Canons, 100% of them had zooms. Had seen only one guy with prime (no focal distance ring) on a Nikon.)

        The people reading the site are not quite representative of the whole customer base. The people are vocal, are who influence buying decisions. But still a minority – as sales volumes concerned.

        • Reza

          Agreed, I have seen only 1 other person with a prime and DSLR, a Zeiss on a Nikon in a musuem. Every other DSLR I have seen outside has a zoom. The majority stick with their kit zoom, while a few have superzooms and yet fewer others have high quality zooms.

          Oly has shown in the past that they think quality zooms are their choice to cover most focal lengths. So I expect to see m4/3 versions of their HG lenses in 2011 and 2012, which makes me believe any pro grade m4/3 camera from Oly will look like a mini-DSLR, similar to Panny G-xx bodies. Rangefinder style is only comfortable to use with smallish primes, while we know that Olympus’ pro grade lenses will be zooms.

          • Robbie

            True, Oly is capable of very high quality zooms. To carry a 14-35mm F2 is like carrying a set of primes at various focal length with you

          • Ross

            Yes please, I would like the 14-35 & 35-100 f2 lenses. Forget all this other talk about primes for portrait because the 35-100 lens would be hard to beat (if you can afford them).

    • Chris

      I don’t know… the X100 looks nice, but all those dials and knobs would be a pain to weatherseal I think… and since Oly is known for and touting the durability of its pro 43 cameras it’s only natural they’d follow suit with the pro m43 models.

  • e_dawg

    Olympus better improve their CDAF system before they “go pro”. They seem to think the solution is to have MSC lenses with faster, quieter focusing motors driving a small internal focusing group, but that’s only half the equation.

    Compared to the Panasonic G-series, the PENs have always been slower and less adept at focusing on the subject (as opposed to the background), especially in low light. Clearly, something is wrong with their AF detection and control algorithms.

    A faster sensor readout and processor would help as well (witness the GH2’s AF performance compared to the regular G-series)

    Bottom-line: they have a long way to go before they can field a pro-oriented m4/3 lineup, as their AF system is clearly at a fast point & shoot level right now.

    • steve

      I agree. The GH2 has raised the bar again for AF performance, but I am concerned that Oly is just trying to match the older panny models and will be outdated at the start.

      I suspect Oly will always be behind Panny with cpu processing as this is Panny’s specialty and they won’t share this with Oly. We will likely see a slightly faster single core CPU from Oly in 2011 (vs 3 core on GH2). As far as low light goes they need a focus assist lamp. Without this they will be dead in the water. The LCD from the E-5 would help as well.

      • brut

        Except for the physical movement of the lens (group) that does the focusing, CDAF is an algorithmic problem. Quality of the algorithm and its implementation are the issue, not what CPU it is run in. Good algorithm on a slow CPU can be much much better than a bad algorithm on a fast CPU. I don’t think the CPU differences are important here.

        • Steve

          Well the results from the 3 core GH2 shows otherwise.

    • jeff

      honestly e dawg thats a crock of shit because most pros that are traveling light are shooting leica’s and they dont even have autofocus lenses.

      While i agree the CDAF could use a little bit more speed , its no where near any kind of “long way to go” situation and the update to the firmware improved speeds quite a bit. I wouldnt be suprised if its completely fixed in the new camera.

      • Chris

        On the internet, and especially on this website, “pro” = low-light sports shooter.

      • I held an M9 for first time a couple of weeks ago. Nobody could call that “travelling light”. The thing could stop a bullet. :)

        • Chris

          Still, it’s lighter and more compact than most “pro” SLRs.

        • err… it does /look/ lighter than most DSLR with huge battery grip. Would that be enough ? :)

          But those battery grip seems to be the biggest size and weight impression. Analog SLR still looks lighter and smaller despite made of all metal material, without having bulky battery grip.

      • Steve

        The results from the 3 core GH2 shows otherwise

  • marco-qtp

    I hope also for m/zuiko PRO weathersealed lenses (2,0 primes; zoom 2,8-3,5)and 1,4 m4/3 telextender.

    • Jack

      Simply forget it.

    • Reza

      Probably announced second half of 2011, available in 2012.

  • MK

    Yea… “Pro” = $1700

    Hopefully they go “new technology” or maybe just “affordable”. If they really want to go “pro” they will have to use a FF sensor. The whole point of MFT is smaller consumer oriented models. I don’t see many consumers driving a Ferrari.

    • Jack

      Exactly 10/10.

  • Max

    If it’s pro but big, I won’t buy it.

  • Matt

    I’m not a pro, just a guy who like to take beautiful photos. Portraits and nature. And I say: Please god, when do we get an E-PL2?

    – Improved LCD screen
    – Improved performance (AF obviously, shot-to-shot time, low-light AF)
    – Improved Dynamic Range
    – Built-in HDR (with a little movement correction ideally, like Sony, and I believe new Pentax K-r)

    External viewfinder is fine for me. I will only use it in certain circumstances.

    • Greg

      Why don’t you get the GH2 if performance is what counts for you?

    • Mike

      I have an E-P1 and don’t see much space for improvement here. Maybe the in body HDR function but LCD, AF Performance (with firmware upgrade) and dynamic range are already very good

      • hd72

        The E-P series lacks an auto-focus assist lamp, and the LCD screen has *half* the pixels of Panasonic’s offerings (230k vs 460k). I’m not talking an unrealistic wish-list of features – I’m merely comparing it to the competition.

        And anyone who has shot low-light at ISO on any m43 camera probably wishes they had more dynamic range.

        I know the E-P’s are fantastic cameras, and surpass Panasonic in many areas as well. I’m sincerely glad you’re happy with your purchase, but just because your camera is good enough doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of room for improvement.

  • Paulus

    Range finder or Classic “DSLR”-design for Pro Olympus MFT camera from Olympus?
    I think ergonomics, reliability, functionality – respectively handling – are the key factors for the design of a professional camera. The OLympus E-5, E-3 and E-620 are quite ideal cases for this challenge.
    After a good deal of thought I took the following facts into consideration:
    The bigger part of future Olympus Pro MFT photographers will be the current users of E-5, E-3 and E-30! Range finder design would squeeze them to relearn.
    There has to be a reason for the “historical tradition” of 99%-“DSLR”-like designed pro cameras. It* s definitely not only the mirror box! Panasonic knows the score – look at GH2!

    • Reza

      +1. Oly’s pro lenses are zooms, and they simply fit better on DSLR-styled bodies.

      • Boss

        @Paulus and @Reza – I agree with both of you, and expect to see a pro style DSLR body, although a rangefinder down the road would be nice too….

        At this point I’m set on upgrading to an E-5, unless this camera blows me away, which I doubt it will. They will miss out on some important stuff I bet. But maybe not, we will see…. It would be nice to get something that has the new sensor, video, screen and other features – without having to shell out $1,700 for the E-5, and this may be it, although I’m afraid they’ll do it wrong.

      • Edwin

        Did anyone ever consider the miniature model of a medium format kamera for the next MFT model? :)
        Just a thought I have.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Panasonic doesn’t know a crap about good ergonomy but only about what makes big advertising lines.
      Grip is way too small while oversize rear TV bloats size of the body at the same time eating away space from controls and space for taking grip and archaic “thumb in the middle of butterfingers” EVF positioning makes looking into it very inconvenient compared to real EVF-cameras.
      Without film roll in there that big left side protrusion is entirely unnecessary (it isn’t even used for gripping camera because left hand is around lens) and should have been already discarded but for some inexcusable reason has been dragged along because “pros” balsamized and fossilized their brains during analog era.
      Without fake mirror box etc. relics of analog era good ergonomy can be put into notably smaller body when size is put into where it counts instead of were it happened to be with old tech…
      But apparently many people would ask advice for design of car controls from horse wagon driver!

      • Adrian Lewis

        That’s why quite a few people hope for (but aren’t holding their breath) a µE-330.

      • Paulus

        Dear Esa Tuunanan!
        “Without fake mirror box etc. relics of analog era good ergonomic can be put into notably smaller body when size is put into where it counts instead of were it happened to be with old tech…
        But apparently many people would ask advice for design of car controls from horse wagon driver!”
        I agree with you. But you have to solve the problem of ergonomic balance and account for the fact that different people have different dominant eyes (right or left). I have a range finder styled Olympus – the Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom. I like the zoom-control-button of the C-8080, but from the ergonomic point of view any Olympus OM- or E-System will do better.
        Best regards

    • Zaph

      “Panasonic knows the score – look at GH2!”

      Maybe, but if you want a dSLR styled m43 camera, it’s already there (G2, G10, GH2) – what do Olympus gain from simply mimicking it, particularly when they’ll likely be behind them for video, so will get hammered for it.

      Also, look at the poll. 70% voted rangefinder. If Oly do it right, they’ll have a hit. If they mimic the GH2, they’ll always be 2nd in the market. If it’s weather sealed too, more power to them.

      • Tropical Yeti

        Well – 70% of 43rumors readers voted for rangefinder design.
        Can be shure that ideas of “what would be my dream camera” nerds (that’s what most of us 43rumors readers are), differ signifficantly from ideas of majority of people, looking for good, neat camera.

        • Zaph

          You are right, it’s pretty much just photographers with an interest (or investment) in m43 stuff here. Why would their opinion be of note?

      • They mimic Panasonic’s lens range. Can we count on that ?

        I do hope they choose the “cheap Leica M” design and beat Panasonic on sale so that other half of m43 would open their eyes too.

  • er, so, um, the new m43 lenses from Oly will be:
    – 50-ish macro (like we already have from Pan)
    – FishEye (like we already have from Pan)
    – wide (so, a 14mm-ish, like we already have from Pan)
    (and the zoom we already fell asleep reading about earlier)

    … anyone in the market for any of those can already get them from Pan!

    Should Oly give up on lenses and leave it to Pan, Oly body + Pan lens – like the best m43 system today (is the same as a year ago): E-P1 + 20/1.7


    • jeff

      olympus makes better lenses than panasonic , period.

      • Oly 17/2.8 – poor
        Pan 20/1.7 – excellent

        PS … love my 14-54/2.8-3.5 on my E-30 :)

      • Jay Gloab

        This is false, period.

        See, I can do it too!

    • Mike

      I agree, why is Olympus copying Pana Lenses instead of doing something new? But if the wideangle Pancake is 12mm I would by happy – but I believe it will be a 14mm/2.8….
      I pro body would be great instead, with remote flash, weather sealing, a good viewfinder and an optional Battery Grip :-)

  • another Oly m43 ‘camera’ … BRING IT ON

    Excited :)

  • Admin> do you have any info about the E-PS1 video capabilities? would it have mpeg4/avchd compression?

    Sounds sweet!

  • Miroslav

    Damn! They’re gonna charge an arm and a leg for weatherproofing :). A E-620 successor is enough, we don’t need micro E-5 …

    Anyway, good news, err rumor. Bring it on!

  • kosta

    i am actually keen on this. look at the staying power of the current olympus bodies, only 3 bodies. all still great cameras.

    look at the 4/3 generation lenses. olympus had a seriously pro lineup. (and pro price tag)
    i for one would love a micro e-5. if they can deliver another quality product maybe with hybrid vf and weather sealed body and articulated screen i’d be down for one for sho.

    • Robbie

      I want a pro weather-sealed adapter to use my weatherproof S/HG lenses on the pro m43 body. If it’s pro, I think it should be DSLR-like design like the Panny bodies so it should be less awkward to use 43 lenses on it.

      • Boss

        @Robbie – I feel the same way, and if it’s not like a DSLR and does not have a big hand grip, then I’m getting an E-5… speaking of the E-5 I wonder what advantages, if any this new MFT camera will have over it – other then its obvious size advantages/and mirrorless design (assuming that’s an advantage). I just hope they make it work with the FT lenses without the goddamn adapter – ie the modular design that they have been discussing online for so long.

        • Zaph

          “and if it’s not like a DSLR and does not have a big hand grip”

          Can’t you have a decent handgrip without it being shaped like a dSLR? I’d actually love to see the best of both worlds (if done right!) – a rangefinder design with a bigger grip being incorporated into a well made battery grip, so you can have compact and light when you need it, and more grippy and bulky when you need that.

          • Adrian Lewis

            “Can’t you have a decent handgrip without it being shaped like a dSLR?”
            Yes, its called the E-330.

      • +1

  • Jason

    Dear Olympus,

    Can you please leak the specs for this new MFT camera, so those of us considering the E-5 can decide which one we are gonna want. $1,700 is already more than I want to spend, but because you truly give me no other choice I will buy the E-5, or possibly this new MFT option, could you at least leak the specs so I know what to expect? This is all I ask…. please.

    And I have a feeling this one will attach directly to the FT lenses, which is how it will be PRO and weather sealed I assume, otherwise you would need to drop a slew of new PRO MFT lenses. Please just the specs and maybe a photo and maybe the price. Will it really give your competitors that much info to go on??? I think this can be done without a problem.

    (Why do Japanese companies always have to be so conservative and hold out this critical info, especially to the part of the market that needs to know, for it affects our businesses.)

  • Steve

    I see it as an E-5 spec camera (Truepic V+ or better, weather sealed, flip hi-res 3″ LCD, IBIS) with built-in VF2 EVF and GH2 sensor packaged in a slightly larger body than the G/GH to fit IBIS in, say the size of an OM. Now if they picked up on some of the styling/build cues of the OM4 (titanium body anyone?) as they did the E-P1 and the original PEN, they’d have something special.

    Price as spec’d? North of $1500 and worth it.

    • Paulus


  • Edwin

    Better AF speed for MFT is a must, not just for the pro, but for all next MFT camera bodies.
    Meanwhile, Olympus should upgrade the firmware for their high grade FT lenses so they could be used relevantly with CDAF system.

  • kosta

    I think there is a lot of room for firmware improvements for the current gen of mft cameras. it’s a bit sad to see so many models out from panasonic and then earlier ones start to get left behind in favour of body replacements for latest and greatest. i guess it’s becoming the nature of the industry but i’m sure there are a few firmware changes that could be made to the e-p2/pl1 that could push them to a new level of performance.

  • Agent00soul

    I’m sure that if they release a “pro grade” m4/3 body, there will be a high grade zoom launched along with it, just like when the E-1 and E-3 were launched. After all, they want to sell a lens with the body.

  • Great Dane

    I think the main issue is the definition of the word “pro” here. There are people living off their photography that are using all sorts of camera, some not even up to the std. of µ4/3 and some using µ4/3 cameras. I also know that many (especially amateurs on photo equipment boards) see “pro” equipment as only Nikon D3(x) and Canon 1D(s) and nothing else. No µ4/3 camera launched next year will be able to match a D3 or 1D… On the other hand, this new camera will probably only cost about 1/5 of a D3. Possibly less than an E-5 since the latter is their current top model all over, and E-5 is not considered “pro” by these people…

    And though CDAF could need even more speed (As long as it is not instant in all conditions… So Even Canon 1Ds can need more speed), the latest firmware for my E-P1 (1.4 I think?) combined with Panasonic 20mm lens is lightning fast and easily measures up against evenly priced DSLR kits.

  • Aisha

    Will the 50 mm macro (f2.0?) be a pancake lens??

  • peroni

    The article claims these three new prime lenses will be pancake!
    That would make them different from the Panasonic offering.
    But somewhat I doubt that they will be pancakes, I tend to believe more in an error from the editor.

    • Aisha

      hmm yeah, it would be nice, but I would be happy anyway when this lens comes out. I can finally replace it. The Oly 50mm f2.0 is so big and heavy. I wonder if the sharpness will be the same..

  • thomas

    Rumor could be titled “Olympus to continue to duplicate Panasonic’s lens range in 2011”.
    I predict that when this Olympus pro MFT camera & lenses shows up then either Panasonic will upstage them by announcing the fabled 12-60mm f2.8 that everyone is hoping for; or that Olympus will make this lens as it is the obvious choice to launch the pro MFT camera with.

  • Dear Oly!

    Please don’t waste your R&D capacity on developing one more fisheye lens. Make a fast prime portrait lens instead.


    • Nathan

      Seconded. We need a lot more pancakes in the 25-70mm range, at F2.8 or better.

      To get “pro” output, (to compete with APS-C and full frame) we really need lenses that are F1.2 to F1.8. Primes of this speed need not be large. I’ve seen numerous pancakes with similar flange focal distance to Micro Four Thirds that are roughly the size of the m14-42 but shorter.
      The OM 50mm F1.8 comes to mind, and it’s a full-frame lens. With a 50% reduction in image circle size, it ought to be able to do the same speed in 30 percent smaller package.

      It goes without saying that any “pro” body can use a decent EVF and wireless flash control at the same time, and would have a sync port for studio strobes. ( Or, hey, build a wireless strobe receiver with a sync output instead of a flash– Or even, in addition to a flash!! )

      The strengths of Olympus’ offerings are in-body stabilization, wireless flash control, and size. Ability to use manual-focus lenses is a plus, but no real provision for this has ever been given us by Olympus. We simply took advantage of the shorter flange distance and Oly adapter. But we need assistance in the focusing department. Any viewfinder problems are going to be particularly troubling for anyone using manual focus- either on legacy lenses or using the focus ring.

      Leicas aren’t just popular because they’re full frame and small. They’re popular because rangefinders can be easily focused in low light, and Leicas have some very fast glass. For evening photography in natural light, and candid, Leicas are the current best choice.

      But they’re expensive, and this is a chink in their armor. Olympus can exploit this by making a pro-body for about 1000 dollars, and pancake primes in the 500-1000 dollar range.

      Why so cheap? Easy- because that’s what a mass-produced lens should cost. And if you build the right mix of focal lengths, you’ll sell quite a few of them.

      Super-wides don’t have to be that fast, but portrait lenses do. I’m surprised so far that Olympus has no plans for PEN being used to shoot portraits. Considering how much we love to look at faces, it seems a rather foolish oversight.

      • Michael

        Exactly, OM 50mm F1.8 is a pretty compact prime. One thing what digital era brings to SLRs are big fast lenses (digital sensor doesn’t tolerate lens issues as much as film does). OK, some space are required for the AF, but after all, fast lenses designed for digital (SLRs) are always bigger (I do understand that smaller sensor needs more optical resolution). When Olympus introduced m4/3 system I thought it returns a film-sized camera system to digital world. Maybe, it does, but we have to wait for it a while.

        • Chris

          Doesn’t the telecentric lens requirement for the 4/3 standard introduce issues in designing lenses? Like you said, digital sensors don’t tolerate lens issues well. I’d rather have absolutely astounding image quality in a slightly less-than-compact lens than a large-aperture pancake lens riddled with CA issues (like the ZD 25mm f/2.8).

          • spam

            The telecentric lens requirement was just Olympus marketing, and even they don’t mention it anymore.

          • juavel

            The telecentricity requirement is not present on the micro 4/3 standard.

      • Paulus

        Ingenious Nathan!

  • Jozeph

    i love the word “Pro” for a non-pro camera.

  • kosta

    I don’t want the 12mm to be another pancake, if they can, make it a quality sharp high res lens. if they do make a pro body, we will have to buy panny lenses to get the quality images because the oly ones aren’t quite up to it!

  • Still waiting for APS-H or 24x36mm size sensor in an Olympus body. What we need is more dynamic range and ultimately that means larger sensor. Otherwise I fear that Olympus will always be compared unfavourably with Canon, Nikon and even Pentax despite, in my opinion, offering better bodies, better lenses, and better jPeg output at lower ISOs.

    I’m a Four-Thirds user who loves the system, but even I can see little sense in promoting m4/3rds with a pro-body AND Four-Thirds. Every major brand needs its high end product to define the marquis and for Olympus this should mean a 24x36mm, or APS-H, camera/lens lineup, built to the highest standard. Four-Thirds has already lost its cache and needs to morph into something that will catch the industry’s interest.

  • Still waiting for APS-H or 24x36mm size sensor in an Olympus body. What we need is more dynamic range and fine detail which ultimately means a larger sensor. Otherwise I fear that Olympus will always be compared unfavourably with Canon, Nikon and even Pentax despite, in my opinion, offering better bodies, better lenses, and better jPeg output at lower ISOs.

    I’m a Four-Thirds user who loves the system, but even I can see little sense in promoting m4/3rds with a pro-body AND Four-Thirds. Every major brand needs its high end product to define the marquis and for Olympus this should mean a 24x36mm, or APS-H, camera/lens lineup built to the highest standard. Four-Thirds has already lost its cache and needs to morph into something that will catch the industry’s interest, even if the major sales results occur at the lower end of product lineup.

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