(FT4) New E-P5 and E-PL6 info


The image on top has been posted by Olympus China. It confirms that the new E-P5 will be displayed at the Shanghai show on May 11th. I have been told by a source that the official worldwide announcement will be made 2-3 days before the event.

And according to a source from Digicaminfo these are the prices in YEN of the new E-P5 and E-PL6 cameras:

  • E-P5 body 99,800 yen (770 Euro, 1,000 Dollars).
  • E-P5 with body cap lens included for 105,800 yen (816 Euro, 1,070 Dollars).
  • E-PL6 body 69,800 yen (538 Euro, 700 Dollars). with kit lens 79,800 yen (615 Euro, 800 Dollars). and with double zoom kit is 99,800 yen (770 Euro, 1,000 Dollars).

I calculate the price based on the current currency conversion. But keep in mind that the US price is usually lower than the from YEN converted price.

Reminder: The E-P5 has the same 16 megapixel OMD sensor, no built-in EVF, it has built.in WiFi.

  • Bob B.

    Has to have an VF for that price, no?

    • admin


      • Bob B.

        I will be skipping this round…my OMD is totally fine until a much higher-IQ sensor comes along for the format….

        • It might be a curse for olympus to have designed such a good camera in the e-m5. Perhaps they will saturate the market for advanced m43 cameras and many if us won’t need to upgrade. It bodes well for the true e-m5 successor. That assumes there are only so many people with an interest in photography to which m43 appeal to.

          • this might be true, unless the omd pro does give the same impact as the omd did, i mean, there still exists something like G.A.S.

  • booooring

    Where are fast lenses?! Or OMG pro?

    • admin

      Coming in September.

      • Anonymoose

        And where is the E-7, for those of us who don’t care about small cameras? :/

        • Comming in November :-)

          • While we are still young and spry!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah Right! Ah aha aha ah!

  • peters

    At first I was puzzled by the PL6 decision but if you take into account the Kodak S1 it makes sense. This way they will have a wifi capable entry model to compete.

  • matt jones

    removable grip too going by the silhouette, looks the exact shape of the E-P3.

    • or E-PL5.

      • Tim

        Your not good at silhouette guessing, the E-Pl5 got a other top-plate design. You can see the FN1 button and the place where the flash is on the E-P3.but I m still dreaming about a Rangfinder shaped Pen with integrated VF. oO

        • Anonymous

          Fanboy much?

          • Tim

            visual thinking = very much ;)

  • anonymous


    the chinese words in the picture said that it is a flag ship model.

    • Li Hua

      By the single words “旗” and “舰” yes they mean flag and ship, but the phrase “旗舰” means hi-end.

      • Anonymous

        Flagship model in English means high end model. Exactly what you are saying

        • Do

          In my understanding, a Company can produce many different high-end models, but just one flagship model.

          • Li Hua

            You can take “flagship model” as “the most hi-end model”. But in fact, There can be one hi-end model in each product line. Like the 7D to the aps-c line, while 1D to the full frame line.

    • O

      Flagship PEN

  • simon

    does it have the same ibis as the om-d or better? otherwise what distinguishes it from the e-pl6? (I hope it is not the bigger body and wifi. please give us some more information, I don’t care if it is ft3 or 2 just let us know what you know otherwise this site almost doesn’t make any sense anymore.

    • hub

      Hurry up with the information, simon is about to blow up!

      • simon

        that’s right!

  • Tim

    If this is the real shape, it will look exactly like a E-P3. Sadly with the connection for hand strap in that position the dream of a VF attached to the side seems unlikly.

    Still, i ll think about buing one when its offert with the 17mm 1.8 as a kit lens… for a 1000€ ;-)

    • BLI

      Perhaps they used an E-P3 in this picture, for lack of an E-P5?

      If they have included the 5-axis IBIS, that would be good and prove some miniaturization since the body is smaller than that of the OM-D. The sensor is probably that of the OM-D with fine tuning, etc. Fine. Wi-Fi — fine; hopefully easy to use and some possibility of remote control. I’d expect some improved movie capabilities; uncertain as to what. Perhaps we could expect/hope for improved tracking AF???

      Personally, I am still very happy with the OM-D and use the EVF a lot. Thus, I am not in the marked for a new model right now. But I’m curious as to what will come :-).

    • O

      An integrated VF you meant? Don’t bet.

      • stickytape

        No, he meant a side-attached EVF, as opposed to one that attaches to the top. Something along the lines of the detachable flash of the Olympus XA, except with an EVF. It was obviously never going to happen though.

  • JBL

    i feel awkward again .

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Admin, can you please unleash your spies and find some rumors about OMD-Pro? :)

  • Johnny

    E-P5 with viewfinder = OM-D

    • Anonymous

      But you can buy a refurb OMD for $759? :-)

      • Bob

        The OMD is great. I have a GX1 with VF, too. both have their place.
        When the Fuji EX2 comes out with the fast AF…I would consider dumping all of my MFT kit (10 lenses) and jumping over to a Fuji Kit. Would definitely have to try one out first. They are finally getting it together..but there is still that whole “file compatibility” issue with post-processing software…
        Then again…if MFT comes up with a killer new sensor….LOL….
        I will see how that all develops. Contents with MFT Kit complementing a FF Kit…PHotography is so cool these days!!!!

        • Anonymous

          @Bob…feeling the urge to move to Fuji also. Don’t think I would if I had a FF setup though. Tied a demo XE-1 the other night. It’s about the same to wield as my E-PL1 with VF2. AF seemed alright (coming from the E-PL1), and the EVF was very nice.
          File compatibility issues seem to be getting sorted now. Lenses are good, and not overly large. If the next generation has good hybrid AF a la X100s…..m43 will suddenly look like the poor sister.
          C’mon PanOlly, get your shit sorted!

          • mahler

            I tried the XE-1 as well, and compared it to my E-M5. While the handling the Fuji appeared to be a little better, the same isn’t true for some other aspects. The AF is noisy and significantly slower. So slow that I would never exchange my E-M5 for a Fuji X. The view finder of the E-M5 is also a lot better. The X-E1 finder lags strongly behind, and has far as I can tell, does not have life exposure control in form of highlight and shadow markers.

            So, in summary, Fuji X has still too much to catch up. And by the time, Fuji is on current Olympus level, Olympus and m4/3 will have moved on anyway.

    • J white

      Not really. A OMD has a very different form factor. I love the pens for their portability and overall look. I’ve been waiting for 2 years for a pen with integrated EVF. It’s what I want. I do not want an external EVF because it looks like a turd, I do not want an OMD because it looks like a small DSLR. I want a Pen with an integrated EVF, even if it’s a tad bigger. For my tastes, I’d get a Fuji X-E1 if it was faster and if it was m4/3. The lens size is a factor more important to me than the sensor size, hence my preference for m4/3.
      Everything is a compromise. I’m willing to trade on some IQ for portability, but I also want a camera that looks good. I admit it, I want my camera to look good, and an external evf looks like a turd. So I have few options, either Fuji with it’s bigger size or OMD with it’ ugly looks. They are the only retro styled cameras with EVF. I am not willing to compromise on EVF, and I am not willing to compromise on form factor. I’m not a pro, I’m an amateur that likes photography but I’m a designer and style means a lot to me. One thing is for sure, the X100s looks tempting. It has everything I need except interchangeable lenses, The X-E1 is slow and has big lenses, BUT, if the new version is faster, I will compromise on the lens size and get a Fuji. And all because M43 companies have been unwilling to listen to their customers. Although, I suspect that the GX2 will check all boxes except for the retro appeal…

      • ricky

        you speak every word I want to say except that I am not a designer.

        I also want a Pen with integrated EVF. I also think EM5 is not so beautiful designed a camera. I also think X-E1 is too slow (I owned one for 5 months and then sold it). The size of lens is really something important.

        • J white

          There’s nothing wrong in liking a camera for the way it looks. I like the pens, but I want an integrated EVF. The designer thing is besides the point, more of a self justification than anything else.

  • No EVF – no deal! I will keep my GH2 and additionally buy from another company (which listen to the user) a new camera: x100S.

    • Bob B.

      Good luck putting lenses on that!

    • aqasem

      I’ll so, it seems.

    • Per

      I can really recomend the X100s. A wonderful little camera with an amazing viewfinder.

  • Sunny

    Hmmm, if they´re going to integrate WIFI into the P5, the PL6 could be a WIFI-pimped PL5 (with no other changes). And I hope it enables tethered shooting using a smartphone as external viewfinder.

    By the way: The OM-D ibis doesn´t fit in the P3 body.

  • Jørgen

    They need crowd sourcing. Panasonic and Olympus. I think the OMD, the G1, the GF1 and the Gh1 were the only big surprises to most of us in a pleasant way. So mostly in 2008 and 2009.

    EPl5 and EPM2 were nice because of the sensor mostly.

    All others were to be expected or simply dissapoiting in the sense that at least most of us over here really expected more of the makers. EP5 looks like another dull upgrade, indeed: no EVF. Just like GF6 etc.

    • E-PL1 was a nice surprise as well: built-in bounce flash, better grip, improved jpeg engine, low price: many improvements over E-P1/2. After it, the features started disappearing, flash and ISO100 in E-PL3 for example.

  • Oh no, does it mean the announcement has been put off to May 8th?

    • O

      Not far from this date.

    • Anonymous

      OMG Simon (see above) won’t last until then!

  • Sören

    So it is a E-P3 with new sensor. Not very exciting.
    This is what the E-P3 should have been. It was a great camera but not worth its price due to the old sensor…

  • sneye

    It took Olympus almost two years to replace the E-P3. It is understandable that a “flagship” takes longer to refresh than consumer-targeted products, but in the case of PENs the differences between E-P and E-PL lines are not that significant. The rumored prices suggest that the status of the E-P5 will be artificially inflated.

    I love the design of E-Px cameras. The E-P2 was probably my favorite camera ever and I have used quite a few in the past 25 years. However, IMO charging as much for a PEN as for an OM-D is unjustified unless it has truly innovative and unique photographic features (i.e. not merely gadgets such as WiFi). The E-P2 was initially sold for $1100 including a kit zoom and EVF. I think Olympus should match that offering at the very least. Otherwise they will only sell reduced E-PL’s and E-M5’s.

    • stickytape

      In the case of PENs, the E-PLx has outshone the E-Px in terms of features ever since the E-PL1. It will be interesting to see how they try to market it this time round though. Wi-Fi doesn’t sound nearly as impressive as “world’s fastest AF”.

      And I will literally vomit if they tell us to “respect” them again, or if they rehash the “photography redefined” line.

  • anony

    This doesn’t make sense. It’s gonna be more expensive than the OMD but be basically the same thing with no VF? I would expect it to be a lot cheaper as a result. WiFi doesn’t justify the massive price.

  • the E-P5 has a reasonable price at 770 euro but i am afraid here in europe they will just use the usa pricing and put euros behind it without a conversion.

  • AMVR

    I mean, sure we knew all of this already, but still, why did it take them so freaking long to release the E-P5 if all they’re were going to do was replace the sensor and add wifi ? The E-PX line fell behind the other lines by many many months and yet all they did with that much time in their hands was a rehash ?

    The worse thing is that, if the P5 is a carbon copy of the P3 with OMD sensor then the PL6 will probably still be a better camera in the end. Even if by some miracle the P5 were to have tilting lcd, flash, 5 axis IBIS and wifi, it still falls short compared to the competition, nevermind being overpriced. 5 axis IBIS is indeed an advantage to every other camera in the segment, but then again, you could always go for an OMD for less AND still have a superior camera.

    The elephant in the room is that, without and EVF the E-P5 makes no sense, it has no real advantage over neither the PL6 nor the OMD and it’s priced above both, so why would anyone go for this model ? Olympus really went full rtard this time. Not only this but it does nothing to position Oly against the Fuji Xs or Sony’s NEX 6/7. The E-P5 is not even out and it already lost against every other camera in this segment. Bravo Olympus! Bravo!

    • Ross

      You are talking as if the announcement with specs have been made. A bit premature isn’t it?

      Maybe the E-P5 will have the EVF included in the price bundle & the E-PL6 not. That might be attractive if it has a new ‘hi res’ EVF.

      • Ash

        Yer dreamin…

        That price will not include a viewfinder or a lens.

  • O

    admin, this should be (FT5)…

    • Anonymous

      What about silent shutter, better video codecs, battery grip for the PEN?

      • Ash

        Won’t see any of that.

      • Luda

        You are almost correct.. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Olympus has taken cost cutting to the max!

    Olympus 15mm f8 body cap lens as kit?
    Sounds a bit fishy to me…

  • No findy, me not buyie.

    This makes the E-PL5 a lot more interesting, since its price will drop further, and because I already have a VF-2 for that cobbled-together look with a chance of an expensive pop-off happening.

  • adaptor-or-die

    I don’t understand the confusion. It was reported here, months back the e-P5 would not have an EVF, you got your rumor early and accurate, yet all the disbelief that the new e-P5 will be anything other than a dressed up e-P3? a RF style Olympus would be very nice indeed, but it looks for now that Olympus isn’t doing that. They don’t intend to compete with their OMD line which by default is going to look like an SLR style camera, because it was based on the elder OM. Sure the original PENs had viewfinders, but if Olympus was interested in making that digital camera, they’d have done it by now … add to that tough sales returns, scandal, and all the other realities it’s hard to see how people can keep up the same comments over and over.

    It would be really nice to see Olympus make a mFT digital Leica-like RF style camera. It makes more sense that Panasonic would do it first? After all they have a tie-in to Leica. (Which is why they probably won’t!)

    I can’t see them abandoning the OMD, because RF designs are currently popular. After all the first OMD is still an impressive camera. One can only hope the improvements on that theme will be as impressive.

    Who knows, maybe in the Olympus skunkworks, there sits a compact “M” prototype body? Leica has bought into their EVF mechanics, [and notably not Lumix] maybe they just might share that OVF tech [in a million years] … in fact that would be the better bombshell in the end, to see Leica release a true ‘budget’ system using mFT sensors and IBIS as a cooperative venture with Olympus. (Each company can release their version of the same concept. Olympus’ would be silver/black and Leica’s would be black. Lenses from each would follow the same protocol Zuiko silver and Leitz black, the approach is already in motion … )

    • tony

      ‘I can’t see them abandoning the OMD, because RF designs are currently popular. ‘

      The OM series are SLRs.

      • ISO 1638400

        The way he phrases that statement causes a misinterpration. It didn’t for me because I can often overlook one’s grammatical mistakes and know what someone was intending to say. He mentions the OMs were SLRs in his first paragraph: “They don’t intend to compete with their OMD line which by default is going to look like an SLR style camera, because it was based on the elder OM.” So he obviously is not oblivious to this fact.

        “I can’t see them abandoning the OMD, because RF designs are currently popular.”

        I interpreted this as:

        “I can’t see them abandoning the OM-D design as we see in the E-M5 (an SLR style design based on the OM), despite the fact that rangefinder style designs as seen in competing mirrorless cameras like Fujifilm X-Pro1/XE-1 and Sony NEX-7/6 are currently popular amongst many enthusiasts.”

        • ISO 1638400

          Edit: misinterpretation.

  • micb

    I’m not really interested in new cams, more info on the 12-40mm f/2.8 would be more appreciated from my side <_<

  • JF

    770 euros for E-P5 body ??!! but E-M5 is around 850 euros in France and I even found it new at 809 euros…what do E-P5 bring to be almost same price ?

    • kiki

      According lasts news, EP-5 is better than EM-5

      • Sunny

        Ohhhhhh. Where did you read this??? I couldn´t find anything except the rumor the P5 will have WIFI.

        • Frye

          Could have a better sensor. It has to have something better about it or Olympus execs are simply on crack.

          • Chatokun

            It’s all about the wifis! You know it costs $300 to put that in there!

            • stickytape

              Not to mention you’re paying for the same excellent OM-D sensor in a SMALLER BODY!!!

    • Sunny

      What are you comparing? The retail price of a one year old model vs. the rumored list price of a not yet released camera? *lol*

      • Unfortunately, many use the same logic…sometimes i have the impression its 50% complaining about product features and list prices here. Never seen someone who is perfectly happy with whats available or has been announced..we are getting too spoiled…anyway i am goin to prepare myself for a shoot tomorrow(prefer to fantasize about a juicy model instead,rather then to figure out how my dreamgear’s specs would look)

      • JF

        I agree with you but who’s gonna buy E-P5 if you can have E-M5 at the same price with same sensor (or maybe E-P5 is really better ??), 5 axis IBIS, EVF, weather-sealing ? I’m not complaining, I don’t care about new body, I have 2 E-M5 and I’m really happy with it…I’m just asking questions…

  • Mr. Reeee

    So many bitter tears shed over so little information! ;-)

    • Ross

      It brings back memories of the E5. ;)

  • Hm.. the Pens have alwyas been extremely overpriced.. Actually the Pens have been outrageously overpriced. The E-P5 will not be and exception I’m afraid..

    • Right, but in 2009 or 2010 without competition and low volumes high prices were quite justified – who wanted tiny camera with larger sensor had to pay much. But today, with Fuji, Sony and Samsung behind their back?

    • you are exaggerating, i can name quite a few cameras which are really overpriced, but the PEN’s…..come on.

  • Yun

    I only interested in the EP5 if it have a sensor that above OMD . To ask 1K price tag must have something that worth & consider all the value M4/3 cameras depreciated so fast & much , really have to careful on my next purchase .
    Of course , there always a will to try on Fuji & the X Pro 2 lively be my next toy if Oly&Pana failed to impress again . Yes , Fuji got Zeiss lenses finally !

    • Jón

      Yes. My E-P1 is getting a bit long in the tooth. After trying my friends E-M5, I really desire the image quality improvements. But am I willing to sacrifice the viewfinder and (maybe) the weather sealing for €100/$100? I’m not so sure….

    • Ash

      Did you read the post?

      E-P5 has exactly the same sensor as the E-M5

      • stickytape

        We were told months ago there wouldn’t be an internal EVF. Yun is just coming to terms with that now. Hopefully they will come to terms with the lack of a new sensor by the time the P5 is released!

  • Frye

    What’s the sales strategy here? To turn people off so much to the new EP5 that they run and buy the EPL5?

    • franz

      PL6 and P5 give them a valid reason to lower prices on the PM2 and the PL5. Those are just horribly overpriced and they know it.

    • Ash

      More likely to drive E-M5 sales at this price

  • Anonymous

    Epl5 could be the real winner here.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    From the silhouette it seems (to me) that there’s a second wheel, with probably the Fn button in the center. A nice add on.

  • novaoz

    They will be justifying the price on much improved software rather than physical features, I have a feeling it will have specs for video like GH2

    • Luda

      You are close with your guess. It was planned to be test-bench to see how market will react on improved vide capabilities.
      That was the plan, of course some last-minute changes (which happen much earlier thank last minute :-)) are always possible.

      • dhfhd

        I will be much more excited about this camera if they’ve finally gotten serious about video. I wish they’d get really radical and let people shoot raw video, similar to the upcoming Blackmagic Pocket Camera. The 5 axis IS is a videographer’s dream. Can you give some insight on the video improvements- a standard mic jack, a headphone jack?

  • true homer

    Wait a minute, wait..
    So the gh3 is an overpriced piece of junk because its 1300$ but the view finderless ep5 is ok for 1000$?
    Nope, no fanboys here, just pure logic

    • Sqweezy

      Actually, from reading the comments here, it seems more people are dismayed at the E-P5 than thrilled by it. The general consensus here at 43rumors appears to be one of disappointment due to its lack of integrated EVF.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, true homer just wants to whine about how the world is full of olympus fanboys plotting against panasonic. Facts and reason are totally irrelevant.

    • AMVR

      WTH are you talking about ? pretty much everyone is whining about the price, are you on crack ? I don’t understand why people come here to start flame wars between faboys, or why there are fanboys at all for that matter, it’s really absurd when you consider M4/3 is cross compatible between Pany and Oly, there’s nothing more ridiculous than this, what’s stopping me from enjoying both brands eh ? I have an Oly camera but all my lenses are from Pany, what am I then ? complaining about one brand or the other doesn’t make you a fanboy of neither it just means that m4/3 as a whole needs to improve against the other systems, sadly neither Oly nor Pany are doing much about this lately. Simply put, there should be no fanboyism in m4/3, that crap is for Canikon forums.

      Back on topic, we may not know much about the specs but even if we were to exaggerate the E-P5 features (basically having all OMD features), without an EVF it will never make sense. Without an EVF it’s not much different from the PL series, and for that price you could always get the OMD, it’s not like EM5s are suddenly obsolete, it’s the same sensor afterall (with better features AND cheaper). What I’m saying is, whatever the E-P5 features may be (the ones we sort of know by now, or the OMDs – EVF) this model is a waste of resources and time. If all they did was renew the sensor why wasn’t the E-P5 released along the PM2 & PL5 ? There’s no feature that could be present in the P5 to justify such a long delay, they’ve had those technologies (5axis, EVF, etc) for a long while, this means the P5 was delayed merely because of management issues, and those issues are the very reason why we don’t have an EVF.

  • Photowang

    The one thing we CAN confirm right now from this spy silhouette shot is that for $1,000 you get to keep those lovely split ring lug mounts, conveniently placed where they dig into the skin fold between your thumb and index finger. You know, so that every time you hold the E-P5, you’re instantly reminded that it’s an Olympus PEN.

    • Anonytrackball

      Toughen up man! Toughen up!

  • Ctystal Balls

    No EVF = No interest.
    If it ain’t got no EVF it ain’t a camera.
    As another said here before.
    How bl00dy true.

  • liuswie

    It is going to have to compete against the likes of Nikon A and Ricoh GR. Tough time ahead for m43 format.

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