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(FT4) No new sensor in use on GF and G cameras.


A source told us that neither the new GF nor the G will use a new sensor. They will use sensors already in use in current Panasonic MFT cameras. I may ask my trusted sources to share me some info about the late April announcement and if that MFT camera will use the new sensor generation? Thanks!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • rrr_hhh

    What do you mean by no new sensor ? If they have the same sensor as the GH3 everything will be well, I’d consider tht a new sensor with respect to the actual G and GF models

    • it

      It would be nice if panasonic followed olympus lead and used their best current sensor in lower end models. At least in the G. If not, seems it would be a bad move for their sales.

      I hope ‘no new sensor’ doesn’t mean they are staying with current GF/G sensors.

      • spam

        +1 – GH3-sensor in new models is the only strategy that makes sense. Upgrading to worse IQ than current Olympus models would be pretty dumb.

    • MFTfan

      Exactly! The GH-3 sensor is new so they will likely use that sensor, which is new and which is a much better sensor than in the current GF models and slightly better than in the current G models. No one expects Panasonic to launch each new camera with a new sensor.


    Any news about the GX?

  • Anonymous

    Not in GF/G cameras, but what in GX?

  • mooboy

    I’d be shocked if they brought out a gx2 with the new tech sensor. Happy, but shocked. My guess us the absolute soonest you’d see it in will be a gh5.

    But, if a gx2 with integrated evf and that new sensor (and the sensor delivers), then sign me up.

    Can anyone day if that new sensor approach removes the need for an AA filter? Or just gives a stop advantage by removing Bayer?

  • E-M5 / E-PL5 / E-PM2 / GH3 sensor is good enough, new one not needed badly.

  • Bob B.

    Cool…so my OMD and my GX1 will be satisfactory for quite some time. No need to buy any bodies!!!! YAYH!!!!! LOL.

    • xellz

      Huh, do sensors turn bad when new camera is released? If your omd and gx1 is enough now, why it won’t be enough after new model is released? >_>

      • Ant

        Because he’s simply tolerating the current sensor capability instead of being satisfied with it ?

    • Yes, that’s a relief.

  • Yun

    This is no surprise , predictable .
    GX2 got chance to have that new sensor but most likely end up with current GH3 sensor . The new sensor should feature in Pana’s very highend camera as debut .
    A RF camera with build in VF aka L / Leica M style is the one to wait for .

    • Ant

      GX = G eXperimental
      For all the camera users who would pay to use beta product XD

  • Alfred

    G5 body with GH3 sensor will be a happy end for new G7
    How about a G7 double kit with the new 14-42 ( non X ) and new 45-150 ?

  • PannyDoom

    Ill just wait, surprises are always a warm welcome.. an visiting this site a billion times a day is driving a man crazy :)

  • safaridon

    Interesting picture but isn’t that a big sensor in the middle??
    I think this rumor of no new sensor is referring to the future micro color splitter sensors and not the existing GH3 sensor we hope to see in the new GF, G, and GX models?

  • Christian G

    Good news if Gh3 sensor.

  • I don’t think there is any alternative 4/3 size sensor other than Sony (GH3 and E-M5).
    So “no new” should mean “as same as GH3”.

    if that’s not same as GH3’s, then Panasonic would find another source for cheaper sensor than Sony’s.
    Who is it?
    BTW, doesn’t G5 has Sony’s sensor?

    • V4Vendetta

      G5 use the GH2 sensor modified.

    • Anonymous

      If the em5 and the GH3 is sharing the same sensor, it’s most definitely NOT a Sony sensor. It’s Stupid to believe that.

      • Anonymous

        erm – the GH3/OMD sensor IS a sony sensor

        • Milt

          Maybe, maybe not.

        • NFT

          wait to machine hack!!!,
          i saw source from web ,they hacked emp2 for indicate image sensor
          but manufacturing code on IS is not Sony IS.
          How to know who is om-d/Gh3 image sensor manufacturer?

  • Anonymous

    It’s difficult to know what this means.

    If the new cameras have the old Panasonic sensor (G5, GH2) rather than the same sensor as the GH3 I suspect many people will migrate to Olympus and Sony. Personally I will not consider any new Panasonic camera with anything less than a GH3 sensor.

    • V4Vendetta

      G5 its a great camera, in photo still its very very very better than GH2 using same sensor and with a level near to the E-M5.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure it is but most people would think that the GH3 chip gives better results and if Panasonic don’t use it and instead use the GH2 chip I personally wont be buying and I imagine many other people wont either and will simply buy an Olympus, a Nex, a Fuji or something else with a better chip and therefore potentially better image quality.

        The fact is that the world has moved on and the GH2 chip is old news now and a generation (at least) behind.

      • Jørgen

        Where did you get info. The G5 uses the Gh2 chip without the MAR and with some new circuitry. It is very close in performance to Gh2 relative to the GH3/EPl5/OMD sensor. G5 sensos was old news in 2012 when it came out. They need to put a Sony sensor in it.

  • Mech for i

    well, it all come down to what that ” ne new sensor ” really means. the GF-5 is the current GF model and let say its sensor do not really excite, and the current G model, the G5, though having the 16MP sensor, was not really up to the level the current 16MP sensor inside the Olympus nor that of the GH3. Not to even mention the even older GX-1. all of them GX/G/GF simply need that sensor from the GH3.

  • 43fan

    Probably it would be the GH3 sensor, and taking cue from Nikon, with no AA filter. Otherwise, Panasonic would not have any “One better advantage” over Olympus. Another possibility is a 12 MP sensor with some amazing low light performance. Afterall, Panasonic in past have done so (FZ100 vs FZ150) to get better performance.

  • David

    I consider this a “duh” rumor. Of course they are not going to put a newer (better) sensor in a GF or G series than the one they just only introduced in the higher tier GH3. Seriously, there was ever any doubt? Go back and find out if it’s the SAME sensor as the GH3 or not — that would be a LOT more useful rumo!

    • +1 (LOL)

    • Anonymous

      The question, though, is what they mean by current. If they ues the GH3 sensor, that’s fine. But if the G7 uses the same sensor as the G5, that’s not fine.

      But at this time all we have is a poorly phrased rumor. No one should worry too much, yet.

  • AndyWas

    So it appears that Panasonic will stick with their disjointed and confusing naming scheme for yet another generation. If Panasonic desires to grow their market share and bring in new customers, they need to adopt a more user friendly naming scheme for all of their various m4/3 models. A potential customer must Google, take notes, research and sort through side-by-side specs to become knowledgeable about the differences between G5/GX1/GH4/G7/GX2/GH2/GF2/GH3/G3/G1/GF1/G10/etc/etc/…
    A ridiculous and unnecessary mish-mosh of labels. And skipping numbers because of superstition? Really?
    Certainly more than a few buyers have ended up with a model that may not be an ideal fit simply because at first glance product groups and intended uses are not clear and defined. Yes I know, most of US know the difference between them, but everyone has to learn initially, and that creates an unneeded hurdle that Panasonic forces people that want to spend money with them to jump through.
    Hire an experienced marketing person that can re-align the families with labels that make sense to outsiders. At some point…in the next decade…please…

    • Eureka

      Panasonic has 4 lines that are easily differentiated. GF is compact entry, GX is compact enthusiast, G is ergonomic entry, GH is ergonomic pro+ video. Bigger numbers ar generally better cameras within each line.

      Canon has more current models of Rebel on the market than Panasonic has current m4/3 bodies.

    • mahler

      If somebody is too dumb to learn the simple naming scheme (simpler than the competition) then he is probably too dumb to learn photography.

    • Anonymous

      It’s no more confusing than EP-M, EP-L, EP and OM. If you’re not already “in the know,” few model designations make sense, whether you’re talking cameras, cell phones, cars, or anything else.

      Is a 5D “better” or “worse” than a 6D? The smaller number is better, you say? Do that means a D5100 is better than a D7100? Oh, with Nikon the bigger number is better? So the D5100 is better than a 800, which is better than the D4? And a Pen EPM2 must be better than an EPL3, right?

      Look at half a dozen different cars and tell me whether a GL is better than a GT, or an SX, or….

      None of these naming conventions make any sense until you make the effort to understand them.

    • Bob

      It’s no more confusing than EP-M, EP-L, EP and OM. If you’re not already “in the know,” few model designations make sense, whether you’re talking cameras, cell phones, cars, or anything else.

      Is a 5D “better” or “worse” than a 6D? The smaller number is better, you say? Do that means a D5100 is better than a D7100? Oh, with Nikon the bigger number is better? So the D5100 is better than a 800, which is better than the D4? And a Pen EPM2 must be better than an EPL3, right?

      Look at half a dozen different cars and tell me whether a GL is better than a GT, or an SX, or….

      None of these naming conventions make any sense until you make the effort to understand them.

  • Shots Fired

    THAT IS ASS!!!!!

  • JF

    G7, GF7, E-PL5, E-P5, E-PM2, E-M5, everybody will have the same (Sony or panasonic ?) sensor !!

  • R

    bring on the G7 and gf7 with “tweaked” G5/GF5 Sensors, the GX2 with the GH3 sensor

    and A GR1 (rangefinder!!!) with the new sensor tech!!

  • true homer

    a bazillion bucks say its the g5 sensor

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    You really can’t complain about the E-m5 sensor. Truly you can’t.

    • true homer

      oh ha ha…if you think that you dont know where you are

  • Milt

    That was a sneaky headline, Admin. You could have said “GH3 sensor likely to be used in GF and G cameras” but you didn’t. You turned it around. “no new sensor will be used….”

    The GH3 sensor would be great news, but you turned the item into a negative that comes off as “Panasonic to use old sensor in new camera” which from the posts above turns some people off or confuses them – . Would you complain if they had the GH3 sensor? Not likely.

    You can do better, Admin. We rely on you not to play games with us.

    • GL

      Yes, I got the impression that they continue using the current sensors (Ie GF5 etc).

  • kurth

    …my guess is they’ll put the gh2 multi-AR sensor in the g5 , expanding the g-line to include manual video at the gh2 pricepoint ….since the gh3 is now in another category.

  • Since GH3 has a Sony sensor, maybe Pana would stick with using their own sensor (the older Pana’s 16 MP sensor) in their lower end bodies

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