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(FT4) More about the Olympus E-5


As you remember I received two different camera specs about a FourThirds camera. Both specifications came from “old” good sources. I had the chance to talk again with those sources and they helped me to figure out what’s going on.

The first source that claimed to have seen and tested the E-5 with the 12 Megapixel sensor is sure that this was the final camera. The second source saw a prototype called E-P3 which has the new 15 Megapixel Panasonic camera. After long discussion we “agreed” that the first source is very likely to have seen the final E-5! “Source two” saw a prototype of a future FourThirds camera that could be announced in 2011. I thank both sources for beeing so kind to answer my questions!

I repeat, that is what the first source saw:
“”Oh, will like to let you know that I have seen the new Olympus pro dSLR, the E-5, already. It’s a solid, wicked piece of camera that’s weather sealed just like the Olympus E-3. And, it will be announced prior to Photokina. I don’t have other specs on it, except i have tried it and the focusing is really fast. It still uses a 4/3 lens mount. From what i know, it will support HD video recording as well. The top control panel remains largely the same, and it will also have a flip and swivel screen like the E-3. Oh, the sensor resolution is still 12 megapixels, and it will compete against the 7D. Not sure if the megapixels will play a major role here as well. But olympus is hoping that it’s Zuiko lens can outdo Nikon and Canon. Early samples of photos taken with the E-5 shows that the picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.“”

It’s still not a solid rumor but I guess there is a 60% chance that this is the real E-5 camera. If you can help me to get closer to the 99% feel free to share your knowledge using the anonymous form on the right sidebar. Don’t be shy ;)
Meanwhile I have also received some rumors from new sources. They talk about some kind of special features regarding the sensor. I am checking those rumors with my sources before to post them on 43rumors.

P.S.: The second FourThirds prototype camera rumor is available here:

  • CRB

    Jiiihhhh…back to the point where they would almost caught up with 2 year old cameras? i fail to see this camera being a success..if thats true(specs)

  • jeff

    CRB the fact that a sensor half the size of the ones its competing with is matching the performance is a huge deal.

    If olympus can produce a sensor that can perform the same as a ultra high end nikon camera , and put it in a body that is nearly a quarter of the size…..

    well thats just great

    • tbo

      12MP is more than enough for me. As long as the AF is fast and (most importantly) accurate, and the sensor is sharp (weak AA filter), and overall build quality / ergonomics are up to Olympus standards, it sounds like I would be very interested in the E-5 as rumoured here. Even an E-30 with video, lighter AA filter, and maybe a bit better high ISO (say usable 3200, ugly 12800 for emergencies) would be wonderful as far as I am concerned.

      • Agree 100%


      • napalm

        yeah that would be good enough for most people.

        let’s face it, i dont think oly will be the front runner in professional cameras. but expect oly to come up with something new when they release something… whether it be a big innovation or just small things like backlit buttons.

        maybe the E-5 will only be at par with a year old 7D, but is that really a bad thing? all these years we’ve been told that 4/3 system cannot be on par with APS-C yet here we are now tailgating and even giving them a run for their money on the mirrorless market

        ask yourselves why did you pick oly in the first place, despite it being bashed for its poor high-ISO noise and slower AF? i think for that you’d kmow if you still want to switch or stay…

    • CRB

      I do agree that 12mp is enough and to match the competition with a smaller size sensor is great(but i dont believe that will be a real small body)…thats not the point…im mean about sales success…nikon is coming with 14-16mp cameras with fast live view HD and i doubt it will be worse than the previous in IQ….now if, IF this sensor comes to a PEN body….hummmm….then we are talking….

    • CRB

      My reply was to Jeff…

    • Toccata

      Just a reminder. 4/3 is not half but 2/3 the surface of an APS-C.

      Anyway, I do not believe in the ‘it’s the sensor size”. I do believe in “it’s the light” which I refined as light is an amount of information. So, from my point of view A55 and GH1 should have the same iso ability as both loose 1/3 of a stop light compared to other APS-C.

      Sony is doing better because its sensors are better. Wake up Panasonic!

      ps: 12M is enough. If I had to invest in a Pro body, I would prefer a D3s rather than a D3x.

  • Jason

    Nothing I’ve read indicates that a FourThirds sensor is half the size of an APS-C sensor. As far as competing with a D300 or 7D, that should be no problem, as long as your are using some good glass. Even an E-620 has resolution comparable to a 7D or D300. When I attach the Zuiko 50mm f/2.0 or Lecia 25 mm F/1.4 to the E-620 body, I see results that I honestly prefer over the D300 or 7D. The lack of video is unfortunate, but then again, the low price reflects the lack of video.

    Once Olympus gets their full size bodies equipped with HD, and caught up with the rest of the DSLR world, then I will see almost no advantage to going with an APS-C Canon or Nikon (unless I was invested in their glass). The only benefit of a Canon or Nikon at that point, would be if you were using one of their full frame models.

    Do you disagree?

  • Dummy00001

    Both D300 and 7D have street price now of around $1500. Oly E-3 – $1200. And I’m pretty sure that E-5’s price would fall to the same level quite fast.

  • Jeffrey D

    Jason: 4/3rds has a smaller selection of lenses, additionally these lenses are quite likely to be orphaned in the near future. Additionally 4/3rds cameras are not particularly small, but have a smaller sensor than Nikon or Canon.

    In fact I can’t imagine the E-5 being a good idea for many people. I mean, why come in on a dying system, unless you already have a fair selection of Olympus lenses (and presumably, already have a 4 3rds DSLR)? Only a pro would need the features of the E-5. But, pros aren’t using Olympus anyway.

    • Alfons

      I honestly think this is the upgrade for us, E-3 users. Others may have to wait for modular camera or other answer from Olympus.

  • steve

    Is this a new sensor design or just the one from the GH1. The GH2 is beginning to look like a slightly upgrade GH1 with slighty more Video features and the cosmetic changes from the G2. Hope I am wrong?

  • Steve H

    I don’t need more than 12 megapixel, but I do need improved DR, reduced noise, and vastly improved higher ISO performance. Hopefully they kept the sensor the same size sot that they could improve all of these dramatically.

    I’d also like to see:

    – Wireless-N control/interface
    – 1080p HD video with fully manual controls (but good autofocus) and a good codec, but it needs to be implemented well with good antialiasing/resolution. It’s sad that the high end Canons shoot worse video than a GH1.
    – In camera HDR like the new Sony Alphas

    I love the Olympus lenses I own, but if Olympus doesn’t really blow me away, I may just go with Red’s Scarlet.

  • Rob

    I gave up on this camera several months ago and bought a 7D. I was more worried about the abandonment of 43 product development than I was about the evolution of the E-5. Its not a bad system, it just seems that all the money is in m43, and any 43 work is just meant for existing users that are stuck with a bunch of gear.

    I expect the E5 will be a good camera, but I don’t expect it to be a consumer success.

    • Dummy00001

      > any 43 work is just meant for existing users that are stuck with a bunch of gear.

      Oly has load of great cheap optics. My investments into lenses for my E-520 are about two times less than of my friend who has Canon 1000D for about the same time. Because if I buy Oly lens, I can be pretty sure about consistent quality. I have four lenses, including kit. My Canon friend has already 5 – not including kit. Because most of them suck, Canon own lenses are expensive and Ls are waaay toooo expensive (nor worth putting on EF-S body).

      What I’m trying to say here is that one needs much less gear for 43 – and on average it is cheaper. So the “stuck” factor on 43 is much less than it is on e.g. Canon.

  • Alfons

    If they are really depending on 4/3 lens ineup… Well… Canon just released at least half dozen new lenses. Olympus users are still waiting SWD versions, big aperture lenses, lighter lenses…

    • Michael

      I agree, with E-5 the should release few fast missing primes to Zuiko Digital range. SWD? Yes, it should be a modern standard for Olympus – everyone manufacturer is now using ultrasonic motors for AF. But as we know SWD is driving the HG and SHG AF only and how long is it that Olympus released those kind of lenses? Seems like ages.

  • aaa

    Sounds… boring.

  • Alfons

    OK, so we may have something like this coming:

    – 12MP
    – HD Video
    – Viewfinder overlay
    – Improved AF
    – Size between E3 and E30
    – Weathersealed

  • Dan

    Megapixels don’t really matter. I have printed both 2 and 4 megapixel images at 32″ wide and some bigger numerous times. What really matters is the quality of the pixels being recorded. If Olympus can deliver a low noise, high fps, E3 esque body and update it’s non SWD pro lenses then it will do just fine. Unlike a lot users of other brands Olmpus users don’t need to upgrade their camera bodies when something shinier hits the shelves every 9 to 12 months. I look forward to seeing what’s on the horizon purely on the grounds that my E3’s are tapped together after being used extensively since their release.

  • Jason

    Jeff: what makes Olympus a dying system? The E-620 has received excellent reviews and is a very hot seller. The GH1 crushes both the Canon and Nikon video systems. Put the advantages from the GH1 and E-620 together and they will compete with everything below the D300 and 7D, and put it into a pro body, it will compete with the D300 and 7D directly.

    Now as far as lenses, you obviously have not used any of the high quality Zuiko or other FT lenses. The 25 mm Leica Summilux (which last I looked does not have a Nikon or Canon mount) creates nearly prefect images, even wide open at F/1.4. And who else makes an F/2.0 macro? Or a 14-35mm F/2.0 or a telephoto f/2.0? How about the 14-150mm Leica lens. What other system allows you to dabble in Leica quality for such a low price. Honestly, Canon and Nikon lenses suck compared to high grade FT lens. I would only buy a Nikon, if for some reason I needed the very best full-frame camera (for shooting sports or something.)

    And as far the sensor, yes it is smaller than an APS-C, but not that much smaller, 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 factors are not that far apart. And yes, the E-620 body is smaller and way, way lighter than most APS-C bodies, and the MFT is even smaller. However, I prefer the FT over the MFT, because it is bigger and easy to hold, In fact, I have a battery grip on mine, and a flash, of course.

    Going forward I doubt Four Thirds will have so many models, maybe two to three bodies – base, mid and pro. But it is far from dead. They use the same chip as MFT bodies, so with a modular mount of some sort, both formats should be around for a while. I mean if Sony is sticking around in the DSLR market, then Olympus surely is.

    Either way, FT and MFT sensors (which are identical) will be around for quite a while, regardless of what mount is used.

  • chaosteo

    If i werw olympus marketing, i shall reveal new camera in next 2 weeks given all the money i threw into sponsoring US open so may utilize it well

    • spam

      FT and MFT sensors are 30-40% smaller than APS-C, or if you look at it the other way, APS-C is about 60% larger than MFT.

      FT is a dead system as Panasonic has abanodoned it completely and Olympus will only release one new generation of dSLRs, the E-5 and possibly an E-620 successor. If they sell really well, there might even be a small refresh, but no really new FT-cameras after E-5.

      However, both Panasonic and Olympus are working hard om MFT-systems and if they can solve the AF-problems with FT lenses on MFT cameras then the investment in FT-lenes might not be a complete waste.

      Using a FT-lens with adapter on a MFT-body is a bit clumsy and the adapters are expensive, but certainly worth it for really expensive lenses, again if they can get decent AF-performance on the mFT-bodies.

      As for F2.0 macros, you can get it for any brand. Tamron makes a 60mm F2.0 Macro for Canon/Nikon/Sony.

      OLympus F2.0 zooms are actually F2.8 zooms with a wide converter built in. They are still unique in being F2.0, but if you’re looking at light per sensor square millimeter then they are no better than F2.8 zooms for other formats.

      A E-5 might be ale to compete with a D300s or 7D/60D, but not a 60D/7d for absolute resolution. And IMO that’s The problem Olympus and Pansonic has to face. At best they can compete with the mid range cameras from Canon or Nikon.

      Panasonic has understood this and focus on other features like size, video etc, but Olympus persist in trying to make a Pro camera that barely can compete with the last generation mid level cameras from Canon and NIkon. I just don’t get it.

      So, let’s hope the E-5 really is a E-30 successor as it should be, preferably even smaller.

  • Smiling

    > The second source saw a prototype called E-P3 which has the new 15 Megapixel Panasonic camera.

    Anyone reading this will know that this is about the sensor, of course, and not a complete camera.

    Or am I wrong and is this the new amazing feature? Does it just contain a Panasonic GH13?

  • Inge – M.

    Who belive, Panasonic will produce a new 12 mp. sensor but hight spec so GH1 sensor only for Olympus E-5? Not me!.
    And maybe use soon 2 year old GH1 sensor i hight pro camera to Olympus? Not me!

  • marilyn

    another crappie story lol i need more dan that

  • Neonart

    People have been forecasting the demise of 4/3 since it was introduced. So far that hasn’t happened.
    I truly considered a 7D, but then realized I would never have lenses like my Leica 25 ƒ1.4, or 14-150, or Zuiko 50 ƒ2, or 50-200 ƒ2.8-3.5 and their proper equivalent focal lengths unless I went FF. Then again, when you do have a FF camera with great low aperture lenses, you end up fighting such a narrow depth of field and HAVE TO STOP DOWN! And there’s the price for such glass if it even exists! (Try to find a 100-400 ƒ2.8-3.5 equiv for $1k!)
    Then there was also the weather-sealing. I love to shoot my E3 and 50 or 50-200 or 14-54 in the rain, snow, beach, whatever. (And yes, I do it quite often.) It’s an incredibly liberating feeling. It seems that besides Pentax nobody else can match Olympus in that department.
    This E5 will sell very well to many 4/3 users, particularly E3 owners, but it may also continue to grab new people and some APS-C folks too.
    Remember that lots of people wrote off Apple and their OS just a few years ago. They were a “dying system”, with competitors offering “so much more” and telling them to dismantle the company and go away. Now those competitors are the dying breed wishing they could have just a sliver of the market their former “dying little” rival now holds. We simply cannot make those kind of pessimistic predictions…

  • Jason

    Neonart: bringing up Apple is a great analogy. I have owned Apples since I was young, and an Audi since 2005. Hmmm, everyone used to think no one could compete with BMW, but eventually Audi learned to, after years a everyone sleeping on Audi, they have finally unseated BMW as the entry level German luxury car champion. And Apple, well that’s self explanatory.

    Olympus, Apple and Audi never had a major following, but now Olympus is well on their way and Apple and Audi have clearly already arrived, and are clearly the choice for true connoisseurs.

    I never buy the mainstream stuff, and to all the Canon and Nikon marks, I’m sorry but those are the mainstream, Olympus and Panasonic are really considered to be more premium and they are long from dead.

    Some other brands I like, but are not part of the mainstream-

    Humascale Chair by Freedom (I paid $799 for this chair and I’m still happy I din’t buy the Herman Miller. I like Leica, Olympus, Audi, Apple, Humanscale…..

    Canon and Nikon, other than their full-frames is in my opinion mainstream junk. Their bodies are crap and their resolution is not very good in real world condition – on paper they of course have better DOx scores, but big whoop, that doesn’t take real life into consideration.

    You want to get into watches too, ok, Rolex makes some great watches, and they have phenomenal resale. Personally, I like resale, but it is not my determining factor when buying a watch. Rolex made 800,000 watches last year, much of their processes are automated, and there is no doubt their factories are state of the art, but what about the smaller brands that make 3,500 or 35,000 watches a year? Those companies are the Leicas, the Olympus’ of the world. The people that buy Canon and Nikon, are the same guys that buy Rolex, mainly cause they don;t know any better. You ever heard of Jaeger-LeCoultre, or Audemars Piguet, or Patek Philippe, Breguet, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin, Richard Mille, IWC, Lange & Sohne – these are all the high-end cameras that are sold in very low numbers.

    Olympus can survive even if they are not the number one or two camera manufacturer. Fourthirds is far from dead. It is arguably more sexy than Canon or Nikon. When someone with an Audemars Piguet or a Olympus, I’m like wow, they no what’s up. But when I see someone with a Nikon, Canon or a Rolex or TAG, well I automatically know that they probably know very little, unless of course they are rocking a gigantic full frame.

    Damn, I cannot wait to get the new Panasonic LX5, it literally crushes every single compact (non detachable lens camera on the market), clearly no Canon or Nikon comes close, the LX line leads the pack and everyone else follows.

  • Kevin

    It sounds like the e-5 is just trying to catch-up with the 7d, and not even the d300s. furthermore, oly’s lens interests seem to be entirely mft without even a rumor of any new ft lenses. sigma is now pulling out of ft. So even if I have my zuiko/sigma collection, why should I upgrade to an e-5 considering no lens future & and catchup e-5? If oly doesn’t raise the bar with this product and continue to support FT, then I see no future here.

    I know we are just talking rumors, but might oly do to make me WANT to upgrade and to ATTRACT new customers? Isn’t that the idea of any new product?

  • Chin Yee

    Why not have dual INTERNAL switchable sensors. One say having a resolution of 14 mega pixels that cover ISO 25 to ISO 800. Yes, ISO 25 or lower, that will eliminate the need for ND filters. A second say 10 or 8 mega pixel sensor that cover ISO 400 up ISO 51200. That will position the camera well against D700 for low light shots.

    • Mattias

      Chin Yee – to have the same pixelsize as the D700 you would have 3 megapixels, or less on 4/3…

  • Jason

    I hear you Kevin, but unless you have explored all the lenses within the FT system, it is hard to say they don’t have the right lenses. I personally think they have most of the lenses that I’ll ever need. They have a numerous macros, telephotos, wides, and a few regular primes. What exactly are they missing in lenses.

    The 50 mm f/2.0 macro I have only costs $450 and the MFT Leica macro costs $900, and personally I like the Zuiko macro better for what I do. That is taking close-ups of wristwatches mostly. By using an E-620, FL-36R, Zuiko 50 and a battery grip – I am able to take really sharp watch close-ups, where with Canon and Nikon it is very hard, for one, because they don’t have image stability, which is crucial when taking handheld macro. For studio macros, either system will do, but for handheld the Oly setup is hard to beat, and if you consider price, you have to spend at least $1000 more to get anywhere close to what this setup can do.

    I’m not a pro, more of a high-level enthusiast, either way people compliment my watch photos all the time. I could not do what I do, without the Olympus FT system. But then again, Olympus is none for microscopes, as is Leica, which leads me to the Leica Summilux, it takes the absolute clearest pictures I’ve ever seen, other than the 5D or D3. Yes, the Leica Summilux is 25mm, which is somewhat limited, but then that is where some of the phenomenal zooms or wide angles come in.

    For my use, which is 100% digital online publication – I’ve decided to use the Oly setup with the Zuiko and Leica, and maybe another lens later on, like the 14-150 Leica maybe and for everything else like people group shots, building shots, etc… I will just use the LX5 when it comes out, as publishing 1000 pixel wide JPEGS only needs something like the LX5 and close-ups of watches, wit their glass on needs the extra resolution of a DSLR.

    I guess if I was a wedding or sports photographer, I would probably get a Nikon or Canon. But for mostly portraits or just having fun, the Oly an Panasonic are fine, and the extra money I can use to save up for a new watch, or a new house or something other than more money in camera equipment.

  • poor 4/3

    IMHO it’s over for 4/3 unless they move to bigger sensor.
    E-5 would be the last E-series in 4/3 production.

    • Joseph

      There is no point for Olympus to fight with Canikony in the 135 format arena, if there will be a LargeFourThirds / MacroFourThirds format then most likely it will be something like Leica S2 and Pentax 645D (i.e. the small-Medium-Format)

  • Rob


    Seriously, you shoot Olympus for the cool factor? that reminds me of the guy who made that commercial for his 88 dodge aires. Personally, I hate people that are all apple/mac and think they are losers. I classify Audi people with BMW people, and they both annoy me. I agree with your watch selections though, but its a more niche market.

  • Jason

    I paid a guy to shoot a video at a watch show I attended last year in Switzerland and his 6 minute video was quite good (his post processing is phenomenal). He uses a really nice $1,300 Canon lens and a 7D, too bad the video quality of the 7D is not as good as the GH1 for example, or else his video would have been much better. Basically if he had a better camera, the results would have been better, it was not him the limited the quality it was the camera. And at $3,000 or so for his total setup, shouldn’t it have been better quality. Yes in my opinion, but time will tell who has the best for the money. As newer products come out for all the brands, then we will see who is best at what….

    • JNMPhoto

      Jason said “I paid a guy to shoot a video at a watch show …..$1,300 Canon lens and a 7D…video quality of the 7D is not as good as the GH1…”

      Perhaps you should have paid someone who owns a video camera.


      • elpaciko

        Paiy someone with a video camera that use a teeny weeny tiny sensor??
        Are you the guy who thinks 12mp Cameraphone better than 8mp DSLR??

        • JNMPhoto

          Elpackio said “Are you the guy who thinks 12mp Cameraphone better than 8mp DSLR??”

          No, I’m the guy that takes 45,000 shots a year with a DSLR, and has access to Sony Z1 video cameras for video. Horses for courses.

  • Jason

    Rob, yeah maybe I’m being snobby, but I shoot Olympus cause it is has the best quality still images and macros in the entry level DSLR market (IMHO). I promise I started using Olympus about two years ago, not cause I disliked Canon, but because that’s all I could afford (as a Canon or Nikon macro setup is way more $$$ and a full Leica is as well). And now that I’ve learned more about photography, I’m glad I did. And as far as Apple, I switched to PCs a few years back, but too many viruses etc,,, had to switch back to Apple. I hate their prices, but what are you going to do. And as far as the Audi, I used to be a manager at an Audi dealership, plus I live where it snows a lot, so I got a ridiculous deal and AWD, or else I would have just kept my FWD Nissan Maxima.

    And my favorite watch is a brand no one has ever heard of, but my friend in Zurich, who owns a watch Atelier made this watch for me custom. So I honestly don’t go for the flashiest name, I just look for the absolute highest quality and value you can get. Not for the cool factor, any cool factor is after that fact. Please don’t hate me for liking these things. I don’t hate you if you like Canon or Nikon, I just think for me Oly or Apple or Audi is the best choice, that’s all.

  • I am mad on Olympus for one reason – so new SHG SWD lenses. I don’t need a new model, just improve old lenses and I would be happy as a child who got a cookie after not getting any for a LONG time :D The problem is the long awaited macro lens that Olympus was talking about. I really need it because I want to buy their product not sigmas. Olympus has to overcome itself and make one big step into f1.4 – make even one lens like that. I dont need that Olympus would brake the laws of physic or something like that in ISO ground. Just make something inovative for the croud.

    I have some ideas about the future too… I think that this year we will get two models – E-5 and E-40. Next year the 15mp will come and will be something like a modular camera that will combine m4/3 with 4/3.

    Also I have some intersting idea how to kill Canon and injure Nikon (I like Nikon :D). Why Olympus and Panasonic make a super company? Not just cooperate but be ONE. Combine olympus lens technology, Panasonic video winnings, Olympus inovations… That would be a killer move, because now Panasonic is stealing from Olympus in the m4/3 part but giving sensors – that doesnt look so fair. This is just a dream PANAOLYMPUS, but who knows :D

    Olympus wont die… Even if they close everything down with 4/3. As long as some custumers need lenses and cameras to buy, Olympus will provide it just dont create something new. Canon and Nikon are strugeling to come up with something and nothing interesting. But when Olympus wants something new… WOW

    • Boooo!

      You don’t seem to be aware that Apple is the Canikon of photography – overpriced shiny dreck.

    • Joseph

      I agree, in fact the major business of Olympus is medical devices and Panasonic is electronics, it will be good if they become a massive company which is as big as Sony (or even more due to the medical science business).

      SHG lenses are just insanely good in terms of their optical quality. I really cannot see (IMO) disadvantages of IQ when comparing my E-30 + 14-35 against D300s + 24-70 F/2.8G as well as 7D + 50 F/1.4. But for AF, FPS and noise control, Olympus do really need more hard work to improve their body in order to fight against top APS-C bodies.

  • Neonart

    “Personally, I hate people that are all apple/mac and think they are losers.” Nice. Very mature.

    Folks, the Nintendo vs Sega wars have ended. You can all go back downstairs to mom’s basement and play WoW now. I only mentioned the Apple thing to make a point about the apparent demise of a company or system. Not to start a flame war.

    Let’s talk about photography and coming hardware and the reasons we’d like to see whatever new stuff released.

    Hey Admin, how about some more juice before we all kill ourselfs with speculation ansiety!

  • Luke

    I (heart) Sega!

  • Jason

    Neonart, I’m glad you think I’m a loser for having a Apple products, you of course brought it up as an analogy, and it was a good one. Calling Apple users losers is quite mature. I don’t mind if people like PC, I just prefer Apple. And I don’t mind if people like Canon and Nikon, I just think for the most part they are overpriced.

    I would call you a loser, for liking whatever product you like, however, I’m too mature and I would not want to bring myself down to your low level. Enjoy your PC coolio!

    Admin can you please ban all the Nazi-type Canon and Nikon users as well as all the haters.

    -This message was sent from a Macbook Pro

  • marilyn

    another crappy story im also using a macbookpro but the point is simple i want to used my 14-35 and 12-60 and 50-200…with a new body

  • Jason

    I hear you Marilyn. I want the new E-5 too.

  • Jeffrey D

    It’s a “dying system” in that new cameras and lenses have slowed down to a trickle, and there’s widespread speculation that the E-5 is the last one.

    Perhaps there’s just a 50% chance of that happening, or a 25% chance. But anything above 0% is too much, when you basically know for a fact that Canon & Nikon are still going to make DSLR systems for the forseeable future. You’d be silly to spend any serious money on a 4/3rds lens, because who knows if you’ll be able to put it on a 4/3rds body five years from now.

    • “You’d be silly to spend any serious money on a 4/3rds lens, because who knows if you’ll be able to put it on a 4/3rds body five years from now.”

      $1500 over 5 years … and if you already have the lenses.
      80/5 yrs = 1/16th life span and if you are 50 yrs old …

      Lens last for a decade, its the body.
      I would happily spend $2000 on a good quality body that will give me a few years of enjoyment.

      Compare it to the depreciation on a car, I have bought so many cars that I have lost $10,000 once I sell them.
      Sorry Jeffrey its a no brainer.

    • Joseph

      I think you’ve missed the point that Canon did change from FD lenses to EF lenses, and Nikon D lenses don’t have AF on some DSLR bodies.

  • Capin

    Even if 4/3 system is going to be a dying system, i think it is worth to collect this ‘dying’camera… i’m still a proud owner and user of an E-510 (mainly for my macro shots) and E-30… for the past 3 years, at least i managed to prove to the others that despite using this dying and unpopular system, the pictures taken with them spoke for themselves… so far i’ve won several contests in my country using them and managed to be selected to become official photographer for number of events when mainly my other colleagues are canikon users…

    true that olympus doesn’t have the best tech, but i think because of the flaw, oly users actually learn to shoot better pictures most of the time

    • Joseph

      I concur, as a photographer we learn to know our camera system as well as compensating the weakness of it. I’m so happy to be as an E-30 user and there is always something new to learn from it.

      I live in Hong Kong, to be frank a lot of teens here bought Canikon DSLR without knowing the reason of having one. It is like a fashion by wearing a DSLR on the street, IMO Canikon entry-level DSLRs here in Hong Kong are like “handbags of men” LOL

  • Jeremiah

    ADMIN, keep it up! To the haters: eat sh*t

  • Elmasahe

    I do hope olympus will release a version of the E-5 without weather sealing. I really don’t need the weather seal and it would definitely lower the cost of the camera.

    • lander240

      If E-5 lacks the weather sealing, it is a E-50.

      • If there is an E-50 I would definitely buy one. If it has all the perks of the E-5 without weather seal and magnesium alloy it would be a much cheaper and practical for me. I usually shoot during sunny weather so its really not an issue for me.

    • Joseph

      I’m in a reversed situation, after using E-30 for around 1.5 years, I wish my E-30 is weather sealed. May be because it does rain a lot here in Hong Kong.

      • The E-30 is a great body. The reason why I opt for a non weather sealed body is because I invested on lenses without any weather sealing. Its more practical for me since the weather here is mostly sunny but its definitely going to be an advantage if you have a weather sealed lens and body.

  • Jason

    The E-5 is proof that the FT system is not dying, isn’t that obvious Jeff? Why would they make the E-5 with thoughts of canceling FourThirds production. People that say FourThirds is dying must be really dense. FT and MFT share so many parts that producing both systems is not that much additional R&D. Plus MFT doesn’t even have real viewfinders.

    • Joseph

      Most likely “the end of FourThirds” comments are from the Canikony groups, just because they cannot fight the battle of mirror-ed and mirrorless at the same time LOL

      • spam

        E-5 doesn’t prove anything, one model has to be the last, why not the E-5. Olympus want to give advanced users one last good FT-camera, and that’s fine as MFT can’t really compete at this level yet.

        In 2-3 years (when at E-5 successor would be expected)this wont be an issue at all, as most entry level and mid level cameras will move towards mirrorless technolgy.

        I don’t see why you need to be a Canikon fan to say that FT is a dying system. It’s just looking at the facts, and it’s not a problem for Olympus as a company as they are at the front end of the evolution. It’s actually Caniokon that’s behind, and they’ll have trouble if they can’t get competing mirrorless designs out pretty fast.

        Olympus can do just fine as long as they keep the MFT-cameras coming. What they really need now is improved AF (in general) and a high end MFT-camera at least at GH1 level with built in viewfinder and better balance with larger lenses than the current Pens. This will ease the transition from FT to MFT for advanced users.

        • Studio1103

          I understand what your saying but for me my professional goals are reaching the limits of my camera. I did landscape photography and some minor stuff. Now my job is taking into sports photography (College football, basketball and baseball). While I think Oly puts our great products and they have a wonderful end result when there is plenty of light, shooting games under the lights really puts a stress on my products and the Nikon cameras results look better.

          I am not one of these that wants to jump ship because I honestly love Olympus’ products and think they make one of the best cameras around and obviously have the best lenses. Sometimes they just aren’t for my needs which is sports under the lights. I am holding off until the end of Sept but if they don’t do something about low light then I’ll have to jump to the 7D. Again, its just a need to move because thats where I will make my money, but I hoping the next camera does a great job and I can purchase that.

          I honestly don’t see Full-Frame going anywhere myself though.

  • Richard

    I bought an E420 twin lens kit because it was the cheapest twin lens kit available. I have since added a 35mm macro and 25mm prime, and FL36 flash.

    I love its portability and versatility. Image quality is fine up to 800 asa.
    The photographic advantage, as opposed to price/other stuff, is the 4/3rds picture format.
    I find it suits my picture-taking better than 2/3rds.
    The 4/3rds format is great.

    • spam

      Sports is one example where Olympus can’t really compete. Sure they do OK for outdoor well lit arenas, but Olympus can’t match the high Iso performance of CaNikon. No reason to change until the E-5 has been reviewed, but Olympus would need a much better high-Iso sensor than we’ve seen so far just to match D300s or 7D.

  • four thirds photo

    I feel sorry for all those guys coming here to troll on the 43 rumors site. Why do you guys want to spread the message that 4/3rds is dying. If you really think so, buy a CaNikon and go to these forums. Enjoy life and go make pictures.
    Actually many people are very happy with their 4/3rds camera system and would like to buy another new body. Especially when I see somebody with a Nikon 400/2.8 lens – so huge you cannot believe it is only 400mm (I thought it was 600/4, but these seem to be even much bigger). When I use my 150/2.0 + EC14 (which is 420/2.8 on 4/3rds) which is of the highest quality and extremely light and small compared to all the comparable Nikon and Canon stuff, then I know why I use 4/3rds. That doesn;t mean I will burn down Nikon. They make pretty nice stuff there (but not for me).
    So don’t bother us with crop factors of other systems. 4/3rds is really a nice sytem for us and I will buy the new Ex for sure. The possibility that micro bodies will work seemless and without compromise in AF with 4/3rds lenses in future will make this system even more promising.

    In 4/3rds you need to buy only a very few lenses which cover all the range and all of them are optically very good. This is a real advantage since you need to spent less mony on gear. I was able to buy my SHG glass for descent prices as well.
    Now wait for the the new E5, be it 12 or 14 MP, as long there is a nice gain in image quality and performance I will be very happy with this body (which I use professionally for stock photography, never heard any editor or stock agent complain about my files because they are 4/3rds)

    Admin, keep the Ex rumors up! I think most visiters here would like to know more on sensor features you were writing about…

  • marilyn

    One things for sure FT will always be a full frame format already compared to nikon and canon has a FX and DX format… but can u compare my 14-35 f2.0 vs nikkor 24-70 f2.8 vs 24-70 Llens f2.8… the winner is 14-35 by zuiko…. think again people olympus will be supreme in optics no more no less Amen even u can compare it with the 12-60 hahahaha

  • jvn

    i have e520 and 2 lens 12-60 n sigma 70-200,its great camera in term of iq,focusing speed also great,problem is the vf size,tunel-ing tiny view,very hard to manual focusing,n focusing is very in low light. So i want to upgrade. But in 2 years oly doesn’t give any new body that marginaly better than my e520. Its ok with 12mpx sensor as long it has much better DR, 2 stop beter noise control in hi iso,beter resolutions than existing best apsc cam,i mean per pixel sharpnest-resolutions can stant againts 21mpx ff sensor hahaha i love it,keep curent oly color,much beter metering system-no hilight cliping please,size litle bit biger than pentax k7, 5 stop IS, new focusing sensor-beter in low light and movement tracking,new ovf biger than e3 :) new lcd 920k dots, 7-8 fps,weather seal,full hd video-i make money with video making-full manual control 24p 25p 30p 50p 60p avchd codecs is ok just like hacked gh1, 25 or 50 base iso :) so i dont need nd filter, or just make digital nd filter its ok, manual audio gain control, or make optional body grip wich have phantom power xlr audio input with manual controler. Finaly i hope a new lens will come, 30 f1.8, 45 f1.8, 200-500 f4-5.6. So what r u waiting on oly? lets get it done

    • marilyn

      im with you JVN

      • Hphotog

        That would never happen, even in the next 3 years. Probably we can see half of that in the e-p4 or p5, but no way in the e-7 (let alone the e-5). After much research, I do applaud Oly for the telecentric lens design, but sticking with 4/3 sensor has its own limitation as well.

  • Neonart

    Jason, it was Rob who typed the “loser” comment. My comment was directed at him for calling others losers and saying he hates Apple users. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

    I’m an Olympus (E3&E520) and Panasonic (L1) user. I’m also use Apple (MBP, iBook, eMac, 3 iPods, 2 iPhones). So i’m certainly not against your choices. I also don’t care what Rob, or anybody else uses.

  • ET

    I second the opinion of JVN as well. I am a E-30 user who has used exclusively only the FL-50R and 14-54mm MKII.

    I have recently made the switch a year back (i.e. buy a system instead of leeching off others) to digital photography after having used film cameras even since I was a kid at about 8 years old. Though this setup performs tremendously well and far better than my film cameras…

    1) I find myself limited at shooting at a maximum of 800 ISO.
    2) I find myself resorting to manual focus as though I’ve returned to the age of film photography.
    3) I find myself using spot or center-weighted metering again.
    4) I find myself deleting photos because the strange optical viewfinder in my E-30 apparently requires me to jam my eye right smack into it else my photos will always look OOF to me. Or worse. They look in focus when they are not.

    There are many more wants and wishes I could have, but most importantly, if olympus can retain 12 stops of dynamic range from ISO 100 to 6400, retain their true olympus colors even at ISO 6400, give me clean AND detailed images from ISO 100 to 6400, and toss in their improved EVF/OVF, faster processors, CF/SD card slots, weather sealing…

    Olympus will have captured the market.

    • Alfons

      1) Oh please, this crap again! I do still shoot plenty of film and don’t feel that limited shooting GRAINY films @ 3200. My E-3 does better on noise side – excluding banding.
      I turn off the in camera noise control and let my Lightroom automaticly handle the noise on imported photos.
      2) Get your lens/docy/both repaired.
      3) Good, I use spot for AEL too. Before the age when cameras are connected to our brain, no automatic exposure will know how you want to expose the shot.
      4) Sounds like you really have a problem with focus. Get our gear repaired!

      Over and out!
      – Alfons

  • simon

    “…most importantly, if olympus can retain 12 stops of dynamic range from ISO 100 to 6400…”

    It would be great if they start by getting 12 stops of dynamic range at *any* ISO value (i.e. 100 or 200). Oh, and suppress the banding please… Then I’ll get one.

  • Kevin

    Well we’ve really beat this e5 topic around the bush. As well we know more about peoples opinions of apple, sega, and audi (lol). I am anxious for the next rumors to fuel this fire. Its fun debating ideas, and each of us have our own wants for the e5. But seriously, I now am looking at the features of the 7d. Amazing since I have been anti-canon since forever, now its not looking so bad.

    In the end each of us will have to see the various offerings and those of us dedicated to purchase new equipment will make our decisions, stay or switch.

    This thread has helped me by reconsidering the d300s, d7 as well as the e5. The e5 is no longer an auto-purchase for me.

    Thank you all for your contributions and opinions, they are helpful.

    • ET

      As an off topic, wait till you see the 8D lol. I’ve a friend who gets to test lenses and cameras from Canon. He says the 8D will make your brain smoke and explode. o_o

  • Mike

    Hm, just HD-Video and 12MP? Were is the special feature? I hope there is more to come, else I’ll keep the E-3. File size is already big enough with 10MP.

    • Tim

      They will probably go to 24 megapixels which really will make my head explode.

      Canon please slow down on the ridiculous megapixels.

  • jvn

    oh please, oly dont make dslr just to compete with what canikon have (crop sensor), make it better than canikon, look at gh1 review, the sensor is well enough to compete with the best crop sensor from canikon, but i want better, GH1 sensor was yesteryear design, so i think a new design have to be better, yes it have size limitation so keep with 12mpx, lighter AA filter or get rid of it :), 12 stop DR, clean hi iso even to 6200, so this monster will compete with FF sensor hahahaha (daydreaming), i think this is possible, yeah keep it small but not to small, and i think video is must have features, just copy from pany GH1, hack it and u got the best video. i borrow GH1 from a friend, hacked one, i found the superb still image quality, film look video avchd 24p phenomenal, the problem is the build quality not so good, to small than can compromise handling.
    so if e5 get an upgrade sensor from GH1(already got better RAW than best canikon crop sensor IMHO) , UPGRADE!! not the same, e3 build quality, hacked full HD video, oly jpeg processor, pentax k7 size (little bit bigger) c 7d speed performance, n d300s focusing, ehm fj s5 DR!!! its gonna fits my 12-60, 70-200 instantly!! oh keep wishing, its fun, nothing to lose …

  • chaosteo

    Could the mysterious feature regarding to sensor something more similar to Fujifilm’s F300 EXR with phase detection sensor on sensor?

  • John

    Something of naive question, but if Olympus wanted to put a physically larger sensor into a body would they not just increase the distance from the mount to the focal plane? The aspect ratio would stay the same.

    • Inge – M.

      Noting, you need a lens at larger light circle.
      You can not just increase the distance from the mount to the focal plane.
      You wild not have right focus, if you do the.

  • Jason

    Neonart: oh now I see what you are saying, so it was all Rob. Rob probably hates Apple people and calls them losers cause he can’t afford one, which is alright, he shouldn’t call someone a loser for it though.

    Rob: you need to “learn to work”……

  • Intruder

    Olympus has seeded multiple versions of the new camera for field testing. How do these two sources know that one of them has the final version?

    In a couple more weeks, we’ll find out.

    • JNMPhoto

      Intruser said “How do these two sources know that one of them has the final version? ”
      How do we know either of them have the final version? Perhaps there are 2 or 3 more versions in the hands of other users who have kept quite.
      Perhaps the final version is locked away in Olympus HQ and the “two sources” were given rejected versions knowing that they would leak the information about them. If so perhaps the final version will be amazing.
      Perhaps there is no final version……………….

      • ET

        Spies and espionage agencies all over the world must really admire Apple and Olympus… Their level of secrecy is top notch and doesn’t even allow for the tiniest leak they do not intend for. *sigh*

  • Jason

    To early commenter who said APS-C was 60% larger than FT/MFT – that was a obviously an exaggeration. Here is a comparison which shows APS-C is only 32% bigger.

  • Still undecided what you’re attempting to say but I do get a bit of little bit of it I think. Thanks.

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