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(FT4) Olympus announcement late June? (two lenses for certain!)


By the end of 2010 our sources reassured me that Olympus will introduce quite a lot of interesting new m43 stuff. The good news is that the same sources are still convinced that Olympus will surprise us with some new cool stuff. The bad news is that it might take a bit longer than we have expected. As you can imagine it’s quite difficult yet to talk about product roadmaps. I heard from Sony deleting the new NEX stuff, Panasonic lenses coming in late summer only, and that because of power supply problems in many Japanese plants. According to our sources Olympus will release two of the three planned lenses in late June. They were originally planned to be released in Spring (see the official Olympus lens roadmap on top). Good for us that the lens that will not be announced is the 8mm fisheye! If that rumor turns out to be true than this was definitely a wise decision. We already have the expensive Panasonic 8mm fisheye and now even Samyang is making a cheaper manual 8mm fisheye lens too! To have a third 8mm fisheye really would not make a lot of sense! The other two lenses are high quality primes. One should have a 12mm focal length and the other one around 50mm. We received a few details about those lenses from new sources and I am still trying to get some feedback from trusted sources. If you know something more about those lenses drop me a line at or use the contact form on the right sidebar. Thanks!

I am also trying to get more info about the next PEN cameras. There should be two new cameras announced within 2011. Let’s cross the finger!

P.S.: Samyang announced a few months ago that the 35mm f/1.4 Four Thirds mount would hit the market in March. Did you find the lens somewhere beeing in Stock??? All Samyang lenses for Olympus can be found on eBay only and under seven different brand names (Click on it to see all Four Thirds lenses from the specific brand!):
Samyang Walimex Rokinon Opteka Falcon Vivitar Bower

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Mr. Reeee

    Gee, they’re holding back the fisheye? Why? We neeeeeeed a third M4/3 fisheye lens! ;-)

    A 12mm f2 pancake would be great!
    A 50mm macro would also be good. Hopefully it’ll be 1:1 and in the f2 zone as well. Of course that would be big and probably expensive. I’d rather see better than cheaper.

    Let’s see if Olympus decides to release M4/3 lenses on par with the quality of their better 4/3 lenses. None of their M4/3 lens offerings so far have been very compelling or particularly desirable, except for their compactness.

  • I am waiting for these lenses since last year!!!!!!!!!!! I think a small quick 12mm pancake and macro lens are really needed. The macro would be better at 60mm or so and 1:1 and 2.8 is fine. The fisheye would be nice but the panasonic is at least a good expensive choice already. I do not like the macro they offer.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I bought a Nikon 60mm f2.8D 1:1 macro lens on eBay.
      Yes, it’s a manual lens, but excellent, which I prefer for macro shooting anyway. No waiting necessary!

      • Yes, I bought both the Minolta MD 50mm Macro (with extension tube) and the Minolta MC 100mm Macro (with extension tube) and they make excellent macro lenses on my E-PL1.

  • Zaph

    I’d like to see the 17mm improved and made slightly faster to more directly compare to the lens on the X100.

    • Or let’s just say: 2.0/17mm which doesn’t require PP.

  • G_C

    please be the wide one!

    there’s enough fisheye and macro lenses around the place to tide us over :)

  • Robbie

    Onegai Olympus. we need a M43 lens from you that lives up to Zuiko’s reputation.

  • Inge-M

    If i need quick lens too my Pen, so most the be 25mm, and maybe F1.4 :-)

  • emde

    If the macro would be ~f2, it would (hopefully) make a good portrait lens also. I would not hope that there will be a fast ~50 on top in some future – look at the FT offferings. The 2/50 was one of the first lenses for that system and there never has been a portrait addition to that.
    Hence I hope it is going to be the macro and it is going to be fast!

  • DonTom

    12mm will be great, but I am hoping for a fast 50 for portraits, we already have a macro available. I would love to have AF available on a 50/1.4, I struggle with MF on an E-PL1 in low light, even with the EVF at F1.4. A dedicated portrait lens is the biggest hole in the line up.

  • David

    I hope the 50mm macro, if that’s what it is, has a focus limiter because otherwise it will suck for street portraiture. The FT 50mm produces beautiful studio portraits, but good luck getting something on the street with the average 3-4 sec autofocus.

    • Ulli

      agree with the limiter; that was the only minus about the FT version.

  • Mar

    The next 2 lenses will be a good proof of what is Olmypus planing to do with m43, and will have impact on regular 43rds as well.

    I suspect Olympus will release mid-range lenes, so not too fast (I don’t think they would be faster than f2, maybe 2.8) and will be small and light.
    The price will probably be good too.

    This will show that Olympus still thinks regular 43rds has it’s place in the high-end and pro segment because m43 simply can’t match DSLR speed and performance.

    I’m more interested in seeing E-P3 or whatever new mirrorless camera Olympus makes next.

    • Kevin

      I think even oly knows that 4/3 is a goner already, so I doubt they’d purposely make an m4/3 lens inferior. And if they do, it’s most likely because the can’t make a good lens with small form factor, not because they don’t want to.

  • Simon

    I still dream of a 17mm 2.0 and 40mm 2.0 pancake lenses. Nothing else needed. To me 40mm is much more usable than the longer 50mm, ecpecially indoors.

    • V_ll_

      I also like more 40mm than 50mm – and pancake please.

      Olympus could do same as Pentax did with their pancakes.

  • flipinus


    Don’t post much here but this is what I think 4/3 and m4/3 needs.

    First, 4/3. That is if they will even do anything for this system. To round out the system, the system just needs a few primes.

    1. a 12mm which is at least a 2.8.
    2. a 17mm or 20mm which is fast. at least a 2.0 or faster.
    3. a 25mm 1.4 to replace the PL 25, which I think is a wonderful lens.
    4. a 40mm which is at least a 1.8 for portaiture
    5. a smattering of very specialized lenses like a 150mm f 2.8 or 3.5 with macro capability or an affordable 300 f4 or 5.6

    for m4/3.
    1. agree with the update of the 17mm 2.8 to make it an MSC for faster and quieter focusing.
    2. a 17mm f1.8 or faster that does not need to be a pancake
    3. a 40mm f2.8 or faster. But really, you can just adopt a lot of other lenses for this.
    Otherwise, against what others have said here, I think that the current m4/3 Olympus line up fulfills the goal of the system. Decent image quality, (note, not the best) with portability in terms of size and weight. The compromise is the slight degradation in the corners of the frame wide open. Decent resolution. Can’t really complain especially if you can fit it all in a small fanny pack.

    Have a good day!!


    • Jules

      “Otherwise, against what others have said here, I think that the current m4/3 Olympus line up fulfills the goal of the system. ”

      A system has no goal. End.

      On the other hand, if you are a CEO at Olympus, any lens that sells like hotcake may fulfill a goal. Even if it weigh like a brick.

  • FT1 – probably fake rumor

    Everybody will understand that the announced roadmaps have to be postponed due to the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear power plant catastrophe.
    I hold the Japanese people in high esteem looking at their way of dealing with the incomparable crises. Hats off!
    It would be an outstanding performance if Olympus would release a fast wide angle – perhaps a 17mm/f2.0 and the announced 50mm/f2.0 macro lens till September and the professional MFT-Camera at the end of the year under the prevailing circumstances.

    • Ulli


  • Jo

    I hope Olympus will release at least :

    – 12mm f/2 (24mm eq)

    – 50mm f/1.4 Macro (100mm eq)

    Most of 50mm for 24*36 focus until 0.45m, they just have to make a 50mm with an mfd of 0.30m to be a true macro lens. IMHO, this will not too dificult for Olympus to achieve such a performance according to their “know how” in macro lens.

  • MikeS

    Admin – not to mention that fisheye converter that nobody asked for but Oly decided to give us anyway ;)

    Hope the next PEN takes some cues from the X100. The E-PL2 was a small but significant step in the right direction, imo.

  • er

    12-60 would be nice for m4/3 only lens you would need.
    12 prime F2.8 is more than enough.

  • Boooo!

    That’s nice.

    When are we getting the E-50 and the E-650, and when is the E-7 announcement coming?

  • Narretz

    Hit me if I’m stupid, but when Oly releases lenses, will they have AF on a Panasonic m4/3 camera and vice versa?

    • Zaph

      Yes, though sometimes the AF speed differs a bit.

  • RT

    FT4 yet question mark after June?

  • compositor20

    yes they autofocus ,thats an advantage of m43 they have 2 brands of camera and lenses ti choose

    • Mr. Reeee

      M4/3: 2 brands of lenses and only ONE you actually want and are worth paying for. ;-)

  • Jadakiss

    Please be the 12 mm f1.6 and 50 mm f2.0 macro.

  • George

    They just need to release lenses for mFT that are sharp wide open like they have for FT. I’m glad they have a 12mm but what about a 25mm? I can’t believe they haven’t learned from their lessons with FT. When I bought my second PL 25mm f/1.4 I got it for around $850 and sold it a year later for $900.

    In the mid-telephoto focal length range the mFT Oly lenses give no advantage over prosumer compacts like the XZ-1. I feel like mFT is ruining the Digital Zuiko brand with the low quality junk they’ve been releasing.

    Please Olympus, release sharp lenses like you used to.

  • Nick clark

    I’m confused, m4/3 has been around for a while now, there’s been quite a few lenses released, and yet there *still* isn’t a fast, standard zoom (12-35/f2.8 or a derivative of…)?

    This isn’t a niche lens (like an ultra-wide, or a fisheye, or a macro, or a super-tele), this is THE go-to lens in basically every enthusiast photographers kit, regardless of system. Think of the popularity of the ZD 14-54, or CaNikon 24-70, or SigTam 17-50, or whowhatever…

    Panasonic and Olympus need to learn that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel just because you’ve developed a new system. Get the fundamental’s right before you release any more ‘ohhhh that’d be nice’ lenses…

    • Yeah, the 24-70mm f/2.8 Canon is one of the most popular Canon lenses, although it is $1400. If m4/3 could make one that isn’t too costly it would be immensely popular.

    • Mr. Reeee

      That’s why many M4/3 users are waiting for Panasonic to release their rumored 12-50mm (f2.8~3.5?) lens.

      • Nick clark


  • leendert

    Olympus, please make the following lenses for nature photographers!

    M.Zuiko 12-60mm for landscapes.

    400mm F5.6 prime for birds:
    The Canon 400mm F5.6 cost around 1300 Euro.
    When Olympus build a 400mm f5.6 (under 2000 Euro), this is like a 500mm prime on a Canon DSLR with IS!(and these are expensive!)

    Something like the 70-400mm G of Sony for small and large wildlife

    50mm + 100mm macro

    Then m43 (when Olympus make a body like the GH2)is a very good compact option (and not very expensive) for wildlife photographers.

    And I buy them all!

  • Is it really a 12mm on the roadmap? It appears to be placed closer to 15mm than to 10mm. So perhaps it is 13mm?

    On the other hand, the scale might be non-linear.

  • Sam

    All the crop camera systems (ie less than full frame 35mm) are lacking wide angle prime lenses. I have an old 50 1.4 for portraits and I’m sure anyone who wants one does too.

    24mm equiv prime lens needed, speed not important as quality. I doubt it will happen though…

  • Mk7

    Doubt it will happen? Don’t you see the big headline, “Two lenses for certain!” and then look at the roadmap…
    Yes, the blue dot for “wide” on the roadmap is slightly closer to 15 than 10, but it’s fuzzy, so could still be 12.
    The blue dot for “macro” is also fuzzy, but midway between 40mm and 50mm on the roadmap.
    Just shows how difficult their task is, satisfying such different customer needs. I want the 50mm, don’t really care for the 12. But I sure would buy a 12-35 /2.8!
    The sources say “late June”. Maybe an E-P3 also?
    Glad to see they have cancelled the fisheye for now and redirected resources elsewhere.
    As for 4/3, Olympus might do better to forget about 4/3 and put all eggs in m4/3 basket. Pro Pen would be more sucessful than E7.

  • Mk7

    Correction, the “macro” is midway between 40 and 60.

  • Hope the macro isn’t just an equivalent of the Panasonic-Leica 45mm f/2.8, because if it is, what hope do we have that it will that much better AND cheaper?

    And I just got the Panasonic 14mm f/2.5. It will take something pretty awesome from Olympus to make me want to upgrade lenses at this point…

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