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(FT4) Olympus-Kodak sensor partnership?


Rumors about a Olympus and Kodak partnership are floating around the web since a long time. Finally we from 43rumors know something more! According to our sources Olympus will indeed use Kodak sensor in some of their future camera models. We don’t know if at Photokina we will see a Kodak-“powered” Olympus camera, but we are almost certain that it will happen in 2011. The new FourThirds Kodak sensor is a completely new sensor not seen in any camera before. It’s specially designed for the Olympus cameras (Kodak did a special design for the Leica M9 also). Unlike other Kodak sensors which usually are CCD’s the sensor for Olympus should be a CMOS sensor. We should expect a slightly increase of Megapixels compared to the current Panasonic MicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirds sensor (14-16MPX). Some other infos we received also said that Olympus is testing Fuji SuperCCD and Sigma Foveon sensors. We don’t know yet if they will be ever come to market.

Just my two cent, how cool would it be if with the new modular camera we can switch between Panasonic and Kodak sensors? Awesome idea!

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