(FT4) More E-5 specs…


Every day we get closer to the September 14 announcement. And this are the latest rumored E-5 specs:

  • 12.3 MP sensor
  • 150K shutter life
  • Dual memory card slot: CF+SD
  • Max shutter speed: 1/8000
  • 3″ swivel LCD display with 920,000 dots resolution
  • Live view
  • Stereo mic input
  • 5 fps (not 6 like initially reported)

via Photorumors

  • Someone is fooling with you Admin.

    This is an E3 with 2 more megapixels and a 3mm jack plug.

    Not much for 3 years work. Something is missing here. We just don’t know what…

  • smc_

    That’s bullshit. This is the spec of a camera from 2007. If they come out with this I’ll sell my oly.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      dont sell, just wait
      maybe modular is coming and its not called an E-x

      dont lose hope

  • Martin
    • 2 thumbs up for the smokescreen theory

    • I

      Interesting discussion. And what about a Fuji sensor? It is in use in compacts.

  • Heiko

    One year ago Olympus said, we make no E-3 MK II, we make no evolution, a new camera must be a revolution.

    the specs are now saying E-3 MK II

  • Purzo

    This is not be True. where is Revolution? Or Evolutions.

    this spec able in 2007, with just a bit more cost.

    Change is just only SD card, 3″ 92K LCD. 2 more M pixel is not important.

    this is just E-3s.

  • Tom

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Olympus is pulling a great bait-and-switch with these fake specs…. if so, they’re doing a great job with the smokescreen.

    • I really hope so. I don’t think the current specs are very impressive.

  • Olaf

    3″ swivel LCD and 12,3 mpix is fine. The rest is a E-3 with video. I’m quite sure it must be something more to a brand new E-5!

    • Olaf

      Whoops, I just forgot one thing. I can not see anything new in this rumored specs…..

      • Martin

        What about the last point:
        5 fps (not 6 like initially reported)

        getting worse, isn’t it? What if we’ll end up with 5 MP, huh?

        • ANGRY Olympus Owner

          lol yea

          it was 8 and I was angry
          then 6
          now 5???

          If this is the case I am keeping my e3 and getting a gh1 or 2

          • Inge – M.

            And later, is the 4 and 3 like my E-P1.

  • marilyn

    whaaat… im getting closer to sell my stuff… but im sure there is something about this unit we dont know yet so my hope is still high enough not to change system… i love oly especially with the colors… i wish for a better ISO setting… and focusing stuff has been not just imporved but well build like canon

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      If this is the E-5 there will be another camera from oly not called an E

      oly is not this dumb
      I think they will suprise us

      notice admin always calls it e5, not e3 replacement or the oly flag anymore

      maybe the e5 is not going to be the BIG announcement

      maybe it is to take the e3 slot for 620 users to upgrade to, and there is another cam that will be in a new slot for current E3 user to upgrade too.

      just wish-full thinking

      but please dont fester thoughts of jumping ship yet…

      think about SHG glass,
      watch this video in case you forgot


  • kesztió

    Sensor manufacturer?

    • Apple?

      It might be a mosaic of BSI sensors.

      Or can it be Canon or Sony. Or Samsung or Panasonic.

      Many still dreams of a Kodak sensor.

  • lol… I’m tellin ya if I dont see any art filters I’m gonna be REALLY disappointed.

    oh, and yeah everything else about this cam sounds pretty 2006 as well.

  • OH WAIT… are we talking about the next Pentax KR???


    12 Mexapixel Sensor
    6 frames per second
    Up to 120 color combinations: 10 body colors, and 12 grip colors
    To be officially announcd in September
    To be released in October, 2010



    • MK

      haha thats kinda funny… feels like Pentax and Olympus are playing with us. they probably read all these sites each day and try to come up with crazy rumors to put out, then lol when people freak out

      • admin

        And what if those specs are real?

        • the pentax might be a $800 USD kit, while the E-5 should probably be a $1500 USD or more kit…

          big difference in value don’t you think?

  • Zonkie

    I agree with everyone. I bet the E-5 will have the new 15MP Panasonic sensor, 1080p video and a few other goodies. Olympus is just doing a good job at keeping is secret.

    • one can only hope zonkie. One can only hope…

    • Isn’t 720p video is enough

      If 1080p then go Panasonic instead.

      • Tim

        No thanks to going Panasonic. Terrible JPG engine, non pro build, slower autofocus, and doesn’t work with my Zuikos.

        I need a photographer’s camera, not a tecchie toy.

  • Neville


  • napalm

    i think photorumors is just posting this to see if you will post it here also :D

    arent you the one with more sources?

  • Gone

    maybe it is new panasonic faveon style backlit sensor with 12m photosites X 3 colours.

  • Jason

    A mirrorless E-5 with OVF is on the way. It will use a triple 12MP sensor and record 1080p video at 60fps (and no rolling shutter effect). It will have 36-point autofocus and 7fps. Super high res articulating 3.5″ LED screen (HD). Magnesium weather sealed body. SD & CF slots. Geotagging. USB 3.0 output. Wireless flash control (newer system). FT mount (MFT adapter). more coming soon……

    • It will most certainly be a camera with a mirror. The E-5 has to be able to compete with Nikon and Canon in terms of autofocus speed. That’s only possible with a mirror.

      • Tim

        Notice that he said OVF. Can’t do an OVF without a mirror.

        • Tim

          Actually, ignore what I just said. I just saw the mirrorless part. Looks like Olympus found a way around the speed issue.

    • Tim

      Jason I like that rumor. Hope it comes true.

  • Here are some thoughts:

    * Probably no new MFT cameras from either Olympus and Panasonic this year
    * Just a couple of boring, slow and expensive plastic zoom lenses

    What did Olympus do with all the time available? The E-5 specs we have can’t certainly be it. So I would certainly not use something like FT(4) or FT(5) to tag these rumors. There’s more to the E-5 than we know.

    I have decided to wait for the actual announcement and the first product reviews before I make a decision. Eventually, I need a sealed FT body, So either I’m going to pick up a cheap E-3 or the new E-5.

    • David

      If these are the specs of the E-5 (which I highly doubt) then don’t expect the E-3 to drop too much in price

      • I’m not worried about that. The E-5 will be distinctive enough from the E-3. Olympus is not suicidal after all. Just the price will be critical. The highest risk for Olympus will be to make the E-5 too expensive. In that case, I’d rather buy the E-3. I don’t do too much low light stuff, so I can still live with the E-3’s performance if I have to.

  • NativeFloridian

    I vote that the specs are accurate… we’ll find out shortly??? Thanks admin.

  • All the new cameras launched during the last years, seems to have been preceded with rumours, ofthen remarkable true ones.

    So in retrospective, these rumours are most likely true even this time.

    Soon we’ll know, if the camera is an E-40 or an E-5.

  • Stig

    The modular camera was possibly the more accurate rumour. Olympus wanted to deflect attention from the real leak and discredit it so they have been generating this smokescreen as a diversion. Remember the photo of Maitani’s modular camera that had a recent copyright date on it?

  • these spec are accurate but incomplete ;-)
    – if it’s a 12MP “but” the electronic is there to make it usable at 12800 ISO or if the dynamic range is better than a full frame
    – if the screen is 920000 pixel “but” i can zoom smoothly to pixel in their real size (not on a thumnail like on e-3)
    – if it’s 2 slot “but” i can write ram on one ang jpeg on the other one
    – if i add new feature like a buton to focus on hyperfocal or things like this
    if i add these “but”, isn’t it more interresting for you ? ;-)

  • remember ;-)
    forget pixel and frame rate, keep :
    – dynamic range
    – high iso
    – new features never seen before and interesting for photographers ;-)

  • New Fujifilm-Kodak sensor :-)

  • or a dream, a sealed captor thus you can forget dust on captor for years ;-)
    this is inovation, pixels are not ;-)

  • Tim

    Olympus is fooling everybody. Nobody can get a real leak, or any real information on this camera.

    Those specs don’t say really anything about the camera. Nothing about the build, the sensor, picture quality, dynamic range, movie mode.

    I have read people who seem to know what’s going on say to expect the unexpected.

    We’ll know pretty soon.

  • As many have already said , the main factor is going to be the supplier of the sensor
    Let’s hope it is not Panasonic


    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      whats wrong with panny?

  • scary specs… 5 fps + video 720 is just a nightmare

  • Jason

    The new E-5 camera will be unprecedented in the world of photography. All I shoot is Olympus, Leica and Panasonic – so like you, I already know who makes the best stuff. But it will be this camera that finally lets the rest of the world know, that you don’t need a Canon or Nikon costing way over $2,000 to shoot pro images, full-frame images that is. Just wait and see, next week you will be amazed.

    • Tim

      Jason, I believe you.

      Everybody else seems to be ignoring this post. Very curious how they pulled it off.

      If they did they could be back in a very big way. Very exciting times.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      wow it is next week!
      i didnt realize its so close

      cant wait, pressure is high on oly

  • elliot

    Considering the low reported sales volume of standard 4/3 cameras, Olympus’s being the sole supplier, and the considerable momentum for micro 4/3, I cannot help but be underwhelmed by another headlining 4/3 Olympus camera 3 years after the last one. I think Olympus, its dealers and anyone else who follows the market understands that this is the last gasp for professional 4/3, and that the r&d and marketing muscle has already headed over to micro 4/3.

  • napalm

    new specs:

    – it will be in black
    – has Olympus logo (99% sure white font)
    – 2 strap loops, left and right (?)
    – dedicated exposure button
    – play button will be blue
    – shutter button (confirmed!)
    – tripod mount at the bottom

    just kidding! :D

    • emel

      Now that’s funny.
      Do your sources say if it will have a battery compartment door?

      • Paulus

        One of my most trusted sources conforms four of the new specs.

        But there a severe doubts about the color of the play button.

        This color should be one of the new Olympus features you have never seen before on a dslr-camera – a feature others will copy in the following years from Olympus. It will certainly not be blue!

    • MAkeeNooN

      built in flash and EVF also.

    • Julie Whitlock

      This is the only spec list I have faith in so far

  • (want high ISO performance)

  • Acius

    sad, just sad… :(

    • … its not fact yet (and they’ve not shown examples of the chip performance!)

      remember Canon went backwards with the G10 to G11 and actually DROPPED the pixel count, better for high ISO noise.

      Come on Oly!!

  • Zantor

    I agree with Acius (and others): Sad, just sad … IF the rumors are true and Oly puts out a completely underwhelming E-3 replacement.

    I’ve already given notice to my 2 brothers that I may be jumping to the dark side (Nikon) with them so don’t sell you older lenses – you might have an in-house buyer when I purchase the rumored D7000! At least Nikon is funding R&D on higher-spec cameras.

    I love my Oly lenses, but if a disappointing warmed over E-30 is all they got, the E-3 and the lenses are gone to eBay heaven. What’s the good of great lenses if Oly can’t come up with a better camera/sensor?

    • Lets not forget that the E-3 is still a great camera in good light. One can still make money with it and the image quality is awesome, IMHO. I’ve paid for my E-3 and many of the lenes by the image quality alone. My clients are always happy with the results. Of course a sensor better in Low light would definitely open up greater opportunities.

    • Tim

      Hey, how can you tell anything meaningful from those specs? Read some of the posts on here before you start selling equipment.

      On the other hand, if you have some good SHG glass you want to dump I’ll take it off your hands.

      • Zantor

        Hey Tim,
        I have been reading the rumors not the posts. I figure, and I may be wrong, that the posters, like me, don’t really have a clue what Oly is going to do except what they read on 43Rumors (or other rumors sites). They appear to be playing in close to the vest. Everybody has a wish list, but that doesn’t make it so – I have mine: much better high ISO performance, much better dynamic range, better, faster focusing, AF with OM lenses (wouldn’t that be cool!), smaller, lighter (but still built like a tank), 7 or 9 shot exposure bracketing, focus bracketing, fast fps, etc, etc, etc.

        But, a handful of these would keep me in the Oly camp. But merely 12MP and video wouldn’t and a drop in fps don’t inspire me to Oly’s commitment to the pro- or near-pro-spec DSLR market.

        P.S. I ain’t selling anything till I see what Oly has up it’s sleeve … if anything but lip service to the high-end DSLR market.

  • Nathan

    I’d take a 10 MP camera if it can do ISO 12800 with 1600 clean like 200. Pixel count at 10MP is already completely adequate.

    Usable ISO 3200 with extremely low noise is realistically everything I need. 1600 should be clean and professionally usable. 3200 should look great on the web. 6400 should work with noise reduction, with some minor detail loss, and 12800 should be usable with some post-processing.

    Basically, I’m looking for something that can maintain a shutter speed of 1/60th in poor light but not darkness at f3.5. Something that can shoot wildlife at dusk at f4-5.6 but probably not freeze a running cougar.

  • Marilyn

    We had a new spec triple sensor lol oly 43 camp… Your promised isn’t a promise or commitment

  • Samo

    Seriously? I have been rooting for Olympus for a long time and it’s been a long time coming for a new pro body from Olympus but this really takes the piss. If these are the specs I will be going over to canon. It’s going to be really hard finding a 12-60 replacement especially for the price I got it for but I guess I will have to save up and get a 16-35 which would cost more than my car. Please Olympus don’t make me become broke!

  • Samo

    Ok I think I can forgive Olympus if the sensor would be much more superior to the pen cameras. Doesn’t make sense carrying an e410 or even e620 knowing the pen cameras have same size sensors that can also do video! Oh and if the viewfinder is better so I can actually manual focus through the viewfinder then I shall stick to olympus

  • Dan #2

    Interesting. I personally would go for a 4.1mp, high dynamic range, ultra low noise, 8fps, 11 cross type focus points with 3D implementation as per the Nikon’s and be happy. All this in a slightly larger E620 body with built in grip and weather sealed of course. Oh, drop the useless flash and install an RF trigger for flash. Using the built in flash as a trigger is nothing but stupid. No art filters, P mode or any of that bloated crap you see on consumer and mid level camera’s.

    Like it will ever happen :( well, parts of it won’t ;-)

  • Newsed1

    Sounds like a good, solid, down-to-earth, upmarket DLSR.

    We know about everything else Oly can do, they just need to nail the sensor. Love the lenses, hated the E-3’s sensor performance.

  • @ Napalm

    You can’t take the EV Comp button for granted! Maybe you have to press the up arrow key then drag a slider labeled “Photo Brightness” left or right using the L/R arrow keys.

    Perhaps the feature “never before seen in a DSLR” is a pink body with Swarovski crystals in the shape of Hello Kitty to appeal to teenage female Japanese DSLR consumers…

    @ Admin

    If these specs are correct it’d have to shoot fantastic stills at high ISO to make me even consider upgrading. Whatever professional base Oly has would probably shrink even further. That being said, I still have faith and won’t be dumping my gear just yet…

  • @ Admin

    That was based on previously reported specs. I just noticed 720 @ 30 fps is no longer listed.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      Admin are they setting you up to fool us???

  • Scott

    I welcome the specs. I would never need more that 12mp. Why do you think Nikon only uses 12. Its enough and gets better dynamic range

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