(FT4) No new Olympus E-P3 in November?


The Olympus E-P2 is exactly one year old. It has been announced in November 2009. So will there be any replacement during the next few weeks? According to two 43rumors sources this is NOT going to happen. The E-P3 will be unveiled in February along the new Olympus lenses (finally!!!). The sources also said the E-P3 will use a new Panasonic sensor. Not the same Panasonic GH2 sensor but definitely a sensor with more Megapixels than the actual E-PL1/E-P2. A few months ago 43rumors posted a rumor about the E-P3 having a built-in EVF which would make it look like the Fuji X100. The E-P3 would still remain very compact but be a little bit higher than the current E-P2.
So will we finally get our digital Olympus 35RC? If you know more about the future Olympus PEN camera and lenses feel free to contact me at 43rumors@gmail.com. Or use the contact form on the right sidebar to contact me anonymously. Thanks!

P.S.: The Olympus 35RC is one of my favorite cameras and you can get it cheap on eBay (Click here)

What kind of improvements or new features do you want to see for the E-P3? (select a maximum of three options)

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Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • 43 photo

    Why so negative? Why not saying “new olympus ep3 in february?”
    The glass is half full or half empty.
    If the EP-2 is only one year old (as from its announcement) I think a replacement in february 2011 is pretty fast…

    • admin

      I ain’t negative. But many of us believed we could see a new Pen at Photokina or bye end of 2010. Bye!

      • Jason

        Thanks for reminding us of the date that it is tentatively planned to be released….

      • 43 photo

        Nobody believed the EP3 was coming in November, just another rumor circulating, just like the modular 4/3rds rumors etc. So your next post is going to be: “no modular 4/3rds cam is coming in ….?.
        The headline of your EP3 news could have been: EP-3 with built-in EVF coming in February. Anyway, it is your site so you do whatever you want, I am visting it less frequently because of the negative approach.

    • tgutgu

      If Olympus wants to increase its market share, they should stop relying on their narrow PEN mythos – rangefinder product strategy and release alternative body concepts soon, which can compete with camera like G2, GH2 and Sony A55. Certainly, there is no urgent need for another incremental incarnation of the original EP-1 concept.


      • Jason

        I am anxiously awaiting any new Olympus models – DSLR or PEN. I wish they would produce something like an E-650 or E-50, I really just don’t need the full power of the E-5 (although that is more than likely what I’ll get eventually). At this point, I am even considering the MFT PEN models.

        • I

          I agree. During 3 years, I have been waiting for something that could replace my E-410. And when m4/3 was anounced I was quite happy because I was thinking about having both a 4/3 DSLR with my very nice lenses, for case when I really intend to do go out for taking photos, and a small m4/3 body that I can carry with me almost all the time (I have a Lumix LX-3, which is nice but not up to what a bigger4/3 nsensor can deliver). The advantage being that I don’t need to buy a new range of lenses for the m4/3, but that I can use my 4/3 on in case of specific need. And what happened: I am still waiting for a convincing m4/3 body (olympus basicly has 3 variations of the same m4/3 camera, and panasonic is not supporting any autofocus for my nicest Zuiko lenses, additionnaly to that I am not interested at all in the Gx and GHx series, so that leaves again only one camera); So what happened: I decided to buy an E-620 before it desappears from the stores, mainly as insurance that I will have something to use my 4/3 lenses on (hich also demonstrates that there is still a market potential for that type of camera). I was really hoping for a new E-6xx, but in the last 2 months It seems that it may not happen.
          I have never seen the m4/3 as a replacement of my 4/3 equipment, but rather as a complement with a resonnable level of interoperability.

  • I’m a halfway happy camper with my E-PL1 for now. The kit lens REALLY REALLY sucks, but using my old Minolta glass, I get decent enough results.

    Does anybody have any experience with the Pansonic 20mm? Is it’s AF fast(er than the Olympus kit lens)? Its price starts at 350 EUR, that’s almost what I paid for the E-PL1.

    • Backshot Especiale

      Just got my GF1 with the 20mm it is excellent I have been considering a 5D II/60D or m4/3 and I’m really glad I chose the GF1 for £550 there’s no competition from Canon to the GF1. I’d have to spend at least £1000 on an APS-C body and the EF28mm 1.8 to get comparable quality. I was going to go 5D II full frame and hold on to my G7 for taking everywhere but game plan now is to keep the GF1 as the take anywhere body and then hopefully in the next few years there will be something like a Mamiya 7ii for medium format digital and I’ll skip full frame 35mm all together.

      Quality small and portable camera – M4/3
      Uber quality digital – Digital medium format

  • Duarte Bruno

    Two very important missing options for the poll that I believe could be relevant:

    * More video centric (with focus peaks, zebras, manual control, etc)

    * Tilt & Swivel LCD (preferably with Touch operation) – since size would be bigger anyway with an integrated EVF.

    • Both are things I don’t care for in a PEN. If I want that in a PEN, the PEN would have to compete with Panasonic’s G models. That wouldn’t make much sense.

    • Got to disagree re. the kit lens – I spent 2 weeks in Egypt with the EPL-1 and the kit lens and got some SUPERB results…

    • Paulus

      Dear Duarte Bruno,
      dear tgutgu,

      I fully agree with you!

      • Full HD-Video – better video codec!
      • Tilt & Swivel LCD (preferably with Touch operation) –
      since size would be bigger anyway with an integrated EVF
      • Release alternative body concepts soon, which can compete
      with camera like G2, GH2 and Sony A55. Certainly,
      there is no urgent need for another incremental incarnation
      of the original EP-1 concept.

    • Miroslav

      I agree. I’d like to see tilt & swivel LCD on a PEN.
      I also want a flash with at least 1/250s sync speed and those gimmicks from the poll :).

  • Ben

    Some extra/missing choices:

    * For me a tilting hires led/lcd screen would be important.
    * Higher Dynamic range

  • WT21

    I agree with Tobias. I want a PEN — lightweight and small. I wouldn’t mind an Oly answer to Panny Gx, but I do want a new Pen.

    The things I need are not on the list — higher res LCD and better MF implementation for legacy glass (release MF on shutter half-press). Also, I’d like the EPL1’s weaker AA filter and, yes, a better sensor (DR and noise).

    Again, I WOULD go for a Gx type body, just not replacing the EPx series.

    • CML

      I agree. Perhaps Oly could put together a three tier Pen range. EPLx (Pen lite), EPx (Pen classic) and EPVx (Pen video/ GH2 competitor) ?

    • Duarte Bruno

      Do you think that Olympus will let their lag to Panasonic with no less than 4 upper models : G1,GH1,G2,GH2 go on forever without ever entering this segment?
      I’m full of Pens already!!! Pick up yours, there’s plenty to choose from: cheap, basic or featured!
      Do you really expect a pro-specced waterproof with EVF built-in model the size of a Pen? Mark my words: the next camera from Olympus (whether it’s called E-P3 or not) won’t be the size of a Pen. If there was a poll option with a Tilt&Swivel LCD you would see the point!
      Anyway they are late as snails asses, the GH2 will be long selling before they manage to get their camera out!

      Just a shame because I really like their cameras, but I can’t wait another 18 months… :( :( :(

      • tgutgu

        Yes, and meanwhile Panasonic increases its market share by releasing more lenses quicker, creating even more brand loyality and leaving Olympus miles behind.

      • Miroslav

        Of course there will be DSLR-shaped m4/3 Olympus. They have to make m4/3 E5xx/E-6xx successor or their current owners will change brand. I suppose E-5 is the reason for the lack of new m4/3 bodies, but now that’s out of the way …

  • Boris

    Wondering, what sensor will be built the EP3 around.
    Certainly not the same as the one in GH2.
    And somewhat different from the current one. At the same time it would be a big mistake to put something much bettter than the one in E-5.
    What if it will be the one that is in GH1?
    The same sensor might be used in GF3 as well.

  • Nathan

    Have to choose built in flash, EVF and faster autofocus. Current Four Thirds sensors have acceptable image quality, what seems lacking (for u4/3 to replace 4/3) is faster AF. Must be able to use wireless flash, and no current flash has the ability to do wireless flash control (perhaps the FL-20 has this capability). EVF is needed to replace the OVF in 4/3.

    I would like it if Oly would add a contrast-based edge detection display overlay. If you could see, using a fast blinking outline, which areas are currently in sharp focus, it would make manual focus much more precise. I realize that this would require fast readout from the sensor. Perhaps it could just take data from the CDAF readout areas, as those are already being polled fairly rapidly.

    It should also be capable of 1080p/24 or 1080p/29.92. Using a sensor such as this would allow for faster AF, as those sensors have faster data rates, and would lend themselves naturally to faster CDAF with much greater precision and flexibility.

    I couldn’t care less about tilt/swivel LCD, personally. As long as the EVF can tilt, that should serve 90 percent of possible uses, and LCDs on a hinge flex the LCD interface cable. I’d rather have something that lasts 10 years than something that’s really nifty for two.

    It goes without saying that the nice improvements to the antialiasing filter should remain. I don’t want a heavy antialiasing filter at the cost of image sharpness. It’s fairly easy to up-rez an image, apply a gaussian blur with radius of 2 to the offending moired or aliased region, and then down-rez, and it works acceptably well on screen, and prints perfectly well.

    My top priority is faster lenses. Small cameras only work really well with fast shutter speeds. Olympus has had the opportunity to ameliorate the 4/3 sensor disadvantage with fast pancake lenses, and has so far not taken the opportunity. That’s disappointing when you consider that in the manufacture of smaller lenses, a smaller image circle becomes an advantage, and a short register distance also makes the lenses smaller for a given F-stop. Why they keep making lenses in the F3.5-5.6 range is completely beyond my comprehension since simply pushing it to 2.8-4.0 would pretty much erase the advantage for APS-C, where 3.5-5.6 is considered standard-grade.

    • Duarte Bruno

      “I would like it if Oly would add a contrast-based edge detection display overlay. If you could see, using a fast blinking outline, which areas are currently in sharp focus, it would make manual focus much more precise. ”

      Trust me, if anyone will do it, it won’t be Panasonic as they have a professional video camera market to protect. That’s because that benefits both video and photo! I proposed a focus peaking method for Olympus through the Olympus Photo Safari Group but I guess that if their upper camera doesn’t implement it in some way, they don’t think it’s useful.

      Here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1041&message=32667860

      • Dummy00001

        For uninitiated: what’s the zebra?

    • Philip

      Using CDAF on manual lensen would be quite diffucult. You need direction read-out from the lens to know if you’re focusin in or out. CDAF can never know if it’s in focus, it can only decide that moving in or out is worse. To get useful indication with a manual lens you’d have to have phase detection.

  • Thyl

    While I opted for an EVF, I really want an optical, zooming viewfinder, or a hybrdid viewfindee a la Fuji x100. I just can’t get over its brilliance after having seen in at Photokina.

  • compositor20

    olympus needs a 1080p camera with full manual control and highlight and zebras in video (that will help amateurs too since manual focus could be used if it has peaking and highlights might be protected)

    we need better DR and iso 2500 equal to iso1250 of the pens with iso 5000 for emergency equal to actaul 2500

    dont forget taht with kit lens 16mp only lets you use f5.6 and you cant stop down since what you will gain in micro detail will be lost with less contrast which affects micro detail too

    i want a pen with a tilt screen for self portraits

    buil in EVF is coold but not mandatory, instead low the price of vf2

    we need a buil in flash for commanding wireless flash (the pictures i have taken in daylight with wireless flash makes my portrait almost pro quality!!)

    better auto exposure bracketing or an HDR mode

    sweep panorama with mega resolution (sony is a good one but resolution is capped) people want more megapixels without diffraction so a panorama mode of 8000*4000 should be possible to record even if it takes some time to write

    built in modes like twilight mode

    olympus e-5 chroma noise reduction in jpg

    e-pl1 AA filter type

    olympus e-5 resolution screen

    improved autofocus in c-af mode in still and video mode (af-s is already very good)

    highlight and shadow in real time like in e-pl1

    2 dials like e-p1 but the metal shoudl be dumped to make a lighter camera (imitate metal or use aluminium (probably it is already aluminium)

  • Ulli

    lol, sometimes i think:so many wishes, just try to live with the handicaps of your current camera without looking out for the next model with your implemented wish list….

    • Yeh right.

      With outlook like that, we might as well be happy sitting in our caves.

  • DR DR DR!
    All we want is dynamic range improvement!

    • Ganec

      DR is sufficient if you use it optimaly.
      Try for yourself to make a picture at ISO 1600, set gradation to “High key” and underexpose (~1EV) during RAW conversion in Olympus master (or Olympus viewer).

  • Archer

    admin, your taste in RF’s is indeed admirable.

    As for the E-P3, weatherproof: Olympus has a reputation in this area, with not only the the E-{1,3,5}, but also Stylus Tough series, and even going back to the OM-4, which had the best environmental performance of its time. Extending that tradition into the EVIL field is logical. Of course, a series of weatherproof primes needs to go with it.

  • I am looking forward to the new E-P3 and new lenses!!!
    I hope it will get an (large) EVF….

    Already sold some 4/3 lenses (the 14-35 and 35-100 I will keep) and bought some nice panasonic lenses :-)

  • Dummy00001

    I went with EVF and faster AF.

    And the “no more dependence from Panasonic.” Kodak or whatever – but I seriously think that Oly need to diversify its suppliers for the crucial components. Quality of current sensors to me is sufficient, but it is IMO silly to rely on a direct m43 competitor. Oly saves now money on sensor R&D, but they will go on losing to Pannay in marketing and consequently sale volumes.

  • This weekend I helped a friend photograph a wedding. I was mainly there for moral support (it was her first one) and to hold a step ladder but I took some shots as well. You can never have too many after all.

    I was using my E-PL1 and she had a 5D MK ii. Not fair I know.

    The number of decent shots she got FAR outweighed what I got as you would expect. And the number one factor was focus. I had SO many focus errors it was untrue, especially in the crappy light of the reception.
    The formal shots look great on both cameras but for candids, the Pen is too slow. End of discussion.

    Focus, low ISO, dynamic range. In that order. Then I’m a happy, happy man.
    Actually, I’m already a happy man. But you get my point.


  • Person

    What lens did you use?

    With a panny 20 1.7 a pen can do great low light candids. Just avoid the m.zuiko.

  • Philip

    I’d vote for better sensor. But not high ISO / low noise. Color fidelity and dynamic range is much more important! It’s a bit sad that the last generation u43 sacrificed DR/CF at low iso for lower noise at high iso (optimized for higher gain – DR at iso 100 was lower than at iso 200). I guess you need very deep wells on the sensor for this and there’s no marketing value in it, neither is better AD-converters. But for myself I’d rather have good ISO 80 than useful ISO 3200..

  • A new sensor with dynamic range that can compete with current Nikon lineup. Dynamic range is everything, cant believe that people still think that more megapixel will give them better images.. *sigh*

    More dynamic range, especially in the highlights will give you better images.

  • gekopaca

    I don’t know how will be the next PEN in the future, but I can read evidence in your comments (and in the long list of your wishes) :
    Today PENs are really so imperfect!!

    @ Tobias W. : Yes guy, the Pany 20mm is a great lens!

  • More Megapixels = 4% votes
    Gimmicks = 5% votes,

    I think people are trying to say that they are sick of MP already, i wish Pana would realize that

    • Luke

      and the 4% aren’t going to buy a camera anyway.

  • Person


    MORE DR!!! Less MP.

  • Miroslav

    More bad news from Olympus. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it.

  • Don Pope

    The headline should have been: EP-3 with built-in EVF coming in February!
    The lack of a built-in viewfinder is the biggest drawback of the current models.

  • gekopaca


  • lego

    if Olympus gave us all of the above, do you think you’d still only pay about $1k for it? its all about how they market their product. every year they’ll come out with something newer with slightly different/better features. same goes for every other company.

  • Ganec

    Better senzor (with higher DR) will be used for sure.
    Panorama probably should be used too (it is used in the compacts), but I wait for HDR.
    AF is faster with the new lens. It must be faster in E-P3, but speed increase will be most notably obtain by the new lenses I think.
    What I miss is ~ 5x zoom basic lens with faster focusing (10x zoom is big and quality is affected).

    I don’t need built in EVF or flash (one increase the size, second drains the battery).
    But I want faster operation – if I want to scroll latest pictures, every one takes half of second .. and after the snap I have to wait until picture is created and stored (not possible to continue shooting as with Panasonic).

  • Thyl

    Don Pope: to me, it’s less the lack of a built-in EVF, but hiw it is presently attached to the camera. I think that mounting the finder to the hotshoe is a bad idea.

    Imho, it would be much better to attach an add-on finder to the side of the camera, much like the attachment of the flashes for the Olympus XA. Actually,I had suggested this to Olympus :-(

  • Catastrophile

    thanks for forgetting or ignoring the swivel screen from your poll.

  • Per

    I sometimes wonder if manufacturers are using “leaks” in their marketing strategy? Obviously Panasonic has the upper hand at the moment, especially in the higher end of the MFT market. Olympus have products aiming at people stepping up from compact while Panasonic has the products that prosumers and importants sites on the internet prefer. “Should I buy a Panasonic GH2 – or wait and see what Olympus comes up with?”

    • Duarte Bruno

      I’ve been waiting for 18 months! :( :( :(
      I’ve gicen up!
      How longer can you wait?

  • I

    Is there any chance that there could be a hybrid optical-electronic viewfinder, comparable to what we have in the Fuji coming in the next Olympus (or Panasonic). If yes, it may deserve a sparate vote.

    • kesztió

      I don’t think so.
      The Fuji camera in question has fixed lens (prime) therefore a rangefinder-style OVF is much easier to implement than for a camera with many interchangeable lenses. I cannot see this solution as a way worth to follow. Better make hi-res EVFs.

      • I

        I think it should be technically possible to have a hybrid viewfinder, the opical part of which covers wide angle (let say (24mm equiv.) and has overlayed frames that are displayed if you zoom in. Of course it will never cover correctly all focals: fisheye will not be covered, and for high power telephoto it will be unsuable – for these focals, you just switch to EVF (which can be a high resolution one like in the Fuji) If the optical part can correctly cover at least a range of 24-60mm equiv. it would already be great.

  • Nathan

    I think it’s a mistake to market any micro four thirds camera for 1000+ dollars unless that price includes EVF built in, and flash built in.
    Oh, and it would have to be some sort of revolutionary modular camera with a battery grip for use with big glass. There’s just no logic to a camera with this spec being priced along side the 60D.
    I think they should shoot for 799 or so. Much more than a point and shoot, a little less than a mid-range DSLR.
    Because that is where it exists in the camera market, that’s where its price should be.

  • MiCoGa

    I prefer to see something like Olympus OM-10 in digital version and with integrated flash… PLEASE!
    I don’t like E-PL1 shape.

  • Bruce

    I would like a higher resolution main body screen (compared to EP1/2)- with this I don’t need a built in EVF or add on EVF. If an EVF is needed to have the higher quality viewing, I do not want it on the hot shoe.

  • Maz

    Was happy to see the vote reflected my own preferences exactly.
    Had we been allowed 5 options, I would have added Articulated LCD and TTL Hot Shoe.
    Do you suppose Olympus product development pays any attention to these polls?
    Difficult to know if our 2,000+ votes are at all representative of the market as a whole!

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